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The Jealous Wife

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I am at one of my “friend’s” house for the afternoon because his wife is working late. I have just arrived and am anticipating what the afternoon has in store for us. I start to feel the twitching in my pants as my mind wanders. I quickly reach down and rub my cock through my pants as I get out of my car. I walk to the door and ring the bell. My shock is obvious as the door opens.

“Hey Janet, Tom said you had to work.” I managed to say, trying to seem natural.

“My meeting got cancelled so I am home early. Were you coming over to play?” she says.

“Well we thought we’d would watch the game or play some Playstation or something.” I said, trying to sound bored.

“Are you sure you weren’t going to watch porn and suck my husband’s cock, Chad?” she calmly asked.

My jaw dropped as I tried to recover.

“Wh..What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to seem innocent.

“It’s ok Chad, Tom told me all about how you love to play with his cock.”

“I better go” I stuttered.

“No, I think you better come in, I won’t bite.” She promised.

I walked into the living room and looked around, looking for that lying bastard Tom.

“Where’s Tom?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s around” she said.

I asked Janet what she wanted and she told me to shut up and wait. I sat on the couch and she said she would go get Tom. I waited nervously, not knowing what to expect. Tom and Janet were my friends, I didn’t want to screw things up. She called to me from the back of the house so I got up and headed towards her bedroom. I walked in and didn’t see Tom anywhere, but I saw Janet in the closet. I asked what she was doing and she told me she was picking out a dress.

“Why” I asked, “Are we going out?”

“It’s not for me” she said, “it’s for you.”

“If you want to suck my husband’s cock like a little whore you should at least dress like one.”

“There is no way in hell I am going to wear a dress.” I said

“Well I would hate for your friends at work to find out about you two” she threatened.

My head was spinning as I realized how screwed I was. I was not going to win this one, that was clear. I decided the best thing I could do was play along with her and hope for the best.

“Ok” I said, admitting defeat, “which one do I put on?”

“None of them” she snapped, “until you get in the shower and shave all that hair. All of it, legs, chest, balls, all of it.”

I took a deep breath and started to argue until I noticed the look in her eyes. She was in charge, and if I didn’t know better I would have guessed she was enjoying it. I knew the only way out was to comply. I got in the shower and took my time shaving my entire body as ordered. When I was finished I got out and dried off, admiring how good I looked totally shaven. In the bedroom Janet had laid out an entire outfit for me including panties, bra, stockings, a shirt, blouse, heels, and even lipstick. I laughed a little as I realized the absurdity of the situation, but started to get dressed. As odd as it was, I enjoyed how the cotton thong felt, and the stocking made my athletic legs look really smooth. The bra was a little uncomfortable, but the skirt and blouse went on without a problem. I sat down to put on the heels as Janet returned.

“Now that is more like it, you little whore.” She said.

She made me stand in front of her as she applied the bright red lipstick to my lips, then turned me to face the mirror. I was surprised by how I looked, I was quite feminine in the right clothes. I admired the way my legs looked in the heels and how the knee length skirt fell off my waist. If I had not been in such shock I probably would have been turned on.

“Follow me to the den.” Janet ordered.

I stumbled a few times as I followed her, trying to adapt to walking in heels. I made my way to the den, following her in and my jaw dropped at what I saw. Tom was in a leather thing that looked like it was from some fetish mag, tied to the chair. He had a gag in his mouth and a cockring around his swollen cock. I had sucked on that cock so many times I knew it as well as my own, this was the hardest I had seen it. The rest of the outfit made an “X” across his chest with the black leather and his hands and feet were bound and he was blindfolded.

“Sit down bitch” she barked at me as she removed Tom’s blindfold.

“What do you think of your friend Chad now? He makes such a cute slut, doesn’t he?”

Tom tried to speak but the gag made it impossible. I stared at him in amazement, his 6’2″ frame tied and restrained, his 9″ cock throbbing in front of me.

“You want to suck that cock, don’t you slut?” Janet asked.

“I’m not sure, I don’t know” I admitted.

“Oh sure you do” she said, “you have wanted to suck it at least 2 dozen times before and have. Haven’t you?”

“Yes” I whispered.


“Yes” I said more loudly.

“Address me as Ma’am when you speak.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now you were telling me something, what was it slut?”

“Yes Ma’am, I said”

“‘Yes Ma’am’ what?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am I have sucked your husband’s cock”

She smiled as I confessed to her that I had been coming over as often as possible for the last 6 months to feel her husband’s cock in my mouth. She told us that she had known all along, and this was her revenge, she had plenty of time to plot out just what she wanted. I was to distracted to notice before, but Janet was just wearing a robe and a pair of heels. I had always found her attractive and hoped I would get to see more. I got more than I bargained for.

Janet told us she was in charge now and things would go her way. I started to feel good about the situation until she removed her robe. She had her back to me as it slipped off her shoulders. I admired her gorgeous dark hair, smooth pale skin of her back, her perfect ass and the most incredible legs I had ever seen. She was dressed in a garter and heels, I was holding my breath waiting for her to turn and show me her breasts. As she turned I stared hard and let out a slight moan as I noticed her breasts. They had to be a large B cup or small C cup, which looked great on her 5’2 frame. My eyes started to pan down her body and that was when I noticed her cock! I took a closer look and saw that Janet was wearing a strap-on that looked to be about 8″ long.

“You two seem to like cocks, so I thought I would bring another one to the party.”

Tom and I sat in silence, looking at the strap-on, then at eachother. Tom was terrified, I was the one the liked cock, not him! I knew he was about to die.

“How do you like it?” Janet asked.

“I think it’s beautiful Ma’am, absolutely perfect.”

“You like it more than Tom’s cock?”

“I’m not sure Ma’am, I’ve never played with your cock. I have played with Tom’s”

I was hoping I could get her to take the bait and make me suck on it so Tom would not have to, but she was not ready to get started. She spoke a little longer but I was not listening, my mind was racing, trying to think what might happen.

“Get on your knees slut!” I heard Janet yell as she captured my attention.

I knelt on the floor and she approached me, the strap-on bouncing proudly in front of her.

“I want you to show me how you suck Tom’s cock.” She demanded.

I leaned towards Tom cock, thinking this would not be so bad.

“Suck my cock, not his you dirty whore.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am” I managed to say before she waved her “cock” in my face.

She slapped my face with her strap-on, teasing me with it. She said I better suck it good or things were going to get a lot worse. I opened my mouth wide as she shoved it in, obviously not worried about being gentle. I was actually glad I had spent so much time sucking Tom’s gorgeous 9″ cock, this strap-on should not be a problem. I relaxed and let her start pumping my face. As rough as she was I was getting very turned on. I was dressed like a woman, being treated like a slutty woman, by a woman wearing a plastic cock. I decided if she wanted a blowjob, then I would give her the best one she had ever seen.

I slid my hands up her legs to her ass and got a good grip as I started to really suck her cock. My head was bobbing up and down furiously as I devoured her phallus, trying to make it cum.

“Damn, you are good, no wonder Tom like’s you so much.” She said. “I’m never going to give him a blowjob again, that is going to be your job slut.”

That would be just fine with me I thought as I kept sucking, imagining the chance to come over and let Tom fill my mouth with cum any time I wanted to. She seemed to sense that I was enjoying myself and yanked the strap-on out of my mouth.

“Time for something new, slut” she said to me. She put the blindfold on Tom’s face and knelt beside me on the floor.

“We’re going to find out who gives better head, you or me. We both are going to give Tom head for 1 minute and then he will tell us who was better.”

This was going to be a piece of cake I thought to myself, no one knows Tom’s cock better than I do. She asked Tom if he was ready and he nodded his reply. I watched as Janet pulled her hair back behind her head so it would not give her away and leaned over Tom’s cock. I started counting to 60 in my head as I watched her take his cock between her lips. She took a moment to get used to his size and give him a second to moan his approval. Before long she was bobbing her head up and down, expertly using her whole mouth to tease his cock. As I watched I felt both jealous and surprised, she was better than I expected. Tom sat still as she worked his tool in her mouth, afraid to show too much enjoyment. As time expired I tapped Janet on the shoulder and she slowly let his cock spring from her mouth, using every last second to her advantage.

Now I was at bat, and it was time to hit a homerun. I inched closer to Tom’s crotch until I was able to smell his familiar musky scent. I took a deep breath and began by licking the underside of his cock from his balls to the head of his cock. This was my signature move and I knew he loved it, his cock jerked in my face the way it always did when I did that. I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock inside until I felt the head touch the back of my mouth. I closed my mouth around his shaft, my lips forming a tight seal as I lightly sucked. I began bobbing my head up and down and knew there was one last way to let him know it was me. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, then forced my head down some more as the head of his cock pushed against the back of my throat. I felt the familiar pop as his cock made its way into my throat and I was sure Tom knew it was me know. It had taken weeks to master, but now I could deepthroat his whole 9″ at will. I felt Janet nudge me as my minute expired, so I sat up and smiled.

“So who was better Tom?” Janet asked as she removed the blindfold.

“I would have to say the second one.” Tom offered as he glanced at me knowingly.

I slight look of shock came across Janet’s face as she looked at me.

“I guess you are quite a little cock sucker, aren’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am” I answered proudly.

Janet seemed to be relaxing and starting to enjoy the situation a bit more, so I offered a suggestion.

“Why don’t you sit back and watch how I usually give Tom head?” I commented.

“I would love that Chad, but Tom is being punished so I want to see him give you head.”

Tom’s jaw dropped as he heard that, he had never given a guy head. Janet moved to untie him and told him to behave and get on the bed. She wanted us in a 69, me on the bottom, him on top. She said that she could see him better that way. As we moved into a 69 I felt a little akward knowing Tom was going to be sucking my cock. Janet helped me take off my panties, but told me to leave the rest on. As Tom moved on top of me I felt right at home with his cock dangling just inches from my face. I felt it might help him if I got him good and hot by sucking him, so I got started.

It felt so natural slipping his cock between my lips and working it with my mouth. I was into it so quickly I hardly noticed when Tom’s mouth timidly closed around my cock. I was sure he was struggling, so I slowed way down, hoping he would follow my lead and do what I did. Tom was a fast learner and before long we were both bobbing our heads up and down with a mouthful of cock. Janet sat back and watched, admiring her revenge. I was so involved in pleasing the cock in my mouth that I hardly noticed Janet lubing up the strap-on. I really noticed when she moved over behind Tom with an evil grin on her face.

“Here’s what you get when you cheat on me bastard” Janet said as she slapped Tom’s ass.

She took her position behind him and lined the strap-on up with his asshole. I held my breath and hoped she would be gentle, Tom was in for one hell of a shock. I felt his whole body tense up as the strap-on touched his asshole and he took his head off my cock to look back at what was happening. Just as he looked back I saw her poke the head of her “dick” in his asshole, and I felt his whole body jerk as he let out a whine. She was heartless, she just kept pushing it in until all 8″ was up his ass and he was on the verge of tears. He was begging her to stop but she refused. She told him she was going to fuck him until I came, so he better work hard at sucking my cock. I wanted to help him out so I closed my eyes and let my imagination go, trying to make myself cum faster. With his hard penis in my mouth I could feel her thrusts into him. I knew Tom was in pain, so I moaned that I was going to cum. She told Tom to swallow it and stopped fucking him so he could make me cum. Sure enough, I felt my cock twitch and the warm cum start flowing out of my balls. I know Tom was gagging as my warm cum filled his mouth, as his had filled mine so many times before. I felt him swallow hard and collapse on top of me.

“Very good Thomas” she said. “If we are going to be playmates we all have to be willing to play together.”

I could not believe what she was saying, she wanted the 3 of us to become regular lovers!

I smiled and she caught a glimpse of it.

“Not so fast Chad, you’re not done yet.”

I looked at her puzzled.

“You get yours too.” She said “Now get on your hands and knees.”

I complied and got ready for the strap-on, but was caught off guard when I heard her say to Tom..

“Doesn’t he make such a sexy little slut? Isn’t his ass so cute it just makes you want to fuck it?”

I tensed up at the thought of Tom’s large cock trying to fit inside me. I turned to protest but Janet was already slipping a rubber on Tom.

“Now Tom, this is your little playmate, I want you to treat her right.” Janet said.

She rubbed a little lube on my ass and told Tom to go ahead. I felt the head of his cock and braced for impact. I knew his cock was going to hurt me. I bit my lip and buried my face as he pushed the head of his cock in my ass. I felt as though my ass was on fire and I hear Janet laugh with pleasure as I whimpered.

“That’s right” she said, “If you are going to try to replace me, you are going to have to do more than suck his cock.”

I moaned an incoherent reply as my eyes teared up. I was in a lot of pain but at the same time the whole scene turned me on so much I didn’t want it to stop. I felt Tom slowly work his thick shaft in my tight asshole, pushing it deeper. I tried to breathe deep and relax my ass hoping to relieve some of the burning pain. I had my eyes closed and was so deep in concentration I did not notice Janet get on the bed in front of me.

“Oh, this is just what I need.” I thought to myself. “As if Tom shoving his cock in my ass weren’t enough, now she is going to make me suck that strap-on.”

I opened my eyes and was glad to see Janet lying naked in front of me, with no strap-on. She was sliding her pussy closer to my face, telling me to make her cum. I saw how wet she was and knew this was much more than punishment to her, she was living out a fantasy. I never would have imagined Janet as the type that would love to be with 2 men, and bisexual men at that. Her eyes had the glazed over look of someone so totally lost in lust that they have gone to another level physically. She was staring intently as Tom thrust in and out of my ass, but she was doing more than watching, She was trying to imagine what it was like for both of us, trying to feel what we were feeling. As I lowered my face to her sweet pussy I heard her moan,

“Oh baby, this is so much better than I ever imagined.”

I knew the anger and hurt were gone now, even if she had been acting earlier for our benefit. Now she was just a woman who wanted to be made love to, who wanted to feel pleasure, to experience the sort of pleasure and orgasm she had not ever dared to dream about. I pulled her under my body and kissed her deeply.

“I’m going to fuck you while Tom fucks me.” I told her. “So you can feel everything that I feel.”

Her eyes grew wide as she moaned her approval. I told Tom to pull out for a moment as I took my time entering her, making sure she enjoyed every inch of it. She was so wet it was not hard to slide my cock inside her, but I wanted her to feel it, to anticipate the pleasure. Once I was all the way in her pussy I told Tom to get back to work and kissed her deeply.

“Oh god” she moaned as the force of Tom entering my ass was carried through my cock deep inside her pussy.

She could not keep still as Tom resumed fucking me. Her hands were all over her body and mine; clawing, pinching, twisting anything she could grip. She lifted her head to my chest and started to bite my nipples. It hurt, but the pain was very pleasurable. The feeling of her sharp teeth on my nipples and Tom’s large cock in my ass was too much. I groaned that I was going to cum and Janet told me to just relax and cum. I felt my cock twitch as cum started to flow out of my cock into Janet’s sweet pussy, I was cumming in time with Tom’s powerful thrusts.

After I came, Janet slid out from under me and said that while she enjoyed me fucking her, she really wanted Tom’s 9″ cannon inside her. I felt him pull out of me and collapsed as I watched him start to fuck his wife missionary style. I was exhausted, and my ass was sore, but I had just had the best sex of my life. My body was limp as I watched Tom fuck his wife deep and hard. They had their eyes locked on one another and I knew they were totally connected at that moment. They were both experiencing a level of pleasure neither one had been to before, and they were sharing it with eachother. Tom picked up the pace as he told his wife he was going to cum.

“That’s it Tom, cum deep inside me. Fill me up with your sweet cum.” She said to him.

He did not need much encouragement and I saw him thrust one last time as he started to cum deep inside his wife. He collapsed on top of her and help her close. They held eachother for what seemed liked ages before Tom sat up and I saw him pull his now half limp cock out of her pussy. Everything was so erotic, the sounds, the smells, the sights. It was like nothing I could have imagined. I was so caught up I moved over to Tom and kissed him passionately, feeling like all three of us had one body. It was during the kiss I realized the Janet had not cum and decided to resolve that. I looked at her and asked her if she wanted to cum.

“I would love to, but I am not sure my pussy can take anymore pounding.” She said.

“Let me take care of you with my tongue then, I’ll be gentle.”

“I would love you to, but I am full of both yours and Tom’s cum right now.”

“I know.” I said with an evil grin as I laid on my back. “That is why I was hoping you would sit on my face.”

Janet’s face lit up at the idea of me eating the cum out of her well worked pussy and sat up quickly. She moved over to me and straddled my face. Her pussy looked beautiful, open and wet, fresh from a good fucking. I heard her say to Tom that she was going to like having me around as she sat on my face, smothering me with her pussy.

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