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Sheer Undies Lead To Sheer Delight

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I could smell a floral scent as I walked down the hall to our bedroom door. I loosened my tie and called out, “Lynn, I’m home.”

“In here, honey.”

I felt a brief flicker of excitement that she might be waiting for me naked on the bed.

Well, she was lying on the bed all right, but she was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants and was flipping through a magazine. In other words, her usual evening garb.

My shoulders slumped as I stepped into the room.

“Oh, you look tired. Bad day.”

“No, not really.”

“Come here and take a load off.”

I sat down on the bed as she slid off the mattress and sat on the floor, untying my shoelaces. This was something she never did, and I appreciated the attention.

With my shoes off, she moved up, her hands catching my sports coat and sliding it off my shoulders. I could smell the floral scent on her skin and noticed that her blonde hair looked light brown with moisture. I shrugged out of the coat with that sense of excitement coming back. What was she up to?

“You want something to drink?” she asked.

I just shook my head. Whatever she was doing – I didn’t want to interrupt her just to quench my thirst.

She hung up the coat, then turned with a sly smile. “I’ve been waiting for you to get home. Take off the clothes and lie back.”

Now it was my turn to smile. So that I wouldn’t look too ridiculous, I restrained the urge to whip my clothes off in a rush. She was taking her time, so I should, too.

She watched me take off the tie, shirt and pants before turning and heading for the bathroom door. I slid off my briefs and my socks and eased back on the bed, leaning against some pillows at the headboard. I couldn’t see her in the bathroom and leaned over to see around the doorframe.

“No, no. Don’t peek.” I heard a rustle, then a bare arm reached through the doorway and dropped the sweatshirt to the floor. Another rustle, then the pants followed.

My mouth watered as I anticipated her nude form coming through the door. My wife is 5’8″ with shoulder-length curly hair, a slim waist and long, perfectly sculpted legs. She likes to walk, which gives her nice calves and adds firmness to the God-given beauty of her lovely ass. I frequently think of that old line: “I hate to have to say good-bye, but I love to watch you walk away.”

Lynn is self-conscious about her breasts. Somewhat small when we married, her breasts filled out when she was pregnant with our daughter. She worried that with the bigger size, there might be some sagging. But she simply looked even more beautiful.

She went from being a little small for a B cup to filling out a C cup nicely. Even better was the change to her nipples. They were tiny and colored a light pink. They just didn’t seem very feminine to me. But now the tips fill out dramatically when excited and turn a dusky pink. Just seeing them is enough to make my mouth water.

I fought the urge to jump up from the bed and was rewarded when she eased into the room. She was wearing matching panties and bra in sheer lavender fabric. Those dark nipples showed through the bra as her downy curls did through the panties.

Some men like push-up bras with deep cleavage, but I get off on the natural shape of breasts. The bra completely covered the flesh, but molded to it like a second skin.

She saw the hunger in my eyes and put on her best innocent face. “Do you like?”

I swooped from the bed and lavished a passionate kiss on her lips. Not speaking, I pushed her back against the wall and dropped my face to her chest. I raggedly breathed over the mounds, sliding my hands up to massage the undersides. I gently eased the left one higher and kissed the material all around the breast, avoiding the nipple. When she let out a moan, I took that as a cue and planted my warm mouth over the nipple. I opened wide, drawing as much as I could inside.

I then switched to the right breast as her left calf rose up and wrapped around my butt.

A soft growl escaped my lips as I thought of her perfect calf sliding over my bare ass. She slid her slender heel to the top of my butt, then eased it down, rubbing it through my crack.

I stood up straight, grabbed her wrists and pulled her back toward the bed. She stopped and pushed me back.

“Not yet. You haven’t even seen the rest of the outfit.”

I was confused until she turned around in a full circle to show the lavender panties went up her crack in a thin line. Pure lust and mild surprise left me drooling. My wife had never worn a thong before and even made fun of those who did.

I glanced up at her face, and she shrugged. “I liked the outfit so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve had it on for the last hour, and it hasn’t bothered me like I thought it would.”

It was sure bothering me, but not in the same way. My dick throbbed, sending a clear drop pulsing out the end. Before the drop got away, she moved her right index finger down and caught it. She put the finger in her mouth as she slowly pirouetted again. When she was halfway into her revolution, I caught her hips and pushed her face-forward toward the wall. I dropped to my knees and gripped the exposed ass checks in both hands. I could feel a rush of heat in my cheeks and ears.

God how I love her ass. Once after eating her pussy for half an hour, she was so sensitive she wouldn’t let me even penetrate her.

So hard I just had to come, I had her roll over and began rubbing my dick all over her cheeks. Using saliva and the copious amount of clear semen running out, I lubricated her crack and began pumping back and forth through the gap like titty-fucking. The feeling of her cheeks (and knowing my balls were coming up against her asshole on each thrust) gave me a violent orgasm. I had never shot so far before. The first shot landed in the middle of her back, a foot and a half from my spasming cock. The second blast was much stronger and landed up between her shoulder blades nearly in her blond hair. Two more massive blasts shook through me before a half-dozen smaller ones left me weak and extremely satisfied.

I thought of that powerful orgasm as I knelt behind her and rubbed my face against her left cheek, then the right. I would love to have a repeat of that finish, I thought. Lurking right behind that was the thought I dared not focus on. My old girlfriend occasionally liked the occasional anal, and I so desperately wished that Lynn would let me take her ass.

Unfortunately, Lynn was very opposed to this. She had agreed to let her old boyfriend try that on her, and it had hurt badly. She stringently vowed to never do so again, and none of my sweet words had had any impact.

Well, I couldn’t fuck her ass, but I could sure give it some attention!

Lynn was propping herself against the wall by her arms, but as a shiver rippled through her, she slumped her head and chest against the wall, sticking her ass out farther.

I love the curves of the human body. My two favorites are where the underside of the breast meets the chest and where the upper part of the thigh meets the buttock. I ran my tongue along this line of her left cheek, then gave kisses all over it. Then I repeated the actions on the right side. Passion overtook me for a moment as I bit down on the fleshy ass, causing a nervous yelp from Lynn. She soon relaxed again, though, as I massaged the cheeks, rubbing the tooth marks away.

My wife has the best-tasting pussy I’ve ever experienced, and my nose picked up on her arousal as her lower lips moistened. I breathed deep and let out a hungry groan.

My eyes were only inches from her crack as I inspected the thong. Suddenly a new urge entered my head; I’d never done it before, but suddenly I just had to or die. I leaned forward and put the tip of my tongue at the top of the panties, then lightly dragged my tongue down the material until I reached the bottom and the fabric spread back out to cover the front side. Then I went back up again.

I’d gone down on — oh lemme think — 10 women before I got married, yet with none of those women (nor in six years with Lynn) had I ever had my tongue rolling around someone’s backdoor. I always thought that was disgusting and probably tasted nasty. Yet, here I was running my wet tongue up and down her crack. I rationalized that I wasn’t really licking her asshole because the material was in the way. But that wasn’t really true because by this point I was folding my tongue up and running the two edges along the sides of the thong.

Lynn sighed and moaned. Then with her legs growing weak, she turned and gingerly stepped to the bed.

“I’ve got to lie down.”

While she was still standing, I eased her panties down her hips and legs to the floor, feeling the wetness in the fabric both in the back from me and in the front from her.

I helped her lie down, putting a pillow under her as she lay on her stomach. Rather than rushing back to her ass, I gave her a slow backrub that lasted for a few minutes, then slowly moved the rubbing lower until I was massaging her cheeks and thighs. I was on my knees between her spread legs, looking at her pussy lips puffy with desire. I looked at her crinkled asshole, once again surprised by how small it looked. I have never seen such a petite hole. No wonder anal sex had hurt.

Still, she certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention when she was leaning against the wall.

I lowered myself to my stomach and propped up on my elbows to get my face equal with her pillow-raised ass. I leaned forward and breathed her natural pheromones mixed with the floral scent of her body wash. I kissed and licked the crease between each cheek and thigh before getting to the main course.

I gathered saliva on my tongue and touched it to her crack an inch above her hole. I let the saliva dip down onto the hole, then followed, softly pushing my flattened tongue against the tightly closed orifice. Keeping my tongue soft and flexible, I eased up and down over the hole, allowing more spit to dribble down to increase my sliding ability.

I flicked my tongue back and forth and up and down over the opening like the whisper of butterfly wings. A strong pant rushed from Lynn’s mouth. Taking the hint, I kept up the soft flickering as she moaned. I watched her hands grab the bed sheets and squeeze tight.

Her ass flexed, clamping the hole even tighter, before her entire body visibly relaxed. She seemed to sink into the mattress, and her muscles turned to Jell-O, even those in her backside. I could feel the difference with my tongue, so I changed my tactic and began to rim her hole with a bit more pressure. I felt a slight tensing, so I put my weight on one elbow and used my other arm to provide a soft touch to her legs, cheeks and lower back. I started rubbing lightly, then increased the pressure to a slow, strong movement, while my tongue also increased its pressure.

I could feel the outer rim relax, so my tongue, pointed yet soft, pushed in and out against the relaxing ass muscles. More moans emanated from Lynn, so I slowly increased pressure. Her body was completely relaxed now, but I kept moving my hand around to keep her that way.

My tongue was now sinking into her hole more than an inch. Then I reached her next band of muscles inside. This ring was tight, too, so I knew I needed to add a little massage again.

I changed position, moving my legs over her right leg so that I was kneeling at her right side. In this position I could rest my left elbow between her legs and slide my hand up underneath her. I spread my fingers so that two rested on each side of her slit. Lubrication had seeped out of her pussy all over her lips, and my fingers slid effortlessly up and down. A quick spasm went through her body – it was a peculiar feeling as her outer rim squeezed against the tongue embedded an inch inside.

Soon the lip rubbing and pistoning in her ass had the second rim loose, allowing me deep access. My long tongue snaked out, and my face shoved into her crack as I dove in as far as I could go, then began a slow fucking.

Her breathing was short and loud as her excitement grew. I needed some kind of stimulation, too, and began rubbing the head of my cock against the outside swell of her right breast.

Sliding my left hand further up underneath her, I could feel her clitoris had swelled. I dipped my middle finger down and slid it into her pussy, then pulled the wet digit out and rubbed it up and down over her clit. She groaned and her hips pushed up against my face. I dipped the finger in again and then diddled the clit back and forth. Soon I had a rhythm going between her hole and clit as my tongue continued its exploration.

Her arousal peaked, and she reached between her legs to clamp my fingers against her clit. She usually only allows soft stroking of her clit, but this time, she jammed her hand against mine and ground my fingers into her nub.

“Oh shit, oh God, oh God!”

I was so turned on, I began to rub my dick faster against her tit.

She shrieked and held my hand still. I kept my tongue inside her, but completely relaxed it. Her orgasm sent shockwaves throughout her body, and her ass rhythmically clenched me over and over. This triggered me, and I shot off all over her breast and ribs.

A strong quake squeezed my tongue from its new home, then she pulled my hand from her pussy.

That was the most erotic encounter I have ever had, I thought as I curled up to her side, my still-firm penis touching her right hip. Suddenly I felt very self-conscious about what I’d done. I never noticed any taste at all to her ass, but I was worried that she wouldn’t want to kiss me after what I’d done. What if she enjoyed herself, but secretly thinks it’s perverse and regrets it later?

Her head was lying down with her face turned away from me. I whispered into her ear, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I kinda shocked myself. Do you mind?”

“Mind?” she breathed, turning to face me. “Next time I might request it!”

My cock throbbed against her hip.

She closed her eyes and relaxed as a broad smile lit my face. If she liked that so much, maybe there was hope about exploring her backside deeper …

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