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Wifes Big Surprise!

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Before I get to the meat of this story, let me first tell you how this evening came to be! My wife of fourteen years, decided she wanted to get into something new and more exciting in our sex life, or should I say, lack there of? Oh, we still had sex more than most married couples of fourteen years, but it was more mechanical, and predictable as hell. I guess looking at the same bodies for all that time makes one tend to lose something in the excitement department!

Anyway, my wife {Let’s call her Bri!} had put on some weight after having our two kids. Not that the extra pounds changed how I felt about her, but she seemed less inclined to even try being sexy for me, and didn’t seem all that interested in changing the dull normal routine of predictable foreplay, and just as predictable sex. She seemed more like she wanted to hurry things up in case someone heard us! I on the other hand, I could not have cared less if the entire house heard us. I wanted the old times back, where we had wild passionate sex at the drop of a hat.

Like every other argument, my wife always got her way. She has this ability to squeeze her vaginal muscles like she’s milking a cow, which sends me over the edge every time! Now although that might sound extremely erotic, after awhile, it becomes somewhat of a let down when she does it to get things over with, on her time schedule. When she gets all that she wants, then she pulls that little trick and just rolls over, and goes happily to sleep, leaving me less than happy at the outcome.

As time went on, I kind of relented to having what she wanted, and usually just conceded to her idea of what was an appropriate amount of time. At my age, (I’m in my mid- forties.) I assumed this was the best I could hope for. With her not even wanting to try seconds, I soon just didn’t even try for more than once.

Bri got us a computer one year for us to have something to do to pass our leisure time. I was a little reluctant at first to delve into the world of the Internet. I figured, what could that thing do for me anyway? As it turned out, it was just the thing we needed to put a little spark back into our marriage, or so I thought!

I soon found out that my wife had a kinky side I was not aware of. Nor do I think she even was until she discovered an Internet site that catered to the steamier side of life. The things that people wrote about fascinated Bri, or things they claimed to have experienced personally. I watched her interests grow in the fields of BDSM, and forced sex acts! She seemed to get so turned on by them that I was in shock when she began taking me to the local sex shops, to see what they had available.

Now I wasn’t just a tag along in these trips. I found myself wondering; just how far she might be willing to take this? So, I prodded her to try a few items, just for the fun of it. We bought vibrators, handcuffs, small soft whips, and an assortment of other restraints, so that I could “torture” her. Needless to say, our sex life became much more active! It was after a few months of this delightful new turn of events, that my devious mind began to come up with all kinds of different scenarios that might make things even more of a turn on for her. I, inevitably look to my wife’s pleasure, before mine. I know how non-typical that sounds, but I really do like watching my wife’s reactions to what is happening to her! Which leads me to my story!

We had finally got the kids to bed early one Friday night, unusual for me as I worked nights. It was a holiday weekend, and we got the long weekend starting Thursday night. I had decided to take Bri out for a night on the town. I got my mother to come over and keep an eye on things while we were gone. As the kids were already asleep, she shouldn’t have any worries, but I gave her my cell phone number, and a list of emergency numbers, just in case.

I had insisted that Bri wear a skirt with nothing on underneath, and a somewhat daring blouse, that showed off her cleavage, to her dismay. But, she went along with my request, and even gave me that ” what’s on your mind” smile. As the evening went along, I fed her drinks at regular intervals to keep her on a slow ride to intoxication. She is not much of a drinker, and I didn’t want the evening to end by her getting sick.

I also kept tantalizing her by feeling her up at the most inappropriate times! As she was getting off of her stool at the club, for instance, I would slide my finger up the back of her leg, exposing her ass to any curious lookers on. At first, she would just grimace at me for being myself, but as the night wore on, her inhibitions wore down!

I could tell the attention I was giving her, as well as the smiles she was getting from the younger guys at the club were really turning her on. Now, I really need to explain, and describe my wife. She is no bathing beauty by any means, she is very self-conscious of her looks when she goes out, she has put on a few extra pounds since having our boys, and doesn’t even try to compete with the tiny women that are usually at these clubs. I cannot say she is fat, but I guess full figured would be a better description! She is about five foot six, and in the mid hundreds. Bri has generous thirty eight D’s that she tries to hide at every opportunity, hence the reason I made her wear the low cut blouse.

Bri has mousy plain looks that normally would not attract a lot of attention, but she has amazingly large lips, that when she applies lipstick to them, really gives her a sexy look that grabs every guys attention! She has soft dreamy brown bedroom eyes, and a nicely rounded ass that also, when dressed tightly, grabs plenty of attention! Bri is somewhat shy, and hates being the center of attention. She goes to great lengths to blend in. I had made that quite impossible that night!

Now, by around midnight, Bri had had quite a bit to drink. She was no longer even pulling away from me when I slid my hand up her skirt, even with a couple of guys at the pool tables watching! I figured this was my one chance to get even bolder than I had hoped earlier. As Bri warmed up to my attentions, by now I had her skirt almost fully above her bare ass, playing with both hands over the roundness of each cheek! This was all in full view of two younger guys at the next table. Believe me, they were not being shy about watching either. I guess being in their place I wouldn’t be shy either. The one guy I could even hear saying, ” He wished he had a shot at that!” Now my devious mind kicked into full speed.

I began to wonder just how far, I would be willing to take this? Just how bad did I want to see my wife’s fantasies come true? Would I actually allow another man to touch, or better yet, have sex with my wife as I watched? The more I thought about it, the easier my answer became. I was getting a raging hard-on at just the thought of it. The idea of watching as, possibly these two younger guys, put it to her, almost was more than I could take!

I needed desperately to use the men’s room. I needed to relieve some of this tension before I embarrassed myself! I kind of half-heartedly excused myself, and on my way by the two younger guys, I said, “Keep an eye on her will you? I need to use the can!” The smiles I got in return, assured me they would be more than happy to keep an eye on her! I just hoped I didn’t miss anything while I was gone!

By the time I actually got in to use the can, I really had to go, thereby ruining a perfectly good erection! Good thing, as just about the time I was finishing up, one of the guys from the pool table came into the stall next to me. Now I am by no means gay, but this guys cock was a full ten inches soft! I couldn’t help but glance over. I hoped another guy’s appreciation of his equipment didn’t offend him? I quickly zipped up, and headed out the door.

When I was on my way back, by way of the bar, the guy in the can caught up to me. He introduced himself, “Hey, I’m Ron.” he told me. “Me and my buddy Jinx couldn’t help but notice your hot wife back there! Any chance you guys are looking for a little help tonight?”

I almost choked on my drink. How could he have come to the very conclusion I was hoping to have that night? I looked at him for a few seconds before answering, “As a matter of fact Ron, I was hoping to give my wife a little “surprise” tonight. Any chance you guys are up for it, or was that just a brave way of starting a conversation?” I guess my, just as quick response, wasn’t something he was prepared for, as now it was his turn to choke on his drink!

“Are you serious dude? Hell yeah, we’d love to! I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t get pissed at me asking you, but damn, hell yeah!” he kept stammering.

I looked at him seriously for a second then told him my plan. “I want her to believe she is being raped! I will not let anything happen that would really hurt her, but anything that you guys want to do to her, is fine by me! As long as I get to watch the whole show! Deal?” I said.

He again looked at me, a bit more serious this time. “Look we don’t want any trouble mister, we just want to get laid and go home OK?”

“I promise you, this will not be a set up! I’ll even sign a paper saying it was all my idea if you really want?” I told him. He just kind of grinned, and then shook his head no.

“So, how will all this go down?” he asked holding out his hand to me. As I shook his hand I laid out the story for him as best I could, without wasting too much time. I told him about a room I had gotten for the night, and that it was just down the street from the club. I also let him know that about twenty minutes after we left, if they wanted to “join” us there, I would make sure the door was left open, and Bri would be more than ready when they got there. I gave Ron the room number, and he smiled and nodded his agreement.

I made my way back to the pool table, and found Jinx sitting at our table talking to Bri. He looked up as I moved toward the table, jumping up out of the seat he was using. “Sorry dude. I was just talking to your wife; she looked like she needed someone to talk to while you were gone. I hope you don’t mind?” he said kind of embarrassed.

“No Jinx, that’s cool, I took a little longer than I thought in there anyway!” I smiled back at him.

Just then Ron returned and grabbed Jinx by the arm, pulling him away to let him know of their good fortunes for the evening. I could tell by Jinx’s ever widening smile, that Ron had filled him in on all the details. Slyly, Jinx gave me quick thumbs up, to which I gave a quick smile back. My plans were now in full gear. There was only one chance of turning back now; I guess I really was going to go through with this after all though!

Bri, Jinx, Ron and I, played a few games of pool. We all tried not to let on to Bri what was about to happen, even though we were all getting a little anxious to get out of there. Bri enjoyed the attention of the two younger guys, (they were in their late twenties). Bri had just celebrated her thirty-second birthday a few months earlier. She was enjoying the way they stared openly at her legs, and gave them a good view up her skirt every time she uncrossed her legs. I could tell the two guys were really exciting her!

It was just before last call, when I excused us from the table by saying. “OK boys, hope your night gets better, but I think it’s time for me to take her away from you!” They both smiled, and acted like they were disappointed that Bri and I couldn’t stay. But they made their goodbyes, and wished us a great night too! I looked at my watch at the same time as Ron; he just nodded. “This was my last chance out.”, I thought to myself.

By now Bri was more than a little horny! She was damn near rabid! As soon as we got into the car, she pulled down my zipper, smiled and dove for my cock! “I thought we’d never get out of there! I think if I had to wait one more minute, I’d have jumped you right on that pool table!” she said with a catlike grin.

Before I could say another word, I felt the familiar sensation of her warm mouth closing over my more than ready member. Of all the things that I might be able to complain about, her oral abilities are, in my mind, unrivaled! I sat back and let her do her best. I could feel her tongue as it slid down every inch of my raging shaft. The feel of her tongue as it slid down the side of my cock was more than enough to bring me right back to where I had been earlier. I could feel my balls begining to tighten as she withdrew, and then quickly plunged back down my length, eagerly reaching the bottom. I only hoped I could last longer than she was seemingly ready to go!

I am not sure just how many people watched her service me, but I am sure more than a few got a good show! I was not going to stop her, even if a cop had been there! She was gobbling me for about ten minutes, when I spotted Ron and Jinx exiting the club. They in turn also spotted the action in my front seat. Jinx grinned broadly and pointed to his watch; showing me ten fingers twice. I did the best I could to nod, and then just relaxed as Bri feverishly began slamming her face down on my cock. I couldn’t take any more!

Between the miraculous blow job, and the fact that more than twenty people had watched her give it, was more than I could take. With a hand full of her hair, and a loud groan, I pushed my pulsing cock as far down her throat as I could. Like a fire hydrant, I let loose a huge jet of hot juices down her throat. At first I thought she was going to gag on the amount I seemed to have built up; but she took it all in stride and swallowed all but a few drops that escaped her lips. With a slurp and a lick of her lips, she pulled up from my quickly deflating member and said, “Now that’s an after dinner drink I’d take anytime!”

A series of applause rose from the small crowd in the parking lot. It was only then that Bri realized that she had just performed for an audience! Unlike her usual prudish reaction, she smiled and waved back at the people, seemingly un-affected by their presence. She looked back at me and said, “If I had known we’d draw that much of a crowd, I’d have charged admission!”

I knew right at that moment that there was no way I would refuse to give her what was in the works. After that, she deserved to have her fantasies come true as well. I headed for the hotel room that was waiting for us. I could already envision how the evening would go!

“You have no idea what I have planned for you tonight, or how long I have planned it for you my dear. I think by the time we’re through tonight, you’ll have more than enough stuff to relive this night for a very long time!’ I said with an evil grin. I then pulled a small bottle from my pocket revealing a single joint! I knew that when she got a slight buzz, she got even more turned on than ever.

“I know we’ve talked endlessly about never doing drugs again, but I figured this one time couldn’t hurt! I also promise you, I will never bring it up again!” I swore to her.

She hesitated for a moment. Then slid the joint out of the bottle and sparked it up. I could see her take a long draw from it. She held it for so long, I thought she had forgotten to breath! Then, almost on purpose, she let it out so very slowly that I thought the smoke would never stop. Just as slowly, she slid the remainder of it back into the bottle and put the lid back in place.

“It’s been so long since I last had any of that. I don’t really think I’ll need more than just that one hit, do you?” she asked, seemingly soaking in the effects of the smoke.

I let her simmer for a while before making my next move. I reached back into the rear seat and grabbed an overnight bag I had stashed there earlier. “I hope you don’t mind Hon, but I took the liberty of bringing along a few things for our night out!” I said as I passed her the bag. “Anything in there interest you at the moment?” I asked, as I turned over the engine to warm it up a bit.

“Just what did you have in mind, huh?” she said eyeing the contents of the bag.

From inside she pulled out a very long and thick dildo. It had to be every bit of twelve inches and as thick around as a beer bottle. With a whistle of appreciation, she laid it on her lap and continued to remove other things from the bag. She dangled a blindfold from her finger swinging it back and forth, “Just what do I do with this?” she asked.

“Well, if you slide it on, I promise you a very interesting ride!” I grinned.

“Oh do you now?” she smiled back. I wasn’t sure if she’d go along with me at first, but without any hesitation, she slid the blindfold on and relaxed back into the seat. “I await you next move sweetie, make my night!” she purred.

At this point all thoughts of not going through with my plans evaporated. I knew tonight was a once or never shot, and I wanted to take this to it’s unknown end.

The crowd had thinned in the parking lot by now, so I leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth. At the same time my practiced fingers opened her blouse completely, allowing me a full and un-fettered view of her ample tits. The chill in the night air quickly brought her amazing nipples to full hardness. She gasped as I grazed my fingers across the softness of her breasts, giving each nipple a gentle squeeze.

“God I hope you have more than that planned?” she moaned as I pulled away to put the car into gear.

“OK darling!” I said as I pulled slowly into the traffic leaving the club. “Just keep in mind that you are now topless, and I am driving in traffic, leaving you in full view of whomever wishes to look!” I whispered to her.

She tensed up at that revelation, but soon realized that the erotic feelings she was having at being so exposed, were more than just exciting to her, and just relaxed. I took things even further by sliding my free hand up her leg exposing her neatly trimmed muff to the world as well. When traffic allowed, I reached over and reclined her seat so that I might be able to enjoy her nudity more fully.

As the traffic made it’s way to more well lit streets, I told Bri about where we were, so she could imagine the amount of people that might just be watching. She seemed to get even hotter at the idea that more than just the people at the club would be witnessing her nude! Her fingers were now slowly rubbing her moistening gash, bringing her clit to full attention.

I reached into the bag and handed her a small vibrator, “Here babe, use this for awhile. I’m sure by now you can use the release!” I smirked, knowing that she couldn’t resist temptation anymore.

“Your so bad, I bet we’re someplace well lit too! It would be just like you to let me do this with a hundred people watching me, wouldn’t it?” she whispered, more than a little nervous at the prospect of being watched. With a slight shrug of her shoulders she guided the tip of the vibrator to her moistening opening. “I really don’t care at this point if half the town’s watching, I need to cum!” she moaned, sliding the vibrator all the way into her soaked gash.

We, of course, were nowhere near anything so populated. Just the thought that my normally shy wife was willing to go along with my suggestion was turn on enough. The sight of her willingly pleasuring herself was enough for me. She had been transformed from a quiet church mouse to this writhing sex machine in the passenger seat, with no more consideration for her privacy than a wanton peep show girl.

I was watching from the corner of my eye as she meticulously worked herself into a frenzy, only to slow down as she reached her nearing climax. I wasn’t sure if she was torturing herself, or me with her attempts to stave off the inevitable!

Just as she was getting close to an apparent explosion, I pulled into the parking spot in front of the motel. The sudden stop brought Bri back to reality in a hurry. She quickly withdrew the vibrator, hiding it beneath her skirt. She also pulled her blouse closed with a deft touch of a well-practiced magician. It was all I could do not to laugh at the speed with which she recovered to the woman I had lived with for so long.

“Where are we? Why did we stop?” she stuttered through obviously labored breaths.

“Leave the blindfold on!” I demanded as she was reaching to remove it. “For the rest of the evening you will do as I say! Understand?” I said in my most dominating voice. I waited to see how she responded to this, as I normally concede to her every wish.

In a way that nearly stunned me, she quickly pulled her hand away from the blindfold. She seemed to understand that this night I was not the meek man she had so well trained over the years, but someone who demanded complete compliance!

“Oh, OK, I um just didn’t want to um, well” she trailed off searching for an answer she couldn’t even begin to form.

Taking this as my chance to gain control, I asserted myself further than I would have dared before, “Leave the blouse open, sit up, and take off you seat belt!” I said more sternly. “If you cannot follow simple instructions tonight, then the evening ends here, understood?” I asked.

I spotted Ron and Jinx pulling into a parking space by the entrance. They didn’t want to give anything away, in case things hadn’t gone as I had hoped. They saw my car and waited, apparently aware that we were still in the car.

“I have a little surprise for you tonight my dear, and I hope you will be more than pleased at what I have planned for you!” I whispered. “Now, open the door and wait for me to come around. Do not even attempt to cover yourself, understand?” I growled, in my most surly voice.

“Yes Sir!” she grinned. At first, the thought of exposing herself in an unknown place, where she could only imagine at the surroundings, must have made her very uptight. But just as quickly, she shook off her old self and complied by opening the door and standing proudly by the side of the car. Her posture as she stood there was almost like a challenge to any unseen people, that she would not be easily embarrassed by her nudity, even in the full sight of anyone looking her way.

I looked over to see Ron and Jinx give appreciative looks at my, now semi-nude wife standing were anyone could see! Jinx was all but drooling, and Ron’s appreciative smile let me know that they both were more than ready to keep their end of the bargain!

I slid my arm beneath her blouse tugging it completely from her body in one quick motion, leaving her to gasp at the notion that she now had nowhere to hide her toplessness.

“Does being in public scare you my dear?” I whispered in her ear.

She shook her head defiantly, “Whatever you want, Sir!” she moaned back in a throaty voice that gave away her growing excitement.

I turned her so that Jinx and Ron had a full view of her pendulous thirty-eight D’s. Bri’s nipples were hard as small thumbs standing hard as rock in the cool breeze of the evening air. Goosebumps ran up her topless torso causing her to shiver slightly in anticipation.

Just to cause her a little more dismay and excitement, I slid my hands beneath the hem of her skirt, and slid my hands up exposing her ass to the night air as well. While she took a deep gasp of air from the quickness of my movement, I planted a long hard sucking kiss on her thumb like nipple, causing her to gasp even more deeply at the sensation it gave her. With yet another deft flick of my fingers, her skirt pooled in a heap at her ankles leaving her completely nude, with the exception of her sandals.

“Now my dear, we need to walk up to our room. Or should I put you back in the car and end our evening?” I asked her quite honestly.

For only a brief second, she hesitated. Then with a look of total abandonment to reason, she said, “I am yours to command, Sir!”

I was really in uncharted water here. Even with her approval at what I was doing, I could not imagine where this woman in front of me had been hiding all of our life together. So, without further delay, I led her towards the stairs to the room a few feet from the parking area. I looked in the direction of my accomplice’s car; only to see them both making their way towards the motel room. As quietly as they could, they moved into a position where they could see Bri in her full nudity. I could tell from the tent in Jinx’s pants that he was more than happy at the sight! I quickly put my finger to my mouth signaling them to silence. The more than appreciative stares the two of them gave her, was almost more than I could handle. I felt a slight swell of pride that my wife could still cause such a gleam of excitement from two young, fairly good-looking guys. She never would admit that she was attractive, even if I told her so! Now the proof that she could still turn heads, was standing before me drooling like schoolboys!

“Is someone there?” Bri whispered.

I thought about giving in right then, but I continued as if no one was there, “No my dear, but even if there were, would it matter?” I growled, “Tonight you do what I say, right?”

She jutted out her swaying breasts in an effort to show she would not back down from her promise of compliance. The action was such a surprise, that she very nearly brushed Jinx’s hand, who was mocking feeling her up. I almost choked, as a laugh nearly escaped my lips.

“There’s my girl,” I said giving her ample ass a good whack. “I’ve always told you, you should be very proud of what you have!”

With a quick turn of my wrist, I produced the key to our motel room. I led Bri in, and left the door open so that Ron and Jinx could enter unheard. They took up positions inside the door as I reached the bed. Just so there was no chance of Bri hearing them in the silence of the room, I flicked on the radio at the bedside table and turned the volume up.

“Let me close the door.” I said in an effort to cover my tracks. “We wouldn’t want any unscrupulous eyes watching now would we?” Ron and Jinx took this moment to quietly sit down in the chairs beside the bed.

“I need to get our bag of goodies from the car, be right back!” I said, leaving her alone with the two of them as I headed out to retrieve the bag of toys in the car.

Upon returning, I could see that curiosity at what I might have planned, made both of them look my way. Neither had made any move on towards my vulnerable wife. She stood where I had left her, still unaware of our guests. I had a little more appreciation for the two young men; as I’m sure that given the opportunity, I might not have shown such restraint!

“Kick off your shoes my dear and crawl face down on the bed!” I ordered. She didn’t hesitate for a second. Like the slave she was supposed to be, she quickly took the position I wanted. “Now extend your hands through the headboard, so that I can cuff you!” I whispered.

Again, without hesitation, she did as I asked. I was really getting into my part as the man in charge! For the first time in quite a few years, I felt a renewed sense of power, which I had relinquished to her long ago. This was going to be even more fun for me than I had originally hoped for. Ron and Paul were very attentive as to what I might have in mind as well.

I slipped the chain to the cuffs around the center pole of the headboard, and locked both of her wrists snuggly, not too tight. She tested them briefly to see if I had really locked them on. I could see that she was getting a little excited, by the way she was now grinding her hips into the mattress. I was also surprised to see that her snatch was getting wet at the thought of my unknown plans.

At this point I reached into the bag, and pulled out a leather hood. This was one of those hoods that zipped up the back and had no eyeholes. The only opening was around the mouth and nose, leaving no chance that she might slip out of her blindfold and see what she wasn’t suppose to! I quickly slipped it over her head, giving her no chance to peek at whom might be in the room. Only then did I remove the blindfold from underneath, before zipping up the back, leaving her in absolute blackness.

Next was something I know she wasn’t prepared for. I slipped a tube that held a small ball over her face. The ball fit squarely into her mouth, and it pulled snug enough to allow her to breath from her nose, but not allow her to speak! I found this to be even more necassary for what was about to happen to her. Now my wife would be totally at the two men’s mercy, without any chance of calling out for help. I didn’t want to take any chances that someone might over hear what was going on and call the police!

“Now my dear, I think I’ll let you warm up a bit while I find us something to drink!” I said with a snicker towards Ron and Jinx. I pulled out a small jelly textured vibrator and deftly slid it into my wife’s, very moist and glistening slit. The unprepared for invasion, made her moan into the ball. She pushed back at the invading phallus, and curled her toes in appreciation at the pleasure it now gave her.

“Now, leave that in place! I think I saw a store not far from here. I’ll be back with something to drink as soon as I can.” I said smugly, knowing how much a live vibrating rubber cock would drive her insane, if she were left unattended! “Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone, I have much more planned for tonight!” I winked at Ron and Jinx, and showed them five fingers. They both nodded in knowing agreement.

Just for show, I opened the door briefly, allowing time to give her the illusion of me actually leaving. The radio was loud enough to cover any minor noise that I might make. I closed the door quietly, and stood my ground watching the show that I knew would happen.

Bri began gyrating her hips into the mattress, trying to get everything she could from the vibrator inside her. All three of us watched in amazement as she brought herself to a quick, but very short climax. She was far from done though! After about two more minutes, she began to squeeze her legs together and really hump the mattress! I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again!

Ron and Jinx couldn’t wait any longer! I think Jinx was about to seriously make a mess in his pants! Ron stood up and quickly yanked open the door, allowing it to slam against the wall. I could tell from my wife’s reaction, that she was mortified at being so exposed to some unknown person at the door. She strained uselessly at the handcuffs in a futile attempt to escape.

“Well, well, look at what we got here!” Ron said smugly. “I told you he left her up here alone!”

Bri tried saying something, but the ball only muffled her protest. She was now really trying to escape the handcuffs. Both actions were useless, but I must give her credit, she was trying!

“Well lady, there’s no use fighting it, your old man is going to be very busy for a long time! We just saw him downstairs and sent him on a wild goose chase. He asked if we knew any place to get some drinks, we sent him to a bar across town. By the time he gets there, the place will have been long closed!” Ron went on in a most convincing voice. I was almost convinced by his story!

“I told you she was hot, didn’t I?” Ron said to his unseen accomplice. “I think we should have some fun with her before that old goat comes back!” Ron snickered.

Bri was furiously trying to escape her bonds now! She was screaming into the ball uselessly! I could also see tears of true fear flowing from under the hood. She was totally at Ron and Jinx’s mercy. I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do to her! I had told them anything goes, so long as she wasn’t truly being hurt! “This should be interesting!” I thought, as Ron now took over the show. I sat back to enjoy the rest of the evening!

Now I have to admit, at this point I was having some doubts as to whether to allow this to continue. Bri was truly scared, and I was not used to seeing her so vulnerable. She is normally very secure in her own surroundings, and in command of herself at all times. This was something totally new! She was still desperately trying to get the cuffs off and moaning hard into the ball.

Ron winked at me and moved onto the bed. “Now bitch, I think we’re going to have some fun with you!” Ron said in a very menacing voice. “You can fight all you want, but let me tell you something. We’re going to fuck you simple; and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop us, understand?”

Bri tensed up for a few moments trying with all her strength to break free. She realized, I guess, that there was nothing she could do to escape. Her sign of resignation was the slumping forward of her shoulders into the mattress. It was at this point that she realized that she was about to be violated, and there wasn’t a thing she could do to stop it!

“That’s better! Now I’m going to take that ball out of your mouth, and if you make a sound” he said, and quickly slipped a knife to her neck! “I’ll cut you from ear to ear, understand?”

I was more than a little apprehensive about how quickly Ron had produced a knife, and how adept he seemed to be at its use! But with a wink in my direction and a questioning look, he waited for my approval to continue. I waited only a minute to assure myself he wasn’t serious, then nodded for him to precede!

“Do we have a deal bitch?” Ron said with a sinister snicker.

Bri seemed to understand he was quite serious, as the point slid around her neck leaving a faint welt. She slowly nodded her head in agreement. I was relieved to see Ron toss the blade over to me after getting her to agree.

“Now, I think I can make better use of that lovely mouth of yours! Remember bitch, if I even feel you starting to bite down, I’ll end you!” he sneered into her ear. He then pulled the ball from her mouth leaving a bridge of spit that hung like a glass thread in the air. “Yo!” he said to Jinx. “I think she won’t be needing that vibrator anymore, don’t you? Why don’t you see how she tastes, while I keep her mouth busy!”

Jinx was already stripping his clothes off as he made his way to the bedside. He unceremoniously, pulled the jelly dildo from Bri’s snatch with an audible pop. It was obvious to everyone by then, just how much all this was having an effect on her by the amount of lubrication pooled between her thighs.

Jinx said to her, “Put them knees up under you so I can get a good taste.” He smacked her hard on the ass, leaving a red handprint on her ass cheek. She was again crying and sobbing at being so humiliated.

“Please let me go! I promise I won’t tell anyone. My husband will be back any minute, can’t you just let me go?” Bri sobbed in an effort to appeal to them.

“I told you bitch, we sent him on a wild goose chase. By the time he gets back here, we’ll already be fucking the hell out of you!” Ron snickered. “If he don’t like it, we’ll just have to make him understand that we won’t take no for an answer, right?” he said pounding his fist into his other hand.

Jinx slapped her on the ass again hard! “I told you, get that ass up so I can get a taste!” I could tell that that one really stung, as she yelped out in pain.

But my wife knew when she was beat. She slowly pulled her knees up so that Jinx had an unfettered view of her magnificent ass. He slid in behind her and wrapped his arms around her thighs. He then plunged into her gash like a man possessed!

Bri, moaned involuntarily as Jinx attacked her swollen clit. At the same time Ron stood up and quickly pulled down his pants, revealing what looked like a small baseball bat! It was sure hard enough, he was every bit of eleven inches, and as thick around as a bat handle! The head of his dick looked like a plum, and as menacing as anything I might have imagined!

“Now, open that pretty mouth of yours and suck my dick!” he said smoothly. He inched his way to her mouth and pressed the head to her lips. She shuddered in resignation as he pushed it forward until she had no choice but to open her mouth. Like a mighty Anaconda, his cock slowly entered her unwilling mouth. Her lips were stretching to accommodate his massive girth and she was struggling to catch her breath as well. She was used to my cock in her mouth, from time to time, but nothing like what Ron was pushing into her!

Bri struggled trying to get the head past her teeth, then slowly relaxed allowing only four or five inches to penetrate into her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging at the amount of meat she was being forced to take in her mouth. Tears of humiliation streamed down her face, but she did as she was instructed, and allowed Ron to push as much as he could fit in, without biting down.

Jinx was working her clit over vigorously, and she was beginning to reach another unwanted orgasm in spite of the situation! He must be very talented at oral pleasuring, because in a few short minutes Bri was grinding her hips back at his face, trying desperately to reach orgasm!

“Hey Mickey, I think she likes it!” Ron joked. “Look at her man, she really likes it!” Jinx redoubled his efforts and was rewarded with a drenching of his face, as she let loose with a massive orgasm. Her body shuddered from the intensity of it. Her face flushed as if she had only then realized, what she had just admitted to by climaxing, she was enjoying it!

Bri moaned around Ron’s fully engorged cock. Ron was taking it easy on her mouth, only pushing in about four or five inches at a time, allowing her to catch her breathe between strokes. Bri was doing her best imitation of a trained seal on his massive pipe! The sound of saliva being slurped along his length was a very erotic sound to hear. My wife was now beginning to allow herself to be used by both men!

Jinx pulled off Bri’s dripping box with sheen of her juices coating his face. “Damn, is she wet? You should really give it a try man, she tastes sweet!” Jinx beamed.

“Nah, not just yet. Why don’t you go ahead and “hit it” for a while. I’m enjoying this too much!” Ron said over my wife’s head as if she weren’t even there. “Give her a good fucking, if you cum, we’ll make the old fart eat her out when he gets back!” Ron winked at me with a shit-eating grin.

Jinx crawled up behind Bri, his dick was on the same scale as my own, about eight inches or so. He looked at me one last time, for approval. I must admit, this was the first time I was actually going to see another man fuck my wife, and I felt a touch of jealousy! But, I nodded him to go on. He smiled back at me, then stuck his cock against her opening, and slammed himself in up to his balls!

“Unngghh!” Bri moaned around Ron’s cock. The feeling of having a cock slammed into her was more than she was ready for. She tried to pull away from Ron’s monster mouthfull, but he was quicker. He held her head in place, and sank even more cock into her throat, nearly causing her to gag!

“I didn’t tell you to stop!” he sneered. “Hit it! Hit it hard!” he yelled at Jinx.

Jinx took command and really started putting it to my wife. He was pistoning ferociously in and out of Bri’s sopping wet hole. The sound of his hips slapping against her ass made an “fwomping” sound. The simultaneous fucking of both her mouth and pussy was getting to me! I had only seen action like this in the late night porno movies we sometimes rented.

I watched them take turns pushing inch after inch of hard meat into both ends of my wife. At this point I seriously wanted to join in the fun to relieve the pressure building in my own nuts! Hell, I wasn’t sure how long I could take this!

“Damn dude, you’ve got to feel this! She’s milking my rod like she was milking a cow!” Jinx moaned. Apparently Bri thought that if she ended this quickly, they would give up and go away! “Damn man, I’m gonna blow a nut!” Jinx forced between clenched lips.

“Go for it! We got all night!” Ron reassured Jinx.

With a mighty flurry of last minute speed, Jinx slammed into my wife’s cunt like a battering ram! “Fuck me! I’m cumming!” Jinx said, as his body tensed. He slammed all the way home and held on, as Bri came just as hard! The two of them locked in mutual satisfaction, bodies twitching as their bodies spasmed in the throws of their orgasms.

Bri was moaning hard around Ron’s cock, her nostrils flaring trying to catch her breathe. Her body quaked from the intensity of her climax! She was pushing back against Jinx’s cock in an effort to get every last inch of him inside herself. I couldn’t help but stare, as my shy, self-conscious wife, acted like a whore trying to get more.

“All right!” Ron said. “Enough of this pussy-footing around. It’s time this bitch got some real meat inside her!” Ron bragged. Jinx fell back on the bed gasping for air, pulling out from her with an audible slurping plop!

Ron, just as callously pulled his tool from Bri’s mouth. She began sucking in air like she was dying for her next breath!

“Oh God! Oh God!” was all she could get out!

“Not yet lady!” Ron smirked. “But in a few minutes, you’ll know what a real fucking is really all about!” He quickly moved in behind Bri and positioned his massive tool at the ready! “Ready or not, here it comes!” he said. And with a mighty flex of his hips, sank that baseball bat of a cock deep inside Bri’s snatch!

The scream she let loose with would have curdled an honest man’s stomach! “Ahhhhhhh God help me!” she moaned, as Ron sank his entire massive tool to the hilt, inside my wife.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” she repeated with a look of total terror and anguish on her face!

“Now that’s what a real cock feels like bitch!” Ron said with a gleeful smile. I was really impressed! He then pulled back so that only the head remained inside. Bri was trying desperately to crawl away again, but Ron held her ample hips tightly and slammed back in as far as he could.

What happened for the next hour was just something from a nasty porn movie! Ron took up a steady hard pace that I could have only dreamed of in my youth! Bri was moaning incoherently as Ron abused her for what seemed an eternity. Her pussy lips were swollen from the abuse she was taking, but every couple of minutes she would tense up, in another uncontrollable orgasm that would leave her quivering!

Jinx had watched Ron putting it to Bri hard for about ten minutes, when he decided to rejoin the fun. To be so young that that kind of recovery was even possible, just showed my age again!

Jinx moved to a position where he could slide his ballooning member in to Bri’s mouth, causing her to gag at the taste of their mixed juices on his cock. But in no time, she was again being used from both ends, like a cock receptacle!

“Damn man, I see what you mean!” Ron said to Jinx, “She’s milking me like crazy! Man that feels great!” he said between gasps!

Bri seemed to get a surge of pride from his statement, and she really began pushing back against his cock even harder! She was also slavering Jinx’s cock like salt-water taffy! The sound of wet meat slapping into both ends of my wife was almost too much for me to take! It was about then that things really got interesting!

“Yo, move in behind her!” Ron said as he turned over beneath her. He held tight to her as he rolled over, jamming his cock, now up, into Bri’s gaping pussy. “Get some of that ass, while I keep fucking her!” Ron said. Bri’s ass was now up in the air empty and he was under her sliding back into her. She was forced to impale herself on Ron’s massive tool. Jinx moved in behind her, putting his cock against my wife’s asshole!

Now, in all the years we have been together, I have never been allowed to even think of doing what they were about to do! My wife’s ass was virgin to my knowledge! Her eyes got very wide at what she now realized they were going to do!

“NO! God no! Please not that!” she begged whole-heartedly!

Ron reached up and slipped the ball back into her mouth! She started to scream at the realization that they were indeed going to double team her! I was stunned at the idea of seeing my wife loose her virginity to another man! Jinx used some of the ample amount of juices between them to slick up her asshole.

Jinx then jammed a thumb in her ass, causing a new round of terrified moaning from my wife. I could again see tears of terror coming from beneath the mask, as Jinx pulled out his thumb out. Without a care in the world for her terror, Jinx began to push his cock slowly into her virgin ass! She was screaming into the ball, as inch after inch of Jinx’s cock slowly penetrated deep into her ass.

Ron had stopped his fucking to allow Jinx time to finish his entry into Bri’s ass! As Jinx finally pushed his balls against her ass cheeks, Ron again began his assault with renewed vigor! For what seemed an eternity, Bri sobbed in pain, at the cock shoved up her ass. After a time however, she again began pushing back at both the cocks that were sawing alternately into her. Her sobs soon turned to moans of pleasure. She was now truly being used by these studs!

I watched entranced for the next twenty minutes, as they continued their assault on my wife’s two holes! She was now cumming almost non-stop! Ron smiled at me as if to reassure me they weren’t harming her! I could already tell from the look of ecstasy on my wife’s face that, that wasn’t a concern! She was lost in a world I could have never provided her myself!

Ron reached up and pulled the ball from her mouth. She immediately began to moan very loud!

“Fuck me! Oh, yes fuck me like the slut I am! Oh God fuck me harder, I’m going to cum!” Bri screamed!

They took their signal and began fucking her like bulls! They took no mercy on her swollen ass and pussy! They slammed into her mercilessly, she responded with moans of pleasure, like I had never heard before! I never knew my wife could be such a slut!

“Oh God fuck me, fuck me! I’m cumming!” she screamed. With a full body convulsion, she jerked around in Ron’s grasp like a live wire! Without any notion of modesty, Bri impaled herself as hard as she could on the two men’s tools.

For what seemed several minutes, she was wracked by multiple, fierce, full body spasms! Then both Ron and Jinx howled as they let loose with their own jets of hot cum into my wife’s abused body! The three of them were locked in a mutual body jerk!

After some time, completely out of breath, the three of them sank down onto the bed. Bri was mindlessly lost in her own world. Ron and Jinx tried desperately to catch their breath! Each slowly slipped from my wife leaving rivers of cum running from her ass and pussy!

Ron looked at me with a look of total satisfaction. Jinx saluted me as well! The two of them got to their feet and Ron said, “I think it’s time to go man! Let’s let her explain all this to the old fart when he gets back!” he laughed. Ron slapped Bri on the ass and said, “I wish I could stick around baby, but we’re out of here!”

While they dressed, Bri said, “Please, please take these cuffs off me, so I’m not like this when he gets back here!”

“Too late sweetie pie!” Ron snickered. “I think I see headlights outside. Lets go bud, we gotta roll!” Jinx and Ron made their way to the door. As I opened it for them, I took a long look at my wife as she lay in a pool of sweat and cum. Had I not been there to see how she had gotten in that condition, I would have lost my mind had I come in otherwise!

The three of us made our way out to the cars. Ron turned to me with a curious look on his face.

“Was that everything you hoped for?” he asked.

“That and much, much more! Thank you guys, for a night I’m sure she and I will never forget!” I said, shaking both of their hands in turn.

Ron put a business card in my hand, “If you ever need “help” again, don’t hesitate to call!” he said with a smile.

“I just might take you up on that!” I assured him.

I watched as the two of them made their way from the parking lot, still talking about the night’s events. I wondered what my wife would say when I “found” her? I made my way back by way of the soda machine. I guess she really would need a drink after all that action!

I opened the door to find Bri sleeping soundly. As I reached over to wake her, she rolled over and smiled, then whispered, “Tell Jinx and Ron thanks for an awesome night!”

I almost choked at her announcement! “How did you know?” I asked seriously.

“When you opened the door I could smell your cologne! It didn’t take me long to realize, this was the surprise you had in store for me all along!” she purred. “Have I ever told you, that you are a wonderful man?” she asked.

I sat down for a moment taking in what she had just said. She knew I had set this up! Yet, still she praised me for the effort!

“Your welcome baby!” I said softly back to her.

“Now my superman, you need some release.” she said just as honestly. “Get over here and get your reward!”

I needed no further pushing. I quickly tore off my pants, allowing my sorely swollen cock fresh air. Bri wiggle her ass at me in an open invitation. “Be gentle sweetie, my pussy is just a bit sore right now!” she purred.

I got in behind her, and aimed at her dripping wet hole. The semen was still streaming out from her used holes. The ones the two men whom I had just watched abuse for the last two hours. I got an evil thought at that moment.

“I don’t think I”ll be using that entrance my dear!” I said with a sinister snicker. “I’ve wanted this ass for far too long to be denied now, now that it’s all broken in!” With a quick grasp of her hips, I pushed my over ready cock into the ass that had eluded me for so long!

I wish I could tell you, ” I fucked her ass silly for hours!” but to be honest, my part in this only lasted a few minutes! But years of holding back and years of wanting it, made my effort somewhat comical! I really enjoyed watching my wife’s humiliation that night. She was very much the perfectly attentive wife after that night. Although I am still not the boss of my domain, it’s nice to know that on occasions, I still am the one who “rocks her world!”; even if it’s someone else who is fucking her simple! This new role as cuckold is just the thing I’ve always wanted; so laugh all you want. I always get mine after the parties over! 😉

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