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X-Mas at Terry’s

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This is a true story about how I finally got my chance to fuck my sister…

Let me start by saying that I have always been in love and lust with my sister. I am now 31 and she is 34. Growing up I was always the youngest sibling in the family but I still had BIG dreams about my sister’s body. Terry is 5’8 125 pounds with a size B cup size. She doesn’t have big breasts but to me they are perfect.

Growing up I always wondered what she looked like naked. At times I would try to look down her shirt, occasionally seeing her small ripe breasts wrapped in a silky sexy bra. My dick would stand at attention when I saw this sight and I needed to go to my room and jerk it off till I came thinking about what I just saw. I imagined that she was sucking on my cock telling me how good it tasted then I would take my hard swollen cock and plow into her pussy till she was begging me not to stop….by this time in my fantasy I usually came all over my chest. After I cleaned up I realized maybe this was just a fantasy that will never come true – BOY,WAS I WRONG.

Let me explain. I was visiting my sister this past x-mas and seeing my two nephews as well. George Jr is 13 and the youngest Ryan just turned two. I love these guys with all my heart so seeing them was a great feeling. I got there X-mas eve and gave each of them a hug hello then my sister came up to me to hug as well. She looked great. She had her hair up in a pony-tail, tight black jeans on, and a tight red/green x-mas shirt she apparently bought for the holiday. MAN, she was gorgeous. She came over and hugged me and I realized during the squeeze her tits were mashed against my chest and she had no bra on. I started to get an instant hard-on when she broke the hug and looked at me and said, “God, you felt great”.


“I mean, I haven’t hugged you in so long that it felt great, I love you Bro, you know that,” and she smiled at me. I smiled back knowing she meant we hadn’t seen each other in such a long time. It was now X-mas evening and the kids, me and Terry were watching a couples of videos to put the kids to sleep. Ryan fell asleep in my arms while Terry picked up George Jr and carried him into his room. My sister came back and was wearing a short, white terry cloth bathrobe. She came over to where I was sitting and sat in the floor in front of me.

I asked her “Would you like a shoulder rub?” She agreed and I began to rub her shoulders and arms. Each time I would rub her neck my fingers would open the top of her robe a little more finally giving me a great downblouse view of those gorgeous tits and ripe nipples I dream about. Those tits of hers are like little grapefruits with nipples that are so succulent and juicy I almost came just rubbing her body and looking at those nipples. GOD, was I in heaven at this time. I had such a hard-on, I could have cracked walnuts with it.

She leaned back her head and closed her eyes as I continued to feast on her loveliness. My cock was just inches now from the back of her head, I felt like my cock would explode if it didn’t get out soon. She leaned against me now full force and landed in my lap where I’m sure my hard cock was now poking her in the head through my jeans. She didn’t seem to mind in fact she shifted her head from side to side trying to get comfortable she said. All in the meantime I never stopped caressing her arms and enjoying the view.

Finally after a short while she says “Good night, see you in the morning.” She bent down to kiss me showing me those tits one last time for the night.

I said, “Good night sis, and thanks.” She look puzzled but smiled as she went into her room for the night. Later on I had to masturbate thinking of what might have been and what I saw so far from my sister and that body of hers. I came so hard I almost hit my own eye. I thought what a relief, but I want more.

I fell asleep till morning wondering what else may happen this weekend. I woke up with the flu-like symptoms. I had a temperature of 101 and felt like shit. I was coughing, wheezing and thought “great, what a way to celebrate X-mas”. As X-mas day wore on, my sis took great care of me, giving me soup, keeping my glass full of orange juice and taking my temperature. X-mas night after all the kids were put to bed Terry turns to me and says “You look like shit bro.”

I say “thanks a lot, that’s just what I needed to hear.”

She said “I mean you haven’t BATHED or SHOWERED since you got here 2 days ago”.

I agreed but told her “I feel so weak I couldnt even wash my hair in the tub let alone stand up in the shower.”

She said “I’ll run you a bath.” I agreed and off she went to run the water. After the water was turned off she said, “Here, I’ll help you into the bathroom”. I was sooo weak that I decided to let her help. I got undressed and slipped into the warm water, man, it felt sooo nice to feel that warm water. Terry yells from her room “I’ll be right there, I want to get into my robe.” My pulse starts to race knowing what that means – SHOW TIME AGAIN!!

She comes into the bathroom and closes the door. She comes over to the tub and says “any problems getting washed?”

I said “Yes, wash my back for me.” She takes the washcloth and begins to wash my back. She grabs the soap and begins to lather my shoulders and back really well. GOD, it feels great. Her touch is making me get a hard-on again and she looks down at the water and notices it smiling as she works.

“It is sooo great SEEING you here bro.”

I’m not sure what she meant by that comment but I simply replied “Thanks, I’m glad I’m here too.”

She then says “All done with your back – anything else you need?”

I smiled and said, “I can’t wash my hair,” so she picks up the shampoo, lathers it up really good and starts to lather my hair.

She says “I need to rinse your hair so lean way back with your head.” I do as I’m told and she leans way into the tub to reach my head. As she does her robe opens and falls off her shoulders revealing those gorgeous tits again. As she leans forward to rinse my head her tit falls right by my face so I didn’t let this opportunity pass by this time. I opened my mouth and closed it around her nipple sucking all the time she is rinsing my head.

She feels this and is shocked saying, “ooooh, bro what are you doing?”

I continue what I’m doing and take her hand and put it on my swollen, hard cock in the water. She slowly starts to pump my cock as I take the other nipple in my mouth now. After a short time stroking me and me sucking on her nipples getting them rock hard she says “Ok, play time is over. Now its time to get out of the tub.” I reluctantly let go and stand naked with a hard, steel-like cock sticking out at her. I stand by the sink drying off as she stands naked by the mirror admiring herself.

As she bends over to get something out of the medicine cabinet, she reveals to me a gorgeous, hot, sticky, wet pussy. I then took my now dry but still hard cock and put it into her pussy sliding partly in.

She says “What?!”

But I stop her in mid speech and say, “GOD, I want you sis. I want to fuck you like I dream about, how thoughts of you are what I masturbate to.”

I reach up and grab her tits in my hands as I rock forward sliding in deeper, Terry now rocks back saying “Ohhh god, that feels so great! Fuck me Bro, Fuck Me!!!” We start to fuck like mad dogs now all the while we are professing our love to each other.

I tell her “Ohh, I love you Terry.”


I Feel the pressure in my balls start to explode and say “NOW!! I’M GOING TO CUM NOW.” Terry gets on her knees and starts to suck my cock like an expert. Even though I don’t need much more help. I tell her “OK, here it cums.” She releases my cock from inside her mouth just as I start to cum. I shoot my cum all over, it hits her on the eyes, some dribbled of her cheek and some she licked with her finger off her forehead.

“UMMM, that tastes so good bro”. She smiled at me as she picks up her bathrobe and says, “I’m going to bed now. Oh, and one other thing Bro, Merry X-mas!!!”

With that she walked into her room. I thought about what just happened and. You KNOW where I spent the night!!

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