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Summer – the first time.

I followed her into the house, still not really knowing why I was invited. I guess I was a little in awe of a woman as beautiful as she, quite speechless, once I had realized who she was.

After all, she was rumored to have been (until recently) the lover of a foreign prince;

jilted, it was said, when he tried to lay claim to her, exclusively. Even before that, her notoriety drew interest in the international press over one fiery affair or another. . .with some of the most admired movie stars in several countries.

Passing through the entrance hall, she led me to a high-ceilinged room with a small fountain in the center. At one end, French windows opened onto a terrace overlooking the beach. Bird calls mingled with the gentle thunder of surf, and the scents of snowy jasmine and strident lavender collided on the breeze. Luscious ferns overflowed large pots just within the doors and the light through the windows was dappled and dreamy.

I moved to the fountain and traced a pattern with my fingertips on its shimmering surface. Small flowers in white, mauve and cream cast rippling shadows as they shivered in gentle eddies. The water felt so cool, I cupped my hands to dampen my face, just a little – but most of the water ran down my neck, soaking my singlet.

Embarrassed, I remembered myself and sought her eyes; but her back was toward me as she poured drinks at a low cabinet set into the wall.

I admired the drape of her clothes, expensively sheer, her shoulders straight, small waisted, spherical breasts – the classic picture of voluptuous; round of bottom and all curves.

When she turned to me again, she was carrying large, tear shaped glasses, frothing with chilled champagne and fresh fruit.

She handed me a brimming glass, arched brows over her hazel eyes, which met mine in a penetrating manner.

“Salute,” she smiled, her soft accent apparent. I tilted my head back to drink. Her thick lashes lowered, her gaze following the trickle of moisture from the glass, along my chin, my neck, my collarbone, then to the damp patches over my breasts.

Her eyes lingered there, fingers circling the rim of her glass thoughtfully, then dabbling in the fruit of her drink, she plucked a strawberry and ran it along her full lips, leaving a damp glossy trail, which her pink tongue removed with a flickering caress; it was so sensual, I was mesmerized and felt myself blushing as my nipples hardened in response; she grinned just a tiny bit before meeting my eyes again.

I felt such a slob, and began to stammer an apology, gesturing toward the little pool, but she reached her fingers out to me, touching my lips and, smiling secretively, shook her head, just a little. Her glossy dark curls swung, the gems at her ears twinkled and my breath caught in my throat; I thought how easily those great men must have been caught by her beauty, how compelling she was in the flesh.

Sipping again from the frosty glass she brushed past me; I followed as meekly as a puppy, thoroughly out of me depth. We walked back into bright sunshine past more windows and along the terrace to turn in again at another door, this time to an enormous room filled with plants.

She swept a graceful hand around the room. “The conservatory” she announced with an airy gesture, her dusky voice and sultry accent intriguing.

I stopped, dazzled by her & by the change in light. my eyes adjusted unti I found myself staring at her, once again fascinated, as she gracefully turned, her wide, silken sleeve cascaded down her slender ar. The fabric of her blouse pulling tightly against her body, one large, shapely breast held in sharp relief against the light; full and naturally round, with the bud of a delicate flower at it’s tip. I could not pull my eyes away and she caught me looking, that same little twist of her lips I had earlier noted, when she had stopped beside me on the pier.

It had been a fine morning in the little fishing village. She had been marketing, I supposed and returning to her car with a basket of flowers, must have heard us shouting, Jerry & I.

As he turned back toward our mooring, I stood my ground but burst into tears. I had left my home and my job for him, to travel on his yacht, fuzzy dreams of romantic adventures and passions had rapidly dwindled as I found myself responsible for all the unpaid cooking and cleaning chores, and none of the respect I knew I had earned. If she had not happened along when she did, chic but unrecognizable in shades & a floppy hat, I would be sitting on the road by the market, hoping to hitch a ride to somewhere, anywhere else.

“You need to cool down,” she said firmly, appraising the blonde hair, poking through my bandanna, and fair skin, my face streaked with tears and no doubt red, to boot.

“You can come in my car, if you like.” I hesitated, looking over my shoulder at Jerry who sauntered arrogantly along the dock with the confidence of a man sure I had nowhere else to go. Brimming with anger I saw him ogling the pretty girl, sitting on the seat by the flower stall; it was enough. I turned on my heel and accompanied my rescuer to her Saab.

“Do not be shy,” she had told me, as I had hesitated before climbing into the Saab. As we drove into the hills beyond the bay, I told her I had known for some time Jerry had taken advantage of me,that I would never trust amen again. “they are all bastards” I declared, before subsiding, embarrassed.

“The only way to find someone who makes you happy is to take the chance, again, again each time,” she laughed, a musical sound, confident and feminine.

“When your tears are dry, you will remember that life’s little setbacks are soon behind you; excitement follows when you know there is no seeing what lies around the next corner.”

She put the top up and the air conditioner on, removing her hat. With Latin music accompanying us, we followed a winding road along the coast, and I tried to place her, her image somehow familiar, but elusive in my memory. That name came to me as we stopped to turn in at lacy metal gates, which glided open at the touch of a panel set into her dashboard.

To cover my alarm, I turned to watch them close behind us, then disappear behind a riot of colorful foliage & palms as we followed a curling road through undulating parkland to a large white house with spreading verandahs on every side.

A breeze, which brought the tang of salt and flowers to my nostrils, replaced the musk of rich leather as we emerged from the car.

In a strange way, her words had calmed me & I realized Jerry had never lived up to my childish fantasies – when had I thought he could?

As we had talked, I evaluated & decided the past three months had been fair trade for the journey to Europe though, and although I was now far from my home, had I not left with him, I may never have.

My reverie faded into curiosity at findin gmyself here, Again now, she smiled that little smile of hers, secretive and unnerving. Raising her glass to ruby lips, and crooking her elegant fingers, she led the way to a circle of lovely chaise lounges and sedan chairs centered around another pond, a basin of dark marble, bubbling gently, set into the floor, and perhaps moe like a small pool than a water feature.

Palms and fuchsias, orchids and ornamental figs surrounded us; willows trailed their leaves, in ceramic pots, standing in water-filled recesses in the tiled floor.

The ceiling was more than half glass and perhaps fifteen feet high, I could see no walls from where we sat.

A small table with a tray stood between two of the couches, on which was a chunk of soft cheese, fresh fruits, including apricots & dates, slices of crusty bread, a pate of some sort and what looked like a mash of avocado.

Placing our glasses on the table before us, we sat. She selected a piece of bread, smearing it generously with avocado and passing it to me, before slicing cheese and popping some into her mouth with a date.

I had not eaten since early in the morning, and was ravenous. I devoured the bread and allowed her to feed me the cheese with the dates also – very French and absolutely delicious.

I relaxed; I was feeling pleasantly free from worry. We talked as we ate & she told me the history of the house & how she loved the south of France for its warmth and beauty. I learned she lived alone, but had a staff residing elsewhere on the grounds. They discreetly ensured there was always food prepared in the kitchen and the security of knowing she did not have to be alone “Between engagements”, as she so elegantly put it.

When our glasses were empty, she opened a little door beneath one of the couches to reveal a fridge, built in and stocked with tiny bottles of water, champagne and juice.

“Why not?” I said when she offered, and we topped up our glasses with fruit as well. The bubbles tickled my nose and I spilt some wine down my front again as I was caught by a fit of giggles.

She grinned at me with those beautiful sparkling eyes, the luster of her white teeth framed by glossy lips. Over warm, and sticky, I stretched, on impulse, and took off my top.

We moved to sit on the floor beside the pool now, our legs in the water and the shimmering reflections bathing our skin in elusive patterns of opal and gold.

“I’m still all sticky,” I said and she put down her own glass and dipped her hand into the water, to sprinkle my chest with its coolness. Dipping again, her fingers lingered above my round tanned breasts, allowing the tiny droplets to fall on them; they tingled very pleasantly as the water trickled over my nipples.

I sat up further, straining my nipples toward her slender fingers, and then caught my breath as she ran her fingertips across both tender buds, stopping to trace a circle around first one pink shell and then the other.

My breath shortened a little more as she reached into the glass I still held and dribbled champagne across my nipples; this time I gasped when she touched me and a warmth I hadn’t anticipated swept through my loins to carry a tingle on to my toes and causing me to arch my back like a cat on heat. She dipped her fingers again, this time catching a cherry and drew it in circles around my erect nipples before popping it into her mouth and licking her lips and fingertips, slowly, her beautiful eyes, flecked with gold, gazing into mine.

To my utter amazement, I wanted to feel those luscious lips myself and shyly, I selected another piece of wet fruit, ran it around my nipple and offered it to her. She leant forward to take it from my fingers, allowing me to feed her, sucking tenderly at my fingertips, each time. I touched those pearl teeth and soft, soft lips…her breast brushed my arm and I felt the hardness of her own nipples. She lifted her face; it was so close to mine, I could not help myself. I was staring at her mouth, breathing in her perfume and wanting more than anything to kiss her; so I did. Her lips were full and soft, her breath moist and she tasted sweetly of summer.

That kiss was long and warm and she ran her tongue repeatedly over my lips, almost pulling away and making me hungrier than ever for the taste of her. Finally she drew back enough to allow me to see that she had undone the little buttons on the front of her sheer blouse. Those famous, heavy breasts were tantalizingly almost revealed; her cleavage enhanced by finely wrought gold chains lying in filigree across her gold brown skin.

Her hazel eyes caught the light the irises wide and glossy, framed by thick dark lashes and with delight I realized she also was panting, now.

Boldly, I ran the back of my hand along the line of her jaw, allowing my fingertips to glide along her slender throat and linger between her breasts. They curved exquisitely and I followed those rich curves far enough to reveal first one and then the other, her nipples large and dark and surrounded by glossy golden brown skin, smoother than silk and glistening with the flush of sexual arousal. “Do you like my breasts?” she leant forward to murmur in my ear. “You are more beautiful than anything I have ever seen,” I replied earnestly, to which she responded ardently with a lingering kiss, which did not stop but flowed into a series of kisses and nips along my throat to culminate in a glorious, long, sucking and teasing at first one, then the other of my erect pale nipples.

Her raven curls before me, I ran my hands through them, down the cascade to the back of her neck, catching the collar of her blouse and easing it off her smoothly elegant shoulders. I allowed my fingers to caress her back, and she shivered in delight as she kissed my tingling breasts and began to make her way down my smooth tummy to my navel which she tongued most deliciously, sucking at the little sapphire which pierced it; my most prized gift to myself on my travels.

She ran her face down to my legs where my damp, filmy pink shorts clung to my thighs. She drew away from me just a little then and knelt, at just the right height to offer me a close to perfect view of one golden rimmed, moist nipple. Reaching behind, she drew her blouse off and let it fall to the floor.

She picked up her glass, and sipped some more before tipping the last of her wine over first one and then the other of her magnificent breasts.

She stroked my head then, with one hand and my thighs with the other, while I licked first one then the other of her beautiful rosebuds, discovering the extreme pleasure of feeling her nipple harden in my mouth as I sucked and nipped her smooth flesh.

Her caresses had caused me to open my legs, just a little at first then wider as my desire to feel her touch my most intimate self, grew.

Her eyes shone as she watched me nuzzle her breasts and at last she pulled away enough to stand before me in the water, and ease my shorts off altogether.

“You have such beautiful, shapely legs,” she said and ran her warm hands up from my knees, along my thighs to trace my pussy with it’s little tuft of blonde hair. Months on the boat, naked in the sun had sprinkled my tan with freckles, and just that morning I had rubbed masses of coconut oil into my skin to restore it’s suppleness. She knelt to kiss each one of the freckles on my thighs, then ran her fingers along my pubic bone slowly and started kissing me there, softly, softly, to my delighted gasps of anticipation.

She lifted her hands to my breasts as well, rolling my nipples firmly as heat coursed through me in waves of pleasure.

“Please, suck my nipples again,” I whispered, and she obliged, tonguing and nibbling and stroking my pussy as I ran my fingers up and down her breasts. We kissed passionately, licking and sucking now, while her fingers sought inside my cunt, and in eagerness I stretched my thighs to allow her better access.

Her muslin skirt, so light and airy was now soaked from kneeling in the water, so I worked it down with my toes, gasping as my motion gave her even greater access to my very wet sex. She was wearing no panties at all; her silken thighs were smooth and her body hairless & soft. As she rose up to place those pendulous breasts in front of my face, I gazed in fascination and lifted her elbows so that she stood before me and then slid forward to be at the very edge of the pool.

Her lips were before me then; they were golden tan, smooth, firm and faintly pink along the inner edges. I dared to come loser and suddenly I could smell her, faintly salty and hinting sweetly of sandalwood. I looked up at her, her gorgeous eyes framed by a cluster of ebony lashes, her full lips pouting at me, licking my juices off her fingertips.

I returned my attention then to her pussy, nuzzling gently with my nose, tantalized by her smell, then probing further, this time with my tongue.

Her crevice was warm and salty and I slid my hands around her thighs to grasp her round buttocks and hold her firmly against my mouth. I opened her lips with mine and slid my tongue around her clitoris, circling first one way and then the other. She shuddered as I stroked her with my tongue, and I continued to lick her. I pulled back momentarily to see her lips were parted, her eyes were closed in rapture and the globes of her heaving breasts were tipped by hard, erect nipples.

I kneaded her buttocks again as I kissed her pussy once more, working my tongue with-in to slide first down inside one lip, then the other and circling her pulsating clitoris in between each caress. As it swelled in response, I sucked a little stronger and she moved her legs a little further apart. I took the advantage, slipping my fingers in between her buttocks as well. Her bottom was very firm, rounded and pert. Her pleasure was evident as my probing fingers stroked her anus, then downward; along that warm crevice into her fanny and along the backs of her legs, all the time probing her wetly and suckling, nipping at her clit.

Her cunt felt like slick velvet and she tasted sweet and salty, her clitoris hardened and my fingers swept the slippery wetness across her anus and I pushed my face more firmly against her pubic bone, making her groan.

She held on to my head, gasping with pleasure and tangling her fingers in my long blond hair, now free of my bandanna.

We stopped when she nearly lost her balance, toppling until I caught her hands and sitting down suddenly in the pool. We laughed and I slid in too, to join with her, kissing her generous mouth, she smelling of my musk and I of hers.

She kneaded my nipples with wet fingers and I caressed her breasts and rolled hers between my own. We were both thoroughly aroused now and she stood; water cascading down her beautiful curvaceous body, and huskily told me to come with her. We walked hand in hand back to the largest of the chaise lounge and, laying side by side, began kissing and stroking each other once more.

As my skin dried, I felt little shivers of delight for she was drawing whorls and circles all over my body with her fingertips. I groaned lasciviously when she probed my buttocks and her soft touch drifted back and forth over my anus, teasing at the very edge of my sex.

I rolled over, lying on my chest, arching my bottom into the air. She knelt behind me, between my thighs, running her fingers all over my wet pussy and my anus, tickling and stroking me, exploring so deeply with her fingers in my wet cunt, I groaned, myself. When finally, she stooped, to use her tongue to probe hungrily inside my cunt, I sighed with anticipation.

She continued licking and stroking my ass and my stomach.

Her fingers found my clitoris and I experienced several minutes of burgeoning pleasure imagining my tongue on her nipples once more, the swell of that golden fullness, of her round buttocks… “Let me suck you too” I begged, and we rearranged ourselves so we were kneeling before each other and I kissed her, tasting her wet lips, smeared with my musk and sucking on her tongue as she sucked ravenously on mine.

We caressed each other’s breasts and ran our fingers along the curve of hip and spine.

Then I lay down, stretching out so she could look at me, arching my back and reaching up to stoke her gorgeous titties once again.

She gazed at me, in appreciation. “You are so slender,” she sighed and moved to position her hips, so that her mounded sex was suspended, open, glistening above me.

Her legs were spread wide and her flesh was goose bumped; I probed her cunt with a gentle tongue. She descended and began to work on my clit, running her tongue as deeply down to my cunt as she could reach; I lifted my legs off the bed and brought my knees up, the better to wrap them around her glistening back.

Now she could lick me in wide swathes, and we fell into a delirious rhythm. I held her lips open to nibble at her swollen clit, which hardened until I could suck it hard, maintaining the sweeping motion with my tongue. Her juices ran into my mouth and over my face, I lapped them up as I probed her pussy deeply with my fingers. I found the spot as she had mine and we were locked together in sweet unison, both rocking and gasping in ecstasy.

I felt I was water cascading down a mountain or a burst of star works in the sky. Her musky flavor was all I knew and I envisioned her big tits brushing my lips, nipples flushed and red like her cherry lips, like the sweet cherry on which I sucked and licked. I could feel a cooling summer breeze, slipping over our glistening bodies and urging us on till we both began to moan and gasp and rock harder, till together we exploded in passion and ecstasy.

She lay with me & held me then, we kissed and kissed as our breathing slowed and a languorous peace encompassed me such as I had never known with any man.

We slept until the shadow grew to twilight and I stirred to look at her, breathless at her lush beauty.

I traced her breasts with my fingers, cupping first the left then the right and the weight and the satin smoothness of each was perfection, of a kind never imagined in the pages of the glossy magazines she had so often graced.

She rose on one elbow and paid tribute to my nipples then, with her tongue. “Your titties” she said between mouthfuls “are magnificent, so pert, full but still, so firm. When I saw you on the dock in your tight pink lycra, that tiny white top, that tight little ass – I could not help but be drawn to you, you with eyes like the green sea, I wanted to kiss all your pretty little freckles, your long silky golden hair.” She ran her fingers down across the line of my hips to my pelvic bone, plucking at the little blonde tuft between my legs, “yYou are almost hairless here, just that soft golden down as on your bottom, your thighs”, she kissed my clit and ran her most pink tongue over and over along my crack until I was unable to restrain myself, I – pulled her face back to mine, licking the juices from her ruby lips, sucking on her tongue and praying this day would never end.

She made love to me again slowly and without pause; until I rocked with orgasms that lasted for many breaths.

I learned so much that summer; how to give pleasure, but also how to receive it and still, now, the memory of her swollen wet clit on my tongue her voluptuous breasts and her cries as I brought her to multiple climaxes can arouse me near to orgasm, even when alone.

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