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The Kinkiest Thing

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I had gathered together with a group of male friends recently. We all knew each other well and had played golf that day. Over drinks afterward, someone asked the question of the group: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done with a woman?

I didn’t take the question seriously, but Charlie immediately piped up with his story. When he had been about eighteen, a neighborhood lady of about 40 seduced him during his first summer home from college.

Over a period of three months or so, she taught him how to please her. She liked to be eaten out with him alternately licking in and around her hole, and sucking her clitoris while Charlie ran his index finger in and out of her ass. I smiled and wondered if Charlie replayed that scenario over and over with his wife.

Someone else piped in with a story of sticking various food items up a woman’s cunt and eating them out of her. Soon everyone looked at me expectantly, and I told the first story that popped into my mind, although I realize now it was not the kinkiest thing I had actually done. That will come later.

The story that popped into my mind was one that happened during the years between my undergraduate degree and when I met my wife. I had sex with a vast amount of women over those years. My roommate and best friend at the time, Max, and I had gone on a float trip down a local river with a large group of friends and their friends. A girl we hadn’t met before, who was strikingly beautiful in her bikini, was openly flirting with both of us all day, preferring to float with us as a little group of three rather than floating with her girlfriends.

After about a four-hour float, a lot of sun, and a few beers, we invited her over to our apartment. She gladly accepted, and rode with us to our place. She sat in between us in the front seat, and I openly put my hand on her bare thigh and rubbed up and down, getting very close to her pussy. No objections from her, she just smiled and went right on with the conversation.

When we got to our place, we popped open a few beers and sat down in the living room. We were still in our swimming trunks, and she was still in her bikini. I sat next to her on the couch, and put my hand back on her thigh. I moved it to the inside, and this time when I rubbed up and down her leg, I didn’t stop when I got to her pussy. I ran my fingers over the thin material and she tensed and said, “Oh! I was hoping you’d do that in the car”. While my roomie watched me slip my fingers underneath the material and find her wet slippery pussy, she spread her legs to give me better access. After a few minutes of this, I was getting pretty hot, and she was getting scaldingly hot.

“Let’s go to the bedroom”, I told her. She immediately agreed and stood up and grabbed Max’s hand.

“You come, too”, she said as she grabbed my hand as well. Max and I just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. We went into my bedroom and she lay down on my bed. I laid down on one side of her, and Max on the other. I made out with her briefly, and then she turned her head to Max and made out with him for a while.

While she and Max were kissing, I reached underneath her and unhooked her bikini top. She arched her back to give me access, and once I had it unhooked I pulled it away to reveal her beautiful creamy C-cups with pink, erect nipples.

I started to kiss and lick her breasts while she made out with Max. Max reached down and put his hand under her bikini bottom and I could tell from the way she was moving that he was fingering her. She was moving her hips to meet his hand each time he thrust his fingers into her and I could hear her moaning into his mouth as I hungrily sucked, licked, and nibbled at both her nipples.

She got up on her knees and pulled her bikini bottoms off, then untied Max’s trunks and pulled them off him, revealing his stiff cock sticking straight out from his body. Then she turned to me and pulled my trunks off as well. She laid me down on my back and started kissing me again, and then started kissing her way down my neck, and my chest, and my stomach. She was on her hands and knees facing me as she moved her body towards the foot of the bed so her face would be at my cock-level. I could see Max behind her, standing at the foot of the bed and rubbing her ass and gliding his fingers over her soaked pussy.

She kissed her way down to my cock and took it in her mouth. She was hungry for my cock, no doubt.

As she sucked it and licked my balls, I heard the tell-tale sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open, and I looked up to see Max moving in behind her as she sucked my cock.

With her ass in the air, Max put his cock against her pussy and pushed it all the way in one stroke. She started moaning on my cock as she licked and sucked in a frenzy. She pushed back against Max on the outstroke of my cock in her mouth, then pulled away from him as my hard dick slid back into her mouth and down her throat. Max was fucking her pussy while I was fucking her mouth.

I could tell that Max was getting close and he finally came with a loud grunt. I think she came at the same time, but it was hard to tell because it seemed like she was just having one long orgasm after another.

Max pulled out of her and she flipped around so her round ass was facing me. She started rubbing her moist pussy on my cock as she licked Max’s sheathed deflating cock. She pulled the condom off him with her teeth, spit it on the floor, and then politely asked him if he had another one for me. I could feel her wet pussy against my straining cock, and I wanted to slip it in so badly, but I knew well enough to wait for the condom.

She ripped open the condom, spun around and rolled it down my cock, then climbed on. She grabbed my member and positioned it right at her wet opening, then just sat down on it. I felt it slide all the way in and stop against her cervix. She moved up, so just the tip was in, then sat down again on it with a thud and a moan. Soon she was riding me like a bucking horse and Max came up behind her on his knees, straddling my shins, and started rubbing her tits from behind her while he pressed his chest against her back. I watched as he squeezed her firm breasts and tweaked her nipples as she rode me. My cock was feeling like it was going to burst and when she started coming again, I let go and had a fucking cataclysmic orgasm that seemed to last forever. I remember thinking the top of my head might have actually blown off.

This went on for over four hours, with both of us taking turns fucking her. She couldn’t get enough fucking and she couldn’t get enough cock in her mouth. At one point, we were all resting, with her laying on her back with her head on my pillow, me sitting on the bed next to her, leaning my back against the wall, and Max on the other side of her, laying on his side with his head in his hand, cocked up on his elbow.

As we chatted, I saw her hand slide down her belly, and soon I became aware that she was stroking her clit. Just chatting away with us with her hand between her legs, playing with her clit and fingering herself. Finally with her other hand, she reached over and started playing with my flaccid cock. It began to respond, and she turned on her side and put her head in my lap. She got her mouth up to my cock and started to lightly lick it. Then to my amazement, I saw Charlie climb down the bed and put his head between her legs and start licking her cunt. I thought it was a little weird after we had both fucked her a couple of times, but we had been wearing condoms. They would have been in a sixty-nine position on their sides, but she was facing away from him and sucking my cock instead of his.

It was obvious that she was really getting off on Max sucking her pussy and licking her clit. My cock had gotten nice and hard, and she started really going at it as she started coming from Max’s ministrations. She was like a wild animal, coming and coming, and sucking hungrily and greedily on my cock. All at once, I felt my orgasm coming, and with a growl I pumped my third load of the night down her throat.

Charlie rolled her over on the bed, rolled a condom on his cock, and slammed his cock into her. She immediately started coming again and I sat against the wall and watched my best friend bang the girl mercilessly. And she just kept begging for more and more all night.

I think we both fucked her once more that night before we drove her to her friend’s house. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, and I never felt like it was weird to be naked around Max. I don’t think our bodies ever touched that evening and there was no unease between us.

I think Max got together with her a few more times after that, but that one night had been enough for me and I moved on. To tell the truth, I can’t even remember her name.

As I said, I realized later that it wasn’t the kinkiest thing I had ever done. I’ll tell that story here, but it will take some leading up to it.


I was in graduate film school in L.A. and living in a Spanish-style courtyard apartment building where all the doors to the apartments faced into the courtyard. There was an extremely attractive woman living across from me, about my age. I would see her frequently and smile and say hello. She had a boyfriend, who I saw coming and going often. He was a biker type, very rough around the edges. She didn’t look the type, though.

At one point I realized that the biker guy wasn’t coming and going anymore so I started chatting her up when I’d see her at the mailbox. She was an aspiring actress, I learned to very little surprise, trying to make it in Hollywood. I told her I was a screenwriter getting my Masters at USC. She raised her eyebrows and said we should have a beer sometime and compare notes. I smiled.

It should come as no surprise to the reader that we ended up in bed together at her place a week later, with only a very hasty beer having been drunk. In the beginning it was all pretty standard stuff, a lot of kissing, a lot of petting, a little oral, and then intercourse. I did notice, however, that she was a woman who got very, very wet during sex. Wet to the point that the sheets had a huge wet spot and both our pelvises, thighs, and stomachs were gooey and slick by the time we finished.

She would say things to me that I thought might be hints, but I wasn’t sure. One thing I remember is that she told me I was different than a lot of the guys she had been with. I was gentle with her. Funny thing is, though, she didn’t give any indication that she liked gentle better than rough. It was just a comment. I got the sense, though, that she was wanting more than our pretty vanilla way of doing things.

We fell into a pattern of “if I’m not doing anything, and you’re not doing anything, let’s fuck!” It was so handy with her just across the courtyard. On about the sixth time we got together, I had had a few beers with friends and came home and knocked on her door. She answered with a glass of wine in her hand, and I could tell it wasn’t her first. She pulled me in and immediately starting making out passionately with me, pulling me to the bedroom.

She pulled back the bedspread and covers of her bed and we lay down on the sheet and fumbled with each other’s clothes as we locked our mouths together, tongues finding each other, passions running high. She must have been fantasizing about something before I arrived because she was hot, hot, hot!

We got our clothes off and she immediately went down on me and started licking and sucking my cock, taking it into her mouth and occasionally opening her throat so I could get my short and curlies up against her nose. The feeling was incredible as I had never been deep-throated before, and my level of arousal was soon matching hers. When I wasn’t penetrating her throat, she’d be licking and sucking the head while she grabbed my shaft and moved her hand up and down it. It was fucking turning me on to run my long, hard cock down this gal’s throat, have her wank me a couple of times, then run my cock down her throat again.

I was getting dangerously close to coming, which I didn’t want to do, because I was having so very much fun! I decided to return the favor, and moved down to the bottom of the bed and pulled her legs apart. She was the first girl I’d ever been with who shaved her pussy, as that was still not quite in vogue. I was running my tongue up and down her slit, stopping to lick and nibble her clit about every third trip up her juicy cunt. And it was juicy!! It was as if she was leaking oil or something; she was just incredibly wet, which turned me on even more. It let me know I was really getting to her.

I started to concentrate more on her clit, licking it up and down, flicking it side to side with my tongue, and sucking on it, pulling it away from her with suction, then letting it pop out of my mouth. I added some digital stimulation, putting first one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers up inside her and running them in and out while I began lashing with my tongue at her clit. I could feel her building up to her release, and finally she let out a huge moan, I felt her muscles clamp down on my fingers, and then I got a huge surprise. She drenched my face with spray that came from her pussy.

At first I was just shocked. This was 25 years or so ago, and I had never heard of a woman squirting. It came as a complete surprise. Then she sprayed me again as the second wave of her orgasm hit her. I truly did not know what had happened, and as she came down from her orgasm she began apologizing, saying how she should have warned me that she squirts out cum if she comes really hard.

I didn’t say anything. I was so turned on, that I just crawled up on top of her, put my cock up against her opening, and drove it in to the hilt. I rammed it so hard I could feel the breath being pushed out of her. I began pounding into her savagely. I grabbed her hands and pinned them to the bed above her head and slammed into her as hard as I could over and over. She started coming again, almost screaming from the punishment I was giving her, pumping more of her cum-juice into the mess we were slithering around in. My face was dripping wet, and our bodies were bathed in our sweat and her juices. She finally pulled her hands free and grabbed my hair and pulled my face away from her.

“Come in me hard!” she cried, looking me right in the eye.

That was all I needed to push me over the edge. With a mighty grunt I started pumping my load into her. First one pump, then another and another until I felt I must have no more liquid in my body. With each squirt my body would spasm with pleasure and I would grunt or groan as she looked me square in the eye.

When I had come back down to earth I was aware that we were basically lying in a big puddle on the bed. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her, and I agreed. We got up and she stripped the bed. I noticed that she had a plasticized mattress pad. She had planned ahead. Once we were in the shower, she told me she hoped she hadn’t grossed me out. She told me that she’s always been that way, and it’s been a problem for some guys.

I hadn’t really had time to process, but I told her what came into my head first: that for some reason it had really turned me on.

“So you don’t want to stop seeing me?” she asked, looking at me hopefully.

“Not at all, I said.” Whereupon she went down on her knees in the shower and brought my cock back to life so she could finish what she started when we first lay down on the bed. Amen!!!

The next day, all I could think about was getting back to her that night for a repeat performance. I hadn’t thought much about her if I wasn’t with her up until then, but I had found the experience of having my face sprayed with her juice so erotic, so strange, so lewd, so forbidden, that I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I began to leave school early to get home. I couldn’t get enough of having sex with this damp, swampy woman. She wouldn’t always spray; she had to come really hard for that to happen.

One night we went into her bedroom, and I noticed a vibrator/dildo on her bedside table. She acted embarrassed, and apologized, but as I was going down on her, craving that moment when she would spray my face, I felt something go tap-tap-tap on the top of my head.

“Use this,” she said, holding out the dildo. So I removed my fingers from her cunt and reached to take the dildo from her. She pulled it away and smiled. “Let me turn it on for you.” With that, she twisted the bottom piece and the dildo began to hum. She handed it to me, and I went back to work. I nibbled and sucked on her clit and slowly inserted the dildo into her sloppy-wet cunt. I ran it slowly in and out a couple of times, then during one slow withdrawal, I continued to run it up to the top of her pussy and rubbed it lightly against her clit. She moaned and I felt an increase in her juice output immediately. I repeated, sucking and licking her clit, fucking her with the dildo, then letting the vibrations work on her clit. I picked up pace and I could feel her getting closer. I kept it up without stopping, finally concentrating the vibrator on her clit. She was ramping up to a huge orgasm.

All at once she grabbed me by the ears and held my face about four inches from her cunt. As she cried out, a tremendous spray hit my face. I was shocked by the force of it. It was as if she had suddenly turned on a fire hose. She held my face in place by my ears as she sprayed over and over again, losing a little force with each round. The fuck I got after that was in direct proportion to the force of her orgasm. She was an animal, as was I.

After that, we fell into a rhythm. I’d stop by her place, we’d have a beer or two, then she’d leave the room and come back in holding the dildo. She would smile, hand it to me, then take me by one of my ears and lead me to the bedroom. She’s strip the bed down to the sheet, I would undress her, then myself, and I would go down on her with the dildo. At the end, she would hold me by the ears, placing my face directly in front of her cunt, and spray me with her cum. Then I would be in charge, and give her a rough, hard fuck.

But that’s not the kinky part. Not yet. Two more things happened that shaped our sexual relationship. First, as we were taking a shower after a particularly great fuck, she mentioned that being in the shower with me suddenly reminded her of when her first boyfriend took a shower with her. He was a little bit older, and while they were showering, he had told her that some women like to get it in the ass. While he was telling her this, he was soaping up her back, then butt, and started to soap up her butthole. She said she had braced herself against the wall and bent over slightly and that he had penetrated her, eventually getting himself all the way in, and pumping a big load of cum up her ass. As she was telling me this, she was soaping up my dick, which responded both to the mental image she was conjuring up and to her ministrations.

She turned, ran the bar of soap up and down the crack of her ass a few times, then bent slightly and braced herself against the tiled wall. I moved in behind her, found the tight rosebud of her ass, put my cockhead right up against it and gave a little push. Nothing. “Use more soap,” she said. “And start with your finger.”

So I grabbed the soap and soaped up her rosebud and pushed my index finger in. She gasped, and I felt a twinge in my cock. I moved my finger in and out, and with the other hand soaped up my hard cock. Again I put the tip of my cock against her rosebud and gave a little push. I felt some give. I pushed a little more, and I felt the tight ring of her sphincter pinching the end of my cock. I gave another little push, and suddenly slid in about half way. She grunted and spread her feet wider apart on the tile floor, gaining better balance. I withdrew slightly and pushed forward again, this time going a little deeper. She groaned. I withdrew again and then pushed myself all the way in. She came on the spot.

As the warm water cascaded over us, I worked a steady in-and-out motion with each thrust burying my cock deep in her ass. Even though I had come not thirty minutes before, I let go with a tremendous force, depositing my load deep in the recesses of her ass.

The second thing that happened was shortly after this. I had drunk quite a few beers, and I had gone down on her with the dildo, and she had sprayed my face, but before I fucked her, I told her I had to get up to go pee. All that beer wanted out, and it was uncomfortable to be turned on and wanting to fuck, but have to pee at the same time.

“Um, there’s something I’ve always fantasized about,” she said as I started to get off the bed.

“What’s that?” I asked as I started for the bathroom.

“For a guy to pee in me while he’s fucking me.”

Well, after the experiences we’d been having, I figured, “Why Not?”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, reaching out to me with her arms. I walked back to the bed and she took me in her arms as I lay on top of her. She reached down and grabbed my cock as I buried my wet face in her hair. She guided the tip to her hole and pushed against it. I returned the push, and slid easily into her. I slowly stroked it in and out.

“Let it go,” she whispered. “Just let it go.”

I was trying, but I couldn’t quite get to that feeling of letting it go while I was in the middle of fucking.

“Please,” she whispered again in my ear. “Piss in me. Fill me up with your piss.”

I was having trouble, but the fucking was feeling so good, and I was really enjoying it

“Just let it go,” she whispered again, and suddenly I felt it nearing. I felt it moving up my urethra, and finally felt the tip of my penis open as the pee began to gush out of me. It immediately flooded the inside of her pussy with a warm, slick wetness that enveloped my cock as I emptied my bladder into her cunt.

She started coming and she came and came, each wave harder than the last, until I had emptied myself. I growled and grinded, once, twice, three times into her and then spurted my load into her piss filled cunt.

“Oh my God!” she said. “That was incredible.” I think that was a fair description. As we talked about it later, I asked if that had fulfilled her fantasy. “Just one more thing,” she replied. “Next time after I start coming, pull it out and piss on my tits, stomach, and pussy.” No problem.

So for about six months, until I finished film school and took a job in New York, we had a twice-a-week ritual. I would drink coffee all afternoon, then have a few beers with her. She would bring out the dildo, lead me by the ear to the bedroom, I would go down on her with my tongue and the dildo, she would hold me by the ears and drench my face with her cum, then I would put my cock in her cunt and piss. As soon as she started coming (which was like clockwork), I would pull out and piss all over her tits, her stomach, and I especially enjoyed aiming it at her pussy. After that, it was my choice, I would either continue fucking her in the cunt, or smear her juices on her ass, roll her over, and take her anally. Then we’d get up, shower, and she’d change the sheets and bed pad that she always miraculously had clean and ready.

It was the pissing in her and on her pussy that was the kinkiest thing I ever did with a woman. And by the way, her name was Gina.

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