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The light mannered laughter echoed around the empty area, the only other sound being the occasional car coming along the road adjacent to the train tracks.

“You know you practically fall over every time you go up those stairs.” The amusement was abundantly clear in Cale’s voice as he grabbed Nicole under the arm, practically dragging her onto the platform.

“Just because you have perfect balance, Cale!” She poked her tongue out at him even though he would barely be able to see it in the moonlight.

“Can’t you two ever get along?” The mocking tone came behind Cale as Nicole moved along the edge of the platform, chuckling slightly as she moved to her knees, resting back as she swung her legs over the edge, turning her head to smirk at the long haired young man next to her.

“Oh, but surely you know, oh-so-sexy-one…” A snort of laughter echoed from the other side of him as Cale sat down, “It would take all the fun out of it.”

“If you say so…Personally I could do without a day where the two of you aren’t trying to out-insult each other.”

Nicole leaned over slightly to bring her lips close to his ear, “Aww…Mark, are you jealous?” A smirk crossed her face as she rested a hand against his arm, breathing lightly against his skin, chuckling slightly as he shivered before she leaned back, laying down on the dirt and grass that covered the platform.

“Jealous? Of you and Cale? There’s nothing to be jealous of, you just tease each other all day.”

Mark tensed up as Cale leaned toward him, imitating Nicole’s movements as he brought his own lips so close to Mark’s ear he could kiss it, “Maybe that’s what we want you to think…” He lashed his tongue out against Mark’s earlobe before laughing and also laying back, his eyes scanning the stars.

Scowling, Mark rested his hands on the platform beside him before pushing himself off, landing on the rocks below with a soft thud. Turning back towards them he laughed lightly, sounding forced, “C’mon you guys, I thought we were supposed to be walking.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re coming…”

Nicole was the first to sit up, easing herself off the platform rather than jumping, she wasn’t fond of the fact that she could slip on the loose rocks and cause herself some real damage, especially if one of the boys wasn’t there to catch her. Moving over to Mark she grabbed his hand and dragged him up to the train tracks, grinning broadly;

“We don’t have to take him with us, he’s too lazy to come.” She started half-skipping along the tracks, keeping as best a look as she could to make sure she didn’t stand on any of the loose rocks.

Cale jumped off the platform, climbing up the small slope to smirk at Mark, who was looking after Nicole as she moved along the tracks, “Come on, stop being a love-sick puppy and let’s catch up to her before we lose her, eh?”

“She’s too loud to lose.”

“Good point.”

They both began walking along the tracks at a steady pace, talking amongst themselves as Nicole moved ahead, stopping once she reached the road. Standing with her hands on her hips she watched the boys making their way toward her with a smirk.


At 20, she was the oldest of the three of them, having met the two guys online four years ago they had quickly become good friends. The previous year she had finally decided to jump on a plane and stay with Mark at his mother’s place for a few weeks, returning again for the weekend of his 18th birthday. She was upset that she wasn’t able to come down again for Cale’s 18th as well, but it didn’t matter now that she was able to be back for at least a few more days, and hopefully they wouldn’t be as uneventful as her previous visit had been.

“Hey…What did you mean when you said ‘maybe that’s what we want you to think’?” Mark’s voice suddenly took on a more stern tone as he paused, grabbing Cale’s arm to stop him from continuing on.

Nicole tilted her head to a side as the boys stopped moving, shrugging she ran her fingers through her short hair, looking up at the stars for a moment before looking back to them, “You guys coming or not?”

Cale looked into Mark’s eyes, not speaking for a moment before he smirked, “Come on, man…Don’t think I’d move in on your territory…Yeah we’re coming. Don’t get your panties in a twist!”

Releasing his friend’s arm he shrugged, before he continued walking, apparently lost in thought, Cale following behind him slowly. As they reached her Nicole chuckled, “Panties in a twist, har har har…Very smart, wise-ass.”

She turned on her heel, walking across the road slowly, smirking as one of the guys came up on either side of her. Laughing lightly she held out her hands, a wide grin crossing her face. “Gentlemen! My hands are cold!” The laughter in her voice turned into small giggles as each of them reached out and grabbed one of her hands in their own, not skipping a beat in their steps, “You know, guys…You promised you’d come to Queensland for my birthday last year, but you didn’t”

“You know we had stuff on, Nic, and besides, it’s not like we can’t come up any time now…”

“Yeah, I suppose…I would have liked to have had you guys up though, would have been better than spending the day with Grandma whinging about how her life sucks.”

“What’s the difference to that from every day though?” Matt smirked, looking to her.

Poking her tongue out at him she smirked; “If you must know, it’s no different, that’s the point I was trying to make; you dorks.”

“Heh, you hear that?” Cale looked over Nicole’s shoulder to Mark, a mocking smile playing across his lips.

“Mmhmm, she called us dorks again.”

“How many times is that today?”

“Oh, I dunno, about ten? Fifteen?”

“C’mon guys, you know I only say it in jest…” Her voice wavered slightly as she looked back and forward between them.

“Oh, we know…” Mark’s lips were against her ear, the tone of his voice caused her to shudder slightly, freezing on the spot. She felt his arms snake around her waist and she giggled.

“Besides…We never said it was a bad thing…” She jumped slightly as she felt Cale replicating Mark’s movements, a blush grew across her face as she felt one of each of their hands moving down across her stomach teasingly, her breath caught in her throat, a low moan leaving her.

Then, just as suddenly as they had started, their hands withdrew from her torso and they moved back to just holding each of her hands in one of their own, laughing softly to themselves as she stumbled along with them, trying to regain the use of her legs.

Mark leaned into her, chuckling against her ear, “Very responsive tonight, aren’t you?”

Growling she shoved him away slightly, her eyes narrowing; “Yeah, you kind of expect that after what you’ve put me through since I got here..”

“Oh well, you got what you deserved.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

They moved along the train tracks in practical silence, every now and again one of them would make a comment and they’d laugh, Nicole always coming back to calling them dorks, with Mark just chuckling to himself.

It wasn’t long before they came to the small bridge, stepping up onto the side platform Nicole leaned on her elbows against the railing, glancing up at the night sky, so perfectly clear because they were out of the city. Her body stiffened as she felt fingers brush the hair away from her neck gently, lips pressing against the skin before she had a chance to protest. A slow breath left her as she relaxed, feeling fingers on the other side of her neck move the hair from there also, soon to be followed by a second pair of lips at her neck.

Hands were roaming across her body, she closed her eyes, biting her lip to contain her moans as Cale moved behind her, his hands moving under her shirt, sliding against the skin, his fingers icy from the cold night air. She inhaled sharply as his fingers caressed her skin before reaching her breasts, sliding around to her back to unclasp her bra quickly before sliding it as far down her arms he could while keeping her shirt on, his fingers tracing across her nipples slowly, a breathless moan leaving her as she felt them harden at his touch.

As one of his hands began trailing slowly down toward the top of her jeans, her breathing shallowed, his fingers playing at the button for a moment before slipping it from its place, dragging the zipper down slowly. Smirking, he heard her breath catch as the tips of his spare fingers brushed against her clothed sex.

With a low chuckle against her ear Mark whispered softly, feeling her shiver as his breath brushed her skin, “Are you going to behave and stop calling us names now?”

A whimper escaped her as Cale’s hand moved to the elastic of her panties, his thumb rubbing against the thin material impatiently. “Why would I?” Her breath was shaky as she turned her head slightly to smirk at him, her eyes full of lust with just a hint of defiance.

Sliding his hand along her neck slowly, Mark began to run his fingers through her hair, chucking softly against her ear before his fingers wrapped themselves in her hair, yanking her head back roughly with a snarl as Cale’s hand sank beneath her panties, eliciting a yelp from her shivering body. His lips moved to her neck, kissing sweetly just below her ear, a dangerous glint in his eye.

“Maybe because I said so? Now…Are you going to behave and stop calling us names?”

As Cale’s fingers moved against her shaven sex she moaned softly, almost forgetting the sharp pain coming from her hair as he sunk a finger amongst her already damp folds, pressing the finger against the small nub that he had been seeking.

Knees buckling she clung to the railing for support, her eyes closed as a lustful groan slipped through parted lips, shuddering as hot breath came against her ear, Mark’s voice coming out a mere growl.



No sooner had the words left her when Cale withdrew his hand from her panties, Mark released her hair slowly, smirking as she fell to her knees, resting her forehead against one of the lower rails, a weak whimper leaving her.

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