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Sharon Does the Neighbours

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“Bugger,” Sharon tilted her laptop backwards and checked underneath, half expecting to see its innards hanging out. “Piece of shit computer.”

Marcus finished chopping the onions and through teary eyes checked out the computer.

“What did it do?” he asked. “Did any message pop up?”

“Nothing,” she said and forlornly pressed the power button. “And yes it’s fully charged.”

She mashed at the keyboard before slamming down the lid and pushing it across the kitchen bench.

“Why do they always shit themselves when you want to use them most,” she folded her arms and rested her forehead on them.

“What were you doing?”

“Uploading those pics we took last night onto Watchers Web,” she said without raising her head. “And yes I deleted them off the camera and the only copy is on that bloody thing.”

“Really!” Marcus asked, “Why did you delete them off the card?”

“Because I was using the camera at work today and I didn’t want someone to go back too far when previewing the pics.”

Marcus pondered that for a while and just nodded.

“They were good pics too,” she said remembering how good his cum looked on her face.

“Yeah well,” Marcus said. “We’ll have to get it fixed because I have some work stuff that I need.”

“It cost us heaps last time,” Sharon said, “We won’t take it back to those bastards.”

“No,” Marcus flipped the exhaust fan on and leant back over the saucepan. “Maybe Kyle or Andy next door know someone who can fix it. They’re nerdy gaming types, surely they’ll know someone.”

“Maybe they won’t help after one of them saw us walking naked across the lawn the other week,” Sharon hopped off the chair and walked over to the stove.

It was Marcus’ turn to remember this time and the mental image of her covered in the men’s cum sent a twitch to his groin.

“Maybe they will,” he said and tossed a few tins of peeled tomatoes in with the simmering onions. “Men will do anything for a pretty damsel in distress.” He turned and kissed her on the forehead noting a slight crease from her sleeves.

Sharon slid a hand up under his shirt feeling his taut muscles and she detected a slight tremor as she did so. “Pity that they’re kind of chubby and nerdy though,” she rested her head on his biceps, “Actually come to think of it, Kyle was a bit weird yesterday when I saw him.”

“Weird in what way?”

“He’s usually quite friendly and says g’day but yesterday when he was loading their truck he was all eyes as well as smiles.”

“Ha?” Marcus laughed “Maybe he’s the mystery man behind the curtain.”

“Maybe,” she ran her hand down and rubbed his cock through his jeans, “Maybe he’s gay and fancied you.”

Marcus flipped a gas jet on and slid a saucepan of water across upon it. “I doubt that,” he said before brushing her hand away. “I have to go back into work and finish off that report tonight remember. No time for shenanigans.”

“Pft,” she said derisively, “Who cares about regional development and broadband technologies.”

“Well,” Marcus said and suddenly turning to her, joyfully pushed her back towards the large island bench. “If we had decent broadband you could have uploaded all the pics onto the cloud. Then I wouldn’t have to cum all over your face again.”

“Now?” she said almost pleading, “The lights are good.”

“When I get home,” he teasingly backed away. “If I feel like it.”

Sharon picked up a tea towel off the bench and flicked him on the arse. “You’d better,” she said.

Marcus quickly finished off the pasta and the pair ate their dinner out on the back veranda in the slowly fading light of a late summer evening.

“What time will you be finished?” Sharon asked.

“That depends,” Marcus said as he poured her another glass of red wine. “Maybe around nine thirty, ten o’clock.”

“That long,” Sharon moaned, “What the hell am I going to do without my laptop?”

“You could knit, bake biscuits, knock up a sponge,” Marcus quickly stood up so that he was outside of striking distance, “Usual good housewife stuff,” he laughed.

“Go on,” she said and tried to flick some spaghetti at him but it just wrapped around her finger. “Bugger off to your meeting then.”

Marcus scurried out the front door leaving Sharon alone with half a bottle of wine and nothing to occupy her mind, a dangerous mix.

After downing a glass she sauntered back inside, flicked on some music and living in hope, tried her laptop once more.

“Poofter,” she said to herself as once more, it failed to respond.

She eyed the bottle of wine still sitting on the table and went out to get it. As she grabbed a hold of it she heard footsteps down Kyle and Andy’s driveway. She ran over to the edge of the veranda and leant as far over as she could. She saw Kyle rounding the corner towards their back door and called out hoping that he would hear. Her calls went unanswered and she noticed the tell tale white cord of his iPod headphones dangling from his ears.

“Bugger,” she said and watched as the lights came on in their lounge room.

She threw down the last gulp of Shiraz, ran inside and scooped the laptop, her mobile and her keys up off the kitchen bench, and headed next door.

She stood at her neighbours front door for a moment listening at the noises emanating from within the dusty rental. All she could hear was some bad music that seemed to be playing at the back of the house and was subsequently muffled. Undeterred she tapped on their door but wasn’t at all surprised to find that they couldn’t hear her.

Their small van was tucked neatly into the drive that led the way down to the back of the house. She squeezed her way between the vans dirty panels and the brickwork and ducked under the side view mirror. As she walked down she tried to make as much noise as she possibly could.

Their backyard looked worse from their side of the fence than it did from hers and she found herself wondering just what these two shipped out in that truck.

The music was much louder and it was some kind of heavy metal rubbish she hated. She banged loudly on the door and once more it was to no avail, that was until the song ended. With a flurry of knocks and door shaking she saw the silhouette of one of them appear through the frosted door panes.

“Hi,” she said as Andy peered tentatively through a crack in the door. “How are you Andy?”

“Yeah,” he said looking back quickly over his shoulder, “Good thanks. How are you?”

“Well,” she said holding up her laptop, “I was wondering if you know much about fixing these.”

“Sure,” he opened the door wider and Sharon took a quick peek inside, it wasn’t as bad as she’d imagined. “What’s wrong with it?”

“It won’t start and before you ask,” she handed it to him and took a step closer as she did so, “yes it’s fully charged.”

“Ok,” he said, “I think the hard drive will be fine so we can save all your data,” he looked underneath as she had done earlier.

Once again she snuck a look inside and saw some racing game being played on a screen.

Noting that Andy wasn’t acting weird like Kyle had been behaving, but he wasn’t exactly welcoming her into the house either, she put him on the spot.

“Do you mind if I come in?” she asked.

“Oh shit, sorry,” he said and opened the door fully, “We don’t get many visitors.”

“No?” she chuckled, “We’ve noticed.”

The kitchen was at the back of the house and she was pleasantly surprised to see that apart from a few bowls piled up in the sink, it was remarkably clean.

Thinking that maybe it was because they never cooked and ate only takeaway Sharon decided to have a quick look around. As she entered the lounge room she was fascinated once more by how tidy it was. There were no empty pizza boxes, no bongs on the table, no beer bottles scattered around the floor. All there was was Kyle sitting on the lounge with a PlayStation controller gripped tightly in his hands.

“Hi Kyle,” she called out over the music.

Kyle nearly dislocated his neck as he snapped his head around to gaze at a woman standing in the doorway. For what seemed like an eternity he sat there gawking at her and Sharon laughed out loud as she watched his car explode in flames on the screen.

“Hi Kyle,” she said again and pointed at the screen, “Sorry about that.”

“Uh,” he muttered and looked at the screen. “Bloody hell.”

“My computer crashed and Andy’s checking it out,” Sharon said. “It won’t start.”

“Yes the battery is fully charged,” Andy called out, “She’s already told me that.”

Against one wall there were box after box stacked up and in the corner two computers sat humming away.

“So,” Sharon turned to Andy, “Just out of interest, how do you two make a living?”

“Um,” Kyle stood up and wandered over to the boxes, “We make and sell body-building supplements.”

Seized by the irony of two overweight nerds, who clearly have never worked out, selling body-building supplements, Sharon just had to laugh out loud.

“You’re kidding me,” she said after the laughter subsided, “Body-building supplements?”

“Yeah,” Andy said laughing along with her, “You should see the before shots.” He tapped his gut, tried to suck it in and made a bad Arnie impersonation.

Kyle leant up against a door frame and checked out Sharon from behind. She was only wearing a short floral skirt and a singlet top so there was little left to the imagination.

“Don’t worry,” Andy said, “The irony isn’t lost on us either. We just import vitamins and caffeine from China, mix it with malt powder and sell it to idiots. It’s cheap for us to buy and all those boofheads with their tribal tattoos and machismo are willing to buy into it.”

“Would you like to see where we make it?” Kyle asked.

“Sure,” Sharon spun around towards him, “Why not.”

She followed Kyle down the hall into what was once a bedroom. The room was neatly lined with boxes of malt powder, bags of vitamins and sundry other containers. In the centre was a large table and some packaging equipment.

“Wow,” she said truly amazed at what she saw, “How much do you sell a week?”

“Around five thousand dollars worth,” Kyle said.

“What,” she said amazed once more. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kyle said “We’re much cheaper than anyone else and because it tastes good and gives them a big caffeine and vitamin B boost, they think it works.”

Sharon couldn’t help but be impressed and she told them so. “Here I was thinking you were a pair of dirty, pizza munching, gaming freaks, but I’m impressed.”

Kyle just laughed at her assumptions and led her out of the room, “We do like pizza,” he said “I mean, who doesn’t?”

As Kyle turned back into the lounge room Sharon stopped at another bedroom door that was slightly open. She could hear them both chatting away in the kitchen so she pushed the door open further and peeked inside.

It was your standard male bedroom complete with a PC, TV and DVD player on a desk, clothes strewn all over the floor, and in a pile next to the bed, a collection of adult DVDs. She picked them up and flicked through the titles. It was a wide assortment of Ben Dover, Private and Anabolic titles and also some German ones. Whoever owned them showed good taste. She admired the images displayed over the covers, multiple cocks in a variety of holes, faces covered in cum. She suddenly felt very horny indeed.

With them held behind her back she wandered back past Kyle who was back on the Playstation and to Andy who had somehow managed to open the laptop and was peering inside. “When do you want this fixed by?” he asked.

“It’s not urgent,” she said, “Marcus has some work on it he needs and I have all my images so a couple of days should be good.”

“I might need it,” he said, “But I think the hard drive will be fine so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Sharon decided that some teasing was in order so she sauntered over to Andy and leant teasingly over his shoulder.

“How do you know how to do this?” she asked. “I mean have you had any training?”

She could feel him edge slightly away as she invaded his personal space and she let some of her long dark curly hair brush against his cheek.

“I’ve been fixing computers for years,” he said, “There’s not much I haven’t done before.”

She patted him softly on the shoulder and whispered, “Thank you, and for the record,” she flicked her hair flirtingly back and winked at him, “There’s not much that I haven’t done either.”

Clearly startled, Andy turned straight back to the laptop, and being unfamiliar as he was with women, did what he does best, ignored her and tried to concentrate on the technology.

Unperturbed Sharon decided to turn her attention to the one that she assumed had already seen her naked. She stood next to the TV screen and put her right leg up on the coffee table. Kyle smiled and rested back in the lounge trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt.

“Excuse me Andy,” she called out, “Could you come here for a minute?”

“Sure,” he replied and gently placed the laptop down on the bench, “What’s going on?”

Sharon pulled the DVDs out from behind her back and held them in front of herself. Immediately she watched Kyle shuffle in his seat and she giggled as his eyes darted back and forth between her and Andy.

“Who owns these?”

Kyle stared at Andy, Andy stared at Kyle but both remained silent.

“Whoever it is,” she said, “I have to say well done, these are good titles.”

“Thanks,” Andy said relieved that he wasn’t about to be admonished.

“These are yours?” she asked “You like to watch people fuck?”

“Well,” he said and looked at Kyle who had a smile as wide as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, “We don’t really get any for ourselves.”

“Come on,” Sharon said, “You must be getting something. You’re not all bad.”

“Sheesh, thanks,” Andy said. “but sadly you’re wrong about us getting something.”

Kyle positioned himself like he was going to get up but Sharon kept him in his place.

“Kyle,” she said holding up her hand. “Stay there.”

Kyle sat obediently back in the chair and snuck Sharon a sly wink.

“But you must have had something,” Sharon continued, “Even when you were at school?”

“Are you kidding?” Andy said, “We went to an all boys Catholic school. We didn’t even get abused by a priest.”

“So,” Sharon pointed at them with the DVDs, “You’re both virgins then.”

They nodded silently and avoided all eye contact.

“At least Kyle here has seen a real woman naked,” she said “Haven’t you Kyle?”

This time Kyle looked genuinely confused, he looked at her wondering what the hell she was talking about.

“No,” he managed to mutter.

“Sure you did,” she said walking over to him, “Two weeks ago walking across our backyard.’

“Umm,” Andy interrupted, “That was me. I just told Kyle about it”

“Really!” Sharon said genuinely surprised. “So poor young Kyle here has not only never been with a woman, he’s never even seen one in the flesh?”

Kyle just nodded his head and kept his expectant eyes locked on Sharon.

“Well I don’t think that that is particularly fair,” she said and flicked her long dark hair back. “that Andy, on the other hand, has already seen me naked.”

“And your husband,” Andy laughed.

“Yes,” she had to giggle as well, “You’ve seen Marcus naked too.”

“What were you doing on that night?” Andy asked, “You were very loud.”

“We were fucking in the back of the car,” she said softly before turning her gaze to Kyle, “We tried all sorts of positions. Me on top, doggy style and good old missionary. I sucked his cock and he came deep in my cunt.”

Kyle’s head rolled back and he groaned ‘fantastic’ softly as she spoke.

“It was just like these women in these videos,” she held one up to Kyle as she spoke, “Shall we watch one?”

“What?” Kyle said as she shuffled in his seat. “This is just getting better and better. You watch porn?”

“Hell yeah,” she said, “we have quite the collection.”

“Maybe we can start swapping some,” Andy said.

“Good idea,” Sharon held up a Private DVD to him, “Let’s watch that one shall we.”

“Now Kyle,” she sauntered over to the lounge and put her hands on her hips, “I’m going to sit right here next to you, ok?”

“Okay?” he said and patted the centre cushion, “By all means.”

“Now Andy, relax,” she said, “I don’t bite. Not unless you want me too.”

Andy just chuckled and fumbled with the DVD as Sharon threw herself into middle of the lounge.

As soon as the DVD was sucked into the machine she patted the lounge. “Now sit here Andy and press play.”

Sharon couldn’t help but smile as Andy’s shaking hand finally managed to hit the play button and the opening scenes unfolded on the screen. The standard initial cut scenes of cocks, cunts and cum exploded across the screen as the previews of other movies came on.

“Oh look at that lady,” Sharon said as a brunette was bouncing on one cock as she sucked another. “How lucky is she?”

“I’d say very,” Andy said. “What about her?” This time a woman was being fucked in the cunt and arse as two men fucked her mouth.

“Air-tight,” Sharon edged her legs slightly apart, “That’s what that’s called.”

Kyle just laughed and tried to adjust his swelling member without Sharon noticing. She did of course.

“You poor guys,” she said, “Fancy sitting here watching some quality porn and not being able to have a stroke like you do in your bedroom.”

“I’m not having a stroke,” Kyle said in his defence. “I’m just reorganising the tackle.”

Sharon giggled and set about thinking about how many men she’d had that lost their virginity with her. There was a few, but they were all many years before. What she did remember was their enthusiasm and stamina. It was for those two reasons that she did what was next to transpire.

“You know,” she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “It’s just not the same, is it?”

“What isn’t?” Andy asked while trying not to unfurl his cock. “Watching porn with your clothes on,” she said. “and it’s not fair either.”

“Not fair?” Andy asked, “How?”

“Well you’ve seen me naked,” she grabbed Kyle on the thigh and gently ran her hand up towards his groin. “Kyle here though hasn’t.” She stopped just before reaching the impressive mound in his pants.

“Now boys,” she said as she stood up, “This is a one off opportunity for you both.” They watched in silence as she stood in front of the TV. “Seeing as how you’re fixing my laptop, and you’re both virgins, I think it’s only fair that I teach you how to please a woman.” She pulled her top off and flung it at Andy. “Then we’ll talk about how you two,” she unbuckled her bra and held it in front of her boobs, “can start meeting some real women of your own.”

As her bra sailed across the room to Kyle, she heard them both moan in appreciation.

“Then we’ll go shopping,” she hooked her fingers under the band of her skirt and slowly pulled it down around her legs and let it fall at her feet, “and get you a few items that will enhance the chances of you scoring.”

“You were right Andy,” Kyle said as he freely stuck his hands down his own pants. “She’s fucking hot.”

Andy, who was trying not to just leap up and fuck her, said nothing.

Sharon slid her thumbs around her pink panty’s waistband and quickly slid them down. Her sandals came off at the same time as her knickers and for the first time the lads had a naked woman in their home.

Andy was transfixed on her neatly trimmed pussy and his legs were pumping up and down in anticipation. “Good lord,” he whispered, “For once, my prayers have been answered.”

“I am the angel of mercy,” Sharon said “A somewhat fallen angel, but an angel nonetheless.”

Behind her on the television a tall blonde woman had just walked into a bar where two men were having a drink.

“What’s the chances that she gets fucked by those two guys?” she asked.

“Well,” Andy patted the lounge between himself and Kyle, “Come sit down and we’ll find out.”

“Now boys,” she tilted her head teasingly to the side, “Remember that this is for one time only, there’ll be no knocking on the door late at night looking for a fuck.” They both nodded silently and slowly as they watched her move towards the space on the lounge.

Sharon stared intently at the two lads as they sat on the lounge rubbing their crotches. The look of absolute desire and longing turned her on like nothing else. She didn’t care about the track suits, the long unkempt hair, the stubble on their chubby jowels, she just wanted cock.

She moaned ever so slightly as she sat back on the lounge and felt their hands instantly slide over her tits and around her pussy. She flung her head back in delight as Kyle slid a finger down into her pussy and rubbed her moist slit.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned, “That does feel good.”

“Mmmm, sure does,” Sharon said as she put her legs over the lads knees, opening her pussy wider in the process. “Suck my titties,” she said to Andy who immediately leant forward and drew a nipple into his mouth.

On the screen the blonde was having almost the same treatment as she was, and this gave her an idea.

“How about,” she said, “We do exactly what that woman on the porno is doing? Scene for scene.” Both the lads glanced up and for probably the first time in their lives, didn’t care that much about what they were watching; the reality was much better.

Worried that if he didn’t do as she asked she would stop, “If you say so,” was Andy’s automatic response.

“Well get your gear off then,” she said as she nodded in the direction of the two naked men on the TV.

“Andy,” she said, “You do whatever the blonde bloke does. Kyle, you’re obviously the other one.”

They said nothing but watched Sharon as she sat back on the lounge, spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy. “Fuck, I’m so wet,” she moaned. Kyle was the first to get naked and when his semi-hard cock plopped out she couldn’t help but take a sharp intake of breath because that cock was huge.

“Fucking hell Kyle,” she was shocked, “How dare you keep that hidden from the women of the world.”

“What about this,” Andy pulled his cock out of his shorts and it too was just as large.

“Shit,” she whispered, “All this time and two of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen have been right next door. Maybe this won’t be a one off after all.”

Mesmerised by the two appendages hanging only inches from her face she decided to momentarily ignore what was happening on the screen. “Pass me the remote,” she said, “or just press pause.”

“It’s behind you,” Andy said, “On the arm of the lounge.” Sharon was still transfixed on their cocks and was trying to recall any cocks that she’d fucked that had been larger than these two.

Mind you she’s been fucked by plenty of cocks before. On one memorable occasion she had six all to herself in one sitting, but these were certainly the largest. By her own estimates they were nearly nine inches long and nice and thick. “You guys,” she finally mumbled, “I think are the biggest I’ve ever had.”

Andy leant over and grabbing the remote, quickly paused the DVD. Sharon reached out and grabbed their cocks and pulled them towards her hungry mouth. Kyle was the first to feel the delights of what Sharon could administer with her skilled tongue. Her tongue momentarily flicked around his knob before she hungrily took as much of his thick meat into her mouth as she could.

All Kyle could do is moan as she pumped his cock and ran her tongue around his knob end.

“Fuck,” he moaned as she flicked her tongue around and underneath his helmet. “That’s unbelievable.”

In her right hand she felt Andy’s cock harden as she pumped it and as she ran her finger around his slit, she felt the sticky oozing of his pre-cum. She immediately swapped cocks and began to suck and lick at the thick unction that leaked out.

“Good God almighty,” Andy cried. Sharon still wasn’t sure if she’d had bigger before and as she bought the both up to her mouth, she had a wicked idea.

“Andy,” she said, “Go get my phone. It’s in the kitchen.”

Andy, without question, obediently went in search of the smartphone. Sharon went back to sucking Kyle, this time though she cupped his impressive scrotum in one hand as she wanked him with the other. She even took the time to rub her own pussy and squeezed her swollen clitoris between her fingers, sending a shiver of delight up her spine.

Andy, still gloriously erect, walked back into the room and handed her the phone.

“No,” she said, “I don’t want it. I want you to take a pic for Marcus.”

“Hey,” Kyle said. “Why would you want to do that?”

“He’ll be able to tell me if these are the biggest cocks I’ve ever fucked or not.”

“Really,” Andy hit the home button, “You’d send him pics of us fucking you.”

“No secrets,” she grabbed his cock and pulled him close. “It’s the only way, plus, he’ll be able to tell me if these are the biggest.”

She sucked and pulled on their cocks until they were both hard and glistening. “Now Andy, take a pic of me with these beautiful cocks.” She held them both up near her face and smiled.

“How’s this,” Andy showed her the pic.

Sharon groaned in delight at the image and took the phone off him.

‘Hey babe I’m next door with Kyle and Andy and these guy’s are huge! Are these the biggest I’ve ever fucked? I’m not sure.’ She wrote into the message before attaching the pic and pressing send. She immediately went back to sucking the lad’s cocks and waited for Marcus to respond.

She was certain that they were the biggest she’d ever had but Marcus’s response clouded her judgement.

‘You horny little slut. ;)’ was his first response before ‘I need to see one filling your mouth.’

By stroking the boys’ cocks up and down a few times, Sharon guesstimated that Andy’s cock was ever so slightly the longer and thicker of the two schlongs in front of her. ‘Schlong’ wasn’t a word she ever used or particularly liked, but it seemed an appropriate description of these two monster cocks.

“Here Kyle, take the phone and take a photo of me sucking Andy’s cock”, she said as if it was something she did every day. Well, it almost was.

Kyle took the phone and fumbled with it, his rock hard penis sticking out straight in front of him. As he did, Sharon took Andy’s pulsating shaft in her hand again and pulled the skin of his shaft up and over his helmet a few times to make sure he was as hard and long as he could be. It probably wasn’t necessary, because he seemed to grow an extra half inch as she enveloped his cock head with her soft lips and gave it a few quick lashes with her tongue.

Sharon held Andy’s shaft right down at the base, to accentuate the length and she looked up at Kyle to indicate he should take the photo. The flash almost blinded her, but it didn’t stop her from taking seven inches of Andy’s cock down her throat. She looked up again and Kyle took the shot.

‘Fuck me!’ Kyle and Andy’s exclaimed in unison, Kyle at the sight of Sharon deep throating his mate and Andy at the feeling of having his cock throat fucked.

Sharon could feel more of Andy’s salty pre cum juice oozing out as she slid her mouth back up his shaft, sucking the head hard as she pulled her mouth off it.

‘Mmm, very tasty Andy’, she remarked before taking the phone from Kyle and checking out the pics. She sent both pics to Marcus, ‘That should give him a pretty good idea of your size, my talented friend.’

Andy’s cock was bouncing up and down in front of his oversized gut, while Kyle had taken things into his own hand. ‘I just can’t believe this is happening’, he said to no one in particular as pre cum now started flowing out of the eye of his cock.

Sharon saw this and pushed his hand off his prick and pulled him towards her. Kyle almost stumbled and fell on her as the rest of his body followed his cock. Sharon licked her lips at the thought of more tasty juice and handed the phone to Andy.

She didn’t need to tell him what to do as she repeated the treatment on Kyle. She savoured the slick fluid as Andy took the first photo and then impaled her mouth and throat on his length, this time taking eight inches. When she saw the flash of the camera, she moved her mouth up and down Kyle’s pole, enjoying the feel of the knobbly veins, before pulling off it.

She took the phone off Kyle, just as it buzzed with Marcus’ reply to the first two head giving photos.

‘Beautiful,’ it read, ‘Now the other one.’

‘Be patient,’ she replied ‘Here they are.’

As she waited his response she went back to sucking and pumping the two heavy cocks in her hands. She slid off the lounge and squatted down between the two excited men and she quickly ran a hand down to her opening vulva and dipped her fingers into her wetness. With fingers coated in her juice, she smeared the viscous coating over their bobbing knob-ends and swirled her tongue around each one.

The phone suddenly buzzed across the floor as Marcus’ response lit the screen.

‘I’m still not sure,’ it read ‘i need to see one filling your pussy.’

Sharon had other ideas. She could tell Marcus was getting very turned by the way he was responding and she wanted to stretch it out a bit (she hoped the boys could last long enough), besides she’d promised to teach the nerds a thing or two.

She sat back up on the lounge and spread her legs wide. Her hot pussy opened up as her wet lips parted. She said, “Look how wet you’ve made me, boys”, slowly lowering her eyes to her exposed cunt. Kyle and Andy’s eyes followed, mesmerised by Sharon’s sexiness and the uninhibited abandon with which she showed it.

“Who wants to tidy it up a little with their tongue?” she enquired.

Both Andy and Kyle reacted immediately, their right hands shooting up into the air, as if Sharon was a teacher who’d asked a question in class and they both knew the answer.

Kyle was the first to realise how fucking stupid they must have looked and that the question didn’t require an answer, only action. He dropped to his knees, between Sharon’s open legs and affixed his mouth to her clit.

“You’ll just have to be satisfied with me playing with these for a little while”, she smiled, looking up at Andy as she cupped his plum like balls in her hand, “Mmm, it looks like I’m in for a bit of a shower later, Andy. Haven’t pulled your pud for a while, eh?”

Andy coughed, enjoying the feeling of this wanton temptress fondling his most delicate possessions. Kyle meanwhile was moving his tongue around at a hundred miles an hour, like a boat propellor.

“Whoa boy”, Sharon laughed as she said it, “Slow down a bit. Just slowly lick my slit all the way from the bottom to the top and then start over again and keep doing it until I say.”

She returned her attention to Andy. “Lift your cock up a bit, so I can take a nice photo of your balls”, she ordered him. Andy blushed. This sudden change from no woman to a gorgeous woman who was so open sexually was getting to him a bit, but he dared not do as she asked him, because he wanted it to last forever.

Sharon got the phone and pointed the lens at Andy’s big sac and clicked the button. She then pointed it towards her pussy and clicked just as Kyle was at the final sweep of his next tongue lash along her slit. It looked fucking fantastic. Kyle’s tongue pushing her clit up, so that it looked like it was resting on his tongue.

She then typed in, ‘Not yet lover. You’ll just have to wait a little before you see my other lips wrapped around the boy’s cocks’ and clicked send.

Marcus was torn, in front of him he had the report he was working on, a report worth $25,000 a year if the wi-fi tower was built on the land they owned or the option of driving straight back home to join in the fun. Despite the workload ahead of him, he was happy to have this distraction, but not only that, he was tremendously turned on by what was happening. His cock grew inside his trousers and he started rubbing it through them.

The building was mostly deserted, but there were a few other people scattered around and the cleaner was flitting in and out. He still had to be careful because of his reputation, but the slight chance of being caught rubbing himself made him even hornier.

‘I wish I could be there to watch, you horny bitch. It looks like Andy’s got a nice big load for you’ is the next message he sent. He didn’t need to send another direction to Sharon, because he knew she’d taken charge.

Kyle had taken to using the broad flat surface of his tongue to lick Sharon’s clit, rather than the point of it. He was collecting more pussy juice that way. Sharon liked it like that and encouraged him by moving her hips up and down ever so slightly.

She looked up at Andy again and said “Would you like to rub your helmet on my nipple, Andy?” He knew it wasn’t a question, so much as suggestion. He placed his right knee on the lounge and bent his left knee so his tool was at tit level.

“That feels nice Kyle. Now spread my lips and open my hole, so you can push that nice tongue of yours inside me”, Sharon directed him. She was enjoying teaching Kyle how to lick a woman’s pussy and he was a keen student. His cock was now harder than before, if that was possible.

Kyle pushed his tongue inside Sharon’s wet cunt, just as Andy dragged the underside of his hot cock head across Sharon’s stiff nipple. She loved the feeling of those contours and also the wetness caused by Andy’s cock continuing to leak pre cum and moaned her appreciation.

Andy too enjoyed the spongy feeling of Sharon’s nipple on his fraenum, but even more so, simply because it was a nipple and it belonged to a hot babe.

As Sharon was enjoying the boys’ attentions, the phone buzzed again and Sharon read Marcus’ message. She laughed again, “Hey boys, Marcus says he wishes he was here to watch.”

Without thinking of the implications, Andy’s brain snapped into male problem solving mode and suggested, “Tell him to dial us up on Skype and he can watch.”

Kyle cottoned onto the idea of moving his tongue in and out of Sharon’s pussy, like a cock, but now stopped tongue fucking her and looked up at Andy as if to say ‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing. We’ve got this hot chick here and you want to ruin it?’

Sharon thought it was a great idea. Andy looked back at Kyle as if to say, “See dickhead, she likes it.”

Andy then leaned over to a laptop that was on the coffee table, moved it so it pointed to them and clicked a button. He then gave Sharon the details to send to Marcus so they could connect and then continued rubbing his cock over her nipple.

Sharon typed slowly. What the boys were doing to her was genuinely getting her hot. As inept and inexperienced as they were, they were good students and she was building towards an orgasm. It was also very erotic knowing that she was their first.

As much as she hated to stop what they were doing, she asked, “What pose should we be in when Marcus comes online?”

“He needs to see your face,” Kyle said from between her legs. “Maybe you sit on mine with your back to me.”

“I like your thinking,” she said as she watched Skype load. ‘Andy, point and zoom the camera just at my face first and then zoom out so he can see my pussy and Kyle’s cock and balls.”

“Hi lover, ready for some real action?”, Sharon teased, with that fun, but very sexy smile she gets when she’s having fun.

Marcus smiled back, while stroking his erection through his clothes. The picture on his screen slowly zoomed out and panned down, exposing Sharon’s perky tits and stiff nipples, before focussing on her thin bush and puffy pussy lips.

As the camera panned down more and then zoomed back in a little, Marcus stiffened even more at the sight of Sharon’s hungry lips hovering over Kyle’s mushroom shaped glans, seemingly held aloft by his massively long, thick shaft, all supported by a set of balls almost the size of two large chook eggs.

Marcus and Andy groaned a little and Kyle and Sharon groaned loudly as she lowered her neat cunt onto Kyle’s cock.

Her outer lips seemed to be pushed inside by Kyle’s huge helmet as Sharon lowered herself inch by inch down his pole by simply bending her knees.

Marcus was caught up in the scene unfolding before him, hoping Sharon was wet enough to keep taking Kyle in one go. So caught up, he didn’t notice Erin the cleaner looking over his shoulder, watching the action on the screen and his hand rubbing himself.

Sharon slid the last two inches down Kyle’s prick, her clit sticking out and resting on his sac.

All five of them groaned when that happened and at first, Marcus didn’t register the fifth sound. It wasn’t until Erin sidled up, pushing her partially exposed breasts against his arm and pushing his hand away from his erection, replacing it with hers, that it struck home someone else was there.

He looked up startled as Erin whispered in his ear, “Let’s take this somewhere more private.”

Marcus was torn. He didn’t want to take his eyes off his beloved Sharon being impaled, he was shocked by being busted and he was enjoying the feeling of Erin’s small delicate hand rubbing his stiff cock.

“Don’t move for a minute”, he directed Sharon and Kyle. Sharon was fine with that. She loved the feeling of being more full from one cock than she had ever felt before. She had seen and heard a bit of what had happened on Marcus’ end and thought it was hilarious.

Erin quickly shuffled Marcus and his laptop into Bruce Woods’ private office. Being the cleaner she had all the keys to the building. Marcus sat in Bruce’s chair and opened the laptop.

Erin asked “Well aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Marcus coughed, a bit taken aback by what had transpired “Meet my other half’s pussy and my next door neighbour’s ball bag”, he joked as that was what the entire screen was now taken up with.

Erin commented, “You lucky girl. You mean your man not only let’s you fuck the next door neighbour, but he watches as well? Does that arrangement work both ways”, she asked, not to either of them in particular.

Sharon had by now stopped using her legs and feet as support, sitting down completely on Kyle’s monster cock. She was now using them to steady herself as she rocked back and forth on him, her clit being rubbed by his sac at the same time.

She managed to gather her breath to respond to Erin, “It depends. How about you set your screen up so we can see both of you?”

Erin told Marcus to get his gear off as she pointed and zoomed the camera out to give the people on the other end a clear view of what she was about to do.

Sharon quietly told Andy to pan back out so the screen showed from Kyle’s balls up to the top of her head.

“Hey!” Erin called out not realising that Andy was there as well as Kyle, “How fucking many guys do you have there?”

“Two,” Sharon replied as though it was normal.

“Fuck,” was all Erin could come up with in response.

22 year old Erin was a shameless exhibitionist and her pussy was soaked. Marcus had whipped his trousers off, freeing his stiff cock and as he pulled his shirt over his head, Erin pulled down the single zip that ran from the neck of her cleaner’s uniform and down the length of it at the front. That left her braless wearing only a lacy g-string and stay up stockings.

Erin stood with her back to Marcus, but too close to the camera for it to focus. Marcus admired her full, fleshy arse cheeks as she bent over to remove her knickers.

She stayed bent over and shuffled back towards Marcus, spreading her feet so she could straddle him in the same way Sharon was straddling Kyle. She remained bent over so she could grab hold of Marcus’ cock and guide it into her.

He made the most of the opportunity and pulled her arse cheeks wide apart so he could watch his cock slip into her. Of course, it also meant he had a great view of her tight, puckered chocolate starfish.

Erin sat straight down on Marcus’s smaller weapon, loving the feel of it pushing her pussy walls apart as it made its way through to her cervix.

She leaned back to expose the connection of their sexual organs to their audience. And took Marcus’ hands and placed them on her 36D breasts.

Marcus was in heaven. He was watching his woman riding the biggest cock she had ever taken, while this hot woman he’d never taken much notice of was using her cunt muscles to massage his cock.

“Show me how much cock you got in you”, Erin demanded of Sharon.

“You can see when he cums. You might get jealous otherwise”, Sharon retorted, as she continued to rock on Kyle’s pole, moving it in and out of her only about an inch. She was already close to cumming, the feeling of Kyle’s cock inside her uterus was amazing.

She then moved her head almost imperceptibly to signal Andy to bring his cock into view. When he did, Erin gasped, “you lucky slut! Is the cock inside as big as that fucker?” She asked as she rode Marcus’ cock from the tip of his helmet to the base if his shaft.

“Yes, I am a lucky slut aren’t I ….. Marcus?” , Sharon answered, teasing Marcus, without responding to Erin’s question and immediately taking the head of Andy’s cock in her mouth, stroking his shaft and making a show of swirling her hot wet tongue all over his sensitive helmet.

Erin straightened her knees just enough for Marcus’ cock to be released from her pussy’s firm grip. She pushed his cock head just an inch or two and sat back down. There was a loud rush of breath from Marcus’ mouth and an even louder “Oh yessss” as his cock invaded Erin’s tight anal cavity.

Erin opened her legs wide so Sharon could see Marcus’ cock chocka block up her arse. As she inserted two fingers inside her juicy cunt, to leave no doubt in the viewer’s minds, she stared straight at Sharon, but spoke to Marcus. “I bet you don’t get this at home, do you love?”

Everyone but Erin was gobsmacked that she could take Marcus’ cock up her arse in one go with only her pussy juice as lubrication. It didn’t surprise her though, because she was an anal queen.

Sharon was in for another surprise. Being so captivated by the sight before her, she almost missed Andy’s increased excitement and only just managed to take his cock out of her mouth before the first spurt of cum left the eye of his cock.

She turned her attention to Andy. She liked to make a man’s orgasm as special for him as she could. She continued to stroke his cock as she massaged his balls gently in her other hand. She aimed his helmet at her face as the second, much bigger spurt of hot cream splashed on her cheek and spread across her nose.

It was quickly followed by a third, fourth and fifth squirt. Her whole face below her eyes was completely covered in Andy’s semen. He still hadn’t finished as a sixth and seventh squirt, equally voluminous, sprayed across her face.

Sharon’s pussy started spasming as Andy sprayed her face. The sight and feeling of Andy’s spunk shooting out of his cock and landing warm and wet on her skin was exactly what she loved and there was so much of it.

Her spasming cunt was having a profound effect on Kyle’s cock and he could feel his balls starting to move into pre ejaculation position.

Both Marcus and Erin were riveted. Erin continued to move up and down on Marcus’s cock and fingered herself more quickly as they watched the erotic scene on the screen in front of them.

While Marcus and Kyle were enjoying the action on their cocks, it was now as if they were just objects, play things being used in the interaction between Sharon and Erin.

“Your man’s cock feels so good inside my tight arse. He likes it heaps too. His cock is getting fatter and longer inside me”, Erin goaded Sharon, hoping to get some reaction from her and a reaction was what she got.

“He’d need to be in your arse to get any feeling. I reckon your cunt would be too loose for even these boys”, Sharon hit back, although her voice was a bit shaky due to the orgasm that was rapidly building inside her.

She could feel the tell tale signs of Kyle’s impending orgasm as well and lifted herself off his cock. It wasn’t just the usual matter of just lifting her butt a little, she had to straighten her knees and almost stand up straight before Kyle’s huge pole was out of her.

It was an incredible sensation, feeling his cock come out of her. It left her with an empty feeling in her uterus and then her vaginal passage.

“Jesus Christ!” Erin exclaimed, fingering her G-spot faster and harder, ” I want some of that action.”

It was an awesome sight, as was seeing Sharon’s tiny hand trying to wrap around the bloated shaft as she masturbated Kyle towards his final destination.

Her hand became a blur as it stroked Kyle’s cock, encouraging his spunk to rise. Kyle had almost passed out with pleasure and still found it hard to believe he was losing his virginity in such a horny way with such a hot, sensual woman as Sharon.

Sharon didn’t forget herself. She sat back down with her clit firmly pressed against the bottom part of Kyle’s shaft. As she stroked the upper half of his cock, she rubbed her slit up and down on the bottom half. Her clit found the massive vein that rises from the very base of his cock and she started quivering as her first full orgasm of the night arrived.

Erin was getting off big time watching Sharon’s body contorting and as the first shot of Kyle’s cum shot upwards and landed on Sharon’s ripe breasts, she leant back and pushed down to get every millimetre of Marcus’ cock inside her arsehole.

Marcus squeezed her nipples hard and she rubbed her G-spot faster and harder and her anal and vaginal passages tensed as she squirted. It was the longest squirt she’d ever had as this was the horniest situation she’d ever found herself in.

Kyle’s next two spurts made it all the way to Sharon’s face, splashing onto any untouched skin and mixing with Andy’s load.

Erin’s dribbling cunt lotion flowed down onto Marcus’s ball bag and lubed his cock as it slid into her arse. She was bouncing hard on his cock and as Marcus watched Sharon smearing the cum over her body he could feel his own load rising and rising.

Marcus pulled Erin’s legs asunder and reaching around pulled her pussy lips wide apart. He quickened the pace and just as Sharon slid Kyle’s cock back into her pussy, his cock exploded in Erin’s arse.

Shaking in delight Erin had two more small squirts and despite the loss in body control, she couldn’t resist taunting Sharon again. “Your man is cumming I’m my arse. He’s shooting his hot cream deep inside me. It feels so good. He’s cumming so much it almost feels like an enema. Are you sure you take good care of him? There’s so much spunk in my arse, it feels like he hasn’t cum in ages, or maybe I just turn him on a lot.”

“I can fuck all night,” Sharon replied to the young slutlet, “I had six cocks fuck me in one night. How many have you had? By the look of you you’ve never had more than one and a toy.”

“Get fucked,” Erin pulled herself off Marcus and his cock slapped down onto his stomach. “You’ve never had six guys fuck you in one night. You’re too old to be fucked like that.”

“Oi,” Marcus said and slapped her on the arse, “That’s my wife you’re talking too.”

“Six guys?” Erin asked him “Really?”

“Yep,” he said as he pulled some tissues from a box, “For her fortieth birthday we got five friends and we all fucked her.”

“Shit,” Erin sat on the floor and gathered up her clothes.

“Have you finished that application?” Sharon called out to Marcus through the computer screen.

“No,” Marcus said, “I haven’t even started.”

“Well,” she beckoned Andy over and he sat right down next to her, his cock still hard. “Send that little slut over here and we’ll show her what it’s like to be fucked by more than one man.”

Erin’s ears pricked up and she leapt onto her feet. Peering into the screen she checked Kyle and Andy out. She’d fucked worse.

“Here,” Marcus wrote their address on a card and passed it to her. “It’s about twenty minutes away.”

“Woohoo boys,” Sharon called out, “Looks like we might just take a break until what’s her face shows up. That’s if she’s got the guts.”

“I’ll fucking be there, you slut,” Erin laughed. “I’ll take those cocks in my arse.”

“Fuck,” Marcus said. “I’m going hard on this and I’ll be home soon.”

“Don’t stuff it up,” Sharon warned him, “That holiday depends on it.”

“I know,” Marcus said as he watched Erin scurry semi-naked out the door. “Two hours, I should be done.”

“Well if you miss out,” Sharon said and leant into the camera, “I’ll get her to stay the night and we’ll have her for breakfast.’

Marcus smiled and winked at her just as Sharon hit the button and the screen went blank.

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