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What a Change!

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As my wife finished jerking off our new friend Bob onto her tits while I filmed it; the thought occurred to me how our lives changed so drastically so fast. It was only a few days ago that Fiona and I were talking about how our love life had gotten so boring.

“Dave we need to spice things up a little in the sack.”

“What do you want to do about that? Want to try some toys or dirty movies?”

“Yeah I like the idea of toys but the movies don’t thrill me. I’d rather see it live it has more impact when I see strangers making love.”

“Ok let’s go to the adult store tomorrow and see what we find, that sound alright?”

Snuggling closer to me on the couch she kissed my cheek smiled with raised eyebrows and slipped her hand into my shorts fondling my semi-hard cock, “Ok, just thinking about it has me excited!”

Apparently it turned her on a bunch. We ended up doing some things we only save for birthdays and special occasions.

The next afternoon we went to the Adult Sex Shop out by the mall. I felt a little nervous about being there with her, but when I saw her enthusiasm and how she didn’t even giggle picking up different types of dildos, butt plugs or cock rings.

“Dave, look at the size of this rubber cock! It must be twelve inches long!” She moved over to the shelves with sex lubes and flavored gels, “Hum, I’m going to get the flavors I like first. Pick some out you like and we’ll have a feast later!” she pressed against me and grinned.

I decided to get into it too so I picked out some flavors like Mango, Pineapple, chocolate and cherry. Fiona got Peach, Apple, Strawberry and Peanut Butter. I started to count the cost then stopped. No way was I going to complain about of the expense today.

Following behind her as she went down the toy aisle she got a ten inch vibrator with another part that went inside the anus, it was called a rabbit. Looking at me she smiled, “Let’s try this one baby. At least it’s the size I’m used to, and with this other thing it should add something different.”

She wasn’t kidding either; I was privileged to have a ten inch long and thick shafted cock. When we fist started dating five years ago she couldn’t get enough of it and I was only glad enough to let her. Now we just fell into a routine of work, home and twice a month sex, usually in the same positions and duration.

A little further down she motioned me over. Holding a vibrating butt plug up she said, “What the hell is this for?”

Taking it from her I held it next to her breast rubbing her nipple and whispered, “This end goes in your ass,” turning it on she smiled, “I think you can figure out the rest,” I smiled and kissed her ear sticking my tongue in quickly.

“Oh my, well we need to get one of these definitely!” her nipples were rock hard and her face was flushed.

Almost to the end of the aisle she found a strap on dildo. With it still in her hand she turned, looked me in the eye with a big smile and placed it in the basket, “I think we may need to have one of these too!”

She knew I liked to have her finger in my ass to stimulate my prostate while I ejaculated so this was a huge turn on for me. Looking around to make sure no one was close I reached down and adjusted my erection to make it more comfortable.

Watching me she giggled, “I would help but they might kick us out,” she slipped by me and rubbed my hard cock.

Next we looked at some clothing, which is a loose term more like pieces of clothing. She didn’t think any of it was sexy at all until she found a bustier in black silk with matching silk stockings and garter belt. Holding it up against her she said, “Oh yeah baby, this is sexy!” throwing it in the basket we made our way to the check-out counter.

The young girl behind the counter smiled at us and asked if we found everything ok.

Fiona said, “Oh yes and then some!”

The girl laughed, “Usually when women come in here the husband checks out while she stands back looking embarrassed. It’s very refreshing to see a woman who knows what she wants. Is it the first time you guys have been in here?”

Fiona nods her head, “Yes, at first I felt a little weird but decided to just take it all in and the hell with it.”

Stacking their purchase on the counter she separated the fake cocks from the lotions and lubes. Ringing up the sex lubes first she bagged them up commenting on her favorites. Picking up the rabbit she opened the battery compartment and reached down pulling out the batteries for it from a box under the counter, “This is a good choice I have one too and let me tell you, honey, wow! You’ll have an orgasm that will curl your toes. My girlfriend and I used it on each other and I think we both fell in love with it; she keeps stealing it from me.”

Fiona laughed, “Well I don’t have a girl friend to share it with only my husband. I’m sure he won’t steal it.”

When the girl mentioned her girlfriend my cock twitched.

The young lady introduced her self, “I’m Traci by the way,” she stuck out her hand.

“Hi Traci, I’m Fiona and this is Dave,” she shook her hand and stepped aside.

“Nice to meet you Traci,” I tell her trying not to stare at her large breasts, green eyes and trim figure.

She looks me over and says hi, “Fiona you better hold onto Dave, not many men come in here trying to buy this kind of stuff with their wives. Usually it’s gay guys or some guys buying gag gifts. Are you trying to spice things up? If you don’t mind my asking.”

Fiona is definitely not shy around this girl, “Yes we are, you see we’ve been married for several years and both felt it was time to get the juices flowing again, in a manner of speaking,” she laughed.

Traci grinned at her and giggled, “I like you guys, your honesty is amazing. I wish I could find someone to be that way with me!”

Fiona reached over and patted her hand, “Did your girl friend leave you?”

Traci laughed out loud and slapped her thigh, “No you don’t understand she’s just a friend. Actually I’m bi-sexual, but I lean more to guys that girls. There’s just something about a flesh and blood hard cock that a fake one will never replace,” she held the strap on up and glanced at me but didn’t say a word.

Fiona and I paid for our toys and thanked her. As we were walking out she called to us then ran over handing Fiona a slip of paper, “If you two ever want to add someone to your life call me. I’d love to get to know the two of you better, much better.”

Fiona put the number in her pocket, “Why thank you Traci! We never really discussed it, but from the look on his face I’m sure we will now!”

We said our goodbye and got in the car with the bags. I was enjoying the thought of adding Traci to our bed, but didn’t really think anything would come of it.

Fiona had the rabbit out and was watching me while she turned it on and off.

Looking at her I could see she had something on her mind, “What are you thinking sweetie? I hope its dirty thoughts,” I told her then turned to pay attention to my driving.

Because we were driving my old model custom truck we were on a wide bench seat. It was as long as some couches. She slid back to the door and as I glanced at her she reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties then threw them in my lap. Pulling the skirt up bunching it around her waist she gave me a great view of her shaved pussy.

Reaching in the bag of goodies she pulled out the strawberry sex lube and used her fingers to rub some on her pussy lips and on the rabbit. Using slow strokes she rubbed it up and down her slit until her lips engulfed the head then she slowly slid it in and turned it on making her gasp.

“Oh shit baby, Traci was right it does feel good! Oh God damn! You better hurry home lover or I’ll cum before we get there. Hummm,” she was slowly fucking her cunt with the dildo and I could hear it as she got wetter and wetter.

The ride to our house was only ten minutes, but it seemed to take an hour. Pulling in the drive I hit the remote for the garage door. The door hadn’t hit the floor as I ran around the truck and pulled her out. Picking Fiona up I sat her on my work bench unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up to get at those big tits. Sucking her nipple in my mouth I took the dildo in my hand and started to fuck her with it. Getting deeper I could feel the little anal probe section hitting her opening. Using her juices I wiped some on the little dick and slipped it in her asshole.

“Yes, yes fuck me baby, fuck me. Harder Dave, harder!” she had her legs open holding them back while I pumped our new toy deep in her openings. Soon she was grunting and moaning and I knew from experience her orgasm was near.

I stopped fucking her with it and held the dildo deep in her holes letting the vibrator do it’s thing while I moved it back and forth. Bending down I sucked her nipple in my mouth hard then did the other.

Fiona lost it then with a scream she bore down on the invading rubber cock as she came. Quivering and moaning she whimpered as her throbbing cunt muscles squeezed the rabbit deep in her holes.

As she calmed down I slowly slid the rabbit out of her then bent down to kiss her pussy lips, “Shit baby doll, you still cum like a freight train!”

She laughed and dropped to the floor threw her arms around me kissed me and said, “I’m so glad we went to that store today baby. Come on upstairs and I’ll get a protein shake out of that snake in your pants!”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me from the garage to our bedroom. By the time I got my shirt pulled off and my shoes kicked off Fiona was beautifully naked. I didn’t even have a chance to undo my belt because she had it undone and my pants down around my knees.

Stripping off my boxers she grabbed my dick before it hit her in the chin. Looking up in my eyes she licked the head then sucked the pre-cum coming out of the slit, “Yummy! Sit down on the bed Dave and let me take care of you now.”

Backpedaling I sat down and lay back on the bed grabbing a pillow, I put it under my head because I liked to watch her suck me off.

Fiona ran out saying she would be right back. A few seconds later she came in carrying the sacks of stuff we had just bought, “I wanted to try some of the flavors on my meat stick!” she giggled and opened one smelled it, smiled, then dripping some in her hand she got on her knees between my legs and lathered my throbbing cock from the head to my balls.

Dropping her face down she sucked my balls, one at a time in her mouth while her hand stroked my shaft. Putting both my balls in her wet mouth she started to hum and moan sending the sensations across them and into my ass. She had an extraordinary tongue that when she had as much of my dick down her throat she could take it would snake out and lick my sack. She still couldn’t swallow all of me, but it was enough to send me into overdrive.

While her mouth held my balls in she stuck her tongue out and licked my asshole penetrating just a little making me moan, “Yeah baby that feels good!” She let my testicles drop out and got further down to lick my asshole. After just a few licks she stuck her tongue in as far as she could corn holing me with it. “That’s it Fiona fuck my ass honey!”

When she heard me say that her tongue started to fuck me faster as her hand jerked me off. We’ve always been able to tell when the other is ready to cum. Fiona stopped me just short of orgasm stood up and dug in the bag of goodies to pull out the strap-on dildo. With a giggle she put it on lubed the cock with the gel and while standing there stroking it said, “Still want me to fuck your ass sweetie? You want mommy to put her cock in your asshole and fuck it?”

Shit! The more she talked dirty the more I was getting turned on, my cock was hard as a steel rod. Wrapping my hand around it I slowly stroked myself and nodded, “Yeah baby fuck me in the ass, make me cum.”

Bending over she sucked me in her mouth as she used her fingers to stretch my anus so the cock would fit. Using the gel she probed deep as her fingers would, go pumping my hole and opening me up.

Standing back she smiled as she fed the rubber cock slowly in my bowels. When she bumped against my ass she stopped and held it in me, “Does that feel good baby? Do you like my cock deep in your asshole?” she started to gently pump it in and out dripping the gel on the shaft to keep it lubed.

I was in heaven; my cock had never been harder. The pre-cum was dripping off the head onto my hand while I stroked it.

Because Fiona was smaller than me she could bend over and suck the head in her mouth while fucking me. When her mouth made a seal around the head she gently sucked on it.

I knew I wasn’t going to last very long so after a few minutes I felt my balls tighten, “Oh shit baby I’m going to cum, faster, go faster!”

She pulled her mouth off me with a loud pop and pushed my hand away so she could jerk me off. Fiona loved to watch me shoot my load; sometimes I would hit the wall behind the bed. This time was a lot different, she pumped my ass faster until I started to shoot my cum. The first long thick rope of my cock cream shot out and hit the wall above the headboard. The second was just as large and did the same thing, the third hit my chest and the rest dropped on my stomach.

“Holy shit Dave! I bet that would go across the room!” Fiona said pulling the fake dick out of my ass. Bending her head down she licked my spunk off of me and smiled. “I wish I had that on film; that was amazing!”

Climbing up next to me we snuggled for a while to calm down. We must have fallen asleep, the next thing I know its dark and I’m cold, “Wake up sweetie,” I said to her, “Come on lets get a shower then get supper, I’m starving!”

The two of us stood under the spray getting warm then soaped each other off, which got both of us hot again.

Fiona leaned back against me and sighed as my hands rubbed the soap around her stomach and tits. Lathering her hands she reached between my legs and rubbed my sack and dick with her soapy hands.

“Dave, have you given any thought about what that girl Traci said, you know about joining us?” she turned around and scrubbed my chest, shoulders and arms.

I kissed her forehead, “I think it would be fun to have her join us. We talked about having another person before remember? Maybe this is the opportunity to do it.”

“Good, I’ll call her tomorrow and set it up for this weekend, ok?” when I nodded she smiled and kissed me.

The next few days went by slowly until Friday. Traci came with a guy which I wasn’t expecting. We introduced ourselves and asked if they wanted a drink. After they sat down I grabbed Fiona’s arm and dragged her in the kitchen to make the drinks.

“Dear would you mind letting me in on what’s going on here? We don’t even know this guy! Did you and Traci set this up?” I poured the drinks placing them on a tray then stood there watching her.

Sheepishly she smiled, “Well actually yes, she and I set it up. I hope you aren’t to mad. His names is Bob and he and Traci get together once and a while for sex so they have no commitment to each other. I just thought it would be nice to have another man here too, that way we can swap.” Fiona was standing there waiting for me to say something.

Hesitating for a moment I sighed, “I guess its ok, but if it turns bad they both go, ok”

She nodded and kissed my cheek, “Thanks sweetie.”

We went back in the living room with snacks and drinks. Sitting down we got to know each other. Traci of course we already knew from the store, but only from the store. Bob we didn’t know at all so while I talked to Traci, Fiona sat next to him on the couch.

I could tell he was interested in her by the way his eyes traveled down her body. Fiona had on a thin silky top that showed off her large firm breasts and the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her short skirt revealed her shapely legs and if he sat where I was the fact she wasn’t wearing any panties had firmed my cock up.

I had on a pair of my favorite trousers, they fit the best of all I have, but leave the crotch loose for growth and comfort. Fiona likes them so she can fondle me in the movies or going down the road.

Traci was several years younger than us but she acted very mature; wearing the sexiest loose top I have ever seen, her breasts would sway every time she would laugh or reach for her drink and her nipples stayed hard. Her jeans looked painted on leaving her camel toed pussy revealed when she would stand up.

Bob had on a designer tee shirt and loose jeans. He was a good looking guy of the same age as us with brown eyes and hair. Fiona liked his dimpled smile and the way he laughed.

Traci and I were flirting and teasing each other for several minutes. I kept my arm on the back of the couch and ran my fingers through her hair while we talked.

She got up for some more Margarita then sat down very close to me putting her hand on my thigh. Every so often she would glance down at my hardening cock that had snaked down my pants leg. With her full breast pressing against my arm I was soon at attention and pressing up my pants leg giving her a good view of the swollen head.

She looked down in my lap and stopped talking. A second or two went by then she looked in my eyes and grinned downing the rest of her drink in one swallow.

Meanwhile Bob and Fiona were kissing passionately and his hand was up inside her blouse squeezing her tits making her moan in his mouth. She had her hand in his crotch rubbing him to make him hard.

When I turned around to Traci she had pulled her top off and was unsnapping her jeans. Her breasts weren’t as large as Fiona’s but her nipples looked like hard pink erasures sticking out almost an inch. I bent my head down and sucked one in my mouth, rubbing around the hard button with my tongue making her gasp. She had only managed to unzip her jeans and put her hands behind my head pulling me closer as I nursed on her breast.

Slobbering over her titty I reached down to the waist of her jeans and with her help pulled them down and off her feet. Pulling my mouth of her I got up and pulled off my shirt then unbuckled my pants.

Traci pulled her knees up and stripped her pants and panties off quickly. Bending forward she smiled at me and unsnapped my pants, “Here let me help Dave.” She cupped my balls with one hand and slowly unzipped my pants. Reaching in she wrapped her hand around me, “Oh my God! I just love a big cock,” not waiting she pulled my pants down over my erection letting it pop up and point straight at her face the pre-cum coating the slit.

I reached down and stroked my cock coating the head with my juices, “Here it is Traci. Do what you want with it baby.”

She slipped down on her knees and while I jerked off she licked my sack then sucked one of my balls in her mouth. Moving her tongue around my balls made me even harder. She started to lick the base of my cock moving slowly up the shaft.

I removed my hand so she could lick some more, her tongue felt fantastic. Using small sucking kisses she watched my face as she moved along the length of my cock until the head was the only part she hadn’t touched. With both hands she milked the length of the shaft until a long stream of clear juice came out onto her tongue. “Uhmmm, yummy!” she said then pursing her lips kissed the head sucking on the hole getting more juice out as she milked me some more.

Traci kept this action up for several minutes, just sucking the head in her mouth then licking off the clear juice from the slit. I looked over at Fiona and Bob; he had his face buried between her legs and she was watching Traci suck my cock. Bob was slurping and grunting as he got Fiona close to cumming.

Traci must have heard him, turning to where they were going at it she grinned at Fiona, “The man can eat some pussy can’t he? He loves to feel you cum on his face while he licks you too.”

Fiona moaned and closed her eyes, “Oh shit Bob that feels so good baby!”

Looking back at Traci she said, “My God his tongue is so long!”

Traci smiled nodded and turned back to swallow even more of my cock. I guess the preliminaries were over because she got over half my cock down in her mouth bobbing on the shaft like a woman possessed.

I could feel my balls tighten getting ready to fill her mouth, “Shit Traci I’m going to cum baby! Want me to cum in your mouth?” I was trying to hold back and she must have known.

Shaking her head Traci slowly pulled her mouth off my red swollen cock licked her lips and said, “Fuck no I want it in my pussy!” She got up kissed my mouth and bent over the arm of the couch next to Fiona so she could suck on her nipple and squeeze her breasts.

I took the hint; slipping behind her I fingered her slit getting her wet and ready. Her pusssy was soaked giving me plenty of lube to fill her up with my cock. Using my thumb to hold her ass cheeks open I took my shaft and rubbed the head between her lips wetting it with her secretions. Just as the head slipped in she pushed back to let me know she was ready.

Slowly I slid the whole ten inches deep in her cunt. I didn’t stop until my belly hit her ass cheeks. She lifted her head and moaned as it slid in hitting her cervix. I just moved my hips side to side keeping my cock deep in her box.

Traci was breathing heavily, “Oh fuck that big cock feels so good. I feel so full! Fuck me Dave!” she went back to sucking on Fiona’s breasts.

I started to give her long slow strokes. Pulling back until just the head was between her pussy lips then sliding forward again. Each time she tried to get her ass higher on the couch arm to make me get deeper.

Fiona was ready for her orgasm and with Traci sucking on her tits it added to its intensity. Bob had her legs wide open and his tongue fucking her pussy like a small cock. When he felt her muscles twitch he concentrated on her clit sending her over the edge, “Oh fuck, fuck, eat me Bob, eat my pussy!” She reached both hands down to hold her cunt open for him, “Yes, yes, faster, faster! Cmmmmmmnnnngngggng!”

I could feel the couch vibrating as she came on his face.

Still pumping Traci’s cunt I watched as Bob wiped his smiling face and kneeled on the couch presenting Fiona his hard dripping cock for her to suck on. Dropping her legs she turned her head to swallow his eight inch long thick monster to his balls then stuck out her tongue to lick what she didn’t have in her mouth. I knew if he was like me it wasn’t going to last long and so I reached over to grab the video cam.

Fiona was the best cock sucker I have ever had and I wanted him to enjoy her too, “Yeah baby suck that cock honey, empty his balls,” it took some doing but fucking Traci and filming Bob’s blow job was worth it. I got some excellent shots of my cock disappearing in her cunt then as I panned up across her back I filmed Traci squeezing and sucking on Fiona’s breasts. Then just as the viewfinder revealed his cock being sucked he hollered.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum baby, here it comes! Shitttttttt!” his legs got rigid and he stopped fucking her face.

Fiona liked to eat cum but really loved it sprayed across her chest and nipples. His first shot she drank down then pulling him out of her mouth she jerked him off on her tits. He must have been extra horny by the amount of sperm her covered her with. Both her breasts got a spray including the side of Traci’s face. Traci held her mouth open and licked the cum running down Fiona’s nipples into her mouth then sucked and licked her clean.

When Bob let loose I didn’t want to be left out so I handed the camera to him and started to slam Traci’s cunt faster and faster feeling my orgasm building until I hammered my cock deep in her pussy and unloaded a huge amount of cum deep in her womb. I filled her up with so much it seeped out around my cock and dripped down my balls and legs.

Traci moaned with pleasure as my warm cum sprayed her insides, “Oh my, that feels so nice. I love a big load filling my pussy.” She moved her hips side to side while my cock slowly got a little softer then slid out of her to slap against my leg.

Stepping back I sat on the chair arm next to the couch catching my breath while Bob filmed between Traci’s legs, my cum running out between her swollen lips.

Fiona got out from under Traci and came over to kneel between my legs and lick me clean, “Ummm, perfect load baby. Traci you want to help me here? There seems to be enough for both of us,” she sucked the head of my limp dick in her mouth swallowing our juices.

Traci got down on her knees beside Fiona and held my cock for her to lick then she took a turn. Pretty soon my cock was at full attention again and so was Bob’s from the action. Sliding in next to me he poked his cock in Traci’s cheek, “Oh goody now we have two to eat!” She turned her head and sucked him down her throat.

The girls traded cocks several times then Traci sat back down on the floor and pulled Fiona between her legs, “Eat my wet pussy baby!” she gasped at her.

My wife had never been with a woman before but was anxious to try it. She kissed her way down Traci’s legs while fingering her cum drenched pussy. With her butt in the air she held Traci’s legs open and licked and sucked her pussy lips and clit making her moan and gasp.

Bob had passed the camera to me and got behind Fiona to slam his cock deep in her cunt pushing her face deeper in Traci’s pussy.

Traci had her head back, her legs held open and her mouth open while Fiona ate her out.

Not wanting to waste a perfect opportunity to feed her my cock; I got down at Traci’s head and slid my cock between her lips. I watched as my cum covered cock left her lips slick with juice. I could feel my balls as they pressed against her head. I guess she must have practiced swallowing big cocks because her hands pulled me deeper in her throat then pushed me back and forth so I could fuck her face. Moving her hands back to her knees she pulled herself open further.

Bob was pounding Fiona like a dog in heat. Traci was sucking my long thick cock like it was her last meal and Fiona moaned while she used her tongue and mouth to eat Traci’s cunt.

Fiona shoved her tongue deep into Traci’s pussy making her grunt around my cock, then she licked up her slit and using her tongue rubbed her clit very fast. Traci had stopped sucking me as my wife got her to an orgasm.

I slowly slid my dick out of her mouth and filmed the action while jerking off over Traci’s face. Watching my wife lick her cunt made me hot as hell and soon my hand stroked it faster and faster.

Bob slowed his pumping action then with a quick push he emptied his balls deep in her cunt grunting as he did, “Oh shit!” he said then sat back on his legs. Being a gentleman he slipped three fingers in her cunt so she could have her orgasm; picking up the pace as she moaned and pushed back against the invading digits.

Traci arched her back, “Oh fuck! Fuck me baby, eat my pussy. Faster, faster! Shit, shit, oh, oh yes, yes! Oh, oh, oh cummmminnnnnng!” using her hands Traci pulled Fiona’s face tighter in her crotch as she came in her mouth.

Fiona just held her tongue on Traci’s clit while she soaked her face with her pussy juice. Licking the length of her slit she cleaned her like a cat with cream. Pulling her smiling face out of her crotch she saw me jerking off over Traci’s face. Right then Bob must have hit her G spot because she closed her eyes and laid her face on Traci’s stomach. Reaching back she rubbed her clit while he pummeled her cunt with his fingers.

“Faster, Bob faster! Fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, meeeeeeeeeee!” she came like never before. Fiona had squirted just a little when we had fucked before, but this was a gusher. She sprayed Bobs hand and arm with a long sustained stream of her juices. Everyone could hear the squishing noises his hand was making while he fingered her cunt, “Yeah baby! That’s the way to cum! Hose me honey!” he rubbed her juice all over her ass then bent down to stick his tongue in her asshole and lick her clean.

My cock was throbbing for release; Traci had her head just in front of my hand as I stroked it. Bending it back she wiggled her tongue at me, “Cum on my face Dave, hose me down stud!”

Fiona slid forward and started to suck on her nipples while watching me jerk off, “Yeah stud spray your new friends face and I’ll help clean her up,” she sucked her nipple hard making Traci moan.

Smiling at them I tried to hold the camera steady slid forward just a little bit and really stroked my cock hard. In just a few minutes I grunted and aimed my cock at Traci’s face and let loose a long thick rope of cum across her chest hitting Fiona on the nose. The next shot I slipped the head in Traci’s mouth and squirted it onto her tongue. Pulling my cock out I squeezed the last on her tongue and lips then sat back to catch my breath.

Traci used her fingers to scrape my cum from her lips into her mouth, “Mmm, good!” she swallowed and licked her lips.

Fiona was licking up the sperm line across Traci’s chest and breasts then slurping it in her mouth and swallowing it down. She continued until the last little bit then planted her mouth on Traci’s letting her suck on her lips and tongue.

Fiona rolled over next to Traci and sighed, “Well baby, I’m sore, tired, sticky and well fucked. I have never been more satisfied in just one evening,” rolling back over she rubbed Traci’s breasts and with her foot rubbed Bob’s cock and thigh. Bending her head towards me she grinned and winked, “Thanks honey. That was great. Have any ideas how to top it the next time?”

Bob and Traci laughed. Traci said, “If you can top it count us in, right Bob?”

Bob reached between Traci’s legs and ran his fingers lightly between her pussy lips then over to do the same to Fiona, “You can definitely count us in whatever you have planned!”

Traci reached back and stroked my limp dick slowly running her hand along the whole length, “I don’t know how you two feel about other races, but there’s this black couple that come into the store. They’ve asked me if there is any swingers clubs around and I would say four could make up a club, wouldn’t you.”

We all looked at each other and with grins nodded.

“Cool, the next time they come in I’ll ask them what they think about getting together with us. Does that sound ok?” she was staring at my cock while saying it and I could feel it getting thicker. Looking up at me she smiled, “It feels like somebody likes the idea!”

Fiona slid back and cupped my balls with her hand gently squeezing them as my dick started to get hard again.

Bob shook his head and started to jerk off watching us, “I don’t know how you do it Dave. I’m about done in but watching two beautiful women jerking a guy off can really get the juices flowing all over again.”

Leaning back so Fiona could get to my asshole I said, “You got that right Bob,” I grunted as her finger slid in to the second knuckle.

Traci scooted around on her knees between my legs watching Fiona finger my ass, “Now that’s different. What does that do Fiona?”

Smiling at my reaction she said, “It stimulates his prostate making Dave cum harder.”

Traci turned back to Bob, “Come here baby I want to try this on you. I’ll bet you love it too.”

Coming over he kneeled down between my legs and Traci started to wet her finger in her mouth then gently slid it into his asshole making him moan with pleasure, “Wow I like how his cock swells so quick!”

Fiona took her free hand and started to jerk him off while fingering my ass, “Ok boys us girls want to see your cock geysers shoot out a load on the other one so we can lick it clean!”

The girls would bend down and alternate sucking the cocks in their mouth to keep them wet. Both Bob and I were grunting when our prostate got stimulated at the same time the head of our cocks got sucked.

Bob was sweating like me; humping their hands we had our legs across each others. The feel of another guy’s hairy leg as he got the same treatment as me was very hot and soon both of us were ready to cum.

It was like we planned it both of us said the same thing, ‘I’m cumming!’ then pressed down on the finger in our ass and shot out another load of sperm in the air. Because we had cum twice already the volume wasn’t that great, but it was enough to coat our shafts and drip down on our balls.

Fiona motioned to Traci and mouthed for her to watch. By now our balls were only a few inches apart. She pulled her finger out of my ass grabbed my cock and pulled us closer to rub the cum soaked heads together. The feeling of my cock rubbing another made me squirt out another shot of cum onto his cock head. Using her hands she rubbed our slick shafts together running her hands up and down squeezing our combined juice over each other. It was such a turn on I stayed hard and so did Bob.

Fiona bent forward and got about half of our cock heads in her mouth and sucked on them running her tongue around us.

Traci bent forward and did the same.

They did this until we came again, I could feel Bob’s cock twitch and pump his seed out onto the head of mine which set me off too. Now we had cum four times and I didn’t think anything they did would revive us.

Traci sucked my cock clean while Fiona sucked Bob’s clean. Wiping their mouths they smiled at one another and high-fived.

I for one couldn’t wait until we had the other couple with us. I wanted to feel another cock pressing on mine and a different pussy on my tongue. I never had sex with a black girl before and was looking forward to it.

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