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Fantasies Fulfilled

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Stephen and Monica had been dating for awhile. They enjoyed each other’s company, communicated well and had a great sex life. One night, after a particularly fantastic romp in the sack, they were lying there together and started talking about fantasies. Stephen, of course, had the typical male fantasy of a threesome…two women and him.

Monica shyly told him that she had a fantasy of being tied up. They continued to talk and found that both of them were interested in some kinkier stuff than they had been experiencing.

Stephen told her that he had a fantasy of controlling a woman and watching her get used by several men. Monica didn’t say anything. “Sorry babe, too kinky for you?” Stephen asked.

“Not really,” she replied quietly. “I’ve always had the fantasy of being used by a bunch of men.”

They continued to talk about this, both of them getting more excited that their fantasy might become reality. Stephen told her of this adult book store that he knew of. It was more than a book store though. There was a movie theater and a spa portion too. He suggested that one day, they might go there together. He said that they would have no problem finding a bunch of men there that would be happy to use Monica.

“Let me think about it, ok?” Monica asked, wanting to be sure that this is what she wanted. Stephen readily agreed, assuring her that he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do. She started kissing him, her hands moving down his body and they wound up having another round of mind blowing sex.

A few days later, Monica told Stephen that she had thought about nothing but their talk the other night and had in fact masturbated several times to the idea of being used by a bunch of men. If he was positive that he didn’t have a problem watching her being a slut, she said she was positive that she wanted to do this.

Stephen told her that he was very happy that she had come to this decision. He said he didn’t see it as her being a slut, that it was an opportunity for each of them to live out a fantasy. He was confident that this wouldn’t change anything between the two of the, if anything it would bring them closer.

They planned a date and a time. Stephen assured her that he wouldn’t let anyone harm her. Everyone who fucked her would use a condom and no one would be allowed to cum in her mouth. He would stay with her the entire time and all the men would know that she was his.

As they drove to the book store, Monica admitted she was a little nervous. Stephen told her if she didn’t want to do this, they could just go home, it wasn’t a problem. She told him that she wanted to do this, she was just nervous. She didn’t know how to start, or what to do. Stephen told her not to worry, everything would fall into place.

They walked into the book store, Monica feeling a bit self conscious wearing a low cut shirt, without a bra, and loose gym type shorts with no panties. They went to the counter and Stephen paid the entry fee for the theater and the spa. He asked her one last time is she was sure about this. She nervously told him that she was. He told her that if at any time she wanted to stop, all she had to do was tell her.

Stephen led her to the movie theater, opened the door and motioned for her to go in first. Monica entered slowly, not really sure what to expect. There on the huge screen was a guy fucking this woman hard and deep in the ass. She’s screaming with each thrust. Stephen came in behind her, putting his hand on the small of her back. “This way,” he said and they began to walk down the far left aisle.

As Monica’s eyes started to adjust to the darkness, she saw about 10 men sitting scattered around the theater. Stephen walked straight down to the front row and immediately undid the button and zipper on his shorts and pulled them down. As he sat down he said “Come suck my cock.”

Monica knelt down in front of him, taking his cock in her hand and guiding it to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the tip and began working her head up and down. She could hear movement around her and in her peripheral vision saw men standing around watching. She heard someone sit down a chair away from Stephen. She worked her head down, taking more of him in each time. “That’s it,” Stephen encouraged her.

Monica still couldn’t believe what a long cock he had. She remembered thinking the first time she saw it that she’d never be able to take it all in. As if reading her mind, Stephen said “Take it all the way in.” She opened her throat and took him in deep until her lips were wrapped around the base of his shaft. As she did this she could hear many things happen at once. Stephen murmured “Good girl.” The man beside him moaned and Monica could hear him stroking his cock. The men standing around watching were all murmuring things like “Oh yea.” and “That’s it.”

As she continued to suck his cock, Stephen told the men around her that they could play with her or fuck her, but only if they had a condom. She immediately felt someone’s hands sliding under her shorts and up and down her damp slit. Another hand came underneath her, went under her shirt and began to play with her nipple. Monica moaned and began to work her head up and down Stephen’s cock faster. “Take it all again,” Stephen told her. She immediately opened her throat again and took him in deep. Again, the man next to them moaned and the crowd around them murmured their approval. The fingers that were running up and down her slit, now parted her lips and entered her wet pussy.

Monica moved her head up until Stephen’s manhood was almost all the way out of her mouth and then she took him in deep again. She could tell by his moans that he was really enjoying this, so she kept doing it. The hands on her nipples were tugging harder now, causing her to moan and clench her pussy. The fingers inside her started finger fucking her faster, which, in turn, made her moan again.

This time when she went down on Stephen, she felt someone’s hands push her head down further. “Good idea,” Jim murmured and thanked the unseen man. Monica gagged, not prepared for the cock being in her throat so deep and for so long. As the man sitting next to them moaned again and she could hear his hand moving faster up and down his shaft and the men standing around all sounded pleased with her gags, Monica brought her hand to Stephen’s leg and he immediately told the head holder to let her head go. She slid him out of her mouth and drool dripped from her mouth. She took a few deep breaths and then took him in her mouth again.

“I’m going to hold your head down,” Stephen quietly said. “Don’t fight it.” Monica took him all the way in and Stephen’s hand went to the back of her head. She was fine this time because she expected it and was prepared for it. She loved to deep throat cock and this time was no exception. The fingers holding her nipple twisted it and she moaned and clenched again. The vibrations pushed Stephen over the edge. As he started shooting his warm, thick cum into her mouth, he told Monica, “Swallow every drop. Don’t let a single drop go to waste.”

Monica gladly swallowed every last drop.

Once she had licked him clean, Stephen told Monica that she had plenty of cocks to suck and she better get busy. He told her to start with the man sitting a seat away. She crawled over to that man and took his cock in her mouth. Stephen told that man, and all the men standing around, that no one was to cum in her mouth. She would suck them off until they were ready, but they had to pull out before they came.

Monica easily took this man’s cock all the way in without a problem. She slowly worked her head up and down this man’s cock, taking him all the way in and then sliding him almost all the way out. He was moaning and thrusting his hips upward. Whoever had their fingers in her pussy, followed her to this man and was fingering her again. It didn’t take long for this man to tell her he was going to cum. She pulled her head off his cock and he shot his load at the floor near her feet.

“Well done,” Stephen said. “Now get over here and take care of these men.” Monica crawled back over and opened her mouth to the man standing there with his hard cock in his hand. He fed her his cock and his hands went to her head. He thrusted his cock in deep, moaning as her tongue ran over his shaft. All too quickly for Monica’s liking, the man pulled out of her mouth, turning around to cum.

Another man quickly stepped up and placed his cock in her mouth. Monica moved her head back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her mouth. “All the way in,” Stephen quietly ordered her. She immediately moved her head forward, wrapping her lips around the base of the man’s shaft. The man moaned, as did many of the men standing around watching. Monica knew that she should feel like a slut, but she didn’t. She was enjoying sucking these men’s cocks. This man pulled out and jacked off, cumming in front of her. As much as Monica loves cum, she knew it was foolish to allow anyone to cum in her mouth. Sexually transmitted diseases weren’t something to fool with. That is something that she and Stephen agreed on.

Monica continued to suck cocks on her knees in the front of the theater. Some men were standing up, some were sitting down. Long cocks, shorter cocks, thick cocks, she enjoyed them all. Stephen continued to watch, reminding the men that they were not allowed to cum in her throat. It was hard to tell who was moaning more, the men receiving the blow jobs, or Monica while she was giving them. Fingers had continued to play with her pussy and nipples and Monica had cum a few times while giving the blow jobs.

A man came up to Stephen and asked if he could lick Monica’s pussy. Stephen told him that he would bring Monica in the back room. “Come here,” he said to Monica. She got up and walked over to him. “Sit down,” Stephen said, pointing to the chair next to him. “You’ve done well so far, I’m very pleased. Now I want you to know that I’m opening all your holes up for everyone. We’re going to go into the back room. There is a table in there. There is a gentleman in there who wants to eat your pussy. You will go in, take your shorts off and lie on the table with your legs open. I will remain with you and I won’t let anyone penetrate you without a condom. I will not let them harm you, but I will let them use you. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Monica replied.

Stephen stood up and took her hand, helping her out of the chair. He put his hand on the small of her back and led her into the back room. Staring straight into Stephen’s eyes, Monica took off her shorts, handed them to him and hopped up on the table. She laid back, spread her legs and waited. It wasn’t long before she felt a hand run down the inside of her thigh and someone spread her pussy lips. She trembled and waited for what would happen next. She only had a moment to wait before she felt a head between her legs and felt someone push her legs up towards her head. “Keep your legs spread and up in the air.” Stephen said from behind her.

The man between her legs licked, sucked, nibbled, teased, fingered, and lapped at her clit and her pussy, that was becoming wetter by the moment. She let out a low moan and fidgeted on the table. “Let him know you’re enjoying it girl. I want to hear your moans.” Stephen said. Monica immediately began to moan louder. She looked around and saw a bunch of men standing around. This made the experience even hotter for her. She moaned loudly and came as the man between her legs gently bit her clit as he fingered her pussy. The man lapped at her cum as it dripped from her pussy.

“Thank you.” Monica murmured and began to close her legs.

“I’m not done.” the man replied and pushed them open again, his head once more going down between her thighs.

“You will not close those legs again. Do you understand me?” Stephen said.

“Yes, I understand.” Monica panted as the man was pushing her towards another orgasm.

“Who else wants a shot at the slut?” Stephen asked.

Monica could hear a few men replying they were ready. Stephen told the men that they could fuck her in the pussy or the ass if they had a condom. They could have their cocks sucked as long as they didn’t cum in her mouth. She heard movement and turned her head to find a cock waiting for her. She reached out and stroked it as she moved herself to the side of the table to bring the cock to her mouth. She started sucking the cock for all she was worth as the head between her legs was brining her to another orgasm. This man had an incredible mouth! She paused at sucking the cock in front of her as the orgasm ripped through her. She yelled out “oh fuck!” and then continued to suck the cock that had fallen from her mouth. It wasn’t long before this man pulled from her mouth and jerked his cum all over her face.

She moaned with pleasure as the warm cum covered her face. She felt someone playing with her nipples and then sucking at them. The pussy eating man was still performing her magic and Monica was in her own little world. Every nerve in her body was on edge. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying this. She felt a cock slap at her face and she turned and opened her mouth. A thick cock was pushed inside, so thick she had a problem getting her mouth all the way around it as it pushed in deeper. Someone was still playing with her nipples, she was assuming it was the man with the thick cock that was in her mouth. Someone took her hand and placed it on his dick and she began to stroke. She felt fingers being slid in her ass and she clenched at the intrusion. But as with all her other holes, the person just kept pushing in.

Before long, Monica was having another intense orgasm, this time the cock stayed in her mouth while she came. The person playing with her nipples twisted sharply as she started to cum, increasing her pleasure. She clenched the fingers in her pussy and ass and she felt the man sucking on her clit. Her tongue slid along the bottom of the shaft inside her mouth and the cock she was stroking with her hand started to cum, getting on her hand as she continued to slide it up and down on the cock. The only free hand she had was pressed up against the wall and she was vaguely aware of Stephen telling her to straighten her legs. This was the most intense orgasm Monica had ever had in her life.

The guy pulled his penis from her mouth and Monica moaned out a low guttural moan as she felt her cum dripping from her pussy. She struggled to get her breath back and she moaned “no more.”

Stephen chuckled and said “you’re far from done.”

The man eating her pussy had finally had his share and she slowly lowered her legs and then closed them. She scooted to the edge of the table, her head hanging off the end now. This would make it easier for her to suck cock. She felt someone nudge her legs apart and she felt a finger slide up and down her wet slit before her lips were separated and a finger found her clit. She moaned as her sensitive clit was assaulted. As she opened her mouth to moan, a man stepped up and put his cock in her mouth. He was in a hurry and proceeded to fuck her mouth fast and deep. By having her head hanging over the edge, Monica was able to take the cock in deeper without a problem. This man started playing with her nipples as well. “Oh God,” Monica thought. This man quickly pulled out and jacked off against the wall next to her.

The owner of the finger on her clit, now put two fingers inside her wet pussy and began to pump them in hard and fast. Monica moaned and bit her lip, not knowing if she could cum again. She looked to her right and saw a man standing there stroking his cock watching what was going on. She reached out her hand and the man stepped closer. She jacked him off until he came on the floor. It was shortly after this that she came again, this time louder still. She was sure she was being too loud, but no one was complaining.

A man told Stephen that he had a condom. Stephen told him he wanted to see him put it on. Once he was satisfied, he told the man he could take whatever hole he wanted. The man climbed up on the table and inserted his cock in Monica’s throbbing pussy. She was so wet you could hear his sliding in and out. “Damn,” he said, “she’s so wet.” Monica blushed at the words and closed her eyes. He pounded into her a few times and she felt her pussy clenching him, trying to milk his cock. “Oh, she’s good,” he hissed as he continued to pound into her. A few thrusts later she heard him grunt as he thrusted in deep. He climbed off her a few minutes later, pulling the semen filled condom off his cock. He winked and thanked her as he walked by.

Another man told Stephen that he had a condom and he put it on so Stephen could see. He climbed up on the table, getting between her legs, spreading them. “Lift your legs please,” he politely said and she complied. He stuck his cock in her pussy and thrusted a time or two and then withdrew and pressed up against her ass. Her eyes widened as she lay with her head hanging off the table, unable to see him. He pushed into her without much hesitation and was soon buried to his balls in her ass. He commented on how tight she was and she felt him banging away at her. Monica wasn’t sure if it was him or someone else who began to rub her clit. Her hips started moving and she felt herself pushing against the penis in her ass. He was moving faster yet and starting to breathe heavy. Monica knew he would cum before too long. As if sensing it was close, the person rubbing her clit took it between their finger and thumb and began to rub in earnest, making Monica jerk some. She clenched her ass over and over in response to the actions being performed on her clit. This caused the man in her ass to moan loudly and then she knew he was cumming. He stayed in her for a moment before pulling out and climbing off the table. Monica came again.

As she lowered her legs again, she was aware of the pool of her own cum on the table. She opened her eyes and looked around and saw that she and Stephen were alone. She scooted down the table a bit so her head was lying on the table. She was still breathing heavy. Stephen walked over, stroked her hair, told her how well she was doing and gave her a bottle of water. She gratefully took the water and took a long drink.

More men came in and she sucked their cocks and they played with her nipples and/or pussy. Some fucked her pussy, some fucked her ass. She came quite a few more times and received more cum on her face. Each break, Stephen would give her more water. She had lost count as to how many cocks she sucked, how many men had fucked her, and how many times she came. All she knew was she was very happy and content.

Stephen told her it was time to go. She put her shorts back on and they walked out into the theater. The men sitting in there whistled and clapped when she walked out and she blushed and gave them a tiny wave. Once outside the theater, Stephen told her to wait there in the little hall. He went and got towels for the spa and returned, taking her by the hand and leading her into the spa. Monica felt many men looking at her and she felt self conscious. They walked into a little locker room. Stephen told her to undress and put her clothes in the locker. She did and then turned and saw the shower room. While he finished undressing, she walked in the shower room and turned on one of the jets.

Stephen joined her in the shower room, shutting the door to the locker room. He hung the towels up on the far wall, walking over and adjusting the jet on the spray next to Monica. “You did well,” he said, looking at her and smiling.

Monica thanked him and looked at him closely. “Did I let you down?”

“Hell no!” he exclaimed.

She washed her face, trying to get the dried cum off. She washed down the front of her body and then up the back. Once she did that, the turned towards Stephen, taking her soapy hand and sliding it between her legs. She smiled at him as she saw him watching her hand. She spread her labia and got between her lips, slipping a few fingers inside her and moaning slightly. She looked at Stephen again and noticed that his cock had gotten rock hard. “Can you do me a favor?” she sweetly asked him.

“Probably,” he replied, not taking his eyes off her fingers working in and out of her pussy.

Monica rinsed off her hands and knelt down in front of Stephen, taking his hard cock in her hand and bringing it to her mouth. She slid it between her lips and worked her head down, pushing him deeper into her throat. He moaned and brought his fingers to her hair, gently running his fingers through it. She looked up at him with her big eyes as she moved her head back and forth, taking him all the way in and then almost all of the way out, just like she knew he liked it. After a few times, she pulled him out of her mouth and stroked him with her hand. “I’ve got everything clean but one spot,” she said. She put soap on her hands and then lathered up his cock. She stood up and bent over in front of him. “Do you think you could clean my ass?”

Stephen moaned with desire, stepping closer and massaging her ass cheeks. He ran one hand between her legs as he pressed his soapy cock against her rosebud. Holding her tightly on the hip with one hand and stroking her womanhood with the other, he slowly pushed his cock inside of her, pausing to let her get used to it. Once he felt her relax, he continued to slide into her ass until he was in all the way. He sighed, staying still for a moment, enjoying the feeling. Then he moved both hands to her hips and started to pump in and out. While he was doing this he was telling her how good she had been today and how proud he was of her. How excited it made him to watch her being used by other men. How sexy she looked with a load of cum on her face. How it turned him on that he was the only one allowed to cum inside of her.

She heard his voice getting deeper, his breathing getting more ragged. She heard the soft moans escaping from deep in his throat. She knew he was getting close. She pressed back against him and clenched him with her ass. He slapped her ass “You fucking tease,” he murmured. He took that hand and put his thumb on her clit and eased two fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out in sync with his cock going in and out of her ass. He added a third finger and she moaned loudly and begged him to cum in her ass.

They came together there in the shower, just the two of them, with water beating down on them. She cried out with each thrust, just as the woman had done in the movie when they first walked into the theater. He filled her ass with his seed and her cum ran down his hand. They both shook at the intensity of the orgasm. He held on to her to keep her from falling and helped her stand up as his cock slowly slid from her ass.

She turned and kissed him deeply. “Thanks for the fun afternoon,” she said and then kissed him again.

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