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Self-Inflicted Facial

Category: Fetish
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I cracked my eyes and was rewarded with a faceful of harsh morning light streaming through my girlfriend’s window. It must have been about 8, 8:30. Way too early to be conscious on a Sunday morning, particularly given the way we had tied one on the night before.

I looked over at Erin. She was laying on her side, facing away from me, still sleeping.

The bed was small, so our bodies were pressed up against one another. And, as was usually the case, my soldier was standing at attention, even given the hour.

Morning sex was a not uncommon part of our weekend ritual. I lay there, feeling that familiar twitch in my underwear, wanting to make a move but still too groggy to do so. Nonetheless, I found myself feeling more turned on by the moment.

Looking back, I don’t remember where the impulse came from. Perhaps it was something I had thought about before that morning. Or maybe it was just occurring to me now, for the first time. Whatever the case, as soon as the thought crept into my head, it completely took over, and I couldn’t think of anything else.

I lay there debating with myself for a few minutes, unsure if I wanted to proceed. That only seemed to turn me on more. Then, slowly, I reached my left hand under the sheet covering us. I slid it down the front of my t-shirt, reaching the bulge in my tightey whiteys. I let it lay there for a moment, feeling it’s weight and heat on my straining hard-on. Then, I gently slid under the waistband and wrapped a tight fist around my cock. I lifted up, my hand and cock emerging from beneath my underwear, but still concealed by the sheet. Slowly, I started stroking up and down.

I know jerking off in front of one’s partner isn’t necessarily that high up on the kink scale. But it was something I had never done before, and it was a rush. I was nervous, my stomach filled with butterflies. Doing this while she was asleep was the only way I could work up the courage, but the excitement came in knowing that she would be awake soon, that she would catching me playing with myself right next to her.

The pleasure was agonizing as my hand slid up and down the length of my shaft. Doing it with my left hand (I’m right-handed) seemed to add a little extra something, a slightly different physical sensation to go along with the completely new mental sensation I was experiencing. I kept thinking about what would happen when Erin woke up. What would she think about seeing her man stroking his meat in bed next to her?

Suddenly, I felt something; the slightest, almost imperceptible movement. I sensed that she was stirring to life, but I couldn’t be sure if she was actually awake or not. Then, suddenly, it happened.

In one fluid motion, she rolled over on to her other side, so that she was facing me. As she did this, she pulled the sheet back, so that our bodies were totally exposed. This all happened in a split second, before I had time to react, which perhaps was a good thing. Because there I lay, the front of my underwear pulled down, left hand wrapped firmly around my rod, massaging it slowly but firmly.

The butterflies in my stomach exploded, and the shock waves ran throughout my entire body. Because Erin is quite a bit shorter than me, her head was resting on my chest, looking down at my hand on my dick. The fact that I couldn’t see her face only added to the excitement. And yet, somehow, even without any overt visual cues, I could tell that she was as turned on as I was. She didn’t say anything, and she didn’t stir, but I could tell that she was rapt at attention, watching me slowly jerk off just inches from her face.

This went on for a few minutes. I couldn’t remember ever being more turned on. I couldn’t believe that I was soon going to make myself cum like this with my girlfriend watching me. I started moaning, low at first because I was still feeling exposed and embarrassed on a certain level, but progressively louder. Suddenly, Erin spoke.

“Does that feel good?”, she said, almost in a whisper, but with an unmistakably husky edge to her voice.

“Ohh, yeah…”, I murmured.

“Yeah…do you like watching me stroke my cock?”



“Oh yeah, baby. Stroke your cock…I want you to cum.”

This sent me over the freaking moon. I could not believe what was happening. Erin and I occassionally partook in dirty talk, but usually nothing too wild. Nothing like hearing my girlfriend urge me to jerk myself to orgasm. I responded in kind, my words now interspersed with heavier panting.

“Oh yeah, baby, I wanna cum. I wanna make myself cum.”

“Yeah, baby, stroke your cock. I like watching you stroke it. I wish…I wish I could watch you suck it.”

Jesus Christ. I was convinced there was no possible way this could get any hotter, but Erin’s dirty talk was driving me insane with lust. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Yeah?…you wanna see me suck my cock?”

“Oh yeah, baby…I wanna see you suck on it. I wanna see your cock in your mouth.”

Now, I am a red-blooded American heterosexual male, and like most red-blooded American heterosexual males, I have tried to suck my own cock before. Multiple times, in fact, all to no avail. So, I knew damn well that this was one fantasy we weren’t going to be able to fulfill. But she didn’t need to know that. Because right now, all I was interested in was taking this as far as it could go. I was so turned on right now that she could have said she wanted to see me fuck my ass with a cucumber and I’d have been running to the refridgerator.

“Oh, yeah, I want to suck my cock…I want you to watch me suck on my cock.”

With that, I assumed the position. I scooted down the bed a ways and, bracing myself with my hands by my sides, threw my legs up and over my head. I straightened them out and bent them back as far as I could and was surprised (and incredibly turned on) to discover that I had managed to get my cock closer to my mouth than I expected. But it still fell a few tantalizing inches short. At this point, though, it really didn’t matter. Erin and I were both out of our minds with excitement, our breathing rapid, heavy, and loud.

I made grunting sounds as I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and strained my neck forward. In that moment, I felt a tinge of humiliation, like my manhood being stripped from me as I lay there, pathetically trying with all my might to suck my own cock. But it was that very feeling of humiliation that lay behind all the excitement I was feeling. Knowing that Erin was laying right next to me, watching me try to blow myself was a turn on unlike any I have ever encountered.

“Unhh…I can’t reach it”, I said, stating the obvious.

Erin reached a hand up and, grasping my dick, started stroking it. I kept my tongue extended, as if hoping that somehow I would manage to will my erection to the point where it would finally reach my mouth. I had never wanted so badly to feel it in my mouth; it was torture to see it hovering so close to my face. How I longed to run my tongue along it’s length, sucking greedily on its head, putting on a grade A cocksucking performance for my girlfriend.

Suddenly, I could feel that familiar sensation in my balls. I knew I was powerless to stop it now. The knowledge of what was coming drove me out of my mind.

“Oh baby…you’re gonna make me cum.”

“Yeah, baby, I want you to cum.”

“Ohh…you’re gonna make me cum on my face.”

“Yeah baby, I want you to cum on your face.”

“Yeah? You want to see me with my cum all over my face?”

“Oh yeah, baby…I want you to cum on your face. I want you to cum all over your face.”

That did it. I was past the point of no return. My orgasm exploded like a three-dimensional kaleidescope. I swear I saw stars. And the very next thing I saw was my engorged hard-on spewing forth a gusher of jizz, headed right for my face.

It is only a slight exaggeration to say that the first hit felt like someone had dumped a bucket on me. I was momentarily shocked by the heat of my hot cum, slathered all over my face. It hit me square in the middle, coating my nose and cheeks. I squinted to try to protect my eyes from the stream, but I couldn’t bear to close them altogether, as I didn’t want to miss a moment of this.

The first blast was immediately followed by another. My mouth, which was hanging open due to all my gasping and groaning, caught a healthly dose, the rest covering my upper lip. And still more came. It couldn’t have been just coincidence that the most turned on I had ever been was now leading to the biggest load I had ever blown. Within moments, my face felt covered. When it comes to porn, I like facials, and here I was getting a huge one in front of my girlfriend.

Erin, for her part, was losing her shit. She was moaning like a bitch in heat, and the sight of my orgasm had caused her to double her pace on my rod. Her fist was a blur as she furiously jerked me off onto my face. I could tell she was trying to aim the stream for maximum facial coverage, which turned me on even more. Each time I thought I had shot my whole wad, a big glop of goo would emerge from my piss slit, hang there tantalizingly for a moment, then fall and land with an audible smack on my sticky face.

Finally, the well ran dry. I was wheezing like I had just run a marathon, I was so riled up. Our eyes locked. I tried to read in her face what I must have looked like, out of breath and with a big hot load streaming down my face. I could feel it in my mouth, slowly sliding down the back of my throat. I stuck my tongue out and ran it over my lips, wanting to put on a real cum slut show for Erin. I moaned softly as I savored the cum in my mouth before swallowing it down.

Suddenly Erin was running her finger over my face, scooping up all the spunk and directing it towards my greedy mouth. I would hungrily suck on her finger, making sure to get every last drop. We didn’t stop until there was nothing left but a thin sheen of stickiness on my face. Then Erin leaned in and gave me the longest, deepest tongue kiss we’ve ever shared.

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