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Birthday Present

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I was very excited to find out that on my birthday, my husband had gotten me a full day spa treatment. When the day finally came, my husband took the kids, and I left for a day of blissful relaxation. I gave my husband a big kiss, and left.

I arrived at the spa, and was greeted by a tall redhead wearing what appeared to be the typical greeter’s uniform, a white button up blouse and a short skirt, with high heals.

She was quite beautiful. She said, “You must be Barbara, I’m Susan, and I’m in charge of making your day here as relaxing as possible.” She brought me to a room that was filled with all sorts of equipment that would most likely be used on me throughout the next few hours.

Susan sat me down in a relaxing chair, and started to explain what would be occurring over the next few hours, starting with a manicure and pedicure, a facial and a complete and total body massage. I was very excited and could feel my nipples getting hard as I sat there listening to her. She walked over to the closet and removed a robe, and asked if I wanted a glass of wine, I said yes, and she returned with the wine, and handed me the robe saying, “Remove all of your clothing and place them in this locker. Put the robe on and sit and relax in this chair. We will be getting started in a few minutes.”

As she left the room I felt myself getting excited and somewhat nervous. I had never had this sort of treatment before, and the fact that I would have someone with their hands over me rubbing me down was both exciting and a little scary. I kept telling myself that they were professionals, and they did this all of the time. I drank my wine down quickly removed my clothing and put the robe on and sat down. As I sat there I was rubbing the extremely soft robe when I ran my hand over my nipples, I felt how hard they were. I almost involuntarily slipped my hand inside and started to pinch them. They started to grow harder, and I could feel myself start to get that feeling of arousal when there was a knock at the door, and in came Susan and another stunning young woman I was soon to find out was Susan’s assistant. Her name was Lexi. She was a brunette, not as tall as Susan, but just as big in the chest. She had a slender body, and a tight little ass. She wore a typical outfit, white button down shirt with white pants. She had her long hair up in a way, with some strands hanging out here and there in an almost intentional way.

I was almost hoping that a man would be performing my massage, but somehow I was not disappointed. Susan explained that Lexi would be performing my manicure and pedicure, and she would be doing my facial.

Lexi sat down and started working on my feet. First she bathed them, and then she started rubbing some lotion on them. My feet are very ticklish, but somehow, she never tickled me. In fact it felt very good. Then she placed them in another bath of warm water, and came up and started working on my hands. I found myself intently watching everything she did, even though Susan was starting to work on my facial.

She started my rubbing my neck and then laying my head back and cleaning my face. She then started to rub some different lotions on, and massage my face. As Susan was massaging my face, Lexi was massaging my hands. It was great feeling to be pampered so. I was just sitting there in such a state of relaxation. We held some small talk, just talking about the family, the wife and kids, and how my husband was so wonderful for doing this for me.

Susan started to end up her massage and Lexi was finished with my hands, so she moved back down to my feet, and Susan started to work on the rest of my facial. As I was sitting there Lexi started to massage my feet. It felt great, and as I looked down at her, I noticed she was looking up my robe. It had fallen apart some, and it was probably quite easy to see my pussy. Somehow I didn’t seem offended or nervous; in fact I almost involuntarily spread my legs a little more. She looked away for a minute, but then I noticed she looked even closer. I was somehow flattered and even a little excited about the unprovoked glances.

I moaned a little and how good it felt, reached for some more wine, now my third glass, and shifted slightly in the chair, which now gave her an even better view of my pussy. I looked down at her as she performed her work, and as she would lean over my foot I could see her ample cleavage. I found myself waiting for the moment that I got the best view. As she massaged my foot sitting on that stool, she would place it in her lap and I got the feeling she was rubbing my heal against her own pussy. I was getting excited, and I was surprised. I am not a prude. I had never done anything with a woman before, but I suppose I had a little feeling of wonder, a little fantasy once in a while. Somehow, this was different. She lifted my foot from her lap, and she placed it back down, she spread my legs even wider apart. As she put my other foot in her lap and started to massage it; I again noticed that it seemed to be resting against her pussy. This time I acted as though I were stretching and rubbed my heal against her a little harder. I watched her as her eyes closed slightly for a second.

As I did this I could feel a familiar tingle in my pussy. I was little nervous, because I was getting excited, and my lips were starting to swell. All the time Lexi was stealing glimpses of my swollen pussy.

After what seemed like minutes, but was quite longer Susan had explained that she was finishing up with my facial and Lexi explained she would just be another minute or so. Susan started to rub my shoulders, and it felt great. As her hands moved around my neck, she seemed to rub the front of my shoulders and slightly rub the front of my chest. Her hands would slip just slightly under my robe. I felt myself wanting her hands to go further, and reach my nipples, which desperately needed some more attention. I noticed that my robe was now laying open so my cleavage was showing.

I felt a little strange to be laying their with my legs spread wide open, Lexi staring at my pussy, and wanting Susan to take my nipples in her hands. But I was feeling good, and I was going to make the most of it.

Soon Lexi was done, and she got up and gave me a smile. They asked me to get up and lay down on the table. As I got up Susan helped me, maybe the wine was affecting me, Susan walked behind and started to help me remove my robe. I was a little nervous, and Susan could sense this so she explained that they would give me some towels to cover up. I explained that was fine, but realizing they would be seeing everything anyway, explained that it was not necessary. I started to lie on my stomach when they explained that the massage would start after the waxing.

Waxing, I didn’t know there was a waxing. Susan explained that there was a bikini waxing. She told me not to worry, that while a little painful at first; they had a method to soothe the area. I reluctantly said ok, and they started to get their equipment into place. Susan then asked how much hair I would like removed. I guess I looked at her a little strange, and she explained that today, many woman are removing all of their hair, but some just like the bikini area. I said that my husband would love it all gone, but I was unsure.

Then Susan walked over to me, reached down and lifted her skirt revealing no panties and a bald pussy. It looked quite sexy, and while shocked she put her hands on it and showed me how much easier it was to manage. I was watching her move her hand over her pussy intently when she said, “Then away with all of it?” I said I guess so, I said.

Susan stood on one side of me and Lexi on the other. Susan spread my legs and applied the wax and then ripped off the first hairs. As soon as Susan pulled the hair off, Lexi slapped my pussy with her hand, and applied some lotion. There was some pain, and suddenly pleasure. Susan applied another coating of wax, pulled it off and then again Lexi slapped my pussy with her hand and rubbed in the lotion. I was getting so excited. I was looking forward to the next time I would feel the sting of Lexi’s hand slapping my pussy, and then rubbing it. Soon they were down to the sensitive areas of the inside thigh. They could probably see that my breathing was fast, but where they were I am certain that they could see and smell my excitement. Susan spread the wax ripped off some hair and then Lexi slapped my pussy lips. I arched my back, not in pain, but in pleasure as she rubbed the lotion between my legs. “One last time,” Susan said. I was disappointed, I wanted some more. Susan ripped off the hair and Lexi with a little more force then before slapped me square on my pussy lips, and I thought I was going to cum. I bit my lip as she started to rub in the lotion, and occasionally a finger between my lips.

She got a towel and a warm wash cloth and started to wipe my pussy down and clean me up. As I looked down, I could see Susan bent over and I was staring at her ass, and looking at Lexi’s cleavage as she washed me. I was confused because I was looking at them in a very sexual way, a way I had never looked at woman before. Maybe it was the wine?

They asked me to roll over on my stomach, because they were about to start the massage. Susan started to work on my shoulders and Lexi my feet and legs. It felt great, and took my mind temporarily off of my feelings of lust, that is until Susan started to rub my sides. Her hands were slipping down the sides of my breasts, and I had to keep from lifting my breasts off of the table to let her hands keep rapping around to my nipples which were starting to grow again. Lexi started to work her way up my thighs, she pushed my legs apart gently and worked her way up the outside, up to my buttocks, she massaged that a while and this was quite erotic in itself, because she kept spreading my cheeks apart, and it felt as though she would blow on my anus as she did. Soon she started to work her hands back down, this time the inside of my thighs. She took her time working the flesh of my inner thigh. I spread my legs even further, involuntarily hoping she would put her hand back where it was just a short time ago, but she would come within inches of my pussy, but did not touch it again.

They both finished their parts and then they asked me to roll over. Susan started to massage the front of my body starting with my upper chest just above my breasts, and Lexi started to rub my thighs. Susan worked her way around my breasts, with my rock hard nipples just waiting for her touch, while Lexi lifted my knee off of bed lightly and started to rub my thigh. Soon Susan’s hands were making circling motions around my breasts, and she could hear a sigh escape my mouth. She kept this up for a while, and finally rubbed some lotion over my breasts. Just lightly at first, but then kneading them, and finally working my nipples. She stood up on a stool just above my head as she worked over my nipples, and I could see her clean shaven pussy under her skirt.

As she was working my breasts over Lexi had reached my pussy, and started to rub it. I started to spread my legs wider to give her better access. She started to rub a finger, inside my slit, and I was moaning louder and louder. I was in heaven. Susan asked how the massage was going, and I said great. Next Susan started to reach down towards my pussy. She lifted her knees onto the table on either side of my head. Now I had a clear view of her pussy. I was so excited, my mouth was watering, and I wanted to lick her clean shaven slit, when she said to me, “We told you this was a full body massage, do you know the only part of your body that hasn’t been massaged yet?” I said no, and she said, “Your tongue!”

Hearing that was like an order, she slowly started to lower her pussy to my face. Whether I wanted it or not was no longer a choice, I was about to eat my first pussy. I extended my tongue and parted her lips, and almost came when I tasted her. The taste was so intense. I just lapped away at her juices. She started to eat my pussy, and it wasn’t long before I had one of the most earth shattering orgasms of my life. Just as I was cumming, she started to come on my tongue.

I was so satisfied, that I just wanted to lie there, but just as Susan rolled off of me I saw Lexi approaching my pussy as I looked down between my legs. She looked like an animal, that wanted its meal, and within seconds I was ready to give her what she needed. She knelt between my legs and started to lick me. I was quickly getting closer to an orgasm, when she stopped. Then she knelt up on the table, and I saw she was wearing a strap on cock. She leaned forward and started to kiss my neck, and my chest. She started to work her way up and to kiss my lips. Before long her tongue was in my mouth, and I was becoming even wetter then before.

She took her knees and spread my legs even further. I gave no resistance. She was licking my ear and whispering and asking me what I wanted her to do. I was feeling this huge plastic cock between my legs, and I wanted it in my pussy, so I told her so. I was desperate, and wanted it so badly. She leaned forward, and asked me how badly I wanted it. I told her badly, she again said how badly, and I said real real bad. She said if I give it to you, you have to do what ever I tell you to, ok? I didn’t answer, and she asked again. I was afraid to answer, but finally I wanted that plastic cock so bad and her tongue back in my mouth that I would have promised anything.

She told me that because I was a good girl that she would fuck my pussy if I spoke dirty to her. I begged her to fuck my pussy, and she said what, and I again begged her to fuck my pussy, adding this time, with that big cock of yours!

She said I was a good slut, and if I continued to be she would pleasure me. Before she would fuck me she told me to suck her tit. I had never done this before, but I think I did quite well, because she was moaning excessively. I begged her to fuck my pussy, and she slowly started to enter me. She started slow at first as I kissed her neck and mouth. She would stick her tongue in my mouth and then tell me, “Beg me to fuck you,” and I would beg her more and more, “Please fuck my pussy, I need your cock so bad.” Finally she started to slide it in faster and faster. I was moaning. It felt so good to have this cock in me that I did not have to worry about coming to soon. It was a fantastic feeling, and was exciting to watch her big tits sway as she fucked me. I could feel my orgasm building when she pulled out, and told me it was not time to cum yet.

I was quite upset and started to beg her to put it back in, when she said, what will you do for me if I do, and I responded anything! She stood up and started to remove the strap-on cock to my disappointment.

Out of frustration and desperation I again explained that I would do anything if she would please fuck me. She said that I would get fucked, but not by her, but by Susan. She then said that while Susan was fucking me, I would be eating her pussy. Then she told me to get on my hands and knees. I did as she requested, as I watched Susan put on the cock.

Lexi positioned herself in front of me and told me to start eating her pussy. It was exciting to have this woman control me. She spread her legs and I saw that she had a clit ring, a little hoop. This excited me even more. I leaned forward and got my first taste of Lexi. Her pussy was soaked, and I had a hard time licking all her juices. I lapped at her like a dog.

While this was happening, Susan had positioned herself behind me and started to lick my slit a few times. Then she reached up and spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole. I involuntarily pushed back, and Susan pushed her tongue into my asshole just slightly. Susan then pulled back and said, “There’s one place we haven’t massaged yet, but we’re about to remedy that.” With that I felt her applying some oil to my asshole.

I started to pull away from Lexi’s delicious pussy to protest, but Lexi grabbed my hair and said, “Now darling, you said you would do anything, now this is anything. Have we done anything that hasn’t made you feel good yet?” Susan placed the head of the cock to my asshole and ever so slowly pushed it in. She asked me if I was a virgin there and I nodded my head.

My husband was always after me to try this, but I was too afraid. As she slowly slid it in, Lexy started to moan. I was surprised at how different, but how exciting it was to have my rectum invaded. I could feel my pussy start to get extremely moist as she slid slowly back and forth in my asshole. I started moaning into Lexi’s pussy, and Susan took that as a sign to pick up the pace just slightly. Lexi started to moan, and I knew her orgasm was approaching, and mine wasn’t far off. She kept asking me if I liked having my asshole fucked, and did I like eating her pussy, my response was a loud moan into her pussy, which seemed to trigger her orgasm.

I was so excited to be feasting on this beautiful brunettes pussy, while having a gorgeous red head fucking my ass, that I started to cum to. Then I heard Susan start to moan, and she seemed to be getting ready to cum, so I lifted my head and said, “Fuck my ass you slut.” Then she started to fuck me hard, and I heard start to cum also.

We laid there in a clump, trying to catch our breath, me with my face all sticky with Lexi’s pussy, and a plastic cock just sliding out of my ass. I was now truly relaxed. After a minute or two Susan got up and went to the cabinet and removed another strap on cock. This one was quite bigger then the other. She brought it over and asked me to stand up. She then started to attach the harness to me, and told me to make love to her.

This tool she was placing on me had a large cock out front, and a somewhat smaller one that she inserted in me. It slid in quite easily, and I was ready for action. It felt wonderfully sexual to be in this position of power. I leaned forward and started to suck on her breasts, and kiss her face and neck as we stood there. My cock sliding between her legs, and I slid her back, and onto the chair, I positioned myself between her legs, and I placed the large cock in her pussy and slowly started to move in and out. As I moved in her hands were grabbing my ass and pulling me in deeper. It reminded me of what I did to my husband when he was fucking me.

The one amazing thing about this tool was how good it also felt to me. Each time I thrust forward the cock inside me would push in, and each time I pulled out it would also pull out slightly. The other thing it did was to rub my clit as I entered her. As I fucked her I asked her if she liked it, and she moaned her approval. She had one hand on my ass, and the other on my swaying tits, pinching and pulling my nipples. I was so excited being in control, and fucking this beauty, that I started to cum quite quickly, and she seemed to coincide her orgasm with mine.

As I lay there on Susan, I heard some moaning coming from behind us, and I could see Lexi rubbing her pussy. She then ordered me to get over there and fuck her. I kissed Susan and moved over to Lexi, who grabbed me and pulled me to her, sticking her tongue in my mouth. She started to suck on my tits again, and had my nipples hard in no time. She looked up and me and told me to fuck her hard. I leaned down and licked her pussy a couple of times before I placed the cock at her opening. She spread her legs as far as she could and I slipped right in and started slowly at first, but she kept saying faster. I fucked as hard and as fast as I could until she exploded into a powerful orgasm, digging her nails into my ass. Feeling this I felt an orgasm come very suddenly and I came again.

Completely exhausted we just lay there. Susan came over and explained that there session was almost over, but they needed to clean me up before they sent me home. We all took a long shower together, and we washed each other.

As I prepared to leave, I gave each of them a long and slow kiss. They handed me two presents, one was for me, and the other was tagged for my husband. We said our goodbyes, with me promising to make another appointment soon. I opened my present in the car. It was the strap on, with a note, you were quite good with this, get some practice on your husband. Just the idea was getting me excited all over again.

Now I had to bring my attention back to my sweet husband, the man who set this up for me. He had to be given a good present from me. I was wondering if, or how to tell him about the whole thing. I was wondering if he would be jealous.

I got home and he greeted me at the door and commented on how relaxed I looked. I told him what a great experience it was, and handed him his present. I asked him to open it, but he said later. I was so curious. Later that evening we got in bed, and asked if he had opened his present yet, and he said he had. I asked what it was, and he reached over to the side table and hit play on the remote.

It was a video of the entire session. As many times as I had cum that day, the video started my juices flowing, and I introduced him to my new present that night, but that’s another story.

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