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Savannah Uncensored

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The cock was so huge, not all of it fit into her pussy, but Savannah enjoyed it nonetheless. The man above her seemed to be enjoying it too. Kyle’s green eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting of her bedroom; his face was twisted with his effort as his hips pumped harder and faster against her. He seemed to be nearing the peak but Savannah wasn’t quite ready for him to finish just yet. Taking him by surprise she pushed him off, rolled him on to his back, and quickly straddled him.

She aligned her wet slit along the length of his dick and teased the hot flesh with deliberately slow sliding motions.

His hips moved against her frantically in an attempt to force an entry but Savannah managed to control him; barely. Stilling her teasing motions she leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed something from under it. Grinning hugely she held up two strong pieces of rope. His eyes rounded in shock but he uttered no words of protest. She bound his hands together above his head, tying the other ends of the ropes to the posts of headboard. Savannah leaned forward and let her nipples graze the corners of his mouth. His lips tried to latch on to suckle but she did not allow it, instead laughing at him in her power over him.

His eyes squeezed tightly shut as she continued to tease him. Her pussy became increasingly slicker and her arousal intensified hearing his pleas and moans. Savannah exulted in her power and decided to turn the heat up a bit. Coming off the bed, she walked over to her closet and reached in, pulling out more lengths of rope. Approaching the bed she ordered him to roll over onto his tummy, and with only the barest hesitation he complied. Once Kyle was on his stomach, she placed a pillow under his hips and slightly spread his legs. Savannah took a moment to admire his wonderful backside and then meticulously tied rope around each ankle and then secured them to the bedposts at the end of the bed. She was careful to make sure that there was just slack enough for movement on his part, but not so much that he could loosen the bindings.

Walking over to the closet once more Savannah pulled out a long rectangular box and set it on the edge of the bed. While opening the box she glanced over at Kyle; his face was a mixture of curiosity, fear, and arousal. The last Savannah was quite pleased with; it affirmed that what she was about to do would be willingly accepted; at least, he was turned on enough by the last hour’s activities that he wouldn’t protest too loudly. “Kyle, my sweet, what ever should I do with you?” she enquired teasingly.

His lashes lowered briefly, concealing his thoughts, but then they were once again open to her. His face flushed as he stated boldly, “Whatever you wish”. And that was good enough for Savannah.

Opening the box on the bed she pulled out a butt plug; four inches long and nearly two inches in width, it was made of a hard black plastic, complete with the requisite balls at its base. Savannah chuckled when she heard his audible gulp. She pulled out a bottle of Astroglide, opened the cap, and liberally applied the lubricant to the plug. Savannah separated his ass cheeks with one hand, happily noting his continued erect state. She squeezed a generous amount into the crack of his ass. Putting the bottle aside for the moment she spread the lubricant on the outside rim of his hole; she rubbed her finger along the length of his crack and gently inserted a finger to the first knuckle.

The bud tightened around her finger, and his inner muscles tried to reject the intrusion but Savannah held firm. Slowly she began sawing her finger in his ass, after a time going to a depth of two knuckles, and eventually her entire finger was planted firmly inside his ass. Her eyebrows rose as she realized he was clean as a whistle inside; it seemed Kyle had come prepared.

Her finger moved easily now inside his dark orifice; Savannah curled her finger and rotated. His ass pushed back slightly at the maneuver and a harsh groan of pleasure emanated from the pillow Kyle had his face buried in. She crawled onto the bed behind him and leaned in to get a closer look. His hips rose and fell in unison with her invading finger; his cock rubbed along the sheet beneath him and left a wet spot with his pre-cum. Very carefully she inserted a second finger, and then a third, until that dark bud was stretched.

Faster and faster she pumped her fingers into his ass; faster and faster he pumped his cock into the bed. Kyle’s breathing became erratic and he started to shake almost convulsively. Not wanting him to cum just yet Savannah removed her fingers but quickly replaced them with the butt plug she had prepared for him. She pushed on his lower back as she moved the plug securely into his ass, preventing him from fucking back at it.

Savannah stretched out on top of him, her legs on either side of his, and whispered into his ear. “You’re such a dirty boy, Kyle. Your ass loved my fingers fucking it, didn’t it?” She licked his ear and then bit gently; his only response was another groan. “You’re not saying anything, baby; I hope you’re not trying to come up with a lie to explain away the pleasure I gave you. I’d have to punish you, and you’d never get to fuck me” she taunted. “Tell me how much you loved my fingers in your ass, Kyle, or I will leave you here all tied up with that butt plug in your ass. I may even have to call your girlfriend and let her know what you’ve been up to.”

“No, no, please; oh fuck yes I enjoyed it, dammit. You know I did.” She bit his ear in reprimand at his angry tone.

“What was that, Kyle? I’m sure I didn’t hear you right.” Her teeth wrapped around his ear again, ready to deliver another stinging bite.

“Yes; yes Savannah; your fingers felt so fucking good in my ass. I loved every bit of it; I love the butt plug you stuck in me, just please, oh God please, let me cum. I’ll do anything you ask, I just need to cum so bad.”

“Mmmmm, much better Kyle”, she praised him. He felt a gentle flood of her juice flow over his cheeks and he nearly came undone then. But not yet, he thought. He intended to cum in this hot bitch’s mouth, no matter how much pleasure she’d given him. And then, well, they’d see what would happen.

Savannah undid the ropes binding his hands and then positioned her cunt at his face. “Make me cum, Kyle; make me cum really hard, and then we’ll see what can be done for you.” She pulled his mouth to her pussy and braced herself. Experience from previous encounters told Savannah that not only would she cum, but she would cum multiple times before he was ready to let her go. Kyle had a voracious appetite for eating pussy; that and his enormously large cock were two of the main reasons she kept him around.

And then her mind emptied and sensation took over as Kyle worked his magic on her. Holding her hips steady in his hands he dived in. His tongue busily swirled around her clit, hardening the bud to an almost painful erectness before dipping into her needy pussy. A finger joined the tongue in a sensual fuck; her plump folds pulsed with the wonderful intrusion. Over and over his finger invaded her tender flesh, while his tongue continued its wet fucking. Occasionally his teeth grazed her engorged clit, causing Savannah to moan at the wonderful near-pain of it. “Yes, Kyle, yes that’s it”, she panted. “Suck my cunt, baby; fuck me with your tongue.”

And he did just that, until her body shook with a constant state of release, and her thighs ached unbearably. And even then he did not relent. Her head thrashed on the pillow, her hips humped his face. She pulled him tighter to her as more fingers entered her swollen tunnel. Relentlessly he fucked her sopping hole until she was sobbing with pleasure, and still he did not let up. His mouth latched onto her clit and suckled it until Savannah screamed with an orgasm stronger than anything she’d felt before. Sweat rolled down her face, her neck, and into the valley of her breasts.

An insistent buzzing reached her ears. It wasn’t until she felt a powerful vibration on her clit that Savannah realized Kyle had retrieved a toy from the box still on the bed. “Ohhhhh, no, no, no, no…Kyle, no more”, she gasped. But it was already too late. He brandished the toy with malicious glee as he watched Savannah unravel before his very eyes. She was completely incoherent, and totally at his mercy. Her female flesh conspired against her intent to dominate him; it was now she who was being dominated; by his skill, and by her own body.

“Play with your breasts, Savannah. Pleasure your self”, he commanded. Automatically she did as she was told, reaching up and pinching her aching nipples, squeezing the huge globes and occasionally digging her nails into the flesh until the pleasure-pain became too much. Mindlessly Savannah rode one crest of climax after another, her body demanding more than she’d ever thought it possible to give.

Kyle watched intently as Savannah became a slave to her own desires. His cock throbbed painfully, his ass was on fire, but he’d never seen anything more beautiful. She was entirely unaware of anything beyond her own flesh, her own pleasure. Her body rolled and undulated, a perfect mirror, no doubt, of what was occurring inside her. Her breasts were beautifully displayed between the fingers of Savannah’s hands as she squeezed and plumped them. Her nipples were as hard as his dick, pointing straight up at the ceiling. He could only imagine that her clit felt the same rush of blood that poured into his increasingly stiffening cock.

“Enough”, he croaked. Rocking back on to his knees he rested, his chest heaving in extreme arousal. “Come here, Savannah.”

Her eyes vaguely looked in his direction. Almost child-like she pouted at him for having stopped his ministrations. Then those beautiful eyes locked onto his hard cock and her focus shifted. With a hungry mew she crawled on all fours to him and immediately took his cock head into her mouth.

“FUCK!” The word exploded like a shot from Kyle, and desperately he grabbed her head in his hands. “Noooo, oh no; dammit”, he moaned, and then “Yessssssssss, hell yesss”, he hissed.

He proceeded to fuck her mouth vigorously, forcing more and more of his girth down her throat. Savannah forced her throat muscles to relax and breathed carefully through her nose. In her mind she grinned wickedly, knowing that it was in part due to her own weak flesh that she’d brought him to this feverish need. Finally she felt his balls slap the underside of her chin; amazingly her mouth had accepted his considerable length and width. The thought was enough to make her moan in utter pleasure.

The sound vibrated on Kyle’s dick; his balls churned dangerously and he pulled away. Almost savagely Kyle pushed Savannah away; she landed with a soft thud on the bedding. Kyle crowded her against the headboard; he yanked her legs up over his shoulder and slammed the full length of his dick inside her. He could still feel that damned plug in his ass; it was an irritating and yet pleasant stimulant on his prostate. Just then he felt it begin to move outward; at first he thought that his ring muscle was pushing it out. But then it moved inward again and Kyle realized that Savannah had grabbed hold of it. She was fucking his ass with that thing while he fucked her in the cunt.

He pulled out and backed up forcing Savannah to relinquish her hold on the plug. He pulled her along with him however, bending her legs almost fully over her head. “You seem to like asses a lot, Savannah. Perhaps you’d like yours played with too.”

Savannah tensed as she felt his tongue rim her assring and then shudder at the wonderful sensation. It was so nasty, so dirty, what he was doing to her. But no dirtier than what she’d done to him, she thought, and so went with it. His tongue pushed inward and squirmed around inside her hole. After a few minutes he spit onto her hole and pushed a finger inside roughly, making Savannah gasp. He spit some more while spreading her bud wide open; his saliva slid in, greasing her dark passage and readying her for what was to come.

Two more fingers joined the first; he twisted and plunged them deeper into her, loosening the tunnel. After a bit he leaned back and reached once more into the box. He retrieved the lubricant Savannah had used on him earlier and applied a good amount to his rock-hard cock. He drizzled a little more of it on her ass and tossed the bottle carelessly aside. He pushed her legs further back until her knees were resting next to her ears. Thank God I’m limber, was all Savannah could think.

His cock head pushed slowly inside; it was so thick it took a good two minutes, and a lot of sweating and grunting on Kyle’s part, before the feat was accomplished. Savannah could see that fat head buried in her ass from her position and almost came. The sight was incredibly arousing to them both and they groaned. “Hold on, baby”, he said. “I’m going bury my dick all the way.” That was all the warning she got before he plunged fully inside her ass.

Savannah angled her head for a better look and was astounded; every last inch of his enormous dick had disappeared into her ass. “Fuck…me”, she exclaimed.

“Hell yeah”, Kyle agreed. With that he began reaming her in earnest, plunging over and over into her tight ass hole. She felt so damn hot wrapped around him, he thought. Still, he needed something more. “Savannah…, oh God….”

“What do you want, baby? How could you possibly…oooooooh uh…want more than to be…f-f-fucking me in the assss?” she asked.

“I want…I want you to fuck me back; fuck me with that plug; please fuck me” he begged. Immediately he felt the plug moving inside him, sawing away inside his ass. The cum in his balls was really churning now; any minute and he’d erupt. But he had to hold back; he’d made a promise to him self…

“You are so fucking hot, Savannah; a little anal bitch just panting for my hot sticky cum. Do you want my load in your ass, baby? On your tits?”

“Yes, yes, anywhere; cover me in your cum, Kyle.”

“Or maybe a hot little bitch like you needs my cum down her throat.”

Beyond excited Kyle pulled out of Savannah’s ass. The first glob of cum spurted all over her face as he was pulling her by the neck towards his cock. Her mouth had barely opened wide when the second glob erupted, coating her lips and the tip of her tongue. Savannah finally managed to seal her mouth around Kyle’s dick; just in time to swallow the fourth and fifth wads. The hot fluid rolled down her throat and hit bottom in a very satisfying manner. Too late Kyle realized that swallowing a man’s cum was the ultimate high for a cum slut. With a philosophical shrug Kyle reveled in the moment.

Their little game of one-upmanship had produced some wonderful results. Her mouth was wonderfully wrapped around his slowly deflating cock, milking it for all it was worth. The butt plug was still protruding from his ass. All in all, Kyle was a well satisfied man. And Savannah? Well, let’s just say Savannah wasn’t doing so badly herself.

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