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Sweet Surrender

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My stomach was all a twitter and my head reeled in anticipation as I race through the deep shades of a cold November evening. I am late and I do not really know where I am driving to or who I will find when I arrive. That is the beauty and liability of the Internet. Chat rooms upon chat rooms full of sexual mysteries, dreams and lies. A place where fantasy reigns and reality need not apply.

Some hot words on a screen, photos of faceless throbbing manhood, a set of vague directions and off I go into the frigid night with a pocket full of condoms and a tube of lubrication. A bottom boy in heat I am…nothing else could explain such impulsive behavior. A small office next to a vacant lot in a nearby town…the perfect setting for a fantasy come to life.

But is he for real? Only time can tell. His directions are true and there is a vehicle in the drive. Only one vehicle there is and a spot on match to that which the nameless suitor had described. My heart races as the shadow of a face appears in a dimly lit window. I park my wagon behind his SUV. As I approach the door, I start to tremble and a quiver of anticipation invades my freshly cleansed rectum. The door opens and a soft yet irresistibly confident voice invites me in.

The moment of no return…I dare not rethink this madness for it defies all logic. The yearning for penetration envelopes my mind and draws me into the ominous warmth of the mans office. He is there, dark, tall and strong yet not completely intimidating. He has warmth in his smile, but his eyes look me over as though I am a nag at the racetrack stables. The sparkle in his eyes betrays his approval and I know that I am to be his mount for tonight. . No words are spoken. Anonymity and mystery pervade the mood. My ass tingles as he leads me by the shoulders into a small room. A tiny, unadorned office it is, illuminated by a desk lamp upon a large veneer office style desk. The desk is the only furnishing in the room besides two tall filing cabinets and a waste paper basket. I can feel his presence behind me.

The ever-lasting awkward moment that lingers between opportunity and action. His cologne invades my senses. I feel his eyes outlining the contours of my shapely behind. My trembling ascends to the point of visible evidence. I feel his hands grasp my hips as he draws me close, the growing bulge in his trousers pressing urgently into the seam of my jeans that splits my hot buttocks. I know, beyond any doubt, that I am his property.

His hands slide up my abdomen and a thrill runs up my spine like electric charge that explodes in my brain like a clap of thunder. Still his hands work there slow way up my torso and then around to my tense back. He tickles me playfully along my spine stifling a laugh as he sees the goose bumps rise on my skin of my neck. Softly, he places his large hands on my frail shoulders and gently presses down.

I descend until I am on my knees with him behind me, massaging the tension from my shoulders. Suddenly his hands leave my shoulders and with one graceful yet swift motion he is towering before me. Longingly, I look up his chiseled abs and chest until our eyes meet. I sense the wordless command and prepare to comply.

My trembling hands reach for the buckle of his belt. My nerves run amuck and the trembling increases to the point of near convulsion. I am fumbling and slow but he is patient. He stands like the statue of some mighty yet kindly king looking down upon me with cool understanding. Finally, I manage to open his khakis, exposing his boxers and a dark strip of hair extending from waistband to navel. As if by the power of his will the trousers fall down past his knees and bunch up around his ankles. I hesitate and look up at him for more nonverbal instructions.

Seeing my hesitation, he quickly steps out of the pants and kicks them aside. His actions are decisive and I know he means to take the proverbial bull by the horns. He steps back in front of me, closer than he had been just a fleeting moment ago. His musky masculinity infiltrates my nostrils. In one fluent motion his boxers now wreath his ankles. Behold, an inch from my nose stands a proud seven and one half inches of aroused phallus. A perfect representation of gentle manhood it is with pre-ejaculate beading at the tip. I wet my lips for the imminent feast…my own diminutive penis rising from its nerve-induced stupor.

With wet lips parted, I start to advance toward this object of my desire but am checked. His hand clamps softly but firmly under my chin snapping and securing my mouth shut. His other hand directs his member toward my moist lips. The tip re-parts my lips and presses against my incisors. Slowly and softly, he runs the end of his manhood back and forth across my lips, glossing them with his salty precum. It seems like delicious hours pass as he swishes his cock across my closed mouth, sometimes barely grazing my quaking lips, sometimes pressing through them enjoying the washboard feeling as it vibrates across my teeth.

At long last, he releases my jaw with a suddenness that causes my mouth to fall open. I feel both of his hand entangle in my long, soft brown hair. Finally, he pulls my craving mouth onto his perfect love organ. He slowly advances until I feel the head against the back of my throat. I am nearing heaven. He eases in and out trying hard not to gag me. I look up and see the bliss in his eyes as he relishes my velvety mouth and lips. His pace quickens until he I can hear an audible popping sound as the head passes out past my loving lips.

Occasionally he pulls out and moans as I nibble along the under side of his phallus of softly flutter my tongue over the tiny sensitive under-cleavage of his mushroom shaped head. He slaps his manhood against my cheeks or brushes it under my nose before re-inserting. Whether minutes, hours, weeks, or eons have passed as I orally pleasured my lover…I cannot say but suddenly his cock gives a twitch in my mouth. Instinctively, he pulls out. Releasing my hair he pinches the head of his penis to subdue a premature orgasm while holding his hand out to assist me from my knees. The moment I have been awaiting is near.

I reach inside my pocket and produce a condom and a tube of lubrication. He smiles as I try in vain to get the condom over the thick head of his organ with hands trembling and mind in a fluster. With a soft chuckle he takes the condom from me and easily slides it over his throbbing cock. I then feel his hands on my shoulders again. He drops my jeans and briefs, guides me to the edge of the desk, and gently bends me over it. I feel cool air waft against the tight pucker of my anus. I feel exposed and vulnerable. I hear him working lubrication over his latex covered penis behind me. My heart races as I feel the slick fingers moistening my nether hole. First one finger, then two enters me. I shutter as his cock dances across my bare ass cheeks. He withdraws his fingers and my heart jumps to my throat as the slippery tip of his gorgeous manhood brushes along the crack of my awaiting ass. I am like jelly in his hands as he grips my slim hips, his missile targeting my manhole. I press my chest against the cool wooden desktop and arch my back so that my hot, tight ass rises into the air. Soon…so very soon…he will conquer me and possess me. Will I receive the mercy of his kind heart or will I be a victim of his savage libido? Either way, I will surely be an instrument for his pleasure. As he presses against the tense ring of muscles guarding my love canal, I softly whisper, “go easy my lover.”

The pressure increases and I am awash with an intense mixture of pain, desire and fear. I am grateful that my lover is so gentle and considerate. I grasp the edges of the desktop and whimper softly as my involuntary resistance suddenly gives way and my gentle conquistador gains access to my most intimate orifice. I am his now, but still he advances with kindness, invading me slowly. My love hole stretches to accept his girth. Inch by slow painful inch he takes more of me until he has no more to feed in. He is all inside me now. He places one large hand on my left shoulder blade and pins me gently but firmly to the desk. As he slowly withdraws he places his other hand on the small of my slender back.

He pulls out until just the very tip of his weapon holds my straining sphincter open. Then, in one slow but steady stroke I am impaled on his cock again. I feel full inside and my prostrate tingles excitedly. I am deliciously helpless as he starts working my ass in long calculated strokes. The pain has ceased and my rectum has accepted its fate. He starts stroking in and out, each stroke passing the large head completely past my hot opening. My comparably smaller penis and scrotum wag with each thrust. My body has now surrendered. His urgency increases as lust overcomes kindly concern. He starts alternating between long deep pumps and short swift stabs past my opening. I am writhing in bliss screaming for him to fuck my tight ass. He is grunting like a rutting animal. Over and over I surrender to his conquest of my body. I am his little butt-slut and he my great pagan god.

At long last he grunts deeply and suddenly pulls out of my now gapping anal cavity. I feel what can only be the condom strike my back and stick there. His primordial groan tells me that I have fulfilled my duty; the warmth of his semen running down the crack of my ass and dripping down my leg confirms that my service to him has been satisfactory. He steps away and we dress. “Will you be on-line again next Friday?” is the first and only words he speaks to me as he sees me to the door. “Of course I will,” I answer. What a good little bottom I am.

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