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My First Female Experience

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Pam and I used to work together in the same office and after I quit to stay home with my kids, we got into the habit of meeting once a month for lunch. Due to our schedules, we hadn’t had a chance to get together for about six weeks, so I was really looking forward to meeting her today.

We had planned to meet at a restaurant close to her office and I was there about ten minutes early to ensure we got a good table. I was sitting, drinking a coffee and glancing at a magazine when I looked up and saw Pam come in with another woman. I was a bit disappointed at first because I was hoping to catch up on all the office gossip and goings on at the company.

As it turned out, Sharon was great fun. She had joined the company a few months before and her and Pam had become friends. Sharon had been working a lot of overtime and had decided to take the afternoon off work. Since she had nothing planned, Pam asked her to join us for lunch.We had a fun time, laughing, gossiping, and just general “girl talk”. We were sitting at a table that could accommodate four people, Sharon was sitting to my left and Pam was sitting across the table from me. Sharon’s a toucher. She’s very animated when she talks and just naturally reaches out to touch your arm or hand when she’s making a point or gets to the punch line of a joke. This didn’t bother me because it seemed so natural from her. As the lunch progressed, I noticed her hand lingered a few seconds longer than necessary and once I noticed her looking directly into my eyes, and then smiling almost a “secret” smile.The time just flew by and Pam had to get back to work.

Sharon and I said our good byes to her and then she suggested we have a glass of wine. I didn’t have anything to do for the afternoon, so was in no hurry to get home. We had a nice conversation, nothing heavy, just small talk about our lives and our families. When I talked about my kids she seemed generally interested and reached over and covered my hand with hers telling me how lucky I was to have children. I didn’t move my hand away and she kept it there for about a minute and squeezed my fingers before she removed it. When we finished the wine, it was time to go. We walked out to the parking lot and started saying goodbye when I discovered that Sharon didn’t have a car. She was going to take the bus home. I offered her a lift and she accepted. When we got to her apartment, she invited me in for a coffee. I was really enjoying her company and there was something about this woman that attracted me to her although I didn’t know what it was. Once inside, she asked me if I preferred another glass of wine or coffee. I opted for the wine. She asked me if I’d mind waiting a minute while she changed out of her office clothes into something more comfortable.

“No, of course not, go ahead.”

She returned a couple of minutes later with two glasses and a bottle of wine. She had changed into a pair of sports shorts and a tank top. Her arms and legs were tanned and somewhat muscular. The armholes on the tank top were large enough that I could see the swell of her breast when she turned sideways. Her sexiness was so natural.

Coming into the living room, she said, “DAMN! I love getting home and taking off all those clothes when it’s so warm outside, especially my bra!”

I laughed, “That’s the first thing I do when I get home from anywhere, take off my bra.”

I was wearing jeans and a loose shirt, tucked into the waist. Sharon passed me a glass of wine and told me to get comfy if I wanted to; she said she didn’t care if I took off my bra! I don’t know what it was about this woman that I had just meet a couple of hours earlier, but I felt so comfortable and at ease with her.

She sat down on the couch beside me, looked at me, “Well?”

It was almost like a dare; so I smiled at her, stood up, undid the buttons on my shirt, unfastened my bra from the back, pulled one arm out of my shirt and took the strap off my shoulder. I put my arm back in my blouse and repeated the process with the other arm. My eyes never veered from Sharon’s face and her eyes didn’t waiver my chest the entire time I was doing it. In a dramatic motion, I grabbed the front of my bra, held it in my hand, extended my arm and dropped it on the couch beside her. I started to do my shirt buttons back up when she stood up and took one step towards me.She said nothing as she reached for the front of my shirt and pulled it open, exposing my bare breasts. Her hands went to my shoulders, down my arms and then up my tummy to the underside of my large breasts, lifting them upwards. She looked at me and while telling me how lovely my breasts were, her thumbs played with my nipples.

My head was spinning. I’d never had a woman touch me like that before. When I took my bra off, I knew I was flirting with Sharon, but didn’t really expect her do anything, and now, I didn’t know what to do.I think I smiled which must have been enough encouragement for her to continue. She lowered her head and her tongue gently licked my now erect nipples. It was such a wonderful sensation, feeling a woman’s mouth sucking on me like that, and it was so erotic watching her take my nipple inside her mouth, to feel her teeth gently chewing on it. She pulled it deep inside while caressing the other nipple with her fingers. I was running my fingers through her soft, dark hair, pulling it back so I could have a clear view of what I was feeling. After performing her oral magic on both of my breasts, she lifted her head to face me, her dark eyes seemed to look inside of me, and we kissed. At first it was just a meeting of lips, but I felt her tongue on my lips, and opened them, inviting her tongue into my mouth. The kiss became more and more passionate as we caressed. We’re about the same height, so feeling her breast against mine was a new, exciting feeling for me. I reached out to touch her, but she stepped back a little bit, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head.

We were standing about a foot apart, bare-chested facing each other. I couldn’t help but stare at her magnificent breasts. She was smaller than me but very firm and her erect, dark nipples protruded at least 3/4 of an inch. I cupped both her breasts in my hands and began rubbing my thumbs over her thick nipples. I couldn’t believe how wonderful they felt. Sharon asked me if I had ever been with another woman before. I told her no, this was my first time. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to go any further. “OH YES!” I was sure.Sharon took my hand and turned to walk towards the bedroom. We picked up the wine on the way. Once in the bedroom, she undid my jeans and pulled them down over my hips, then gently pushed me back onto her bed and pulled them all the way off. I was so grateful that I was wearing a nice pair of panties! I sat back up on the edge of the bed, with her standing in front of me. I grasped the waistband of her shorts and lowered them down over her hips. As I was hoping, the panties and shorts were all one piece, so she was completed naked.

My face was just inches away from this woman’s beautiful, shaved pussy, and I didn’t know what I should do. I leaned backwards a bit and placed my fingers on her tummy and gently moved them around in a circle. My other hand reached up to caress one of her nipples, feeling it harden again between my fingers. She put her hand on my head and while pushing it backwards a little bit, leaned over slightly and offered her nipple to my mouth. The softness of her skin and her scent was so erotic and exciting. I had one of her breasts in my mouth and was caressing and tugging on her other one with my fingers. Sharon had her hands on my shoulders and was moaning, asking me to take more into my mouth. I sucked as much of her breast as I could get into my mouth, using my hand to squeeze the rest downwards. With the realization that all I had to do to please her were the same things that I enjoy having done to me, I was able to relax!

I alternated sucking her hard into my mouth, teasing and gently flicking each nipple and a doing a little pinching. What really drove her wild was when I held one of her long, sexy nipples between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. She had her hands on my head, her fingers moving through my copper coloured curls. I could almost feel the sensations in my own breasts while playing with hers.

Sharon gently pushed me backwards on the bed. My legs were still over the edge of the bed so when I lifted my hips to move completely onto the bed, she pulled off my panties. Once in her hand, she held my panties up to her lips and breathed in the scent. She turned them towards me, so I could see her rubbing the very wet area with her fingers. She dropped the panties and placed a knee on either side of me and lay down on top of me, our breasts and pussy’s touching. She started kissing my face, then my neck and down to my breasts. As she moved her body, I could feel her hard nipples dragging across me.She stopped to lick and suck on my breasts while flicking the nipples with her tongue. It was wonderful, and I was on fire!

She started moving her mouth down over my abdomen, down to my mound. I’m not shaved, but I keep my pubic hair trimmed short. Sharon moved her body to one side of me, placed her hand on my inner thigh to spread my legs wider and then she knelt between my knees. Her face was between my thighs, her fingers on my hips, moving closer and closer to the center of my heat. She was teasing me. Her fingers barely touched me and her mouth was so close I could feel her breath. She looked up at me and asked me if I was sure…DAMN!! She started laughing, so I knew she knew she “had” me! Finally, her fingers separated my labia, I felt the air hit my clit and then felt her warm tongue on it. Within seconds, she had me hotter and more excited than I’ve been in years. The woman knew how to suck pussy, knew exactly how much pressure to apply, how long to do it for before easing off a bit and when to start again. She brought me to the edge of orgasm three or four times but wouldn’t let me go over. I squirmed and moaned under her. She started flicking my clit with the tip of her tongue again and then put her fingers inside of me. She moved them in a fairly slow and rhythmic manner, bringing me closer and closer with each thrust. Then suddenly, Sharon sucked my clit into her mouth, stuck a third finger inside me at the same time and started moving them very quickly. After only a few thrusts, I was cumming all over her. I couldn’t believe the intensity of the orgasm!

She came and laid beside me, kissing me full on the mouth so I could taste my own juices. Her fingers were still between my legs, gently masturbating me. I felt like I was on a cloud, just floating. It felt so magnificent. She kept stroking and stroking the insides of my lips, and then touching my clit allowing me to enjoy my orgasm, but I could feel the excitement starting to build again as her fingers became more active. I told her she’d better stop, or else she wouldn’t get “her turn”. She started laughing as she pushed two fingers deep inside me.I was playing with her nipples again and then raised myself up so I could touch her too. I was dying to get my fingers into her pussy, I wanted to feel her, to see how it felt and I wanted to taste her. She pushed me back down and told me to relax. Sharon sat up beside me. She got onto her knees and her hands moved all over my body, rubbing, caressing, and kissing it everywhere. I couldn’t believe how she was making me feel! Eventually, her mouth was back at my pussy, but this time she straddled me, facing my feet. She lowered her pussy right over my face.

I’ve seen pictures of other women and even seen them naked in change rooms, but I’d never been this close to a woman. I could see all the folds, her wetness, I could smell her wonderful musky scent- it was incredible! I started to run my fingers up and down her swollen lips, sort of tickling them, then I used my thumbs to separate them and her clit appeared in front of me. It was red and swollen, and looked like it was begging for my touch!! I pulled her closer to me and when my tongue made contact with her, her body jerked and she moaned. I started lapping up her plentiful juices, teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue. She tasted so wonderful. I used the flat of my tongue to apply pressure then I covered her clit with my lips and inserted two fingers inside her pussy and gently stroked her a few times. I replaced my mouth with a finger on her clit, moved my mouth down to her pussy, keeping my fingers inside of her, licking and sucking all around the opening. Her hips were rocking against me so I removed my fingers and inserted my tongue, licking the inside. My fingers went to her ass and began probing. When I found her rosebud, I began making small circles around it.

By now, we were both close to cumming in each other’s mouths. She seemed to get more excited when I touched her rosebud, so I brought my finger back to her pussy and got it nice and wet, and very slowly started to insert it inside her anus. Her hips were moving almost violently, she was grinding her pussy into my face, moaning as she was sucking and licking me. I was going crazy. She was going crazy. I wanted to cum. I wanted her to cum. She didn’t know which way to push, against the finger in her ass or against my mouth. I stopped long enough to tell her that I was going to cum. We were both on the edge and about to go over at the same time. I loved feeling her body tense and then relax. I could feel the contractions of her vaginal muscles as her orgasm hit at the same time as mine!

We both just collapsed, Sharon resting on top of me for a few moments until she caught her breath. When she moved to lie beside me, we kissed a long, deep, sensuous kiss.

My first experience with another woman…I can’t wait for the next one!

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