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Some Like It Hot

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My name is Karl and I’m 48 years old. Most men would consider my story a fantasy. I have been married for a number of years and have a stepdaughter, Janet, age 21. A couple of years ago Janet moved to another town to go to college and work part time, but she would visit nearly every weekend. But, with a boy friend, college and work, her visits became more infrequent. That changed about four months ago. She was coming over and asked if she could bring a friend with her since the drive was long and boring. My wife naturally said yes.

When Janet arrived Saturday morning I was shocked. Her friend Krystal was not an extraordinary beauty, but she struck every fiber down to my sexual core. Something I can’t explain, but I was instantly turned on. Krystal stands 5′ 8″ tall, has a slim build, tiny breasts, beautiful brown eyes and legs which go beyond the sky. When introduced she stuck her hand out and gave me a coy smile. I took her hand, gave it a friendly squeeze and was surprised when my squeeze was returned. We chatted a while, then went to the mall, did some shopping, ate, and generally just passed the day away. I enjoyed the visit, especially the company. As my wife and stepdaughter got off on their own thing, I entertained Krystal. I found her to be a college graduate, with an interesting job, and we hit it off quickly. I also discovered she had the most delightful sparkle in her eyes when she discussed her work. Although I was not up to the technical aspects of her job, she later confessed I was the only person she had found outside of her work place that she could discuss anything with.

The day went well and on a number of occasions Krystal accidentally brushed up against me or would shoot a smile my way. Her eyes would sparkle as she did it and once as she bent over to look at a garment, I was treated to a quick glimpse of her tiny breasts. Rock hard and begging to be devoured. After Krystal and Janet left, I fantasized about having my hands all over her sweet body with my cock buried in her snatch. I made love to my wife that night like a man possessed. She even commented how hard I was. I slept that night with a smile on my face.

Barely two weeks went by when Janet called to see if she and Krystal could spend the night. Destiny’s Child was in concert and they had tickets. Again the answer was yes and when I heard Krystal would be coming into my house and I developed a near instantaneous erection.

The concert was Saturday night and they came over early to make a day of it. When they arrived I was doing yard work. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I do not have the washboard abs so many men seem to have, but my 33″ waist on my 6′ 3″ frame, doesn’t make me look like a slob either. I’ve always been blessed with strong legs. Miles of bike riding in my early years had seen to the definition of the thighs, calves, and buttock, and so far I hadn’t lost much. I spoke to the ladies as they walked by and stared at Krystal. She was wearing a mini skirt that was mid thigh length and a ribbed style pullover that highlighted her small breasts. My cock stirred even from the brief glimpse and began to rise against the material of my loose shorts. My face felt flushed from the event, but I did nothing to try and hide my growing appreciation for Krystal. As they went to the door I got one last look at them. Krystal looked my way and I could have sworn she ran her tongue around the outside of her mouth. But the sun was already high and sweat was already forming so I figured it was my imagination, my desire, or both.

Since my wife and I designed our house there are a couple of unusual things in it. One such item is the shower off the garage. I use it to clean up before I enter the house. Today was no exception. I entered the shower and as the water began running over my sweaty torso I started to soap up. As my hand reached my cock, the soap lingered. Maybe it was the pole jutting straight out. My mind was racing even from the short sight of this young woman. As my hand caressed my missile and the pounding of the water continued I was lost in the moment. So lost I didn’t hear the door open into the area where the shower was.

The next thing I heard was, “Sure seems a shame to waste something that hard.”

I nearly came out of my skin. It was Krystal. She had come in during my ministrations. I paused for a moment then continued moving my hand up and down my shaft as she stood and watched through the glass. Her mouth opened slightly again as if she were about to say something, but no words came out.

With little thought I offered, “Care to join me? After all, this is your fault.” Still no response, but her hand did move to her chest. As her hand moved against her small tit it was as if the shock of being touched caused her to snap out of her stupor.

Her eyes never left my erection as she asked, “What do you mean all my fault?”

“Anytime I see a woman as desirable as you, this happens. Guess it’s something I just have to live with.”

Again I slowed my hand down to almost a crawl as I gathered up my cock near the base and worked slowly toward the tip. With the final inch left, I squeezed harder and accelerated the motion. With the soap suds and the pressure I was exerting, it almost appeared as if I were coming. I did this three more times before another word was spoken.

Even on the last stroke I thought I detected a low moan, other than my own. I had been staring at her eyes and then my gaze went lower and saw through the glass and water spray, what appeared to be her hand moving away from her young pussy. It couldn’t be I thought. Surely this young woman had no difficulty in getting men, or maybe just not getting men who cared about meeting her needs.

“The offer still stands if you would like to join me.”

“I can’t right now, maybe later,” was her response.

Krystal seemed to regain some of her composure as she turned and left, and I immediately stopped my hand. I could feel my pulse quickening and I didn’t want to blow a gob into the drain, not when something so tender was walking around my house. I turned the hot water off completely and finished my shower with cold water, just to get my cock to subside.

Somehow, I had to have some of this delectable creature. After I finished my shower, I put on my robe and went inside to get dressed. As I walked through the hall to my room I heard a noise, and turned toward it. There stood Krystal, leaning against a door jam, looking hot.

She was grinning as she whispered, “I do want a rain check on that shower mister.” With that she started to move, but spun back toward me and said, “Better take care of him before he gets you in trouble. After all, an innocent girl like me might get the wrong idea – know what I mean?”

I looked down to find my robe had parted and my cock was standing straight out from my body again. The head was a purple hue and the veins were standing all over the surface. The color was due in part to the pumping with no release it had received earlier. Krystal moved toward me, her eyes never leaving mine, and reached her hand down to the shaft pointing toward her. My ears picked up the voices of my wife and stepdaughter in the front of the house. I couldn’t tell just where.

Just then Krystal’s hand touched my throbbing member. Her touch was soft and gentle. She turned her finger over so the nail was downward and drug her nail the distance from my dense jungle of hair to near the head. Then she applied a bit more pressure as she traced the tip with her nail. My cock gave a mighty lunge as if reaching for more. A small drop of fluid formed at the single eye and appeared ready to fall. The drop never had a chance. Krystal turned her finger under the shaft and repeated the motion. This time when she reached the tip however the nail moved off the surface and her fingertip finished the route. She drew the fluid onto her finger and brought it quickly to her mouth. There she opened wide and placed her finger inside. Closing around the finger made my cock strain some more. I could imagine what it would feel like inside that mouth. Krystal drew the finger back out and the fluid was gone. Still she twirled her tongue around the tip of the finger as if extracting anything that remained. This was truly erotic and I wanted to grab her, push her against the wall, and fuck her where she stood. But this was not possible for obvious reasons.

Krystal smiled and said, “Hope there is more where that came from.”

“Plenty more, believe me,” I responded.

Krystal then turned and walked away, leaving me with a monster hard-on and nothing to do with it. There could be no doubt as to her effect on me now. I did manage to get my rod down enough to finish dressing while the women picked a place to eat. They selected a small place with good food, and slow casual style. A noontime meal could run two hours. Nice I thought – I could handle talking and looking at Krystal for a long lunch.

We weren’t at our table more than five minutes when I felt something running up my leg. Krystal, sitting across from me, began to tease me with her foot. She had slipped off her sandal and was skimming her toe on my leg, from my ankle to my knee. Slow and even strokes with just the right amount of pressure to not cause any noise or to be annoying. She shifted in her seat and her toes were climbing up my thigh. Like I said, her legs went all the way up. I looked down in my lap and could barely see the tip of her big toe as it crawled toward my upper thigh. I spread my legs without hesitation. Just as I thought she had reached her limit, she shifted again and her toe came even higher.

I was wearing shorts with a wide leg opening and my boxers where not holding me back either. My cock began a mission to meet her toe. Just as the head of my cock was emerging from the short leg, her toe was going in and contact was made. I nearly jumped. She then began an up and down motion with her toe that was directly on the tip of my cock. The stimulation was incredible and only caused my shaft to stretch even further. She continued for nearly the entire lunch, except when she went to the restroom.

She stood and her skirt rode high. She smiled a sly smile but made no attempt to push it down. The view went to upper thigh. She walked away and I watched, my cock aching to get at her. When she returned she made sure she brushed against me before she sat down. Krystal smiled and continued to make idle conversation.

After taking this for another ten minutes I “accidentally” dropped my fork to the floor. As I reached down to pick it up I looked over toward the little nymph. Her fingers were tracing the outline of her pussy through her small thin panties. Just as I was about to grab the fork and move back to the surface, her legs spread even further and she pushed her index finger against the near transparent material covering her wet snatch. I couldn’t resist and moved my hand over to her leg and moved it against her flesh. She didn’t even flinch. Sort of like she was expecting me to do something that that. I did get a reaction when my hand moved to within a couple of inches of wet pussy.

Her leg and thigh were like spun silk and I had to make an effort to stop before my hand went all the way to her love hole. It was a bold move she had not thought I would do obviously. She moved it only a slight bit. I grabbed my fork and moved above the table again. She barely looked my direction to start with then smiled when she knew no one was looking. Within two minutes she was back at me with her toe and she continued through the rest of lunch. Luckily I could move away when the pressure in my joint built to an explosive level. Incredibly hot or one of the worlds biggest teases, I didn’t know.

After lunch we went shopping. The girls wanted to try on clothes and wanted my opinion. I was more than happy to give them what they wanted. They tried on jeans, shorts and skirts. A couple of the outfits were quite revealing and even if she is my stepdaughter, I will admit, my little Janet does have a great body. She has an outstanding set of tits with extremely small nipples which she displayed once as she leaned over and adjusted a top. Even though I am a small breast man by design, I do enjoy looking at a large set every now and then. The contrast between Janet and Krystal was amazing. Small and firm versus large and by all appearances, firm. Janet came out once in an outfit that was made to arouse a man, even one of stone. A current style called a ‘belly’ shirt that had a very low boat neck top that was too loose for her to wear (at least one size too large I would say), and loose at the bottom also. She wore a light nearly transparent skirt of a cottony material and sandals. Moving before the mirror she twirled and moved and I was afforded numerous looks at her breasts, upper thighs and even a quick glimpse of her ass as she had conveniently forgotten to wear any underwear.

But, it was Krystal who came out in outfits that kept me in a constant state of arousal. One particular skirt was so short that you could see the start of her ass hanging out the bottom. And then there were the cut off jeans she tried on. Oh My Goodness! They were so tight her cunt lips were pouting at me as they strained for freedom. From the way she walked, it was obvious she was getting herself off. Then the final stroke, swim wear. During all this I had barely been afforded an opportunity to see any serious flesh from Krystal, discounting her upper thighs and cut-offs and the flash of her hot panty cover pussy at lunch. But the small bikini she wore out of the dressing room changed that.

The top was teeny tiny and left little to the imagination about how small her breasts actually were. When she walked out, I noticed the top was loose fitting. The bikini bottoms displayed numerous pubic hairs sticking out. She moved to the mirror, then making sure I was watching she bent over. Her back was to me with the mirror in front. She was checking to see if the suit would fall away from her breasts. It did. I gazed into the mirror and saw the most beautiful little acorn shaped breast capped by a bright pink colored nipple that was nearly as large as the breast itself. Surrounded by a darker hue on the aureole, the package was complete. I nearly came on the spot.

Krystal looked in the mirror and caught me staring. “Like them?” she grinned stepping backwards, bumping right into my rapidly growing cock.

She glanced in the mirror again, then turned and glanced down.

“Looks like he is at it again huh? I told you that you better take care of him before he gets you in trouble.”

With that she wiggled her fine ass against my tented shorts and moved off, going toward the dressing room.

Janet stopped her before she made it back in and she wanted to see the suit. Krystal asked her, “So, what do you think? Should I keep it? Think it will get the guys hot?”

I didn’t know about “the guys”, but I knew it was working on me. Janet told her she thought it was a keeper and she should get it. In the meantime I moved to a rack of clothes and pointed my erection into them so I wouldn’t have to explain my hard shaft. I almost made it before Janet turned my way. Her eyes went straight to my tented shorts. She whispered something to Krystal and they giggled.

Janet then went looking for something else to try on and Krystal went to change. About the time Krystal came out wearing her regular clothes, Janet went in. A quick glance revealed she had left her bra off. Not that she needed one, but her nipples were sticking out like twin electrodes. She spoke to my wife about something until Janet asked for some help. My wife went to assist her leaving Krystal and me alone outside the dressing area. She wasted no time moving to me. Looking me in the eye her hand moved to the front of my shorts and she casually began to rub on my erect cock.

“Do you have any idea how bad I want to fuck you?” she asked. With the comment she pressed in even harder causing my shorts to strain as they held my cock inside.

“I have good idea,” I whispered back.

“I’ve wanted your cock inside me since I first met you.” With the comment she applied even more pressure and was greeted with an involuntary jerk from my rising member. Feeling the jump in the material caused her to smile at me.

“After that first day I met you I went home and finger fucked myself for nearly three hours. I was so sore I could hardly walk the next day, but I couldn’t get you out of my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to have your cock inside my pussy.” “And,” she grinned, “I do great blow jobs. I want you to experience it first hand. I want to wrap my lips around your cock and make you come and come and come. Then this morning, I just knew I had to fuck you. I’m so wet right now I know I’ll make squishy noises when I walk. My pussy is begging for you. I can feel it throbbing. Would you like to feel it? I want you to. Please, for me, touch my pussy.”

I moved away from her a little. “Are you crazy? We’ll get caught. I can’t. Not here. Not now.”

But that didn’t stop her. She covered the distance I had put between us and grabbed my hand. I didn’t resist. She brought it to the bottom edge of her skirt, and used her free hand to pull the bottom of the material up. I looked down and could see where her panties should have been. But nothing was visible. She then led my hand to her womanhood. I was shocked by her action and by the fact that she wasn’t kidding. She was drenched. I let her take the lead again as she moved my hand against her small patch of hair and in toward her wet pussy lips. I couldn’t believe this; right here in the store and this woman was having me feel her pussy. Instinctively my other hand rose to her breast and I squeezed gently. Sure enough, she had removed her bra as well. Her nipple stuck me as I moved against it. My erection was growing and soon I would not be able to control it.

Then she spoke again, “Well? You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

With the comment, she moved her hand off mine and brought it over to the front of my shorts again. My own hand remained on her quivering cunt and even pressed in toward her clit. My main problem now was the expansive bulge in my shorts.

“I need a real man to give me a good fucking. Know anyone who might want to do it for me?”

It was all I could do to grab her hand and move it away from my shorts while pulling my own hand away from her wet pussy, but I did it.

“I’ll volunteer. But I don’t think this is the time or place.”

“I’ll think of something”, she said as she moved away. When my wife came out, Krystal was a good five feet away from me.

The rest of the day did not go without incident. Every time she knew no one was watching, she would touch the front of my shorts causing my cock to stir. Or she would back up against me causing her ass to make contact with my cock. The worst or best depending on how you look at it was when we were alone and she backed against me. Before I knew what she was doing she had grabbed my hands and brought them to her small tits. Pushing my hands down onto them and then releasing them, my own reaction was to rub into the material causing them to stiffen and poke out, small but proud. By the end of the day I was a time bomb waiting to go off. Thinking there was no way I would ever get to fuck this young nymph, at least I could think about it while I fucked my wife that night. Boy was I wrong on this one.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8:00 with a warm up band and the band. We live 40 minutes away without traffic, but with the concert it would be more like an hour to get there and another hour or more to get back. We returned in plenty of time for Krystal and Janet to get ready. I was watching the news when Janet came to talk to her mother.

Krystal was sick, throwing up, and she didn’t think she should go to the concert. Well Janet didn’t want to go by herself and she asked me if I would like to go with her. I said something like she had to be kidding, and then I mentioned that her mother might like to go.

“What about Krystal?” she asked.

“I’m sure Krystal will be fine. I think I can take care of her if she needs anything,” I said. “Why don’t you two go to the concert and enjoy. We’ll be fine.” They finally agreed. It was 6:33 when they left for the concert and it was 6:47 when Krystal appeared at the doorway to the den.

“Sorry you didn’t feel like going to the concert Krystal. I know you were looking forward to it.”

“Actually,” she spoke, “I do feel like going, but I feel more like coming.”

I looked toward her and she smiled. “I figure we have the better part of four hours for you to make me all better. I think I have a fever and I need you to take my temperature to see if I’m hot.” With that comment she opened her mouth as if wanting her temperature taken and then ran her tongue around her lips.

I knew she was hot, but it wasn’t from a fever. Or maybe it was. “Come here and we’ll start your treatment.”

“Not here. Come to my room. I want to do it right.”

I got up and followed her like a lap dog. She moved ahead of me and my cock was pointing the way. When she got to the guestroom, she stopped and I caught up to her. From there I could smell the perfume she had put on and the scent of numerous candles filled the air. The room was dark except for the candle light and a small stereo she turned on. Soft music was coming from the speakers. The fly was entering the lair of the spider. Krystal remained motionless then backed up against me. This time she didn’t have to grab my hands to make them move. I pulled her to me and they began to climb. Following the path around her hips and then coming together near the top of her panty line. The material of her garment was silky and it was almost like feeling her flesh directly. My hands traveled slowly up her body until they reached her chest. Finding her small tits I still handled them the same way I would any other breasts. Lifting them slightly (that’s all the movement they had) and then finding the nipple too gently tweak and rub. She moaned the first of numerous times as my lips sought her neck and ear. I used one hand to gently massage her tits while using the other to search lower for an even more valuable prize.

Touching the bottom of her shirt my hand traveled under the material and moved upward to touch her moist panty cover pussy. As soon as my hand touched her most private area, she turned around so we could embrace. Looking into her eyes we kissed for the first time. When our lips touched it was obvious she was hungry. So was I. My hands remained steady on her as she squirmed around trying to get all of me in her mouth. Her pubic bone was grinding on mine as we pulled each other closer. When we finally broke for air, I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. At the same time, she backed away until her legs came in contact with the bed. She then stretched out on the covers that she had made to look just so. This woman had planned everything. The bedspread was neatly folded over the rack as it should be, and the covers were pulled down to the proper place. She spread her body over the top in slow motion. Once settled, she took her shirt and casually pulled it up her torso. Once she reached the bottom of her breasts she stopped, with only a hint of them showing. She then began to move about on the bed, wearing only a whisper of panties and the shirt.

Her hands began a downward trail and as they reached the elastic top of her panties, she coolly inserted a finger under the edge and released a low moan of pleasure. “Are you going to join me, or do you want to watch me masturbate?”

The thought of watching her do this was a turn on, but I decided it would be best if I joined her now and we could do the other later. I moved onto the bed and kissed her again. She was so hot I was fearful of burning myself. As I kissed her, our tongues entwined, and my hand traveled to her waist and then upward toward her breasts. I didn’t know if she was ashamed of her tits or what, but I wanted to suck on them almost as much as I wanted to fuck her. Running my fingers under the material of her shirt I found one and then the other. Small was the operative word, but I couldn’t recall ever having felt breasts as firm as these. They were like two rocks on her chest and the nipples were like two spikes sticking out. The nipples measured nearly an inch in length and were the size of a carpenter’s pencil. I figured if someone were to fall on them, it could be dangerous. Still my hand worked them over.

Then I pulled the shirt up so I could see them up close. I brought my lips off hers and looked downward at these little marvels on her chest. With the candle light flickering back and forth and lust in my eyes, I had difficulty in focusing, but knew they were packages of dynamite. I moved my mouth down to one and lightly touched my tongue to it. Krystal released a long and low guttural moan. It was as I suspected they were small, but incredibly sensitive. I sucked her entire breast into my mouth with room to spare and began a soft sucking of the tender morsel. Using my tongue, I began to wash her nipple, twirling around the tip and moving it back and forth. I didn’t think it possible, but her nipple became even larger and firmer. Over and over and over again I licked and with each pass, her pleasure was mounting. Then using my teeth, I captured the morsel and lightly nipped at it. Finally securing it where I wanted it between my teeth, I began a sawing motion back and forth. This also brought a squeal from her lips.

Wanting more than just to hear her moan my hand moved down her body until it reached her panties. Her lower torso was moving around in a thrashing manner. When I finally made contact with her pubic area, I found the entire area was soaked.

“That’s right lover. I’m wet, just thinking of you. Put your finger in me. Let my pussy show you how much I want you. That’s right, put it in me. I need it.”

Moving back to the top of her panties, I inserted my fingers. Moving past her neatly trimmed bush, I pushed a finger into her waiting pussy. I had never known a woman with a clit as large as the one I found between Krystal’s legs. It was a near duplicate of her nipples in size and hardness. When my finger passed over it she emitted a soft scream and her whole body began to tremble. I pressed onward and pushed the first joint of my finger into her soaked pussy. That was as far as I got. She clamped down on my finger and her body went from a tremble, to a mild quiver, and from there to a violent pulsing in a matter of seconds.

“Oh God. I’m coming. God. I’m coming. Oh baby shove it into me. I need it all. Please. Fuck my pussy. God, I need it. My pussy needs it soooooo bad.”

True to her word, she was having an intense orgasm and I do mean intense. Pushing hard my finger moved all the way into her as I felt fluid leave her cunt, coating my finger and running out of her. She came in squirts. I then bit into her nipple a little harder and she screamed again, but even louder. Never had I encountered a woman as orgasmic as this little nymphet. I was just glad I had no neighbors close to me. I also knew I had to fuck this little number, and soon.

Removing my hand from her snatch, I grabbed the top of her panties and pulled. They snapped easily and she immediately spread her legs. I reached down and undid my shorts and kicked them off while moving between her legs.

“That’s it lover. Fuck me now. I want you to fuck me. Long, deep, and hard. Give it to me. Give it all to me. I need your cock. My pussy’s on fire with wanting you. I’m so fucking hot and wet. Please, just fuck me hard. Do it now.”

Finally in position, I put just the head against her wet lips. Slowly I started to insert my cock into her willing hole. Her hips thrust forward and upward. I had anticipated this however and pulled back. I couldn’t help but tease her a little just to get her back for the daylong events. Again I moved forward and the head of my cock barely made it past her waiting lips when she reached around, grabbed my cock, squeezed and gave a couple of little jerks as if measuring the thickness and length. Then, while holding on for dear life to my cock she wrapped her legs around my middle. In one smooth and rapid motion, she impaled herself with my pulsing member. In spite of the wetness and the orgasm she had just had, the fit and warmth were incredible and beyond description. The velvet glove expression came to mind. Only this “glove” was about two sizes too small. Tight doesn’t even begin to cover the subject of her pussy. She was like a wild woman and as wet as she was, her tightness was still very evident. Obviously no child had ever made it through this love opening. She was bucking around on my cock as if she were in a race. Having sucked my entire 7 plus inches into her hole, she sounded as if she were going for another orgasm. With her pussy holding me tightly, I was having trouble hanging onto my load. Then I felt her pussy expand and began rubbing me as well. All I had to do was remain steady and let her do all the work, and she did. She found her rhythm and kept building up speed. Pumping, pumping and pumping some more. I knew I would soon go over the top and have an incredible climax.

“I’m almost there baby. I’m about to come. Oh God. I feel it. Here it comes,” I told her.

Just then she grabbed hold of my cock with her cunt muscles and squeezed as she impaled herself to the hilt once more. That was it for me as I came with an intensity I seldom knew. I swear my toenails were curling up. Just then she let out another long and low scream and I felt her pussy contract again and again, milking me like a small suction pump. She was having another orgasm herself as my eruption splattered her pussy walls with sperm. It was all I could do to hold myself up as her body rose off the bed and began to shake violently. The whole time her pussy was contracting and milking my rod. Finally she stopped shaking and I lowered myself and rolled off her, collapsing to the bed. I lay silently for nearly five minutes, looking at the ceiling and trying to catch my breath.

“That was the most mind altering fuck I have ever had,” I finally told her.

“I’m not finished with you yet lover,” she said.

With that she moved down to my limp cock and took it into her mouth. I’ve had blowjobs before; from terrible too great, but none could compare to the tricks Krystal knew. Even after giving her what I thought was a week’s worth of come, she got a rise out of my cock. I would have bet money it wouldn’t happen, but within 5 minutes, this talented woman had me standing proud and at the ready. This time she got on top. Legs on either side of me, she slowly eased herself down onto my cock. She began a slow rocking back and forth, the whole time gripping me with her soaked pussy. Even as she rocked, I could feel my jism begin to run from her hot snatch. I looked up at this incredible woman, rocking back and forth, and I was aware of a chain reaction building in my balls. I reached up, taking a small breast in each hand and began my own method of motion. Kneading the nipples out to the tip as one would work baker’s dough, pausing at the very tip to apply more pressure.

“Oh Karl, that feels so good. I feel your cock in me, all hard and thick. God. Why did I wait so long to fuck you? Can you feel my cunt all around your cock, gripping it? Milking it? Does it feel good lover?”

I responded the best I could with my own ‘Yes’ response. She really knew how to milk a man’s cock with her body. I continued to play with her tits, working the flesh. A little rough at times and gentle at others times. She seemed to enjoy anything I did, no matter what it was. I also found that if I put too much pressure or not enough she would react with her own style of rocking. If she wanted harder, she would grind her pubic into me harder. And in the rare chance I used too much pressure, she would ease up her grinding. No words, just a teacher/student type of relationship. I wondered, who’s the teacher and who’s the student. So far the student was me.

Back and forth she went, starting to rise slightly off my body, using her pussy to pull my cock with her. The sensations were building fast. Moving as she was now, she regained her timing and began picking up speed again. I released one of her tits and moved my hand down to her leg. I ran my hand up and down her ultra smooth flesh. Bringing my hand back up to the top of her leg each time, I allowed my hand to go around to grab her little ass. Wherever I touched, seemed to turn her on even more. I took a handful of ass and squeezed. She moaned again even deeper than before.

Taking it on cue I moved my hand away from her ass and as she rose up from my cock, I brought it back down in a powerful stroke, swatting her ass good and hard. The blow startled her in the beginning but she quickly returned to her motion. Each time she went up off my cock, I would swat her ass again. Sometimes with more force and sometimes with less. I knew as tender as her flesh was, it had to be stinging like hell and still she continued. Her moans were growing more pronounced with each blow. Then she spoke again.

“That feels so good. I’ve never had anyone do that before. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop. Harder. Harder. Oh, it feels good. Don’t tease me. Hit my ass. Hit it. Slap my ass.”

I must have done this for a good five minutes with every rise off my cock, I smitted her ass again. Her breathing became labored and she was on the verge of crying. I could see it when the lights hit her face. I stopped striking her ass and instead moved my hand back to her tit. I rubbed the morsel and then pinched pretty hard.

“Oh Lordy. Sweet Jesus” she nearly screamed. The change in my approach caused her to once more lose her timing. That time gave me a chance to regain a bit of control and I decided to press my advantage.

“What’s the matter you fuckin’ cunt? Can’t take a real man? Is your sweet little pussy gettin’ tired? Better do it right, or I’ll stop. I’ll pull outta your cunt and leave you hanging. Don’t fuck with me. You wanted me – now you got me. Ride it baby. Suck down all my cock, deep inside you. Use those cunt muscles you’re so proud of. Fuck me baby. Fuck my big fat dick.”

Krystal responded by increasing her speed again. She got her steady rhythm going again and seemed well on her way. That’s when I brought my hand down hard on her ass again. Tears began to stream down her face and it was obvious she was very near another orgasm. I reached both my hands around and grabbed her ass tightly. Then I pulled her hard against me up thrust cock. Even as I brought her little ass down, I drove my missile skyward, meeting her in the middle with a resounding thump. She got into it and was applying even more speed as she came down. If one of my balls would have swung out and gotten caught; my voice would have gone up at least four octaves. With a few more strokes Krystal went over the edge.


She sounded then as if she were speaking in tongues. I have no idea what she was saying but I knew she was racked by another tremor that racked her from head to toe. I also felt her cunt juice run from her snatch and began to puddle on my stomach and collect around my balls and ass. All this combined sent me into my second eruption of the night.

Krystal was still in the throngs of her own climax when I told her, “I’m there baby, I’m gonna blow my nuts.”

Without hesitation, she pulled herself off my cock and moved between my legs, swallowing everything with her mouth. She sucked hard, finishing me in record time. Again, my orgasm was like a fountain, and although it wasn’t as much as much as the first time, it was still a gusher. And she took it all. Ever when I had finished with my little spurts, she continued to suck. Once finished, she moved up to kiss me. I could taste my spunk along with her juices as we kissed. I held her in my arms and told her I was sorry if I had struck her too hard. She just grinned up through the tears still brimming in her eyes and made the comment she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“Karl, that’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. I knew you were special and I’m glad I got the chance to fuck you in the flesh instead of just the mind. And no, you didn’t hurt me. That was just me being over come with pleasure. It stung, but the joy more than covered it. Matter of fact, I’ll gladly be your naughty little girl anytime you’d like.”

As we kissed I glanced at the clock. It was almost 11:30. Much as I hated to do it, we had to break. We got up and pulled the covers off the bed, replacing them with fresh ones. After all, I couldn’t have Janet lying down in a come soaked bed as it would bring too many questions. So we changed the linens and I took the sheets down to put them in the washer. I tucked Krystal into the bed and gave her a kiss goodnight, while moving my hand to her hard tit. I couldn’t resist and moved my mouth down to that hard morsel on her chest. I greedily suck it into my mouth and flicked the nipple back and forth numerous times before I rose.

“Thanks for the evening, I’ll never forget it.”

“What makes you think it’s over. I know you have at least one more gusher in that cock of yours. I’ll need it again before I can go to sleep.”

“Are you crazy? They’ll be home before long.”

“Not now,” she said, “meet me in the kitchen about 2:30. We’ll see what’s cooking.”

With that she gave me a quick rub on my cock and sure enough it stirred. “See. I told you there was another one in there.” She rolled over as I left the room.

I waited up until my wife came home and told her that Krystal had gotten sick and had thrown up in bed but I had taken care of it. I also told her I was feeling a little off myself, maybe from the up-chuck or whatever, so I didn’t try anything with her. We went to bed and I watched the clock like a hawk. I didn’t understand myself. I was acting like a teenager with a hormonal imbalance.

Finally 2:30 arrived and I eased out of bed. A quick check indicated my wife was sound asleep. I closed the bedroom door and moved toward the kitchen. Only a small light was on and as I approached I saw Krystal leaning over as if looking for something in the refrigerator. What a beautiful sight. Her nightie had moved all the way up her legs and was resting on the top portion of her hips and ass. From the angle I could plainly see the red marks from the earlier spanking. Krystal had her legs spread a little and her cute little cunt was outlined against the backdrop of the refrigerator.

As I approached I asked, “See anything you want?”

She turned toward me without changing her position and said, “I do now.”

I moved closer to her and could smell the fresh perfume she had put on. Before I got all the way to her she asked, “Do you think I have a nice ass?” I stopped and looked as if for the first time.

“Yes, I think your ass is very nice.”

Even as I said so I reached out and ran my hand over the flesh that was presented. It was indeed nice and soft. Sort of small like the rest of her, but still a very fine ass.

“Will you do something for me?” She asked.

“If I can, you should know that I will. What do you want?”

“Well, I’ve never, well you know, I have never been,” her voice trailed off.

“What,” I asked again. “What would you like?”

“I’ve never, and tell me no if you don’t want to, I’ll understand, but I’ve never been fucked in the ass. And I want you to do it. I mean, I know some people think it’s dirty, but I want to try it. I mean, if you don’t want to, I’ll understand. It’s just, I think I would only want someone I trusted to try it with me. Will you do it? Will you fuck my ass?”

“Somebody slap me”, came to mind from the movie. I couldn’t believe it. Another of my fantasies and it was about to come true as well. Without answering her I slide my finger down to her ass and moved it against outer edges of her bum hole. I drew my hand back and stuck a finger in my mouth, coating it with saliva, and brought it back to her ass, slowly working it into the puckered opening. Gradually working the finger up to the first digit. Krystal sucked in a large gulp of air and then acted as if her balance was leaving her. I suggested we go to the den. I closed and locked the door behind us. I could possibly explain what we were doing with the door locked, but I couldn’t explain if we were caught in the middle of a fuck fest.

Once we were inside next to the couch I spun her around and began to kiss her. My tongue found its mark again and my hand did likewise on her tit. My free hand traced the flesh around her ass, dipping in each time a little deeper and closer to the hole. Her hand found my cock and she began to stroke it meaningfully. My hands were busy and I used my mouth to keep hers covered to keep her quiet. I was concerned that what happened earlier would repeat itself and make the task of fucking her almost impossible.

I knew from her strokes I was at full mast again and my hand on her ass told me she was so wet the juices were flowing down toward her thighs. I broke the kiss and moved her to the couch. She grabbed the back of it and spread her legs wide apart as I dropped my boxers and moved between them. She reached the material of her nightie and pulled it up above her waist again, revealing her luscious ass.

Krystal was so hot I could feel the heat as it rose from her. Then with her ass turned my way and the tip of my cock playing at her opening I dropped to my knees and brought my mouth to her waiting ass checks. I licked her entire spheres and felt goose bumps as they rose to meet my wayward tongue. I ran my hands up and down her long legs and eventually made my way to her wet pussy. Sensing what was about to happen, Krystal spread her legs even more to give me better access. I brought a hand to her cunt and began to play with her sweet pussy lips. Her clit stuck out seeking attention. I was glad to give it.

Playing with her clit with one hand, my tongue was seeking a path to her ass. Trailing along the edges, Krystal began to moan softly. It was something she obviously enjoyed. I continued to slide around the edges. Then bringing my other hand up to grab her ass cheek, I could see the dark pink area where I had spanked her. I grabbed it and pulled as I dipped my tongue straight down onto her puckered little hole, stabbing right in the center. Her ass began to move about and I had trouble keeping the contact made with her anal region. So I rose to my full height and moved close again with my straining cock. I bent slightly at the knees and pointed my shaft. Then with one quick and powerful thrust, I entered her drenched and waiting pussy. I was buried to the hilt. The assault on her pussy had come as a surprise to her and she had to fight to contain a loud gasp. She grabbed a small towel she had placed there, and placed it in her mouth. She bit down and her muffled moans were a mere murmur. Stroke after stroke I pounded into her cunt. Each thrust bringing her closer to orgasm. Since I had already shot my load twice, my control would be better, even with her tight pussy moving under me.

Again and again I pushed into her well-used hole. Then resorting to only hip action I reached around and grabbed her tits and began to squeeze and pinch them. Finally she began to tremble as another orgasm found its way from her body. I pulled my shaft, now fully coated with her cunt juice, from her quivering pussy and placed it at the entrance to her nether region. I brought the head to the opening and pushed gallantly until the head popped in. Once there Krystal took in a sharp breath and held it. Then slowly and without faltering I pushed until all my cock was buried in her ass. I withdrew slowly, almost removed it completely and then pushed forward again. Once buried to the hilt, I leaned forward and asked if she wanted me to continue. She only nodded her head yes. I pulled back again and once more pushed for all I was worth. With each stroke, her ass hole was expanding to take all of me and after a couple dozen strokes she was ready for me to build up speed. Several minutes passed and then I began to rip her pretty good. To start, all she could do was moan into her towel, but as she became adjusted to the invasion, she really got into it. She worked her hand down to her clit to work it. It wasn’t long before she reached her final climax of the night. Even with the towel in her mouth she made noise. Luckily we were the only ones to hear it.

I felt my nuts draw near my cock and knew I was about done also, so I grabbed Krystal by her hips and positioned myself for my final penetration. I rammed it home a couple more times with authority and shot my last drops of sperm into her. She collapsed against the couch and finally removed the towel from her mouth. As she moved, my cock, now soft and drained pulled out of her. It made a small “pop” noise as it did so. Krystal turned and kissed me once more, then dropped to her knees. She sucked my cock into her mouth, but we both knew even her talent couldn’t revive me this time, but it still felt good. She sucked for a while and then rose.

“I just wanted to thank you for all pleasure this evening,” she smiled and kissed me again. “It was all my pleasure,” I said.

We held each other for some time after the final climax. I was lightly toying with her tits and nipples that brought moans to her lips. But before we got into something we didn’t have time to finish we said goodnight.

The next morning when she was leaving I thought I saw her favoring her hip, the one I had taken liberty with the night before, but she never said anything. She even caught me alone one time and rubbed my cock, making it rise, while I praised her small exposed tit.

“A remarkable instrument you have there. I’ll miss it,” she said.

A little later as Krystal and Janet were getting into the car, I couldn’t resist saying, “Come again.”

She responded with “I plan to, if I’m invited. And thanks for taking care of me last night. I hope I wasn’t too much trouble.”

We all said our final good-byes and they drove off.

Just as they pulled out of sight my wife spoke up and said, “Does she have the tightest pussy you ever fucked, or what?”

She left me standing there with my mouth open and a blank expression on my face. No telling what will happen next. But I figure, at least it was the best sex I ever had. No one can take that away from me.

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