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Best Friend & Wife

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I’ve been single for about six months now, and had been invited over to Jay and Maria’s for dinner. I was looking forward to getting out of my flat. Jay is one of my best friends – we have known each other since we were five years old. Jay is my age, average height, and has close-cropped hair as he started going bald a few years ago. He is fairly fit though, and keeps in shape running and cycling.

His wife Maria went to our high school, and seems to wear the pants in the relationship. Adventurous, outgoing and optimistic are words that I would not usually use to describe her.

I arrived over at 3pm for a few drinks. I like to ease into the evening hence the early start. Maria opened the door wearing a light summer dress with some curves that whispered “braless” and an unusual mischievous smile. “Hey sexy” she greeted me, and took my bottles of wine. The greeting was very out of the ordinary, but I was in a good mood and replied back with a simple “easy tiger!” and kissed her hello on the cheek. Either my aim was bad though, or she turned toward me, because the corners of our lips met briefly.

I went inside, said hi to Jay and accepted a beer that he offered to me from the refrigerator. We then went outside and took a seat at the outside table, enclosed in a private courtyard surrounded by trees and flowers, and relatively high fences.

Drinks started flowing, and the usual reminiscing took place. I was in a good mood, as I find that my moods often match those of people around me. And the conversation was fun and lively, as opposed to the usual “did you see that programme on TV the other night” that I usually get when I visit them. Not only was the conversation light and joking, but it also kept moving to sex. At first, jokingly one of them would raise the subject or ask a question, usually followed by an inference and a sly, now slightly intoxicated smile from Maria.

At one point Maria went to get some more drinks, and Jay asked how many sexual partners I’ve had. “I don’t know if you realise, but both Maria and I were virgins when we met” he explained, “and you’re a single guy who’s done a lot of travelling” etc. I answered with what I consider to be a modest sum. Jay wanted to know more though. I started to recount a couple of different escapades I’d had, and was talking about the weekend where I had sex with a 19 year old on the Friday night, and a 47 year old on the Saturday night.

Jay was showing great interest in my story, which I must admit was quite good, and for the record they were both great but I enjoyed the 47 year old better as she knew what she wanted! At that point Maria walked back in, with some beers, and wine for herself. She spilt a bit of her wine, and it looked like the wine was having a desired affect. Jay put his hand on her leg and lifted her skirt playfully up to her thigh, and said “Paul is filling me in on some sexy adventures he has had.”

“Oooh, that sounds fun,” Maria replied and seductively winked at me. “Would you be able to fill both of us in?”

I know I wasn’t imagining that, though I was unsure exactly of the meaning. However, I realised I had a very hard erection, and made certain that my legs were under the table and my bulge out of sight.

I talked a bit more, and the drink kept flowing. The talk then turned to fantasies. I confessed to the usual two-girl fantasy, admitting that it had almost happened, but not quite. This wasn’t one of my mildest fantasies though, but I thought it was an easy out to get the attention away from me.

Now, I thought this couple was, in the nicest way possible, very boring. But when Jay admitted that his fantasy was to watch two people having sex, my perceptions began to change. “Do you enjoy watching people, Paul?” Maria asked? “Sure.” I replied. “My DVD collection would testify to that.”

“Do you enjoy watching people kiss?” She said.
”Yes, I find that incredibly erotic”. She lent over and kissed Jay slowly and passionately. One of her shoulder straps slid down, and I noticed Jay’s hand working itself further up her thigh. “Well, that’s pretty hot” I said, as my erection returned suddenly.

They kissed for at least a couple of minutes, during which I was torn between excusing myself and jerking off, or joining in. Finally they stopped, and I realised Maria’s skirt was showing a glimpse of her hairless (another surprise!) mound from where Jay had been, now obviously, fingering her. The combination of the alcohol and the show had me hot and horny.

Maria left to get another drink, and as she went inside I joked with Jay. “Boy, she’s enjoying the wine! Is she ok?” “Yeah” he said. “Actually Paul, please forget I ever said this if you don’t like it, but this isn’t an accident. We have been talking a lot recently about fantasies, and we figure that we have been married long enough to comfortably bring some to life.”

Jay continued, saying that strangely, and possibly a sign of their closeness, that they shared a fantasy of another guy fucking Maria, while Jay watched. As I was very close to both of them, and had known them both for over 20 years, they felt comfortable with inviting me to help them out. My cock was aching in my jeans, as he asked if I would like to “…fuck my wife”.

On cue, Maria’s arms wrapped around me from behind, and she whispered into my ear “I want you to fuck me” as she unbuttoned my fly and took out my throbbing cock. I’m only an average size, but it was the hardest I had ever felt it. I looked at Jay who had a glazed look of love, lust and passion in his eyes. He met my look, winked, and said, “Go for it, friend”.

I slid Maria around and sat her on my hard cock. She pulled her should straps down exposing her lovely firm C cup breasts that she normally keeps so prudishly covered. Her areolas were large, much larger than I expected, and I slowly lowered my head and took a nipple in my mouth. I continued to suck and nibble for a minute or two, during which time Maria was grinding her ass on my hot cock. I swapped my mouth to her other beautiful breast and found this nipple was as hard as diamond. I had only paid that one a little attention when she stood up and dropped her dress slowly to the deck. I was lying back in the chair with my flag at full mast, and admired her shapely but firm (and hairless) body.

I glanced over at Jay, and was immediately both surprised and turned on. He had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. But that wasn’t what surprised me. What surprised me was that his cock was huge! Not so much in length, probably about 7.5 inches, but it was thick, much thicker than mine. Thoughts flashed through my mind, but were replaced by Maria’s blonde hair descending towards my crotch, followed by her warm wet mouth lapping at the swollen head of my cock. I let out a groan as she slid my whole cock into her salivating mouth, and slowly took it out again, letting it slap against her cheek as she smiled wickedly up at me.

She slowly inched my aching cock back into her mouth, and rhythmically started to suck my entire attention into the single purple point located at the end of my dick. My friend Jay had obviously been explaining a few guy things to her, because she started a slow-slow-slow-fast-fast-fast-fast-fast-slow-slow rhythm that had me moaning like a grieving widow. Before I knew it this temptress had me on the edge. “I’m going to come if you don’t stop” I said, suddenly aware that I was about to shoot my load in my best friends’ wife’s mouth. Maria didn’t stop, and I looked at Jay who simply nodded and said, “Please do…”

With that my orgasm hit with the speed of a freight train. My head went back in ecstasy and my hand rested on Maria’s blonde hair. What normally would have surprised me was that she didn’t miss a beat and continued to milk my throbbing cock until I laid my head back in a combination of ecstasy and exhaustion. I could feel my cock go limp as she slid her mouth off, stood up, and leaned over to Jay. I watched as she gave him a juicy passionate french kiss, and I thought I saw a slight swallowing motion from my best friend as I pictured him receiving my semen from his wife’s mouth. This thought immediately partially revived my erection as Maria kissed Jay again, whispered something in his ear then moved back to me to say, “We haven’t finished yet!”

She took me by the arm and led me inside where I shed what remaining clothes I had. Jay followed and also took his jeans and shirt off, and I briefly admired his physique. A couple more sessions in the gym and he would have a nice six-pack going. Maria pushed me back onto the bed and once again took me into her mouth until I was hard. “I told you I wanted you to fuck me,” she whispered huskily, as she positioned herself over me, and slowly lowered herself so that my cock was sucked into her moist, hairless pussy. She fucked me like that for a few minutes, both of us groaning and grinding, until she rolled over, keeping me inside and resulting on me being on top in the missionary position.

I was completely engrossed in the task in hand as Maria put her index finger to her lips and removed it, smiled, half sat up, and simultaneously said “I hope you like this” and placed her wet finger on my virgin asshole. I have had chicks do this to me before, so this just turned my on even more. Maria saw this and slowly worked her way into my hot ass. Once again I glanced at Jay, who was massaging his thick rod, staring at his wife’s finger in my anal passage.

Maria once again took control as she slid out from underneath me, instructing me to lie on my stomach. She kissed my passionately on the lips and started kissing her way down my back. I could guess what was coming, and even though I didn’t think it was possible, I got even more turned on. I had never been rimmed before, though I had done it to a couple of girlfriends. Maria slid her fiery tongue between my cheeks, and circled my hole slowly. Occasionally she would dip her tongue into my hot arse, and then resume rimming. I raised my hips so she could grab my cock and jerk me off at the same time. I was in heaven as she stopped rimming me and concentrated on massaging my cock. She resumed moments later, and once again I lay with my eyes closed enjoying the fact that my best friends blonde wife had her tongue in my ass and her hand around my dick.

“Mmmm, you like that don’t you” I heard Maria say as I lay there with a smile on my face. I could tell she was talking to her husband.

“Mmmm, Mmm” was the muffled reply….. Wait a minute, I could still feel a tongue up my arse as Maria said those words, and it took a half a minute to come to the conclusion. It’s a good time to say that I have had more than a few fantasies about guys, including visiting a few bisexual porn sites and stuff, but when I registered what was going on I furiously tried to work out whether I should get up and be angry or what. I was definitely confused as Maria moved up and kissed my on the mouth, all the while a tongue was still up my ass.

“Sorry honey, we weren’t entirely truthful. We should have told you that our fantasy is to have a threesome with a good-looking guy. You look like your enjoying it…”

We kissed again, and I felt four hands roll me gently over. As Maria kissed me, I felt Jay’s warm hot mouth envelope my hard prick. I let out a loud groan, and moved my hips up so that my cock was buried in his mouth. He began to move up and down on my member, and I could not believe that my best friend was giving me the best head that I could remember. I hesitantly started to move my hips in and out so that I was face fucking my friend, and pretty soon we had a rhythm going that was about to send me over the edge. Both Jay and his wife realised this, and he moved up the bed next to us.

He kissed Maria, then she kissed me, and then he kissed her and me. His breath tasted different to any girl I have kissed – not offensive, but musky, manly. I closed my eyes and kissed back; to have them both pull away. Moments later I felt a pressure against my lips, as my best friend who I had known for twenty-five years was offering me his cock. And I gladly opened my mouth as wide as I could and received his thick manhood.

His circumcised head was huge and I had to spread my jaws wide to fit it into my waiting mouth. I first gave it a few licks, and held it to my face, taking time to appreciate the fact that I was not only in the process of giving my first blow job, but that I was giving it to my best friend. I had often fantasised about man-man sex, and thought it would be just sex, but I experienced an intimate feeling knowing that the man I had grown up with had his cock in my mouth whilst his woman watched on.

I continued to suck his enormous prick, taking time to lick its shaft, and suck his clean shaven balls. I rolled him on his back and really took control. I didn’t want to use the half arsed attempt of sucking and jerking with my hand as I had so often experienced from other women, so I did my best to use my mouth as much as I could. And I enjoyed every second of it.

I had my tonsils removed when I was five, and I heard that helps, and my first ever time sucking a cock, I managed to deep throat. He moaned deliciously as I took his entire length in my mouth and used my throat to fuck his engorged head. It was like I was giving head to myself – he was responding just as I would have, and before too long I could tell that he was almost ready to shoot his load. I stopped deep throating but picked up the pace, aware that I was about to taste another guy’s jism for the first time, and I was gagging for it. Suddenly I felt his back stiffen, and his thrusts became shorter and faster.

“I’m coming….I’m coming” he moaned, as his sack emptied it’s load into my mouth. One, two, three, four, five times he shot a load into my mouth, following which his once hard cock started to deflate. I happily swallowed every last drop of his salty delicious semen, happily at one with the situation, and aware that my friend had just gifted me his sexual being.

We lay there for a few moments, savouring the situation, his cock hardening slowly in my mouth. A hand then tugged me out of my trance. Maria kissed her husband with a slow deliberate erotic kiss, and whispered “I love you honey, that was beautiful” then said to me “now fuck me till I come!”.

Well, that put the pressure on, but I could hardly say no. She lay on the bed and I positioned myself with my knees on the floor. The bed was just the right height, and I slid into her hot moist hole. She groaned in delight as I started pumping her slippery pussy, my mind still reeling from the recent hot experience of swallowing my friends cum. I reached up and kneaded her firm breast with my hand, just as I felt a cool wet liquid trickle over my tight sphincter.

My friends voice whispered over my shoulder “I hope you like this” as his wife, impaled with my cock looked him in the eye with wanton lust. I stopped thrusting in disbelief as I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole, and slowly slide inside thanks to the generous amounts of lube he had applied. Not only had I swallowed my best friends cum, and fucked his wife, but now he was about to fuck me up the arse while I had my dick in his life partner.

I groaned and relaxed as much as possible as he slowly eased his fat cock in and out, each time reaching a new record for how much cock my arse has swallowed. Never have I felt such a combination of pleasure and pain, as his thick cock threatened to tear me apart but at the same time making me feel as never before. I was completely still until Jay was half way in, then suddenly with the next stroke he slid completely up to the hilt, and buried himself completely in my arse. All three of us froze, the realisation of the situation dawning upon us. Maria, with her husbands best friend buried in her pussy, Jay with his cock stuck up his friends arse, and me, joining these two, inside my friend’s beautiful wife, and with my friend’s thick cock buried deep inside me.

As one we moved, our faces touching and kissing, hands all over each other. I felt the most privileged person on the planet to be in between two beautiful people who are so in love. My hard cock sliding in and out of Maria’s hot pussy, with my mate Jay’s huge dick lodged in my willing ass. I could feel his balls slapping into mine, and I made sure that I matched his strokes so our balls touched as much as possible. The pace began to pick up, amid a muttering of “uuh, that’s amazing”, “I love you”, “we should have, uggh, done, uggh this, uggh years, uggh ago” and “ooh my god”. I could feel the familiar pressure beginning to build up in my balls, though it seemed magnified by one thousand times with my friends rod exerting pressure from the inside.

I was the first to come. I blame that on the fact that I was receiving double the pleasure. I yelled I was coming as my head snapped back, and I shot what I reckon is the biggest load I have ever shot. As my head was back, Jay lent over and french kissed me, his tongue swirling inside my mouth, sending another pulse of cum shooting out of my still hard cock. Maria seeing her husband passionately kissing me then lost control, and could feel her orgasm shaking me from the depths of her hot cum filled pussy.

I lay there on top of Maria, our eyes locked in that post-orgasm daze, as I felt the length of her husband slide in and out of my incredibly sensitive arse. My mouth hung open as I both wished for his release and wished for the pleasure to continue forever. His manly hands gripped my hips tight as he groaned “I’m…coming……”, and his body went rigid and his strokes became urgent.

Suddenly I felt his thick cock swell even more, if that were possible, then a sweet hot sensation gushed into my bowels as he released his load into me. Girls have often said that it’s not just the physical sensation during sex that they like, and for once I have understood what they mean. My friend had just released his seed into me, and I now contained a part of him. I loved it.

We lay there for a minute, then eased out of each other, kissed and cuddled and fell asleep. I awoke early, nervous that things might be a bit different, so got dressed and went home. Before I left, I stole a quick kiss of Maria and Jay. Still asleep, Maria whispered, “See you later”, and Jay just smiled.

I walked to my car slightly sore, but trying to think of an excuse for another drink with my beautiful best friend and his loving wife.

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Skeet wrote

Loved this, my wife and my friend have done this nearly identical thing many times.