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Saturday Night

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Saturday night, and you are goin’ out! Mothers of Boston hide your sons. Your husband, Steve, is out of town for another conference – this is ten weeks in a row – and your best friend Joanne wants to take you to a local club. She says it’s where she goes when she wants to let loose, play a little pool, maybe flirt a bit. (and we KNOW how you like to flirt!) You’re wearing your new red short wraparound skit and a white silk blouse, and you look at yourself in the mirror.

Honey, you are hot and you know it. Body of a 25-year-old, and you love to show it off. No panties tonight! Just thigh-high red stockings and your nipples stand right up under that silk. It feels good when the fabric brushes across them and you can almost see them through the blouse. A few more touches and your makeup is as tarty as you can stand it. Admiring yourself in the mirror, you think, “I AM the perfect slut an’ I’m gonna tease me some cock tonight!”

Joanne opens your front door and yells in. “Hello…. ”

“Up here, honey.”

“I’m comin’ up Ms Manbait!”

She enters the room and you are taken aback. She’s dressed even sluttier than you are: black bodysuit with a gold necklace, and a black skirt that is barely on her and black stockings and VERY high heels. There is a very conspicuous nipple chain under the blouse, keeping her huge nipples high and hard. Joanne has perfect, no sag, huge breasts; the kind that makes every man in the room – and a few women, too – whimper that he wants to fuck her. You’ve always suspected she was bi. Maybe you always HOPED she was bi.

As you finish your make-up, Joanne shares your mirror as she works on her hair. Her hands are above her head as she makes sure every “accidental” curl is in exactly the right place. You find yourself staring at those amazing breasts of hers and you think, “If I had those, I’d never leave the house… too busy playing with them.” You give a little giggle at the thought and Joanne asks you what’s so funny. You make up something about being excited to go out – without your husband – although he’s always been open minded – whatever, it was more exciting.

You get to the club and there’s loud music playing and laughter coming from inside. Cheap neon Budweiser and Coors flashing out front, and a mix of Mercedes and motorcycles and Buicks and pick’m’up trucks… a thrill goes through your stomach. You enter and you hear, “Hey, Joanne!” From the bartender yet… Oooo, she’s been here before!

There’s a rack of balls waiting for you at the bar. You order a beer. You NEVER drink beer, but tonight, it just sounds right. Billy Ray starts singing in the room and you and Joanne dance your way to your table. The light over it comes on just before you get there. You look around and every eye in the house is on you two. As you put chalk on the cue, you look around to check out the competition, and you’re amazed at the number of beautiful women there are – all shapes and sizes, but each beautiful in her own way. And the MEN! Yow! Almost every one a hunk. Some were REALLY good looking. Others were still good, but not GQ. You wouldn’t have turned any of them down when you were single. It looked like almost everyone was coupled up anyway. Oh well, you’ll give the guys a hardon and make their girls happy.

More country-billy sounds. You can’t keep your feet still. Almost time for another beer. Joanne breaks the balls (how apt) for nine ball and gets zip. It’s your turn. You take a bead on the one ball and make the shot. It was an easy shot, but tonight you feel like you won the Super bowl, and the sexy dance you do is missed by no one! There’s a lot of thigh showing – well above your stockings – and you love the stares you’re getting. Just the thought of all those eyes on you gets your blood running to your pussy. Pre-sex congestion is setting in, almost like a tiny orgasm, if you squeeze your cunt muscles just right! Joanne is sitting on a stool by the wall, her legs spread so that you – and most of the others that cared to look – have a front row seat to count the hairs that peek around her body suit. Only a few, but they’re in plain view… Joanne is pretending not to notice while she moves her legs in time with the music and drinks her long neck, lifting her amazing breasts with every gulp.

You miss your shot and it’s her turn. You decide you can play her game, so you go to the same chair and give out the same view she did, except that your shaved pussy is showing instead of a body suit. You can feel the air on it as you move your legs to the music with your feel lifted up onto the rails of the chair – a wonderful sensation.

Of course, Joanne was ready to party, too. Those heels of hers with her long legs on top of them give every man’s dream a piece of reality. You can’t help laughing. Neither can she.

Another beer or two and a few games of pool later and you’re approached by two men, tall, good looking. They introduce themselves and John and Curt. You want Curt. You didn’t realize how turned on you were. You decide to play as teams. John and Joanne (they made a deal out of their names being so similar they were probably soul mates, a stupid, but effective come-on.) and you and Curt. You hear Joanne say something like, “that’s a big stick you got there.” John then starts to kiss her, and she doesn’t stop him. In fact, it’s so intense, you feel like you shouldn’t be watching except for the fact that it’s such a beautiful, sexy thing to see. You gape at them and feel your cunt getting wetter by the minute.

As you continue to gape, Joanne takes her hand and starts to rub his cock through his jeans! He’s humping her hand and she’s doing everything she can to get him hard as a rock. He then pulls her to him and they start dry-hump dancing to the music, his leg between hers. Wow. Curt comes up behind you and puts his arms around you. “Do you like to watch” He asks.

You answer with a throaty, “yeh.”

“Me, too. Dance?”

Before you answer, he pulls you to him and begins to do to you what John is doing to Joanne. God, you are practically coming with a hundred people watching. You look and they ARE watching. Everyone is holding someone else casually, and watching you dance. Your naked cunt is rubbing against Curt’s jeans. It’s more than you can take. You pull him close to you and start humping his leg in earnest now, and it starts: a slow, rolling wave of pleasure shoots through your body. Your eyes roll back and a scream escapes your lips. You can barely stand. Curt holds you tightly so you don’t fall, a huge smile on his face.

Joanne says, “Let’s give ’em a show!” and gets up onto the pool table. She begins a slow dance standing on the table, and her clothes start to fall away. You are entranced. It can’t be really happening, but it is. Your throat is constricted and your cunt is getting impossibly wet watching this beautiful woman turn on a whole bar full of strangers.

Oh God. She reaches out to you. “C’mon, honey, let’s really give ’em a show.” This is almost more than you can take. You can’t breathe. Before you can make a decision, Curt lifts you up onto the table. As he does, he palms your cunt. Before you get clear up on the table, Curt has your skirt in his hand.

You find yourself standing on a pool table, your cum dripping down your thighs from your naked, shaved pussy, and Joanne starts to remove your blouse. You are frightened, excited, horny, but now everyone in the room is surrounding your table, clapping, and shouting. Women and men are encouraging you to go for it! Your blouse is off now. You and Joanne are dancing in nothing but stockings and heels. You KNOW it’s a beautiful sight. A slow song comes on and Joanne pulls you close. By now the tops of your stockings are wet and with her leg between yours, you can feel her wetness, too. Then she whispers in your ear, “Oh, God.” You look into her eyes and she is coming hard against you, shaking. No pretense of dancing now; she has your leg locked between hers and she is rubbing her cunt against your stocking top, getting it wetter and wetter. It’s one of the most erotic moments of your life.

She then collapses onto the table, and pulls you down with her. Then there are a thousand hands all over you. You don’t know – or care – whose hands they are. You are locked into an erotic experience and you don’t want it to stop. You are roughly moved so that you’re face down on the table with your legs hanging over the edge. You look back and Curt has your legs spread and is moving his cock toward your cunt. He enters you with a single thrust… Unnngh! God it feels good. He is grinding you hard and fast. Across the table, John is doing the same thing to Joanne, whose face is only inches from yours. You can feel her breath against your face as she pants hard. She looks at you and moves closer to give you a kiss, an incredible, passionate soft moist kiss that makes you feel like you and Joanne are now two people joined into one incredible fuck machine. Your whole body is on fire, and then you start to come again. When you do, the squeezing in your cunt sets Curt off, too as he swells inside you and you feel his hot come splash your insides. A couple more thrusts and he falls out of you. You groan with disappointment that it’s ending when you feel another cock start to ease its way inside. You start to get up, but strong hands hold you in place, and you see another man standing behind Joanne, his cock starting to enter her. Joanne looks at you and says, “Just settle in honey. It’s gonna be a long night.”

There is come flowing down your legs, an anonymous cock inside you, and you are starting to have another orgasm. Deep tingles start at your back and spread across your whole body. Your cunt spasms along with the cock inside you. You are limp.

Then you find yourself being lifted by a thousand hands, some with fingernail polish on them, and you are carried across the room. You are too weak to object, but at the same time, you’re frightened, yet strangely concerned only with the dreamlike sensuousness of the moment. This can’t be real. Then they turn you over and strap you into a harness that fits you like a chair, your arms are held away from your sides. Your legs are held open. It’s very comfortable, but a little frightening being open and spread in front of so many people. You can move, but only a little bit. Your hands don’t come together and, try as you might, neither do your legs. You are spread open and wide for anyone who cares to look or touch.

Then you feel the straps move a bit and you are lying back. Your whole body is supported and comfortable, but you are hanging horizontally in midair about three feet off the ground with your legs and arms spread. There are naked people surrounding you. A cock finds its way to your mouth at the same time as another finds your cunt again. You wriggle and writhe, but all your movements only serve to make it better for your new sex partners. God, you need to come again. The cock in your mouth starts to get bigger now. You can tell he’s ready for a major explosion, and so are you. Yu start moving your tongue faster and faster knowing that you’re driving him crazy, and then he comes, and you swallow – something you’ve not been good at before – and swallow, and swallow. As you do, the cock in your cunt starts to swell and spasm. He pulls out of you and comes all over your stomach and breasts. You are now a sexual monster. You want him – or ANYBODY – back inside you.

Then, moving toward your face is a beautiful shaved pussy. You look up and it’s Joanne. She maneuvers her cunt to your lips. God, her clit is huge and hard, and you dive in teasing, licking, sucking, tasting, pushing your tongue inside her cunt, then backing off and licking around that gorgeous clit. Over and over again you lick, as another tongue starts to lick and suck your own cunt. You look down and all you can see is beautiful long black hair. More lips start to cover you with kisses. Men and women sucking your nipples, kissing your stomach. Then a tongue starts to lave your asshole. Oh, God. Every part of your body is being touched, licked, and tasted, by people you’ve never met. Then Joanne starts to come. Come gushes out of her cunt onto your face. Your head is thrashing back and forth against her pussy as she fucks your face for all it’s worth. You can feel her contractions through your lips. She is coming hard. You are in the hold of a sexual high like you’ve never experienced. Every nerve in your body is being stimulated, by fingers, fingernails, lips, cocks, cunts. You get lost in a maze of orgasms.

Then Joanne is whispering into your ear again… “Now you get to fuck Bob, honey. Don’t be afraid. You’re ready.” God are you ready. You are just about to explode. You whimper, “Just fuck me…” and then you look up and the biggest cock you’ve ever seen is right beside your face. It’s at least a foot long and amazingly thick with a drop of come oozing from the huge bulb at the end. A big voice says, “Lick it.” You do. “Get it real wet because you’re gonna get the fuck of your life.” You almost laugh because you’ve already had the fuck of your life, but there are still tongues gently urging you to new heights all over your body. You are licking and sucking this horse sized cock to an amazing erection. It’s too big to get the head inside your mouth, so you lick your way up and down the shaft, and it’s now hard and wet.

You hear, “is she ready?” and a feminine voice down by your pussy say, “Oh, yes.” Hell, you could have told him that. You need to be fucked. He moves down in between your legs, and you can feel the head (must be the size of a tennis ball) rub against your cunt. God, how will you get him inside? Then – suddenly – he is. At first, just the head. Ooooohhhhhh. Your back arches. You’ve never been this full. His cock is squashing your g-spot, and now he’s moving slowly back and forth, back and forth, a half inch at a time. Unggh. You begin to shake all over. Your stomach, arms, legs, and cunt are doing an uncontrollable frenetic dance to your ecstasy, and Bob keeps driving deeper. You know you won’t be able to take it all, but you writhe against him to take as much as possible. You are a sexual monster that has finally been unleashed, and Bob keeps fucking you. Your g-spot is now as happy as it’s ever been. Every time Bob pulls out to the edge of your cunt, it gets stimulated beyond what you thought was possible.

Then he hits bottom. You are stretched to the limit, and he begins to fuck you hard now. He has been gentle to get you accustomed to his size, and now he’s finished with that. He needs to fuck and fuck hard, and you are ready. You know he’s as deep as he can get, and now you want to feel him come inside you. You fuck him back. Hard. You try to wrap your legs around him to get him closer, but your legs can’t move that far. You writhe under his expert fucking, and then you feel him SWELL inside you. It takes your breath away. You are stretched to what you thought was your limit and now he is GROWING inside you, and pumping harder now. A finger – or is it a tongue? – starts to rub your clit. Then it starts – in the middle of your back; the beginning tingles of a great orgasm. It spreads down your ass to your thighs and back up to your stomach. Your whole body is tingling, shaking uncontrollably. This is the big one. Bob starts to splash his come inside you, and you can take no more. You scream at the top of your lungs, coming again and again while Bob continues to spurt and pump inside you. Over and over you come, each time going to new heights. Bob stays hard and doesn’t stop his fucking. Then there are lips all over you again. Bob keeps fucking. You can’t believe it, but you keep on coming. Huge waves of pleasure covering you from head to toe. You get lost in the sensations, and the orgasms don’t stop. Then you contract hard against Bobs cock. You can feel every line and curve of his monster inside you, moving back and forth. As he withdraws, there is a pair of lips that take his place, keeping you going gently until all the waves subside.

You find yourself almost asleep. Must’ve almost passed out, and being carried to another room. It has a cot in it and the lights are dim. You are placed on the cot and no one but Joanne stays. She has an amazing smile. You are practically in a smiling stupor as she covers you and tells you to rest. Then she starts to talk to you.

Joanne is kissing you and tying your hands to the bedpost. You wonder why, but her kisses are keeping you very distracted, VERY distracted. You’ve never been kissed like that by a woman before tonight. You’re surprised, but you like it. It’s new, exciting, and joyful.

“Welcome to the club.” She smiles even bigger. “You were wonderful and amazing. Everyone was stunned by your performance and stamina.”

You take it as a compliment. “Ah, I could have fucked them all.”

“You will, darling, you will. It’s part of the initiation. Everyone here has fucked everyone else on their first visit – except for the men who have a few visits to complete the task. They aren’t nearly as sexual as they like to think they are. It’s your turn now. You have a lot left to do, assuming you want to come back.”

“Yes, I want to come back. Please.” You can’t believe the words coming out of your mouth.

“Settle back, my love. This will be the most wonderful evening of your life. After your earlier performance, they’re taking numbers at the door, men and women alike. Nobody wants to miss out on you, but I want you again first.”

No argument as she lifts her leg across your face in a 69 position, and starts to lick your very swollen pussy. It amazes you that you can feel anything at all after the hard pounding you’ve already taken this evening, but you do. The thought of making her come takes over as you dive into her cunt, licking, sucking, snaking your tongue inside her. Whatever she did for you, you gave back twice, and your face suddenly gets very wet as she begins a deep, hard orgasm. The thought that you could do this for her – ANOTHER WOMAN – is enough of a turn-on to put you over the top in a very sweet, surprised-it-came-so-soon orgasm. It just sort of sneaked up on you and you were filled with tingly sweetness from your thighs to your breasts, gently keeping you at a peak for a very long time as Joanne was proving to be a “Squirter.” She ejaculated a musky, spicy, delicious fluid that made you as turned on as you ever were. She turns around to kiss you… “I knew you were a sexual animal, but this is more than I’d hoped for.” She then gets up and another woman joins you, as well as another man. She is young – about 25 – the man is about the same age. They are beautiful. His cock enters you as she mounts your mouth. They are already very hot from watching you so they come quickly and hard. You are somewhat disappointed as they leave, but they are replace immediately by a another man, and then a succession of men and women. You are being fucked by everyone in the room and you suspect some of them twice. It’s an amazing experience – each one different in some way, but all careful to make sure you enjoyed what was happening. It’s like one long continuous orgasm for you – peaks and valleys – but never ending. You want, need, desire it to continue forever.

Then a familiar cock stands in front of your face. It’s Steve! You start to apologize – or something. You feel very awkward, but he simply mounts you. That familiar cock with its veins in the right place soothes you to another sexual high. “I’ve been meaning to tell you about this club, but couldn’t do it, so Joanne offered to help. You are the sexiest woman alive” With his cock inside you, he unties you from the bed, and you grab his ass pulling him deep inside your very wet, sticky cunt. “This is where my business meetings have been held the last ten weeks. Sorry I couldn’t tell you any other way.”

You don’t care. You’re just happy to be where you are, and as he starts to come, so do you. You look into each others eyes, knowing that it wouldn’t be the last time you visit the club, but from now on, it would be together.

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