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Doring Academy

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“What exactly is this little meeting about, Mr. Cross?” Mrs. Morrison said as she leaned back against her desk and looked at her pupil. With her arms crossed, her breasts swelled up to almost overflow from her red blouse.

Lawrence Julian Cross III smiled up at the middle-aged math teacher. He took in her short frame like he’d done for months. She had to be at least a foot shorter than his six foot two inches.

Her sandy blond hair was beginning to be tinted with wisps of gray. She wasn’t overtly beautiful, but she was cute. Her blue eyes and the way her teeth continually scrapped her bottom lip when she concentrated was done right sexy. She was doable to any eighteen-year-old boy. And Cross, as everyone called him, was definitely an eighteen-year-old boy.

“I want to negotiate my grade, Mrs. M. I think I deserve at least a B.”

“You haven’t even turned in an assignment in a month. Why do you think you deserve anything but a failing grade?”

Cross placed his smartphone on the desktop in front of him and hit play. Curious, Cathy Morrison took a step forward and leaned down to see the image of two people having sex. Her gasp in surprise was cut off when she recognized she was one of the participants. The video was in this very room, with her bent over the desk behind her, and with a student. Her eyes slowly came up from the video to see Cross smiling a crooked smile. There was no humor in it at all.

“I’d hate to have this video accidentally found on the internet. You have a nice house, a nice family, and a pretty rich husband. It would be a shame if you went to prison for having sex with students.”

“How did you get this?”

“I taped this. Hidden cameras are amazing. They’re a hobby of mine. I like to find out what people do when they think no one is watching. You obviously like to have sex with young men. You like to suck cock too. I have quite a few videos with you doing that to poor innocent Ian. He looked almost reluctant the first time you did it. Don’t worry. I won’t be.”

Mrs. Morrison blinked. The color had drained from her face. Cross saw the realization of her life disappearing, flash across her face. It took her a full minute for her brain to catch up to his words.


Cross rose up to his full height and smiled when she recoiled slightly from his size. He wasn’t overly muscular, but being a foot taller was enough to cause her some trepidation. “It’s simple, Mrs. M. You’re going to go over to the door and lock it. You should probably take your top off. Unless you like to swallow. I don’t mind either way. In or on you is fine with me. But you are going to give me a B and suck my cock. How well you do will determine how nice I am to you.”

“I won’t.” She said in a weak voice.

“You will. And you’ll love it.” Cross unbuttoned his slacks and pushed them down. His cock sprung free, fully erect. He loved when people squirmed. When he could control them. His father controlled him, and shit rolled down hill. Law of his universe. Mrs. Morrison was certainly squirming as she stared down at Cross’ cock. “It’s easy, Mrs. M. Obey or lose everything.”

On stiff legs, Mrs. Morrison stumbled to the door and twisted the lock. When she turned around, Cross was sitting in her soft leather chair. He was leaned back with his slacks and school blazer lying on her desk, his cock sticking out between a pair of dark blue boxer briefs. His grin had turned wicked. It got bigger the closer she came. Hiking up her skirt, she knelt.

“I’m really a sweet guy, Mrs. M. I won’t be rough or cruel. I just want to know what Ian felt with your lips around his cock. Mr. Number One Jock seems to get what he wants. It’s my turn.” He wiggled his cock at her as he smiled. “It’s all yours.”

Her light blue eyes were smoldering with hatred as she lowered her head and took control of his cock. Licking her lips, she seemed to decide it was better to make it quick. Her mouth suctioned around it and her head began to bob mercilessly.

“Easy, Mrs. M. Slow down.” His hands tangled into her hair to stop her. “We need to take this nice and slow. Make love to it with your mouth. You take care of me and I’ll take care of you.”

She grunted a noise of submission. When she started again, she made tiny swallowing motions with her mouth. It pulled a groan of pleasure from Cross. His hands massaged her scalp as her lips and tongue did their magic. She was better than he’d imagined. The woman could turn pro.

“That’s it. That’s amazing. You’ve got the best mouth I’ve ever known. Damn, Mrs. M.” He let her continue for another minute. “Okay. Okay. Stop.”

Her head came up when he let go of her hair to look at him with puzzlement and a bit of fear.

“I can’t have you hurting your knees. We’ll switch. I’ll gladly stand and let you do this to me as long as you want.”

“I don’t want to do this at all.”

Cross gave her an exaggerated, tsk tsk. “Mrs. M. I’ve seen poor Ian in the locker room. His pecker is quite a bit thinner. Pencil Dick, is what a lot of guys call him. Mine is a nice beautiful size, don’t you think?”

“No.” She sat down in the chair as Cross leaned against the desk. The wheels of her chair complained as she slid around to once again take his cock into her mouth.

“Mrs. M.” His voice was playfully admonishing. “You and I don’t have to lie to each other. We don’t need secrets. Secrets are what got you stuck on your knees. I’m an ass. Even I know that. I’m a devious little prick, but I do have a decent cock. It’s massive compared to Ian’s. Barely above average to others I’ve seen. Can you at least admit that? Rate it against all the cocks you’ve had. I’d like to know.”

Her lips came off his cock and she looked at it with a critical eye. Wiping a bit of saliva from her mouth, she shrugged. “It’s top five for me. I’ve had two thicker.”

“Thank you for your honesty, Mrs. M. May I see your breasts now?”

She looked up at him as he waited with a look of curiosity on his face. He wanted to see fear, loathing, hatred, any emotion at all. He loved to see people bending to his will. She would. She’d do anything he wanted, and for as long as he wanted. Until he got bored and moved on.

To his satisfaction, her fingers trembled as she undid the front of her blouse. Slowly, her soft pale flesh came into full view. Her red lace push-up bra barely contained them.

“Take the bra off, please.”

She dropped her blouse on the desk beside his pants and then worked to unclasp the bra. When it was on the desk, she sat back down in an attempt to hide her growing blush by getting back to her task.

“There’s no hurry, Mrs. M.” He said as he gripped his cock firmly in his hand to deny her. “Stand back up. I want to see those beautiful tits.”

Her jaw was locked tight when she stood. With her hands on her hips, she turned her head away from him. A mist had clouded her eyes. Cross’ cock lurched when he saw her torment.

“They’re amazing, Mrs. M. There’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. You’re rather beautiful.”

Cross reached out and lifted them both. They filled his hand with an extra bit of warm flesh spilling over. He felt the shiver run through her body at the contact. They were soft, hanging from age and their weightiness. She had the largest muted pink areolas he’d ever seen. With just his thumbs, he started tiny circular kneading caresses. His eyes were locked on Mrs. Morrison’s face as her nipples grew harder and harder. He saw her breath catch in her throat.

“It’s okay to like this. It’s more than okay.”

“I don’t.” She said in a shaky voice.

“Your tits do. I bet your pussy is already wet, isn’t it?”

“NO.” She snapped. Her eyes were wide with fear.

“I don’t believe you. Why don’t you reached down and slide a finger between your cunt lips. Just a quick little swipe. Let me get a taste of you”

She flinched. He saw a quiver to her lips as her hand descended to disappear into her skirt. Mrs. Morrison’s finger came back out and was offered to him. He could see a slight sheen to it. Cross gave it a sniff before he slid his lips over her finger and sucked it like she’d sucked his cock.

“You lied to me, Mrs. M. You are wet. You are so wet for me. Why did you lie?”

“Because you’re despicable, you little fuck.”

Cross let out a good-natured laugh and released her finger. “You taste good, Mrs. M. We might have to take turns. Do you like your titties sucked?”

She shook her head slightly to show her displeasure at the situation. “Yes.”

“Hard or soft?”

With her eyes closed, she lowered her head in absolute surrender. “At first softly, then harder and harder.”

“Do you enjoy sucking cock?”



“NO.” She sat back down when he wiggled his cock at her again. Looking up at him, she shrugged. “If it tastes okay, I don’t mind. It’s the least messy.”

“Well, Mrs. M. Today, you get to choose. You can swallow it or wear it.”

She shook her head again as her lips pursed in a perturbed pout. “I’ll swallow.”

Once again Cross found the amazing talent of his Math teacher’s lips. His hand went to the top of her head and rested there gently. With his eyes closed, he concentrated on the constant pressure of her mouth. She took it easy. Sliding a little faster as her saliva grew.

“That’s it. Suck my cock, Mrs. M. You suck it so good. Just like that. Grunt for me Mrs. M. Grunt if your cunt is wet.”

He smiled when the slurping sound was interrupted by a soft grunt.

“That’s it. You like my cock, don’t you.”

Another grunt.

“Do you want my cum in your mouth or in your cunt?”

Her mouth came of his dick as she vigorously shook her head. “Please don’t. I’ll suck your cock. I’ll suck it as much as you want. Please don’t. I can’t.”

“Why not? You’re wet for me. I told you I’d take care of you. I’d love to feel you cumming on my cock. We’d both love it.”


“Mrs. M.” He lifted her chin while his thumb began to gentle caress her cheek. “It’s either that sweet little cunt of yours or your ass.”

“No.” She was shaking. Tears were filling her eyes, but hadn’t begun falling.

Cross’ chuckle was deep and vicious. “That’s my sweet little cunt. It’s all fun and games until it’s not your choice. Poor Ian didn’t want to have sex with you. I saw that. More than once, he tried to refuse. You’re a sexual predator, Mrs. M. I can’t imagine why Ian doesn’t like fucking you. Maybe he just doesn’t like girls.”

Reaching down, he took her by the shoulders and lifted her to her feet. With a bit of pressure, he turned her so she was facing the desk. “Lets hike up this skirt a bit and see what I’ve been wanting to take a bite out of. I bet that snatch of yours is dripping for me.”

Her entire body shook as she collected her skirt and began to pull it up. Cross watched her white legs slowly grow. Her hips were wide, but her ass was a beautiful shape of round. When her black lace panties came into view, Cross couldn’t stop himself from running his thumb between her legs. Her thighs slammed shut and trapped his thumb.

“Mrs. M.” He mocked playfully. “Don’t be a tease. Just bend over and give me a good view of that pretty ass of yours.”

He snuggled up close and rubbed his cock against the small of her back before he applied pressure until she obeyed. Tapping her legs with his foot, she spread wide and hung her head. Cross slid his hand up and down her back as he slowly ground himself against her panty covered ass. Slowly the tremors stopped and her body relaxed a bit.

“I want you to enjoy this, Mrs. M. I want you to lie awake tonight and think of my cock sliding in and out of your cunt.” Her body flinched at the comment. “What? What don’t you like?”

“That word. I don’t like the C word.”

“Cunt. You don’t like it being called a cunt. Or has some man called you cunt?”

“Please. Use any other word.”

“Okay, Mrs. M. I won’t use the word again if you don’t lie to me ever again. Deal?”


“Why don’t you drop those pretty little panties to your knees so I can get a good view of your pussy, Mrs. M.”

Her panties dropped and his cock was pushed down and placed between her legs. She tensed at first, but he just slid it along her slit. Cross started with long slow thrusts. He had to keep his knees bent as his cock gathered more and more moisture along his shaft. Her arms were outstretched, gripping the edge of the desk.

“You’re hot for me, Mrs. M. That hot little pussy is begging to be fucked, isn’t it?”

“Just get it over with.”

“No, Mrs. M. That’s not how this works. I want to hear you say it. Either you want my cock in your pussy or you ass. Which is it?”

Cross slid his cock through her engorged lips to tease first her vagina, then lifted it to run the tip across her asshole. He groaned happily when her ass cheeks clenched. She dropped her head to the desk and shifted her weight before speaking.

“My pussy. Put it in my pussy.” She said with a voice of acceptance to the situation.

“Put what in your pussy?” He teased her ass again.

“Put your cock in my pussy.”

“That it? Just put it in. Nothing else?”

Mrs. Morrison let out a low growling chuckle. “Damn you, you little fucker. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy with your hard cock. Is that what you want to here?”

“Yes, Mrs. M. I just needed to hear you say it.”

Readjusting his position, Cross slid into her without any resistance. It was a nice slow stroke. They both let out a groan as his cock found the its way deep inside her. With his hands on her hips, he began to pull her into his deliberate thrusts. She gasped when his hand came up and then down sharply to land on the cheek of her ass. It wasn’t the most toned ass he’d ever seen. It was a bit fleshier then the nubile teens and twenty-somethings he was use to. With one hand running up and down her back, the other drifted down the back of her legs and back up. Every so often his hand would smack her ass. He smiled when it was no longer causing her alarm, but pleasure.

Mrs. Morrison’s began to push back. Her hips rocking slightly when he was sunk as deep as he could go. She was unable to stop her moans and sighs.

Remembering her comment about her breasts, Cross slid his hands around and began to tease them. Squeezing them gently at first, then harder and more demanding as her grunts of pleasure grew louder. She gasped loudly and drover her ass into him as hard as she could when he pinched her nipples. He rolled them for a bit and then squeezed down harder. Cross trailed a hand down her stomach. He found the slight roll and then a slim mat of wiry hair.

When his fingers spread her pussy lips to discover her hardened clit, she squealed with delight.

“Yes. Rub it, you little fucker. Rub my clit. Fuck me hard and rub my clit.”

Cross obeyed. His hips slammed into her, driving her against the desk and pinning his hand. He yanked her backwards so she could brace herself better. Their skin slapping fiercely as both of them wanted to cum. Cross’ finger were a blur as he rubbed across her clit.

“Harder.” Mrs. Morrison screamed. “Rub it harder. Rub it…”

Her body seemed to quake as her orgasm rolled through her. Cross felt the muscles gripping at his cock shudder. Milking the shaft of his cock. Trying to pull the cum from him. It made Cross’ balls tighten. Knowing he’d just made her cum. A woman that despised him was cumming with his cock slamming into her.

Reaching down, he pulled her panties higher up her legs. His orgasm was close. She was now limp. Her body absorbing his onslaught without resistance. She was grunting with every smack of his balls against her as he drove with a vengeance to finish. He felt the telltale surge twisting its way down his cock. Pulling out, he reached around and grabbed her panties and buried his cock into the fabric. Shot after shot was launched from his cock as he filled her panties with cum.

When he was finished, he stepped back and sat down. He watched her look down at the gooey mess he’d made. Her eyes were dazed when she turned around to look at him. There was a bead of sweat running between her breasts. He watched as it made its way down her white skin, across the slight roll just above her hips, and disappear into her belly button.

“Go ahead and pull your panties up, Mrs. M.”

She leveled a glare at him as he smiled happily up at her. Tentatively, she pulled her panties up. A slight tremor rolled across her skin as she felt the liquid greet her puffy and well-used pussy lips. Before she could react, Cross’ hand shot out and mashed her panties into her. His fingers making sure, they were imbedded into her lips before he began to rub the palm of his hand against her crotch. With his hand still between her legs, he stood and pulled her face close to his with his other hand gripping her hair roughly.

“This pussy belongs to me, Mrs. M. Whenever I want it. Got it?”

Her lips curled into a snarl as she nodded. Cross saw a tiny smile appear briefly. He knew he had her. With a parting smack to her ass, he got dressed and walked out of her classroom without another word.

He was humming happily as he walked down the stairs of Doring Academy. Cross even smiled at the large janitor as he worked on the lower levels. It had taken him a few weeks to figure out the pattern. The janitor cleaned the upper level every Tuesday and Thursday. Giving Mrs. Morrison time after school to do whatever she wanted to poor unsuspecting students. And a few teachers as well. Doring was full of beautiful little secrets. Cross loved the place. It would be a pity leaving, but he had a few months to play and he was looking forward to it.

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