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Nobody Does It Like You

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She sat with a glass of red wine listening to slow instrumental songs. She was remembering the past with her ex-girlfriend, Pria, the girl she had arranged to see today. They had quite a fiery relationship, and even though they seemed to hate each other now, they still had a passion between them. Danielle dropped her head into her hands as she sighed deeply, trying to think of how she would handle this conversation.

She knew Pria was up to something by the way she sounded on the phone. She knew her ex too well. After being together for three years, they knew a lot about each other, including turn ons. Danielle shook her head at the idea of getting back together with Pria because she wasn’t ready for their topsy turvy relationship yet. She didn’t know if she ever would be. She lifted her head at the sound of knocking, interrupting her from her thoughts. ‘Pria’ she thought as she pushed her wine to the middle of the dining room table and made her way to the door.

Sure enough, Pria was standing there, but she looked different. Her hair was still the same blonde, but she looked like she had really been taking care of herself. It was hard for Danielle not to stare.

“Hi,” Pria said quietly, just standing at the door with a jean miniskirt and a halter top. Danielle tried not to notice that her ex’s nipples were already hard.

“Pria,” Danielle said back, not knowing what else to say.

“Can … I come in?” Pria asked, pushing her hands into her back pockets with the faintest hint of a smile.

“Yeah,” Danielle said, nodding as she stepped back and opened the door wider.

Danielle had always been the one in control, and also the one with more of a calm air to her. Pria was a more bouncy, rambunctious type with sandy blonde hair that reached just past her shoulders. Danielle resembled more of a butch, but was far from it. She had a short haircut, making the dark brown colour stand out even greater against the rest of her soft, paler skin. She was also taller than Pria by a couple of inches and older than her by a couple of years.

All of the analysis of Pria’s figure ran through Danielle’s mind before she turned around. The blonde took a seat on the couch and patted the headrest, smiling up at Danielle.

“Memories,” Pria said quietly to herself, remembering the times they would just stay home and make out like a couple of teenagers.

“Pria, what is it?” Danielle asked, crossing her arms at her chest. It was hard for her to just cut to the point, but she didn’t want to have to endure any pain she didn’t have to. She just wanted Pria to leave, regardless of the young girl’s apparel.

“Can’t we just talk for a minute?” Pria asked, looking up at Danielle. The brunette knew now what Pria was trying to do. She sighed, looking over at the twenty-two year old, raising one eyebrow.

“Just talk?”

“I just needed to ask you something,” Pria explained, feeling the tension build between them. She knew Danielle wanted her.

“Then ask me,” Danielle said, standing her ground.

Suddenly Pria got a chill looking at Danielle’s firm stance and posture. She loved that about the brunette. She tried to disguise her heavy breathing as she got up and slowly approached Danielle.

“Umm … Danni?” she asked, finally standing right in front of the brunette. Danielle said nothing. She just waited with her arms crossed. “I …”

As soon as their eyes met in the close proximity, Danielle knew she was doomed.

She tried to calm herself and think, but Pria’s lips were fast approaching. Once she felt those soft lips against her own again, she began to melt, dropping her arms at her sides. The feeling was indescribable. She had thought of this contact for weeks upon weeks after calling it off with the stunning blonde, and all she wanted was to carry her off to the bedroom, but she knew she couldn’t. They would definitely need to talk before anything happened. Somehow gaining the power, Danielle pulled away and shook her head. “No … no, Pria …”

“Danni …” Pria whispered desperately, looking up to the brunette with desire in her eyes.

“No.” Danielle answered, taking Pria’s arms from around her neck and holding them behind the young girl’s back.

Pria closed her eyes and let out a long sigh at the sensation of being under Danielle’s power again. She had waited for so long for any touch of dominance from the brunette. She had missed being submissive with her, and no one did it quite like Danielle.

As Danielle watched a smile touch Pria’s face, she just turned the girl away and repeated “No,” with a shake of her head.

“Okay,” Pria sighed, her smile quickly disappearing. She sadly made her way over to the couch with tears in her eyes, trying to blink them away.

Danielle tried to be strong. ‘She’s playing you, Danni’ she thought to herself, re-crossing her arms.

“Danni, please!” Pria sobbed, “Can’t you show any remorse?”

“Pria, don’t even start with me.”

“I need it,” Pria said, dragging out the second word as her eyes lit up again.

“You don’t need anything,” Danielle said, sitting in her lounger with a deep sigh.

“Why don’t you just leave if that’s what you wanted?”

Even Danielle was surprised at her own strength to deny her beautiful ex.

“Danni?” she asked again, moving up from the couch to stand directly in front of the brunette. When she heard nothing from Danielle again, she got onto the lounger with her, straddling the brunette’s legs. Her skirt rode up nearly around her waist as she leaned in for a deeper kiss. All of this happened so fast, Danielle hardly even knew what to do.

‘Don’t touch her ass,’ Danielle repeated in her head, knowing that if she did, she might not be able to control herself.

As she was thinking, she felt Pria’s tongue softly running across her lips. She shivered and instictively opened her mouth to allow the intrusion. Pria was moaning into her mouth and grinding gently in her lap. It felt so good to feel the material of Danielle’s jeans against her damp panties. She wanted to feel her hand there too.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Danielle said in between kisses, finally realizing what was happening – again. “Pria! Wait.”

The blonde looked so disappointed, lifting her ass so that her chest was at eye level to Danielle. She knew that would help.

Danielle looked at the beautiful cleavage in her face and was fighting with herself. Finally she pursed her lips and told her off again.

“I can’t,” Danielle said with a stern tone.

Pria got off of her lap, dropping her head. There has got to be something she could do, anything. “Danni, please?” she begged, causing Danielle to raise her eyebrow at her. “I just really need this. I’m not saying we have to work things out. Let’s just … work things out tonight.” She finished flirtaciously, with desperation in her eyes.

She slowly got down on her knees. “Danni, nobody does it like you. I’d do anything to submit to you again. Please? I’m begging you.”

Danielle was a little taken aback, finally smiling at how horny Pria probably was. She knew she had a high sex drive, but wow. And she was guessing no one could dominate the blonde the way she wanted, or she wouldn’t have come looking for her. She grinned at this thought, which only presuaded Pria to take it another step further.

She got down on the floor, on her hands and knees, facing away from the brunette.

Slowly, she shook her ass at her, moving to the slow tempo of the music. Danielle tried to look away, but she couldn’t. She was mezmorized at the sight of Pria’s thighs.

Adding to this euphoria, Pria kept speaking. “Pleeease?”

Danielle starts to feel a tingle, remembering back to all of their kinky play from the past. She had been horny lately, and they always had amazing chemistry in the bedroom. She began to wave the pros and cons as Pria continued to beg.

“Just tell me to do anything. Anything!” Pria continued, moving her hips in slow circles.

Danielle moaned quietly to herself as she sat with her legs spread, imagining Pria grinding in her lap again. “Would you go if I ordered you to leave?”

Pria turned her head to look back at Danielle. “Do you want me to go?” she asked, moving her hand down to her panties, rubbing them for a minute. Danielle could already see how whet she was, and it made her smile. Pria was glad to see her smile.

“Please fuck me baby,” Pria whispered, keeping her eyes on the brunette.

Danielle got interested and couldn’t resist. “Lift your skirt up and keep talking.” She loved looking at the blonde’s tight ass.

Pria immediately did as she was told and continued to beg. “I’ve been so aroused for so long, and I just couldn’t release the tension myself Danni. I need you. It feels so … right,” she breathed, remembering back to the spankings and the bondage. Nobody else was as willing or as amazing at it as Danielle.

“Spread you legs,” Danielle smiled, watching Pria immediately obey as she took her hand from rubbing her panties to steady herself. “No no, keep touching yourself.”

Pria nodded and kept rubbing herself over her panties. “I just want you to fuck me,” she said quietly, trying not to let any tears escape when she thought of the frustration she had been suffering. She needed to be humiliated and manhandled by this woman. “Please,” she whispered, her voice going shakey.

“Are you a slut?” Danielle asked as Pria smiled again, blinking away her tears. This meant yes. Pria was so excited.

“Yes,” she said quietly, rubbing herself a little faster.

“Mmm …” Danielle said, watching intently as Pria got more into it. “You’re such a fucking whore.”

“Yeah,” Pria whispered, closing her eyes and remembering the times Danielle would touch her now. She wasn’t sure if she would this time. She pleaded silently to herself that she would.

“Okay, that’s enough. Crawl over here baby,” Danielle said, sinking back into her seat. Pria smiled and made her way over to the lounger, sitting back on her feet.

Danielle started to undo her pants and Pria’s eyes got really wide. She watched the brunette’s fingers unzipping her jeans, completely entranced by the power Danielle had over her. Slowly, her pants came off, and Danielle was watching Pria sit patiently with her hands on her knees.

After finally discarding her pants and panties, Danielle sat back in the chair, moving closer to the edge with her legs spread, giving Pria a fantastic view. Her eyes widened and she sat entranced again.

“Eat me out,” Danielle ordered, watching Pria lean in and lick her lips. She gently rested her hands against the brunette’s thighs and eased her lips forward. “I said eat me out,” Danielle continued, taking Pria’s hair in her hands and forcing her face forward, “Not make love to me with your tongue.”

Pria moaned as her tongue tasted Danielle’s desire, flattening against her and licking up to her clit. Her tongue was everywhere, tasting and sucking as Danielle threw her head back. Ahh yes, this is what she had been missing. She groaned, keeping hold of the blonde hair and enjoying the extreme waves of pleasure course through her. This brought her back to all of the other times her and Pria had been so intimate. She tried to wave those memories from her mind, imagining back to their afternoons and evenings of fun.

Pria was already indredibly whet, thinking about what was to come, and how she hadn’t felt this aroused in months. She moaned as her tongue continued, tasting Danielle eagerly.

The brunette nearly lost track of the task at hand, melting at the sensation of that tongue that knew her so well, knew her favorite spots and the way she liked it. She slowly grinded into it, opening her eyes to see Pria’s head moving back and forth, up and down, sliding her tongue in and out of her.

“Fuck … Pria …” Danielle panted, wanting to hold her right there and then. The gentleness she felt from her forced her to desire to be closer to the blonde, but she knew that couldn’t be the case. ‘This is a one night stand’ she told herself, trying to forget about her emotions. She closed her eyes again, letting out a deep breath as she enjoyed the waves of pleasure.

The truth was that she had tried to see a few girls after they had broken up, hearing that Pria had done the same, but nobody could live up to this unbridled devotion.

She knew that Pria would do anything she wanted, just to please her. She tried to pretend she wasn’t enjoying it as much as she was, but that was only made difficult by her building orgasm.

“Pria … fingers …” she moaned, knowing Pria would do it just how she liked it.

As soon as she had given the orders, she felt two fingers slip into her, curling up to touch her g-spot. She let out a throaty moan as the fingers flicked her favorite spot.

“Fuck yes …” Danielle moaned, unable to keep still. She knew what was coming and so did Pria. The blonde thrusted her fingers faster, moving her tongue over

Danielle’s clit to ensure the orgasmic bliss. “Ahhh!”

Pria moved her mouth as she heard the scream, licking all around her fingers as

Danielle came. She could feel the brunette’s thighs and entire body tremble as she was taken through a wonderful ride.

After her orgasm had subsided, she regained the energy to sit up, watching Pria’s tongue still at work, trying to taste as much of her as she could. Danielle smiled at this. Again, she wanted to have the time to tell Pria how much she still cared, but she knew this was neither the time nor the place. Instead, she used her firm tone again.

“Get up.”

Pria obeyed, her eyes still staring in between Danielle’s legs. Quickly, Danielle got up and sat in the middle of the couch beside them.

“Lay across my lap,” Danielle smiled, trying to conceal it. Pria’s heart started beating faster. She loved to be spanked.

“Okay,” Pria whispered timidly, getting into position.

Danielle sucked in a breath as she felt Pria’s exposed stomach against her naked thigh.

“Good girl,” Danielle breathed, letting her hand smooth over Pria’s legs. She knew how much the blonde loved those words.

“Danni …” she moaned, already squirming in place.

Danielle felt her heart beating wildly with her ex now back in her power. She had dreamed of this for so long. “Stay still.”

“I can’t …” Pria whimpered, nearly sobbing.

“I know baby,” Danielle soothed, her hands pushing the blonde’s skirt up again. “You’d do anything to be punished again, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” Pria said softly, trying to keep from being overly emotional.

“It’s okay,” Danielle said, pulling down Pria’s pink panties. “How about I just punish you for coming over here?”

“Yeah,” Pria agreed in one short breath. She didn’t care, as long as she was punished.

“That was baaad,” Danielle smirked, her eyes gazing over the submissive girl in her lap. The girl she had loved for so long. She knew she had to be strong, and so she was.

The first slap was quick and sharp, her hand smoothing over Pria’s ass right afterwards. The blonde moaned loudly and wriggled in place at the sensation she had missed for so long. Again, Danielle spanked her. Harder this time.

“Ahhh fuck …” Pria whispered, letting out all of her breath as her hands grabbed at the cushions on the couch. “Ahhh …”

“Mmm … you don’t want to be spanked again, do you?” Danielle grinned, seeing her answer so obviously displayed right in front of her. She watched Pria push her ass out, inviting the hand back.

Pria couldn’t even answer, dropping her head down with another, more gentle moan. She swallowed hard.

This time, Danielle gave her a succession of smacks, leaving Pria’s ass a light pink color. Too tempted by the vision in front of her, she couldn’t wait any longer. She slid her hand over Pria’s beautiful ass and down to her center. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she touched the whet, soft skin she found there. Pria was doing the same, savouring every second. She froze in her spot on Danielle’s lap, almost in disbelief at the incrediblly familiar feeling. Those hands had pleasured her many times before.

“Ask me how-”

“Please finger my cunt,” Pria interrupted, writhing about in Danielle’s lap. The brunette smiled in surprise at the quick submission to say those words. Many times before she had waited longer for Pria give in. With her smile, she accommodated the blonde, sliding one finger in first. She moved it around, letting out the breath she had been holding. It felt so good to feel this again, she thought.

Pria felt like she had died and gone to heaven twice over. She eagerly spread her legs and propped herself up onto her elbows, her head hanging down.

“Oh Danni …” she moaned, moving in time with Danielle’s fingers. “Fuck me.”

“Mmm …” Danielle groaned, slipping another finger in, even slower than the last time. She could feel her own clit grow harder as she felt Pria tighten with each movement. She was so ready.

Suddenly, without warning, Danielle started pumping her fingers in and out of the blonde, thrusting into her. Pria was moaning louder and louder as Danielle continued, her other hand moving to Pria’s head. She moved her hand under and rested her fingers on Pria’s lips.

“Open your mouth,” Danielle ordered, feeling Pria oblige instantaneously. She put two fingers in and smiled, “Suck them.”

Pria did so, feeling the rhythm continue, her whole body moving slightly back and forth. Danielle smiled at the sensation of Pria’s warm mouth and even warmer center at once. So wet and ready.

“I’m close,” Pria managed with the fingers still in her mouth.

With that, Danielle took her fingers out of both Pria’s mouth and center and tried to catch her breath.

“What?” Pria groaned, looking up to Danielle.

“Get up,” the brunette demanded, watching Pria do as she asked. She got up quickly after her, dragging Pria by her arm towards the hallway. “You really wanna get fucked?”

Pria was thrilled and excited by what would come next, allowing herself to be taken and dominated by her wonderful ex. “Yeah,” she answered timidly.

Once Danielle got to her bedroom, she threw Pria onto the bed and went immediately to get her strap on. Pria waited on the bed in wonder and anticipation, too interested to move from where Danielle left her. She could hardly breathe.

Quickly enough, Danielle returned, having discarded her muscle shirt and fitted the toy on. She made her way to the bed quickly, seeing the need and desire in Pria’s eyes.

“Oh baby,” Danielle breathed huskily, grabbing Pria’s ankles and dragging her to the edge of the bed, “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time.”

Pria just moaned as the brunette took her skirt and panties off. She let her do as she pleased, raising her arms over her head as Danielle took her shirt off as well.

“Much better,” Danielle panted, already extremely excited. She got onto the bed with Pria, her whole body already tingly. “On your hands and knees.”

The blonde obeyed quickly, wanting to be fucked more than anything right now.

“This is gonna be rough,” Danielle whispered with a smirk, putting her hands on Pria’s hips. She moaned and awaited what was sure to come.

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