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Have You Ever?

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Janie had never flown before. She sat in the waiting area and watched the huge 767 taxi towards them. She had turned eighteen only three days before and was now enjoying her promised reward for graduating valedictorian and earning a full academic scholarship to Princeton.

Janie’s mom and dad had been socking away money for their children’s education for years. Well, from the day each of them was born, to be honest.

Her older sister Tess was in her second year at Notre Dame and her older brother Bill was a freshman at Cal. Like her, each had won a full scholarship and like her, each had chosen the prize they most coveted.

Tess was driving a Ferrari Testarosa, Billy a vintage-restored Shelby Cobra. Janie had passed on a car, she was taking a three month European vacation. Basically, her folks challenged each of their children and offered the same reward. Each had a college fund set aside and by the time they hit eighteen each of those funds had been nearing half a million dollars. Her parents approach was simple and direct. Earn a full scholarship to a school on their short list and you could spend up to half your college fund on whatever you wanted.

It had worked out well for them. Their three oldest children had all studied hard and excelled. Now only Donna was left, but she was the rebel child and her chances of getting an academic scholarship were close to nil. Janie felt sorry for her, but Donna felt sorry for her in return. Their conversation before they parted at the gate floated back to her mind.

“I don’t understand you sis. All you have to do is apply yourself and you could be as good in school as I am.”

“You just go to school. You don’t experience anything. Your whole life has been spent in your room studying, or at the library or at some function to earn brownie points.” Donna had replied.

“So? I’m going to Europe for three months and you’ll be wishing you had done better.” Janie replied defensively.

“You have things. Billy has things. Tess has things. I’ve got memories. I’ve got experiences. I’ll still have my memories and they’ll still be fresh and real long after your things have worn out or you’ve replaced them with more things.”

“I have a lot of memories!” Janie protested.

“Do you?” Donna said, looking left and right.

The airport was nearly empty this time of morning, all the commuter flights had taken off already and only a few harried travelers were about.

Without warning Donna rammed her shoulder into Janie’s chest and shoved her into a dark nook between an observation window and a huge concrete support column. Her sister forced her hand between Janie’s thighs and began to roughly massage her pussy while her intense brown eyes bored into Janie’s.

“Have you ever been fucked on a Harley at 100 miles per hour in the dead of night on Breakneck road? Do you know how it feels to have your girlfriend finger banging you at Rita’s, surrounded by unsuspecting couples? So afraid you’ll get caught the fear just adds to the need until you’re so horny you think you’ll pop? Know the thrill of being sandwiched between two hard assed dykes, with a dildo so far up your pussy you swear it’s at the back of your throat and another so far up you ass you’re sure you won’t ever be able to shit again? Know what it’s like to scream as you cum, while the most wonderful girl in the world reams your cunt? Have you ever shared a kiss, at dawn, on the desert floor? When the sun is just rising and your body aches from all the pleasure you had the night before?”

Janie was dumbstruck. Unable to move or fight as her sister’s hand continued to demandingly massage her. Their eyes were locked and Janie felt her body starting to respond to her sister’s hand. Before she knew what was happening Donna had stepped away and was looking out the window. When she recovered herself she moved next to her sister.

“What was that all about?” she finally asked.

Donna smiled, ran a hand through her heavily dyed black hair and shrugged.

“Tess never lived. Billy either. Oh, they have things and they’ll have education and one day, they might wake up from the sleepwalk that has been their lives and try living it, rather than watching it, but I doubt it. I love ’em both, but I pity them. I thought you were heading down the same road, then you surprised me and picked this trip over a toy. You’ve got a chance, a chance to really live. If you’ll just take it.”

“I am taking it. Aren’t I?”

“You’re still a virgin aren’t you?”

Janie blushed, but didn’t reply. Her sister was so strange today, so different. Still wild, but there was a feeling of introspection in her words and sorrow clung to her as closely as her leather jacket. Janie was caught between wanting to smack her and wanting to hug her.

“Thought so,” she said with a sad smile.

“What about it?” Janie said, again defensive.

“Nothing. You wouldn’t understand, even if I had the words,” she said, turning back to the window.

She looked so alone then; so suddenly helpless and vulnerable. Janie reached out and touched her shoulder.

“Try me?”

“Sex is life Janie. It’s the most powerful thing you can experience. And it’s good. You’ve shut yourself off from trying, so you’ve shut yourself off from living and I’m afraid if you don’t see now, you’ll end up like Tess and Billy. Just a spectator as life goes by. You’ve won the things but they mean nothing without the memories. You’re going somewhere, doing something, and you’ll be surrounded by hot-assed women. Just try to live, that’s all I guess.”

“Look, I’ve known you’re…gay since…”

“I’m a dyke, you can say it. I’m not ashamed of it.”

“All right, I’ve known you’re a…dyke, since you were fifteen. But I’m not…”

“How do you know?” Donna shouted, causing a few people to glance at them curiously, which brought a blush to Janie’s face.

“Please,” she whispered.

“You don’t know,” she said defiantly.

It came out like an accusation and Janie felt herself getting angry. She bit that down though, something was really troubling her little sister and now she was worried.

“I’m sure I do.”

“How? Have you done it with a guy? No. Have you done it with a girl? No. Have you done it with anyone? No. I bet you don’t even play with yourself.”

“Donna, what’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing. Just forget it. Have a good trip sis,” she said, turning on her heels and stalking out of the airport.

Janie was still watching her walk away when she noticed a tall woman in a dark business suit watching her intently. She was seated at a table, in the shadows of one of the many bars. Janie blushed crimson, and quickly entered the terminal proper. There was no way the woman could have failed to hear their conversation and for a while, she kept looking over her shoulder. Almost as if she expected the woman to be following her.

I am living, she told herself, but somehow the words rang hollow. I mean, look, I’ve got a laptop and a DVD player and…

“And you have a lot of things,” her sister’s voice echoed in her head.

I’ve got memories too, she thought. But try as she might, she couldn’t find one that seemed even close to her sister’s examples. Of course, those might just be the most profound her sister had, the best of hers, but Janie didn’t feel that way. She remembered birthdays, fun times with friends and family, but she curiously found as she ran through them, they became less frequent the older she became. She couldn’t remember anything really about the last year, except exams, finals, studying. Well, there were a few other things, but not many. Or maybe I’m just upset and making my memories fit her accusations?

Screw it. I’m just depressing myself now and I should be enjoying this trip. Still, her sister’s words nagged at her, like cat toying with a mouse, they just wouldn’t stop.


Janie poured the small bottle of rum into her plastic cup of coke. The stewardess was an older woman and seemed very nice. She had given Janie the bottle of rum, furtively fishing it out of the pocket of her apron after Janie told her she was eighteen and this was her first time ever in an airplane. She watched as the first class cabin filled, and then as people filed past to second class.

The rum made her coke taste bad and she wrinkled her nose after her fist sip. Still, she kept sipping, knowing that it was her first alcohol and she should enjoy it. But she privately decided she would try something else next time.

Janie started when the woman in the black business suit boarded. She involuntarily slid down in her seat, hoping the woman wouldn’t notice her. When she stopped next to Janie’s seat, the young woman thought she would die.

Janie looked up at her and was rewarded by a friendly smile and amused gray eyes.

“Look’s like we’re seat mates,” she said as she stowed her carry on, took out her laptop and sat down.

“Adriana McCoy,” she said, extending a large hand with extremely long fingers and impeccably manicured nails.

“Janie McGuire,” Janie replied automatically and shook her hand.

She smiled again, lowered her seat back tray and set her laptop on it.

“Can I get you something?” the stewardess inquired.

“How long till we take off?” Adriana asked.

“We haven’t even started boarding coach yet Ms. And there’s a back up from the storm front. I would guess at least half an hour.”

“Give me a bourbon and coke. And an extra bourbon,” she said, passing the older woman a ten dollar bill.

“Yes Ma’am”

Janie examined her companion with sideways glances, trying hard not to stare. She was tall, not amazingly tall, but taller than Janie’s five foot eight. Her suit was impeccably tailored, and seemed to be designed to accentuate her charms. The jacket was tapered and open at the top, showing off her large breasts while accentuating her trim waist. The skirt flared slightly, making her wide hips seem wider. Long, elegant legs were encased in black stockings and moderate black patent leather heels showed off her small ankles. She wore a gold anklet on the left, set with what Janie assumed were real diamonds.

Her face was striking, with high cheekbones, large eyes and full, sensual lips. This was set off by a strong chin and small nose, giving her something of a serious look, even when she smiled. Her hands were large. Well, not so much large as long, with beautifully tapered fingers that absolutely flew over the keyboard of her laptop. She moved gracefully, with no wasted motion and it gave an air of efficiency to her actions.

Janie’s own fingers seemed short by comparison and she felt rather awkward and hickish next to this elegant and obviously sophisticated woman.

Janie turned back to the window, but she found the view less interesting than the woman next to her. Still, she forced herself to watch the men, in their yellow slickers loading baggage and food. The rain was falling now, not heavily, but in a steady manner that slowly built puddles on the black tarmac.

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We’re full today and everyone has checked in, so we’re going to go ahead now and taxi out to the queue. The rain is the lead edge of Hurricane Alice and we should be well above it when we reach our cruising altitude. The tower informs us we’re eighth in line to take off, so we should be airborne in fifteen minutes.”

He barely went off when a stewardess came on the PA and began to go over the safety procedures. Janie listened carefully, noticing her companion didn’t even look up from her lap-top.

When she finished, everyone began to stow their cell phones and laptops. The woman next to her shut hers down and quickly poured the second bottle into her cup. She killed the whole drink in a long gulp and tossed the cup into the bag the stewardess had as she made her way through the cabin.

“Do I have time to make a quick call?” she asked the stewardess.

“Sure, just keep it short, we need to have the electronics sowed before we get to the queue.”

She flipped open her slim phone and hit a button.

“Maggie? Adriana. The Peterson numbers are off. Tell Charlie to go over the payables. What? Yes. They’re trying to count non capital expenses in there. Right, it’ll throw the profits up, but it isn’t real profit. I want to make an on the record recommendation to downgrade the stock. What? No. There’s no evidence they’re in trouble, but they aren’t following standard accounting practices and I don’t want to be the next Arthur Anderson. Right. Call it not recommended until they explain to Charlie what the hell is going on. Good. Yes, I won’t be in touch until I’m checked in. Forward anything that needs my attention to the Cyrus server. I’ll pay for some internet time once we land. Thanks hun, I hope so too. Haven’t been on vacation in three years and I could sure use it. See you in September.”

She closed the phone and slipped it back into the inner pocket of her suit jacket. Janie watched as she closed her eyes and slowly relaxed. She was still impressive, but now it was softer, less commanding. Her right hand undid both the buttons on her jacket, letting if fall open to reveal her powder blue blouse. This was open, showing off a good deal of decolletage, without showing enough to be unseemly. The blouse looked to be silk and the buttons were made of pearl.

“This is your Captain speaking, we’re next in line for take off. Should be about three minutes.”

Janie’s hand closed on the arm-rest and she felt her body tense. It was still raining and she was suddenly nervous. All the horror stories of plane wrecks and the dangers of taking off in rain storms came back and she felt a lump in her throat she couldn’t seem to swallow.

“First time?” the woman next to her inquired in a soft voice, unlike the one she had used on the phone or with the stewardess.


“It’ll be fine. Just close your eyes. It’s what I do.”

“Do you fly often?”

“All the time. Still hate takeoffs and landings.”

Janie jumped when she heard a mechanical sound.

“Just the flaps,” the calm voice comforted.

As the engine began to whine the woman’s long fingers closed over Janie’s hand. She turned her hand and their fingers intertwined, squeezing hard as the plane rumbled down the runway. The noise was tremendous and the feeling in her stomach like that on a ride at the fair, but in no time the sun broke through the window and the engines quieted.

“See?” the voice next to her said.

Janie immediately released the woman’s hand and looked over, but Adriana was smiling.

“I’m sorry,” Janie stammered.

“Don’t be,” she said with a soft smile, “It helps to have someone to hold on to, besides, I grabbed your hand, not the other way around, so I guess I should be apologizing.”

“No, I’m glad you did. I didn’t realize how nervous I was,” Janie said, blushing.

“Well, it’s all good now. Are you heading for New York?”

“No, Zurich. I’m vacationing on the continent.”


“Yes. Graduation present from my folks.”

“Some present. I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with that girl, so I don’t need to ask if you’ve been before,” she said, smiling again when Janie went red.

Janie could think of nothing to say and was intensely embarrassed lowering her eyes while she blushed.

“None of that. I’m going to Zurich too, so we’re going to be together for a while, might as well get comfortable with each other.”

“I don’t know what to say. My sister was acting so weird,” Janie said, looking down and blushing again.

“Your sister was right on the money. You only pass this way once and all the nice things in the world won’t make you any happier than one night with the right woman…or man,” she added, almost as an afterthought.

“Donna’s so wild. I mean, she doesn’t even have a stereo in her room, just a crappy boom box she got for Christmas years ago. I’ve got a Sony receiver and all kinds of gizmos, but she loves her music more than I do. I hardly ever turn it on. She makes no sense to me sometimes.”

“Does she dance with any less enthusiasm because it’s coming from a boom box?” Adriana asked quietly.

“No,” Janie said after considering it.

“So she has a crappy little boom box, as you put it, that she gets the most out of, while you have a high dollar stereo system you hardly use?”

“Well, yes, I guess.”

“One day,” she said so softly Janie had to lean closer to hear, “your stereo will die. So will her boom box. Which one of you will have gotten more from what you had?”

While Janie was pondering that the seatbelts light went off and the stewardess came down the isle.

“Can I get you something?” she asked Adriana with a big smile.

“Bring me three more bourbons and can I get the whole can of coke?”

“Of course. And for you miss?”

“Just a coke.”

“Oh, nonsense. Bring her a bottle of bourbon,” Adriana said.

The stewardess looked at Janie questioningly and she nodded.

“I really shouldn’t,” Janie said as the stewardess moved on.

“Why not?”

“Well, I mean…I’m underage,” she finished lamely.


Janie couldn’t think of anything to say. She was staring into Adriana’s eyes and she found it hard to think. Her heart was fluttering and she felt all tingly with butterflies in her tummy.

“Every experience you pass up, is a door you close forever hunny. You can’t ever go back and open them to see what was on the other side. Some of those closed doors will haunt you later in life, trust me.”

“Do you have closed doors?” Janie finally asked.

“Several,” she replied with a smile.

“Like what?”

“More than I can tell you, but some of those I regret most are women I could have taken to bed where I passed up the opportunity, if you’d really like to know.”

“So you’re…a dyke?”

She laughed then. A deep, genuine laugh that was pretty and clear.

“Unlike your sister, I prefer lesbian to dyke, but yes, I like women.”


“Unlike her, I spent my youth trying to deny what I was. And I passed up some prime pussy opportunities,” she said, watching Janie closely as she spoke.

The young woman blushed scarlet at the word ‘pussy’ and her companion showed a ghost of a smile.

Janie was glad the stewardess returned at that moment and she hastily gulped down her drink. The bourbon tasted different from the rum. A kind of smoky, burned taste she didn’t dislike, but it wasn’t as good as just regular coke either.

As the flight progressed, they continued to talk. Janie found her companion to be fascinating, both a good listener and an interesting talker. Janie was flabbergasted when she found out her companion was forty-five, she would never have guessed more than early twenties. When she said so, Adriana smiled.

“Thanks. I’ll guess you aren’t very good at guessing ages,” she replied with a smile.

“Not really, but you don’t look old at all!”

“In my line of work you have to be attractive, so I’ve spent a small fortune holding onto my looks. Glad it’s been money well spent.”

“What is your line of work?” Janie asked with a barely suppressed giggle.

She was feeling giddy and her mouth was running well ahead of her head. It should have embarrassed her, but it didn’t.

“I run a small brokerage firm, specializing in investing for professional athletes. Basically muscle-bound knuckleheads with no idea what to do with their obscene pay checks. Luckily, most of them think with their dicks, so I keep a bevy of beautiful agents who don’t mind putting out and business is booming.”

“Why do you have to be beautiful if your staff is doing the…”

“Fucking?” she supplied.

Janie blushed again and lowered her eyes, thus missing the smile that graced Adriana’s sensuous lips.

“Men tend to want what they can’t have, far more than what they do. They all know I’m les, and every one thinks he’s the guy who can convert me. It’s just a matter of getting into my pants.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.”

“What makes sense?”

“Well, wanting to get into your pants. I mean, you’re really beautiful.”

“Thank you. Anyway, they come for the beautiful girls, but most stay because I make them a lot of money.”

The rest of the flight was spent in pleasant conversation and she was surprised when the pilot announced they were arriving in NY. The engines began to whine and her ears popped and Janie glanced out the window, when she glanced back, Adriana offered her hand. Janie took it, noticing the pretty woman had already closed her eyes.

This time, Janie noticed Adriana’s hand. It was soft and warm, but the grip was firm. She felt kind of strange holding another woman’s hand, even though it was just for comfort. At least, she kept telling herself that was the reason.


Janie followed Adriana as she made her way purposefully down the concourse. JFK was a madhouse and she was glad of her new friend. The six-hour layover hadn’t looked like a big deal on her itinerary, but she realized now she would have been really lost in this place and overwhelmed. Adriana lead her into a small bar and took a corner seat.

Janie started to sit across from her, but before she could her new friend spoke.

“Why not sit next to me? So you can watch the planes. We’re going be here a while and I’m sure the wall behind me will get boring.”

Janie slid into the booth-like seat next to her and watched a plane taking off through the big plate glass window.

“Can I get you ladies something?” a dark skinned guy with black hair and wearing a white apron around his waist, asked.

“A burger and fries with a Heineken,” Adriana said.

“And you, miss?”

“Just bring her what I’m having; she hasn’t been here before, but I told her your burgers were the best in the place.”

“Coming up,” he said, moving off towards the kitchen.

“I don’t believe that,” Janie said in a conspiratorial whisper.


“He didn’t even ask for your ID or mine.”

“People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. If they see what they expect and hear what they expect, they don’t question, they just do. It’s the way people are wired.”

“What do you mean?”

“He saw two women, one looking like a business woman, the other like a college student. And when I ordered, I knew what I wanted, not needing a menu or asking for one. He assumed then I have eaten here before. When I ordered for you, he just assumed you were with me. Since I didn’t show any qualms in ordering you a beer, and he knew I had already been here, he just assumed you must be legal by association and I must be because I had been here before.”

Janie was quiet for a long time.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just wondered what you meant by…well, by me being with you?” she said, blushing prettily.

Adriana laughed easily.

“Only that we were together. It is New York, so he might have assumed you were my lover, but despite your compliments, it’s more likely my daughter. Why? Would it bother you if he thought you were sleeping with me?”

“No,” she said quickly.

“Good,” the older woman said simply.


Adriana turned to her then, her eyes catching Janie’s and holding them. Her face was earnest and her eyes held the young woman’s as she spoke.

“I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I can afford to be picky about whom I take to my bed. And I am. I’m glad you wouldn’t mind someone thinking I was fucking you, because I wouldn’t mind someone thinking I was. And that’s about the biggest compliment I can give a woman.”

Janie blushed and looked down. She wasn’t sure if the blush was from the word fucking or from the idea someone might think she was sleeping with Adriana or if it was from the compliment. She was just sure her face felt like it was on fire and she could feel her heartbeat in her temples.

She felt Adriana’s long fingers on her chin, ever so gently urging her to raise her face. When she did, the pretty brunette leaned forward and pressed her full lips to Janie’s. She closed her eyes, seemingly on auto-pilot and parted her lips as the older woman’s tongue gently urged her too. Janie had French kissed before, with her on-again off-again boyfriend, but nothing with him had ever felt like this.

Adriana’s tongue slipped into her mouth and caressed her tongue, her teeth, the insides of her cheeks. There was no fumbling, no abortive gestures or hesitancy. She knew what she was doing and it left Janie feeling weak in her knees and all fluttery inside. She was disappointed when the kiss broke and Adriana sat back.

“Why did you do that?” Janie stammered as she tried to get her heartbeat and breathing under control.

“I wanted to. And you were ready for it.”

“Ready?” she asked, still fighting the constricted feeling in her chest and her labored breathing.

“Yes, ready. A woman can tell. You’re on the edge Janie, between being a woman and a child. You’re ready to take that step, you just don’t know it yet, but a woman can tell. The only thing holding you back is your head, and right now it’s giving you a million reasons why that kiss was wrong. But if you listen to your body, you’ll know it was right.”

“My body?”

“Your nipples are hard; I can see them through your top. And you’re trembling. If I had started to feel you up, you wouldn’t have stopped me. If I had unbuttoned your jeans and started to finger fuck you, you wouldn’t have stopped me.”

Janie was silent a long time. She ate mechanically and had a second beer before she found the courage to ask the question that was echoing around her head and refused to be denied.



“Why did you stop?”

She smiled softly, her hand taking Janie’s and squeezing.

“If I didn’t know you were a virgin, perhaps I wouldn’t have, but I do. I’d love to be the one who teaches you about love and sex, but that’s a decision you need to make. Me making it for you, that would be wrong.”

“Wrong how?” Janie asked curiously.

“It would be taking advantage of you. Knowing your body was ready, but disregarding the fact your mind hasn’t made the decision. It would probably be easier on you, but I’m not that kind of person. I want my partners to want to be with me and to know it. It makes it better for them and better for me.”

It was dark when they re-boarded and Janie was pleasantly buzzed, pleasantly full and more than a little horny. Her body was filled with a nameless energy and excitement and her stomach was in knots. More than that, her pussy felt strange; hot, itchy, and a little…squishy. It had not occupied so much of her attention since her first period. She thought Adriana might try something in the darkened plane and she was ready. Not sure of herself by any means, but ready if it came. At least, she thought she was.

They had spent a good deal of time together now, talking, shopping and just burning time until the plane was ready to leave. She had never really been horny before, never like this anyway. She felt alive, her skin seemed to tingle, every nerve seemed to be aware, just waiting for some sensation. She settled into her seat and glanced out the window at the darkened runway. A set of lights flashed by as a small plane came in. She was still watching when the captain came on the PA.

“Ladies and gentlemen good evening. Hurricane Alice has shut down Atlanta, Jacksonville and Miami. We’re currently waiting to make sure no one who had a flight out of one of those cities managed to get on another flight. As soon as we’re sure, we’ll be taking off. It looks like we’ll be nearly empty, so as soon as we get airborne, feel free to move to open seats.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means a lot of flights are canceled or delayed, so a lot of people missed their connecting flights and aren’t in New York yet.”

“So, we have to wait for them?”

“No silly, they’ll have to catch a flight tomorrow.”

Janie looked around. First class was nearly empty, with just a family in the very front, near the door and a couple of lone travelers in other seats.

Only a few more people got on and most went back to ‘coach’ before the stewardess closed the hatch and the plane taxied out to the runway. She took Adriana’s hand again, as the engines whined and that stomach jolting feeling came as the big plane took off. Once they were airborne, she relaxed her grip slightly, but her hand remained in Adriana’s. It felt warm and natural and she shivered when Adriana gently squeezed her hand.

The stewardess came around and gave them both little pillows and a thin blanket. The movie started and Janie groaned.

“What?” Adriana asked.

“I’ve seen this a million times.”

“I never take that chance, I always bring a DVD or two,” she said.

“Can I watch yours with you?”



“I wasn’t going to get them out.”


“Because I brought a couple of hard core sex flicks this time.”

Janie blushed. She felt sure Adriana could see it, even though they were in darkness after the lights went down.

“I’m on vacation too and I haven’t been laid in two months,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Is that why you’re going to Europe?”

She chuckled then, just an indistinct shape in the darkness.

“My last girl dumped me. She wanted someone who was there twenty-four-seven. Took up with a bus driver. I’ve got some friends in Europe and some addresses of friends of friends. And yes, I plan on fucking as much as I can while there.”

Janie felt herself shiver at the word ‘fucking’. Adriana leaned close then. Still holding her hand, but now gently dragging her nails up the inside of Janie’s bare arm.

“What about you?”


“You planning on trying to get laid?”

“I wasn’t,” she said quietly.

“And now?” Adriana asked, her voice just a silken purr.

“I’m ready, if the right person asks,” Janie said.

Her voice sounded small, more like a squeak than the sexy response she hoped for.

“In that case, I’m asking,” Adriana replied, her voice still a sexy purr that made Janie shiver.

“Yes,” she said, when she couldn’t find any words that seemed to make sense.

Her mind was a whirl and the sensations from Adriana’s finger-nails were driving her nuts.

Adriana leaned closer and her voice was just a sultry whisper in Janie’s ear.

“Well, a plane is hardly the place for losing it, where are you staying in Zurich?”

“The Royale,” she squeaked.

“I’m at the Imperial.”

“So, we have to wait until we get there?” she asked, hearing the disappointment in her voice.

“For the main course, yes, but we have plenty of privacy for an appetizer,” she whispered.

Adriana unbuckled her seat belt and then unbuckled Janie’s. She took the young woman’s hand and moved back to the seats against the bulkhead at the back of first class. Adriana sat first and her hands slipped to Janie’s shoulders almost before she was seated.

The older woman leaned forward and gently pressed her lips to Janie’s. Again, they parted like magic and again, Adriana’s soft tongue invaded her mouth. The kiss was tender and slow, nothing like the frenetic kisses she was used to. Adriana was languid, taking her time and eventually coaxing her young lover into returning the kiss.

Janie had little experience with this kind of kissing and she found it to be delicious. Adriana’s mouth had a strong overtone of Heinekin, but beneath that she could detect a softer, more subtle flavor she had never tasted.

She had no idea how long they had been kissing when she felt Adriana’s hands slide down her chest and gently cup her breasts. When the older woman squeezed Janie moaned into her mouth. She felt hot, flushed, and her body thrummed with desire. The gentle fondling and searing kiss only serving to ratchet up the tension in her body until she felt sure she would explode.

Adriana’s hands moved down, sliding under her sweatshirt and grazing her ribs before again cupping her breasts, but now, only the thin material of her bra separated those wonderful hands and her skin. Janie moaned again softly when she felt those long fingers curl into the soft material and pull her bra down below her breasts. Adriana ran her palms over Janie’s stiff nipples, while caressing the skin of the rest of her breasts. Her hands seemed to know the exact size and shape and in their slow movements seemed to miss not a single millimeter of them.

Her mind couldn’t even begin to assimilate all the sensations. She was floating on a sea of bliss, with only the sharper sensations making an impression now. Janie was sucking on Adriana’s tongue unconsciously while her hands hesitantly caressed the older woman’s shoulders though the soft silk of her blouse.

She was so engrossed in it all she didn’t even notice one of her new lover’s hands wasn’t on her, until she felt the button that held her jeans come undone. The material became loose around her hips as the zipper slid inexorably down.

She moaned, and parted her thighs when she felt Adriana’s hand on her tummy, those long fingers toying with the lace at the waist-band. Janie felt her body tense as the flat of Adriana’s palm pressed against her naval. She knew what was coming, and she was afraid she would cum at just the thought. Adriana broke the kiss and was staring into her eyes.

The tall woman’s fingers burrowed under the delicate material and slide down, her long index finger plowing though Janie’s pubic thatch and settling on the lips of her swollen sex. When Adriana pushed her fingers in, Janie’s gasp seemed unnaturally loud in the still cabin.

“God,” the younger woman moaned.

“Shhh,” Adriana admonished as her finger began to gently slide up and down Janie’s soaked inner folds

“I can’t,” she moaned, closing her eyes.

Adriana’s hand stopped and Janie opened her eyes to see the older woman slowly unbuttoning her blouse with her free hand. When she had it undone, she pulled it back, revealing the black lace bra that was straining to hold in the large orbs. She smiled invitingly and pulled the cup down, baring one of them. Her skin was flawless, and the large nipple was already hard. Her hand moved to the back of Janie’s head and pulled her down.

“Suck baby,” she whispered.

Janie hesitantly parted her lips and enveloped the warm, rubbery nipple. Adriana’s hand began to undulate again, pressing rhythmically on the young woman’s clitoral hood.

Janie moaned again, but little sound escaped around the nipple in her mouth. She was sucking hard, occasionally even nipping as shock after shock from her pussy blasted into her system. Her hips were humping involuntarily, and she was trying to spread her legs to give her lover better access when a massive contraction in her deep muscles set off a series of quick pulses. Pleasure flowed to her brain like water rolling down hill and she was as helpless before it as a swimmer was against a strong tide.

It flared in her head, inundated her, overwhelming every nook and cranny, until she wasn’t able to think at all. She just was, like an atom, flying along through the universe and she felt like she would fly on forever, until she met another atom. The analogy was crude, but she wasn’t thinking well enough to find a better one. Not that she needed an excuse, she felt liberated in a way no words could describe.

When she came back to earth, or at least to the plane, Adriana was just removing her second shoe.


‘Shhhhh,’ she said with an impish grin and began to tug down Janie’s jeans.


“Be quiet or you’ll get us into trouble,” the older woman said, as she tugged Janie’s jeans down and pulled them off.

When her long fingers curled into the teenager’s blue panties Janie balked and snapped her legs shut. Adriana just smiled and placed her hands on the insides of Janie’s knees; when she gently pushed, Janie’s legs opened like magic. Adriana tugged her panties down and slipped then into her jacket pocket before scooting between her legs. Janie watched in fascination as Adriana lowered her face to plant a tender kiss on the inside of her thigh.

The danger of getting caught only seemed to add to the burning need in her tummy and she spread her legs fully. Adriana took her time, kissing Janie’s thighs, and her tummy, slowly zeroing in on her hot and wet pussy. She was teasing, barely caressing Janie’s slick lips, driving her mad with a need like nothing she had ever experienced. When she finally tired of the game and began to seriously lick along her lips, Janie came again.

This one wasn’t like the first, it was gentler, less violent and more subtle, the contractions more like ripples in a still pond. It was profoundly pleasurable, but it didn’t overwhelm her as the first one had. Still, she had a hard time keeping herself from crying out.

One of Adriana’s long fingers was toying with her opening and she longed to feel it inside her, but before she could articulate that thought, Adriana sucked her clit into her mouth and sucked hard, while rolling her tongue around it.

Fire! Liquid Fire running through her veins, burning out all control, all reason all cognizance. Janie felt like her body was on fire and her inner muscles were writhing. Her head and her body were in perfect sync, each shiver of pleasure instantly translated from her clit to her brain. She was lost in pleasure and she was chewing furiously on her lip to keep from crying out in her joy.

When she came back this time she was in the seat, a blanket thrown over her legs and the stewardess peering anxiously at her.

“Just a bad dream,” Adriana said, stroking her hair.

Janie could smell the heavy musk of her pussy in the air and she knew the Stewardess could too, but she just smiled and winked.

“Thank goodness it was just a bad dream,” she said theatrically.

In a softer voice she said, “Perhaps she needs a pacifier? We have them.”

Adriana smiled and bared her breast, pushing the nipple against Janie’s lips. The mortified girl sucked it into her mouth and began to suckle as the after-shocks died away and left her feeling drowsy and content.

“I think we have it covered,” Adriana said softly.


Janie settled into the room and picked up the phone as Adriana smiled and started shedding her clothes. She went through the long and complicated procedure to get an international connection, while her lover entered the bathroom and started a bath.

“Mom? Great. I’m here. No, the flight was fine. Listen, I don’t want to run up a bill here, is Donna home?”

She waited a few minutes, trying to decide what to say.

“Yeah sis?” her sister’s disembodied voice said.

“I have a question for you.”


She lowered her voice and whispered into the mouth piece.

“Have you ever been on a plane, at thirty thousand feet, with the lights down, while a gorgeous woman you just met eats your pussy…”

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