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Saturday Morning

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“Haven’t you ever wanted to push your limits?” you ask me one warm Saturday morning. I stare at you in the mirror as I brush my teeth, my eyes wide and eyebrows raised. I suspect you’re about to propose something for us to do and I can hardly wait to hear what you have in mind. Lately, your ideas have been getting more brazen. I don’t know how you’re going to top last Saturday night. Portions of what we did are illegal in 9 states I think.

I rinse my mouth and slide my toothbrush back into its slot. I lean against the counter and watch you shave. You’re trying not to grin too hard as the blade runs over your face and neck.

“You’re dying to know, I can tell,” you say.

“What gave me away?” I try to sound cocky.

“Well, when I said that, I noticed your nipples got hard under your shirt and it’s not exactly cold in here today.”

I glance down. Damn! Traitors!

“You trust me right? You know I love you?”

“Yes, I do,” I reply cautiously.

“I’ve got an idea that you may not be crazy about. Might be too much to handle, even for you.”

I really want to know what you’re thinking about but I refuse to show it. Your grin gets even bigger as you finish shaving and wash the last bit of shaving cream off your face.

“I invited a um…friend over. You sure you trust me?”

Every bit of me is dying to ask but if you’re going to play coy, so will I. “A friend, huh? Anyone I know?” I think I know what your idea is and I really hope I’m right.

“You might know him, but you’ll get to know him very well pretty soon. He said he’d be here around 10.

“It’s already 945!” I protest. “I haven’t had a shower yet.”

“So, get naked and jump in. If you aren’t done when he gets here, I’m sure we can find something to entertain ourselves with.” I get a quick kiss from you. “I’ll go make the bed and start some coffee.”

I peel out of my clothes and start the water. I step in and let the hot water pour over my body. I do the basic wash, hair, body, face, arms, legs, a quick shave to tidy things up. I switch the nozzle to pulse and let the water pound down on my shoulders and neck. I’ve got my head tipped back and eyes closed when I hear the curtain pull back. “No rush baby but he’s here. Hmmm…I’m almost disappointed that he’s on time. I’d love to join you.” I can hear the smile in your voice.

“You could, you know.” I step forward and reach for your hand, guiding it toward my nearly bare pussy. “You think your friend would be offended if you were back here for a few minutes? I was thinking you could get me off real fast.”

“Tempting offer,” you say, one finger darting between my lips to tease my clit. “Very tempting, but that’s not what I have in mind. Like I said though, take your time finishing up in here. We aren’t going anywhere.”

You back out of the shower. I spend a few minutes more, enjoying the hot, pulsing water and slippery soap. I finally decide to get out, turn off the water and pull back the curtain.

“Hey honey, I need a towel!” I call out.

“Be right there!” You step back into the bathroom, no towel in sight. The only item in your hands is a long strip of dark fabric.

“I just want to be sure, you really trust me, right?” your voice is throaty, I can tell you’re aroused.

“Completely,” I say, suddenly breathless.

“Fantastic. Close your eyes.”

I close my eyes and feel my heart pounding “I still need a towel.”

“First things first,” you tie the fabric over my eyes. “Take my hand and follow me.”

You lead me from the bathroom and stop me a few steps into the bedroom. “Here’s that towel.” Two hands drape the towel over my back and start to dry me. Two hands! On my back! You’re still holding my hand in front of me! Oh baby, this is what I thought you had planned! The hands run the towel over my naked body, gently drying me.

“Don’t you usually put on lotion after you shower?” you ask. I nod. “I thought so. Sit on the bed and relax.” You guide me to the bed and I sit on the corner. You release my hand. The towel leaves my body and is replaced by warm, strong hands, rubbing lotion into my tingling skin down my arms and legs. When the hands cross my stomach, they linger on my breasts, rubbing lightly across my nipples. I suck in my breath. These are clearly his hands, I know exactly how yours feel and these are different. He slowly smoothes the jasmine scented lotion across my skin like a massage. I wonder where you are. I know that you usually watch me when I put lotion on myself. I can only imagine what you might be thinking as you watch another man running his hands over my naked body. I hope this is turning you on as much as it is me. I’m getting even more aroused at the prospect that I’m right.

The hands leave my body and he sits behind me on the bed. At least I think it’s him. I guess it could be you. The sudden thought of not knowing which of you is behind me sends a chill up my spine. A kiss planted on my left shoulder, a tongue trailing toward my neck, hot breath in my ear. Your voice “You still trust me?” So it’s you behind me! More chills run through me.

I nod and feel your hands reach around to my stomach as you continue to kiss my shoulders and neck. I feel his hands brush down my arms and pick up my hands. He places them on his stomach.

“Feel free to explore him baby, anywhere you want to touch him,” you whisper into my ear. I run my fingertips over his chest and stomach.

“Anywhere you want, that’s why I’m here,” he says. Hearing his voice startles me, as if somehow, he’s now real. You’re behind me, kissing, nipping anywhere you can reach. You stop at my earlobe and tug on it with your teeth. Then, so quiet I suspect only I can hear, you whisper “I’m right here. I know you want this, I want this. Do what feels good. If it’s too much, that’s ok, we can stop.”

“Like hell we’re stopping,” I try to reply, my protest cut short when he takes my face in his hands and kisses me. It’s soft at first, testing, then he runs his tongue across my lips, pausing to suck on my bottom lip. I return his kiss, snaking my tongue into his mouth. His hands leave my face and travel over my bare shoulders and arms, reaching again for my hands. He ends the kiss and moves my hands to the zipper of his jeans.

“Go ahead,” he says. “Take out my cock, I want to feel your hands on me.” I unzip his jeans and tug them lower on his hips. A moan, from which of you I’m not sure. I feel you pressing closer, your hands reaching around me, stroking my stomach so lightly. One hand moves to cup my breast, pulling on the nipple. The other hand down to my pussy, parting my lips, massaging my clit.

“I want to see you sucking his dick,” you say, sending more shivers through me. He steps closer to me. I lick the tip gently. “That’s right, take him into your mouth.” I wrap my lips around the head, not believing this moment. I’m naked between two men, my beloved behind me, fingering my clit, making me wet and I’m sucking the rigid cock of the unknown man in front of me. One of my hands reaches for his balls, rolling them between my fingers. I feel him get even stiffer in my mouth.

“Yeah, she is good, but I’d like to taste her pussy,” he says. “Push her to the very edge of the bed.”

“Time to scoot forward. He’s gonna take really good care of you.” You move me to the edge of the bed and pull my thighs apart. I’m still sucking on him, wrapping my lips around the shaft, sliding him in and out.

He backs away. I hear him remove his jeans completely and they drop to the floor. His hands on my knees, pushing them even wider apart. “She’s really wet. You were right. She is getting off from this,” he says to you.

I reach behind me and wrap my arms around your neck, arching my back. Your hands continue to caress my stomach, breasts and arms. He starts to kiss my inner thigh, a slow trail of pressure moving toward my slick hole. As he gets closer, my breathing quickens, anticipating that first warm lick, that first hot breath. He makes me wait for it, starting again on my other leg, slower this time.

Again your hand slides down to tease my clit. You rub in small soft circles around my little bud. I start to squirm against you to get you to use more pressure. Moans and whimpers begin to pour out of me, I just want to feel more. You keep up the tender torture without indulging my silent request.

His mouth is hovering over my cunt now. I can feel his hot breath. He slides a finger into my hole, swirling it around, making me writhe against him. Then his tongue, his soft warm tongue next to your finger. I can feel my orgasm building, the idea of what’s being done to me fueling my desire. I clutch you to me harder, begging you both to let me cum. I want to so badly. He’s got two fingers inside me now, his tongue and your fingers tormenting my clit.

“I think she should wait. I think she shouldn’t cum till we fuck her,” you tell him as you both stop.

“Oh baby no! I want it now! Please don’t make me wait,” I beg in a whisper.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to make you cum real soon. Take his hands, stand up,” you tell me.

I’m shaky but strong enough to stand. I hear you shifting on the bed from where you were sitting. He turns me back to face the bed. He’s pulling me to him with one arm, kissing my neck and cupping my pussy with his other hand. His voice in my ear now “Bend over and suck on his cock. I’m going to fuck you from behind. See, we are going to let you cum.”

You reach for my face and pull me town for a kiss. “Remember, we can stop any time if you want to,” you whisper.

“No way. This feels so good. Oh baby, you’re going to get to watch. While I suck your cock, another man is…ohhh!” he cuts me off by plunging his hard dick deep inside me. He rams it in a few times. I feel your hands guiding my mouth toward your own swollen rod. I wrap my mouth around you, taking you in deep, one hand grasping the shaft. It’s becoming hard to concentrate. He’s pounding in deeper with each stroke. I lick the underside of your cock all the way to your balls, taking each one into my mouth, sucking on it, rolling my tongue over them. I hear you moaning.

“Man, she’s really wet. Her little cunt feels so good,” he says, his voice ragged.

“We did say we wouldn’t make her wait, at least not very long,” you tell him. “But slow down a bit. I don’t want to be left out. I want to cum in her mouth while you get her off with your cock.”

I can tell from your breathing that you’re getting close to your own orgasm. Your voice is a jagged, raspy whisper as you say “Come on slut, make me cum. Suck my dick while he pounds your pussy.” This command from you makes me even hotter for this. I begin to suck you even harder, licking, kissing, nibbling, stroking. My hands all over your cock and balls.

“Ohhh…go ahead, man. I’m gonna cum. Do whatever you want, whatever…it takes…to get her…” your voice trails off as I feel your cock explode in my mouth, feeling your cum sliding down my throat.

“So, I get to make you cum now, my lovely,” he says as you pull away from me. “You ok over there? I thought this was the part you really wanted to see.”

“Mmm…yeah, I’m ok, just one thing,” you say, pulling the blindfold off my eyes. “Try to keep your eyes open while he fucks you. I want you looking at me.”

My hands, no longer caressing you, are now roaming over my own body, reaching for my pussy. He grabs my hips and pulls me in tightly. His cock is slamming into me now. My eyes close. I know you want me looking at you but this feels so good, I can’t help getting lost in this.

I feel your lips brush mine. You’ve moved in close to see the ecstasy on my face. I put both hands behind your neck and deepen our kiss. I only break the kiss to moan, “Play with my clit. I don’t care who does it.” Both of you reach for me again, fingers sliding and rubbing. His cock fucking me. He starts to moan, a low steady building groan. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum inside her. Her little cunt is so wet, so tight,” he lapses into animal grunts, his hands back on my hips, thrusting into me. Your hand is still on my pussy. His hard cock, plunging deep, your fingers swirling around my cunt. I go over the edge “Oh yeah! Fuck my pussy. Oh yes! This feels so good!” You place your free hand behind my head and kiss me as I begin to relax.

He pulls out of me, playfully pinching my ass. You put your arms around me and pull me to the bed, wrapping me with blankets as my shivers begin. I hear the shower start. You cover my face with kisses, telling me you love me and that you loved doing this together.

“Baby, you ok? You’re really quiet,” you check on me after a few minutes of silence from me.

“Yeah,” I reply quietly. “I’m ok.”

“You sure? That wasn’t too much was it?” There’s concern in your voice.

“Too much? Good god no! Not at all! I just have one question,” I say playfully.

“Just one?”

“Mmmhmm…you know if he’s free next Saturday?”

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