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Cathy’s New House

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My husband and I were in the process of moving out of a tiny apartment in the city and remodelling an old farm house about thirty miles from the beltway. It actually made him closer to work, and neither of us wanted to raise a child while living in an apartment in the middle of the state capitol. We were finally seriously discussing children after being married for eight years.

I guess it was because we had had the long vacations in exotic places that parents never get to have, and we had fucked on the kitchen cabinets and the middle of the livingroom on Wednesday afternoons like parents seldom can. We were just ready to move on, I guess. Combined with the fact that four elementary school teachers had been assualted by students in the city district in the last year, and I wanted to look for a job in a smaller school.

We selected the old farmhouse because it had a huge garage where my husband could play with his power tools and park his motorcycle in out of the rain, and it had a pool… And it was three miles through thick woods to the nearest neighbor or road. Privacy is just not something you ever really get in a small apartment on the fifth floor of an apartment building right in the middle of the city. The home was a little above our price range, what with the 250 acres of property that came with it, but I got Peter to agree to it by casually mentioning that I’d be able to sunbathe nude by the pool. “Just think of all the money I’ll save on tanning bed visits alone!” I had said innocently. I don’t like manipulating him like that, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

The place definitely needed work. New plumbing and a new furnace, more insulation in the walls and ceiling, and more than a few windows were older than my grandparents, but we bought it. Peter made the trip to the place every day after work to work on the plumbing and windows, and I spent all my days at the house cleaning, shampooing carpets and tearing out the plaster in the master bedroom getting it ready to insulate the walls. Now, while working on the house all day, I thought it might have been a good thing that I had decided to take a year off after college before I started my career teaching.

As the lease wouldn’t be up on our apartment for another two months, we stayed at the apartment to make it easier to do the work on the house.

Most days my friend Becky came along with me to help out with the work. Becky was tall and even though she was a little bit pudgy, I still found myself jealous of the way Peter sometimes looked at her. I knew there was nothing to it, I knew neither Peter or Becky would ever do anything to hurt me, but I was still a little insecure about the times I caught Peter looking at Becky’s rather large tits.

About a week into the job Becky and I had finished tearing out the old plaster and lath boards from the walls of the master bedroom and took Peter’s old truck to the huge hardware warehouse just inside the beltway to pick up the rolls of pink insulation to put in the walls.

“Wow, look over there,” Becky pointed across the street from the warehouse.

Behind a small gravel parking lot was a small white building with a huge sign that read “XXX ADULT XXX”, surrounded by blinking lights.

“Oh lord, I hope Peter doesn’t see that place. He’ll constantly be bringing home pornos for us to watch if he does,” I sighed.

“Oh, what’s wrong with a little porno now and then?” Becky said with a laugh.

“Once in a while is fine. But three times a week, and it gets old. Besides he always gets the ones with two women going at it,” I said with a frown.

“Cathy, all of them have two women going at it.. If not three or four.”

“You the expert on porno now or something?” I asked her.

“No. But my boyfriend has a huge collection of prono tapes. We watch them alot,” Becky said, nodding and smiling.

“You sound like you liked doing that!”

“I do like it. Some of the best sex happened while we were watching pornos,” Becky responded defensively. “You know he’ll find the place. Men have a special sense for that kind of thing. So here’s what you do – beat him to the punch! You go over there and pick up a couple movies! Make a game out of it. That way you get to control what the two of you watch, and he’ll be happy.”

“I don’t know. That just kind of seems like giving in to me.”

“Giving in? No, it’s being smart.”

“Well, let’s go buy the insulation and I’ll think about it.” I countered. Her arguement made sense, but I still didn’t like it.

We got one of the huge carts and found the rolls of insulation and loaded them onto the truck. And a half hour later, we were standing back out in the parking lot looking at the big blinking “XXX ADULT XXX” sign.

“So….?” Becky asked.

If I didn’t go choose them, I knew Peter would, and I’d be watching lesbo sluts with silicone boobs sticking their tongues in each other. “Okay, let’s go. Hopefully they’ll have something decent.”

“They’re a porn shop! Of course they won’t have anything decent!” Becky laughed.

The place surprised me. It was very new, and clean. All the books were bagged in plastic, and the movies weren’t really that expensive. The most shocking thing in the place was the girl that sat behind the counter. She looked all of twenty, her hair was blue with black streaks and she had a diamond stud in her right nostril. But more shocking than that, she looked up as Becky and I came into the shop and said in a very polite tone, “Can I help you?”

I smiled and didn’t realise I was wringing the strap of my purse. “I hope so. I just noticed your shop here, and wanted to stop in and pick up a couple movies,” I said quietly.

“Well, we’ve got plenty,” She came out from behind the counter, and I almost gasped when I saw what she was wearing: a loose black lace tanktop that showed more than it hid and a pair of vinyl shorts that appeared to be painted on. Her pierced nipples stuck out between the lace.

Before I could stop myself, I asked, “Did getting your nipples pierced hurt?”

The blue-haired girl laughed. I stared dumfounded at her as she lifted the lace top over her head and showed Becky and I her B-cup breasts. Each nipple was adorned with a small silver ring. “Well, honestly it hurt a little,” She said, while fingering the rings, “but the worst part is that I constantly have hard nipples now. But it’s nice to have the rings played with.” She lifted and twisted one of the rings, giving her nipple a painful-looking twist. “The one in my clit is better. It hurt worse, but I love it now. Want to see it?” She hooked her thumbs in her shorts and started to shimmy out of them. In less than a heartbeat she had her shaved pussy exposed. Right there between her labia sat a small metal ball. She parted her labia and showed us a metal stud that ran through a small hole in her clit. “This one really did hurt, but good lord, it makes oral so much better,” she gave the little metal ball a tap and it bounced slightly, making her shiver. “I’m a liscened tattoo artist and piercer. We can do piercings like this right here. Interested?”

I couldn’t speak. I was just too shocked. I just shook my head.

“Anyway, you wanted movies?” The blue-haired girl pulled up her vinyl shorts but left her tits bare. “Any prefrences? We have just about everything. Toys, just oral, guys or no guys… What kind do you want?”

“Do you have anything without lesbian scenes?” I asked in a small, squeaking voice.

“Oh god, you mean… You two aren’t…? You two aren’t a couple?” She asked, covering her breasts with her arms.

“No, we’re just friends,” Becky said, trying not to laugh.

“I’m so sorry!” She said, “When you two came in together, I just figured you were a couple.” She nearly ran back to the counter, grabbed a white and red T-shirt and quickly pulled it on.

“No. Sorry. We’re both straight,” I said, trying not to laugh myself.

“I didn’t… Oh fuck, this is so embarassing!” She said, slowly walking back from the counter.

“Don’t worry about it. Nobody’s been hurt.” I said, chuckling.

“Anyway, you wanted movies with no girl-girl scenes?”

I nodded.

“Well, that’s about all I watch. Let me check John’s reccomendation list. John is the weekend guy here. He watches movies constantly, and he keeps track of each one, so we can make reccomendations.” She turned back to the counter and pecked on the computer a little.

After some typing and reading, she looked up from the screen at me and asked, “I’ve got one that John reviewed. He complains because there’s no `lesbo scene’ as he puts it, but does give it high marks because it’s got some anal in it. I’m sure we’ve got more that don’t have any rug-munching in it,” She laughed nervously, “but we’ve only been open a week, so John hasn’t got to watch many of the movies.”

Peter and I had tried anal sex a couple times, and to be honest, I liked it more than I let on. If he got any ideas about sticking hick cock up my ass from watching the movie, I suppose letting him do it a couple times wouldn’t be bad.

“Let’s see,” The blue-haired girl walked past us and to one of the movie shelves. She looked up and down it, and finally selected one. She walked back behind the counter and took the movie from the case. She slid it into a DVD player hooked up to a tiny television and pushed play on the remote.

Seconds later, the image of a large man ramming a monster cock into a small oriental woman filled the little screen. “Ick! Hairy back!” The blue-haired girl said, making a face. She hit the fast-forward button and we watched as the two fucked at warp speed. After a few seconds, the guy pulled out of the woman and flipped her over and none-too-gently slid his dick in her ass. The girl at the counter hit the play button and we watched for several minutes as he pistoned his dick in and out of her butt. Finally, he pulled out, stroked his cock a few times, and covered her ass and back with huge globs of pearly sperm.

“Ughh!” The blue-haired girl made a face and looked at me. “Are you sure you don’t want an all-girl movie? Hairy backs and cum showers are just nasty!”

I laughed, “No – this one will be fine. I’ll take it, and… Well… do you have any lube that would be good for…well…anal?”

She smiled, walked across the shop to a wall covered in dildos and vibrators. In a little bin at the base of the wall were bottles of lube, “Fruity flavored or non-flavored?”

“Non-flavored, please,” I said.

Becky leaned close to my ear, “You’re going to let Peter fuck you in the ass?” she whispered.

“We’ve done it several times. It’s no so bad. Peter isn’t the largest guy I’ve been with, so it’s not like on the movie…” I whispered back.

“Cathy! You nasty thing!” Becky said, with a wicked grin.

The girl rang up the total, and I paid her in cash. “By the way, My name is Frankie,” the blue-haired girl said. “And I’m really sorry for stripping naked in front of you.”

“That’s okay. I’ve never seen a pierced clit in person before,” Becky said with a chuckle. “My name is Becky, and this is Cathy.”

“Glad to meet you,” Frankie held out her hand to us, and we both took turns shaking hands with her.

“So, Frankie, does…uhm…does the piercing really make oral sex better?” Becky asked with a dumb smile on her face.

“It’s SOOOO much better. One or two licks sends me over the edge. Sometimes all Jessie has to do is wiggle it once or twice with her tongue, and I’m cumming like crazy,” Frankie said, closing her eyes and trembling a little.

“Well, we should probably get going,” I said.

“Yeah, we’ve got insulation to put up,” Becky said.

“I’ll put John to work on watching more movies – not that he’ll mind – and keeping an eye open for your kind of movies,” Frankie said with a smile. Then she added, “And Becky, if you change your mind on the piercing, they aren’t all that expensive and we can do it in about twenty minutes.”

Becky winced, smiled, and said “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Becky and I left, and when we got back to the truck both of us burst out laughing. Just as the fit subsided and I started the truck, Becky said, “When she first said her name, I thought she said “ name is `Frankenpussy’!” And that just started us laughing all over again.

A few minutes later we left for the farmhouse to finish hanging the insulation.

That evening after dinner, I put the DVD in without telling Peter what it was, selected the scene while he was still in the kitchen getting us two glasses of wine. I muted the TV, played the scene with the hairy-backed stud pounding away on the little asian woman, closed the blinds of our apartment front window and stripped off my blouse and bra.

Peter almost dropped the glasses when he came into the living room and saw my bare tits. I took my glass from him and drained it in one swallow. Then I unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them down.

“You just sit down and enjoy the movie,” I said, pulling down his briefs and taking his dick in my hand. He sat on the couch next to me, and I gave him a quick kiss. Then I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. He groaned loudly, and I went very slowly, to keep him from cumming. I kept one eye on the big screen TV and a couple of minutes before the couple on screen changed positions, I stood up, pulled down my shorts and took the bottle of lube from the pocket. I put a generous handful on his penis and kissed him deeply.

“Time for me to take it in the ass,” I said with a smile. Peter’s eyes nearly fell out of his head, he was so shocked. I leaned over the arm of the recliner, turned and looked him in the eye, “Well, are you going to give me an ass fucking or just sit there?”

Peter nearly jumped off the sofa and ran to me. But thankfully, he was very gentle guiding his cock up my butt. Pretty soon he was matching the hairy stud on screen, pounding my ass for all he was worth. I slipped a hand under me and began rubbing my clit furiously. With the pressure in my ass, and my fingers rubbing and tugging at my little nubbin, I was seconds from coming. And right then, all I could think about was how cute Frankie’s pussy looked, with no hair and that little steel ball sitting on top of her clit. And the way it bounced when she tapped it…

I came screaming. My cunt was on fire! Suddenly I could feel Peter pull out of my ass and then there was hot, wet cum raining down my my back and ass – just like the little asian girl in the movie.

Unlike the movie, before Peter was done milking his dick, I pulled him back over to the sofa. I sat down and pulled on him till he knelt in front of me. “Now, eat me. I think I earned a good long one,” I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face into my sopping wet pussy. Though Peter is no master at the art of licking clit, he’s no slouch either. The one thing he has going for him is enthusiasm. He really seems to like it.

Leaning back, I enjoyed his mouth at my cunt for the rest of the movie. It wasn’t that bad as pornos go. There was lots of guys with enormous dicks, fucking women in all positions – and Frankie was right, there were no lesbians with their tongues in each other.

One week later found Becky and I back at the hardware warehouse, buying drywall and drywall compound to cover our insulation job. I also picked up some pool supplies and chemicals, hoping to get the pool ready before we ran out of summer.

“So, how’d the porno movie go over with Peter?” Becky asked me as we loaded the last of the drywall panels into the truck.

“Pretty good,” I said, smiling.

“Did you let him…y’know?”

“…Fuck me in the ass?” I offered.

“Yeah,” Becky said with a smile.

“Nope. I didn’t `let’ him. I made him do it. Then I made him eat me through the rest of the movie. He was pretty happy about the whole thing.” I said with a smile.

“When did you get so nasty!?” Becky said, slapping me playfully on the thigh.

“Hey! This was your idea. I just ran with it!” I said, laughing.

I began walking towards the Adult shop and Becky shouted, “Where are you going?”

“I need another movie. We’ve watched that one three times already,” I said back.

“You’re adicted!” Becky laughed and caught up with me.

This time Frankie was wearing a white tube top and mini-skirt that just barely covered her crotch. I could plainly see the nipple-rings outlined against the tight spandex top. She had her blue hair up in two pigtails, and had a lollipop in her mouth. When She look up at us and smiled, it was just too much.

“You are about the trashiest thing I’ve seen in my life!” I said with a smile.

“Thanks!” Frankie said, and blew me a kiss. “So how’d the movie go over?”

“It was great! I wanted to stop in an get another one.”

“She’s hooked. She needs another hit,” Becky said, miming smoking a doobie.

“Well, I’ve got bad news then. John quit. He moved to Florida. He was offered a job by some famous tattoo studio down in Daytona, and said he couldn’t pass it up. So, no new movies got reviewed,” Frankie said apologetically.

“Well… No problem. I’ll just look around and pick one.” I started looking through the boxes. After a few minutes I selected a disc with a vampire on the cover and took it up to the counter.

“You won’t like this one,” Frankie said with a smile. “Any porno with vampires in it guarantees at least three scenes of girl-girl fucking.”

“Is that a rule or something?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

Becky walked over to the counter, holding a huge rubber…I don’t know what the fuck it was. It was somewhat less than 2 feet long, with large round bulges up and down it’s length…and asked, “What’s this for?”

Frankie laughed and took it from her. “It’s a double ended dildo. It’s a whole lot better than the old smooth kind. Each time one of those bulges goes in or comes out….ohhhhh, it’s so nice. You two do know what a double ended dildo is for, right?”

“Yes, oh wise Mistress of all Naughtiness, we know what a double-dildo is for,” Becky said, taking the thing from her.

I looked at my watch and saw that Peter would be at the house very soon. “Oh, Frankie, just go ahead and ring this vampire movie up. I’m running late.”

“Alright,” Frankie said with a smile, and swiped the bar-code. I handed the little blue-haired slut my money and nearly ran to the truck.

As soon as Becky had the seatbelt buckled over her, I had the truck rolling.

That night, I sent Peter in for a couple of glasses of wine, and once more stripped to the waist and put in a porno. He came into the little living room of our apartment with a big smile and joined me on the sofa.

“You were really good last week,” I said, taking my glass of wine and laying my other hand on his hardening cock. “You are like – the world champion of pussy eaters,” I said with a smile as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. “Do you know what World Champion Pussy Eaters get?” I asked him as I stood up and pulled his pants down to his ankles.

“No. What do we get?” Peter asked.

“Blowjobs from World Champion Cocksuckers,” I said and pulled down his briefs. “With cum swallowing and all,” I said with a smile, letting his dick press into my cleavage. I lowered my head and took him in my mouth. Slowly, I gave him the best blowjob I could, wanting it to last most of the movie. But about fifteen minutes into the movie, Peter began groaning and lifting his hips to match my strokes. I could tell he really wanted it, so I sucked hard and fast, running my lips and tongue over every inch of his cock. I swirled my tongue over the head and around the shaft. Then I took his dick all the way in, till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. His hot, thick sperm shot into my mouth almost too fast for me to swallow. While gulping his sperm, I heard moaning from the TV, moaning from him and I was making a little noise myself. When his sperm stopped squirting, I looked up from his dick into his smiling face and said, “While you’re recovering, I think I’ll sit back on the sofa and masturbate.” His eyes widened in shock as I stood up, stripped off my shorts and panties and sat down on the end of the sofa.

It wasn’t until I had my clit pinched between my left thumb and index finger and three fingers of my right hand up my cunt that I looked at the TV screen and saw three women, doing almost the same thing to each other. Two of them were kissing, with one of them three-finger-fucking the other. The third woman had her face buried in the second’s pussy. Peter kept looking back and forth between my pussy and the TV screen. And I couldn’t help but watch the three lesbos stick their tongues in each other.

Just before I was blinded by orgasm, I realised I had all four fingers of my right hand up my cunt, and was diddling my clit with my right thumb. On screen two of the women were in a 69, sucking each other’s clits, while the third fucked the top of the 69 in the ass with a strap on. I wondered how that would feel – Peter’s cock in my ass, a mouth on my pussy and my mouth on…who’s? Becky’s pussy? No….Frankie’s pussy! I’d suck that little steel ball in between my teeth and use it to torture her little clit. Then I’d stick my tongue up her twat and tongue fuck her while she came on my face…

And then my orgasm hit me. I screamed out, then bit down on my left wrist seconds before I screamed Frankie’s name. Peter would have went ballistic at that one. But that near slip made my orgasm all the more intense. Pretty soon, I was seeing spots. Just as the world started to fade to black, my hand fell weakly out of my pussy, leaving me gasping and fighting for consciousness.

“Cathy? That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Peter said quietly beside me.

Without getting up, I turned around on the sofa, and rolled over. I didn’t say a word to Peter, I just took his rock hard penis in my mouth and began blowing him again. This time he lasted through most of the movie, only shooting a much smaller wad during the last scene – where the vampire hunter (a silicone titted lesbo with huge nipples) has to stab the vampiress in the pussy repeatedly with a wooden dildo to kill her. I guess the hunter also had to eat the vampire’s pussy too, and suck her nipples.

I lay there in his lap, licking his cock sleepily when the movie ended. I looked up to Peter and said, “Honey, you’ll have to carry me to bed.”

Without a word, he switched off the TV, picked me up and carried me up to bed.

Later that night, I felt his hard dick slide into my pussy as we lay there spooned. His hand came around my side and lay gently on my breast. I turned my head slightly and kissed him softly.

“Cathy?” He whispered in my ear.

“MMMmmm…Yes?” I said, spreading my legs a little to let his dick go in a little farther.

“Have you ever… You know… Been with another woman?” His hand drifted across my stomach to my clit and gently rubbed it.

I was about to say “No” but was completely shocked when I found myself telling the truth. “Twice. It didn’t go very far either time. First time was just kid stuff – back in school – playing doctor, that kind of thing. Then, when I graduated from my city Junior College and went on to the University, my best friend was transferring to a big college back east somewhere. We got together her last night in town, held each other and cried. The crying turned into hugging, and the hugging turned into kissing. Before either of us knew what we were doing, we were fingering each other’s pussies and playing with each other’s tits. I think she gave me the first real orgasm I’d ever had that night… two of her fingers buried in my vagina, and her lips locked on my left nipple. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“It’s okay. Don’t be embarassed,” Peter said. He slowly pulled his dick out of me, rolled me onto my back and lifted my legs. The next thing I knew, he had my knees pressed into my tits and was hammering into my pussy with his cock. I came three times, three small, light orgasms, and suddenly felt Peter’s sperm squirt into my vagina. He kept pumping as long as he could, but I felt his dick growing soft and shrinking inside me. He collapsed beside me on the bed, his head cradled in my arm. I felt his lips on the side of my breast, so I turned a little and guided my nipple into his mouth.

He slowly looked up from my tit and asked me a question that shook everything I knew about the world: “Would you ever consider being with a woman again?”

“I’m too tired to think about that right now, Peter. Let’s just go to sleep,” I replied, putting my nipple back in his mouth. A few minutes later, we were both asleep, Peter nursing at my tit for the rest of the night.

The whole rest of the week I was disgusted with myself. I couldn’t believe the nasty shit I had thought of…

Becky and I had finished with what we could do on the house, and she and I had spent the last few days whipping the pool into shape. The water was still green, but at least we had gotten all the dead frogs and bugs out of it. Now I was playing mad scientist with the chemicals, trying to kill the algae and clear up the water. I kept running the water through the little test kit I had gotten at the hardware warehouse, and it kept coming out pink. I guess pink is bad. So, with the pool full of green pudding, Becky and I spent our days sunning by the pool and sipping Long Island Iced Teas

“So how was the vampire movie?” Becky asked.

“I only got to see a couple scenes in it – and the ones I saw were the ones with the lesbo sluts with their tongues in each other,” I said with a smile.

“Why’s that?” Becky laid down her magazine and turned to look at me.

I snickered. “Well, it’s hard to watch a movie and give head at the same time.”

“Ohhhh…” Becky smiled.

“So how are things with you and Roger? His name is Roger, right?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s kind of weird. Things seem to be fine, but something just feels wrong. I talked to him last night about getting my clit pierced. He liked the idea,” Becky said.

“You’re going to let Frankenpussy ram a needle through your clit?” I asked in horror.

“I’m considering it.” Becky smiled wider.

“So, what about Roger feels wrong? I thought you guys were doing pretty good,” I asked.

“We are. It’s just…I dunno. He asked me to move in, and then he asked me to not get a job. He takes good care of me, and doesn’t give me any hassles… And he’s there when I need him. It’s probably nothing.” Becky finished her drink and asked me if I wanted another. I agreed, and she staggered off into the farmhouse to make a couple more.

When she came back and handed me my third drink, I realised I was pretty well drunk – and it was only 1pm. “So tell me what you two did last night.” Becky said with a sly smile.

“Well, I put in the movie and took off my blouse and bra while Peter was in the kitchen getting the wine. When he came into the living room, I pushed him down on the couch and started blowing him. After he came…and I can’t believe I did this…I told him that while he recovered, I was going to masturbate,” I said. Before I continued, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t a freak or anything. “Just for refrence – how many fingers do you use normally, and how many can you fit if you tried?”

“Normally just two, sometimes three. But….” Becky blushed and took a large swallow of her drink, “I’ve gotten my hand up to the wrist in before.”

I gasped. “Thumb and all? Didn’t it hurt?”

“Yup. And yeah, it hurt a little. I don’t think I’ll ever do it on purpose again.”

“Damn…” I said, drinking more.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, I got all four fingers up to my thumb in there. And that’s when I looked on the TV… There were three women going at it, one of them doing almost exactly what I was doing, only to another girl, not herself. Then…” And right there, I almost told her about the whole thing, the fantasy I had just before my orgasm – about 69-ing with first her, then Frankie, while Peter fucked my asshole. I barely stopped myself..

“Then what?” Becky asked.

“Then I had one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had. It was incredible! I saw stars and almost passed out. I spent the rest of the movie licking and sucking on Peter’s dick, then he carried me to bed. Later that night, he woke me up fucking me, and asked me if I’d ever been with another woman.” I said.

“Typical. That’s such a common male fantasy,” Becky said. I saw that she had finished her third drink and was eyeballing the back door to the kitchen – probably wanting more. “What did you tell him?”

“The truth,” I said flatly.

“And that is?” Becky asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“You really want to hear this?” I asked, giggling.

“Yeah, I do.” Becky smiled.

“Okay…But, only if you answer first,” I said, turning it back on her.

“Fine,” Becky sighed and sat up. “It was our senior year at the university. Remember those two room-mates I had? The ones that constantly fought? One would bring a guy into the room and fuck him right there in her bed. The other always bitched about it. Diane and Ruth. Remember them?”

I nodded.

“Well, one night I came home from a party kind of late and more than a little drunk and went into the shower. I could hear Diane in there riding some stud and moaning none-to-quietly. Then Ruth came in, and started bitching. I guess the stud got pissed and left. About five minutes after that, Diane came into the shower – we had one of those rooms with the four-stall shower – and started washing up. Just as I shampooed my hair, I felt Diane’s hands run down my back. When I didn’t jump away, she took that to mean I gave her permission, so she pulled me close and started playing with my tits. It did feel good, and I was drunk and horny, so I decided to go with it.

“The next thing I know, I hear Ruth walking in. I expected a new bunch of screaming, but she just said `If I knew you two were into this, there wouldn’t have been so much fighting around here!’ and she started eating me out. We spent the rest of the night going down on each other. The next morning Diane and I were too embarassed about it to speak to each other anymore, but Ruth went so far as to eat me one night while Diane fucked another guy. I was almost asleep when I felt her push the covers off my legs and slide between my thigs. Diane and her stud had me pretty horny anyway, so I let Ruth eat me. After I came on her face, she just tip-toed back to her bed. After graduation, Diane asked me to not tell anyone what had happened. That pissed me off pretty good. Ruth just blew me a kiss.” Becky said. I could hear the excitement in her voice. She was getting turned on from telling me this!

“Well, mine didn’t go that far. Remember Karen from the JC? That girl that I hung out with alot.” I asked.

“You did her?” Becky asked, laughing. “She was like your best friend at the time!”

“I didn’t `DO’ her. The night she moved away, we were crying and hugging each other. Then it turned into kissing, then petting. I don’t even remember who kissed who first. Then we started fingering each other and sucking on each other’s tits. We never did get to going down on each other. Her dad called and asked if she had a ride to the airport, and it kid of broke the mood. I haven’t heard from her since,” I said.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence, so I said something just to break it, “So Becky,” I asked, “what’s it like?”


“Going down on another girl. What’s it like?” I asked.

“I actually kind of liked it. It was a total power trip to watch Ruth and Diane explode because I ate them,” Becky said. I noticed she had crossed her legs a little different. Her bikini bottoms were a little bunched up, and I could see a little bit of hair poking out at the edge. “I guess…” Becky said, putting down her empty glass, “I guess if we were in one of those dirty movies you’ve been watching, right now would be the part when I took off my top and asked you to put some suntan oil on my back, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, it probably would,” I said in a far-away kind of voice.

I watched in anticipation as Becky’s hands went behind her back and fumbled with the knot on her bikini top. suddenly, the fabric went loose, and her huge tits spilled out below the cups. I slowly reached for the bottle of suntan oil near my feet, not taking my eyes from Becky’s dark brown, rock hard nipples. She tossed her bikini top away, and it landed on the fence and hung there.

I walked over behind her and squeezed out a huge handfull of the oil. I began rubbing it into her back. “Looks like I got out too much,” it took all the effort I had not to squeak when I spoke, “need some anywhere else?” It seemed like a line one of the porn queens would say – kind of silly and overly suggestive.

Becky didn’t even speak, she just took my hands and guided them to her tits. They were so soft and wonderful. I slid down onto the chair behind her and continued playing with her huge boobs. When I caught both her nipples between thumbs and index fingers, she turned and whispered to me, “So, you wanted to know what it’s like to eat a girl?”

For an answer, I kissed her, sliding my tongue between her lips. She sucked my tongue into her mouth so hard it hurt, but I loved it. My hands slid down her sides to the knots at the hips of her bikini bottoms and I untied them. “Lay back,” I said, standing up.

Becky stretched out, spreading her legs obscenely… invitingly. Her brown pubic hair was thick, but it didn’t hide her huge, swollen clit. I slid down to my knees in front of her chair and she lifted her legs over my shoulders. I was inches away from her sex, and it smelled heavenly – almost exactly like mine did when I was very aroused. Her labia were large and dark, like her nipples, and her hole almost gaped open, waiting to be filled. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I slid three fingers into her sloppy, wet pussy and began finger-fucking her. Then I slowly lowered my head to her crotch, sticking out my tongue.

The tip of my tongue lightly connected with her monstrous, fat clitoris and the sensation sent shivers through both of us. Then I gently sucked that huge bundle of joy into my mouth and pressed on it with my lips. Becky gasped and grabbed the hair on the back of my head.

“Eat my pussy, you bitch! Eat me.. Make me cum on you. Lick my clit, honey!” Becky nearly screamed at me. I was glad there wasn’t anyone for miles. I started eating my best friend’s pussy in earnest then, sucking her clit, grinding into her clit with my tongue…all the while fucking her hole with three fingers. It was unbelievable! I loved it. Every time I moved my tongue, she moaned with pleasure. Every twitch of my lips brought a gasp from Becky.

Becky lay back on the deck chair, holding her massive tits in the air by the nipples, and writhing in pleasure. Every now and then, she would scream some new obscenity, a command for me to “suck my clit harder” or for me to “fuck me faster!”

Then she said something that almost made me cum on the spot. In a really soft, quiet voice, she said, “Use your whole hand.” It’s true, my hand is a lot smaller thank Becky’s, but…my whole hand?

I put my five fingertips together on my right hand and gently pushed them into her cunt. Then I pulled my thumb back against my palm and pushed a little harder. With a squishy thump, my hand slid into Becky’s cunt all the way to the wrist. Becky screamed, and for a second, I expected to see blood gushing around my wrist where it disappeared into her vagina. But slowly I could understand what she was screaming, “Yes Cathy! Yes! Suck my clit! Please suck my clit! Eat me now!”

So I continued sucking her clit with her pussy impaled on my right wrist and she bucked wildly, screaming my name over and over. Then she gasped, “Pull out…please…” I slowly pulled my hand from her cunt, and with a slurping sound, it came free. With that intense stretching, Becky started cumming.

I’ve ejaculated before, so a woman ejaculating was nothing new to me.. But the flood that came from Becky’s pussy was staggering. I quickly put my lips to her obscenely stretched fuck-hole and stuck my tongue in her. I licked the inside of her flowing vagina until she quit rubbing her pussy lips on my face and lay back on the chair, limp and gasping.

Sitting up, looking at her sweat drenched body… A body I had just driven to orgasmic ruin…Her legs were stretched at an odd angle, and I could still see them twitching.

Leaning over her, I kissed her face, stroked her cheek. She whimpered.

“That was pure…” Becky began, but stopped as we both heard a terrifying sound. A car had just started up the gravel lane that came in from the road. I knew it was Peter…Home early from work.

“Oh fuck…” Becky said. She jumped up and grabbed the T-shirt she had laid on the back of the chair. She quickly pulled it on, and it quickly clung to her sweat-covered tits, leaving her dark nipples showing through the material. “Please don’t tell him. I’d die…”

“I won’t,” I said, handing her the skimpy bikini I had taken off of her.

“Thank you. I love you,” Becky said, and kissed me quickly… Her tongue exploding into my mouth and gone again. She ran bare-foot to her car. I watched her jiggling bare ass all the way, nearly laughing that she was going to drive home naked from the waist down, with her nipples showing through her shirt.

She pulled out of the driveway and onto the gravel lane. A few seconds later, I heard the horn of Peter’s car, and then Becky’s horn answering. That reminded me of my condition… I was covered, from tits to eyebrows with Becky’s pussy juice, not to mention my hand to the wrist.

I grabbed the water hose and turned it on full blast. The water was cold as ice and gave me goose bumps, but it felt good after being in the hot sun, and then being overheated by Becky’s pussy. I shut the water off, and just as I got the towel wrapped around me, Peter walked up from his car.

“You’re home early,” I said, shocking myself with my non-chalance.

“Please tell me you didn’t go swimming in the black lagoon over there! You could catch ebola or worms from that cess-pool!” Peter said, looking from my dripping hair to the green pool.

“Hell no, honey. I just hosed myself down. Becky and I were out here sunbathing, and I got hot.”

Yeah, I thought to my self. Becky and I got real hot.

“The two of you sunbathing?” He asked, a big smile on his face. “I would have liked to have seen that.”

“I bet you would have, you pervert!” I said, trying not to laugh too much. “You seem to like Becky’s big titties alot.”

“I do not!” Peter said defensively.

“Don’t lie to me, mister!” I said with a smile.

“Well, it just that they’re big. Guys are like…supposed to like big tits. It’s a rule or something,” He said, smiling.

“Aren’t mine big enough for you?” I asked him, dropping my towel and stretching my bikini top apart to show my tits to him.

He smiled widely and took a step closer.

“Not one step closer until you admit it…you like Becky’s tits better than mine!” I said playfully.

“Sorry, can’t do that. I’ve never had Becky’s nipples in my mouth, so I don’t know. You on the other hand, I’ve sucked on your nipples and I know they’re wonderful.” He always was a good diplomat.

“Well, I’ll forgive you this time if you do one little thing for me,” I said with a smile.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked politely.

“Eat me. Make me cum, right here on the back steps. Lick my clit and tell me you love me,” I said with a smile. I quickly dropped my towel, sat down and spread my legs. I moved aside the small strip of cloth that covered my cunt and smiled.

Peter loosened his tie, dropped his briefcase and kneeled down on top of it. His tongue found my clit and snaked its way into my vagina. It felt wonderful. He sucked hard on my clit, and his tongue bored into the little rubbery nubbin. The he looked up at me and said, “I love you.” Instantly he went back to work on my sex.

“Oh honey, I love you too. Now eat me and shut up,” I said with a giggle that quickly turned into a gasp as his tongue found just to right rythym. “Don’t stop, sweety. Please…don’t… stop!” I gasped and then shouted, “Oh Peter! Yes! Eat me! Oh yes…Oh God!” and I came, holding him by the back of the head and grinding his face into my cunt.

I pulled him up to my face, and gave him a big, wet kiss – licking my juices from his lips. “Thanks sweetie. You just made my day!” (Made up for coming home early, more like it! – but I didn’t say that)

“Now what brings you out here this early?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t stay. I forgot my cell phone out here last night. I think I left it in the basement while I was running the gas lines to the furnace,” He said, straightening his tie. “Sorry, I’m going to be late for a big meeting if I don’t hurry!” He jogged up the stairs and into the house. Minutes later he came back out shaking his cell phone between his fingers and smiling.

I kissed him on the cheek, then grabbed his arm. “Hold on, Peter…Your face smells like Eua De Twat. You need to run in and wash your face…”

“Nah…I doubt anyone will notice, and it’ll be kinda exciting…I need some excitement or I’ll fall asleep listening to Bob, the VP from hell, drone on and on about TCP/IP routing when he doesn’t have the faintest clue what he’s talking about.” Peter said, and ran to his car.

“Come home quick as you can, and I’ll finish what we started here on the steps!” I shouted after him. “Come to the apartment!”

After he left I locked the door, grabbed my T-shirt and towel, and got in the truck. I had some shopping to do. First, I had to go back to the apartment and get some clothes, then I planned on…

No, first, I’d stop at the Adult shop on the way to the apartment.

I smiled and started the truck. Before I pulled out of the driveway, I realized I still had my bikini top bunched up under my tits where I had shown them to Peter. That would have been perfect – me driving down the road with my tits hanging out.

That made me wonder what kind of outrageous outfit Frankie would be wearing today.

A few minutes later, I parked the truck behind the adult store and quickly slipped around through the door. Yet again, the place was deserted, except for Frankie. She didn’t disappoint me. Today she was wearing a little cupie-doll nightie that was more transparent than pink. She was wearing lacy panties, but I could clearly see her pierced nipples through the gauzy material of the nightie top.

“Hey there!” Frankie said, tossing her flowing – if blue and black striped – hair over her shoulder. Her eyes widened as she saw I was only wearing my bikini. “Damn, I feel over dressed.”

I laughed. “Hi Frankie. How’s business?” I asked.

“Not bad. Today I sold a strap-on dildo, several vibrators, a vibrating pussy, oh….and a leather leash/dog collar/whip combo. Leather is on sale this week. National S&M awarness week or some such bullshit.” Frankie said, waving her hand around dismissively. “How’d the vampire movie go over?”

“Really well. My hubby liked it. I guess I can `suffer’ through the girl-girl scenes. They aren’t that bad,” I said.

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny,” Frankie did a horrible Yoda impression. “Next thing you know, you’ll be munching rug with the best of us.”

I wanted to tell her! Oh how I wanted to tell her…tell her then show her! But I’d have to talk to Becky first…Dammit! I just said, “Oh, I doubt that.”

Frankie bent down to pick up a magazine that was sitting crooked on the bottom shelf, and I saw the little metal ball sitting on top of her clit..I saw her whole pussy – like it was staring at me.

“Those panties you’re wearing…They’re crotchless?” I asked.

“Yup,” To demonstrate, Frankie spread her legs and bent over again. Right at her pussy, the material parted into two strings that went around her mound and formed into a thong in the back.

“I’d like a pair of `em…” I said, not taking my eyes off her clit.

“Sure thing,” She replied in a perky voice, and moved to a rack. She selected a pair and said, “This looks like your size.”

She handed me the panties, and I took them from her. “Oh, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you about.”

“What’s that?” Frankie asked.

“How do you keep your …pussy so smooth? I tried the shaving thing once, but it just seemed like alot of hassle and I constantly got razor burn,” I explained.

Frankie smiled and pulled her panties aside. “No razor burn here,” She patted her pussy. “The trick is…You just have to suffer with that for a while. Then it gets better. Especially if you use a good vitamin E lotion. We’ve got some in stock. I’ll get it for you.”

“Oh yeah, and pick out the nastiest, lesbian pussy eating, all-girl gang-fuck movie you have.” I said with a smile.

“You sure you’re not a closet rug-munching slut?” Frankie laughed, tossed me a bottle of lotion and went to the movie rack. She selected an all-girl movie and tossed it to me too. “It’s about an all-female spaceshuttle crew that gets lost in space… And, because pornos don’t make sense… They decide to eat each other and fuck each other rather than try and make it home. It sounds awful, but it’s actually one of the better pornos in the shop.”

I thanked her, tucked the panties into the string of my bikini bottoms, paid with the plastic and headed to the apartment.

After dressing a little more conservatively, I went shopping. I got a the makings of a wonderful dinner, two bottles of the best wine in town, some flowers and candles.

Spending last summer with Peter’s parents had been wonderful. Peter’s mother was a terrific woman – I loved her better than my own psycho-hag of a mother. When she found I couldn’t cook, she spent the summer teaching me how. It was honestly a good experience. She wasn’t condescending about it, she just enjoyed good food, and teaching others about good food. So, I knew how to make a decent steak, with real mashed potatos, home-made rolls, green beans and corn… Real midwest food for real midwest men, she had always said.

My crazy mother thought cooking included calling the local pizza joint and making sure they sent bread sticks with the pizza.

After all the shopping I went home and set about making the steaks, rolls, and all the sides. I arranged the flowers in the center of the table, put on my crotchless panties under my black dress, hid the porno under the coffee table.

I heard Peter on the stairs and lit the candles, then I met him at the door and kissed him deeply. “Hungry?” I asked.

“Starved. Haven’t had anything to eat since I got that snack at the house,” He said with a naughty smile.

“You can have more of that later if you want. Right now, I’ve got steaks on the table,” I said, taking his lunchbox from him and putting it on the table near the door.

We had a pleasent dinner, talking about the house, and what we planned on doing to it. Peter wanted vinyl siding, and I agreed – but that came after the windows… the conversation was mundane, but exciting to me. We were building something important to both of us.

After dinner, I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Peter put away the left overs and got us some wine. We both walked into the living room together.

“No movie tonight?” Peter asked.

“Yes there is,” I said with a smile. I took one of the large pillows off the sofa and threw in on the floor in front of the TV. “Strip naked and lie down on your back. I’ll put the movie in.”

He began unbuttoning his shirt and I grabbed the DVD from underneat the coffee table without letting him see the cover. I put it in the player and turned to see him laying down on his back, his hard prick waving happily. “A couple rules…watch the movie, not me.. And don’t say anything till the movie’s over,” I said, waving a finger at him.

He made the `zipper-lips’ gesture and put his head sideways to watch the movie. I saw his eyes go wide at the title menu, but he was a good boy and didn’t say anything. I stepped over his waist, straddling his dick, then slowly sank down on it – right into my pussy through the crotchless panties. My black dress pooled up around my knees and across his stomach – even if he did look, he wouldn’t have seen anything but my dress.

I watched the pleasure on his face as his dick squished in and out of my cunt… And the dykes on screen ate each other. After a few minutes I turned sideways on his dick, and just sat on him, rocking back and forth slowly – all the while watching the women pleasure each other in the movie.

On screen, five women were busily eating pussy, fingering pussy, rubbing pussies – and I must admit, I liked watching it. Peter moaned, eyes glued to a big-titted redhead that was being eaten by a black woman with the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen. He began moving his hips, trying to increase his pleasure.

“Uh-uh,” I wagged a finger at him and his movement stopped.

As the end of the first fuck scene faded out, I decided to really start fucking Peter in earnest during the next one…Not only that but my pussy was demanding a pounding. My clit was twitching, dying to be rubbed, eaten…And I thought about Becky, and wanted her to eat me.

Just as the setup for the next scene began to unfold, there was a knock at the door.

“Dammit!” I said, standing up and adjusting my dress. I stopped the movie and looked to Peter, who was gathering his clothes. On the second knock, I turned to Peter and said, “Bathroom…” When I heard the door to the bathroom shut, I turned to the front door to the apartment and looked through the peep-hole. It was Becky! And she was still wearing just her T-shirt!

I opened the door and pulled her in quickly. And as the door shut, I looked at her face and noticed she was crying! I hugged her tightly. “What’s wrong, honey?”

With great big sobs, she told me, “I went home after…well..afterwards, and I caught Roger with our nextdoor neighbors! The single mom and her twenty-something daughter! The daughter didn’t even…stop…She didn’t even stop eating her mom’s pussy when I burst into the room! That slut came while I was screaming at Roger! She came because her own daughter was eating her!

“I didn’t even get my clothes…I just ran out of the house right then. I went to your farmhouse, found the key in the garage and went in…I stayed there till it got dark, but you don’t have electricity turned on out there yet, so I came here. I’m sorry if I ruined your night,” Becky said, pointing to the still-burning candles on the dinner table. “And I’m glad you answered instead of Peter,” She pointed to her bare pussy and laughed weakly.

“It’s okay sweetie, I’ve got something you can wear,” I said and lead her into the bedroom. I found a pair of sweatpants that were baggy on me and she slid into them. Then I went to the bathroom and knocked. Peter opened up, already dressed.

“I heard. God that’s terrible!” Peter said. “You guys talk in the living room, I’ll slip into the bedroom and play on the computer.”

“Thanks honey. I’m sorry.”

“No worries,” He smiled and kissed me.

“You’re just the best!” I said and went into the living room to join Becky on the sofa.

“I’m so fucked! I’ve got no place to stay, no job, and about two bucks in pennies in the ashtray of the Civic in the parking lot…And nothing to wear!” Becky said in anguish.

“Hey now…You can stay with Peter and I as long as you need. I owe you that much for your help on the farmhouse! We’ll both be looking for jobs pretty soon… That’s no big problem. There’s plenty of need for elementary school teachers around here. And as for money – Peter and I can lend you some. We’re doing really well now,” I pulled her to me and hugged her.

“Have you…Have you told Peter yet?” She asked.

“No. You asked me not to.”

“I think you should. You two have a good thing going. Secrets will just ruin it,” She said.

“I don’t know…” I whispered, “If I tell him, he’s going to want to watch…want to join in. If he can’t, then it’ll be a problem.”

“I just don’t want this to ruin your relationship with him,” She said.

Peter would want us to do it again. I didn’t mind that. But was the idea of Peter joining us something I should worry about? Peter did have a fascination with Becky’s tits… less than 24 hours ago, I would have been jealous with just the thought of him getting to look at her breasts. But now…?

“If I told him, I wouldn’t want to hold anything back from him,” I said.

“I don’t care. I still think you should tell him,” Becky said.

I leaned back and looked her straight in the eyes. I spoke as quietly and as seriously as possible, “Are you willing to… go all the way with this?”

“What exactly do you mean?” She smiled. She looked so much better smiling that crying.

“Eat me in front of him. Let him fuck you while you eat me. Blow him while I eat you. 69 with me while he fucks me in the ass,” I whispered.

“Is that all?” she smiled wider.

“No. There’s alot of really nasty shit you’d have to do, too…” My mind spun, trying to think of something really naughty. “Like…Eat my pussy when it’s full of his sperm. Like 69 with while he fucks YOU in the ass. Blow him and take his load on your face. Still up for this?” I asked with a smile.

She leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue slid into my mouth gently, and caressed my tongue. As I began kissing her back, I felt her hand slide up my leg under my dress. Soon her fingers found my wet slit and danced between my labia.

Becky pulled back and smiled, “Let me take a quick shower, and then let’s tell him. Do you have anything I could wear temporarily?”

“My bathrobe on the back of the door in the bathroom. It’s the green one…” I then explained how I wanted to tell him, and it made her giggle. Not too long after that, she scampered off to the bathroom.

I went into the bedroom and saw that Peter had the headphones on. I could faintly hear rock music coming from them and knew that he hadn’t heard me enter the room… So, I quickly palmed a condom from the bowl on the dresser and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped, startled, took off the headphones and turned around.

I smiled and said quietly, “Becky’s taking a shower. I told her she can stay with us a while. I hope that’s okay. She had nowhere to go.”

“That’s fine, honey. Want me to take the sofa, and the two of you take the bed?” He offered.

Oh, it was so hard not to take him up on that. But Becky and I had already agreed on the script, and I couldn’t change it now. “No sweetie, but it’s nice of you to offer.”

Peter shrugged. “All of Becky’s big stuff is still in that storage unit she rented, isn’t it?”

I nodded. She never had a chance to go get it…and Roger had everything she needed – or so Becky had thought. What a slimey shit! I can’t believe that!

“Well, I can understand that she probably doesn’t want to go back there just to get some clothes,” Peter said, “let’s just go get her some new ones, and she can forget about the old stuff… that is if she wants.”

“She’ll really appreciate it, Peter. Thank you,” I said. I leaned over and kissed him deeply. We kissed for five or ten minutes until I heard the water shut off, then I moved back to the bed and sat down. A few seconds later, Becky came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her wet brown hair and my robe…loosely tied around her waist. The robe was too small on her, and it showed quite a bit of cleavage.

Peter was looking, but trying to be sneaky about it. I wanted to catch him red handed… So I waited.

“I can’t thank you enough for what you guys are doing. I was so fucked…” Becky said, putting her hand up to her chest in an attempt to be modest, but the effect failed perfectly, her hand just `accidently’ pushed the robe open a little farther. “I can’t believe what I saw… A woman going down on her mother! Eating her mother’s pussy! At least Roger had the courtesy to take his pecker out of the mother’s mouth before he tried to `explain’…” I could hear the bitterness in her voice, and I hoped that she wasn’t doing this to `get back’ at Roger.

I saw Peter swallow hard by the lump in his lap. He was trying so hard not to look at Becky’s half exposed tits. “I…I’m sorry to hear about what happened, Becky.”

Becky nodded and smiled sadly. Then she stretched, forcing the robe open more. From where I sat, I could see one complete nipple. She was doing this so well! “Well, I think I’ll go to sleep on the sofa. See you tomorrow.”

That did it! Peter’s eyes locked on the piece of nipple that he could see. And I could see his pants begin to bulge.

“Peter! I can’t believe you!” I nearly shouted. “You’re staring at Becky’s tits, aren’t you?”

“I…uhm…No! I…” He stammered.

I quickly grabbed the belt to Becky’s robe and pulled it. The knot slipped open easily and the robe parted – showing full frontal nudity. Her tits, her bush, he soft, slightly plump belly…all nicely tanned from our afternoon in the sun. She looked good enough to eat – which I planned on doing later.

“That give you a better look?” I demanded. I hated to do this to him, but it was kind of funny. “Come on, don’t be shy! Look! Look at her tits!” I pointed to them. They were sexy as hell…big and soft, with big brown nipples and a slight bit of droop – just the way Peter liked them…just the way I liked them.

“Or maybe you’d like to think of Becky as on of the lesbo sluts on those movies!” I said, and he turned bright red – he was so cute. “Fine! Think of us both like that! That would be perfect.” I tried to sound mad, but I could hear the excitement in my own voice.

Becky shrugged out of her robe and I took her by the hand. I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Becky sunk to her knees between my feet as I began hiking up my dress. Peter’s eyes went wide! It was so precious!

I pulled Becky’s face into my pussy and lay back on the bed. “You think of us both like that! Go ahead!” I tossed the condom into his lap, “And while you’re at it…” I lay back and my voice went from faking being angry to husky with lust as Becky’s soft tongue found my vagina and wormed its way inside, “put that on and stick your dick in Becky. She’s horny.” Becky wiggled her ass invitingly.

Peter sat there in bewilderment and for a moment, I thought maybe this had all been a mistake. Maybe it would make him angry!

But then, he stood up and pulled off his shirt, unzipped his khakis and began fumbling with the condom. His steel hard dick wiggled back and forth. He quickly unrolled the rubber down his yummy cock and looked back at Becky and I. I had pulled my arms out of the top of my dress, and had it bunched up around my waist so I could play with my nipples. Becky was loudly licking and sucking at my clit, and slowly working three fingers into my pussy.

I watched as Peter kneeled down behind Becky. His right hand went to her ass, and his fingers traced lightly down the crack. He must have slid a finger or two into her pussy because she jumped and began sucking hungrily at my clit. Then he brought both hands up to her hips and slowly sank his dick into her cunt.

Becky let out a deep moan of pleasure and crushed my clit with her tongue…That alone was almost enough to make me cum.

As Peter got up to speed, pounding into Becky’s vagina, he leaned forward and began to gently twist and pull at her nipples. He had done the same to me on many occasions, and I knew it felt wonderful. I caught Peter’s eye and smiled at him, “Fuck her good, honey. Make her cum….” I gasped as Becky’s tongue began to run back and forth rapidly over my clit… The tingling in my labia was beginning. “Make her cum…she’s going to make me cum. Fuck her good, sweetie.” I ground my cunt into Becky’s face as I felt a fourth finger slid into me. My orgasm ran over me like a freight train.

I must have passed out, because the next thing I knew, Becky was laying on the bed beside me, her knees pressed into her shoulders, and Peter’s cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. She was moaning and thrashing like crazy, on the verge of cumming. I could see Peter was close too. To help him out, I slipped a hand between them and pinched Becky’s clit between my thumb and fingers… I gave her nubbin a vicious little pinch and shook it.

“Oh GOD! Oh my god! Yes!” Becky screamed…and I was happy we would be moving from this apartment with paper-thin walls. Her screams degenerated into loud, deep moans.

I looked to Peter, and I saw that look on his face – that look that told me he was about to come and was trying to hold it back. I kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “I love you, honey.”

Peter started cumming… I could see the muscles in his thighs and crotch spasming, pumping his cum into the condom.

Becky came down from her orgasmic high before Peter was done squirting. She looked up at us from where she was folded in half under Peter and smiled, “God Peter, you’re such a fucking stud! Damn that was good!”

Peter pulled out of Becky and I quickly grabbed his softening dick. I removed the condom and simply tossed it over my shoulder onto the floor – I’d deal with it later. Right then, I pulled Peter down on the bed to lay between Becky and I, with both of us spooned facing Becky. I took his right hand and guided it to Becky’s tits. As he palmed her huge boob, she smiled and almost purred with pleasure.

“Are they like you expected?” I asked into his ear.

“They’re beautiful,” He said, looking into Becky’s eyes.

“I thought so too when I ate her pussy this afternoon,” I said, moving my hand to his dick. “I ate her pussy and made her come just as you were pulling into the driveway at the house.”

“And she was really good, too,” Becky said, then leaned in and kissed Peter deeply.

Stroking his hardening cock, I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Do you like the idea that you wife is a pussy-licking slut?”

Becky pulled back from their kiss and asked me, “Cathy, can I suck your husband’s dick?”

I giggled. “Yes, but if you want to swallow his cum, you have to lick it out of my pussy. So come over here and straddle my face and blow Peter. Peter, when you get ready, cum in my pussy…then Becky and I will 69 while you watch.”

I laid back, and Cathy got up and swung her leg over my head, facing my feet. Peter stood on the bed straddling my stomach and fed his cock to Becky. I concentrated on Becky’s clit. It was so huge and pink…Sucking it was almost like sucking a dick. Pretty soon, I had her grinding her pussy into my face and moaning around a mouthful of penis.

I licked and sucked at Becky’s labia and clitoris, and drove my tongue into her dripping hole, lapping up her juices and loving every second of it.

Suddenly I felt Peter grab my ankles and lift them. He passed my ankles off to Becky, who said, “stick your dick in the horny bitch and fill that pussy with cum. OHHH! GOD! Cum on her cunt so I can lick it!”

Peter’s dick plunged into my pussy savagely and I cried out into Becky’s gaping pussy. He drove his cock into me several times, then suddenly was gone. I felt something hot and wet splatter on my clit, up my stomach and across my pussy and thighs. Peter had shot his cream all over my lower body.

“Now,” He said to Becky in a commanding tone, “clean that mess off my wife’s beautiful pussy.”

Becky dropped my ankles and leaned forward. I felt her licking my stomach and then my thighs. Her pussy was momentairily beyond my reach, so I took the chance to get a good deep breath. The suddenly, I felt her at my cunt again, her tongue sliding around in the sperm that coated my clit and lips. I moaned and brought my mouth back to Becky’s oh-so-delicious twat.

Her pussy juice flowed down my cheeks onto the bed, but I didn’t care about the mess right now – I had a beautiful woman eating my cunt that needed my attention.

We lay there, mouths to cunts, for what seemed like hours. I stop counting my orgasms at four, and Becky seemed to be lost in a neverending series of tiny orgasms that left her trembling. We both decided to stop when we became too weak to move our tongues.

Becky rolled off me, and we lay there panting, faces covered in pussy juice and legs too weak to move. Peter was standing beside the bed, smiling, holding two glasses of wine. He handed one to Becky and kissed her on the stomach just below the navel, the handed me the other and kissed me on the mouth. After drinking her wine, Becky rolled her legs off the bed and said, “Can someone help me to the bathroom?” Peter helped her up, and helped her walk to the bathroom.

He came back after shutting the door for her and sat down next to my head.

“So…you went down on her this afternoon?” Peter asked.

“Yes,” I said weakly.

“And then five minutes later, I went down on you?”

I nodded.

“What made you decide to do it?” He asked. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

“Well, you asking if I’d be willing to be with a woman again… The vampire porno… Frankie…alot of things.”

“Frankie?” Peter asked.

“Yeah – the little lesbian slut at the porn shop. She’s a friend of mine and Becky’s. She modelled panties for me, and I decided to buy this pair…” I pointed to the wet wad of lace that was plastered to my pubic hair.

“Looks like she’s got good taste.”

“I don’t know… I haven’t eaten her yet,” I said with a chuckle.

“Yet?” Peter asked.

Before I could answer, Becky returned, looking a little better but still tired and over-fucked. As she lay down in the middle of the bed, I got up to take my turn in the bathroom.

When I got back to the bedroom, the lights were off, and both of them were curled up in the bed. I slid in on the far side, with Becky between Peter and I, put my arm around Becky’s stomach, and went to sleep.

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