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Danielle and Jack

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I came home early; it had been one of those days from hell. Murphy’s Law at work–if it can go wrong it will. Well, it could, and it did.

Meagan Murphy, the current number one box office sex symbol, who is scheduled to star in Ben Affleck’s new movie, shows up on the set five months pregnant. The film has a four-month shooting schedule, and there’s no way she can do it.

Ziggy Gnarly, lead guitarist for the Avengers, got busted the third time for coke, and they’re charging him with dealing this time. A forty million dollar concert tour is in the toilet.

Then, my newest client, and Danielle’s best friend, Jessica Collins, was scheduled to do a nine page photo shoot for Playboy. It was written into her contract that Hugh Hefner, the octogenarian pervert that owns the magazine, is forbidden to have any contact with her. Damned if he doesn’t show up on the set anyway. So now, if Jess is going to do the shoot, I have to chaperone. Not that spending a day with a naked supermodel is the worst thing that can happen.

And THEN–aw fuck it– I really don’t want to talk about it. I peeled off my work clothes, donned my favorite pair of faded, shredded Levi’s, poured myself three fingers of Chivas and downed it in one gulp. Then I poured three more, added some ice and flopped down on the couch to watch the Dodgers game.

My name is Jack Ingram, and I’m a talent agent. I’m forty-two years old, currently co-habitating with my nineteen year-old fiancé, a drop-dead gorgeous nymph, and the love of my life.

I tore open a bag of Doritos, and all of a sudden I heard this frantic clacking of nails on my polished hardwood floor, and this enormous shaggy-haired dog launched himself and landed right next to me on the couch. “Cooter! Off!” I yelled.

All my stern command yielded was Cooter rolling over on his back, and looking up at me with adoring eyes. This dog will do anything for a Dorito, and even dead asleep, he knows the sound of the bag tearing.

Cooter belongs to my best friend, Mark Regan, and Danni and I are dog sitting while Mark and his daughter, Kimberly, are spending a month in Mexico. I have an inkling about just how they’re spending it, but it’s really none of my business.

I hear a tuned exhaust roaring up the driveway and the squeal of brakes. It’s Danielle and her red Porsche Boxster, trying to set a land speed record. She comes up behind me on the couch, leans over to give me a big kiss. Then she sees the dog on the couch. The white couch, now covered with black dog hair.

“Cooter, off! Go lie down in the corner, you bad dog.” He pours himself off the couch, slinks across the floor on his belly, and lies in the corner with his head resting on his paws. I don’t know how she does it, but Dani’s got the touch. Cooter obeys her every command; he totally ignores me. She brushes the clumps of dog hair off the couch and flops down next to me. The kiss is exquisite, as it usually is– full, soft lips, hungry mouth, lots of tongue. She pulls away and looks at me.

“You’ve got your ‘it was a shitty day’ face on, Jack.”

“It’s that obvious, huh?”

“Yeah. Want me to fix it?”


She sat on my lap, straddling me, with her face next to mine. Thrusting her chest out, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. My eyes follow the emerging skin, until she has it completely open, revealing that sexy black lace bra that lifts her breasts invitingly. Danielle shrugs the blouse off and presses her cleavage into my face, smiling as my tongue travels through the valley in between them.

Leaning back, she unfastened the bra behind her, letting her tits spring free. Totally predictably, my cock starts to rise. They’re exquisite, full, firm, perfectly shaped, capped with the sweetest pink nipples. I press my face in between them, and she shakes her shoulders, slapping me in the cheeks.

“Suck on them, Jack….mmmm….yeah, just like that.”

My eyes have drooped to half-mast, with that dreamy far-way look. What shitty day? I couldn’t remember a thing. Dani starts kissing her way down my chest, nipping my mat of hair between her teeth and pulling on it. Her mouth moves lower down, across my belly, down to the waistband of my jeans. I hadn’t fastened the top button, and she slowly, teasingly, pulled the zipper down.

“Ooo, look what I found,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

Her tongue came out, and she laved my cock from bottom to top, stopping to flick it over that little flat spot just under the head. Danielle know where all my buttons are, and exactly how to push them. As my erection disappeared into her mouth, her hand went between her legs, and she started frigging herself with her fingers. I love to watch her play with her pussy.

She moved back onto the couch, on her knees, straddling me. Taking my throbbing cock in her hand, she aimed it right at her sweet spot, and lowered herself onto me. As many times as we’ve fucked each other, I’ll never get over the thrill of entering her vagina. It’s so tight, so hot, so wet.

“Feeling better, Jack?”

“Oh yeah.”

She rose and fell on me; I thrust up into her. I could feel my cum churning in my balls, and I could tell by the way her cunt was squeezing me, that she was on the edge with me.



Just as both of our rockets exploded, the phone rang. Come-down time, cuddle time is mandatory in our sex life. We ignored the ringing interruption and let the machine pick it up. My half-inflated penis was still inside her; her tongue was in my mouth ….and the voice on the machine was Nicole, her mother, my former lover. Dani leaped up and my cock came out of her with an audible “Pop.”

“Hi, Mom….. Oh, yeah things are just fine with us.” She was still into heavy breathing from our lovemaking. “You did WHAT?…. Oh my God…… gosh, congratulations, Mom…. oh yeah, I got your email a couple days ago; that was soo hot…. no, I haven’t told Jack about it yet, it’ll blow him away…. When are we going to do it? I don’t know yet, Mom, that’s something we need to talk about…. yeah, you can help me pick out a dress– if I wear one, that is….yeah, okay…. I love you too, Mom…. yes, I’ll give Jack a big hug for you…. bye Mom.”

“Sorry for the interruption, Jack. Oh look, I’ve got your cum running down my leg. Or is it mine? Hmm, seems like a mixture of both.”

She scooped it off her leg, then licked her fingers clean. Danielle looks so beautiful after sex. Well, she looks beautiful before sex, too, but afterward she’s got this radiant glow. Her long auburn hair was tousled, the ringlets at the ends, falling over her breasts. One of my many fetishes is a pair of nipples peeking through a curtain of hair.

“So what’s the congratulations for?” I asked.

“She and John got married yesterday. They just went down to the courthouse and got a license and corralled a judge and did it.”

“Jeez, that was in a hurry.”

“Yeah; she’s pregnant.”

“Holy shit! Is she happy about it?”

“She sounds deliriously happy. Hey, I’m gonna have a baby brother. Or sister. Waay cool! Now if we have a baby, that’ll be his uncle. Or Aunt. Hmm.”

I hope she didn’t see me cringe at the thought of parenthood.

“So what was this mysterious email about?”

“Oh yeah, remember that night when she was a little crocked and we were talking about her and John’s sex life?”

“You mean when we embarrassed the shit out of her?”

“Yeah, that night,” she giggled. I love it when she giggles.


“So she was telling us that John didn’t like to go down on her?”

“That’s really too bad. They’re both missing out on one of life’s greater experiences.”

“Yeah, well, when he saw her pussy after I shaved it and she got that little Grateful Dead dancing bear tattoo on one lip, he went apeshit.”

“You mean he didn’t like it?”

“God, he loved it. That naked slit drove him crazy; the first thing he did was run his tongue down it, and things went on from there. Now she can’t keep his face out of it, and she says now he eats pussy almost as good as you do….. As a matter of fact, you can do me right now if you want to.”

“My tongue is getting hard. Finish telling me about the conversation with Nicole, then lie down and spread them, baby.”

“Ooo, okay.”

“So what is it we need to talk about?”

“She wants to know when we’re going to get married.”

“When ever you want to.”

“Really? You mean giving up forty-two years of bachelorhood doesn’t scare the shit out of you?”

“Not anymore.” I think. Maybe.

“Well, I’ll have to think about when and where. Right now I’m gonna spread my legs for the Man with the Golden Tongue…. Cooter! Get the fuck out of here!” He’s a crotch sniffer, and her naked, dripping pussy attracted him like flies on a fresh cow pie.

She did. I did. Yowzah!

Several days later, Danielle came into the living room, with a glass of Chivas for me and a vodka and tonic for herself. She hasn’t acquired a taste for Scotch yet. She had her serious face on. And a copy of “Brides” magazine in her hand. Uh oh.


“Yeesss?” I have no qualms about marrying her; I just hate weddings.

“I want to talk about our wedding.”

“Uh, okay.” I cringed. She opened the magazine and pointed at some pictures.

“Well, I’ve been looking at all these bridal gowns, dresses for the maid of honor and all the bridesmaid’s dresses, and thinking about how the men should dress, and the reception, and the caterers, the music, the church, and all that stuff.”

“Uh huh.” If I was a turtle, I’d have sucked my head into my shell.

“Well, I don’t want to do all that shit.” Praise the Lord!

“So what do you want to do, babe?”

“I want to get married at the beach.”

“Uh, okay, what beach do you have in mind?”

“The nude beach.”

“Wow, give me a minute to wrap my head around that one.”

“Think of all the money we’ll save; no wedding dress, no bridesmaids gowns, no tux rentals. Besides, I hate fucking weddings.” Hosanna!

“I’m sold! Do all the guests have to get naked, too?”

“I want to keep it small, so everybody there will be in the wedding party. Jessica will be my maid of honor, and I assume you want Mark to be your best man?”

“He’s my best friend, sure. And Cooter can be a groomsman.”

“Well, maybe you’ll have to be each other’s best man. I talked to Kimberly, and she and Mark want to get married too.”

“She’s his DAUGHTER!”

Kimberly just showed up on Mark’s doorstep one day, and announced that she was his daughter. She was the result of a fling he had in college, and her mother had never told him that she had his child. They came to know and love each other, and then they fell in love. Kimberly is nineteen, the same age as Danielle.

“Yeah, isn’t that cool.”


“You and I and Gloria are the only people who know. They didn’t have any problem getting a license.”

“Well, why not, I guess. They’re living together anyway.”

“Mom and David will be coming too.”

“Who’s going to marry us; who’s going to conduct the ceremony?”

“Mark’s brother is a priest; he said he’ll do it.”

“Is he going to be naked, too?” I laughed my ass off at the image.

“Yeah he is; won’t that be a hoot?” I love her kinky sense of humor.

“So when’s the big day?”

“A week from Saturday.”

“Works for me.”

“So, did I make everything easy for you? All you have to do is show up.”

“Yeah. I love it.”

“Do I get a reward?” She batted her eyes at me.

“Are you flirting with me?”


She makes me feel like a horny teenager. Come to think about it, I wasn’t close to this horny when I was a teenager. I let Cooter out, and followed Dani into the bedroom.

Finally, the big day arrived. It was beautiful, warm sunny day, without a trace of wind. The ocean was a translucent aquamarine, with the waves breaking into a frothing white foam. I had the normal bridegroom jitters. I was totally into doing this, I just wanted it to be over.

Danielle and I were the first to arrive. She shucked her clothes immediately, and did a slow pirouette in the sand. Which drove me nuts. I’ll never tire of looking at her body; high, firm breasts, round heart-shaped ass, shaved pussy with a little rose tattooed at the corner of her right lip. My cock immediately started to swell, and I just hoped I could keep it down today. A groom is supposed to get a hard-on on his wedding day, but during the ceremony?

“Come on, Jack, get naked.”

“I’m waiting for my cock to go down, so I don’t embarrass myself during the wedding.”

“Come over here and I’ll suck you off, and that should cool you for awhile.”

How could I resist? We were a few minutes early, so maybe we wouldn’t get caught in the act. Dani dropped to her knees, and tugged my shorts down. My cock immediately disappeared between her lips, her tongue working it’s magic on me. This wasn’t going to be a long, lingering blow job; it was just a quickie. Her head bobbed, her mouth sucked, her tongue laved. My hips thrust into her, and I was fucking her face. I can hold off my orgasm at will, but this time I wanted to let it go. And I did, shooting a huge load deep in her throat. She calls herself a cum-slut, I think it’s demeaning, but she does love the stuff.

“Well, that should take care of your erection problem; I just hope I can keep my juice from running down my leg. I am soo horny!”

“We can take care of that right after the ceremony.”

“Nope. You’re gonna have to wait until tonight. I’ve got plans for our wedding night.” She batted her eyes at me again.

I was just about to tackle her and fuck her right on the spot, when I heard voices coming down the beach. Mark, Kimberly, and Gloria had arrived. Mark dumped his shorts immediately and came over to give me a welcoming hug. I’d never hugged a guy in the nude before, and our cocks brushed against each other. We both backed away, looking a bit sheepish. Men have this gay avoidance problem.

Kimberly was next to strip down. As much in love as I am, I have this habit of mentally undressing any woman I see. I couldn’t wait to see her naked. The way Mark was ogling Danielle, I was guessing he did too. Kim didn’t disappoint; she is equally beautiful. The girls embraced each other.

Gaaahh! I love to see two women together; their tits mashing together, bookend asses, pussies pressed together. I felt that big tingle in my crotch again, and forced myself to look away. For just a second.

Mark’s friend, Gloria, is thirty-five, blonde, and built like a brick shithouse. I always wanted to see her naked, too, and today I was going to get my chance. She was wearing a short, low-cut sundress that really accented all her charms. She pulled the dress over her hand and dropped it on the sand. God, she was wearing red underwear!

She had a lace half-bra that only covered half her areolas, that lifted up her tits and gave her an exquisite cleavage. She wore a matching pair of see-through lace panties, and you could see a love patch of hair on her mound, just above her shaven pussy. When she unfastened her bra, her big tits sprang free, standing straight out, defying gravity. My cock started swelling, but it was still hanging down.

Nicole and David were the next to show up. Nic threw her arms around me, and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I wondered what David’s reaction would be to a naked former lover wrapped around his wife. Danielle kept reminding me how cool she thought it was that I had fucked my mother-in-law.

He seemed to be pretty cool about it. I expected him to be kind of a wimp, but he wasn’t. He was tall, well-built with blond hair and a full beard. And when he dropped his jeans, I could see that he was hung like a horse. He seemed a little nervous about being nude in public, but that’s natural for a first timer.

Nicole’s body is as familiar to me as the back of my hand. At thirty-seven, she looks like she did in her twenties. Exercise keeps her body toned, and her breasts are still perky, without a hint of a sag. She was only two months pregnant, so her stomach was still flat. She seemed to have a little beard burn on her inner thighs. When she wiggled out of her panties, David’s eyes were riveted on her snatch. His cock started to stir, too, and I wondered how big that sucker was when he was hard.

Jessica arrived, along with her current boyfriend, LaRoy James, a hot African-American actor, who looked like a young Denzel Washington. Jessica’s face and clothed body have graced just about every major magazine in the country. She was about to do a nude spread for “Playboy” and the world will see her gorgeous body too. She’s tall, blonde, with legs that never end. I have hot memories of them being wrapped around me.

I was the first person ever to see Jess’s nude body. My tongue and my cock had been in her virgin cunt, when Dani brought her home so I could take her cherry, a most memorable occasion. She reminded me that I had fucked three of the women there, all with her consent and her presence. She wanted me to do it with Gloria, because she wanted to watch those monster tits bounce when she rode me. She’s an unabashed voyeur.

Mark’s brother, Father Tim, was the last to show up, dressed in his black clerical vestments. At forty-four, he was a slightly shorter version of Mark, with black hair and cobalt blue eyes. Mark says he’s got really liberal views; shit, he’d have to, to preside over an event like this. I wondered how the Pope would feel about having one of his minions naked in public.

Father Tim, blushing furiously, slowly took off his priestly garb. He folded them carefully and laid them out on a beach towel. He turned his back to everyone and stepped out of his shorts. He was nude, except for his white Roman collar that he wore around his neck. I heard Gloria whisper, “Great ass.” He turned slowly to face everyone; his eyes got wide when he surveyed all the naked bodies in front of him.

He had a good-sized penis, and I couldn’t tell whether it was partially engorged or not. Knowing that some priests are gay, I couldn’t tell which gender would arouse him, the men or the women. Gloria stared at his cock, licking her lips. Father Tim seemed to have a fixation on her very generous rack. Seemed like he liked women.

The priest gathered us together around him. Mark and I and our brides-to-be took front and center. Gloria had done their hair in a French twist, with flowers woven in, and they each carried a bouquet of white roses. Kimberly had affixed some lily-of-the-valley to Cooter’s collar, but he had rolled on a large dead fish down the beach, and spoiled the effect.

“Dearly beloved,” Father Tim began, as I took Danielle’s hand in mine. We looked at each other and we both had tears in our eyes. We had written a simple ceremony ourselves, and the formalities were soon over. We had attracted a considerable audience of beach goers, and they all applauded.

Our reception was held right there on the beach. We spread a picnic blanket on the sand, laid out a buffet, and popped the corks on half a dozen bottles of champagne. After we’d eaten, we turned on a boom box and started dancing.

It’s tradition– the bride and groom have the first dance. As there were two newlywed couples, we both started dancing. It was a slow tune, and Dani pressed her body into mine. Her breasts were crushed against my chest, and I could feel her nipples harden. She looked at me and batted her eyes, as she ground her pelvis against mine. Nature took its course, and I got hard as a rock.

Kimberly was doing the same thing to Mark, and the way the girls were grinning at each other, I think they’d planned it. Jessica and LaRoy were boogying down and she was stroking his erection.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a black cock before,” Dani said, staring at him. “That’s really intriguing. God, look at David, that’s a monster dick; I wonder how Mom gets it all inside her. Check out that little ring around the base of it; Mom weaved him a cock ring out of the hair I shaved off her pussy.”

The most interested dancing couple, by far, was Gloria and Father Tim. She flaunted those big tits, shimmying and shaking, and Tim, blushing crimson, was sporting a large erection. Gloria reached for his cock, and just before he buried his face between her boobs, he took his priest’s collar off his neck and flung it into the sand.

Public sex on the beach was against the rules, but it happened all the time. Not wishing to have a public orgy, couples started moving away toward a more private stretch of the beach. In the distance, we could see Nicole bouncing on top of David, LaRoy plunging into Jessica, and Kimberly and Mark were out of sight completely.

Gloria flashed us a wicked grin. “I’m gonna get me a forty-four year old virgin; is that hot or what?” Father Tim just shrugged as she led him away, pulling him along by his cock.

“So, I guess it’s our turn, babe,” I said to Danielle, pulling her into me and cupping her ass. My cock was throbbing with anticipation.

“Nope, not here, Jack. I told you I have plans for you.” She gave me a wicked grin.

We got dressed and left the beach. Dani had brought her Porsche, and when she opened what passed for a trunk in a Boxster, I saw that she had packed an overnight bag. I climbed in the car beside her and, as her habit, she took off like a rocket.

I was totally at her mercy, so I just sat back to enjoy the ride. She headed into the city, and when we arrived at our destination, I discovered she had reserved the bridal suite at the Ritz-Carlton. Okay, this was going to be nice.

We got to our suite, I opened the door, then swept her off her feet and carried her over the threshold. I gave her a passionate kiss and set her down on her feet.

“Please be gentle with me, Jack, I’ve never done this before,” she said demurely.

Aha! The light bulb went on in my head. Danielle loves role-playing games. We do a pirate rape game, the hooker, bad schoolgirl, and she had virgin bride on the list. We hadn’t played that one before, but obviously this was going to be the night.

There were a dozen red roses on the dresser. The king-sized bed was turned down, and there were rose petals strewn over the white sheet. Candles filled the room, and there was soft, romantic music playing in the background.

She dug into the overnight bag and handed me my black silk pajamas, that I had made for me in Hong Kong. Then she disappeared into the bathroom. There was a bottle of my favorite Scotch in the room, so I poured myself three fingers of Chivas and waited for her to appear.

After what seemed like an interminable wait, Dani emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a white satin peignoir set, with a short robe that came down to about mid-thigh. Her hair was brushed out, shiny, luxurious. She acted shy, demure, as she kept her eyes on the floor. I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, but I let her write the script.

“You look beautiful, my darling,” I said, approaching her and taking her in my arms. The sleek fabric felt wonderful under my hands, as I stroked her back.

“I’m so nervous,” she said, quaking. I don’t know how you put on tremors, but she was really good.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about, sweetheart.” ‘Darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ are not in my vocabulary, but for this occasion, it seemed fitting.

“I-I don’t know what to do.”

“What did your mother tell you about your wedding night?”

“Nothing; she said my husband would explain it all to me.”

“What did she teach you about sex?”

“She said I should always submit to my husband; it is my wifely duty.”

“Submit to what?”

“I- I don’t know,” she sniffled, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. No wonder she was acing all her acting classes.

“Didn’t you ever talk to your girlfriends about it?”

“Peggy Buckley just said a guy puts his thing in you and wiggles it around. And then stuff comes out of it.”

“What thing?”

“His ‘thing’, you know; his private part.”

“Do you know what a private part is?”

“I saw one on my cousin, Ricky, when he was a baby. It looked like a little worm.”

“What did they call his thing?”

“H-his wee wee. I saw him pee out of it. You don’t pee in me, do you, Jack?”

“No, baby, I don’t. My ‘thing’ is called a penis, or a cock. And your ‘private parts’ are called a vagina, or a pussy. And what comes out of it is called cum.”

“Come where?”

“It’s not a place, it’s a thing. Cum comes out of the end of my cock.”

“Cum comes? That’s funny,” she giggled.

“Well, come here and kiss me; you know all about kissing.”

“Oh yeah, I do. I love kissing, Jack; it makes me all tingly in my tummy.”

“Does it make you tingly anyplace else?”

“Well, um, sometimes between my legs,” she blushed scarlet.

“Do you ever touch yourself between your legs; touch your pussy?”

“My Mom said I should never do that; it’s a sin. But a couple times I did it anyway.”

“Did you like it when you did it?”

“Yeeeaaahhhh….but it was bad.” She looked down, and scuffed her foot across the floor.

“What would you say if I told you I was going to touch you there tonight?”


“Now I’m going to slip this robe off you.”

“Oh, you can kind of see through my nightie.”

“I love to see through your nightie. I’m going to like it even better when I take it off you.”

“But then I’ll be naked!”

“Oh yeah. And I’ll be naked too.”

“I’ve never been naked in front of anybody before.”

“You’re supposed to be naked in front of your husband.”

“I’ll be embarrassed. What if you don’t like my body?”

“I love your body.”

“How do you know?”

“I can see a lot of it through your nightie.”

“It’s kind of exciting though.”

“Does it make your pussy tingle?”

“Yeeaahh…. a little bit.”

Danielle bit her lip, and looked ashamed of herself. God, she was good. This game had me totally inflamed. I wondered whether she was going to pretend to have a cherry when we got down to the real nitty gritty?

“I’m just going to slip the straps of your nightie over your shoulders and lower it down to your waist.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to touch your breasts, fondle them, and kiss them.”

“Ohh, your hands feel so good on me. Look how my nipples get hard when you touch them. Let me take your pajama top off so I can feel your skin next to mine. Hold me tight, Jack.”

“Ohh, your lips feel so good on my tits….and when you lick my nipples…. Oh God, you’re sucking on them.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Does that make your pussy tingle more?”

“God Yes!….. oh yes…oh yes…. nnnggghhh…. nngghhh….AHH…ohhhh.”

“Was that good for you?” That was real; Danni doesn’t fake orgasms. She was looking at me, slightly cross-eyed.

“What WAS that?”

“You had an orgasm.”

“Is that the same as cumming?”


“Oh God, hold me up, my knees are weak.”

“Did you like cumming?”

“Oh yes…yes.”

“I’m going to take your nightie all the way off.”

“Then you’ll see my pussy.”

I pulled her nightie all the way off and let it pool at her feet. Her hands went straight to her crotch, covering it up.

“Move your hands away; I want to look at you.”

“If I show you mine, will you show me yours?”


“Okay then, I’ll move my hands.”

“Holy Shit!”

There was a mass of pubic hair on her shaved mound. She had cut up a wig she found in the prop room at school, and attached it with spirit gum. She looked at me, threw head back, and started laughing like hell. She was holding her stomach and tears were running down her face. Almost instantly, she shut off the laughter and went back into her role as the virgin bride.

“Um, do you like my pussy?”

“Your pussy is beautiful, sweetheart.”

I buried my face in it, to muffle my own laughter. She is absolutely priceless.

“You have to show me your cock now.”

“Pull my pants down.”

She knelt down in front of me, and with shaking hands pulled my pajama bottoms off.

“Oh. My. God!”

Dani looked and looked, examining my erection from every angle. Her eyes were huge.

“Do you like what you see?”

“I don’t know; it’s kind of scary.”

“Go ahead and touch it.”

“Is it slimy?”

“Not yet,” I laughed.

Tentatively, she reached her hand out and ran her fingers all over it.

“What is that big bulby thing on the top?”

“That’s the head, or the crown. The proper name for is the glans.”

“What’s that hanging underneath it?”

“Those are my balls, or testicles. Go ahead and feel them.”

“Oh, they’re kind of spongy. What are they for?”

“That’s where my cum is made. Then it goes up my cock and comes out the top.”

“Out of this little slit here?”


“Can I see your cum come out?” She giggled again at the cum/come dichotomy.

“Wrap your hand around it and move it up and down.”

“Oh, it’s hard and soft at the same time. And look, the skin moves.”

“That feels really good.”

“How long do I have to do this before you cum? ” “I’m getting close…. closer…. closer….mmm… MMMMM… OH GOD!”

“Wow, it really squirts. It’s all over my tits….it feels kind of slippery….and sticky, too…. it smells pretty good….”

“Taste it.”

“You mean put some in my mouth? What if I don’t like it? Well, Mom said I had to submit, so I’ll try it…. gosh, that’s not too bad; it’s a little bit salty. Oh look, your cock is shrinking–did I break it?”

“No, you didn’t break it; it does that after I cum.”

“Now it’s just hanging there…. hee hee, look how it flops around when I shake it.”

“Let’s go lie on the bed now.”

“I like it when you stroke my body, especially my tits….mmmmm…. I like it when you kiss my body like that, especially my tits…. Oh! you’re going to kiss me down there?”

“Pull your knees up, darling.”

It took all I had to keep from cracking up again when I got to the pubic patch. I was tempted to rip it off, but, in keeping with the game, I left it there. It tickled my nose.

“Oh…. oooo…. your tongue is inside me…. mmmmmm…. Oh God, what’s that you’re licking now?”

“That’s your clitoris–your clit.”

“That feels soo good when your tongue runs around and around it….. oh yes, suck it into your mouth…. mmmmm …. oooo…. oh, here comes that feeling again…. yes yes yes…. OH GOD….UH…..UH….NNGGGHHH…. MMMMM…. ahhhh….mmmm….”

“Did you like that, sweetheart?”

“Oh yes…. oh, I can taste my pussy all over your mouth when you kiss me.”

“I love the taste of your pussy.”

“Oh, Jack, your cock is all big and hard again.”

“Are you ready to make love with me?”

“You mean you’re going to put it inside me?”


“And wiggle it around?”

“I’m going to move it in and out.”

“I’m kind of scared.”

“I’ll be gentle, sweetheart. It might hurt a little bit at first, but it will get better, I promise.”

“Ooo…ooo…I can feel it starting in. I’m scared, but I’m a little excited too.”

“I’m going to put it in a little bit, and then push, til it gets through your cherry?”

“Cherry? What’s my cherry?”

“We’ll talk about it later.”

“Oh….oh….OWW! OWW!…. that hurts, Jack.”

“I’ll hold right here for a minute until it stops hurting.”

“Okay, it’s feeling better.”

“I’ll push some more, but I’ll go slowly.”

“Uhh….uhh….oh, you’re stretching me. It’s so BIG, Jack.”

“Your virgin pussy is so tight, baby.”

“Oh…oh…. unnhh…oh….mmmm….it’s all the way in me. You fill me up.”

“Now I’m going to pull out, and push it back in.”


“And again.”


“And again and again.”

“OH….OOO….MMMM…. oh, that feels good.”

“Do you like that?”

“Oh yeah!….mmmmm…. oh yes…..oh yes….so good….”

“I love you, Danielle.”

“I love you too, Jaa–OH…. I’m getting that feeling again….again….only it’s different, it’s deeper inside me….Ooooo…”

“Hang on, sweetheart.”


Game or not, Dani doesn’t fake orgasms.

“So, did I fulfill my wifely duty, Jack?”

“Yes, you sure did.”

“Can we do it again?”

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