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Sailor’s Wife

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Shelly put down her women’s magazine with a sigh. She’d just finished another of those ‘Woman Discover Thyself’ stories about exploring her sexuality, and as usual, she’d been most fascinated with the part of the story where the woman explores her sexuality with another woman. She was twenty-five, married to a naval officer, very attractive and she’d still never had sex with another woman.

She loved her husband, and loved sex with him, and she didn’t desire any other men, even though hers was usually gone for months at a time, like he was now.

She rose and went to her bedroom, looked at herself in the full-length mirror, and begun to undress in front of the mirror. After having sex with another woman, would she drop the obsession that had been haunting her since college when her roommate Wendy had made a pass at her? For the thousandth time she regretted not letting Wendy have her way. She remembered Wendy’s fevered kisses and torrid pleas, and a shudder of desire rippled through her.

Naked now, she looked at herself in the mirror; tall, slim, nice firm leg muscles, moderate sized breasts, a pretty face with full, pouting lips, shoulder-length dark, nearly black hair, startlingly bottle-green eyes and then her black triangle nestled hotly between her full, round hips. She examined herself critically, comparing herself with the women in her husband’s Hustler’s and Penthouses. She knew that either magazine would probably pay her to pose if she had bigger tits, and they might hire her anyway, yes, she looked good, damned good!

With another sigh, she went to her husband’s closet where he hid those magazines and took out a couple. She lay on the bed thumbing through them and occasionally touching herself, feeling the fever build. She liked looking at the pictures, particularly those of blonds with nice shapely legs, and her favorites of course, those displays of two women together. Also fascinating was how all the women looked both alike and different in between their legs, it made every woman an individual mystery, a mystery that called to Shelly for exploration. And bottoms, she thought, gazing lustfully at a rear-shot of a red headed woman. Women’s bottoms turned her on, too. More than once, she had achieved climax while looking at a picture of one woman licking another woman between the cheeks of her bottom.

In one of the magazines, Shelly read a letter from a woman who having become frustrated at her latent desires for another woman, actually went out and bought herself a prostitute. According to the magazine, prostitutes usually admitted to having an occasional female customer. Could she do that? Shelly closed her eyes and touched her genitals and oh yes, she was wet. She looked back at the woman’s letter — the woman had just called an escort service and the prostitute had come to her home. Shelly bit her lip and glanced over at the phone book on the nightstand. She had heard that these letters were fakes written up by the editors, but escort services weren’t imaginary.

Why not? She had plenty of money in the bank and even had about five hundred in her cookie jar in the kitchen. Her heart began beating faster as she reached for the phone book, telling herself that all she had to do was hire a date, she didn’t have to go through with the sex if she didn’t want to… Minutes later on the line to Modern Escorts, she was nervously trying to tell the woman who answered what sort of date she wanted, young – yes, blond, yes, that would be nice, around seven o’clock? Yes, that would be perfect, an hour from now – plenty of time to get dressed.

At seven o’clock, Shelly was nervously examining herself in the bedroom mirror, smoothing imaginary wrinkles out of her red silk dress. She had also put on black hose and high heels, which prettily matched her black lace panty and bra set. The doorbell rang. Feeling half shocked that she was actually doing this, she answered the front door. The girl was maybe twenty-one or two, certainly not too much younger than Shelly. She was blond, as requested, and built very prettily, indeed, stacked wouldn’t have been an exaggeration. Her legs were full and rounded sexily, too, which was even more important to Shelly.

“Hi,” she said brightly, “I’m Mary. Should I come in, or are we going out?”

“Come on in, please,” answered Shelly nervously, “let’s have a drink and talk awhile, shall we?” She ushered Mary to the living room couch and hurried to pour two generous drinks from the pitcher she had made. Her heart was pounding like a drum as she tried not to stare at the younger woman’s curvy calves. Rejoining Mary, she handed her the drink and sipped her own, trying to think of how to begin, trying to think of anything but legs and pussies and bottoms.

Smiling knowingly, Mary solved the problem for her, “This the first time you ever ordered an escort?” After Shelly’s shy nod, she continued, “Well, the fee for the service, that is, the escort service, is a hundred dollars an evening, and I need that up front.” Shelly reached for her purse, and after Mary had closed her own, she continued, “Now, if you want more, it just depends on what you want and whether or not I want to, understand?”

The girl had soft, brown eyes and a tiny mole to the left of her upper lip – she really was pretty, but Shelly still didn’t know what to say, “Well, I mean, do you ever get other calls from women?”

“No,” smiled Mary, “This is my first time to date a woman, at least a customer, but I’ve heard the other girls talk about it, would you like to hear some of the stuff they’ve told me?” Shelly nodded happily, grateful to the girl for taking over. Mary sat closer to Shelly and took a sip from her drink before speaking softly, “Sometimes they want to give their guy a special present, you know, like a three-way, but the girls who told me about those also said that they thought the chicks really just wanted another woman and didn’t want to admit it, even to themselves, much less admit it to their husbands or boyfriends. Is this like that?”

Shelly swallowed and said, “No, not exactly.” She started to clarify that she wanted a woman and knew it, but she just let the girl continue.

Mary continued, more warmly it seemed to Shelly, “And sometimes it’s something kinky, like a woman just wants to kiss another woman’s breasts, or she wants to wear a dildo and pretend to be a man. I even remember one story, where a woman just wanted one of us to pee on her, and another time where a woman ordered two of us and beat off while the girls kissed and had sex together.”

As Mary paused for another sip, Shelly took a deep breath, “No, it’s not like that either. You see, I had this friend in college, who tried to seduce me and I said no, and…”

Mary nodded knowingly, “And all this time, you’ve been wondering what it would have been like if you’d said yes? And you want a really discreet way of finding out?” Shelly nodded, blushing hotly. She wished the money talk was over so they could just start undressing each other.

Mary put an arm around Shelly and drew her close, “I’d ask a guy for a hundred for an hour of straight sex and I wouldn’t even let him kiss me,” she began softly and pulled Shelly back when Shelly started reaching for her purse again, “But since you’re pretty and you seem nice, I’ll give you the same rates as I’d give one of my regulars. That’s one-fifty for me to go down on you ’til you come, and I’ll even take my clothes off and do it naked. Then if the regular wants straight sex, it’s one-seventy-five, and in this case, I guess we would do each other, either one at a time or in a sixty-nine, and for the one-seventy-five, I will throw in kissing and role-playing – pretending like I’m your lover. Now, what would you like?”

Shelly wanted to say a hundred and seventy-five, but something about the girl’s professional demeanor disturbed her – it just wasn’t the way she’d pictured warm, loving sex with another woman, but she was hot, and, Shelly admitted to herself, she did want to see Mary naked, and yeah, she really wanted to touch this girl, too, all over her nubile young body, and more, much more. Since she couldn’t have what she wanted from a prostitute, she might as well use this girl in a kinky way, an opportunity to explore the types of fantasies she had while looking at her husband’s dirty magazines.

“I have a counter proposition for you,” said Shelly resting her hand on the girl’s smooth thigh, just under the hemline of her tight, short gray skirt, and letting her gaze dwell in the crevice of her yellow blouse, where she could see a lovely mole on Mary’s full right breast, “How about I give you three-hundred, and we cut all this marketplace crap. For a while, at least, you will be my love slave, willing to do anything I wish, whether it gets kinky or not. Now, what do you say?”

The girl had lovely dimples when she smiled, “Pay me when we’re done then. What’s your desire, my love?” The girl even made it sound sincere when she said, ‘my love.’

Shelly smiled back, “Well, let’s go to the bedroom, and I will undress you.” Shelly led the way, and once in the bedroom, she unzipped the back of the girl’s dress. As she peeled the dress away, she asked, “So, what’s it like, going to bed with all those men?”

“To be honest?” the girl said thoughtfully, “It’s usually okay, but it seldom turns me on much. When I want sex for myself, I date girls. A lot of pros turn gay. I just haven’t settled down yet with a steady girl, although, I’m sure I will when the right one comes along.” The girl was wearing a red lace bra and matching panties. Her tan was even and golden, and her skin was smooth and fresh. Shelly was so turned on that she was wondering if she was going to come without even being touched.

She hugged the girl from the rear, rubbing her hips against the girl’s firm bottom while her hands ran over the girl’s bra. Without thinking about it, she began kissing the back of the girl’s neck while her hands wandered down to cup the girl’s panties. “Ummm, that’s really nice; you really have a sensuous touch,” said Mary, “I never say this to a customer, but… would you mind if I kissed you?”

“Soon,” Shelly murmured throatily as she unfastened the girl’s bra and ran her fingers over the girl’s breasts. She was pleased to feel that Mary’s nipples were already firm and erect. She sank to her knees, running her hands down the sides of the girl’s shapely legs and rested her cheek on the panty-covered buttocks as she gently squeezed the girl’s calf muscles. Shelly pulled down the red panties, and Mary stepped out of them. Pausing only to plant one kiss on the soft but firm flesh of Mary’s left bottom cheek, Shelly rose and turned the girl around.

Mary was breathing through slightly parted lips, and if her nipples were any indication, the girl was truly aroused. So was Shelly, but she wanted to be sure of the girl, after all, a prostitute was very much an actress. Holding the girl’s eyes with her own, Shelly eased her right hand down and cupped the girl’s love mound, and yes, even against the palm of her hand she could feel warm dampness, even through the pubic hair. Hesitantly, as if sensing she had passed a test, Mary put her arms around Shelly’s neck and kissed her slowly and gently, their tongues only lightly touching.

While they were kissing, the girl slowly and leisurely undressed Shelly, copping a feel here and there as she did so. By the time that Mary broke the kiss to remove Shelly’s panties, Shelly was so hot that she wanted to come before doing anything else, so as soon as her panties were down to her ankles, she sat down on the edge of the bed. As Mary slipped her panties and shoes off her feet, Shelly spread her knees and put her fingers in Mary’s blond hair. Mary glanced up with a knowing little smile – she understood what Shelly needed.

Shelly’s heart pounded with excitement as the pretty blonde’s face settled between her thighs — it was one of the things that Shelly had dreamed of – of looking down at her lap and seeing a sexy woman worshiping her sex, and Mary did seem to be worshiping! Mary gently nuzzled and kissed Shelly’s pubic hair, which was moderately thin, soft and black and pressed flat by the wearing of her panties. Then she used her tongue to gently part Shelly’s lips and ran her tongue up and down the brunette’s crevice.

Shelly pushed her ass closer to the edge of the bed, and Mary obliged by sinking her tongue deep into Shelly’s vagina. Shelly moaned and wrapped her legs around Mary’s shoulders as the young blond began worrying Shelly’s clit with the tip of her tongue, skillfully using her fingers in and out of Shelly’s vagina. Shelly ran her fingers through Mary’s hair and moaned, and Mary glanced up, “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever done this to.”

The blond had not stopped licking, in fact, it felt as if she were speaking into Shelly’s pussy, “And you smell, mmm, so good, and taste so delicious!” Then to Shelly’s surprise the girl’s head dipped even lower, and she felt the warm wet tongue lightly flutter over her asshole. Shelly gasped a little sound, and Mary glanced up again, “You like?” Shelly could just nod – the young girl was worrying her clit with a fingertip and licking her bottom, her nose nuzzling in Shelly’s vagina. A few more minutes of this and Shelly began to come and come hard, waves of it washing through her hips.

She groaned out loud and sank slowly back on the bed, raising her knees and hugging them to her chest while Mary covered her bottom and pussy with sweet little kisses. Then Mary crawled onto her, still kissing her all over until the kisses reached her face and she could smell her own groin-smell on Mary’s face and breath. They just lay that way, holding each other in their arms and kissing tenderly while Shelly got her breath back.

“You know, you have the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame that you’re married.” Mary kissed her once more, lovingly. “So, what did you think?” asked Mary, rolling over on her side and propping her head up on her elbow. Shelly looked at her breasts admiringly while she thought about her answer. Mary’s dark pink nipples were still stiff and swollen.

“It was super! I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard! And I really needed to! Now, I feel like I can concentrate.” Shelly put her hand on the other girl’s breast in what was almost a shy gesture. The nipple was hard against her palm. “Sometimes,” she said hesitantly, “I finger myself while looking at the women in my husband’s magazines, you know?” After an encouraging nod from Mary, Shelly went on with a shy smile, “I wonder if you could do some of those poses for me and let me, you know, look at you and touch you.”

Mary smiled, “Just tell me how you want me. This sounds like fun.”

Nothing could wipe the grin off Shelly’s face, “Okay, first, just lay on your tummy.” The girl obeyed, lying on her stomach, her legs spread only slightly. Kneeling by the girl’s side, Shelly ran her hands lightly all over the girl’s back, legs and bottom, lingering the longest on the legs and bottom. She kissed Mary’s calves, then her thighs, and then several kisses on each cheek of the girl’s lovely round cheeks. Gingerly then, she spread Mary’s cheeks and looked at Mary’s asshole.

Not only did Mary not resist, but she even stirred sensually and raised her hips on her knees to give Shelly a better view, although she might have had in mind better access in case Shelly was willing to do something to her. Shelly gazed first at the dark pink pucker and then moved her eyes down the backside of Mary’s pussy. Despite the thick, soft, dark brown pubic hair, the slash glistened in moist pink and spread easily at the touch of her questing fingers. Slipping a finger into Mary’s vagina elicited a sigh of pleasure, so Shelly moved her finger in and out a few times.

It felt nice, and Mary seemed to think so too, wriggling her buttocks at Shelly’s touch. She glanced quickly at Mary’s face, and seeing that her eyes were closed, she lowered her face to within an inch of Mary’s open slash and gingerly sniffed. Mary smelled much like herself when Shelly was excited, only very slightly different and just a touch stronger. She was unprepared though, for how powerfully the scent would excite her, even to the extent of causing a tingle of pleasure in her own pussy when she smelled of Mary’s. Without even thinking about it, Shelly licked slowly up and down the slash several times, tasting the younger woman, and then she stuck her tongue as deep into Mary’s vagina as it would go.

She was almost startled to find the tip of her nose touching Mary’s asshole as she rolled her tongue around in the girl’s vagina. She could only detect the faintest aroma of soap from the girl’s ass, so she licked the pucker too. Mary moaned, so Shelly licked her bottom some more while using her fingers to massage the girl’s pussy. It was just as she had dreamed it would be when she had massaged her own pussy while looking her husband’s girlie magazines – this was the sexiest thing she’d ever done. Licking a girl’s pussy, licking her bottom, rubbing her legs – it was so, so hot!

Shelly moaned her lust and rose, mounting the girl from behind and rubbing her pussy against the girl’s bottom. Mary rolled on her side and lifted her left leg around Shelly, bringing their pussies together, and for a minute or two, Shelly fucked at Mary with her pussy as if she were a man fucking Mary. It felt wonderful, but she felt too far away from the blond girl, so she released Mary’s smooth leg and began kissing and licking the girl all over again, and this time, when she stopped at Mary’s groin, she continued licking the clit and probing with her fingers until the blonde’s hips began to shiver.

When her hips began to thrash and Mary’s moans became cries, Shelly took her index finger, already wet from Mary’s vagina, and eased it up the girl’s bottom. Mary responded violently, thrusting with her hips and crying out Shelly’s name. Making Mary come seemed like the most exciting thing yet, and by the time the blonde’s movements had settled, Shelly was more excited than ever.

After Shelly crawled on top of her and kissed her several times, Mary said quietly, “Shall I do you once more?”

It was then that Shelly realized what she’d forgotten, that this was a whore, not a lover. The girl had probably been faking much of her responses, and now she was anxious to grab her money and leave. Well, maybe she hadn’t faked everything, but still, it cooled Shelly’s ardor somewhat, yet, in a way she felt more stimulated by the idea of using her like a whore, and the hell with Mary’s needs, after all, Shelly was paying! “Yeah,” said Shelly casually as she rolled off the girl, “Lick my butt some more and then eat me in a sixty nine, with you on top. I want to look at your pussy while I come.”

Mary smiled prettily, “Sure thing! But I need to go take a quick pee.” She sat up to go to the bathroom.

“Oooo, wait,” said Shelly eagerly, “I’ll come to.”

Mary did have a really sexy grin when she answered, “I thought you weren’t into that kinky stuff?”

The women stood, and Shelly put her hand on Mary’s bottom, “I’m into everything your body does. Besides, if I can’t indulge kinky whims with a professional, who can I go to? But really, do you mind? After all, we can take turns going to the bathroom, I mean, I do have to pee, too.”

Mary laughed, “Of course I don’t mind, besides, you are much sexier than any customer I’ve ever had, I think I’ll like getting kinky with you.” They reached the bathroom and Mary put her arms around Shelly, drawing their breasts together, “Whatja have in mind? Want me to pee on your breasts, your cunt, or your face? You get the best view if I squat over your face, as long as I can manage to miss your eyes. It stings so bad when it gets in your eyes, that you can’t see anything. You have swimming goggles, maybe?”

Shelly blushed, “Well, really, I just wanted to, you know, put my face as close as I can while you pee in the pot, I mean, I’ve had the plumbing all my life, but I’ve never really seen it work. I’m just kinda curious, I guess.”

“Great! I love curious women!” said Mary, squatting on the toilet and spreading her legs as wide as she could and tilting her hips forward. “I’ve had two different johns, believe it or not, who wanted me to pee on their dicks then suck them off without washing. This is nothing!” Shelly knelt before the girl and used her fingers to spread the blonde’s pink inner lips so she could watch the silver stream emptying into the bowl while Mary shared more prostitution anecdotes. After she was finished, Shelly offered to perform the same way for Mary.

Mary smiled, “Hell, I even let one girlfriend pee in my mouth just for the view, so I know what it looks like. Doesn’t taste that great, though. But sure, I’d love to watch!” After Shelly had peed, Mary started to clean her up with a bit of tissue, but changed her mind and instead licked Shelly clean. It not only felt great but Shelly found it terribly intimate and erotic. The two women then returned to the bedroom, and Shelly lied down on her tummy after propping her hips up with a pillow, and Mary obediently licked her from the rear, paying particular attention to her bottom and mostly using her fingers on Shelly’s genitals.

“Tongue me, please,” murmured Shelly sure that the girl would understand what she wanted, and Mary certainly did, first poking her bottom with little darts of her stiffened tongue, and ever so slowly pushing her tongue in deeper. It was quite pleasurable to have the younger woman pushing her tongue deep in Shelly’s bottom, but the sexiest part for Shelly was knowing it was a woman’s tongue that was penetrating her most secret and intimate area.

When Shelly felt as though she would come soon from the sheer joy of the intimate contact, she rolled over and had Mary mount her sixty-nine style. And there, staring at Mary’s pretty dark brown pussy fur just inches away, she had a powerful orgasm while Mary licked her clit and probed her vagina and bottom with her fingers. Afterwards, she paid and let Mary leave because she was so exhausted from coming so much. That night, she dreamed of Mary and had sex in her dreams.

For the next few days, she spent a lot of her time fantasizing about women, her imagination still aflame with her experiences with the prostitute. At the same time, she felt a little disappointed because of Mary’s profession and longed to make it with a more normal female. Three days after Mary had left she was sitting in her living room with the lights off as darkness fell, gazing out the window and thinking about whom she might approach for sex, or how she might meet a likely female.

Idly she noted her neighbors going out for the evening and the arrival of the babysitter, a pretty, blond college student that frequently sat with their young daughter. She noticed that the living room curtains were open on the side of the house, and Shelly watched as the girl sat in front of the TV, propped her feet on the coffee table and began watching television. Shelly had a good view since the girl was only a few yards away, and the girl was really very beautiful, so Shelly watched her and wondered if there were some way she could meet such a ravishing creature.

The girl dressed like a slut, tight blouse, short skirt and long shapely legs. She had a stunning resemblance to a famous blond actress, except this girl was taller than the actress, and if possible, even prettier, and for certain, much more curvy! Shelly felt her loins stir as she gazed at the girl’s shapely, muscular calves. Then the babysitter rose to let someone in the front door, her boyfriend apparently by the way they embraced and kissed. Shelly’s mouth dropped open as the girl wrapped her leg around the boy lasciviously, grinding her groin shamelessly against the bulge in the young man’s tight jeans.

Shelly slipped her panties off and touched herself as she watched the blond girl sink to the floor, opening the boy’s jeans and taking his bobbing penis into her mouth. She slurped up and down the shaft awhile, and then, with the boy obviously approaching orgasm, the blond pulled away her panties, hiked her skirt and bent over the couch. Shelly could just make out the pale golden brown of the girl’s pubic hair and the ivory globes of the girl’s shapely bottom as she watched the boy thrust into the girl from the rear, perhaps two dozen strokes before he came. The blond girl hastily turned around and sucked hopelessly at his shrinking penis. The boy had obviously lost all interest, and after a perfunctory kiss, left.

Shelly found herself trembling slightly, mainly from lust, and partly from anger. Anger for the boy, an obviously callous and selfish lover, and some anger for the girl for putting up with the boy, and some more anger for the girl for screwing around when she was supposed to be babysitting. The last part caused a kernel of an idea to form in Shelly’s mind as she watched the girl lie back on the couch and put her hand under the hem of her skirt, evidently intending on finishing the job that the boy had barely started. Shelly watched a few minutes more, watching the girl’s bosoms heave and her feet twitch, the tight muscles in her legs as she tensed for orgasm.

Shelly wished she could see what the girl was doing up close, but the clues provided by the babysitter’s clenching and twitching leg muscles provided a quite erotic explanation of all that was occurring. Shelly realized that she would have to cut her voyeurism short if she wished to intervene before the girl achieved an orgasm.

Shelly hurried to the mirror in her bedroom and primped a bit until she was satisfied with her appearance. She looked with approval at her knee-length plaited red skirt, and solid red blouse — she looked good in red. Hastily, she changed her black flats for black heels and almost trotted next door.

The girl answered Shelly’s knock with some surprise, perhaps she had expected the boy to come back. Shelly introduced herself as the neighbor and asked the girl’s name.

“Roxanne,” answered the blond girl with a dazzlingly pretty smile and really cute dimples, “But my friends usually call me Roxy. Hey, I’d like to invite you in, but I’m not supposed to let anyone in while the Hendersons are away.”

Shelly wanted to take the gorgeous young thing in her arms, but instead, she forced a stern look on her face and crossed her arms, “Really? You mean you had permission to screw your boyfriend while you’re supposed to be watching Madeleine?” The girl instantly paled and her mouth dropped open. Shelly felt as though she were falling into the girl’s bright blue eyes, but she forced herself to maintain the role she was playing, “Oh, so you weren’t aware that you left the curtain over there open? Well, I think we need to talk. Don’t you?”

Roxy lowered her eyes and ushered Shelly in. They sat on the couch, the girl trying hard to maintain her dignity in the extremely short, black skirt. “Please, maam, please don’t tell! I promise not to do it again, and I really need the job with the Temp agency. If the Hendersons complain, I’d get fired for sure!”

Curious, Shelly asked, “Then why did you take the chance?”

The blond sighed, and Shelly stopped herself from staring at the cleavage between the girl’s lovely and ample breasts, “Because I have no place of my own. I live in a really strict school dorm, you know? Why, even they’d throw me out at any hint of scandal, you know? And well, I guess I get pretty horny, you know, a really needy kind of girl, not Kevin was any help.” Roxanne looked as miserable as anyone could, tears gathering in her eyes.

Shelly permitted herself a chuckle, “Men! Yeah, I noticed that, too. Kevin’s not much of a lover is he?”

The blond girl blushed as if realizing for the first time just how much Shelly had seen. She hastily got up and closed the offending curtain. When she turned around, Shelly was offering Roxanne the pair of panties that she’d picked up off the floor. Still blushing the girl clutched them to her lap as she carefully sat down, legs tightly together. “Well maam, a lot of my life is in your hands at the moment. I really am very sorry!” A tear or two rolled down the girl’s cheeks.

It was obvious to Shelly that the girl really meant it, so she took a deep breath. “There may be something I can do to help you, if you’re willing to help me, but…” and Shelly pretended to hesitate thoughtfully.

“Anything, really!” pleaded the blond, so earnestly that Shelly felt guilty for manipulating her.

“Okay,” sighed Shelly, “First, never do this again while babysitting, why, if something happened to the child and your secret came out, you could actually go to jail for negligence. Did you know that?”

The girl nodded with a pained look, “Really, I won’t ever do it again! Madeleine is a really solid sleeper. That’s the only reason I took the chance. If necessary, I won’t have sex again until I get my degree!”

Shelly chuckled again, “You won’t have to do without sex. Like I said, there is something you can do for me if you’re willing. You see, I’m married and my husband spends a lot of time away from home, in fact, he’s only in town for a few weeks every two or three months unless he gets an overseas posting, in which case, I don’t see him for six months. So, you can bring young men over to my house and have at it all you want.”

Roxanne looked shocked, “But why would you do that for me? And, I mean, I hardly know you, maam.”

Shelly smiled, “In the first place, I’m twenty-five, not your grandmother, so can the ‘maam’ bit, please. Hell you’re not that much younger than me, right? Besides, I already know you as well as some of your boyfriends, and better than some, I bet.”

The girl blushed prettily again, “Sorry, er, Shelly, and I’m eighteen, but what do you want me to do for you?”

“Ah, as to that,” Shelly paused wondering how to say this, “You say you’re a really horny girl, right?” The girl, still red, nodded and bit her lip. “Okay, then you should be able to understand my problem, because I’m the same kind of girl, and my husband is away too much. He’s a officer for the Navy.”

“Oh!” Exclaimed the girl brightly, “So you want me to bring boys over for you, too? That would be totally easy, I mean, if you’ll pardon me, Shelly, you’re one of the most gorgeous women that I’ve ever seen, and boys are very easy.”

Shelly was utterly charmed by the girl’s innocent eagerness, “Actually, as much as I disapproved of your actions while babysitting, I really enjoyed, um, watching. A lot. I have a full length two way mirror on my closet door -it came with the house – so, I mean…and my husband’s away, and I get real…”

Roxanne nodded slowly, not showing any disapproval, “So, you want to watch me have sex with my boyfriends, right?” Now it was Roxanne’s turn to smile as Shelly blushed, “Oh, that’s okay, Shelly, the idea turns me on actually. I wouldn’t wear clothes like this if I didn’t like showing off my body. I’ve even fantasized about being a nude dancer. I guess I’m something of an exhibitionist, but it’s only natural if a person is vain enough to think they look sexy. You have a really sexy body yourself, so you probably know what I mean.”

That was the second time the girl had complimented Shelly physically, and Shelly found her mouth so dry that she had to swallow before she could speak, “So, you’re interested? Then when…”

The girl glanced at her watch, “Well, the Henderson’s will be back in about an hour. I could make some calls and meet you at your place. It’s a Friday, and I can be as late as I want getting back to the dorm. I’m sure Richie or Vic will put on a better show for you than Kevin did. I mean, I’m so turned on, I’m ready to have sex with anyone, or even myself.” Roxy stopped, blushing as she recalled that Shelly may have seen her doing just that.

Shelly stood and so did Roxanne. Shelly stuck out her hand and Roxy clasped it, “So partners?”

“Partners!” Exclaimed Roxanne enthusiastically; “I don’t know which turns me on more, getting laid, or knowing that you’ll be in the closet watching everything and getting turned on with me. I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

“Don’t worry,” Shelly smiled and lightly touched Roxanne’s left breast, “Just watching you by yourself was exciting, too.” She left with Roxanne still blushing and her own heart pounding.

About an hour later, on cue, Roxanne knocked on her door. Shelly showed her around the house while Roxanne told her about her date, “It will be Vic; a real stallion of a guy, but he warned me that he couldn’t stay very late. Which made me think, I mean, aren’t you afraid of getting tired of sitting in the closet?” As Roxy was saying this she was inspecting the closet dubiously. “Like maybe you could be my British maid or something, and I could order you to watch us. That might even turn Vic on.”

Shelly smiled, “And it might turn him off, and I couldn’t very well get in the closet in front of him, could I? Don’t worry about me; just get rid of him when you’re done. I might need to pee or something.”

Roxanne gave Shelly an impulsive hug, and even though there was nothing sexual about it, Shelly couldn’t help but be very aware of their breasts pressed against each other. She felt so breathlessly aroused that she had to concentrate to understand what the blond girl was saying, “Thanks so much for giving me a place to do this, Shelly. Most of the guys I know live on campus too, and they never have enough for a motel. And even though I’m happy for me, I’m almost jealous of you.”

“Why?” Asked Shelly so caught by surprise that she leaned back to look at Roxanne which unfortunately broke their embrace.

Roxanne shrugged, “It just sounds like fun. I mean, it makes me wish that I could take a turn in the closet and watch you with a guy. How about that! Maybe I’m a voyeur as well as an exhibitionist and a nymphomaniac! Are you sure I couldn’t set you up sometime?”

Shelly chuckled, “I’ll think about it. Well, there’s the doorbell, so go for it. I’ll be in the closet.”

While Roxanne answered the door, Shelly arranged her chair and closed the door. She had left the bedroom lights on, not too bright, but not too dim either. Quietly, because she heard them coming, she slipped off her panties and raised her skirt. Now, she was ready.

Vic turned out to be tall and well built and no waster of time. As they walked through the bedroom door, he was already groping the shape of Roxanne’s rounded bottom. They took off each other’s clothes, kissing each other passionately all the while. Although Vic was a handsome dark-haired youth with a nice large penis, Shelly couldn’t take her eyes off of Roxanne, her slender-waisted, flawless beauty enrapturing her. This time she got a good view of the blonde’s round creamy breasts with their pink nipples and her lovely golden brown (more blond than brown) pubic hair, in fact, Roxanne was obviously making a point of letting Shelly see it all, practically posing before the mirror as she went about the business of having sex with Vic.

First she knelt facing the mirror and turned Vic’s profile to Shelly while Roxy slurped his penis and rubbed its head over her face. Vic was obviously curious about the slightly awkward business until he glanced at the mirror and grinned, never imagining that another woman sat not three feet away masturbating lustfully after his girlfriend. Shelly was sure that he just thought of Roxy as vain. But hell, if any girl ever had reason to be, Shelly thought feverishly as she watched Roxanne sit on the edge of the bed and had Vic kneel before her and lick her genitals.

Shelly watched Roxy’s nipples grow erect at the first touch of his tongue, and Roxy looked up at the mirror where she estimated Shelly’s head to be and smiled a happy grin, lazily tracing on Vic’s back with her big toe, the muscles in her calf rippling sensually with her movements. She even licked her lips seductively at Shelly. Vic faithfully kept it up until Roxanne began to come, her hips thrusting at Vic’s face, her eyes still locked on the mirror. Shelly began coming with her, their eyes locked together as if Roxy could really see her, as if it was Shelly between her legs.

When Roxy’s hips began to settle, Vic stood and without further ado thrust into her. He was much better than Kevin, but he was still done in about five minutes, although he’d at least changed positions once, letting Roxanne ride on top – it was this last that did him in. Shelly wasn’t surprised that he came so quickly as she watched the girl’s rapidly pumping hips. Where could she have learned that, hula class, belly dancing? Then it was over. Vic was jerking his jeans up over his still collapsing member and apologizing for leaving so soon. Roxy shrugged, told him that she’d loved it and kissed him goodbye. Roxanne slipped on her panties while Vic was dressing and walked him to the door. Shelly came out of the closet as she heard Roxanne returning to the bedroom.

“Well, how was it?” Asked Roxanne with a sheepish smile, absently making a gesture with her arms as if to cover her breasts.

“I came when you did,” said Shelly softly, stepping close to her.

Roxanne swallowed and dropped her hands from covering her breasts, “I thought you did. It was like I felt it, like I was with you.”

“Yes,” whispered Shelly, reaching for Roxanne’s waist and pulling their breasts together. Even through the cloth of her dress and her sheer bra, she could feel the heat of the blond girl’s breasts, the pressure of her hardened nipples, “It was wonderful. Thank you!” Then she gently pressed her lips to Roxanne’s in a tender kiss. Roxy responded, but only slightly, neither woman opening her lips.

“Y-y,” Roxanne had to swallow again before she could speak, “You’re welcome, but I’d better be going soon. It’s getting late. May I uh, use your bathroom?”

“Of course,” smiled Shelly releasing the blond who promptly gathered her clothes and headed for the bathroom. Shelly’s heart was sinking, figuring that the girl had been freaked out by the kiss, but Roxanne turned at the bathroom door and gave Shelly her lovely smile, “I never kissed another girl before. It was really nice.”

“Well,” said Shelly grinning back, “It was the least I could do after everything else we’ve done together tonight. If I smoked, we would be having cigarettes.” The blond giggled knowing exactly what Shelly meant as she closed the bathroom door.

A few minutes later, she emerged dressed, brushing her hair. She smiled, put her brush in her purse and walked over to Shelly who was sitting idly on the end of the bed. She sat down beside Shelly and asked, “So, do you still want to do this again?”

Shelly gazed into the girl’s so-blue eyes, “Oh yes, you know I do. Just call and tell me when.”

“You’ve got the most amazing green eyes. Really beautiful!” commented Roxanne with a wistful look into Shelly’s eyes.

“And I think you have the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.” Shelly’s heart started pounding again. This young girl turned her on so much more than Mary had been able to, and just by being Roxanne.

With the slightest of sly grins, Roxy looked at her appraisingly, “Who were you mostly looking at, me or Vic?”

“You,” whispered Shelly hoping that the blond wouldn’t freak.

“Good,” smiled Roxanne, looking happy, satisfied, “I like that. It turned me on to think about that when you were behind the mirror. You know, I really wish you’d consider letting me watch you fuck some guy. I think it would really turn me on.”

“Roxy, if you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask.”

Roxy gave a nervous chuckle, “Oh, I’ve been getting that message, don’t worry. I just don’t know how to react yet. You see, I’ve just never even considered sex with another woman. But I’m starting to consider it, I can promise you that! I have an idea I’m going to have a very pleasant daydream about it right before I go to sleep tonight. Tell you what, walk me to the door, and I’ll give you the kind of good night kiss I’d give a guy that I really want to see again!”

“Deal!” beamed Shelly.

As they walked through the house, arms around each other’s waists, Roxanne asked, “So this sex with girls thing? Do you do it often?”

“No,” Shelly smiled, “I got kissed a few times in college by my roommate, and I let her feel me up a little. It was nice, but I was scared. I regretted my caution for years, really curious about what it would have been like, until just a few days ago, when I just called up a prostitute, and we got it on for most of the night.”

“No!” Exclaimed Roxanne, shocked, but obviously delighted, “A whore, really?”

“Yep. I must have come at least four times.”

“You are just too cool, Shelly,” beamed the blond adoringly, “so liberated, such a modern woman!” Roxanne stopped, even though they’d only reached the hallway and put her arms around Shelly’s neck and kissed her long and slowly, gently easing her tongue just into Shelly’s mouth to lightly fence with her tongue. Since the women were about the same height, Shelly was only a little taller, neither had to bend her neck uncomfortably. For Roxanne, it was a very sweet, soft, sexy kiss. As for Shelly, she nearly wet her panties.

“Whoa!” gasped Shelly when Roxy released her, “that’s some good night kiss, all right. But this isn’t the front door.”

“Oh that’s not my special goodnight kiss,” she replied with a grin as they resumed walking arm in arm toward the front door, “I just wanted to tell you how much I like you and how seriously I am now reconsidering the subject of sex with another woman.” At the front door, she turned and gently nudged Shelly into leaning against the door, “Guys are pretty strong and I need a little support to balance me for this kiss, so maybe if you just lean here, we won’t fall down. Feel free to grab my butt and keep me from falling, but then, during the special goodnight kiss, I always allow guys to touch me anywhere they like.”

Then she put her arms around Shelly’s neck and kissed her again, only this time, her tongue was fiery and aggressive, and her left leg wound sinuously around Shelly’s right leg as she pressed her pussy against Shelly’s right thigh and ground it in a slow fucking motion. Shelly did cup Roxy’s bottom with her right hand, but she rubbed the girl’s back with her left. Finally Shelly used the hand she’d been rubbing the girl’s back with to lightly trace the outline of Roxy’s pubic lips. Even through the girl’s panties, touching the warmth between the girl’s legs was terrifically exciting. The kiss went on for a long time before it broke.

“Wow!” breathed Shelly, her heart pounding like a drum again, her chest needing more air so badly that she was practically panting.

“Yeah,” smiled Roxanne breathlessly, “I had to stop before I came on your leg. I’m afraid I’m learning to like kissing women. For sure, I’ll never miss razor burns, mustaches or beards.”

“That kiss in the hall was the best kiss I’ve ever had,” said Shelly, touching Roxanne’s cheek, “But your special goodnight kiss was the sexiest kiss I’ve ever had and even better than your hall kiss!”

Roxanne giggled, “Did it make you want to see me again?”

“Yep,” chortled Shelly, “I can’t wait!”

“Then it worked!” grinned Roxanne, “Told ya!” Then her smile faded to a wistful look, “Yeah, the two times I’ve kissed you may have been my best kisses ever, too.”

It was Shelly’s turn to look serious, “If you’ll set up a guy to come over, I’ll fuck him for you. I only hesitated before because fucking another guy is like cheating on my husband, who is plenty of man for me when he’s around. But, use good taste, will ya?”

Roxanne looked troubled, “Gee, I don’t want you to compromise your principles or anything, Shelly…”

Shelly tossed her hair and smiled, “I’d be pleased to do it if you really think you would like it. I mean, I’d be doing it for you. And I want to do something for you, Roxy. You know?”

“I know,” whispered the blond. Roxanne stepped out the door and said over her shoulder, “I always use good taste, and I’ll even make sure he tastes good! See ya tomorrow night, about seven.”

Shelly spent most of the next day anticipating the evening. Aside from bathing and shaving her legs and worrying about what to wear, she even used hair clippers to trim the edges of her pubic hair into a more perfect triangle and then finished up with a comb and scissors to make sure all the hairs were of an even length. Afterwards, admiring herself nude in the mirror, she thought that her pussy looked as pretty as those that she saw in the magazines. Why, even Mary, the prostitute had said that she had the loveliest pussy that she had ever eaten.

Of course, that was what was wrong with Mary, she might have been lying and Shelly would never know. About six, the phone rang and Shelly hurried to answer it, worried that it might be Roxanne calling to break their date. To her shock, it wasn’t Roxanne; it was Mary, the prostitute.

“Well, hi,” said Shelly, still startled, but more than a little intrigued.

“Look, if you were to complain to my agency about me calling, I could get in serious trouble. This just isn’t done, but I don’t want to upset you, so just tell me to go away if you want to.” Mary’s voice blurted out all of that in a nervous rush.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Shelly felt confused, “But I promise not to complain. Just tell me what you want.”

“Well, I uh, I mean, I would like to see you again, you know, on a personal basis. I mean, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and well, may I see you again?”

Shelly didn’t know what to think. “Well, please don’t be offended, Mary, but, you get around a bit much for me. I mean, I took a risk because my husband’s overseas, and I’d have time to get a cure if I caught something from you, you know? I’ve got my marriage to think about.”

“I’ve quit my job at the agency just two days ago. I’ve saved my money, and now I have enough to go to college. I’m going to my doctor for a complete physical tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m clean, because I’ve been, you know, very careful. All the results from the physical should be in within a couple of days. I know it sounds crazy, but I wasn’t acting when I was with you, I didn’t have to act. I know you are married, but if you let me see you now and then… At least agree to see me so we can talk about it. Please say yes, Shelly.”

“Well, maybe we could have dinner or something a week from tomorrow, okay? Call me anytime later in the week to set a time.”

“Thanks, Shelly, I really mean it! And you won’t be sorry!” and Mary hung up.

The conversation had really caught Shelly off guard, but all in all, she reflected, it was really very flattering that she’d actually attracted a lady of the night. And if she kept on fucking college students, maybe she might decide to go back to college, and get another degree. She laughed at herself, well, she hadn’t even slept with one college student yet, but she was pretty sure that she and Roxanne would wind up in bed together. Yep, the call had the unexpected effect of making her feel really beautiful, sexy and desirable.

She wondered what her husband would think if he found out she had been sleeping around with women, of course, so far, she’d only done it once. She would be willing to bet he wouldn’t mind it at all if he was occasionally invited to join a threesome. In fact, Shelly felt certain that he would be very willing to go for a deal like that. She’d have to seriously consider discussing the possibility with him. And in the meantime, she would be working at getting in foxy Roxy’s panties!

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