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You. Owe. Me. Ch. 06

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He went through the patio doors after her, hopping as he tugged his jeans back on. “Laura, wait.”

But Laura didn’t wait. He watched her dark hair sway hypnotically behind her, the cute wiggle of her hips in her wet underwear. It all seemed painfully ironic now.

She slammed the bathroom door shut behind her. As he got to the knob, he heard and felt it lock and a spark of static shot into his hand. He recoiled slightly, rubbing his hand, then knocked on the door.

“Laura,” he said again. “Please open the door.”

Empty silence emanated. All he heard was the quiet hum of the air conditioning and the occasional passing car on the street.


Still nothing.

“C’mon, Laura, this is crazy. You lock yourself in the bathroom?”

Not a sound. After a moment, he heard the shower turn on.

“Laura!” He went to pound against the door but stopped himself. He stood there, glaring at the carpet. Light tendrils of steam began to curl up from under the door. And as he watched, his frustration gave way to the simple fact of it all.

He had fucked up.


He found her staring at a painting.

A farm house, the final seconds of a sunset, a few trees here and there, and a farmer on a backhoe, reigning the horses. The sky was a deep purple with soft clouds gathering over a darkening horizon.

The foyer lights were off, and in the soft light glowing from the kitchen, she looked like she could have been a part of that painting, standing on that farm house’s front porch.

He walked up to her, putting his arms around her and breathing her in deeply. Cherries and Jasmine. She turned in his embrace and, silhouetted by the light on the painting, they kissed.

“Don’t let this end,” she said after a breath. “And don’t tell me it’s crazy to think that. Someone will find out. Eventually.” She turned her head to the side. “Then it’ll get weird.”

Chris knew she was right. There was no way they could keep this secret forever. Or for long. In a matter of days they had gone from stepsiblings to lovers. Real or infatuation, it was intense, and it felt like there was no way to return from it.

Still, he wanted to avoid facing these facts. It’s hard acknowledging that life has turned a corner. Chris preferred straight lines.

He pushed everything but her from his mind and pulled her face up to his. “So we’ll deal it with it then. When it happens. Together.”

She looked into his eyes and smiled. “This is crazy, isn’t it?”

Chris shrugged. “I don’t know. But if it is, then I love crazy.” He smiled. “I am all about the crazy.”

She laughed and kissed him again. He felt her hand drift lower on his back, pressing him into her. “And I am all about you.” She growled it through the kiss, her nose mashing against his forcefully.

It was amazing to have someone who could excite him with such little effort. It had been a long time since he’d felt like this. He would have loved to flatten her against the wall and consume everything about her.

“We should get back,” he said instead. “I’m not sure it takes this long to pop popcorn or pee.”

She laughed again. “Is that what you told them? You just peed ten minutes ago.”

“I’m running out of excuses.” He tickled under her arms and she squealed, twisting away from him so hard her socks lost traction on the hardwood floor, and she lost her balance. He caught her and they were both laughing as he tried to quiet her.

“Relax,” she said. “Becky and Simon could use some alone time.” Then she tilted her head back to look up at him and ran her hand over his neck. “And so could we, I think.”

She pulled him down to her, and this time when they kissed, the passion rose from her like an intoxicating cloud. Swept up in it, Chris lowered himself to his knees, she holding his face to hers. Her arms curled up around his head, fingers curling in his hair. His hands, with a mind of their own, slid under her sweater and wrapped around her back tightly. From just the touch of his hands on her skin, she moaned softly.

Then their eyes popped open and their hands froze. Footsteps on the basement stairs.

They sprung up from the floor. Chris quickly bolted for the hallway to the bathroom. As he quietly pulled the door closed, he heard Becky and Laura talking in the foyer.

Locking the door, he looked around the bathroom. Laura had been right when she said he’d just been in here ten minutes ago, so he didn’t feel any great urgency to go. Instead, he sat on the toilet and stared up at the ceiling.

He heard the girls move into the kitchen which was next door to the bathroom. They started coughing; it was muffled through the wall, but he could hear just fine.

“Jesus, Laura, you burned the shit out of that.” Becky’s voice drifted through the drywall.

“I know,” said Laura. She must have been standing closer to the wall because Chris could hear her better. “I know, but have you seen that painting?” Chris heard the pantry door opening and closing. “You ever wish you could just crawl up inside a picture?”

Becky giggled, farther away. “You are such a nerd.”

“What’s the first picture you remember seeing?”

“I don’t know. How am I supposed to remember that? You remember yours?”

“My mother in her wedding dress.”

Chris blinked at this. He couldn’t remember Laura ever talking about her mother. All he knew was that she had died when Laura was 9 years old.

The kitchen was now silent, and he leaned closer to the wall. Then he heard Becky, quietly. “That’s your first picture?”

“My dad gave it to me on my first day of school. She was beautiful.” Laura trailed off for a minute. Chris’s ear was against the drywall.

“It was perfect.” He could hear the pride in her voice, the glowing smile on her face.

And he could almost feel the air of the kitchen grow heavy and begin to seep through the wall into the bathroom.

“You wear the photographer thing really well, babe,” Becky said.

“And I know it.”

Both girls laughed and Chris smiled now, leaning back from the wall. Deciding he’d spent enough time hiding in the bathroom, he flushed the toilet and turned on the faucet. He counted the appropriate length of time for the girls to think he was washing his hands, then turned off the water and went out to the kitchen.

Becky was leaning against the center island, her red hair seeming to glow even in the dark of house. Laura was at the microwave with a fresh bag of popcorn in one hand and a burned, smoking one in the other.

“There’s a man,” Becky said. “Maybe now we can get something done right.”

Chris nodded. “I smell burned popcorn.” He struck a superhero pose. “I am here.”

“Talk to Laura,” Becky said with a yawn.

Laura looked over at Chris suggestively. “I told you I got distracted.” Becky’s yawn prevented her from seeing Laura lick her lips.

Chris hid his smile.

“Well let’s hurry this up,” Becky said. “We got pot and movies that need to be watched.” She thought for a minute. “Actually, the pot needs to be smoked, the movie needs to be watched, and – oh yeah – the popcorn needs to be not charred to a nuclear fucking crisp.”

“Alright, alright, popcorn’s on its way,” Laura said impatiently. “But I need silence to work my magic, so everyone out.”

Becky held up her hands and backed away from the island, and Chris slowly tiptoed after her. They both rounded the corner and out of Laura’s playful glare.

In the doorway to the basement, Chris suddenly stopped. “I left a CD in Simon’s car.”

Becky rolled her eyes. “Hurry up, Chrissy.”


“Yeah, I’m trying it out.” Then she added a smile. “Along with anything else.” She descended the rest of the way.

Chris frowned to himself and shook his head. If he told his friends at medical school about this, the fact that he’d gotten blowjobs from two different girls in the same day would earn him high fives all around. But standing at the top of those stairs, Chris didn’t feel like high-fiving anyone.

He quickly walked back into the kitchen. Laura heard him coming and turned around. “Hey you-”

He flattened her against the microwave and kissed her hard. She was surprised but quickly her hands found their way to his shoulders then up to his neck. “I owe you,” he breathed.

He kissed her again and this time her leg curled up his and held him tighter. He thrust against her, and from her moan he knew she could already feel his hardening cock through their jeans.

The microwave hummed behind her.

He broke away, taking her hand. “C’mere.” They tiptoed around the corner into the dining room. The lights were off and they moved to one of the darker corners. Chris quickly put her against the wall and began unzipping her jeans. She stroked his face gently but her eyes watched eagerly as his hands slid her jeans and underwear down to her ankles. “Off,” was all he had to say and she obediently stepped out of them.

Chris was on his knees in front of her and he lifted one of her legs onto his shoulder. Her pussy was no more than two inches from his face. Seeing it so close, Chris’s cock sprung the rest of the way to full hard on.

He smiled up at her. “Hold on.”

As his tongue touched her clit, her fingers slid through his hair and she closed her eyes, her head rolling back against the wall. She’d been so intent on making him cum earlier in the day that she’d nearly forgotten about herself.

He licked her little button lightly at first, then slower and with more pressure. With each lick, he completely covered her clit. The winter night outside was cold and permeated the nearby window, and Chris could almost see the chills moving up her body.

One of her hands left his hair and went up her sweater to one of her breasts. He watched her play with herself while he licked her and thought his cock might burst from his pants.

He held her leg up off his shoulder, and as her legs spread wider, so did her smooth pussy, and Chris licked deeper, making tiny little swirls. He remembered an old high school buddy’s words to him: “Write in cursive with your tongue and they will love you.”

He thought of words he could write: i. made. a. terrible. mistake. with. becky.

Maybe it was the lingering buzz of the joint they’d smoked on the back patio or maybe Laura had been horny all day, but she was writhing against the wall now and Chris was exhilarated by how much he could make her squirm.

The sound of bursting popcorn drifted in from the kitchen.

He held her leg higher and pressed his face between her thighs. She gasped quickly and her breath caught in her throat. He was licking her so deep and pushing up against her so hard, she had to stand on the tiptoes of her remaining foot.

Her eyes fluttered open briefly. She saw the outline of the window next to them, the full moon hanging in the sky behind a dead tree, its branches black and bare. The snow of the front yard glowed. Through the ecstasy of his tongue, she heard music floating in on some unseen breeze beyond the glass.

She suddenly felt his other arm scoop up her other leg, and she was completely on his shoulders. Her hand in his hair grabbed his head and pushed him deeper between her legs, both for desire and balance. They looked like one body, shrouded in the shadows of the corner.

The moonlight barely grazed her face as she turned upwards toward the ceiling, small, ragged gasps escaping her lips. Chris looked up her body, at her perky breasts beneath her sweater. He could see her diaphragm spasm with each breath. His tongue moved down from her clit and dove into the moist folds of her cunt.

Laura nearly yelped but caught herself. Instead her eyes squinted shut tighter and she bit down on her lip. She could feel it building inside her, a tornado spinning her insides upside down.

Her thighs wrapped tight around his head and Chris felt her body go rigid. Her shoulders pressed against the wall, her hips pressed down onto his mouth, and he tasted her juices as they flowed. He lapped them up, his tongue driving deeper and fluttering inside her quivering walls.

A quiet but high-pitched squeal eeked out of her and crescendo’ed into a deep purr that he felt through her entire body. Her legs quivered against his shoulders.

Chris heard the basement door open. Suddenly Laura gasped and tensed again, and he leapt up from his knees and covered her mouth with his hand. She bit into his palm unexpectedly and winced. Her eyes were still screwed shut and she was trembling. She was being hit by another orgasm.

As she shook against him, Chris listened as footsteps came into the kitchen and stopped. “Fuckin’ A.” It was Simon. Chris heard him walk over to the microwave and open it. That was when he smelled it.

They’d burned another bag of popcorn.

Simon’s footsteps went back down the hallway toward the back door. He heard it open and the footsteps move outside.

Chris breathed a momentary sigh of relief and looked at Laura. She’d stopped biting him and now just breathed heavily over his hand, her eyes still closed. He gently brought his other hand between her legs and her eyes opened, looking right into his.

He smiled and took the hand at her mouth away. “Sorry.”

She shook her head, still in a daze. “Don’t be.” She was so drained she was barely above a whisper. He quietly helped her step back into her jeans and underwear and pulled them up. She made a face. “Squishy,” she said.

He kissed her forehead. “That was for earlier today.”

Laura just leaned against his chest, arms around his waist. “My god, that was insane.” She looked up at him. “We could’ve been caught.”

“We almost were.”

She smiled and her eyes lit up. “When I heard the basement door open, the thought of someone finding us like that…” She trailed off and he felt her shiver slightly against him. “Fuck, that was awesome.”

Her hand slid between them and into his pants, grasping his hard shaft. It was hot to the touch. “And so is this,” she added.

Before he could respond, they heard the footsteps come in again from the back door. Chris took her hand and led her to the window, then quickly walked over to the other one. “You’re right. It is a full moon.”

Simon rounded the doorway as Laura nodded. “Told you.”

“Watch out for werewolves,” Simon said. He shook his head at Laura. “How do you burn two bags of popcorn in a row?”

Laura blushed a little, but it was barely noticeable in the moonlight. “Sorry, I got…distracted.”

“No more pot for this one.”

“Boo that,” Laura said. She looked at Chris. “I’m finding this to be quite an enjoyable substance.”

There was no way for Simon to know how much the smiles between the stepsiblings communicated. He just motioned Laura back into the kitchen.

“Then let me show you how to pop a bag of popcorn. Correctly.”

Laura rolled her eyes and let out a frustrated sigh. As she followed Simon she pointed at Chris. “This is all your fault.”

He nodded. “And I’m okay with that.”


Chris awoke suddenly on the couch. It was still dark beyond the living room windows. He blinked a few times and checked his watch. Christ, it wasn’t even four o’clock yet. He couldn’t remember when he’d finally passed out. It felt like he hadn’t slept at all.

Something stirred against him. It was Laura, snuggled against his chest. He couldn’t see her as much as he could smell her. Her hair tickled his neck; when he ran his fingers through it, she shifted in her sleep, her leg wrapping around his.

Brief flashes of the night before came back to him. Jim Bean, Cuervo, Absolut. And then the psychotropics. No wonder he felt fried. His eyes burned, the center of his forehead throbbed. He swallowed and his throat felt scratchy. He was dehydrated and on his way to a hangover.

As gently as he could, Chris slipped out from beneath Laura, crawling over the back of the couch and landing not-so-gently on the floor. When he peeked over the cushions, he saw her still sleeping. He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Chris had been to Simon’s house enough times to be able to navigate it with his eyes closed. So it was no problem for him to make his way to the kitchen for a glass of water. He also found the aspirin in the cupboard above the stove. Three aspirin are a great way to fight off an impending hangover.

As he came around the couch, Laura’s arm was hanging over the cushions. When his hand brushed hers, she seized it, and he saw her looking up at him from the dark. “Hey, buster.”

“Got room for one more?” he asked.

She snuggled deeper into the cushions and pulled him down to her, wrapping her arms around him from behind. With her hands clasping his, he felt safe.

Outside, a flash of lightening was followed by a distant rumble of thunder.

The rise and fall of her chest was hypnotic. Her tiny little breaths against the back of his neck sent goosebumps rippling down his arms.

“Cold?” she asked softly.

He said, “Happy.”

Her grip tightened over his hands, and she lazily kissed his neck. He smiled and nuzzled back against her. Her arms tightened around him, sliding underneath his and around his waist. She pinched one of his nipples, making him laugh.

“Hey now.”

“What…” she said lazily. Again, she kissed his neck, but this time it was slower, more deliberate. He felt the wetness of her tongue against his skin briefly. “You tired?”

His eyes were closed. His chest felt heavy, and every breath took him that much closer to sleep. “So tired.”

One of her hands slid over his jeans and pressed against his cock. “So tired?”

He couldn’t help the smile. “Babe, I feel really gross right now.”

“But guys always want sex.”

His eyes opened. Sex? He rolled over to face her. One of her eyebrows was raised, and she was smiling expectantly. “Sex, huh.”

She shrugged playfully.

He looked in her eyes. “You’re still high, aren’t you?”

She nodded happily. He sighed. “I am so jealous.” She laughed, then covered her mouth with the pillow. He took her hand and leaned in. She instantly accepted him, her leg pulling him in. Her tongue found his and they danced. She poured herself forward, rolling toward him.

He leaned back, breaking the kiss. She tried to pull him in again, but he stopped her. “Not kissing you just now was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. If I start again I won’t be able to stop.”

Her smile glowed. “Gooood,” she purred.

“No,” Chris said, shaking his head. Her smile disappeared. She looked confused. He touched her cheek. “I want to remember you.”

“What are you –”

“Look, once we’ve had sex, we can do it stoned, we can do it drunk. But our first time…” He paused, staring into her, and he found her smile return a little. “I don’t want to be hung-over for it,” he said, gently. “And I’m reeeeeally fucking toasted right now.” She started laughing. “And you will be too in a couple of hours.”

Her smile was back, though she was trying to hide it now. She looked up at him from under dark strands of hair. “Maybe,” she agreed.

He nodded and said, “So, I want to really remember our first time.” She was nodding with him. “I want to be conscious of every fucking sensation.”

She giggled excitedly and snuggled against him. “That sounds nice.” She kissed him on the lips gently, then kissed him again. Then her tongue feathered his lips. He drew back and saw her cute Cheshire Cat grin. “I had to try.” Then she covered her face with the throw pillow and moaned into it. “I’m just so horny.”

Chris looked at his watch. Just after three thirty. He glanced out the patio doors to the deck. “How high are you?”

“Ask me something philosophical.”

“Is the glass half empty or half full?”

She looked at him quizzically. “There’s a glass?”

He smiled. “Want me to help with your horniness?”

She leaned in closer, her eyes sparkling conspiratorially. “What’d you have in mind?”

He looked back out on the patio. She lifted herself up on her elbows to follow his gaze. When she saw what he was looking at, her smile was magic. She looked down at him excitedly. “Ya think?”

Chris nodded. Definitely.


The patio was dark as they stepped out onto it, and Laura saw her breath instantly. She remembered thinking earlier that it wasn’t as cold as she expected. Now a chill ran through her body as the cold December air grabbed hold with its talons. They had taken their socks off, and she felt ice and packed snow beneath her feet. She stepped gingerly, giggling and gasping in the cold as Chris led her past the sun chairs.

He was already taking his shirt off. She saw his skin, slightly beaded with perspiration, sparkle in the moonlight. He looked so smooth and soft, and she admired the cuts of his muscles along his back as his arms wrestled with the t-shirt. She helped him, and he smiled. “Thanks.”

Laura glanced up at the second floor windows, dark inside. “Won’t they see us?”

During the night, the foursome had cruised through two movies, both of which Becky and Simon had argued during, and about an hour of bad late-night television. When Simon saw a rerun of Golden Girls beginning, he chastised the controller of the remote (Becky), then took that as his cue to go to bed. Since he was the only one who actually had one.

“Fuck that,” Becky had said. And proceeded to follow Simon up the stairs. Chris and Laura had just looked at each other, eyebrows raised, not entirely sure what had just happened. Fifteen minutes they were spooning on the couch, asleep.

“Not if we keep the lights off,” Chris answered.

It was a full moon and a soft, metallic glow suffused the snow around them. Under the bare branches of the trees that grew along the patio, however, the two of them looked like nothing more than shadows blowing in the wind.

Chris flipped over the large leather lid of the hot tub. It thudded quietly, and a dense cloud of steam rose up around them from the water. The heat was almost suffocating for a moment and Laura felt her sinus’ clear.

“Won’t they hear us?”

He pulled her to him suddenly and she felt the warmth of his body. His arms locked around her back and she was pressed snugly against him, staring into his eyes. “Hear what?” he whispered with a grin.

He kissed her. As his tongue found hers, she instantly forgot her concerns and let a soft whimper into his mouth, curling her arms around his neck. He lifted her up and she was held in strong arms, mouth locked with his, the psychotropic euphoria spilling from her into him. She could barely feel the soft snowflakes that began to drift down from the sky.

The edge of the hot tub was behind her, and she sat willingly as Chris got to his knees in front of her. Still kissing her, his fingers found the bottom of her sweater. She drew in sharply as he peeled it off over her shoulders, the cold hitting her skin. Nothing but a bra now. But before she could complain, Chris’s lips were on hers again, his hands sliding up and down her bare arms, warming her.

She broke from the kiss long enough to ask, “We’re going in our underwear?”

He looked at her, eyes twinkling, snow falling, and shook his head. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Laura started laughing instantly, so hard that she had to cover her mouth. “Oh god,” she sighed. She took his face in her hands and nuzzled her nose against his. “I can’t believe you.” His hands drifted low across her tummy; her muscles fluttered. She kissed him, breathing him in. As she felt the button of her jeans pop open and the teeth of the zipper slowly pull apart, her cheeks flushed. With a little help from her, he slid the jeans down her legs, revealing a trim pair of Care Bears underwear. She stifled a frigid moan against his mouth.

“Get in,” he said.

“Yes, doctor.”

She swung her legs over the edge. The second her toes descended through the glassy surface of the water, an wave of goosebumps rolled across her entire body. As her legs sank into the tub, Chris pulled her dark mane of hair aside and softly kissed the back of her neck. She closed her eyes and savored the feel of his lips moving down her spine. He reached the clasp of her bra and popped it open with his teeth.

Laura laughed again. “You’re full of surprises.”

He removed the bra and she slid forward, quickly submerging herself completely underwater. When she came up, with her hair slicked back and soft, pert breasts and hard nipples, Chris could have fucked her right then and there.

She wiped the water away from her eyes, looking up at him with mischief. “Now time for your surprise.” She reached out and pulled him closer by his belt loops, nearly tipping him over the edge of the hot tub. Her hands were unzipping his fly, her eyes locked with his as she reached inside. He twitched with a light gasp and her eyes lit up. “So you aren’t wearing any…”

His cock was already hard and she freed it from the confines of his jeans, stroking it gently. Her warm hand and the freezing air were such warring sensations that it heightened everything for Chris. He looked down at her as she gazed affectionately at his cock, stroking it slowly.

She leaned forward and kissed the tip. When her lips gently wrapped around the tip and began slowly sucking, he shivered uncontrollably. Her eyes looked up at him and she smiled with another kiss, then went back to sucking. She focused on the tip of his cock relentlessly, her lips methodical and delicate. Her hand let go of his shaft, and the cold night air swept in around it, and for several moments the only heat he felt on his entire body was her mouth on the tip of his cock.

He was shivering almost uncontrollably. When Laura leaned forward, taking the rest of him completely in her mouth with one motion, Chris doubled over, the sudden rush of heat almost too intense. He held her head there, motionless, adjusting to the amazing warmth. Then she swallowed.

“Oh fuck,” he hissed. But Laura already felt his hips press forward ever so slightly, and she smiled inwardly. With a little coaxing from her tongue along the underside of his cock, his hips gradually began to saw back and forth, his hands still twined her hair. She relaxed with a deep, throaty moan and let him slowly fuck her mouth.

After a while, she pulled off him, unclasping his belt and dropped the jeans to his ankles. Now standing naked, the full affront of the winter cold was upon him. But Chris didn’t care. Laura grabbed him by the ass and pulled him back to her waiting mouth. Again she started with the tip, milking it as gently as she could before working her way down until her nose was pressed into his pubic hair. The tip of her tongue left hot trails across his skin. And with her hands still clasping his ass, she began to fuck her own face with his cock, pulling him slowly out then driving him to the back of her throat.

Chris was surprised by her aggressiveness, though he realized he shouldn’t have been. He thought back to their impromptu rave earlier after the soccer game and how she’d seemed like a woman possessed by lust. He was just surprised at how perfect her technique had become. Barely two minutes of this and the tingle was already starting in the bottom of his balls.

As if sensing this, Laura pulled him from her mouth and back into the freezing air. She drifted back through the water to the opposite side of the tub, her arms wide and inviting.

“Get in,” she said.

Before you could say “Fuck me,” Chris had stepped out of the jeans and was comfortably in the water. Without hesitation, he moved to her.

This time their kiss was ferocious. Her surprise blow job had awoken the monster in both of them, and as their tongues dueled and their lips mashed together, their heavy, husky moans drifted out into the trees. The water around their bodies was a perfect womb of heat, fueling their fire, while the chill in the air around their heads and shoulders made for a unique energy and a bizarre crispness of thought. Chris no longer felt hung over.

Laura’s arched toward him, her breasts pressing against his chest. One of his hands slid down her back, descending inside her Care Bears undies and cupping her ass cheek, leveraging her harder against him. She moaned roughly, then nearly yelped when one of his fingers slid between her cheeks and rubbed across her tight little asshole. Chris chuckled, then lightly pressed, his middle finger sliding in to the first knuckle.

“Whaaaaat the fuck is that?!” Laura started, then her eyes fluttered and she bit her lip.

“You like?”

She grinned with a slight growl. “I like.” He pressed a little more, to the next knuckle, and wiggled. Her eyes snapped open, locking onto his. “I love…” She couldn’t finish the thought. She was already kissing him again.

When his middle finger was completely inside her, she tipped forward into his arms completely. He held her and spun around, taking her spot on the side of the hot tub, her sitting on his lap. He was working his finger non-stop now, could feel the soft tightness of her sphincter.

And surprisingly enough, it was driving her crazy.

Her hips were grinding his hard cock into his abdomen, and she clung to his shoulders as she started to tremble. The more she tried to kiss him, the less she could control herself, and she resigned to resting her forehead against his.

Her eyes fluttered. Clouds of breath shivered from her lips. She was already close to cumming.

The positioning of his hand allowed him to guide her, and he began to work her more feverishly, directing her gyrating hips over his cock. Each time her clit rubbed through her underwear against his crown, she inhaled sharply. It sounded like she was gasping, and as their movements sped up, so did her breathing, building in tempo toward climax.

When Chris pressed the finger in her ass forward into her g-spot, he felt a small flutter inside her and she suddenly froze. Her face distended in what almost looked like agony. She was speechless., until she finally found her breath with a gasp. “Oh god…” She panted as orgasmic spasms shot through her. “Oh god, oh god, oh god!”

“Oh, that is awesome,” she moaned as time returned to normal. Looking down at him, she leaned close. “And where did you learn that little trick?”

He tilted his head at her. “I am a doctor.”

She smiled. “Well, Doctor,” she emphasized the title. “You certainly cured my problem.” She ground her hips down onto his cock again. “But now you have a problem.”

Slowly, her hips began sliding suggestively along the length of his hardness. She moved slowly. Deliberately. He could feel the softness of her pussy lips through the wet fabric of her underwear, and each time they reached the tip of his dick, she would wiggle down on him, pressing him into her.

He couldn’t help but moan. And she loved it when he did. “Someone likes this, I think.”

“Someone definitely likes this,” Chris said.

“Close your eyes.”

He did as ordered and felt her slide back on this thighs. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked him under the water. Laura reached between her legs and also started playing with herself.

Chris lay back against the side of the hot tub, eyes closed, enjoying her hand on his cock. The hot water around them, the silence of the night, the chill of the air – he was transported.

One hand playing her clit, the other stroking his cock, Laura watched him as he sat there enjoying her ministrations. Steam rose up off the water around him, and shards of moonlight bounced off his wet skin.

She couldn’t wait any longer.

Wordlessly, she pulled her underwear aside and slid forward onto his lap. She raised up on her knees enough to angle the tip of his cock against her moist folds.

When Chris felt her lean back and his cock slid easily inside her, he thought his head was going to explode. Both of them. Fingering her ass to orgasm had turned him on much more than he’d realized.

His cock inside her was like a lightening rod. She felt it throbbing, felt his excitement and tension. With the exception of their brief tryst in the bathroom the previous morning, she’d never been this full, this satisfied.

They both sat there, motionless. Then Laura wiggled her ass. Chris writhed beneath her and she smiled down at him playfully. She wiggled some more, and Chris moaned, his hands taking her hips and holding them steady.

“Just give me a minute,” he whispered.

Laura kept wiggling. She saw the muscles of his jaw clench with restraint. “What if I don’t have a minute?” She leaned closer, her hips now slowly beginning to ride him. “What if I’m about to cum my brains out?” She felt heat rising inside her stomach. “What if my pussy’s about to milk every last drop of cum out of your fucking cock?” Her voice was gentle. Her words were anything but.

“Condom,” was all he could breathe.

Her lips were just barely touching his ear. “Not on your life,” she whispered. “Nothing comes between us now.”

His hands came up from her hips, wrapping around her, pulling her to him. They embraced, holding onto each other as her hips continued their assault on his cock. The water sloshed around them gently, and the stream hung around them like their own private cloud, glowing with moonlight.

She rode him easy and slow, taking her time. He offered no resistance, letting her set the rhythm. He buried his face in the curve of her neck and she held him tight, cooing softly in his ear.

There was no more hot tub, no more patio, no more snow. There was only their wet skin pressing together, the gyrations of her hips, the velvet glove of her pussy twisting and sliding up and down his cock.

His heartbeat pulsed through his shaft, and she felt it beating it within her. She focused on it, using it as a metronome, the symphony of two bodies slowly beginning to build in tempo. He was breathing heavily against her skin, and as their energy vibrated higher and higher, they clung to each other with greater desperation and need.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, and those words were both vulgar and tender. She kissed his ear, his cheek, took his face in her hands to look in his eyes. In the pale moonlight, she thought she saw tears brimming in them. “Oh, Chris…”

Their bodies in sync, she kissed him, and he trembled in her arms. “I love you,” he said.

His eyes, his words, his cock. It all reached critical mass.

She quickened her pace, angling her hips more sharply down on him. He groaned as she rode him harder, and now his hips had no choice but to start thrusting up into her. He felt his balls tightening, his entire cock tingled. The water slowed their movements slightly and cushioned the smacking of their skin. The heat was like an incubator for their need.

They were fucking now. No pretenses. She leaned back, supporting herself with her arms on his knees and ground her pussy down around him, twisting and turning as she did so. He cupped her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples, both of them gasping with each thrust of his cock.

When his hands left her breasts and took firm hold of her hips, she knew he was close. He took control, ramming into her hard as he could, pressing her down around him. Each thrust shuddered deep inside her. Laura’s entire body shook with anticipation.

His cock swelled deep inside her, and his grip on her became a vice, his fingers digging into her skin. His breath caught in his throat for a moment. “Jesus, Laura!” And then she knew he was cumming.

When she felt the first spurt fly up into her, she whimpered against his cheek. “Yes – yes – yes…” She bit down on his ear, drawing blood as a second, smaller orgasm flooded through her. Every muscle in her body tensed; her toes curled painfully and her knuckles were white as they gripped his shoulders. The thought of his cum filling her, oozing from her, covering her, it was all driving her crazy. She couldn’t think anymore. Neither one of them could.

They could only feel.

Chris grunted with each spasm of jizz until he had nothing left to give. She continued to milk him, and together they shuddered as they slowly descended from Nirvana. He smoothed her hair back from her face, revealing flushed cheeks and half-closed eyes that stared back at him in a daze.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Mmm,” she nodded with a dreamy smile. “More than okay. More than good.” She nuzzled against his hands. “So much for waiting.”

“Yeah. That idea didn’t work out so well.”

A sudden chill ran through her, and he warmed her with his arms. She leaned in and kissed him softly. “I love you so much.”


She giggled. “Such a dork.”

“Said the most perfect girl ever.”

As they kissed again, she folded into him. Snowflakes briefly landed on their cheeks before melting. She tasted them and the salt of sweat on his lips. Currents of vapor rose around them. She wished they could fall asleep like that.

Just as quickly as the calm had found them, it evaporated when Laura looked up and saw the patio door gaping open. And Becky standing in the doorway.

Staring at them.

Chris heard Laura say, “Oh, shit.”

He turned and saw Becky, standing there, holding a glass of water, wearing a flannel button-up shirt that was quite obviously not hers.

Laura lifted off of him and slid over to the side. “Becky. Shit. Um…”

Becky just continued to stare at them blankly, her mouth hanging slightly open. The silence was killing Laura. “Jesus, please, Beck. Say something.”

Chris couldn’t find his breath. He was frozen to his seat, terrified of the moment that he knew was coming. He looked at Becky and she looked at him, looking for a reason, for an answer. She saw the pleading in his eyes, which was answer enough.

“So,” Becky said. “This is why you didn’t want her knowing about the blowjob.”

And there it was.


When Laura heard the words, they didn’t instantly register. She didn’t understand. Who didn’t want who knowing about what blowjob? Then she looked at Chris, saw that his eyes were closed and he was biting his lip. When he opened them and looked at her, she suddenly knew the rest of the night was going to suck.

“What’s she mean?” she asked timidly.

She was hoping at least for a denial. That would hold off the panic crawling up her spine a few seconds more. But he didn’t deny it.

“Laura, I’m so sorry.” That was all he said.

She shook her head. “No. You didn’t. You couldn’t.” She continued shaking her head. “Not now.” A voice whispered in her head: Yes. He did. He could.

Without thinking, her hand reached over the side of the hot tub and grabbed her sweater. She stood and covered herself, tip-toeing out of the hot tub and across the bitter cold of the patio. She was in shock, barely even aware of Becky watching.

She heard Chris get out of the hot tub after her. “Laura!” he called, but she was already through the patio doors. “Laura, wait.”

But she didn’t wait. She was shivering, almost painfully, and wrapped the sweater around her shoulders as tightly as she could. She made it to the downstairs bathroom, and slammed the door shut behind her. Leaning against it for support.

She locked the door just as she felt him grab the handle, and there was a spark through her hand.

“Laura,” he said, muffled from the other side. “Please open the door.”

She stared at the floor, willing herself not to cry, but already the tears were flowing.


Her bottom lip trembled.

“C’mon, Laura, this is crazy. You lock yourself in the bathroom?”

She’d had it. She was about to start sobbing, but couldn’t bear the idea of him hearing her. Not now. She needed absolute alone. So she turned on the shower.

The second the sound of the spray filled the bathroom, she let the dam burst. The sweater fell from her arms to the floor, and she curled up under the hot stream of the shower.


“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Chris was beyond pissed. Bearing down on Becky he wanted to swing at her. He wanted to knock her fucking lights out.

She saw it and started backing away. “Me? You’re the one fucking your step-sister!”

“Exactly!” he barked. “Step-sister. Not related. Not blood. Not wrong! So what is your fucking problem!”

He backed her up against the wood siding of the house and hit it with his hands, trapping her between his arms. They were under the overhang of the porch, in the shadows. He hung over her, inches away, breathing hard, his eyes burning through her retinas. Her eyes shifted from his.

He remembered earlier thinking how confident she was. He didn’t think that anymore.

“Chris, you’re scaring me,” she said quietly.

“I don’t give a fuck!” Chris literally felt himself seething with hatred for this girl. A hot vein of iron ran through his arms as he strained against the side of the house. Maybe if he pushed hard enough, he could tear down the goddamn wall. “I don’t give two shits how scared you are, Becky. You just cost me the most perfect in my life.”

She seemed to wince at this but recovered quickly. “You did that when you let me go down on you.”

She was right. He knew it. He’d fucked up. And now he was looking for a way to deflect the blame from himself. His psyche wasn’t ready to accept that responsibility. He clenched his jaw and there was a moment of silence between them. She had to look away again.

“What’s going on, Beck?” he asked, more controlled. But there was still an edge to his voice. “You said it was sex. You said it wasn’t even sex, it was nothing.”

“I didn’t say it was nothing,” she bit back quickly. “I never said that.”

“You need to hear one thing very clearly,” he said. “What we did has now become the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Because I love her.” And as he said it, he at last realized it was true. “Get your fucking jealousy under control. It might be with the rest of your clothes in Simon’s room.”

Becky’s eyes shot up to his suddenly, and that’s when she remembered. She’d been so shocked when she saw the two of them in the hot tub that she’d forgotten she was wearing Simon’s shirt. “Chris, it’s not..” Her eyes started to water and she looked away.

“No!” Chris punched the wall, scaring her back to his eyes. “Not in front of me,” he growled. And with considerable effort, he was finally able to let go of the wall, stepping away from her and going back inside.

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