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Rubens and Telemann

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


**TUESDAY 1 to 8 P.M.*

The trio moved through the halls onto the campus. “I think we’ll all easily fit in my Taurus,” Carter suggested, “I can run you girls back to campus later, as you like.” He looked at Peri on his left, giving her a wink.

She piped up, “That’s good for me, Dr. Carter, saves gas!” Laughing, she looked past Carter to Trish and asked, “Do you wanna come with us, or drive yourself?”

“I’ll ride with you guys,” Trish said quickly, “LA traffic gets me, like, all nervous!” she confessed.

The Ford’s dash clock indicated 1:12 p.m. when the garage door opened and Carter parked. “OK,” he said, “Here we are.” He got out and led the way into the kitchen. “Are you hungry at all? I’m thinking a sandwich and chips, poolside, would be great… any takers?” he asked.

“Well, I can eat most any time,” Trish admitted, looking at her stomach with chagrin, “But, yes, I am ready for lunch.”

“Me, too, Dr. Carter,” Peri chimed in, “I haven’t eaten a thing since… Gosh! Early this morning!” Her hazel eyes flashed a look at Carter and she pushed her curled tongue out between her puckered, pouty, lips. Its tip looked like a miniature pussy as it darted out and retreated.

“Ah, alright, then,” Carter said, sweeping his left arm expansively in the air, “There are my cupboards. I know I have peanut butter, jelly, tuna, cheese, mayo, bread and chips…why don’t you cobble together sandwiches while I hunt suits and towels?”

“Okie dokie!” Peri agreed, secretly blowing him a kiss. Turning to face her new friend, she said, “C’mon, Trish, let’s see what’s where!”

Carter left them rummaging, walked down the hall and reappeared twenty minutes later in a Grateful Dead T-shirt, boxers and flip-flops, laden with a huge stack of colorful beach towels and three thick, white, terrycloth bathrobes. He set the armload down on the kitchen nook table and looked through the bay window.

Peri was outside, putting a platter of sandwiches on the big, glass-top, round table, beside a bowl of corn chips and a pitcher of iced-tea. He watched her ass, snug beneath her dress, as she bent under the green-and-gray striped umbrella and placed the food. She turned her face toward him, caught him staring and smiled. Lazily, she cupped her right buttock and lifted it slightly, then, straightening up, she walked into the house. “Hey, Trish,” Carter called into the kitchen, where she was putting things away, “Could you come over her for a moment, please?”

The teenagers assembled around the towels. Carter said, “I have good news and bad news.” He laughed artificially at his deliberate use of the tired cliche. Peri and Trish waited, wondering about the punchline. “The good news is: I found a couple of old swim suits. The bad news is: I doubt they will fit either of you very well.” He quickly added, to stop any protest, “although… you are more than welcome to try them on.”

“But…” Trish started “I don’t…”

“..Me neither!” Peri jumped in, supporting Trish’s incomplete protest, “Why don’t we just sit, eat, and enjoy the patio?”

“We’ll do that, for sure,” Carter said, “But listen, there are other options.” Both girls looked at him; Trish with suspicion and Peri with amusement. “Peri,” Carter said, “I laid the suits on my bed. It’s down the hall, on the left. Could you get them, please? It is only fair that you see, and judge, them yourselves.”

“OK, Dr. Carter,” she chuckled. Walking behind Trish, she paused, put her left hand on the her friend’s left shoulder, leaned close to her right ear and said, quietly, “Have a seat, I’ll be right back!” and headed for the master suite which she knew so well.

As soon as Peri stepped away, Carter looked across at Trish and said “SIGMA,” instantly unlocking and opening her secret box with his key. “SIGMA,” he repeated quickly, watching her head loll onto her breasts, billowed under her Nirvana T-shirt. Establishing communication in her programmable state, Carter said, “Trish, you are at my house. Your new friend and tutor, Peri, is here, too. We’re going to have a pool-party and a lot of fun. Peri does not have a key to your box, but, she is a fun, playful, person. Follow her lead. Listen for my voice. Enjoy each moment with no barriers. Do you understand?” He asked, reinforcing her basic instruction set.

“Yes,” Trish replied stonily.

“Perfect. SIGMA,” Carter repeated, toggling her back into performance mode, just as Peri walked up.

“Here they are!” Peri announced, dropping a green one-piece Jantzen suit from the 50’s and a slightly less ancient, mottled, blue, floral print, two-piece Catalina Sportswear suit onto the table. “These are horrid, Dr. Carter,” she commented frankly. “I’d rather not swim at all than wear one of these, even if it did fit!” Trish, wrinkled her nose and squinting, remained silent.

“Right,” agreed Carter, “But at least you see I wasn’t kidding, don’t you?” He checked their faces for validation. “So, here’s my thought: I’m only wearing a T-shirt and undershorts, which are hardly much different from swim trunks, right? I have towels, robes, and a couple more T-shirts right here…” he patted the pile, “so, why not go to the bedroom, strip to your panties and throw on T-shirts?”

Peri, surprised when Trish instantly said, “Cool! That sounds like fun to me!” was astonished when Trish abruptly stood, kicked off her tied Reeboks, stripped her crew socks and skinned out of her Levi’s in record time. Her T-shirt hem hung just below her hip points, covering her belly fat but not the lower half of her bright, sheer, pink, nylon panties. Her plump pussy pushed out against their opaque cotton crotch panel while the leg seams tried to hide in her fleshy thighs.

“Wow, Trish!” Carter praised her, “Good for you! What a team player!” Looking to Peri he asked, “What about you? Too bashful to join us?”

“Certainly not!” Peri vehemently denied, pulling the hem of her tan dress up, over her hips, tummy, chest and head. The jersey material grabbed and dragged her ivory, silk, chemise along with it, making her coins puff and her nipples jump. Tossing the inverted, wadded dress into a nearby chair, Peri pulled her chemise back down over her proud breasts, kicked off her sandals and pushed her taupe pantyhose down and off. Standing up tall, she made a pirouette, stepped over beside Trish and laughed. “There! Is everyone happy, now?” she asked, hugging Trish’s shoulders.

Trish turned to Peri and stared at her ‘Hidden Mickey,’ laying veiled, yet clearly visible, above her cunt. Peri followed her eyes. Suddenly reminded she had decided this morning not to wear panties under her tights, she grinned broadly and hiked up her chemise, showing off her trimmed curls. “An artistic friend shaved my pubes for me. Do you like them?” she asked the stunned red-head.

“Oh my god! That is so cute!” Trish burst out, reflexively stretching her right index finger and touching Mickey’s nose.

“Hey! Hey!” Carter exclaimed “I thought we were hungry!” Stepping around the table, he stood between his pets. His right hand lightly rubbed Trish’s bottom through her panties and he slid his left hand up the outside of Peri’s chemise, cupping her full, round, left tit. Idly scratching her nipple, he asked “Are you going to swim in that?”

Peri looked down at his hand, turned her face back to Carter and smiled. “I thought I might,” she said. “Would you like that?” She flounced out to the patio without waiting for an answer.

Trish watched her leave and said, wistfully,”Man, she has a terrific figure.”

Carter pushed his hand further along her ass, squeezing both her globes at their junction between her legs. “So do you, Toots,” he breathed into her ear, “so do you.”

Trish smiled shyly, embarrassed by the compliment, and looked down at Carter’s crotch. “Your pony is rearing its head, Dr. Carter,” she observed, pointing to his erect penis, insisting on its freedom and poking through his vent.

“I know,” he admitted. Carter extended his right middle finger along her crevice. It dredged the fat furrow beneath her panties’ damp, sticky, cotton crotch. Trish see-sawed her hips and legs against the maddening tickle. Carter whispered, “We’ll have to go for another ride later. Let’s eat, now.” Grabbing a robe from the stack, he slipped it on, tied the belt and walked out to the glass table.

Trish stripped off her Nirvana T-shirt and removed her bra. She selected a white, XXL In’n’Out Burger T-shirt, pulling it over her head, boobs and belly. The company logo’s famous, bent yellow, arrow, pointed directly at the hard tip of Trish’s left tit. She hurried out to join the others for lunch.

They sat, choosing among the cheese, PbJ, or tuna salad sandwiches, crunching chips, drinking tea and chatting. Carter agreed, as long as they were alone, or off campus, that it was allowable to call him ‘Bill.’ By 2 p.m. the platter and chip bowl were empty and they were nursing the last of the tea.

Carter stood, removed his robe and walked to the pool. He took a shallow dive into the 6′ deep water and swam lazily to the other end. Standing in 3′ of water, his shirt clung to his body. His flaccid cock and sagging nutsack, moved gently between his legs as waves he had created lapped against his abdomen. “Hey!” he shouted, “Get in here, it’s wonderful!” Surveying his yard, he was glad he had the privacy fence installed last year. With the palms and pampas grass, it made a very peaceful refuge from the rest of crazy Los Angeles, not to mention his nosy neighbors.

Trish stood at Carter’s command. Peri pulled on her arm, said, “Don’t be slow!” then ran and jumped in the pool. Her chemise briefly fluttered in the air, hiding her face and celebrating her splendid, naked, curves. Her toes pierced the liquid plane and she knifed to the floor before breaking the surface again. Gracefully, slowly, the ivory lingerie floated up. Harboring air pockets, the chemise surrounded her dimpled face and light-brown hair, making her look like a lotus flower on a pond. She laughed and sculled backward toward Carter, enjoying her sleek, nudity, beneath the wet, creamy flowing silk.

Trish dove headlong and cut the water like an Olympian, beating Peri to Carter. Her chest heaved under her soaked, transparent, white T-shirt, as she stood beside her master, giggling. Pointing at Peri, just arriving, as smooth and slow as a swan-boat, Trish said, “You lose!” and tucked her left arm around Carter’s waist.

Peri stuck her tongue out, made a mock mean face, and splashed water at them. Suddenly laughing, and pushing her chemise down, she waded close and wrapped her right arm around Carter’s waist, holding Trish’s hand. “Not really, girlfriend,” she said, winking, “We can share.” Carter could not have been happier. He turned his head left and right and back again, repeatedly kissing Peri and Trish, while he stretched his arms, over their shoulders, down under their arms and firmly grabbed their outer tits. Reeling them in, he crushed the sides of their inner boobs against his ribs, naturally pulling them a quarter turn.

Peri and Trish completed the rotation on their own and double hugged Carter. He lost his grip on their breasts and ran his hands down their spines to their submerged bottoms. Both girls wiggled, sliding their feet apart on the stipled pool floor. His right hand worked its way to Trish’s cunt where he resumed his deferred tickling, wedging her panties deep into her slit. Carter’s left hand worked in between Peri’s cheeks. He inserted his middle fingertip just inside her rosebud and slowly circumscribed its perimeter. He kissed them, they kissed him and each other.

Peri, meanwhile, fished her left hand under the water until she found and cradled Carter’s eggs. “Mmm,” she murmured between kisses, “guess what I found, Trish.”

Trish cheated and looked. Carter’s cock, once again hard and insistent, bobbed under the water, outside his boxers and above Peri’s hand. “Up periscope!” Trish cried, closing her right fist loosely on the fat staff below its spearhead. She slid her hand down until her pinkie bumped Peri’s thumb as she pulsed her palm around Carter’s balls. “I know what you found, girl, now, what are we going to do with it?” Trish asked.

Peri looked at Carter. “I’m tired of swimming, Bill,” she said whined in a little girl’s voice. “I wanna go lay down for a while. Can we use that great big bed you had the suits on?” She winked at Trish and squeezed Carter’s nuts, feeling them start to tighten in their bag.

“Yes, Bill,” Trish mimicked, adding a pout and frowning eyes. She pulled her fist up to the top of his cock, then slid it down with tighter pressure. “I want to lie down, too.”

“Uhhnn!” Carter groaned. “A good host… must attend… uhhn!… to the guests’…uhhn!… needs.” he admitted. “Let go and we can… uhhn!… get out of the water.”

Peri dropped his nuts and pushed back into the deeper water. “Goody!” she cried, jubilantly, “That’s what I wanted to hear!” Trish followed suit, leaving Carter standing, rampant and alone. Carter waded to the edge and climbed out of the swimming pool. Peri and Trish had already swum to the deep end and gotten out. By the time Carter walked the pool length, they were in their robes. Their soggy shirt, chemise and coral briefs were in a puddle on the patio bricks at their feet.

Peri and Trish each held an end a large, fluffy, striped, multi-colored beach towel as he approached, dripping water from his shirt and shorts. “Hurry under this towel, Bill,” Peri urged, “You already have goosebumps on your arms!”

“Yes, Bill,” added Trish, “Take that old shirt off. We’ll dry your back!”

Carter peeled the stretched, sagging, tie-dyed, Dead T-shirt off his pot-belly and over his chest and head, throwing the saturated cloth onto the girls’ pile. Stepping into the big towel, he turned to face the pool as Peri and Trish wrapped him like a rainbow burrito and started to vigorously rub his shoulders and back. He bent forward and skinned out of his skivvies, kicking them over near the other discarded underclothes.

“Yay!” cheered Peri, as the shorts plopped on the bricks and Carter stood up straight again. “Now we can work on the legs!”

Trish squatted down and briskly brushed the terrycloth up and down Carter’s lower thighs and calves, while Peri lowered the towel and applied it to his waist, hips and butt. Sneaking her right hand around, covered in the towel, she playfully grabbed his soft, wet, cock. It grew strong in her palm as she squeezed it lightly three times in quick succession. “Oops!” she laughed, “Now what have I done? Is that a puppet, Bill?” she asked.

Trish lifted the towel from the bottom and peered around Carter’s left hip. “Nope!” she said to Peri. “That’s a pony not a puppet!” She giggled and pushed her side of the towel between Carter’s legs. Moving rapidly up and down his inner thighs, she ended with her terry-clad palm fondling his nuts in their damp hairy sack. “But I’m not sure what these are. They are big and round and roll in my hand. Bill, does your pony have a cart or something?” Trish asked, giggling out of control.

“Alright, alright!” Carter said, pretending to be annoyed. “Lets go in the house and learn about ponies, carts and riding trails.”

“And about carrots, apricots and milk and cookies, too!” added Peri, mischievously. She let go of the towel, exposing Carter’s full, fierce erection. He picked up his robe from the glass table, dropped it over his left arm and strode into the house, down the hall, with the girls chasing him.

Peri passed him in the hall, ran into the bedroom and had the duvet and topsheet off the king-size bed before Carter got through the door. Trish slipped by his right side, jumped on the bed and knelt, sitting back on her heels. Her untied robe, bulky as it was, did nothing to contain her 40DD boobs, firmly jutting out from her chest.

Peri tossed her bathrobe off and climbed up on the other side of the bed. She sat cross-legged, her triangularly arranged, light-brown pubic tufts pointing directly at the open, inviting slice of her cunt. She patted the mattress between her and Trish. “Get up here, please, Dr. Carter,” she requested urgently. “Lay down on your back, so I can demonstrate how to pet a pony. I can’t tutor Trish without your help.”

Carter nodded he would, but detoured toward the bathroom. “Just a sec, girls,” he spoke, over his shoulder as he walked, “I need to get the tack box and saddles.” Peri looked at Trish quizzically. She shrugged, spreading her hands and consequently her robe. “I think saddles are little tubey things,” she offered, proud to be able to answer Peri’s unasked question.

Carter returned shortly with his silver cardboard box, which, Peri knew, had certain fun toys inside, and a handful of Trojan packets, which she did not recognize. Crawling up on the bed between the teenagers he sat, legs extended, back against the headboard. Once again, his penis was flaccid, nestling its neck against his heavy, replenished, eggs in his loose scrotum. Carter reached his arms behind the young co-eds. He stretched and leaned over Peri, placing the box and condoms on the bedside table, and kissed her sweetly. Re-centering himself, he turned his head left and kissed Trish, equally sweetly, and said to them both, “I’m sorry, it looks like the pony has turned into a puppy and gone to sleep.” He hugged them to his sides, kissed each again, and curled his hands around their nearest breasts, pulling back Trish’s terry robe front for full contact.

Peri put her right hand high on Carter’s sternum and scratched her index fingernail back and forth lightly along his collar bone at the base of his throat. “Hmmm, I think I can work with that, OK,” she said softly, “but, what’s in the little packages?”

Trish was also curious. Her back had been turned and she had not seen Carter deploy the condom he used when he fucked her that morning. “Yes, Bill, and what’s in the silver box?” she added to the list of questions, as she reached and rubbed her left palm over Carter’s relaxed, mounded stomach, digging her pinkie into his navel.

These little touches were remedial and Carter watched as his cock twitched. “All in due time, Trish,” he answered with a smile, “but when Peri has chased the puppy away and the pony is back, I’ll teach you both how to put the saddle on.”

Peri grinned, looked at the fattening dick below Trish’s hand and said, “Doggone! Looks like the dog is gone!” She removed her hand from Carter’s chest and gently stroked his semi-hard, swelling cock. Twisting her body, she bent over his groin and pulled his growing erection up to her lips. Trish stopped rubbing his stomach and watched with amazement. His staff doubled in girth and length. Its head bubbled a glistening gobule of pre-cum. Peri’s tongue darted out, met the thick, welling fluid and pushed it, diluted with her saliva, around the soft, spongy, dark head. “Mmmm, this is almost the best part,” she said, “Taste and see, Trish!”

Rocking forward off her heels, Trish put her right hand on the mattress beside Carter’s right hip for balance as Peri moved away, ceding the ground. Trish held his fully engorged staff in her left hand, automatically sliding it up and down, and tentatively licked the shiny mushroom head. “OH!” she exclaimed in surprise, “It hopped!”

Carter grinned at Peri who, knowingly, flashed her dimples back at him. He moved his left hand under the bathrobe and caressed Trish’s rear thighs, encouraging her to widen her stance. She returned her mouth to his cock, remembering how she cleaned it for Carter earlier, opened her wide, full lips and took him inside. “He is so much bigger than before!” she thought, not fully grokking the physiology. Carter rubbed higher on Trish’s legs, sliding his hand to her pussy, noting how wet and slippery she had become. He pushed two fingers between her plump outer lips and spread them before sliding along to the top of her slot.

Trish’s hand stroked faster as Carter reached her clit sending electric shocks through her body. “Uhhhh…muuhh…mmm,” she mumbled around the monster in her mouth. Carter spread his hand, teasing her clit with his long middle finger, and pushed his thumb into the tight, tiny, opening at the base of her channel. “MWAHH!” Trish burbled, thrusting her hips against the wonderful, intruding digit. She squirmed, naturally sucking his dickhead hard with her intake of breath. Carter crooked his thumb, wiggling its tip rapidly, flexing his cock and pushing it up against Trish’s squeezing fist. Peri fell across Carter’s chest, pushing her aching breasts tight against him, and crushed her mouth onto his. They passionately kissed, mauling each other, as Trish continued blithely to pump her hand. Carter felt his balls tighten. He pressed and held his finger on Trish’s tender nub. Peri reached her right hand down to Trish’s head, stroking her hair and holding her face against Carter as he exploded in her mouth. SPLOOT! SPLOOT! His semen surprised and delighted Trish. Her bottom writhed as she felt a flood of relief in her cunt. “MMmfff! Unnnh!” she twisted and turned her head under Peri’s controlled grasp. SPLOOT! SPLOOT! “Oh my god!” she screamed in her mind, “Will I drown? I hope I drown! Oh my god, this is great!”

Seconds later, the deluge over, Peri relaxed her grip. Carter pulled his hand away and softly rubbed small massaging circles on Trish’s bottom. She lifted her head from the still half-hard rod and looked at her companions. They were beaming. Peri reached out her right hand, extended her forefinger and pulled threads of Carter’s cum from the corners of Trish’s mouth. Peri sucked her finger clean. “Mmmm, Yummy Gummy!” she said, giggling, “This IS the best part!” She pushed her finger into Carter’s mouth, twirling it, and said, “You are so good! Thank you!”

Trish turned and lay beside Carter, draping her left hand over Peri, sandwiching her on Carter’s chest. “Oh man, that was nice!” she said, “So fresh and… warm. Is that the same stuff that was in the balloon, this morning?” she asked.

Before Carter could answer, Peri raised her head, “Balloon? This morning?” she looked askance.

“Oh, yes,” Carter replied, addressing both questions, “Yes, that’s the same stuff. I gave Trish her very first fuck this morning, Peri. Those packets you asked about earlier contain balloons.” Continuing the explanation, Carter said, “Not being sexually active,” he paused, turned his head and kissed Trish quickly, “she was not using any personal protection. We figured out,” Carter patted Trish’s bottom, “That she probably has a ripe, ready egg, sitting inside her pussy, just waiting to meet some happy-go-lucky sperm out for a swim.” He kissed Trish again, “So, I put a ‘saddle’ on my ‘pony’ before we fucked and saved all my baby-making juice in a sack. Isn’t that right, Toots?” he concluded, rubbing his hand up her spine.

“That’s right, Bill,” Trish concurred. “And you squished it out all over your thing and I cleaned it up. It was yummy, just like you said, Peri, but it wasn’t as yummy as when it squirted, hot, into my mouth!” She declared, licking her lips, remembering the salty tang.

“That’s nice, I guess,” Peri shrugged, feeling a bit miffed. She was not so much jealous as she was put out by her demotion. “I thought I was was the tutor,” she said, petulantly.

“Oh, Sweetie!” Carter hastened to console, running his hand through her hair and kissing her nose softly, “You ARE the tutor, and you are very important to our whole team project.” He looked into her hazel eyes and said earnestly, with an edge unnoticed by Trish, “However, I still am the project manager and I provide guidance when, where and how I see fit. You understand that, don’t you?” he asked, hopeful for a positive response.

“Yes, Uncle Bill,” Peri replied, reverting to Carter’s pet name. “I get it. It’s all good, I was just caught unawares, I guess.” She kissed him warmly and said, “I’m sorry I acted childish. I love you totally and forever and whatever you do is alright with me.” She laid her head on Carter’s chest and reached her right arm out, covering his hand, on Trish’s back, with her own.

Trish seemed not to notice, or draw significance, from their interchange and lay, eyes closed, with a contented smile. Carter, greatly pleased by Peri’s attitude and apology, drew his left fingers in a serpentine pattern down her back to her tailbone. He massaged, then lightly slapped, her butt. “Thank you, Sweetheart,” he whispered, “You are number one in my heart, mind and soul. Never worry about that.” He kissed her once more, lingering on her exquisite bottom lip, then said, “Now roll off me. If I don’t get the steaks thawed out, we won’t eat this evening!”

When Peri moved, Carter got up and headed to the kitchen. Peri scooted into the warm depression left on the mattress, slipped her hand under Trish’s robe, grinned and closed her eyes. When Carter returned, he noted his bedside clock showed 2:45 p.m. Seeing how sweetly the teens were cuddled, he re-set his alarm to go off at 4 p.m., lay behind Peri, snugging his crotch tight to her bottom and enfolded both girls under his left arm, with his hand resting on Trish’s hip. “A little nap is just what we all need,” he said to himself, shutting his eyes.


Carter woke and looked over the shoulders of the still sleeping co-eds. His clock showed 3:50 p.m. “What’s ten minutes?” he asked himself. Lifting his hand from Trish’s hip, he shut-off the alarm and re-set it to its customary 6 a.m. As he moved, Peri’s eyes fluttered and opened. Reflexively, she pulled her hand from inside Trish’s robe and stifled a yawn. She pushed her bottom back against Carter’s thighs, turned her face toward him and said, “Hi, Uncle Bill.”

The quiet, small, activity was sufficient to wake Trisha, as well. She rubbed her eyes and squinted at Peri and Carter. “Sorry, I flaked out on you guys,” she muttered.

“Bah!” Carter quickly discounted her comment, “No such thing. A nap after a nice fuck is a perfectly natural and good thing.” He rose up on his left elbow, stretched across Peri’s hip, craning his neck and kissed Trish’s delicious, rubbery mouth. “Mmmm, cum-breath, NICE!” he said with a chuckle. Pulling away, he snagged Peri’s left breast with his right hand, rolled her onto her back as he moved to his left, and planted a long deep kiss on her pretty cupid’s bow, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. Trish turned onto her stomach, arched her back and propped herself on her forearms. Sidling left, away from the bed’s edge, she watched Carter’s hand pluck and twist Peri’s nipple as they kissed. It made her own nipples harden and her cunt tingled.

Carter swung his right knee over Peri’s prostrate form, next to Trish’s hip. Hunching, he left her mouth and moved south, leaving a trail of rapid, hot, little kisses on her chin, throat, and sternum. He paused, giving her right areola and nipple a quick, hard suck, while still squeezing her left breast. Abandoning her heaving bosom, Carter stabbed Peri’s belly-button with his tongue. She squirmed, tossing her head and moaning, “Uuun… ummmm…hhnnmm, while Trish watched, riveted by the scene, and Carter advanced, through her trimmed ‘Mickey,” upon his target.

Peri, clawing at the air, whimpering, grabbed Trish’s left arm and pulled. “Uhh…, Triiiish!” she cried, “Ooo, come… commmm here, quick!” Peri grappled and hauled until Trish, hovering over her face, leaned down to kiss her. “NOooo!” Trish screamed, “Turn around! I want…yoouur PUUUSSSY!” Peri was thrashing beneath Carter’s treatment. His face, buried in her juicing twat, tormented her on all possible fronts. Trish felt her own cunt responding to the tableau and, not knowing what else to do, obeyed Peri’s urgent command. She swung her right leg high and spun her body on her left knee. Landing with her ass inches above Peri’s nose, she bent low, dragging her heavy, aching boobs across Peri’s stomach. She studied Carter, as if under a magnifying glass, while he feasted.

Peri, mustering her strength against the distracting torture and the agonizing ecstasy, managed to raise her torso. Balancing on her elbows, she grasped Trish’s chunky quadriceps and sealed her mouth to Trish’s dripping pussy. She slid her wet tongue past the wetter, tiny, sluice into the pearly pink-red channel. Trish thrust back and slid her hands under Peri’s hips, holding tight against her own thrilling spasms. Squeaking short, loud, guttural yips, Trish came hard, curling her forearms and lifting Peri’s ass, smashing her pussy tighter yet against Carter’s face. Peri’s orgasm, already in its third continuous iteration, unleashed another jolting, intense wave. Stricken, Peri collapsed to the mattress.

Trish lay down, sliding her knees and thighs up beside Peri’s temples, her shins against the bed’s headboard. Carter pulled himself back from Peri’s cunt, looked into Trish’s blue eyes, inches away from the still quivering quim, and said, “I left some for you.” Smiling, he pulled her shoulders forward, coaxing her closer to Peri’s unhooded nub. “Give that a little lick and a kiss, Toots.” Following her master’s order, Trish tickled the tip of the clit with her tongue. Peri twitched and yelped. Trish jerked her head back, afraid she had hurt her friend. “Go on, kiss it,” Carter repeated. Trish opened her mouth and closed her lips as delicately as she could on the sensitive nodule. Peri gasped, twisting her hips. Once more, Trish started pulling away, but Carter held her in place. “Suck it!” he hissed. Then, in a softer tone, he said, “Gently suck it… She’ll cum for you, too. I know she will.”

A third time, Trish kissed the little man in Peri’s boat. She sucked him into her mouth, clamped her lips around his feet and teasing his pointy head with her tongue tip. Peri nearly passed out, moaning under the ardent attention of her new lover. She rolled her hips, murmuring insensibly, as Trish swirled her tongue around the clit, then slid down, poking into and exploring Peri’s tunnel. “Uuunnn… ooo… mmmm… ” Peri’s cries and lunges grew in strength until she climaxed, yet again, exactly as Carter had predicted.

Carter released his hold on Trish, got off the bed and surveyed the exhausted bodies of his young fuckables. Peri was soaked in sweat. Trish’s disarrayed bathrobe, half on, half off, was limp from dampness. “Goddamn they are sexy!” he said to himself. Successfully fighting an urge to irresponsibly finish off Trish, sans condom, he stepped to the side table and picked up a Trojan.

“Sweetheart!” he called to Peri. “Toots!” he said to Trish. “Don’t forget, we were all going to learn how to put a saddle on a pony!” He chuckled as Peri dragged herself up, into a seated position against the headboard and said, “Go ahead and show us, Bill. I’ll watch, but I am worn out.” She gave him a wan smile. “Take Trish for a ride. I’ll join you later, OK?”

Carter could hardly believe this sexual dynamo, his Labor Day Weekend fucktoy, was ‘worn out,’ although he had to admit he had just given a virtuoso performance on her pussy. “Never a problem, Sweetie,” Carter allowed, “How about you, then Toots? Too tuckered to pucker?” he asked.

Trish, who had been busy peeling her robe off her tacky, sweaty, skin, got off the bed and walked naked around to Carter. She looked at his thick cock, starting to sag from lack of attention, and took the foil square from his hand. “What should I do, now, Bill?” she asked, rubbing her free hand on his chest and twining her fingers in its sparse salt-and-pepper hairs.

Carter loved her eagerness and natural responses. “Open the foil carefully and take out the balloon,” Carter said, using the simple term already familiar to the teenagers. “Hold it up and stand here to my right, so Peri can see, too,” he directed her. “Now, if a man’s cock, MY cock, is hard enough, the rest will follow very easily. If it is not hard, of course, you will want to do whatever is needed to stiffen it. These things can go on soft, but it isn’t as much fun, believe me!”

He kissed her. “Put your other hand on my shaft … no… don’t be rubbing it too much, yet!” he laughed, as she started stroking his dick. “Just hold your hand up at the base of its head. Now, gently push the center of the balloon over the head of my cock. Keep the little nipple-tube on the end pinched in your fingers, though,” he cautioned. “OK, good. Now, with your ‘shaft hand’ grab the rolled ring of rubber and pull it over the rim of my head, keeping the nipple in your other hand.”

He watched Trish. Gingerly at first, then with confidence, she manipulated the latex over his plum and onto his dick, now fully hard from the handling. “Perfect!” he praised her, giving her another kiss, this time holding it for a moment. “Now, just roll the ring as far down to the base as it will go. Keep holding the tube in your other hand. It won’t do to stretch that tight over my dickhead,” he explained. Trish’s fingers efficiently unrolled the condom leaving the hard ring sealed tight at the base of his root against his abdomen and scrotum.

“Excellent!” Carter declared emphatically. Kissing her once more, he said, “Now, let go of the tube and put my cock in your mouth. Feel what it is like, but don’t bite it! My little guys will find any hole and then you could be in trouble.”

Trish followed her instructions, recognizing the taste of the condom from this morning, when she she licked the spunk from his penis. “Unh-huh,” she said, “It’s OK, but I still like the fresh cum best.” she decided aloud.

Peri scooted off the bed. “I know I said I just was going to watch,” she said, “But I have never seen, or tasted, one of these either.” She looked at Carter and then at Trish. “May I put it in my mouth, too, please?” she asked them.

Trish backed out of way and Carter said, “Of course, Sweetie! That’s why we are all here together. Remember what I told, Trish, though…”

“Yes, Uncle Bill,” she paraphrased, “No biting holes in it!” and snickered before she squeezed her mouth past the rubber-wrapped rim, swallowed his pony and fused her pliant lips against the condom’s ring. Bobbing and sliding, she coated the lubricated sheath with her saliva and stuck her tongue onto the nipple, pushing it back against Carter’s slit. He groaned as she gently pressed the roof of her mouth against his sensitive head before she popped his cock free from her lips. Pwwt! “Oh, that is fun! I agree with Trish, though: ‘plain’ is better.” Peri stepped away from the bed. “So that’s how to saddle a pony, huh? Thank you for the lesson. I’m going to take a shower,” she told them, “Have fun!” She smiled broadly, letting them know she was sincere, not angry, as she walked around to the bathroom and closed the door.

“Hooray!” Trish clapped. She jumped on the bed, assuming a hands and knees pose, facing the headboard and waited for Carter to repeat this morning’s penetration. Instead, she was shocked when he swatted her bottom, hard, on each cheek.

“No! Wait for me to say, young lady!” He snarled.

Carter grabbed her ankles, pulling her flat to the mattress and off the bed. He held her by the waist, stood her up and, as he sat on the bed, roughly pulled her across his lap, bottom up. With her ass still smarting, Trish was too stunned to react. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Carter spanked her slowly and hard, alternating strikes to each of her fat glutes, leaving reddening imprints of his palm against her milk-white, soft pillows. “Several times today, you have either disobeyed me, been slow to obey me, or have, as just now, taken it on yourself to make a decision.” He chastised her with a calm voice and unequivocal tone. Trish realized she had acted improperly. Apart from the physical pain and humiliation, she felt sad at her failure. She sobbed as he continued to spank her. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! “I did not say anything, or correct you, because I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your new friend. This was a mistake I will not repeat in the future.”

Carter ceased slapping, and commenced caressing, her bright pink, flaming hot, bottom. Trish blubbered, “I’m s-s-s-sorry, M-m-master! I will be good! I p-p-p-promise! Please for… forgive me!”

Carter continued rubbing her ass. “Alright,” he said generously, “I forgive you Toots, and we’ll forget all about your disobedience. Just remember: listen for my voice and do what I say when I say to do it.” He stroked her hair and back. “Now, get on the bed again and lay on your stomach, please.”

Trish scrambled from his lap onto the mattress while Carter walked around to the small table and opened his silver box. His erection was gone, but the rubber still held, and Carter knew he would ‘grow into it’ if he just went on about his business. Climbing up on the bed with the box, he straddled Trish’s thick thighs and squirted a shot of Lubriderm onto each butt cheek. “EEK!” She squealed, “What’s that?”

“It’s a balm to make your bottom feel better, Toots,” Carter answered, massaging the cream into the tender, spanked, muscles. He worked around and down, rubbing in between her thighs and up into her ass crack. Spreading her cheeks, he found her rosebud, incredibly pink, like her nipples and her cunt lips. Squirting more lotion onto his hands, he pushed and pulled the muscles around her sphincter, distorting it. Carter listened to Trish’s sighs and mewls and felt his dick stirring. As she relaxed under the massage, he introduced his lubed index fingertip to her asshole, wriggling it inside. “Uhnn!” Trish grunted. “Nope,” Carter said to himself, “Too tight. Have to wait until I have more prep time.” He looked down at himself, pleased to see his cock had regained its length and width, and was snug in it overcoat. “Rarin’ to go, or cum, rather!” he thought. Out loud he said, “Turn over Toots.”

Trish rolled onto her back and watched Carter crawl up between her legs, grabbing onto her tits, as she had seen him do with Peri. He leaned forward and they kissed passionately. He squeezed her boobs and flicked her nipples while their tongues danced. His pot-belly bumped her deep navel and she felt his rubber covered cock bounce against her abdomen. Electric thrills chased through her body. Carter broke the kiss, winked and said, “It’s time for me to look in the pantry and count your eggs!”

He scooted down the bed and spread Trish’s thighs wide. Her bright orange, wispy bush shone against the alabaster expanse of the bulging mons, above her pink cunt. Its sparkling, wet, pearlescent, open lips reminded Carter of a conch shell. “Welcome to Jamaica, Mon! Have a good day!” His Kingston taxi-driver’s greeting flashed, uninvited, but not unwelcome, across his mind. Carter dove forward, pushing his tongue into the beautiful, long, shell-slit and frantically searched for its resident sea snail. Trish began yipping and writhing as he found her excited, swollen clit. She clamped her tree-trunk thighs against his ears, rolled her hips and yanked her aching, begging nipples.

Judging she was near explosion, Carter raised himself, walked forward on his knees and pushed his wrapped, fat, bell into Trish’s rosy split. His cock, guided by his right hand, slid up, nudged her clit, then back down, and pressed against the tight, round frame of her pussy’s door. Carter’s left hand, beneath Trish’s ass, exhorted her greased rosebud to admit his middle finger to its second knuckle. “UUHHNN!” Trish grunted, from the new pressuring presence. Embedded, he slowly pushed and pulled his long digit while he teased her cunt with his dickhead. “Uuuh… Nnnhh… AAHH!” she cried, with her beginning orgasm.

When he heard Trish scream, Carter plunged his staff, ring deep, into her vagina. She raised her legs in the air and closed them around his back, interlocking her ankles. He withdrew and thrust again. “MMMaa…Mmmaa…” Trish cried, rocking back onto her shoulders, pushing her pelvis against the interlopers in her ass and cunt. Withdraw. Thrust. Withdraw. Thrust. “Juicy burger, soft buns, ‘In’n’Out’!” Carter thought happily, as he chunked his cock home, seizing Trish’s left love-handle with his free right hand and pinching it between his thumb and all four fingers. “YIii..Mmmaa… Mmmaa… ster!” She yelled, coming again and again. Carter pushed a last time, hard and deep, crushing his nuts, inside their, bulbous, hairy, tennis-ball bag against Trish’s upraised bottom. He drove his middle finger into her ass to his webbing and blew out his balls into, he hoped, the Trojan’s reservoir.

Trish shook, shuddered and sank as Carter held her, pinned, between his hands and his impaling probes. Gently, smoothly, slowly, he leaned forward and lowered her to the mattress, pulling his finger from her rectum. His right hand released her waist and held the latex ring against his prick’s base as he pulled away from her pussy. Carter felt the sheath being tugged and sucked by her hungry cunt as he retrieved his semi-soft cock. He was relieved to see the hanging, cum-filled, nipple was intact.

Trish, recovering, reached up her arms for Carter. “Oh master!” she sighed, “Thank you! May I have more, please?” she asked, plaintively.

Carter easily slipped the used rubber from his now limp dick, pinching the open end closed, avoiding spillage, and leaned over Trish. Balanced, left hand on the mattress by her right shoulder, he kissed her. “All you want, Toots,” he assured her, dangling the stretched, semen-stuffed, balloon in front of her. “How about this? Do you want my pimple-cream?” he asked, chortling.

“Oh, Yes! Please!” Trish answered, excitedly, licking her lips in anticipation and opening her mouth.

Carter pushed the envelope over his left index finger, coating it with his cum, then painted the small pimple on Trish’s cheek with a sticky grey film. Moving his finger down, he traced her lips while his right hand placed the open end of the Trojan inside her mouth, flat against the back of her waiting tongue. He squeezed the reservoir end, pushing his jism into the latex neck. Pinching the rubber behind the cum-pool, he pulled the end through his fingers, extruding his gooey spew, in a flowing layer, the length of her tongue and out onto her bottom lip. “There you are, Trish,” he said, “That’s all of me for now. Bon Appetit!”

Trish closed her mouth and eyes. Pressing her tongue and curling its tip against the roof of her mouth she savored Carter’s semen. It was cool and infused with the additional taste of the condom’s own lubricant. “Mmmmm…” she hummed, diluting the goop with her saliva, rolling the creamy curds in her mouth until they melted and drained down her throat. “Oh my God, Bill!” she exclaimed as she swallowed the final glob, “That is SO GOOD!”

Carter straightened up, pulling Trish to a seated posture between his thighs, and kissed her again. “I am happy you are happy, Trish,” he sincerely expressed with a broad smile. “Now, go see if Peri left you any hot water. I think you have time to grab a shower before dinner.” He got off the bed, picked his discarded robe from the floor, put it on and walked out to the main house.


Carter was tending the grill on the patio when the teens, giggling and holding hands, walked outside. He looked at his watch, noting it was 5:20 p.m. “Just in time, girls!” he declared. I’ll be serving the steaks and potatoes in ten minutes.”

They walked up, surrounding him with their free hands, and pulled him away from the sizzling steaks. “Goody!” exclaimed Peri.

“Yes!” chipped in Trish, “We are HUNGRY!” She kissed Carter’s right cheek as Peri kissed his left. Their arms overlapped across his belly, pushing out against his belted robe.

Carter, still holding a fork in his left hand and tongs in his right, raised his arms straight up and spun in their circle. Lowering his arms, keeping the barbeque tools away, he hugged them to his chest with his forearms. “Every chef appreciates hungry diners,” he said, “But, if you molest me, the meat will overcook. You don’t old, crusty, hard meat, do you?” He challenged them, stepping back, breaking the embrace.

“Well…not crusty,anyway!” Peri said, laughing.

Trish vigorously nodded, adding with a giggle of her own, “At least it would be hot, right?”

“OK, OK, I get it,” said Carter, laughing with them. “So, go in the house, there’s water or sodas in the fridge, and I opened a nice Merlot, if you prefer wine. Get glasses and bring your beverages out.” He took a sip from his nearby tumbler of Canadian Club on the rocks and watched them walk away. Apparently the old suits he found were not as ‘horrid’ as Peri made them out to be.

“Absolutely not!” Peri said emphatically while Trish vigorously nodded her agreement.

“OK,” said Carter. “So, go in the house, there’s water or sodas in the fridge, and I opened a nice Merlot, if you prefer wine. Get glasses and bring your beverages out.” He took a sip from his nearby tumbler of Canadian Club on the rocks and watched them walk away. Apparently the old suits he found were not as ‘horrid’ as Peri made them out to be.

Trish was wearing the blue Catalina Sportswear two-piece model. It was a good size for her, even if the styling was hardly modern. It covered her fat ass and the tops of her thighs, neither too loosely nor too tight. The bra straps dug into her fleshy back somewhat, but that was not the suit’s fault and Carter did not see it as a flaw, anyway. “Paul Rubens’ Portrait of Helene Fourment could have been of Trish if she was in Antwerp in the 17th Century!” Carter mused.

Peri, had put on the frumpy green Jantzen, despite having a very nice, new, hot, black bikini in her bureau. Carter silently congratulated her, “Clever girl! Now is not the moment to show up Trish, Sweetie!” He also got additional verification of an earlier observation and said to himself, again, “Sweetheart, you would look good in a fucking gunny sack!” He quickly turned around and flipped the steaks, distracting himself and quieting his rising penis.

They sat in the late afternoon warmth, ate the perfectly, if simply, prepared meat-and-potatoes, no frills, dinner, and talked about Nirvana and Telemann; Australia and Aberdeen; and the pending new school year. By 6:40 they had finished the meal and the wine and were peacefully digesting, watching occasional evening birds dart among the plants, seeking unaware insects for their own suppers.

Carter looked across the table and coughed, breaking the silence. “Trish,” he said, “I think there is a curfew in the dorms for underclass students. We should probably be getting you back to campus.” Turning to Peri, he said, “How about you? Are you in a dormitory?”

Peri smiled. “No worries, Uncle Bill,” she reassured him, “I found a nice little place off-campus. No curfews for me, but my car is in the student garage and they may lock that up, or even tow away…I dunno.”

“OK, let’s call it an evening,” he decided, “Get you girls all tucked in…Classes don’t start until Monday, but tomorrow is a workday for yours truly.”

Peri said, “I’ll clear the table and tidy things up, Bill, then pull my dress on and be ready to go.”

Trish got up and went to the kitchen nook, looking for her clothes. Carter thanked Peri and followed Trish. Inside, he said, “Trish, come with me,” and led the way to his bedroom. Trish happily padded behind him.

Taking her into his walk-in closet, he reviewed available plus-size dresses from Ruth Cohen’s old wardrobe. “Take off your swim suit, Trish, while I find a nice dress for you to wear,” he ordered. She slipped the bra straps down, pulled her arms free, spun the top around, under her breasts, and unhooked the back snaps in front of herself. Wiggling and pushing, she shoved the trunks over her ass and down to the floor. By the time she was naked, Carter had found a black, size 36, Lane Bryant pullover cotton shift with white, vertical pinstripes. Holding it up against her, he unnecessarily smoothed the material against her breasts and stomach. “I think this will look real nice,” he opined. “Put it on. Tell me how you like it.”

Trish pulled the dress off the hanger, raised it above her head, delighting Carter by stretching her chest, then dropped the shift, pushing her arms through its holes. Carter knelt on the floor, tugged the hem down to its mid-calf length, ironed her hips and rotated her body so she could see her reflection in the full-length mirror at the far end of the closet. “Doesn’t that look just lovely?” he asked, giving her the correct answer. “See how the stripes slim your hips and bottom, but, take nothing away from your naturally voluptuous, full figure?” He cruised his palms up the outside of her legs, over her hips, around her tummy and up to her heavy tits. He hefted these, jiggling them inside the dress and rubbing her sensitive nipples.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Trish cooed, feeling her pussy’s immediate reaction to his electric touch. “Yes, I see what you mean,” she agreed, “This is very pretty.”

Carter slowly reversed his course, maintaining full body contact through the cotton as he slid down over her abundance. Once more below the hemline, he slid his hands up her shins, under the dress, over her knees and thighs. His wrists lifted the skirt slightly, and then, with the changing angle, disappeared as the hem fell back to the crook of his elbows. The busy fingers of both his hands burrowed, scratched and played in Trish’s fine forest. He placed them, left above right, along her cunt’s dampening crease and pressed their tips between the lips. “Oooo, Master,” Trish sighed, “Nnnuuhh…” trailing into incoherence. Carter played on her pussy as if it were the Telemann oboe they had heard ealier. He pulled her ass snug into his shoulder with his forearms while he diddled. His left thumb squeezed the edge of her fold and its hiding, sheathed, clit against the pad of his index finger. His right pinkie and ring fingers wormed into her vaginal hole and curled back, pinching the bottom of her cunt against the heel of his hand. “AARRRHH!” she screamed, coming fast and violently, “MMMAA… MMMAA… MMMAAster! I’m CUUUMmming!” she cried, shaking against his braced body.

“Good for you, Toots, good for you!” He said, smiling around her legs into the mirror, enjoying the look of pleasure in her reflected face. “Come all you want. This… is what you are meant for.” He continued flexing and rolling his fingers as she quivered and squirmed. “Come some more… come on… come for me!” he coaxed. Trish climaxed repeatedly, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, raising herself on curling toes, intensifying the wonderful, terrible, fabulous agony.

After her storm eventually passed, Carter pulled his hands away, licked his fingers, and said, “That’s another good reason to wear dresses and skirts and no underwear, isn’t it?” Grabbing her shoulders, he added “SIGMA” and held her up as her head fell to her chest.

“Trish, tell me what your tasks are for tomorrow and the rest of the week.” he commanded.

“Go to the health center for birth control pills,” she began, atonally. “Learn about how to use them and start right away. Examine myself all over for pimples each morning. If I find one come to you at noon and say “Dr. Carter, I have a pimple.’ Throw out my jeans and panties and tights. Wear only my skirts and dresses and no underpants.” she recited flawlessly.

“Excellent!” Carter praised her. “Here is one more thing to always remember: Peri Halstead is your best friend, ever and forever. She is more than a sister to you and you love her. She gave you this dress, and you gave her your Nirvana T-shirt, as proofs of your everlasting friendship.” Do you understand? Tell me you understand,” he directed.

“Yes, I understand,” Trish stated. “Peri Halstead is my best friend, ever and forever. I love her more than a sister. She gave me this dress. I gave her my Nirvana T-shirt proving our friendship.”

Perfect, Carter said to himself. “SIGMA! OK, Trish, let’s get you back to the dorm. Your Reeboks and socks are in the other room.”

Back in the spotless kitchen, Carter heard the dishwasher running and saw Peri, standing, dressed and ready to go, by the patio window and doors in the living room, staring out at the backyard. Trish sat at the kitchen nook table, putting on her shoes and socks, while Carter stepped up behind Peri, nuzzled her neck, and hugged her close. His right hand under her breast, his left on her flat, toned abdomen, he gently massaged her through the soft, tan, jersey material. “Penny for your thoughts?” he buzzed in her left ear, looking past her to the espaliered quince on the back fence.

Peri melted back against his chest and stomach. “Nothing much, really,” she said with a smile, then, giggling, she added, “I forgot to clean your window! That’s a pretty big bug splattered there. How do you suppose it got inside?” she asked facetiously.

“I don’t know,” Carter replied, “But, I am glad I had someone here to help me get it out!” He kissed her neck and said, “Let’s get Trish back to the dorm. I can hardly wait to be alone with you.”

“Mmmm, that’s a nice thought!” Peri agreed, turning in his arms and kissing him fully. “We’re not back, YET?” she laughed and pushed his chest. “Let’s GO!”

In the garage, Carter said, “Let’s all pile in up front. Trish, you get in first and slide to the middle.” He walked around the hood of the Taurus and got behind the wheel as Peri filled in behind Trish and closed the passenger door. “No need to buckle in, kids,” Carter said with a cavalier air. “I promise not to smash up the car, and if a cop pulls us over, I’ll eat the ticket.” He grinned across Trish’s new dress to Peri, stretched out his arm on the bench seat back and said, “Scoot over, Sweetie, and hit the garage door button!”

As Peri complied, leaning forward to press the Genie control Velcro’d to the dashboard, Carter curled his hand under her arm and found her right breast was an easy handhold. “Come on, Trish,” he said, move that lever into ‘Reverse’ and we’ll be on the way.” Trish shifted the transmission and Carter backed out into the street, checking for traffic. “OK, Trish,” he said, “Now put it in ‘Drive’ for me. I have my hands full!” He squished Peri, against Trish, against himself, and they all burst out laughing as the car moved into the evening.

Their first stop was the top floor of the visitor’s/student’s parking structure. Peri’s red BMW 325i was waiting patiently for its owner as Carter braked to a stop in front of its stall. Releasing Peri’s tit, with an impertinent pinch on the nipple, he snaked his arm back and shifted to ‘Park.’ With both hands on the steering wheel, Carter looked across at Peri. “OK, Sweetie,” he said, casually, “Don’t forget to work out a study schedule with Trish over the next few days…You guys want to be up and running hard Monday!” he reminded them.

“OK, Uncle Bill,” Peri said, then noticing his frown, said, “Er…Dr. Carter. Sorry! Won’t forget again and don’t worry, Trish will ace that Stats course, and all her others, or I’m not Peri Halstead!” She gave Trish a kiss on the cheek and said, “I’ll pop around to your dorm tomorrow about 2 o’clock, OK?”

Trish smiled and said, “That’ll be swell, Peri. Thanks! See you then.”

Peri, outside the car, bent over and stuck her head back in the cabin. “Thanks again, Dr. Carter, for the swim, the lesson, the food…EVERYTHING!” She blew him a kiss, closed the door and Chirp! unlocked the Beemer. When Carter saw her headlights come on, he pulled away and drove to Trish’s dorm.

In the open student parking lot, Carter pulled into a vacant space and shut down the engine. He turned to Trish, kissed her and said “SIGMA,” entrancing her. “Trish, in a few moments you will wake up. You will remember your tasks and all your instructions. You will forget you were with me at my home. You will forget we opened your box and looked at your secrets and played. You will remember you spent the afternoon with your new friend, Peri Halstead, and she is coming tomorrow at 2 p.m. to spend more time with you. You will know I am your master, and that I have the key to your box, but you will not know that you know this. When you wake up, go straight to your dorm room and get a good night’s sleep. You have had a very active day. You are tired. Set your alarm for 7 a.m. and get up and start your day happy, relaxed and confidant.”

Carter looked closely at his newest thrall, satisfied she was completely subjugated. He got out of the Taurus, pulled Trish across the driver’s seat and onto the pavement, carefully supporting her large frame against himself. He gently leaned her over the hood of a Chevrolet Caprice parked beside the Taurus, then got in the Ford and pulled into the main parking lot drive-lane. Stopping, he rolled down his window and shouted “PRESTO!” He watched Trish push herself up from the Chevrolet’s hood before he sped off.

Trish shook her head as she stood up. She felt oddly groggy for no known reason. “God, am I tired!” she said out loud, looking around the parking lot in the autumn night. The asphalt sparkled under the harvest moon and the metal-halide pole lights. She watched, without recognizing, or even particularly noting, Carter’s tail lights blink and disappear around the corner at the far end of the lane. She brushed light dust from the Caprice off the front of her dress, turned toward the dormitory, and thought “That was so sweet of Peri to trade this dress for my jeans and T-shirt! I hope I didn’t ruin it when I fell against that car!”

Taking slow, short, cautious steps, Trish walked into her dormitory and went to her room. After setting her alarm clock for 7 a.m., she pulled off and hung up her dress, realizing she must have, stupidly, left her best bra with Peri when they exchanged clothes. “Oh well, I’m too tired to think about that, now.” she said, although she wasn’t sure her budget would allow her to replace the garment immediately. She grabbed a pair of pajamas from her dresser, slid into the bottoms, brushed her teeth and put on the top. As she climbed into her bed she bumped her left breast against her forearm and felt a twinge of electricity shoot through her pussy. “Ooo!” she yelped automatically, “What’s THAT all about, I wonder?” Trish turned out the light, lay down and slept for the next eleven and a half hours uninterrupted.


Peri pulled up at the curb in front of Carter’s house, cut her car lights and engine and sat in the dark, waiting. She had noted her radio clock said 7:52 p.m. when she parked. She did not know how long it would take Carter to drive Trish to her room and then back here. She was on edge. She was horny. “Gosh Darn It!” she exclaimed out loud, hitting her hand on the leather passenger seat, “Why couldn’t he have taken her to the dorm first?” Just then the Taurus headlights swept across her little car as Carter turned into the driveway. The garage door raised and he drove in. Peri bounded out of the car, ‘chirping’ it locked, and ran to the garage, ducking under the closing door.

She was still breathing hard when Carter got out of the car and walked around the hood to the kitchen door. Peri beat him to the door, blocked him and jumped into his arms. Carter caught her but was propelled backward by her force. Luckily, the Ford’s fender gave him something to brace against as she plastered his face and temples with hot, wild, kisses.

“OhMyGosh!” she yelled, “I am so horny you won’t believe it! I’m practically coming already!” She wrapped her left arm tight around the back of Carter’s neck, reached down behind herself with her right hand and hauled the hem of her skirt up above her waist. Forcing her hand between their compressed bodies, she attacked his shirt buttons. Peri pushed her feet against the car, requiring Carter to move forward. He dropped his hands under her naked bottom, supporting her, as he stumbled toward the kitchen door.

Peri, unrelenting, peppered him with kisses: now quick; now deep; now just glancing blows to his temples, nose, forehead and ears. At the door, Carter risked dropping his passionate attacker. He leaned his left shoulder against the door jamb, freed a hand from her ass, and fumbled with the knob. The door flew open and they both nearly fell. Carter recovered his balance and staggered through the kitchen. Peri had already torn his buttons off and was working on his belt. He was desperate to reach the bedroom before she dropped his pants, hobbling him.

Fortunately there were no more closed doors between the kitchen and the bedroom. Carter arrived with his hell-bent succubus pushing his trousers and shorts down. WHUMP! He launched them both onto the king-size bed from three feet out and they landed in a jarring heap. At last, free from Peri’s assault, he kicked off his shoes and rid himself of his fettering slacks and boxers.

Carter landed, ideally positioned for counter-attack, flat on top of Peri. He kept her pinned against the mattress, with his body, while he scrabbled his left hand in his open silver box on the bedside table. “So…” he panted, “You can’t… WAIT… huh?” he growled into her face as she lay, gasping, squirming under his weight.

Carter pulled his shears, unused for nearly four years, from his box. Transferring them to his right hand as he raised himself, straddling Peri’s nude stomach and hips, he sternly cautioned her, “DON’T MOVE!” He bunched the jersey dress in his left fist and pulled it up. He stretched it out of shape, baring her heaving breasts. SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! The shears clipped through the cotton front from hemline to neck. SNIP! SNIP! The straps flapped. “HOO RAH!” He shouted, stretching out his arms. The scissors flew across the room and her destroyed dress fell to the floor as he opened his hands and grimmaced. “You want to be an ANIMAL?” he yelled. “I am an ANIMAL!” and he pounced, pushing his hands under her armpits, dragging her up and forward. He crushed his mouth to hers and gave as good as he had gotten in the garage.

Peri bit his lip and clawed her nails on his back, drawing blood in both places. Carter roared, she screamed, they collided. He pushed her back down to the bed, acquired his target and speared her cunt with his polearm. “UHHHHN!” she cried as he drove to the back of her channel. “HHHHHYYYAAHH” he shouted, cinching her against his discharging balls. Peri’s orgasm was immediate, violent and prolonged. Her kegel muscles crushed against Carter’s staff. Her pelvis rolled. Her abs crunched. She bit his shoulder, wrapped her legs behind his back and kicked.

Carter let go when Peri’s feet grew still. She flopped her legs to the mattress and spread her arms across the bed. He lay back down on top of her, off-center to her right, and kissed her with his bloody lips. They were both unable to speak for some minutes waiting for their breathing and heart rates to return to normal. Finally, Carter managed to wheeze, “So… are…you still…horny?” chuckling weakly.

Peri grinned at him, stroked his hair, turned her face and kissed him sweetly. “Huh-uh,” she purred, “Not now… maybe later… you… you animal, you!”

“OK,” Carter nodded, “Later, then.” He laid his head into Peri’s armpit, kissed the side of her breast, and fell asleep. Peri continued to stroke his hair, staring at the ceiling in the dark. She thanked her lucky stars for leading her to this wonderful man in this marvelous place at this fantastic time. Rolling to the left side table, Peri double-checked that Carter’s alarm was set for 6 a.m., sighed contentedly, and closed her eyes.

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