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Two Sides

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His Side

She was surprised when I walked into the room; she actually jumped a few inches and turned around blushing. I had caught her standing in front of a full length mirror without any clothes. I could see the flush on her face, and the wetness on her fingers told me all that I needed to know. She’d been masturbating!

She quickly lowered her head and dropped to her knees, “Please, Master… don’t… punish me”, she said in a quiet voice. But she knew differently. We had a rule of not playing with her pussy unless I was there to watch…and she had broken one of my favorite rules.

She did this often. Sometimes so I would catch her… other times I knew she had been playing with her clit as I would come home and feel her and find my hand “extra” wet and a smell of herself on her finger and lips… she loved the taste of her honey.

In the corner of our room was a low inverted V bench, padded. All I had to do clear my throat and she moved slowly across the bedroom floor. She draped herself over the bench, head resting on a pillow, her bottom high in the air, legs spread. I could see the wetness on her lips, I reached down and felt how wet she really was, judging how many spanks that she would get.

Rubbing her lovely bottom I could feel her muscles tense not knowing which cheek would feel the smack of my hand. Feeling a slight relaxing, I quickly smacked her left cheek, followed by a harder one on the other cheek. I loved to see the first impressions that my hand left. The red flush that would appear just seconds afterwards.

She had not moved and not uttered a sound. In the space of 40 seconds or so I had met her cheeks ten times. The glow was noticeable as was the extra wetness coming from her pussy. I noticed that she had trimmed her red curls away to a short quarter inch and figured that was what had prompted her “play”.

By the time I had finished I could hear her deep breathing and soft mews. As always I finished her punishment with soft rubbing of both her cheeks and kisses on both. She started to push back on to my hand as I neared her lips. Knowing that she wanted release I started rubbing her clit with my index finger. As it grew hard and came out of hiding I put my thumb inside.

Feeling her “G” spot I started fucking her hard, keeping pressure on both clit and the ultra-sensitive spot inside her vagina. As she neared her climax she was meeting my hand with backwards thrusts. As she climaxed I could feel the walls of her cunt grab my thumb. Not allowing any “down” time I quickly dropped my pants and took my leaking cock, rubbed it up and down her glowing wet slit and pressed it home.

Ah, what a wonderful feeling!! Reaching over the bench I pulled her up so she was sitting back on me, reaching around her I felt for her wonderful breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers. As I did I could feel her pushing back so my cock would go deeper inside her, then slowly rising up so just the tip of my cock was inside. On the downward push she would squeeze extra hard…the feeling of the tightness was WONDERFUL.

It wouldn’t take too long before I’d explode…but I’d had an easy day at work and was in no hurry. My mind started to wonder just how far I could take my sweet irish tonight. I told her to stay still and not move. I slowly leaned back, and watched as my cock pulled free from her cunt; her tightness caused it to stay snug, and I watched with interest as it continue to grab me inch by inch.

Once free I grabbed her bottom and moved it up so I could feast on her lovely pussy. Pushing my tongue as deep as it would go and forming a “straw” I sucked all of her honey from inside her. I loved her taste. Her “pearl”, as she called her clit, was exposed and as I quickly licked it side to side I could feel her jump with each pass. Moving up I found her ‘pink rosebud’ licking it made her jump a little as I made long licks, clit to anus.

I loved to watch the reaction of her tail hole each time my tongue passed over it, first it would tighten and then open, with each lick it would relax just a little more. Seeing her body responding, I pressed the tip of my tongue deeper into her rear door. Like a tiny cock it pressed deeper, and to my surprise she started to press back wanting more and more.

My hand was now taking her sweet juices and rubbing her clit in small circles, feeling another climax build as my tongue press deeper and deeper. With un-announced swiftness I took my left hand and left a beautiful handprint on her bottom. She jumped and pressed her bottom back further on my probing tongue. Another slap brought a whimper, and an enjoyable gush of honey from her pussy as it contracted in the beginning of her climax.

I planted 6 more slaps each harder, each producing more wetness, and my tongue finding new depths. My finger was busy rubbing her button. Finally she could take no more and screamed “I’m COMING! FUCK ME….. HARD…..”

With that I swiftly returned my cock to her awaiting pussy and in one swift move sunk it completely inside. In that position I found that I could hit bottom very easy and I proceeded to tap, tap on her cervix as fast as I could. “MORE… MORE”, she screamed, “Deeper!”

I picked her up. Being only 5 ft tall made it easy for me to move her in a way that I could reach her left nipple and reach her clit with my right hand. I was totally sunk deep inside my lover, cock head pressing against her womb, and she was squeezing her vaginal muscles like a milking machine, trying to urge all of my cum out of me.

I could bear the sensations no more. As hard as I tried, she was too talented. I grunted like a bull moose, and thrust as fast and as hard as I could sending globs of cum deep inside. Our hearts were racing, our noises pierced the evening air.

As I gained a little composure I pulled back slightly, moved her so she was on her back, and kissed her open lips, sucking her tongue, holding her tightly until I could feel her breathing return to normal. My irish was a wonderful lover, always willing to try new things. With that, my mind started to wonder what new things I could teach her.

Her Side

I’d enjoyed a steamy bubble bath, and decided afterwards to trim my auburn curls that had grown far too long for my tastes. I went to admire the job I’d done, and as usual was turned on by the beauty of my soft pale skin reflected in my full-length mirror.

I was expecting my lover and thoughts of his expression when he saw what I’d been up to made me caress myself. I knew I wasn’t supposed to do this without him present to watch…but… rules are meant to be broken. Besides, it had been a while since I’d received a spanking and I was guaranteed one if I was caught breaking any of his rules.

I heard the front door but pretended surprise when he walked into the bedroom where I was displayed in my glory. I had to lower my eyes so he would think me subservient…and to hide the delight that he’d played into my plans so well.

I managed the words in the tone he wanted to hear; but I was laughing inside that NOW I would get exactly what I wished…as I gave him a fuck to remember for the rest of his life. He just cleared his throat and I made a beeline for the bench in the corner, draping myself in a way that was sure to please…and cause a MAJOR tightness in his pants that would require the release I knew fully how to give.

I made sure he could see my glistening sex. I could smell my scent filling the air, like an opium dream, intoxicating to the senses. He could not resist, and made the excuse that he needed to see just how much “punishment” I deserved by testing the level of wetness I’d created without my Master’s permission.

In less than a minute he’d slapped me smartly ten times. I remained as still as I could, hoping for more. The heat radiated through my body from my reddened ass to my tits pressed down on the bench, and my throbbing clit. My ragged breathing and the soft purring I could not repress complimented the generously gushing honey the stinging slaps created.

He began to caress my heated, rosy flesh…pressing kisses in the wake of his hands. I was on fire! I arched my back, savoring his lips, his touch…ever closer to my throbbing pussy. I felt the honey dripping onto my thighs. I was so needy. I wriggled my ass invitingly, hoping he’d fill me up…and satisfying the need he’d made in me.

I heard his deep, sexy chuckle as he touched me where I wanted it most. I was surprised by the thumb he put deep inside me and his finger encircling my clit. It quickly grew hard, and felt almost like an electrical current igniting me deep inside where his thumb was doing unusual things to me. I HAD to have MORE so I began fucking him with backward thrusts; hearing the wet sounds of my juices squirting out, contacting his hand as he rammed it to the tempo I urged.

My cries of wanton lust were exciting to me as I heard him tell me, “Yes, that’s it…give me your cum…” I felt it growing – the intensity building suddenly like white lightening. My muscles began to clench on him like my honeypot was a second mouth – trying in vain to devour him.

I let it wash over me and cried out as even more honey dripped from me…cumming HARD and forcefully! The clenching of my cunt hadn’t subsided yet when I felt him rubbing his ramrod cockhead on my waiting sex – then he sunk it all the way to rock bottom making me moan low in my throat and growl like a tigress.

He pulled me upright so I had him buried to the hilt. I began to fuck him slowly, savoring the feeling of my wet ass cheeks against his shaven balls…and then almost pulling out…only to squeeze him tightly as I plunged him deeply into me again.

I could not BELIEVE how much honey was dripping down my thighs and all over HIM. His hands were squeezing my tits, and his talented fingers were rolling my erect nips – so gently pinching and tugging them the way that makes me purr with pleasure.

Just then I thought, “I will make him explode if I keep this up!” I wanted his hot cum inside me. Only not yet. I wanted to tease him, and make him NEED me more than he ever had before! After all, the night was still young. My honeypot NEVER runs dry, and I know he CANNOT resist the taste of my honey!

I was enjoying the teasing perhaps a bit too much, because he grabbed me around the waist and told me not to move. He is always full of surprises so I obeyed, feeling excited with the anticipation of what would he do next. I felt him gradually withdraw. I could feel the reluctance of my cunt greedily grabbing, as I tried to keep him inside me. When he pulled free there was an audible slurping pop sound, akin to a cork released from the tight neck of an Asti bottle.

I heard his breath sucked through his lips in appreciation at the sight of the shining and soaking feast before his eyes, only a split second before I felt him moaning into my succulent sex as he fastened his mouth on me. I raised my ass even more with a backward thrust of my hips, smearing myself all over his face.

I thought I’d died and went to heaven, but I was only glimpsing the pearly gates. He curled his tongue and effectively fucked my dripping honeypot, slurping and groaning his pleasure as I bucked back and forth…crying out to give me MORE MORE MORE…(Billy Idol song flashing through my sex-crazed brain) He did just that, finding my throbbing clit and flicking it rapidly from side to side with his tongue – only to return to drink the nectar that continued to flow.

I thought my next climax would shatter me, so I tried with all my strength of will to delay it; savoring what he was doing to me, to build it high like a castle in Eroticaland. But the man is too clever, and will not be denied.

He gave me the sweetest, longest licks. More like lapping in fact. He flattened his wickedly talented tongue and ran it lengthwise from my jumping clit all the way to my puckered rosebud. I don’t like anything inside my ass, but was surprised at how VERY wonderful he was making me feel. I was past all conscious thought by now, an animal craving, needing satisfaction.

I pressed further, wriggling my ass, moaning like the most expensive call girl as I urged him on. He was happily pressing his tongue, like a marvelous miniature cock, wetly into my ass each time he swept another luscious lap across that untried territory. The heat I felt was like a summer bonfire. But he was only warming up because the next thing I knew he’d found my painfully erect pearl with his fingers and began a circular massage – spreading my slippery honey all around as he concentrated on exploring my rosebud with his probing tongue.

I’d never felt anything like this before. Like I said, my lover was always full of surprises. Sensing that I was trying to hold back – selfishly, in his mind – he unexpectedly slapped my ass! The stinging slap acted like gasoline on my bonfire of lust.

I began to beg in earnest as more rained down upon my flesh, panting and swearing like a drunken sailor in the swirling heat of the passion I found myself. The pleasurable pain washed waves of fresh honey to coat my inner thighs. I could no longer control anything!

With my last remaining shred of self-control, I screamed out, “I’mmm CUMMING! Oooh…FUCK MEEEEE HARD!!!!!!” Just as the spasms spread red heat to every nerve in my body, he impaled me with his cock. OoooYES!! my body responded nonverbally. Aloud I commanded him, “MORE, MORE…Deeper!”

He obliged, lifting me as if I was no more than a feather in his embrace, pulling me swiftly upright and plunging to the depths I demanded. His hands captured me, with one on my left breast, and his other hand’s fingers encircling my clit. Pushing and pulling to the urgency of HIS desire now.

His hot breath, coming in ragged gasps, was sending shivers up my spine. He fastened his lips on the back of my neck and I clenched my cunt to milk him…to DEMAND his obedience to MY will! My will was to take ALL the jam he had. My moans and throaty purrs of ecstasy made a lovely harmony with his need.

He gasped, sounding surprised that I’d turned the tables on my “Master”. With a final primal roar, he let go…sending lava-hot cum shooting like a geyser to my very core. That was the pusher for me, this sudden heat forced my third rapturous release!

I nearly cried tears of sexual joy as I shuddered with prolonged pleasure. Words were beyond me. My heart trip hammered within my heaving breast. He cradled me, and so very gently laid me down onto my back, looking into my dreamy eyes.

He looked down at my mouth, lips still parted as I gasped for air. He bent down and kissed me, sucking my tongue and brushing the clinging hair back from my brow. I melted into his arms that held me so closely, that we seemed to be one body. The smile in his eyes said what he did not articulate.

I wondered if he’d discovered that my “Master” had really become a willing servant to his Mistress? I had sooo much to teach him, as I allowed him to continue to believe me his student. I smiled at the thought. I had as many fantasies to play out as he had surprises to spring.

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