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Online Mistress

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It all began with a “Hi” on the internet. Matt approached the innocent looking Sandy and struck up a conversation online. She was hesitant at first but eventually she opened up to talking with him. As talk progressed they slowly moved to the topic of sex and desires. Just before Matt had to leave she revealed that she enjoys being dominant in the bedroom. This perked his ears and his interest dramatically. They said their goodbyes and agreed to talk later.

That evening they again met online and picked up their conversation where they had left off. Sandy revealed that she loves to bend guys over her knees and spank them like the little boy in trouble. Matt’s cock began to twitch slightly from hearing this. They talked more and more in detail about the roles of sub and Dom. Sandy realized that Matt is eager to learn more about being submissive to a partner. He desires to be told what to do and to have his partner do as they wish to him.

Sandy decided to ask him a few questions to see how far he would let her go. The first question was “Do you have any limits?” Matt replied with “None other than severe pain and no physical marks left.” She relished his answer as her own pussy tingled slightly. “Have you ever had your ass played with?” her fingers typed eagerly. “I never have but always been curious. It must feel good or there wouldn’t be so many people who enjoy it.” Sandy’s pussy began to drip with each word she read. “Ever had it licked?” She asked as her tongue traced her lips. “Hmmmm…I have wanted to feel that but most women won’t go there. They enjoy it but think it is wrong to do it back.” It doesn’t take her long before she replies with a “Well I am not like most women!”

Her hands began to wonder as their conversation dove deeper and deeper into the darker realm of being in a submissive role. Since she was freshly out of the shower there was not much covering her once glistening body. A towel wrapped around her large tits and hid them. Not well but still hid them. The recently washed thong covered her shaven pussy. Sandy loosened the towel and let it fall back against the chair at her desk.

Now just in a thong she moves with her laptop to her bed. She laid on her side as she rested her head in her left hand. With her right hand free she lightly caressed her bare breasts and traced the outline of her ribcage. Sandy pulled on her hard nipples and gave them a slight twist to increase their sensitivity. On her screen she read as the stranger on the other end began to describe how he would be her slave and do everything she commanded him to do. Her hand made its way down to the top of her sheer thong. Without another thought her hand was inside her thong seeking the wet hole hiding behind it. “Mmmmmmm…very wet!” She thought to herself as her fingers penetrated the aching furnace in her thong.

She decided to get in on the act and began to give Matt some orders for him to complete as they spoke. The first was to turn on his webcam so she could see him complete each tasks. He did as she commanded and to her delight the image before her as that of a tall and slender black man with nicely defined abs. His dark skin was accentuated by the bright light behind him. His next task was to pull on his own nipples and tweak them. He did as she asked but not to her satisfaction. “Twist them HARDER!” she typed. Matt grimaced as he firmly grabbed his sore nipples and twisted them hard and pulled on them. Luckily this satisfied his online Mistress.

Sandy’s pussy was now aching for more. She had already cum once while watching the young dark skinned stud fulfilling her demands. She laid there with her fingers rubbing her clit as she decided what his next task would be. It was decided that since he experienced some pain it was time to experience some pleasure. “Take your cock in your hand and stroke it as you think about serving and pleasing me as I desire.” She watched as Matt slowly relocated the camera to expose his thick black cock. Sandy gasped as he took it in his left hand. The hand barely fit around it. With some of the precum he wet the palm of his hand and began to stoke the large erection.

Sandy moved to the nightstand and pulled out a small vibrator along with a much larger one. She took her place back in front of her computer as the young stud was still stroking himself. “You cannot cum until I tell you to.” He stopped for a moment to reply with a simple “Yes Ma’am.” Once again his cock was in his hand to do his best to please her. Sandy took the small vibrator and placed it first on her hard aching clit. The thousands of vibrations sent her body into ecstasy. Then she ran it down to her wet hole and lubed it up. Once it was good and wet she moved it to the tight asshole waiting to be penetrated. Slowly she slipped it in and she let the vibrating toy do its magic. Her ass gripped the toy and held it in place as she retrieved the large dildo that her pussy relished.

Before abusing her pussy with the large toy, she decided to give him another task. “Take some of your own juice and taste it for me.” Without hesitation he squeezed some of his juices out the end of his cock onto her fingers. She watched closely as the fingers entered his mouth and he cleaned them just as she had demanded. Her eyes widened as he completed his latest task. She knew there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

It had been long enough and she really needed to cum hard. “You are to get yourself close to cumming but do not let it happen.” Again all he could say was “Yes Ma’am.” With that she took the large dildo and teased the wet hole between her legs. With the small vibrator still deep into her ass she worked the other one into her pussy. She watched as the dark hand stroked the hard cock hard and fast before stopping and squeezing it. By now she had half of the monster dildo inside her now stretched pussy. With one hand she worked her ass and the other maneuvered the large dildo in her pussy.

The sensations of both holes being abused was getting to be too much and she knew the orgasm she desired was approaching. She stopped just long enough to tell the obedient masturbator that he could cum for her. Her eyes focused on the screen as he zoomed the cam to the tip of his cock. Her hands worked the toys in unison to pleasure both of her holes. With each thrust it began to get harder and harder to hold back the orgasm building within.

A message from her partner simply stated “I’m CUMMMMIINNNNGGGGG!!!” That was the last detail needed to push her over the edge as she watched the man’s cock erupt. Large spurts of cum shot out of the tip of his throbbing cock. She counted at least five of the shots of cum. Just as the last spurt left his cock her orgasm rocked her body. Her legs closed on her hands holding them in place. The aftershocks still sent chills through her body. She laid there as her legs relaxed and the toys slowly side out of her. Unable to move she took a moment to catch her breath.

When Sandy was finally able to muster up enough energy she typed to her new found slave that he had done a good job and she was proud of him. With the cam now focused on his face, he let a smile loose and said “Thank you Ma’am.” They talked for a few minutes discussing the details of the evening’s events before saying good night.

Several weeks past with regular nightly demonstrations of Matt’s obedience. Finally the moment came when she decided she had to meet her young online servant in person. She sent him an email with strict instructions and he is to do as she says or the meeting would be off. Matt opened the email and carefully read every detail of the instructions. They would meet the next weekend at a discreet club near her house. Some of the details included: •Wear all black dress clothes •No underwear •Completely shaven pubic area •A butt plug in place the entire evening

Matt made sure he followed the rules to the letter. The one he had the most problem with was the butt plug. He had rarely used one and now he had to keep it in place all night. Every night leading up to the big date he practiced keeping the plug in. Without knowing what she might have in store he tried to make sure no matter what the plug would stay in place.

Finally the big night arrived. He laid out he all black outfit on his bed as he went to shower. In the shower he took a great deal of time to make sure every hair was removed from his groin area. Once he was completely satisfied with the shave job, he cleaned the rest of his toned body. He turned of the water and dried off every inch of his body before getting dressed. Just before walking out the door he took a minute to insert the plug as his Mistress demanded.

Matt reached the club at precisely the time given to him. After making his way in he found a table with his name on it. Looking around for his mysterious lady friend, he took a seat and waited. An hour passed and he sat patiently as the plug was now beginning to become uncomfortable.

Finally he felt the soft touch of a woman’s hands on his shoulders. He turned around and saw the stunning lady he had only seen in pictures. Her long auburn red hair was curly and very thick. The black dress she wore did little to cover her large DDD tits. “Do you have your plug in?” was the first thing out of her mouth. Of course he replied “Yes Ma’am.” She took his hand and said “Good. Let’s dance.” The song was very upbeat and he was not sure how he would be able to keep the plug in with so much movement.

She could tell as they approached the dance floor the fear in his eyes and the grimace on his face that he was trying really hard to not disappoint her. The first few movements he was very cautious as he made sure to clinch his ass cheeks together to make sure it does not come out. As the night wore on he found it easier and easier to dance with it in place. She would not let him sit for long before getting him back out on the dance floor. It was getting late and finally slower songs with more suggestive lyrics began to play.

The sexual energy had been building slowly throughout the night but now it was heating up very quickly. Sandy turned her back to Matt and grinded her ass into his growing erection. She took his hands and placed them on her large tits. He needed no further instruction as he began to squeeze and caress them over her dress. Harder and harder she pushed her ass against his crotch. He pushed back just as hard into her. He had still yet to kiss her full lips.

The club was closing and she told him to follow her. They reached their cars and he stayed close as she led him a few blocks to her house. He parked and followed her to the door. Once inside the large domain he followed her to a room with a bed against the far wall.

The black satin sheets covered the large bed. Sandy sat at the edge of the bed and instructed him to remove all of his clothes. Matt quickly accomplished her command as he stood there in front of her naked. She sat there quietly visually inspecting the physical specimen in front of her. His toned dark body made her pussy so moist. Matt’s semi hard cock dangled between his thighs.

Sandy motioned for him to come closer. Without a word Matt moved to the spot right in front of her. “Undress me starting at my shoes. But you must kiss every inch of me as you do.” Matt shrunk to his knees and bowed before her before unbuckling her high heel shoes to slip them off her feet. He leaned down to place his lips on her feet. Not hesitating he kissed all over each foot. Slowly he kissed his way up her thin calves.

When he reached her upper thigh she leaned back and pushed him back down with her other foot. “Start over! Go slower this time.” With his typical response of “Yes Ma’am” he went back to kissing her well manicured toes. He took more time working his way up this time. Luckily she was pleased with the job he was doing and let him reach her upper thighs.

She stood up and turned her back to allow him to remove her dress. His fingers fumbled with the zipper before finally getting it to cooperate. The dress fell to the floor leaving Sandy bare except for a sheer black thong. She went over to the closet and returned with a collar and leash. Pushing him onto his knees she fastened the collar around his neck.

All of this was new to Matt. He had always fantasized about being dominated but he had never thought he would ever experience such sexual excitement. Sandy led him by leash around the bed and she sat on the edge. “Sit up and lick my pussy until I tell you to stop” she commands as she lays back. She gives the leash a subtle tug pulling him up to her pussy. He tugged her panties down and slid them down her legs. Once off he was able to gaze at her swollen lips. Even though they were swollen they were still very distinguishable.

Matt leans in and begins to run his tongue along the lips of his new Mistress. Moans escaped Sandy’s mouth as the hot tongue touched her aching pussy lips. He licked and sucked her pussy as she came over and over. Each time she came she screamed and tightened the leash pulling him into her pussy to make sure he tasted her cum. Her pussy had never felt so good before. She had already cum six or seven times and she needed a break.

She pulled his leash and laid him on the bed. Putting him on all fours she walked around him admiring his muscle trimmed body. All Matt can do is sit there with his ass in the air as she admired him. He watched as she walked over to a drawer. Sandy picked a few things from the drawer and returned to the bed. Matt’s eyes opened wide when he saw the objects in Sandy’s hands. There was a bottle of lube, a large butt plug, a medium vibrator, and a strap-on with two sizes of dildos for it.

Sandy began pacing around the bed with the vibrator in her hand. The anticipation of what she was going to do with it was driving Matt crazy. She gripped the shaft of the vibrator and slid it through her fingers that closed in around it. Slowly she fucked her own hand as she watched his eyes follow her from side to side. Finally she walked towards him and removed the plug still in his ass. The toy left his hole slightly open from being stretched for so long.

He sighed in relief as his ass was now toy free. Sandy had also prepared a warm wash cloth and began to gently clean her slave. She took great care into making sure he was clean and soothed. Then suddenly he felt a hard smack across his ass and just as he looked back he saw her hand about to pound his other cheek. The two assaults left ass red and stinging.

As any good Dom she also soothed the whelped areas by running her hand over them softly and lightly kissing them. Her kisses inched closer and closer to the still sore hole between his cheeks. With her nail clad fingers she pried his ass cheeks apart to expose the abused hole. Closer and closer she kissed. Each time he jumped a little more with this new experience. Finally her lips reached its destination. She lightly ran her tongue all around the hole to help sooth the pain of being stretched for so long. His eyes rolled back slightly from the ecstasy of being licked around his ass. “Grab your cock and stroke it while I lick your man pussy!” She demanded. He didn’t dare disobey and took his swollen cock in his hand.

Sandy’s tongue quickly began to lick and poke his ass. She flicked it quickly and then slowly to keep in that state of ecstasy. Matt spread his legs more as he continued to stroke his cock to let Sandy have easier access to his ass. Her tongue teased and played with his ass doing things he had never thought could be done with a tongue. He still stroked his hard cock even though it was so hard to concentrate.

Just when he was getting use to the delightful feel of his Mistress’ tongue, he noticed a cold liquid dribble onto his sensitive hole. Matt turned to see what was going on just as she lubed up the vibrator. He closed his eyes as he prepared for the larger toy to spread him more than ever. Then he felt the large head try to penetrate him. He knew he had to relax if he was going to be able to take it in and enjoy it. With several long deep breathes he was able to relax enough to allow Sandy to slide it all the way in.

The incredible sensations of his ass being spread, his prostate stroked, and his hand jacking his hard dick were beginning to be too much. Matt asked “May I cum please?” Sandy quickly responded with a loud and firm “NO!” She slowed down the strokes of the vibrator and lowered the intensity to let Matt relax and not cum. He took this opportunity to catch his breath. Sandy loved to pull the vibrator out and watch the poor hole slowly shrink back to its natural size before abusing it once again.

Every now and then she would lean down and give his balls a good licking or sucking. By now Sandy was ready to move on get a little more satisfaction out of her work. She removed the vibrator and told Matt to hold it against his balls until she was ready. He took a break from stroking but the vibrations were arousing him even more.

Sandy fastened the last of the buttons on the strap on and walked around to the other side of the bed where Matt’s face was. She ran her fingernails lightly over his bald head telling him how well he had obeyed her. With that she said “Now take my cock and suck it. Take as much of it in as possible and give me the best blowjob.” Matt hesitantly moved his lips closer to the pale “cock” before him.

He runs his tongue over his lips to wet them just before slowly taking Sandy’s unit into his mouth. This was the first time he had ever attempted to give a blowjob. He used his experience in receiving to do his best to please her. Luckily the pace of sucking her cock satisfied his Mistress.

When she could sense he was becoming more comfortable with his new skill she grabbed the back of his head and began to force fuck his mouth. In and out the cock flew between his lips and halfway down his throat. All he could do was sit there and do his best to keep from gagging on her cock. Every now and then she would completely remove it to slap it on his cheeks before cramming it all back into his mouth. Her finger nails began to dig into his scalp as she fucked his face even harder until reaching her own orgasm. She slammed it deep into his throat one last time as her body shook and weakened her knees.

Sandy took a few minutes to regain her strength and to let Matt catch his breath as well. Matt unconsciously rolled over onto his back forgetting that he was not to move. Suddenly a small pale hand smacked him in middle of his stomach. “What the hell are you doing? Did I give you permission to turn over? Why did you stop jacking off? Back on your knees Bitch!”

Quickly Matt returned to his former state on all fours with his cock in his hand. “That is your one fuck up. No more or there will be severe punishment.” Sandy said as she walked around the bed to get behind him. She climbed on the bed beside Matt. Slowly she allowed her hands to caress and explore the muscled man there at her disposal. Her hands made their way to his nipples. She ran her fingers over the small hard nipples before taking one between her fingers and pulling on it. “Stroke your cock faster for me.” Sandy whispered in his ear.

Matt eagerly complied with the demand stroked it harder and harder getting so close to cumming. Sensing this Sandy made him stop and squeeze it hard to keep him from erupting. “HARDER! HARDER MATT!!” His strong hand tightly gripped his cock squeezing it so harder it begins to hurt. While he was doing this Sandy was pulling and pinching his nipples. Unbelievably the pain gave way to a unique pleasure.

Just when Matt thought the pain was over he felt another object poking his tight hole. He didn’t notice that Sandy had behind him and lubed up the dildo and his ass. With his free hand he clinched the sheets as she pushed her cock deep inside him. She added more lube as she started to fuck him. Her hands grabbed his hips and she pulled him towards her with each thrust. Sandy loved the sight of her pale cock penetrating the dark toned ass in front of her. Matt was really starting to enjoy the fucking and he even found himself encouraging her to do more. “Fuck my tight ass! Fuck it harder!” Sandy knew she had him just where she wanted him. She squeezed his hips and fucked his tight hole even harder than before.

Both of their bodies were beginning to sweat. She slapped his firm ass hard enough to leave it bright red. “Turn over and lay on your back.” Matt collapsed onto his stomach before rolling over onto his back. While he turned over, Sandy switched out the dildos to the larger of the two. She pushed his knees up to his chest while adding more lube to both his ass and her larger cock.

She lined the large cock up with the already punished hole. Matt grabbed and squeezed his thighs as he took several deep breaths to relax in order to allow the larger cock to enter him. He watched as the cock slowly disappeared inside him. His eyes rolled back as Sandy finished inserting the rest of the eight inches. She took a few seconds to let him relax and get use to the larger cock before starting to move it in and out.

Their bodies started to rock together as Sandy fucked his tight ass. Matt could feel the large cock caressing his prostate. He had never felt anything like this before in his life. His head was swirling. He knew he would not be able to take much more of this. “Stroke your cock for me bitch” was all Sandy could mutter as she concentrated on giving Matt the fucking he deserved. “I want you to cum! I want you to cum all over my tits. CUM MATT! CUM HARD!!” Sandy leaned over his waist as Matt’s hands furiously fucked his dick. “Oh shit I am cumming. I am gonna cum hard. So fucking hard. CUUUMMMMIINNGGGG” Matt blurted out just before the thick white semen erupted from the tip of the dark black cock. The sight of his cum landing all over her large tits sent her over the edge and she came harder than before.

Their naked bodies lay side by side as they took a moment to catch their breath. “Clean up your mess” Sandy said to Matt. “Use your tongue to clean all of your cum off my tits.” Matt mustered up as much energy as he could to roll over to do as he was told. His tongue searched her large tits and stomach for the salty fluid he sprayed on her. He was now use to the taste of the thick fluid.

With her freshly licked clean body, Sandy went to get them a drink. Matt laid there on the bed with his eyes closed trying to regain his strength. He sat up when Sandy returned to the bedroom to enjoy the drink she had made. After a few sips and some small talk, she placed her lips on his full lips. Their tongues quickly intertwined and sought to tease each other. Sandy let her hand wonder to the flaccid cock between Matt’s legs. The tip still had a small drop of cum waiting to be devoured. She saw this as an opportunity to get his pleasure stick in her mouth.

Sandy set her drink beside the bed and with a slight grin made her way between Matt’s legs. She took the limp cock in her hand as her tongue licked the tip to taste the last drop of cum. “mmmmmmm….Now I know why you liked cleaning me so much.” Sandy said as her attention turned fully to the slowly growing cock in her hands.

The now semi-hard cock was growing more and more as she took it all into her mouth. With it soft she was able to fit it all in her mouth but now that it was hard there was no way she could get the full nine inches in. As her head bobbed up and down her hand glided in unison to caress the rest of his now fully hard shaft. The saliva covered cock flowed in and out of her mouth between her closed lips. With her other hand she light rolled Matt’s balls between her fingers.

Matt’s legs started to get restless as she would get him close to cumming again before stopping and keeping him from finishing. “You still have a lot of work to do so no cumming yet” she stated as she sat up between his legs. With the hairless shaft in her hands she moved up to sit on the long thick cock.

She teased him yet again by only allowing the tip to enter her dripping wet pussy. She took this time to relax her pussy enough to allow his cock to enter her. Finally she closed her eyes as lowered her pussy down on the dark rod. Matt watched as the contrast of his dark skin and her pale skin finally met as she took him all the way in. The tightness of her pussy was unbelievable. He moved his large hands up her waist past her stomach to her bouncy tits. Sandy moaned softly as she began to ride up and down the long shaft. With his cock fully covered with her juices, she started bouncing up and down enjoying the full length of his manhood.

Sandy moved to where she was squatting over his cock. He helped her with her balance by holder her hands in his. With her legs near his chest she rode up and down his shaft. Up and down….up and down….up and down varying the pace from hard and fast to slow and deep. Her hands moved to his chest as his moved to hers. Matt held her tits firmly in his hands as she rode him harder. Squeezing and pulling hard on her nipples sent Sandy over the edge as she came all over his cock.

With her pussy still pulsing, Sandy got on all fours and that is all of a hint Matt needed. It was his turn to be in control as he mounted her from behind. He slapped her ass cheeks and reddened her pale ass. His strong arms controlled all of her movements. His thick nine inches pounded her pussy just like she liked. With long hard deep strokes he put a lot of effort into pleasing her. Matt pulled his cock out long enough to slip his fingers in to lube them up. Then he shoved it all back in as she bucked with the re-entry.

Matt took his wet finger and inserted it into her ass. Again her body bucked from the penetration. She flipped her hair from side to side as she looked back at the ebony stud fucking her. The massive cock spread her pussy more than ever. The sound of the bodies slapping together filled the room along with her moans and groans of pleasure.

She felt her body tensing up with each thrust. Her moans began to mix with screams and she pushed her ass harder against the lover behind her. His balls slapped harder against Sandy’s swollen pussy lips. Matt could feel her vaginal walls tightening around him. Squeezing her hips even harder to pull her to him, he pounded her pussy hard and deep sending her into a wave of orgasms. Sandy uncontrollably screamed as the first wave hit and shook her body. She buried her face into the pillows to muff the screams as much as possible.

Slowly her body began to relax again. Matt had slowed close to a stop with his thrust while she took a minute to gain her composer. “Don’t stop fucking me now” Sandy growled looking back at her lover. Matt smiled as he leaned over to grab the strap on, medium dildo and the lube. She didn’t know of his plans until she felt the cold lube landing on her ass. Sandy wiggled her ass teasing him even though it wasn’t really necessary.

Matt fastened the strap on with the medium dildo on it. With her ass and the toy heavily lubed, he lined up the two cocks with the waiting holes. As she exhaled he inserted the two cocks slowly and steadily. Maneuvering the two cocks was a bit awkward but he quickly got the hang of it. Sandy spread her legs even more to help accommodate being double penetrated. Her hands were firmly wrapped in the sheets as she used them to stabilizer her body as Matt really started to pound her with double the pleasure.

Both of her holes were filled to the max with the medium toy which was 6 inches and then her lovers cock was a full nine inches. She could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other when they were buried deep inside her. Matt too could feel the other cock in her ass when they were buried deep inside Sandy.

Matt grabbed a handful of her hair to pull as he fucked her holes. His long muscular arms pulled tightly on her long light brown hair. The curls intertwined with his fingers. “Harder! Pull my fucking hair harder you cock sucker!” Sandy screamed from the pleasure of his tugging on her hair. As Matt fucked her even harder he pulled on her hair harder as well to pull her back against his cocks.

The pleasure of the pain from having two cocks splitting her in two and then her hair being pulled was building quickly within. Little did she know that Matt was also getting close to cumming. “Oh shit Matt. You are gonna make me cum soon. You are gonna make me cum so hard.” Sandy mumbled between screams.

He knew he was ready to explode finally and used his last bit of energy fucking his Mistress. Sandy began to furiously rub her clit bringing herself to the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever felt. His cocks kept penetrating her now swollen and sore holes. A loud scream erupted from Matt’s mouth as he filled her pussy with his hot cum. He slammed his cock deep inside her one last time. One….Two….Four….Seven…She couldn’t keep up with the number of orgasms rocking her body. The sensations of Matt’s cum hitting against her vaginal walls kept the orgasms going even longer.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Her body was too sensitive and she fell onto her stomach on the bed. He laid beside her as their sweaty bodies were unable to move. Their eyes closed and soon they were asleep. When Matt woke up in the morning he was surprised to find all of his limbs restrained to the bed. He looked across the room to see Sandy standing there with breakfast. She hand fed him and at that point he knew he was hers from that point on.

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