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Don’t Upset the Halloween Witch

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“Oh my God,” he moaned as he slowly woke, wishing he hadn’t. Zac Knight’s head was throbbing; a hangover, first class. Slowly, gently he rolled onto his back. He waited while the spinning stopped. His tongue licked dry lips. His mind refused to work, so he shut his eyes tight to try to doze off. He could vaguely recall last night; party, Halloween party. Fragments of recollection, some gorgeous blonde, arrogant bitch, bit of an argument over … over?

Something, who knows, who cares, then some freakish hag dressed up as a Halloween witch type person intervening. What did she say? Um, too hard. Something like ‘if you can’t agree then it seems there’s only one way for you to know, to really know, yin and yang’. ‘Enjoy your dream’ ah, ha ha ha she cackled. Was that real or did he dream it. “Oh my fucking head,” he moaned pulling the blanket over his head and going back to sleep.

When he woke later his head seemed a bit better, not much, but a little better thank God. The light was so bright the sun must be up. “God, how long have I slept?” he mumbled. His hands went to his face, brushed smooth skin, and then he pressed his knuckles to his forehead. The pain eased to murderous, good, he ran his fingers through his hair, it seemed unusually thick, unruly but everything seemed thick at that moment. “Never again, never again,” he promised himself. He shaded his eyes from the glare and peeped through closed lids, “oh fuck,” he moaned as the light seared his retinas. He squinted at the ceiling through half shut eyelids. His eyes moved slowly to the left, then to the right. “Where am I? Must have crashed somewhere, whose place? No idea,” he confessed as his stomach lurched. It looked feminine, a girl’s room. A smile slowly spread across his face. “Yeah, I guess I must have nailed that blonde bitch last night, woohoo, she was something special. Sexy as hell but such an arrogant bitch, she deserved to be slapped around a bit and fucked. They all react the same once you ram your cock up their ass. Fuck, it must have been good, I just wish I could remember it,” he reflected.

A quick glance showed that he was alone; disappointed he gently pushed the blanket down. As he did, there was a nagging doubt at the edges of his mind: something wasn’t quite right.

“Aaaarrrhhh,” he screamed as he looked down the bed, past his breasts. Breasts: the shock of seeing breasts. “I don’t have breasts,” his mind screamed at him. He literally jumped up, his head throbbing as he pushed himself back against the headboard. His jaw dropped open in shock. His hands were trembling; his small, delicate, perfectly manicured hands with red nail polish on the finger nails were trembling with fear. He pulled the top of his bikini pj’s open, his eyes boggling at the sight of his full breasts. At any other time, he would have admired those full, firm breasts. He did last night, but not today. God this is a lousy dream, the thought went through his mind. Fighting a growing terror, he swung his legs, his smooth, shaved, slim legs over the side of the bed and staggered to the dressing table beside the bed.

“No, noooo it can’t be, it’s not possible,” he whispered, and he could hear the terror in his voice as he looked in the full length mirror at the image of the blonde girl he was arguing with last night. He could feel a pain in his chest and he labored to breathe as he stared at his image. It was her, she did this, it had to be. What he saw, was what attracted him last night. A pretty face, framed by long luxurious blonde hair, messed up at the moment, but trailing down to the small of his back. A lock on the left side was hanging forward, seductively over one breast. Piercing pale blue eyes, pert nose and full lips gave the finishing touches to a face that would attract the attention of any male. Five foot six, blonde, her breasts were full and firm, part of an overall gorgeous figure. Slim hips, flat, tight stomach and long, slender legs. She was beautiful: but she was not him. For some moments, he stared transfixed at the image in the mirror, terrified, shaking uncontrollably.

He couldn’t move, frozen to the spot, he simply stared at the image in front of him as he grappled with the demons at the edges of his sanity. Then an unwanted feminine instinct shook his body and one tear, quickly followed by a flood of tears coursed down his cheeks. He was more confused. He struggled to comprehend what was happening to him. Him, he knew it was him, but he was in this female body, him, the essence of him, his mind, his feelings, his memories: all him, yet suddenly he was aware of her memories too, her emotions. He could access her some of her memories as well. He started to freak out.

“Christ, I’m going insane,” he uttered, “Someone must have spiked my drink, something. This isn’t happening, this can’t be happening.”

Struggling through the shock and horror, he knew that he was now in this female’s body. The essence of him, the maleness, his personality, it was all there, but he was trapped, in this female body. He also knew that her essence was gone, he controlled the body. However, he was acutely aware that her memories, her value set and the elements of her femininity remained, although the strength of his maleness overwhelmed the remnants of her. He was a male trapped in a female’s body, sharing the space. It was too much and he could hear the sobs from her female emotions wracking his body as he stood and looked forlornly at himself in the mirror. On another day, he might have appreciated her beauty, but not today.

On shaking legs, he staggered back to the bed and lowered himself to a sitting position. In a daze, he slowly pulled the neck of his pj’s forward and without any emotion stared at the two lumps sticking out from his chest. With knowing certainty, he stood and pulled his bikini pyjama pants down and looked in stunned silence at the neatly trimmed bush of hair that smoothly curved down between his legs where his cock used to be. He heard his feminine side sobbing quietly and he wanted to join it.

As he stared at his new body, he was overwhelmed with emotion. In total despair, he collapsed back on his bed. It took about 10 minutes for his feminine side to stop sobbing. Then he started to think. He tried, but couldn’t remember anything beyond that Halloween witch getting involved in an argument he was having with that blond bitch. It was all a blank. He had no idea how he got home, how he got to bed, nothing. Just waking up. Then he realised that if he was in her body then perhaps she was in his body. There must be way to fix this.

He reached for his handbag. His handbag! Why did the thought come so easily to him? Her memories. Fumbling around inside, he pulled out her phone. Staring at it for a moment he nervously punched in his number and waited as the phone rang.

He nearly wept as he heard the phone engage and he heard his own male voice answer, “Hello.”

It took a moment before he could speak.

“Um hello, who is that … is that Zac Knight’s phone?” he asked, aware of the uncertain quiver in his new female voice.

Then the quiet but controlled response.

“Yes it is,” I responded. “And I assume that you are Brandy Holmes?”

Zac’s heart was pounding in his chest as he spoke; a hint of anger in is voice. “Well, no, I’m Zac Knight, but at the moment I guess someone’s playing stupid games, somehow I’m sort of Brandy.”

“Yeah, I wondered how long it would be before you called,” I said. “You can imagine my shock when I woke and realised what happened. For me, that was very early this morning, so I’ve had some time to adjust.”

Adjust! I had been terrified. The mental process of rationalising that ‘you’ are in another body is beyond frightening. What exactly is ‘you’? How do you know? You just do and I knew that me, the essence of me was in this male body.

What I didn’t say was that when I got over the initial shock, I could feel the strength of his masculinity and intuitively knew that if I were to survive as an entity I would have to take control of his body. Divide and conquer, I immediately identified and separated the components of his memory, his masculinity and his emotions, put them in mental boxes where I could control each separately so that they were not in conflict with me, my femininity. Nevertheless, his persona was more than I could immediately handle in its entirety so I was forced to rationalise my strength and energy. Zac had a dark side to his persona with some extreme and violent elements, which required most of my energy to control. Consequently, I only had a loose rein on many of his thought processes, his emotions and his actions.

Unlike Zac, I could remember what happened, how he had made a real prick of himself and how the witch had intervened. “Ok,” I admitted to myself, “I was anything but prim and proper but if he had only left things alone, taken no for an answer.” I had used some of my time exploring his memories and was shocked and disgusted at what he had intended to do to me, what he had done to other girls.

But, given that he wouldn’t listen to the witch I also knew more about our situation than he did. Feeling his uncertainty, I decided to take my anger and frustration out on him. Riding a newfound wave of aggression, I really wanted to screw with his mind. He did deserve it.

“God, I woke up with a boner this morning. I couldn’t believe it when I looked down, I was in shock, as you must have been. I was a male. I had a cock … and balls. I pulled my jocks down and I saw this massive pole sticking up in the air from between my legs, oh God, I was mesmerised. At first I could only stare at it, I couldn’t move, I was in a state of shock. I couldn’t breathe, thought I was going to have a heart attack. My God, it seemed like forever but it was probably only 1 to 2 minutes. But then, I started to comprehend what was happening.”

“As the shock subsided I was able to look at it. What a cock, what a beautiful piece of meat. In addition, it was throbbing; I mean it was REALLY throbbing. I could feel it all the way down the length of the shaft to my balls. I could see it pulsing with every beat of my heart. Then well … it was like a magnet. I was nervous at first. I reached down and sort of just squeezed the shaft between my fingertips and thumb. Jesus, it was so fucking hard, I could feel the power coursing through it. Then I took it in my hand. Jesus Christ, I was in heaven. My legs were spread wide, so I reached down and fondled my balls … fuck me, what a feeling, I was almost drooling. Every nerve ending in my body seemed to be on fire. As I looked at it, I could see a dribble of pre-cum oozing from the slit. So I gently smeared that over the head. The lubrication made it so smooth. I didn’t think anything could be so sensitive, so pleasurable.”

“Inevitably I started to stroke it; I’ve done that to guys before so I know the moves. But this time I was on the receiving end of the pleasure and it was just so bloody good. I just wanted to prolong the pleasure as long as I could. I brought myself to the edge of cumming then kept myself there for ages, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Then it came. Oh…my…God, it exploded. Fucking sperm erupted into the air. Oh, you should have seen it. Fucking cum everywhere, on my body, all over the bed, burst after burst. I moaned out loud, maybe I yelled, I’m not sure, I was lost in the pure ecstasy of it all, I’m surprised I didn’t wake anyone with the noise. It was so good, unbelievable, and I’ve been playing with it ever since. What a cock, it’s magnificent. It throbs so much. I never knew just how sensitive a man’s cock was and the head, my God the feelings. When you rub it, the sensation goes right through your body and sears the brain. This cock is so big. I’ve never seen a cock as big as this one. How big is it? You must have measured it surely, it’s fucking huge,” I said enjoying stirring him up.

“For fuck sake, with all that’s happening, we’re talking about the size of my cock. I don’t want to hear this. Are you stupid or something? We’re in different bodies for Christ sake and I want mine back, can’t we talk about finding a solution?”

“No need to get nasty, I was just asking,” I said, more than pleased that he had risen to the bait. “Least you can do is tell me.”

“Ah for fuck sake, it’s nine inches, actually a bit more, a touch over nine inches.”

“Nine inches, I knew it was big, fuck that’s the biggest I’ve ever seen; thick too. I’ve never had anything that big inside me, who knows, if you weren’t such an arsehole. Jesus, when I woke up this morning I couldn’t believe it, God I just had to play with it. What an incredible feeling. Soooo fucking intense, as I said when it came, God there was cum everywhere. It took me ages to clean it up. I can understand why you guys … us guys … like sex so much. I can’t wait until I have my first fuck with this monster. There’s a few of my girl friends who would love to have some of this between their legs. I would like to mount them and stick this into them and listen to their screams of passion as they cum on the end of it. I tell ya, I could do some damage with this baby.”

It was too much for Zac. “For fuck sake, look, I don’t know what you and that witch have done but this is pissing me off. Never mind what you’re going to do with my cock. My cock do you hear! We have to sort this out and sort this out now!” he snarled, angered by my controlled response and seemingly acceptance of our situation.

“What I’ve done?” I questioned. My voice cold and emotionless. “As I recall you were the one who tried to come onto me, then abused me first, before carrying on abusing that Halloween witch. So don’t play the fucking ‘innocent party’ with me.”

“Whatever,” Zac said dismissively. “We have to meet and talk this through. The last thing I remember is when that witch jumped in between us. I switched off then, I was after a fuck not an argument and the next thing I remember is when I woke this morning. You must know more, so can we meet in a couple of hours and sort this out?” he asked.

My senses were on immediate alert. “What, when she stepped between us … which time?” I queried.

“Which time? I can only remember one time,” he retorted.

I smiled to myself; a slow cynical smile. In response to the conflict, I could feel his masculine traits agitated, trying to get free.

“Ah, so you don’t know the spell, don’t know how to break it then. Well my little chick-a-dee, perhaps you shouldn’t be so obnoxious,” I thought to myself and mentally loosened the domination and aggression factors of his masculine persona that were agitating to get into the discussion. I was stunned at the feeling of power and anticipation that coursed through my male body.

“Ok, you want to meet then we will meet. 3:00 pm today at …” I began to say.

“No, 3:00 pm is too late. We’ve got to get this sorted out now. We will meet at …” he interrupted.

“No” I said cutting him off, my voice calm and with authority as I felt a very masculine need to dominate. “If you want to meet we will meet, but understand very clearly, it will be on my terms or not at all. You know Clancy’s pub, be there at 3:00 pm sharp. I will reserve a booth so we can speak privately. I assume you’re in my bedroom so I’ll tell you what you will wear.”

“What, who the fuck do you think you are? I’m not …” and the tone of my voice stopped him in mid-sentence.

“If you want to see me, do not, I repeat, do not do that again. In the top draw of the tallboy, you will find a brand new little black skirt. Underneath that is a red blouse, it doesn’t need a bra. They are both new so you can have a treat. In the drawer by my bed you will find some underwear, wear one of my black thongs. And in the walk-in closet, you’ll find some red shoes. Wear the open ones, as the heels are smaller. We don’t want you falling over now do we?” I laughed.

“Oh, and seeing as it’s my body you’re flaunting around, put some make up on and some fancy ear-rings. You choose, let’s see what your sense of coordination is like. Oh, don’t forget the nails; I want all your nails painted red to match your outfit. I can’t be seen looking uncoordinated now can I?” Then my voice became cold, “Let me be crystal clear, if you come wearing anything else, I will get up and walk straight out the door, so don’t fuck with me mister. You’re the problem, you created this and just at the moment I’m not in the mood.”

And he seethed as I laid out the terms. But he had no alternative.

“Anyway, you had better get moving as you are taking my sister shopping in about an hour and a half. And make sure you look after her like I would.” I laughed out loud. “Guys always complain about how long it takes a girl to get ready so go to it sunshine and don’t mess it up. Oh, before I go, top right hand drawer of the bed side table, don’t forget to take your pill.”

“Pill? What pill? Oh Christ,” he said as it dawned on him. “Fucking bitch,” he muttered to himself as he rummaged through the drawers getting out the clothing that I’d instructed him to wear. He felt somewhat apprehensive as he looked at the skimpy clothes, but the choices were none.

It didn’t take him long to realize that time was his enemy. How long does it take to blow dry your hair! Forever it seemed. He realised he was struggling to cope with his new femininity and there were things that he just didn’t want to know. The voices in his head urged him to let her female traits take over the tasks and he was only too happy to do so. He mentally stepped back disgusted by the feminine tasks and allowed her latent feminism to take control of the process: the hair, the nail polish, the makeup and finally the clothes. By the time she had finished, unbeknown to him, a number of feminine traits had been nourished and strengthened, his/her new DNA reflected the altered male/female ratios.


His feet hurt and his calves were sore but he thought that after a while he had managed to walk in heels pretty well. Bloody hell, her sister Kylie had wanted to go everywhere. He just had to relax and let the feminine side of him take responsibility; it was a lot easier that way. Especially so when Kylie had started on about wedding dresses and the rest of that crap. He just closed his mind and left it to the body’s feminine instincts.

It was just after 3:00 pm when he got to Clancy’s. He stopped in the doorway and choked back a tear as he saw his male body sitting in a booth in the far corner. He made an effort to walk confidently to the table and sit opposite that arrogant, fucking bitch.

I had looked at this face and body every day in the mirror but I wasn’t prepared for the impact seeing my body would have on me. Zac had added sunglasses and the effect was stunning. She looked hot and sexy and in spite of myself, I was unable to control the male urges that engulfed my senses. I could feel an immediate arousal as the blood pumped into my cock.

Zac’s anger flared as I said nonchalantly, “I’ve ordered for both of us babe,” as he slid into the booth opposite me. He choked back a retort as the waiter brought over two beers.

“You look pretty hot babe. I like that outfit on you. Shows off my boobs and my legs to their advantage don’t you think?” I was mocking him and he knew it.

He stared dumbfounded at me as I leaned forward, my face close to him; intimate.

“Hey, you might be interested to know I’ve had my first fuck since swapping bodies. What an experience. I didn’t know that a woman’s cunt could give so much pleasure. I don’t know that I have the words to describe it but you know what I mean. Gorgeous looking chick but I won’t tell you any names because you know her. Smallish boobs, nice to play with, but what a fabulous tight little cunt she had. And boy, did she scream in ecstasy when she came, what a hot little slut,” I said and he could see the self-satisfied smirk on my face as I eyeballed him. He dropped his eyes.

He knew I was winding him up be there was little he could do other than listen.

In addition, he would have been more than angry if he knew that I had fucked his stepsister Dani.


I had been stroking my new cock while I spoke to Zac on the phone. I had allowed the aggression and domination personality traits to remain free as I played with myself. The feeling was so nice that I took the shackles off his sexual aggressiveness as well. Oh God, the seductive power, the unbridled sexuality of dominating another person. I was disturbed but luxuriating in the emotions as I talked sexually to him so I was thoroughly aroused when I hung up.

I heard the front door close and a vehicle start up in the drive. Using Zac’s memory, I knew his parents had left. Almost immediately, I heard noise from Dani’s room, then the opening and closing of the bathroom door. Moments later I heard the shower start.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed as an explosion of lust consumed my body, my mind and my senses. I tried to fight it, to regain some control but I was like a flailing puppet as the delicious feelings of lust engulfed my senses; consumed me. I was under siege, I knew that the remnants of Zac’s persona was rapidly taking control, a sense of panic swept through me. I couldn’t contain him. Desperate not to lose everything I focussed on containing the three cells that held the real Zac, the evil part of him, the violence and sadistic elements. I knew that if I lost those he would be in total control and I would lose my identity. However, it came at a cost. Clinging desperately to the three cells I let go the shackles holding his sexual predatory traits. I gasped at the feeling of unbridled sexual aggression coursing through my body, it was beautiful. The feelings of desire flooded my body as the blood surged into my cock, then the throbbing sensation as my cock became fully aroused and my mind went to full fuck mode. I tried in vain to control my emotions but I was a boiling mass of sexual energy. I felt like I was just a massive penis, my cock a divining rod searching for a cunt, and I knew exactly where that cunt was. Zac’s personality was in complete control of my physical motor skills, I could do nothing to stop him, he would have his way and frighteningly I would be an unwilling participant/spectator to my own actions.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah you bitch,” I heard in my mind. And I could feel the masculinity as he flexed his strength. “Now we’re going to see some action. And you’re going to love it, you’re going to feel every inch of your cock raping her, tearing her apart, you will hear every scream, every groan and then you are going to cum inside her baby. I’m going to control your body and your mind; my thoughts will be yours, you see everything, feel everything and it will be you who does everything. Exciting isn’t it?”

There was something in Zac’s history, something in his mind that I couldn’t grasp. I was powerless to control his emotions and actions as I stood up and unlocked my bedroom door. I felt like I was following a program, a script, like watching a movie through a camera lens as I moved. I could hear my breathing as I stood for a moment outside the bathroom door. I stared in horror as my hand reached for the door handle, I could feel my hand grasp the knob and turn, I prayed that it was locked, it opened. My heart was in my mouth as I walked into the bathroom.

“Oh, sorry sis,” I said innocently as I closed the door behind me. “I didn’t realize you were in here,” I said with exaggerated innocence. I took delight in noticing the small things. The look of shock on her face, the quick movement of her hands as one covered her breasts and the other her pussy. Then the look of fear as I first took off my T shirt then my jocks. I noticed Dani’s eyes flick down to my throbbing, erect cock, then widen in surprise as she took in the size, the terrified look as she flicked to my face and saw the merciless smirk, before her eyes were drawn to my cock again. She stood immobile, staring at me – her brother, well, his erect cock to be precise. I could see the trembling of fear in her body. The feminine part of me shared her fear; the rest of me luxuriated in it.

Then I knew that for Zac, it wasn’t just a matter of rape, he wanted to hurt her, dominate her mind, to break her will as well, to humiliate her. I tried to fight his urges but the feelings of lust simply pushed me aside. She should have screamed, should have run, I willed her to but she did neither. I knew she was gone yet I was destined to be an unwilling participant as I was forced to move on her. I could hear the voices in my mind mocking me as the feelings of power, the beautiful lusting power surged through my body.

Dani was an attractive girl. At 19 years of age, she had smallish boobs but a sexy body. Long, dark hair and brown eyes gave her a look that promised a sensual, sultry bedroom experience.

She almost fainted as with a shrug, I stepped into the shower behind her. “Ah well, I’m here, so I might just as well join you. After all, we are family,” I said with a laugh. “Here, give me the soap and I’ll wash your back.”

Dani was shaking in shock and fright as she turned her back slowly to what she thought was her brother.

“Zac, please don’t,” she said fearfully.

“Don’t? don’t? don’t what Dani, I’m just going to soap your back. Unless… what are you suggesting? I well, I hadn’t thought of… that… but if that’s what you want,” I said callously, cynically challenging her to respond.

“Zac please,” she pleaded cowering from me and I could feel the surge of lust driven by power as she sobbed then choked back tears.

“Oh I always please dear sister, have no fear for that.”

Gently, taking all the time in the world, I gathered her hair and gently draped it over her shoulders. I lathered her back, taking my time soaping her neck and shoulders: massaging her tense muscles.

She felt a tremor of concern as she felt my hands slip under her arms and she knew that the fingertips deliberately ran down the sides of her boobs. I marvelled at the feeling as my hands brushed another woman’s breasts, the soft, smooth skin, they had an erotic feel different from anything else I had touched. There was no question about intent when I ran my fingers down the crack between her ass cheeks but she was too afraid to say anything. This was her brother after all. She knew all about his dark moods, about his violent temper, his evil side and what was she going to accuse him of?

“You’ve got a nice ass,” I said leaning into her and whispering in her ear as I massaged her ass cheeks. I could feel myself losing control of my emotions. “And you’re going to fill it,” the voices laughed in my head.

“And a nice neck,” I said as I kissed her neck. And it felt good. I knew we were both being raped.

In despair, I could feel my arms circle her waist. I spread my hands over her tummy. Oh the feelings of arousal, of anticipation as I felt her ragged breathing. For a few moments, I simply massaged her stomach, tormenting her. To my shame I was revelling in the seduction.

“Some of the guys say your tits are a bit small but I reckon they are a nice handful,” I said as I casually reached around her taking a breast in each hand. Instinctively she jumped back into me, only to push hard against my throbbing cock. Suddenly I was bristling with sexual aggression. With a hand on each breast, I held her firmly in place as I started to roughly grope her breasts. My pleasure heightened as she squirmed against me trying vainly to wriggle free, which only served to push her harder against my aroused cock.

“Oh yeah baby, these are really fun to play with,” I laughed cynically into her ear. “And I bet your nipples are aching, you want me to roll them into little aroused buds for you, don’t you?” I said, as I took her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. “Do it, do it,” I heard to voices.

Part of me was ashamed but I was also on a high of sexual arousal. This was nothing to do with seduction; it was about force, about exerting power, about the thrill of domination: pure lust. She moaned as I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. I enjoyed feeling the small body rubbing against my raging cock. I couldn’t help myself, while I was terrified at my part in the destruction of Dani but for me the real terror was the voices, his voices in my mind laughing at me, taunting me as my own feelings of arousal grew.

“Zac, what are you doing? You can’t do this to me,” Dani pleaded, struggling to break from my grasp.

But I knew women. Not that in my lust crazed state I was really capable of rational thought anyway. I continued to press my cock against her back while fondling her breasts, taking time to roll her budding nipples between my fingers. I could feel the excitement coursing through my body, the heat of her naked body against mine desperately trying to break free. But my grasp on her breasts held firm.

Slowly but surely her protests weakened. Full of lust I turned her around. I could feel her trembling in fear and anticipation as I placed a thumb and forefinger under her chin and lifted her face. Gently I brought her lips to mine and as the hot water cascaded over us, we embraced. As my tongue chased hers, I dropped a hand and I could feel her tense as I gently cupped her pussy. She whimpered. I felt the tightening of her stomach muscles and heard the quick exhalation of breath as I slowly ran a finger down the length of her slit. I knew the prize was mine as I slipped a finger into the warm folds of her pussy. Then casually I slipped a second finger into her body and began to finger fuck her, lubricating her tight cunt.

I was lost in the feelings of sexual excitement. My cock was almost painful, throbbing with desire. I needed to bed my cock in her, more than that; I needed to take her against her will. I spread her feet, placing one on each side of the edge of the bath. Holding her firmly I guided her onto the tip of my cock. Any regrets I had were lost as the warm folds of her cunt engulfed the head of my cock. Slowly I pushed the head against the tightness of her cunt. My mind exploded with the incredible feelings. I could feel my heart in my mouth as I struggled to breathe, the feelings were so intense. Zac had me, I didn’t care about her anymore, didn’t care about the morality of what I was doing, urged on by the voices in my mind my only thoughts at that time were to fuck Dani. Fighting the desire to ram it into her, I gently lowered her onto my pole. At first, there was resistance as she struggled against me, struggled to accommodate my size. Then suddenly she arched her back and gave a small cry as her cunt stretched and the head of my cock slipped inside her. As I smoothly slipped into the silken warmth of her sex, I understood the raw power of Zac’s masculinity, the sheer force of his sexuality was overwhelming me and I didn’t have the strength to fight it, didn’t want to; I let it engulf me. I was in heaven. I didn’t need Zac; I thrust my cock into her.

“Fuck her, fuck the bitch,” I heard but I didn’t need any urging.

I vaguely heard Dani cry out in pain as I rammed the full 9 inches of my cock into her tight cunt then started to pump it mercilessly into her, urged on in a sexual frenzy by his voices. It wasn’t long before the cries of pain turned to moans of pleasure. So lost was I in the sexual frenzy that I failed to notice that Zac had withdrawn his control and it was me, caught in the moment who was fucking Dani.

“Oh my God, do it, do it to me Zac, oh fuck me,” she groaned into my ear. And the more she groaned the harder I thrust my pole into her abused cunt. By now I was totally out of control, no better than a rutting animal.

“Oh God Zac, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cuuuuuum, Zac, Zac, fuck, I’m cuuumiiiiinnng, Arrrrgggghhh fuuuuck,” she screamed and I couldn’t help but join her as I felt my balls contract and I shot load after load of sperm into her slick cunt.

I held her in place, impaled on my cock as the blood flowed back into my brain.

As I collected myself, I eased out of her cunt.

I was still bristling with the aftermath of lust. My senses drugged with rampant sexuality and aggression. I stepped back and gave Dani a brutal slap across her face. She staggered back, slid to the floor, more from shock, and hurt than the force of the blow. She raised one hand to her stinging cheek then let out a sob as she looked forlornly at me. I stood over her, my aggressive stance intimidating. Even so, I was shocked as I heard myself speak to her. “You’re mine now bitch,” I snarled and then watched as her eyes dropped to the floor and her head bowed in deference to me. And, I started to get an appreciation of what it meant to be Zac.

I didn’t move for her. I stood over her; dominant as she picked herself up, moving around me to get out of the shower.

As I came to my senses I staggered back to my room, shocked at the high the sex, the aggression and the violence gave me. Both worried and thrilled with the addictive nature of the beast. I could feel my cock rising in arousal again.

“Yeah, you enjoyed that didn’t you? It gives you a rush doesn’t it?” the voice said in my head, taunting me.

“I’ll never do that again,” I said aloud and my words were greeted by a chorus of laughter.

I knew it was Zac’s masculine side speaking to me. “And the more you use us, use our special talents, the better the sex will be, for you and her. Now don’t tell me that wasn’t the best sex you have ever had, it was. And don’t tell me that it wasn’t the best sex Dani ever had, she was screaming in orgasm and you did it to her. How many women get to that level? Moreover, if you use us we can take you and your partners even further, it just gets better and better. Look, no woman likes a wimp; they all like strong, powerful men. And you would be surprised, no, astounded at how many women love it that way, love to have a dominant male in charge. Once you establish your control, you cannot ever let it drop. Your women would treat you with contempt. So babe, you know where to find us, we are only too willing to help and dare I say, satisfaction guaranteed. Just for the record, you actually saved her from a beating. Zac had planned to take her anyway but he was going to beat her into submission first. It was just a matter of when. You were able to modify that.”

I was shaking. The words reverberated around in my head. Suddenly I understood why I felt like I was following a script; I was. Just my version didn’t have the violence that Zac had planned. I was sick as some of his plans filtered through my memory bank. I knew they were playing with my mind, but I could feel my arousal, feel the lust coursing through my body and the rush of white-hot excitement as I relived the event.

I knew with absolute certainty that I would take Dani again, and again, and it would be on my terms. She wouldn’t complain.

After the events, it was a battle to harness Zac’s sexual and aggressive traits. I was exhausted when I finally locked them away. I was frightened at the raw sexuality and power and I knew that in the future, I would have to train and control those traits or they would dominate me. I wondered whether I had the will to stop using them again; actually, I knew I didn’t.

And I could hear the whispers in my head as I went to breakfast only to find Dani was there before me. Without a word, she set the table and prepared a breakfast for me. Demurely she poured my coffee. When we finished, she cleaned up after me. She made no move or sound as I came up behind her and fondled her ass. When I got back to my room, I was surprised to find that she had already tidied up my room.

There was no protest when I entered her room and started to caress her body. Fifteen minutes later she was bucking under me, moaning in passion as she rapidly approached her second orgasm.


Zac couldn’t decipher the look on my face. My body language oozed power and aggression, I was in charge and he knew it. More to the point, he knew it and didn’t like it. My eyes seemed to bore into him, challenging him with some superior knowledge. The satisfied smirk on my face belittling him. He sipped his beer nervously wondering which of his girlfriends I had fucked. God she hadn’t waited long he thought.

He was wilting under my gaze and he was annoyed at himself as in a very feminine way his nervousness showed as he lifted one hand and absently pushed a lock of hair behind his ear. He could feel a hot flush of embarrassment rising on his breasts and cheeks as I continued to stare at him in a dominant manner. Suddenly he was fighting back feminine tears, the heat burning behind his eyes. He almost snapped as I leaned across the table and dabbed a tear off his cheek. “Don’t touch me, I’m not your plaything and I’m sure as hell not a fucking poof,” he growled.

“Poor baby, you’re taking this hard aren’t you. If it helps, you look gorgeous when you are angry. Or should I say I do,” I said mocking him.

He fought for some semblance of control.

“You did this to me you bitch, it was your fault, it must have been,” he sniffed uncertainly.

“My fault?” I said leaning into him. My eyes drilled into his. “My fault? Of course, you might wonder how the witch felt when you told her to fuck off. If I remember rightly, you called her a fat, old hag, too ugly for anyone to fuck. Now I wonder, whether that might have had any impact on what she did.”

“Whatever, I want it to end; do you know how to end it? Please,” he pleaded.

Well, I did know how to end it.

“You must embrace in a kiss, a proper kiss by midnight tomorrow,” the Halloween witch had said. If you can’t manage to set aside your differences and get together by then, well then, you can do it on the 31st of any month before next Halloween and the spell will be broken. But it must be a real kiss and if you haven’t done it by Halloween next year then your changes become permanent.” Nevertheless, he hadn’t been listening had he? Typical. And just at that moment, I couldn’t see any reason to tell him. He was so fucking ignorant. No, there was no way I was going to break the spell tonight. I wanted the bastard to suffer, was enjoying seeing his squirm. In addition, the next 31st wasn’t until New Year’s Eve. Best case scenario; there were seven months that had 31 days, so seven opportunities in the year, plenty of time to put him through the ringer if he didn’t change his attitude.

“I didn’t do anything to you. I’m under the spell too, if you recall. But the witch told me, she told you how to break the spell. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?” I said my voice dripping with mischief and cynicism.

“Me, she told me!” Zac spluttered, a look of shock distorting his face.

I was in total control; I could feel that familiar throbbing in my cock as I looked at the terror on his face.

“She didn’t tell me anything, I can’t remember, what am I going to do now?” he wailed and again tears started to trail down his cheek.

“Thanks for the consideration,” I thought. “God, I look so vulnerable when I’m crying. I am really gorgeous,” I thought as I looked at my former face and body.

Then before we could continue, our conversation was interrupted.

“Hey Brandy, what you doing slumming it down here?” said a jovial voice and they both looked to the sound. Zac quickly wiped his eyes and tried to hide his emotions.

I smiled to myself as my friends Miranda and Maria came across to their table. Miranda is my best ever friend, everyone loves Miranda. Only 5’2″ tall she is the party girl, bright, happy, pretty with a perfectly proportioned body. A shock of natural blonde hair (the bitch) she was hot. Sexy hot. Moreover, if I could believe any of the stories she told me she was adventurous in bed. I looked at the momentary confusion on Zac’s face as the girls addressed themselves to him under my name.

“Hi girls, want to join us?” I said to the obvious discomfort of Zac. “I don’t know if we have met, but I’m Zac and of course you know the gorgeous Brandy,” I said teasing him. I smiled to myself as I looked at Zac. His distress and desire to speak to me was obvious and I revelled in his unease.

I realised at that moment that I would have to start referring to Zac and I by our new bodies as other people saw us. That I would have to refer to Zac in my body as Brandy and respond now to the name of Zac. I made a mental note.

Miranda quickly slipped into the booth next to me, deliberately pushing close. She noticed the red, puffy eyes on Brandy and assumed we had just had some form of argument. However, she had never seen Zac before so didn’t think it was a lover’s tiff.

I knew that Zac was an attractive looking guy. Around 6’3″ tall, I now had a good build, medium length sandy hair and a handsome, masculine face. The smile had a sexuality that couldn’t be missed and at that moment, Miranda was almost wetting her pants as I unleashed all the charm that Zac possessed.

“I’ve got to go to the loo,” Miranda said after a short while and scurried off. When she returned I felt a hand press something into mine. I waited until the right moment when no one was looking and glanced down at the piece of paper from Miranda, it had her mobile phone number. Not that I needed the number, I already knew it by heart.

I gave Miranda a slow sexy smile and cocked an eyebrow at her.

Oh God, he’s so hot, I want to fuck him, Miranda thought as she felt my leg rub against hers. I knew who my second conquest was going to be. I liked being a guy, for a while at least.

The girls were in no hurry to leave, especially Miranda as I dropped my hand below the table and casually ran my fingers over her bare thighs. Ah, if only she knew that it was me. So it was some time later when Miranda and Maria left. I could see that Zac was desperate to reopen our discussion. Before he did, I reached across the table and took both his hands in mine. I held him as he recoiled from my touch.

“Don’t touch me,” he said angrily.

I smiled, but didn’t release my hold on his hands. I knew myself, knew my triggers and thought I was coming to know Zac as well. I was very aware of his disgust at gays and his aversion to being touched my other males. I was also acutely aware that while I had emasculated Zac’s traits, he would not have thought to do the same to mine. I didn’t know what effect that may have.

“Look, it’s about time that you realised that we are in this together. It’s not just about you. I’m in the same predicament as you. If we are going to solve this then we are going to have to work together, not against each other. It’s getting on and this place is not going to be quiet enough. No arguments, I know you like Italian and there’s a nice Italian restaurant just down the road.”

I smiled to myself as I remarked, “I’m buying you dinner so grab your handbag and we can discuss how we are going to solve this thing.”

I couldn’t control the flutter in my heart as I watched Zac stand. The way she leaned forward as she rose giving me an open view of her cleavage. The flick of her head as she captured the runaway strands of her hair, tilting her head back exposing her neck as she gathered the hair and pushed it over her shoulders so it hung enticingly down her back, the smooth lines of her hips, flat butt and the slim legs, all were a turn on. I was a male in the company of a gorgeous woman and I was responding accordingly.

Zac snatched his handbag. As they stood, Zac took a few unsteady steps to the door.

“Are you ok?” I inquired.

“I think my feet must have swollen while we were at the table. I’m not used to these bloody heels,” he growled.

I suppressed the urge to laugh. “Here, let me help. Take my arm while we walk, it will be easier for you,” I said speaking to his feminine side.

“Don’t touch me,” he snarled pulling his arm away.

“Oh for God sake, don’t be so sensitive. After all, it’s your arm you’re going to be holding. I’m just trying to look after my feet. God, for anyone in the street it’s just a chic and a guy walking arm in arm. And even if they did know us, who’s going to care?” I said and he couldn’t deny the logic. Reluctantly he let me take his arm.

We hadn’t gone far when we passed a clothing shop. “Look babe, I didn’t expect us to get caught up with Miranda and Maria. It’s getting cold and you aren’t dressed for it. You must be freezing, your nipples are already showing. Come inside and I will buy something a bit warmer for you to throw over your shoulders.” Before he could argue, I went on. “I know what you are going to say but I’m buying it for me. Ok? You can just wear it for the time being so don’t jump on me.”

Ten minutes later they came outside, Zac was embarrassed but warmer. Zac had shut down, didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to be involved so I conversed with my feminine side as we tried on various articles of clothing before I settled on a suede jacket. I took great delight fussing over him as he tried it on.

“You look good babe,” I commented as we walked out into the street.

Zac was still struggling to walk properly and I placed my arm around him, pulling him to me. “Just don’t argue,” I said cutting him off. “It’s not far, just where that sign is on the left,” and he saw the sign about 100 metres further on. And so we walked as lovers do, to the restaurant and he accepted that it was easier.

As we entered the restaurant, the waiter looked to me as the male for direction. I pointed to a booth at the back, which gave us some privacy. The booth was small and we sat opposite each other but close. The waiter took our order and I asked for a bottle of wine. I poured a glass for each of us. Mentally I reduced the bonds on a number of his male traits.

“Give me a foot,” I said to him.

“What, what the fuck are you on about?” he said with a degree of hostility.

“Oh for goodness sake. I’m a girl, that’s my body you are in at the moment and if it’s alright by you I want to make sure that it’s looked after. I know what new shoes are like, my feet often hurt. The waiter won’t be back for 10-15 minutes so for goodness sake; just work with me for a while can’t you. Put one of your feet up here on the seat,” I said patting a spot beside me smiling sympathetically at him.

This had not been a good day for Zac! He was too down to argue with me anymore. Looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was looking, he tentatively lifted one foot and placed it on the seat in the space between the wall and me.

“That’s good baby,” I cooed as I quickly undid the ankle strap and removed the shoe. I started to gently massage the tender foot and Zac surrendered himself to my gentle, soothing ministrations. His lips pursed in a silent “O” as I expertly rubbed and squeezed his Achilles and calf muscles bringing the most pleasurable relief. When I finished one foot, there was no reluctance to giving me the other. Zac relaxed and let me do my work.

“Ok honey, I think we’re done. Time to eat,” I said quietly and in his relaxed state, he missed the salutation. However, his feminine side didn’t. I looked at Zac over the rim of my glass of wine. Not for the first time that day I admired my own beauty and when he looked up at me I made a deliberate play to drop my eyes and ogle my own breasts, as he had done too many girls previously. I could see him breaking down under the strain and the uncertainty as he looked away. The frustration, the uncertainty was playing havoc with him. For the umpteenth time that day, I felt my cock stiffening in arousal, feeding off the power of dominating him.

I watched him trying to arrange his hair so it didn’t drop on his plate. Instinctively I knew that it would be better if I could encourage him to let the female instincts grow. I knew how hard I had to fight to maintain control over the male instincts in my body.

“Look babe, stop trying to do female things as a male, it doesn’t work. I had to figure that out too. Whether it’s your hair, your makeup, your dress, your walk – whatever, just back off and leave that to your feminine instincts.” He glared at me but I could see his small shrug of resignation as he took the advice. Without his interference, his hands magically swirled the hair into a bun.

I was nervous. I knew time was running out if I was to break the spell that night. Knowledge is power, and as I reminded myself, I had the power; I was the only one who could break the spell.

I was acutely aware of the implications and of the fact that it would be a full two months, new year before I could end it all if I elected not to do so tonight. For some time I vacillated over a decision. And with some reservations for my own self and body, I reaffirmed my decision to let the first opportunity pass. With the finality of my decision, I acknowledged the throbbing sensation in my cock as my eyes roamed over my female body.

Decision made, I had to consider how to manage Zac. The last thing I wanted was for someone to fuck my body without my knowledge: it was a dilemma and I determined the best way was to keep him close to me.

When I dropped Zac off at my parent’s house, we had arranged to meet the following day on the pretext of going back to the party house to see if it brought back memories.

When I returned home, I sat in the car for a few minutes, contemplating my position. I unzipped and squeezed my throbbing cock. “God what have I done. I’ve always said guys are controlled by their dicks and here I am doing the same thing.” I looked down at it. “But it feels so fucking good. Well, that’s it; I’ve got two months to see how much enjoyment I can have with this thing.” I thought and was quickly reminded, that I hadn’t leashed his sexual traits as a wave of desire swept through my body. I did nothing to dampen the feelings as I entered the house.

I undid all bonds on Zac’s sexuality traits as I passed the parent’s room. Closing the doors behind me, I went through the house to the back area where the children slept. I went straight to Dani’s room. Undressing quickly, I climbed into bed with her. I took a handful of her hair and before she had even come awake, pushed her head down to my throbbing cock. I sucked in a mouthful of air in pleasure, as I felt her warm mouth engulf the head of my cock.

Dani didn’t have much experience at oral sex but she knew the basics and any doubts she had were soon dispelled as my moans of pleasure grew in frequency and volume. “Oh that’s fucking beautiful,” I said putting my hands on the back of her head pushing my cock deeper into her throat. “Ah fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh God, swallow bitch, swallow, take it all, ahhhh arrgghhhh,” I groaned, as I filled her mouth with my sperm.

I didn’t get out of her bed. Sated for the time being I lay beside her and quietly started playing with her body. Initially she seemed uncertain, stiff, but I could slowly feel her responding as I caressed her breasts before biting hard into the nipples. When I slipped a finger into her sex, I was not surprised to find it wet and warm. As I played her body, I enjoyed hearing her quiet moans of pleasure until some time later her hips were bucking against my fingers. I climbed between her legs and brought her to a shattering climax before filling her cunt with sperm. We slept together and she was a willing partner as I took her again in the morning before going to my own bed.

Thereafter, we slept together every night. We quickly developed a ritual of sex before sleep and on waking before one or the other went to our room. I was seduced into unleashing various masculine traits when taking her. Each time became a new high. More and more I gave in to the male persona, it was seductive, exciting, and adventurous and I allowed myself to be led to greater sexual experiences. The rougher I made it, the more Dani seemed to enjoy it.


My attempts to stay close to Zac came to an abrupt end. We revisited the Halloween house but there was nothing to trigger any memories for Zac. Stressed, he quickly became agitated and unstable. He broke down sobbing and when I went to console him, he completely lost his temper. He blamed me that he couldn’t remember anything at all from that night. He was frustrated when I kept reminding him that the witch had said that we had to work together to break the spell. “Work together on what?” he snorted, “what are we going to work on if I’ve got no fucking idea of what she said? I’ll fucking ring you if I remember any fucking thing,” he said as he stormed out. We left on bad terms.

I realised that I had made a mistake in not breaking the spell immediately. I had not been prepared for the power of the male sexuality. I knew I had been seduced by the constant barrage of sexual thoughts that my male side had. I found myself constantly thinking of sex, evaluating every woman in sexual terms, the sensory input overwhelming, legs, tits, cleavage everywhere you looked – and the constant state of arousal that I was in, as a consequence. It was too seductive, too titillating, too exciting at the time. Now, it was also too late.

At the start of the week, we both had classes to attend at college. With some concern, I went looking for Zac at lunchtime. I froze as I turned a corner and saw Billy Baxter and his band of lecherous cronies milling around Zac.

I hated Billy Baxter. Billy was into drugs and had a reputation of drugging up unsuspecting girls and letting his crew have a gangbang. They filmed the rape and used it to blackmail the girls into silence. Billy had tried to seduce me on many occasions and once tried to force himself on me. Seeing Billy openly flirting and ogling my body made me sick.

“Can I see you for a minute please,” I said nervously to Zac trying to keep the concern from my voice. I knew it was not good when he retorted, “Yeah, when I’m ready. I’m talking with Billy, so I’ll catch you later.”

I stared for a moment, and then with my face burning I turned and walked away to the muffled sounds of laughter behind my back. I spent a nervous afternoon wondering how to deal with the matter.

“Zac, don’t you understand, I know this guy, and Billy is bad news, really bad news. You don’t want to be associated with him. Let’s face it, it’s my body you’re flaunting around there,” I growled at him when I was finally able to speak to him in private.

“Oh, great, now you’re worried about your body. How about mine, bitch. You didn’t take long to start telling me about how you were using my body for your own pleasure did you. Well I like Billy; he’s my type of guy. He’s asked me to a party and I might just go. And maybe I’ll let him fuck your precious little cunt just to piss you right off. Oh yeah, remember that little pill you asked me to take, do you want the bad news? So back off bitch, go and live your own life for a while. Come and see me when you know how to break the spell.” And with that, he stormed away.

“Oh my God, what have I done, I should have broken the spell,” I thought trying to calm my fears. Worried now about what might happen to my body and my reputation.

I didn’t get to see Zac at all the next day, which only served to heighten my concern.

Again, on the following day I couldn’t find Zac. However, I did see Miranda.

“Well, seeing as you asked. She’s sick, really sick. She’s got a really bad dose of the curse,” said Miranda laughing. “She is so bad, I’ve never seen her like that before,” she added.

The voices in my head started murmuring to me as Miranda took my hand and led me outside.

“You haven’t called me since I left you my number Zac. I’m so sad. Brandy is sick so … you know … if you need anyone to keep you company for a while … well, I’ll be disappointed if you don’t call,” she said with a seductive smile. “I’m pretty sure you won’t leave disappointed,” she said smiling. “I’m free tonight,” she said leaving no doubts as to the promise as she pulled my face to hers and gave me a passionate kiss while grinding herself into my groin. I could feel my own arousal growing. Miranda broke the kiss. “Give me a call Zac,” Miranda said over her shoulder as she bounced away from me to her next class. “Oh God,” I said to myself, closing my eyes.

I decided to call on Zac to find out how he was doing. I fought back my emotions as I walked to my home. Everything was so familiar, so safe. I knocked on the door and felt a wave of emotions as the door was opened by my sister. I wanted so much to give her a hug.

Kylie took in the handsome guy, standing with a bunch of flowers in his hand.

“I, er, heard Brandy was sick and brought some flowers for her,” I stuttered looking longingly at my sister.

Kylie smiled to herself at the obvious discomfort shown by this guy. This one is sweet, she thought to herself. “Come in,” she said smiling at me. “She isn’t well and dare I say, letting us know about it. I wouldn’t expect her to engage in any scintillating conversation,” she said with a chuckle.

Zac scowled at me as I gave him the flowers. Kylie smiled at me and left us alone.

“Aarrgghh,” Zac groaned as another wave of pain swept his body. “Fucking periods, guys were not designed to have periods. All this crap has to filter through male and female parts. There’s gotta be a way for us to get our own bodies back, there just has to,” and he doubled over again in pain. “I can’t remember anything the witch said, you must have overheard, surely, didn’t you. Try to remember.”

Then the phone rang and I listened as Zac spoke.

“Billy, hi. No I’m ill, bloody ill.”

“No, nothing serious. Just women’s problems.”

“Yeah, you got it in one.”

“Oh Billy,” he said with a mock note of outrage in his voice.

“You wouldn’t.”

“You couldn’t.”

“Oh that’s terrible.”

“How can you even think of doing that? Not when I’m … Oh I can’t think of it.”

“Oh, I don’t believe you.”

“No, you haven’t, tell me you haven’t. Really?”

“My God, with her. You didn’t, she didn’t.”

“Billlllyyyyy, God you’re so naughty.”

“Well, you’re right, there is only one way to find out isn’t there?”

“Bloody vampire, maybe I will, just maybe I will.”

“Ha, ha, I will by then. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh yeah, promises, promises you guys are all talk.”

“Well some things can only be done one at a time can’t they?”

“Right, well we’ll see won’t we?” Smiling he hung up, this time I had to look at the smirk on Zac’s face.

I could feel my anger rising as Zac entertained the call. Zac was smiling as he hung up the call. I knew it was time to go. I looked around my house with a real feeling of sadness as I took the opportunity to say goodnight to my sister. If only I could tell her, but I couldn’t.

I was pissed off with Zac as I jumped in my car and started to drive. A few minutes later, I found myself outside Miranda’s home. Without thinking, I walked to the door. Miranda’s face broke into a wide smile as she saw me at the door. “You came to see me Zac,” she said. “Come in.”

I went straight to Miranda and wrapped my arms around her. Pulling her to me, I kissed her lips. Miranda pushed the door shut as I kissed her neck. Her head fell back giving me full access and made no move to stop me as I cupped a breast. Without breaking the embrace, Miranda pulled me back until we fell on her couch. I greedily pulled Miranda’s shirt off. She wore no bra and I was struck by the beauty of her full breasts. The nipples quickly becoming aroused.

I dropped my head and took first one nipple, then the other in my mouth. Biting, chewing, pulling and suckling on those tender buds as Miranda moaned in pleasure.

But it wasn’t enough. I went lower, undoing Miranda’s jeans I quickly stripped her leaving her naked in front of me. I gazed at the slim and shapely body before lowering my mouth to her shaved sex. Hungry for her I spread her sex with my fingers then thrust my tongue as deep into her dripping cunt as I could. Miranda bucked hard against my mouth and she reached for my head, pulling me hard against her willing sex. However, I didn’t want her to cum yet.

I stood and quickly took off my shirt and pants. Then I smiled as she gasped, “Oh my God, oh my God, you’re huge. You’re going to be careful with me, aren’t you?” she said, her voice laced with wonder and lust.

“Oh God, I want to feel that inside me,” she mumbled as I climbed between her legs and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt. I liked Miranda a lot, so bit by bit I carefully worked the head into her warm pussy. I waited to give her time to become accustomed to the thickness before continuing. A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips as I started the process of burying the length of my shaft inside her body. She was lost in lust and raw emotion, her legs spread wide to give me access to her body as she grasped at me, pulling me further into her.

“Oh that’s good, so good baby, fuck me baby.”

Needing no more encouragement I started a steady rhythm accompanied by a continuing chorus of moans and groans of pleasure from Miranda. I didn’t let her cum immediately. I kept her on the edge of cumming until she was almost screaming for me to take her over the edge and it was with some feelings of love for my friend that I finally brought her to a screaming climax.

Miranda lay on her back, legs spread, body bathed in perspiration as she struggled to get her heart rate somewhere back to normal. “Ahhhhh, now that is what I call a welcome,” she said smiling at me before pulling me into another passionate kiss.

As my cock softened, we lay together in each other’s arms.

“This is a crazy time to raise the subject but I’ve never seen you before and Brandy has never mentioned you. So, I take it you and Brandy aren’t together as an item. Brandy is my best friend and I love her to bits. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her so if you ever tell me that you are more than just friends then I’m off limits. That ok with you?”

“Yes,” I said with a wry smile. “Our lives are certainly entwined, and in a rather complicated way, but at this stage we are not as you put it, an item. So, no damage done.”

“Good,” she said with a wide smile. “Then would you like to carry me to my bedroom and we can have an action replay … or two?”


I dropped in to visit Zac again the following evening but he was no better. Kylie was impressed. “Jeez Brandy, he’s a real nice guy. You should hang onto him for a while,” she said to her sister. Zac glared back at her.

A couple of days later, Kylie virtually dragged Zac out to help her with essential shopping. As luck would have it, they stumbled across me in the process. Sensing an opportunity, Kylie invited me to have a quick bite to eat with them at a local café.

“Ah Christ,” moaned Zac as he doubled over with cramps.

Kylie rolled her eyes and we shared a knowing smile.

“I can help if you want,” I said.

“Yeah,” moaned Zac, “like what are you going to do, swap bodies or something,” he said sarcastically.

I moved closer to Zac. “Face away from me,” I said. “Come on, just trust me for a while.”

As Zac reluctantly shifted his position, I started to slowly massage the lower back, digging my thumbs into the soft muscles. I continued to work the lower back area before moving higher to the shoulder blades.

“Now lean back against me,” I said.

“Ah no, I think that’s enough,” said Zac not wishing to have any form of intimacy with his own body.

“For goodness sake Brandy, I’m only trying to help you. Have I hurt you so far? No? Well, just lean back against me,” I said exasperated.

“Come on Brandy,” said Kylie in support.

Zac leaned back against me.

“Now don’t get alarmed, I’m not going to touch anything,” I said as Zac lay back against me. I reached around Zac and slowly lowered my hands to Zac’s hips, massaging inwards to his lower abdomen. “Relax against me, let your body and your mind go,” I crooned in his ear massaging the area just above the pubic bone. At that point, even Kylie was having second thoughts, but relaxed as Zac let out a soft sigh.

I couldn’t help myself. As I looked down, I had an eyeful of the swell of my own breasts so inviting as I massaged further down. My hands longed to take those boobs in my hands. I could feel my arousal growing yet again.

I changed position slightly and began to massage Zac’s shoulders before moving to the back of the neck and finally giving Zac a full scalp massage, applying pressure to the head and temples. When I finished Zac was almost in a trance.

“Ok, that was nice,” he said reluctantly. “Gotta go,” he said suddenly.

Kylie and I watched as Zac stood and bent forward slowly headed for the toilets. Not for the first time I was entranced by the shape and movement of my own body. When Zac returned, we could see a marked change, walking upright, smoothly and without restriction.

“Thanks, I have to admit that I feel much better,” Zac said somewhat embarrassed. But there was more, something different; I just couldn’t place a finger on what.

A couple of days later I answered my cell phone. I was surprised to see my own number. Zac was on the line. “Kylie and I are having lunch at the same café, want to join us for noon?”

Moreover, if Zac had been less than polite and friendly the last time, then it was a different atmosphere this time. Zac sat close to me, was pleasant, attentive and even flirty. I trod with a degree of caution but soon relaxed and contributed to the joviality.

My mood shifted as I saw Billy Baxter crossing the road toward the café.

Then I heard the voices in my head. “Ok Brandy, it’s crunch time for you. If Billy Baxter comes into the café now, you either get her back or lose her forever. You’re not strong enough to handle Zac and Billy together, you will lose. We like being with you, cut us some slack and we will help you. No strings attached,” they said.

I could feel the panic rising, I knew the stakes, knew I was losing control of everything. I stared in dread as I saw Billy point to the café and start to walk to the door. “It’s a deal,” I conveyed in my mind and undid the mental leash. I was immediately immersed in a flood of emotions and feelings. I felt a surge of masculine power and aggression, of calm and control, a preparedness for any conflict and in the circumstances an overwhelming confidence that I had never experienced before. Bristling with anticipation, I was ready for the fight.

I was totally unprepared as Zac reached to me. I was stunned as I looked into my own eyes and heard the words “kiss me.” Uncertainly I pulled Zac to me and gently kissed Zac/myself for the first time. If the first touch was tentative, it was only momentary as I was overcome by my own emotions and we both threw ourselves passionately at each other.

I could feel the tears welling in my eyes as we broke the kiss. We were still in an embrace when Billy saw us.

“Hi Brandy, still ok for the party on Saturday night?” asked Billy smugly, if not a little uncertainly as he sidled up to our booth.

I felt a surge of relief as Zac dropped her head on my shoulder in a very intimate gesture and put an arm through mine.

“Look, I’m sorry Billy but I made a mistake. I’m not going, I shouldn’t have accepted in the first place. I guess I was upset with myself and tried to take it out on him,” she said looking at me. “I was wrong to do that to him and I was wrong to use you. But, I know what I want now. I hope you can forgive me,” she said and gave Billy a winning smile.

“Humpf, well maybe next time, I’ll give you a call later,” he said trying to hide his anger.

Then everything stopped as I heard myself speak.

“Billy,” it was only one word but laced with such calm authority and menace that everyone simply stopped and stared.

“Billy … you’re not listening. The lady said she’s not going with you. She’s not going tonight, she’s not going tomorrow night and she’s not going on any other night: ever.”

I almost quaked, as I looked him in the eye before hearing myself continue.

“Now Billy, you know my reputation, so if I ever see you anywhere near her, phoning her or trying to speak to her, then let’s just say that I’m not going to be happy, as a matter of fact, I’m not going to be happy at all. Do we understand each other?”

I could see the colour drain out of Billy’s face. He couldn’t speak, just nodded and quickly backed out of the café.

“Yeah, way to go girl,” I heard the voices in my mind.

Then my alter ego leaned into me again. “Want to give me another kiss,” she said looking searchingly into my eyes. Across the table Kylie smiled, pleased at the outcome as we tenderly came together.

Later we were alone in Brandy’s bedroom. Kylie had gone to her fiancé’s.

I was nervous as I contemplated the fact that I was about to make love to my own body. “Put’s a different perspective on the comment ‘go fuck yourself’,” I thought to myself. Used to taking the lead “let me,” I said as I gently stripped both Zac’s body and mine. I knew what I liked as a woman so I didn’t rush. Taking my time, I lay beside my former body. We rolled onto our side facing each other as our bodies came together, our legs entwined. My hand went to her back, gently trailing my fingertips up and down the sensitive skin and drawing my nails over the lower back where the crease above her ass starts. I could hear my alter ego purring. Leaning in, I gently kissed her slender throat before transferring the kiss to waiting lips. We hungrily devoured each other. Drawing back slightly, I gently cupped a breast. Lovingly I squeezed and fondled the whole breast, alternating between one and the other. I rolled each nipple bringing them to firm buds of desire. When I felt my lover relax, I sucked first one then the other nipple into my mouth; biting, chewing, stretching the tender bud.

Then I started to kiss my way down the willing body; stopping to tongue the sensitive belly button before allowing my hot breath to play over her waiting sex. Slowly, lovingly I ran the tip of my tongue the length of my lover’s slit, tasting the sweet nectar. I thrust my tongue between the soft folds before slowly tracing it through the length and depth of the soft outer pouch. I stopped to flick the little aroused clit and was rewarded as I heard a soft moan. In no hurry, I ran my tongue back through the cunt lips, then changed direction, whipping my tongue from side to side. I could feel the increasing arousal through the wetness of the cunt and the hardness of the little sex bud.

The moans from her were becoming increasingly loud, passionate and almost continuous. “Oh God, honey, oh my God, that’s beautiful, so nice, oh my God, don’t stop, don’t … oh my God,” I heard as the body in front of me started to push into my probing tongue. I felt hands grab my head as she sought more and urgent contact.

“Oh fuck, Brandy, oh fuck,” then I shifted and lifted myself over the trembling body beneath me. Placing my massive cock at the wet entrance to her body I slowly thrust the length of my cock into her sex in one long, sensuous thrust. I felt hands on the cheeks of my ass pulling me into the body I had mounted and a pair of legs wrap around mine ensuring that my cock was nestled in her pussy.

“Oh my God, It’s so big, I’m so full, it’s beautiful, fuck me honey, fuck me,” I heard and didn’t need any more encouragement. It was long, it was slow, it was tender and it was bursting in passion.

My passion overflowing, I instinctively thrust my hips harder, faster pushing the full length of my cock into her willing cunt. She responded to the urgent thrusting with moans of pleasure. Fighting to hold her own climax, until I had brought my lover to that same state of nirvana.

Then the words of passion in my ear “Oh God, I’m coming, I’mmmm cummmiiinnngg, I love yooouuu aaarrggghhhh,” as my balls tightened and I finally pumped my sperm into her cunt as it clutched the length of my cock.

I waited as our breathing slowly returned to normal. Tenderly I pushed a few hairs from my lovers face and traced the outline of her hairline. As I gazed at the beautiful face below me I was flooded with emotion, I felt a pain in my chest and a tightness constricting my breathing; I realised that I was falling in love with myself. As I struggled with the concept, I felt my lover’s arms reach around my neck, pulling me down before placing a tender kiss on my lips. I found an immediate arousal in my cock and slowly started moving my hips again. Minutes later, my lover called out in the throws of passion and I again filled her with my seed.

I smiled as my lover spoke, “My God, if you do that to me again I’m going to die: overdose of orgasm,” and we both laughed softly with each other.

“You know it’s different in here now. We, the elements of your personality have taken over from Zac. In fact, it happened the day in the café when you massaged my curse away. When I went to clean up, it was all too much for him. He decided to tune out and we sort of ambushed him, we had been growing stronger all the time but I suspect you knew that. He was an arsehole. He’s still here but more or less out of conscious thought and any decision making. We are in charge of the body. We just need him for motor skills for the time being. We can piss the rest of him out at any time. We can function in a fashion if you are around for guidance until you sort out the spell then we would love you to come back. If that’s not possible then we have a choice; we either keep him which we don’t want to do, or, you make us pregnant and we can develop your DNA again as the baby develops. We love you and we are happy to be you or be your lover. Just so long as you are around one way or another for guidance.”


I asked Dani to join us. She was uncertain as I held her hands tenderly. “Look Dani, I expect that what I am about to say will sound incredible to you but I can assure you, it is all true, just listen with an open mind please.” As the story unfolded, her eyes widened in stunned surprise and she continually looked at one then the other. She made no comment as I relayed the incredible tale.

“So, Dani, that’s the story,” I said, aware of her increasing look of concern.

“So, what happens now?” she asked, her voice wavering uncertainly, relaying her untold fears.

I could feel a well of emotion for the attractive young girl. I was painfully aware of my own role in compromising her.

“What I haven’t told either of you, because I had to be certain of who was in my body, but … I know how to break the spell.”

For a moment nothing moved. Then the silence was shattered.

“Nooooo,” wailed Dani in despair and she sank to the floor, her hands covering her face and she started sobbing loudly. And her voice became frantic. “You don’t know what he’s like; he’s horrible, really evil and horrible. I knew something had happened after Halloween, he changed, I couldn’t believe it, but it wasn’t him at all it was you, you’re lovely,” she said looking at me. “I love you, I love being your sister, I love being your lover or whatever you want me to be. If he comes back now, especially after what we’ve being doing, I mean that was the one thing he hadn’t done to me but he will now and it won’t be nice, I will never be free, what am I going to do? ”

I looked at Zac as Dani went on. A hint of desperation in her voice.

“Look, we can stay as we are, the three of us … can’t we? I mean, you two can get married, well … if you want to that is, and I can live with you, we can be one family,” she said through tear-streaked eyes. “Maybe we can both have his children she said looking at Brandy, yeah, I’m training to be a nurse, I can stay at home and look after all of our kids, I’d like that. Or you can if you want and I can work,” she said.

She was wringing her hands nervously. Turning to Brandy, she mumbled on, the desperation showing in her body language and the tone of her voice, “I’ve never had sex with a woman before but … well … if you want to try; I mean you know, I’ll let you do things if you want.” Then her emotions overcame her again and she broke down sobbing.

I was only too aware of my role in everything that happened.

Then Dani pushed herself up on her knees. She reached out to me and fumbled for my belt. I put my hand out to stop her but Brandy gently took a hold of my wrist. She shook her head as I looked at her. Releasing the clasp, Dani pulled my jeans down to my knees. Without any fuss, she put a hand on my flaccid cock and took the head into her warm mouth. I gasped as her other hand cupped my balls and she gently rolled them between her fingers.

“Jesus,” I moaned as I looked at the smiling Brandy. Dani shuffled closer and started sucking and licking the length of my rapidly hardening cock. She quickly developed a rhythm of sucking and stroking my cock with her hand and I could feel my hips start to move with her. I groaned audibly as she drew her teeth down the length of my now throbbing shaft. Dani was now sucking, licking, biting and stroking my cock, which was a rock solid pole of pleasure in her mouth.

“She’s good isn’t she,” whispered Brandy and I could only nod my head in agreement as I felt my arousal.

Then Brandy moved into me, turned my head and pulled my lips to hers. Her mouth opened in a passionate kiss. I was rapidly approaching sensory overload as my core muscles started tightening.

“You can have this every day honey, and more, from both of us. Think about it,” Brandy said as she kissed me again.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I groaned.

“Cum on her face, in her mouth,” Brandy said, her eyes glinting with lust.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Dani. Then as my breath started to become ragged, she took my cock out of her mouth and started stroking my cock with long, soft strokes. She moved closer and opened her mouth to take my seed as she felt the first spasm in my balls.

“Aaaahhh fuck,” I groaned as I blew the first load of sperm on her cheek, then into her open mouth and as the pressure weakened, I dribbled onto her chin and down her neck.

“Oh God that was so erotic, so sensual, so sexy,” gushed Brandy.

“Please don’t bring the old Zac back,” pleaded Dani, “please.” I looked at Brandy, looked longingly at what used to be me.

We both comforted Dani for a few moments. We looked silently at each other for some time, no words were necessary. Then I took their hands. “Well, where to now?” I mused.

Brandy said, “There you go. I don’t know too many guys that have had two gorgeous women happy to live as a threesome family. God, I would hate to lose you as a lover, you’re pretty hot in bed, honey. Therefore, if you choose to go that way we will make it work, there won’t be any arguments, no jealousy from us. However, whichever way you go, someone has to make a sacrifice don’t they? You’re the man now honey. You have the most to lose; you stand to lose your own body and identity. Whatever you decide make your decision with the knowledge that we both love you. Do you think you are man enough to satisfy two horny sluts honey?”

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