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Floating Day Care

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We live in a well to do neighborhood. The men make a good living and most of the wives don’t have to work. We all have small children and five of the wives got together and formed their own day care. It wasn’t the money, they just were fearful from what they were hearing on the news. The way it works is that every day a different mom would watch the kids and that would let the other four go shopping or do lunch or what ever it is that women do that don’t have to work.

I found out what women do with too much time on their hands the day the power went out at work. The electric company said it would be hours before they could get the power back so they sent us all home. I knew our day with the kids was yesterday so I figured no one would be home. I came in and call for Karen but got no response. I went up stairs to change and got the shock of my life. Looking out the bedroom window I saw four very beautiful naked women, one was my wife Karen. The others were women I knew well. I had partied with them, danced with them and even flirted with them at different gatherings. These were all the wives of our friends laying naked by our pool. I saw Karen look up at the window but don’t think she could see me with the sun screens.

Karen was talking with the other women then picked up a tray and gathered the glasses. I guessed she was going to get more drinks for all those naked women. After Karen left to go in the house I just about lost it. Kathy was laying on one of the lounge chairs and Jean stood up walked over and straddled Kathy’s head. Kathy grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy right to her mouth. Two of my wife’s good friends were having sex right in our back yard. Then Sue came over and pushed Kathy’s legs apart and dove into her pussy. I couldn’t believe Karen would be a part of this. We have fantasized many times about another woman but that was just fantasy, right?

Needless to say I had my cock out stroking it when I heard Karen’s voice, “Nice view from the bed room.” I froze, still in my suit with my cock out and staring out the window. Karen came over and knelt in front of me and took over stroking my cock. She said, “I see you like what you see.” I sat on the bed still looking out the window and my cock still in Karen’s hand.

I was in shock and stammered, “You’re not parrrttt…..”

She smiled and finished, “Part of this?” She looked out the window and continued, “Everyday from 8 to 1.” She looked back at me and said, “In fact I think I started it.”

Karen started licking my cock and between licks started telling me the story. It all started one day when we were all sun bathing. Since we all sun naked it didn’t seem like a big deal. I don’t know why I thought of it, maybe because of our fantasies, but I ask if any of them had ever been with another woman. Christy said that she had fooled around with her roommate in collage but that it never went very far. I asked her how far it went and she came over to me and kissed me. She started playing with my tits. I found myself returning her kiss and reached for her tits as well. She reached down to play with my pussy and I did the same to her. She broke the kiss and said that was as far as it ever went.

I was on fire and I grabbed her hips and pulled her so she had to step over me to keep her balance. I looked up at her and said, “What if it went farther?” I pulled her pussy right into my mouth and just went wild on her. She started moaning and before we knew it we were in a 69 eating each other out. I looked over and Kathy and Sue must have been caught up in it too because they were doing the same to each other. That’s how it all started and we’ve been getting together everyday for the last 8 months.

While Karen told me the story the women by the pool had rotated three times so each had a chance to eat the others pussy. I was still in shock but ready to explode. I asked Karen, “When were you going to share this with me?”

Karen took my cock deep in her mouth and started sucking me like wild, I couldn’t help but blast my load in her mouth. She looked up licking her lips and said, “We have all talked about including you guys but didn’t know how. You’re coming home might just have set the ball rolling. I’m going back out there and first I’m going to give you one hell of a show then if the girls are willing, and I’m sure they will be, I’ll signal for you to come and join us.”

I started backing off and said, “Me with four over sexed bi sexual naked women, not to mention that they are all friends of ours. I know all their husbands.”

Karen stood and started to leave and said, “It’s up to you but if you join us I know we’ll find some way to get the others involved. I can’t wait to see all their hard cock, and feel them.” She winked and headed for the door. She stopped in the doorway and looked back and said, “What ever you decide, enjoy the show.” then she disappeared.

Looking back out the window the three women seemed to have finished their little romp and were laying back sunning again. I saw Karen come into view. She looked up at the bedroom window, blew me a kiss and went right to Jean and right into a 69 with her. Sue and Kathy came over to either side of her and were stroking Karen and playing with her tits. I could not believe the story or what I was seeing right in front of me.

I watched as the three women brought my wife to what had to me a mind blowing orgasm, even from this distance you couldn’t help but see it. After she fell to the deck the four of them were talking and Karen pointed up to the window. Karen, Kathy and Sue were laying around together stroking each others pussy while Jean came into the house. I thought she must need to use the bathroom or something.

I was watching for Karen to give me some kind of signal when I head Jean, “Karen sent me up to get you and see if you want to join us.”

I turned and could not believe it. Jean was one of the women Karen and I use in our other woman fantasies so she knows I have a thing for her and here she stood stark naked asking me if I want to join her.

I couldn’t form words I just kept looking at this beautiful naked woman that was in so many of my fantasies. My cock was still hanging out and she walked over and stroked it and said, “I would really like it if you would join us.” I reached for my tie to start undressing but Jean stopped me. She smiled and said, “Leave the suit on. We all have a thing about stripping our men from their business suits before we fuck them.” She was still stroking my cock and looked down and said, “But you can leave this out.” With that she pulled me to the door by my cock and I blindly followed her.

We got to the glass door leading to the pool and Karen was sitting on Kathy’s face and Sue was eating out Kathy. Jean pushed open the door and yelled, “Here he is girls, fresh meat.”

They all jumped up and Sue and Kathy came running over. They each took me by the hand and Jean finally let go of my cock. They lead me to Karen who smiled and said, “I’m glad you decided to join us. I knew you couldn’t say no to Jean.”

Jean, Kathy and Sue started stripping me out of my suit and I just stood there looking in Karen’s eyes and let them. Jean was on her knees in front of me and was the one to pull down my boxers letting my hard cock spring free. I looked at Karen and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

She smiled and said, “Am I sure I want to see you fucking Jean then Sue and Kathy?” She laughed and continued, “I couldn’t stop them now if I did want to which I most certainly don’t.”

Jean had my cock in her mouth before Karen finished her sentence. Karen walked over and whispered in my ear, “Enjoy yourself but remember two things, first tonight you are going to fuck me silly and second you’ll have to call in tomorrow so Christy can join us.” Karen walked over and sat on one of the lounge chairs and was content to just watch as I was attacked by all three women.

They lay me on one of the lounge mats and needless to say for the next hour and a half I had a pussy in my mouth, my hand and on my cock at any given time. I came twice, once in Jean’s pussy while I ate Sue and once in Kathy’s mouth while Jean was eating her. Karen finally came over to stop them and said, “Don’t wear him out I need some of that to night before I go to bed.” She then kissed me deeply and more passionately than she had in some time.

Karen went to get us all drinks and the five of us sat naked talking. Jean asked, “So how can we get the other guys in on this? I know Karen is dying to get Jack’s cock deep in her pussy.”

I looked at Karen and she just shrugged her shoulders and nodded yes. I said, “Well there has always been a lot of flirting and everyone is just on the edge and to make this work someone will have to take that step. I think it should be each man’s wife that takes it so here is what we’ll do.” I suggested that each Saturday night Karen and I invite a different couple over and push the limit and see what happens. Of course Jean was the first to volunteer her and Jack which seemed to go over well with Karen.

The next day I did call in, believe me Christy is worth it. She is a blond knockout and is second in my fantasy women. I just wished that Jean could be there so I could have both of them but it is her day with the kids. I waited in the bedroom as the women arrived. Karen made me put on my suit and tie just so Christy could strip me out of it. I don’t think the action normally starts as quickly as it did that day. Karen knew how badly I wanted Christy and had her in a 69 in less than 30 minutes after she got there. Karen was putting on quite a show and I knew it was all for my benefit even though she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.

This time Karen sent Sue up and all she said was, “Well are you ready for round two?” As we walked out she said, “Now remember Kathy didn’t get any of your load yesterday and is looking forward to it.”

Now we were at the glass doors and Sue announced, “Look who I found in the house!”

Christy jumped and tried to cover herself. Karen laughed and told her that I had been watching them for the last hour. As Sue brought me over to Christy Karen filled her in on yesterday. Her eyes widened and she seemed very pleased. When Karen told her it was now her turn to strip me and have her way with me she was on me in a flash. She was trying to strip me and rub my cock at the same time. She had my pants unzipped and my cock out trying to undo my tie. Kathy came over and said, “I’ll take over stripping him, you just concentrate on what is in your hand.” With that Christy was on her knees sucking my cock as Kathy finished undressing me.

Christy only let go of my cock long enough for Kathy to pull my boxers down. I lay back on the lounge mat and Christy never let go of my cock. I got her into a 69 and dove right into her. I was with Christy most all day and each of the women joined us at some point. I rolled Christy over and with much effort pulled my cock from her sucking mouth. I turned and plowed right into her pussy with my cock. Christy moaned and right away started bucking up to meet me. It wasn’t long till I was shooting my first load that day into her.

Not surprisingly Karen jumped in to lick my juice from Christy’s pussy. This was a fantasy we had played many times but either myself or Chuck would be fucking Karen. Since I was the only man there it was up to me. Christy had no problem taking my cock back in her mouth. I’ve learned that she loves sucking cock more than eating pussy which she has been doing 4 days a week for 8 months. Watching my wife suck my juice from another woman’s pussy and being sucked by one of the women of my greatest fantasies my recovery time was short and I started fucking my wife with a force like never before. It was every bit as good if not better than the fantasy but Karen didn’t let me cum in her. She said there was plenty of time for that and too many willing pussys waiting.

I pulled out of Karen and looked around and found Kathy with her ass in the air eating Sue. I walked right over and before she knew it I was balls deep in Kathy’s pussy. Knowing I was the only cock there she didn’t even have to look back. She stopped eating Sue and we rolled around so she was on her back and I was fucking her one on one, something very rare in the last two days. After I shot deep in Kathy’s pussy Karen was right there ready. Seems she has developed a taste for me in another woman’s pussy. She and Kathy went right into another 69 and I could do little else but watch. Christy came over to massage my member there was one last place she wanted me to cum before the day was over. Sue came and sat on my other side and I was playing with both their tits and pussys as I watched my wife and her friend eat each other. I was soon very hard for a third time.

Not only does Christy love sucking cock but she loves for you to cum in her mouth. Once she got her mouth back on my cock she was not letting go until I had done just that. I lay there letting her have her way with my cock trying to last as long as possible making her work for it. I looked up and saw Sue’s perky tits. They are not the biggest of the group by any means but they are perfect. Sue got up on her knees which brought her pussy right over my face. As nice as her tits are her pussy is a work of art. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as she lowered it to my face. Just one lick and I can tell you it taste as good as it looks. Yesterday was such a blur that I never really saw Sue’s pussy

I was so lost in the pussy I was eating it took my mind off the wonderful blowjob I was getting from Christy. It wasn’t until Sue lost it all over my face and rolled off that I realized I was only half a second from shooting in Christy’s mouth. Christy kept her mouth around my cock till she had licked every drop and if it is possible to smile with a cock in your mouth she was. She had the most satisfied job well done look on her face. She was not half as pleased with her performance as I was. It was the most intense blowjob I had gotten in a very long time.

All too soon it was time for the women to pick up the kids. Karen went to get the kids while I cleaned up. We had a nice lite dinner and soon had the kids in bed. Karen and I made love slowly, lovingly and passionately, just like we had the night before.

Next morning I told Karen that I thought I was coming down with the flu and might have to take the rest of the week off. I was thinking that both Christy and Jean would be there today. Karen came over and kissed me and grabbed my cock and said, “Until you get me the cocks of their husbands you are restricted to only one pussy. If you ever expect a repeat of the last two days you’d better find a way to get everyone in on it.” She expected me to be able to go to work for the next two days knowing what was going on at home. I knew I was going to be worthless but made the most of it, then came Saturday night.

The kids were over at Karen’s mom’s and she was dressed in only a blue tube top and a short pleated skirt with high healed sandals. Jean and Jack came over about 7 and Jean was dresses much the same way in just a strapless sun dress. I got everyone a drink and the girls started in right away with the flirting. There had always been flirting when we all got together but the girls were pushing it even more. We were on about our third drink and there was music playing. Karen was openly flirting with Jack and Jean was encouraging him to flirt back.

Everyone was way over the edge waiting for someone to take that step. It was Jean who not only stepped over the line but jumped the gorge. She walked right over to Karen and kissed her full on the mouth and cupped one of her tits and was massaging it. All Jack could say was, “JEAN!”

She broke the kiss still massaging Karen’s tit and looked back at her husband and said, “I’m only doing what you said you wanted to do for months.”

Now he was the one that had been caught and he started to stammer, “But but but that was only fantasy.”

Karen walked away from Jean’s touch and over to Jack. She hung her hands over his shoulders and in a very sexy voice asked, “So you have fantasies about kissing me and playing with my tits?” He started to stammer something but was speechless. Karen pulled the tube top down and whisper in his ear, “How would you like to try the real thing?” Then kissed him hard on the lips. His eyes were wide open and he first looked at me. I motioned for him to go ahead and go for it. Then he looked at Jean who did the same.

Seconds later his hands were on both of Karen’s tits and he was returning her kiss. When Karen pulled her body closer in front of him and stepped to open her legs his hand went right under her skirt to her bare pussy. Jean and I both yelled, “Well all right!”

She all but jumped on me pushing both of us to the floor with her on top. She whipped the top of her dress down and kissed me hard and wet. I was pulling Jean’s dress over her head as Karen pulled Jack to the floor on top of her.

Jean brought her lushes pussy to my mouth as she started taking off my pants. Jack was still on top of Karen but she had his belt and zipper open and was pushing his pants down. As soon as his cock popped out it was right at Karen’s pussy and soon replaced his fingers. I really wanted to see her getting fucked by another man for the first time but I guess that will have to wait I couldn’t see anything with Jean’s tasty pussy in my mouth. Jean took my cock in her mouth just as her husbands cock entered Karen which she could see very well being on top. It must have been a sight to see for she went after my cock like never before and I shot into her mouth without warning just moments before she blasted my face.

She rolled off me and we lay there. Jack and Karen were still going at it and I could finally see his cock sliding in and out of my wife. Jean kissed me and said, “I want you to be doing that to me before very long” and started stroking my cock as we watched our partners fucking. Karen’s legs were locked around Jack and she was pulling him into her with every stroke. Her hips were coming up off the floor and I knew she was close to cumming. She reached her hand up over her head and I held it. When her orgasm hit she gripped me so hard I thought she would break my fingers.

Jack gave one last shove and shot his load deep in Karen’s pussy and Karen gripped my hand with each shot. When he finally rolled off Karen on his back this sudden look of shock came over him but Jean was right there and kissed him. She whispered in his ear, “That was fantastic. Was it as good as your fantasy?” Jack threw his arms around his wife and kissed her deeply.

We got our drinks and headed for the living room. Jack and I had only our shirts on and Karen dropped her skirt on the way. Jack said, “But I didn’t get to see Don fucking you. That was part of the fantasy too.”

Jean was holding my arm as we walked and said, “He hasn’t fucked me yet tonight, he came in my mouth, but when he does I want you to be watching.”

Jack didn’t pick up on it till we were sitting in the living room. Karen was sitting with Jack and said, “I’ve already seen it. I want more of this.”

Then she slid off and on the floor taking Jack’s cock in her mouth. She realized what she had said just as Jack said, “You what?”

So while Karen gave him her best blowjob we told him the whole story about me coming home early from work. He couldn’t very well get upset as he was shooting his second load into my wife’s mouth as we talked.

After Karen had accepted Jack’s gift she stayed on the floor in front of him. We now enlisted him in getting the other three men included. We all decided that Christy’s husband Chuck would be last since he would be the hardest to win over. Jack and I were both upset over that since she was also his number two fantasy, we were both siting with our number one fantasies. We also decided that Sue and Dale would be the easiest and would be our next target. I had no problem with that remembering her work of art pussy. Dale has had the hots for all the women since they moved in a couple years ago. When we would have cookouts and such he never knew which way to look, all the women were great to look at.

If Dale had to put all the women in order I would bet money that these two would be number one and two. We decided to double team him on Saturday night. There is no way he will resist both these girls going after him. Jean asked, “How should we attack him? Do you think this will get his attention?” She took both my hands and placed them on her tits.

Karen laughed and said, “He’s so hot for all of us I would go with a more direct approach.” Karen grabbed Jack’s cock and pulled his face to hers for a wet open mouth kiss.

Jean said, “Maybe this will get a rise out of him” and she took my hand and shoved it into her pussy where it stayed as we kept talking.

I said, “Whatever you decide to do I would say to dress in the same outfits you had on tonight. They were hot, and easily accessible.”

We kept going on about how we would attack poor Dale but Karen’s hand never left Jack’s cock. In fact she was now pumping it as we talked, but then I was fingering Jean at the same time. Jean’s hips started moving against my hand. She looked over at her husband and said, as she slid down on her back on the couch, “If you want to watch me getting fucked you’d better get over here because I want it now.” With that she was flat on her back pulling me on top of her. I was just ready to enter her when I looked and Jack was on the floor not two feet away. Karen even reached in and guided my cock into Jean. They both just sat there and watched as I shoved into Jean. Talk about pressure, here was my wife and Jean’s husband expecting to see this fantastic fuck job. I did the best I could but neither of us lasted long. She was crying for me to fuck her harder and I was doing all I could to do just that. I soon shot what had to be one of the biggest loads I have had in some time deep in her pussy then just fell on top of her. I almost expected to hear Karen and Jack cheering.

Saturday night came and the drinks were flowing and the teasing was hot. Since the four of us had already been intimate the teasing was more like groping. Sue was doing all she could to keep from laughing. You could see the look on Dale’s face like what the hell is going on? That’s when Karen and Jean both walked right over to Dale. They both pulled their tops down exposing their tits and said, “We hear you have been fantasying about us.” They each took one of his hands and put it on their tits, then said, “Do you think you can handle both of us?” Dale was speechless and looked at his wife.

Sue took both Jack and I by the arm and said, “Don’t worry about me.” She reached down and grabbed us both by our cock and continued, “I think my fantasy is about to come true as well.”

The girls had him stripped in two seconds flat and as they laid him on his back on the living room floor their clothes came off. Jean was ridding his cock and Karen his mouth. They switched a couple times until he lost it deep in Karen’s pussy. The whole time Jack and I were stripping Sue and she us but not in any hurry as we watched the show before us. After the girls both came on Dale they rolled off and Sue said to her husband, “Now it’s your turn to watch me.” She looked at the two naked men beside her trying to decide who she wanted where. Then she went down on Jack which meant her pussy was mine and was filled before she even got Jack’s cock in her mouth. Jack and I were soon filling Sue from both ends and Karen and Jean both said, “Wow, now that I’ve got to try.”

Jack and I fell to the floor and Sue with us. Once I was able to talk again I said, “Ever since all this started a wicked new fantasy has been forming in the back of my head. When it dawned on me that Karen would be getting fucked by different men I wondered just what she would taste like after she had been fucked.”

Karen said, “You can’t be serious. You want to eat me now with another mans cum in me.”

I just said, “I know it sounds weird and I would have never believed it but the thought has been coming up in my mind. Now here you are and I think I want to try this.” I look around the room at all the shocked faces and say, “So if you all don’t mind I’m going to eat my wife.” I dove into Karen’s pussy like a man possessed. I could not believe how great she tasted.

When Dale saw how much I was enjoying it he said, “I’m going to have to try this” and he dove into his wife as well.

Dale and I were going at it with our wives when Jack said, “Would one of you mind fucking my wife, I don’t want to be left out.” Everyone lost it and started laughing.

I looked up from Karen’s pussy and jokingly said, “What if we both fuck her for you?” I couldn’t believe Jean and Jack both said at the same time, “Would you?” Again we all lost it.

As we all rested we discussed how to get Danny, Kathy’s husband, in on this. We all decided that the same approach we used on Dale would work and Dale and Sue wanted to be the other couple this time. We still wanted to double team them but not over power him. Needless to say before the night was over Dale and I each had our turn with Jean while she sucked her husbands cock. They took their package home and together shared the fruits of the evening .

The weekdays were getting easier to take, knowing the women were still getting together and comparing notes as well as other things. It was getting easier knowing that Saturday night was coming. This time the unsuspecting couple was Kathy and Danny, at least Danny anyway. Again the drinks were flowing and the teasing was hot. Kathy was flirting with Dale and I as much as the girls were flirting with Danny. What surprised us was that it was Danny encouraging Kathy to flirt more. He was even “accidentally” exposing her to both of us. The real surprise came when he came up behind Karen and Sue and pulled down their tops and started playing with their tits long before the girls made their move. At the same time Kathy grabbed both Dale and I by our cocks and gave first me then Dale hot wet kisses. Then they both yelled “Surprise!” All four of us stood there with our mouths open.

Come to find out that Kathy is not good at keeping secrets. The only reason she could keep their afternoon delights a secret was she had the other women to share it with. When it became “their” week she couldn’t keep it from Danny. Danny was very excited about it all and it seems we choose the right women, Karen and Sue would be his number 1 and 2 picks. Kathy said that the sex that week was fantastic just planning that night and how to turn the tables on us. Since the pussy was on the loose or the cat was out of the bag, we decided to just make a night of it. All the clothes hit the floor in a mater of moments and six naked people were hugging and kissing and stroking.

I brought Kathy into the group by bending her over the kitchen table and taking her from behind. Once Danny got a look at Sue’s “work of art” pussy his cock was drawn to it like a magnet and they were doing it right on the floor. Dale led Karen to the couch in the family room right off the kitchen. We were all in different stages of orgasm so the screams and cries and moans seemed to go on for ever. I pulled out of Kathy and had her lay on her back on the table, I put her legs over my shoulders and shoved back into her. Each couple seemed to be cumming one right after the other.

As my cock slid from Kathy’s pussy after filling her, I looked down and Danny was just rolling off Sue and Dale was giving Karen his last final few strokes. I told Danny, “Did Kathy tell you about a ritual we have here?”

Huffing and puffing he said, “She said there was something special but wouldn’t say any more wanting something to still be a surprise.” Kathy was still on her back with her legs over my shoulders,

I said, “It has become ritual in our group that once your wife has been with another man you get to go down on her.”

Danny jumped up and yelled, “WHAT! You’ve got to kidding!” Prepared for a negative response Dale and I were ready to jump in and say that either of us would be willing to take his place.

Danny is always full of surprises and was grinning from ear to ear when he asked, “Can I go down on all three?”

I just laughed and said, “Easy boy let’s just start with your own wife.” He sat at the table with Kathy’s legs draped over his shoulders and dove into her. Dale and I both got with our own wives and did a little 69 with them.

Well Danny was definitely in that left only Chuck. As much of a knockout Christy was, Chuck was the other half. They were the Ken and Barbie of the group. To make maters worse he was very very good in sales, which means he was trained to be in control of any given situation. All the women wanted him for his looks and his body and the rumor that his cock was as big as his ego. We knew he wanted all the women as much as Christy wanted all those cocks. We decided that an all out assault would be in order and we would divide and conquer.

Saturday came and the other three couples came early to help get ready. Jack was to bring us a round of drinks when I put mine next to my chair. That way none of us at the table had to get up. Chuck’s fantasy girls were Karen and Sue. (in case you are wondering, the girls asked us to rate all 5 women in order. This was a couple months after they all started getting together. none of us thought much of it but the girls keep notes.) We have a large rectangle glass table on the patio that seats 6 and a small round one that seats 4. All the women wore the same dress, they were different colors and prints but they were all simple sun dress that buttoned down the front. There were seven buttons, three above and three below with one at the waist.

We told Chuck and Christy to just come around back. We were seated with Dale at one end of the large table then Karen, me and Sue at the other end. Jack, Kathy, Jean and Danny were at the other table. Chuck and Christy came in and we sat them across from Karen and I. Jack was right there with the first round of drinks. Karen’s chair was slightly behind mine so “I didn’t know what she was doing”.

All the girls had the top button undone and Karen started playing with the second one. Soon it popped open and she started playing with the third. About half way into our first drink the third button came open. If Karen twisted in her chair, which she did a lot, her nipple would come into Chuck’s view.

I sat my drink next to my chair and here came Jack with round two. When we started our second drink Karen pulled the top of her dress open and both tits were fully exposed. Then she started playing with the buttons on the bottom of her dress and one by one they came open. She was sitting there with just one button holding her dress closed. She crossed her legs to the other side and the dress fell open and Chuck could see her pubic hair. Just as I sat my drink down ordering round three, Karen opened her legs and Chuck was starring at her bare pussy. Jack was right there with the drinks and as he put Chuck’s in front of him he whispered in his ear, “Now you don’t see that every day.” He started to get up and leaned back and said, “Not every day anyway.”

When we started our third drink Karen stood up and walked behind me and joined Dale who had gotten up just as Jack was bring the drinks. Chuck looked very disappointed as his eyes followed Karen. When he looked back at me he noticed that Sue had taken Karen’s place. She didn’t bother playing with the buttons she just unbuttoned her dress to the waist. We had been making small talk, how’s the kids, how’s work, what’s new, that sort of thing. Now with Chuck riveted to Sue’s tits and Karen behind us with just the one button holding her dress together talking to Dale, I hit him right between the eyes when I said, “So I hear you are having nasty fantasies about my wife.”

Chuck almost choked on his drink as his eyes went first to me then to his wife and back to me. He looked like a kid that had been caught doing something he shouldn’t. I laughed and said, “It’s ok, Karen and I both think it is great. Hell, I have nasty fantasies about your wife Christy.” He looked at Christy and she just smiled. His attention came back to me when I said, “I know you want to see Karen naked.” Sue had just opened the third button on the bottom of her dress and Dale reached over and undid the last one on Karen’s dress. Karen’s dress fell to the ground and she turned to face Chuck as Sue opened her legs. I continued, “I would like to see Christy naked too.” Now it was Christy who choked on her drink. Chuck thought it was because of my comment but she and I both knew it was because she started to laugh because I have seen her naked and a lot more.

I went on to say, “I know you want to play with Karen’s tits and massage them in your hands. That you would like to kiss them and suck on them.” Dale was following everything I was saying and doing it to Karen. I continued, “I would love to do all those things to Christy too. I know you want to feel Karen’s pussy (Dale’s fingers slid around and into Karen’s pussy) I would love to play with Christy’s too. Chuck looked at Christy who was watching Dale and Karen and started massaging her own tits. While he was looking at his wife playing with her tits Karen had undone Dale’s pants. His attention came back to me when I said, “I know for a fact that one of your fantasies is for Karen to go down on you.” His mouth hit the floor when Karen took Dale in her mouth and started giving him one hell of a blow job.

His eyes were glued to the sight before him and I asked, “What if it wasn’t just a fantasy. What if you could see Karen naked, or play with her tits or her pussy. What if she did go down on you and you could feel her mouth on your cock.” I paused for a moment then continued, “Like Dale is right now. Is that something you would be interested in?”

He looked at Christy who had her tube top pulled down exposing her tits to everyone as she played with them. He yelled, “CHRISTY!”

She didn’t stop just looked at him and said, “We’ve talked about this for months and now here it is live, real. Don’t tell me you’re not hard as a rock.” She grabbed his cock and you could see he was very hard. She started stroking his cock and said, “The two women you fantasize about the most are naked right in front of you and seem to want to make your fantasies real, do you really want to go home?”

His eyes went back to watching Karen and Dale. I said, “The eight of us have gotten together to make some our fantasies real. Since you and Christy are part of the childcare group some of our fantasies involve you two. I could see from Chuck’s face that Dale just came in my wife’s mouth, and I said, “If you agree to join us you can not only do as Dale just did but we can make your ultimate fantasy real.” He looked at me as if to say what fantasy, and I said, “The one where you are fucking Karen while she is going down on Christy.”

As he turned to look at Christy he was saying, “Is that something you would consider” then stopped in mid sentence. Christy’s head was thrown back and rolling from side to side. She was pulling hard on her tits and her skirt was up around her waist. Sue who had lost her dress was now naked licking Christy’s pussy. Chuck’s mouth dropped open and the last word fell out, “doing?”

Chuck turned back to me and said, “Ok, we’re in where do I sign?”

I told him, “There are two things you both have to agree to, first is that you will not have sex with any one outside the group and next you will not invite anyone into the group. You two are the last two. Do you both agree?”

Chuck was grinning from ear to ear and said, ” you bet!”

“And you Christy?” I asked.

“Oh, yes… OH God YES, anything just don’t stop” was her reply.

Karen came over to sit on Chuck’s lap. As I was getting out of my clothes Karen asked Chuck, “Well is my body all you thought it would be?” She brought his hands to her tits and asked, “Do these feel like you thought they would?” As he massages her tits she kisses him long hard and wet. I was nude and went to take Sue’s place so she could join the others. Karen and I pulled Chuck and Christy from their chairs and started to undress them. All the women were having fun stripping Chick, as for Christy, unzip the skirt push the tube top and skirt over hips, naked in 5 seconds.

We led Christy to the other side of the pool and laid her on a mat. The women took Chuck and laid him on a mat while they finished pulling off his clothes. When his cock came into view the women were impressed but not overly. He was about 9″ and fairly thick but most of us are between 7 ½ and 8″ so it wasn’t that much bigger. Karen was the first to mount him and as she rode him she leaned down to say, “We might have to make your other fantasy of you fucking me while I go down on your wife some other day.” Chuck looked across the pool and there was his wife living one of her greatest fantasies. I was fucking her and Dale was in her mouth and she was stroking both Danny and Jack.

I don’t know what all went on over on Karen’s side of the pool. I know we all enjoyed Christy and she could not get enough. I know it wasn’t fair to leave poor Chuck with four sex charged bi sexual naked women but in about two hours when we all came back together all four women had been filled. Christy and Chuck finally united and they were hugging and kissing. We were all back with our partners doing the same.

As we all basked in the collective after glow Chuck asked Christy, “Have you ever, I mean did you”

Christy smiled and finished his thought, “Sue over here, her pussy taste the best of all of them, Karen’s pussy is the most fun to play with. Kathy is the wettest when she cums and Jean is very vocal. I have to shove my pussy in her mouth to keep her quiet.”

Chuck just laughed and said, “I don’t believe that.” Christy grabbed Sue’s arm and pulled her on top of her and pulled her pussy to her mouth.

Chuck just sat there looking at her with his mouth open and his eyes as big as basketballs. She finally looked over at her husband and asked, “Would you like to share her?” she pushed Sue’s head toward Chuck’s cock and Sue took him right in. Chuck and Christy were eating and being eaten by the same woman.

We finally called it a night and that was the last time all five couples got together, but the day care took on extra hours. Every Saturday was a sleep over at a different house and the kids loved it. Every 5th week Karen and I would have to skip the orgy to watch the kids. Just knowing what was going on was enough for some great sex after we got all the kids in bed. From what the other guys tell me it is the same when it is their turn to run the “Day Care.”

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