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Anal With My Best Friend’s Girl

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Why was my best friend telling me this? God, why couldn’t he keep his mouth shut?

I sat back against the hood of his car and sipped on a beer. On Javier’s front lawn was a grill and flames were shooting up from the charcoal we’d just lit. We were both nineteen. I don’t remember how the topic got started, but the sentence I’ve committed to memory was:

“She really wants me to fuck her in the ass. Last night was like the hundredth time she’d asked me. She’s been bugging me a lot about it lately.” Javier said, acting as if he had a problem on his hands. He opened up his can of beer and gulped it down.

Javier had been dating Danitza for three years. He’d lost his virginity to her back in high school, as she was his first real, serious girlfriend. I’d always thought of her as a shy girl, reserved and very quiet when we went on double dates. Thinking back on it now, I know it was because she wasn’t comfortable around me, or any of Javier’s friends. She wasn’t comfortable with anyone who wasn’t from a rich family. But that didn’t stop her from liking Javier, and reveling in the excitement that he brought her with his gang lifestyle.

“Why don’t you do it? You’re an idiot.” I said.

“Cause…it’s gross, don’t you think? She shits out that hole–how am I going to stick my finger up there, or my dick? She’s tripping. Men aren’t supposed to put it up a girl’s butt, that’s what a pussy is for. Only gay people do it.” He stopped speaking for a moment and looked at me, I could tell by his face that this conversation bothered him. “Have you ever fucked Ivonne up the ass?”

“No. She won’t let me.” This was true, at the time she’d denied me, but even if we were having anal sex, I wouldn’t have told him. My sex life was private for a reason–for a reason like what was running through my mind about his girl at the moment.

“But you would do it if she let you?”

“I would, and you’re stupid for not doing it with Danitza. Just try it. It’ll probably hurt her and she won’t ask anymore.”

“Hell no, I won’t. I hate that she asks over and over. I fuck her good, and when I’m drunk I eat her out, but I won’t touch her ass.”

So now I knew that my best friend’s girl wanted it up the ass and wasn’t getting it—that wasn’t good. At that time in my life(maybe still), my ultimate goal was that rare, and magnificent chance to have anal sex with a woman; any woman. And until then, I’d yet to meet a willing female who wanted it in the ass.

The last thing I wanted was to be fantasizing about my friend’s girl. Her image came to mind as I drank that beer on his driveway. Danitza had long straight hair, brown in color. She wore neatly cut bangs always. Her eyes were brown, almost black, and were gigantic on her narrow face. Her nose was a too pointy for her face, it was prominent when you looked at her, but it didn’t hinder her looks, in fact it spiced her up.

She was Spanish, not Mexican like most everyone in our circle of friends. There is a very, very big difference between Mexicans and Spaniards. The Spanish are white people…Europeans, and more often than not think they are superior to any Latino. She’d moved from Madrid to the United States with her family six years ago. There’s not very many Spaniards you meet in California’s Bay Area, so it made her very exotic like.

Danitza didn’t have much of a body either…in my regards at least. Remember, I like thick women. And Danitza never caught my eye in the least bit—not till Javier ruined it. Danitza had skinny, toned legs, and a somewhat curvy butt (compared to her body) that you could probably make disappear in the palm in your hand. Her breasts were tiny things–she was petite, that’s the word. Javier liked his girls like that, real athletic like and fragile. Her body looked breakable almost, she was like a china doll; all pointy elbowed and bird boned.

“I think you should do it. It’s supposed to feel good, for the guy.”

“Have you done it with any girl?”

“No. Not yet, but one day I will.” This was a lie. At that time I’d fucked two girls in the ass. The most recent was my girlfriend’s younger cousin Bianca, who I couldn’t admit to anybody about, (not that I would) because I didn’t want to embarrass Ivonne, who’d been part of the threesome. The other woman was, Lorry, the mother of one of our friend’s(see: A First For Everyone). Lorry was the biggest secret. Ivonne didn’t even know about her at the time.

The thing about those two women was that they hadn’t wanted it in the ass. Bianca had been barely willing, Lorry less so–but to think that Danitza wanted to try it; wanted to be fucked in her ass…it just drove me crazy.

From that day on, I couldn’t help but become aroused whenever Danitza was around. I found myself studying her face, her puffy pink lips, her slender hips and skinny toned thighs. I felt bad about these feelings. I knew it wasn’t right to be lusting after a friend’s girl, so I buried these feelings deep, like any man in my situation should do.

I began to distance myself from Danitza, declining invitations to go out if she’d be around, so I wouldn’t see her. But, all situations couldn’t be avoided, and I knew I had to man up and push these evil thoughts from my mind, and it worked. But the seed had been planted in the soil of my mind and soon the seed grew like an uncontrollable weed.

Ivonne, my girlfriend, decided to go wine tasting in Napa with a few female friends. Naturally, Ivonne and Danitza had become friends because Javier and I hung out so often. Danitza had been invited, along with Bianca, Ivonne’s cousin, and another friend named Susie. The group of girls all had fake I.D’s, so tasting wine at nineteen wasn’t a problem.

I’d dropped them off early on an autumn Saturday morning. We picked up Danitza first at her parent’s large house and as soon as she stepped out of the door my dick began to stir. She was wearing a small black dress and her bare legs were blindingly white.

The ride up there was uneventful. I tried my best to not look at Danitza in the rearview mirror, but it was hard. It was easy to disappear as driver with a group of girls laughing and talking and I found myself secretly glancing back in the mirror to her position seated behind the passenger. Each glimpse of her seductive face and pouty pink lips only tortured me more. I’d been cursed with this stupid knowledge, and now I’d be forever uncomfortable in the vicinity of this Spanish beauty.

A couple of times Danitza caught me looking at her and I embarrassingly looked away each time our eyes caught in the rearview mirror. For her it was probably nothing to catch eyes like this, but for me, I felt an electric pang in my stomach, a static jumpstart to my penis.

Half of my excitement, I’m sure, was the guilt I felt, secretly checking out my best friend’s beloved girlfriend right in front of my girl’s nose; the other half was my secret knowledge that Danitza craved a cock up her ass–not her pussy–but her ass. And sadly, I wanted it to be my dick in her asshole. I wanted to be the one to violate her tiny, sweet rosebud, and to plow unmercifully through her fertile virgin ass. I wanted to be the one to stretch her little hole out to the width of my cock, repeatedly and repeatedly, filling her bowels with my manhood. What could be so wrong with wanting to listen to her squirm and moan when I pushed in her backside for the first, and third, and hundredth time? What could be so wrong with wanting to rest my balls against her wet pussy lips while my cock was buried full length up her hot, oven like rectum?

It was only a fantasy, right? What was wrong with a fantasy? Nothing.

Yes, I could fantasize all I wanted, I told myself, people do it all the time.

How would she be in bed I wondered? She was so reserved and quiet…did she moan loud during sex? Was she silent? How did she look sucking cock? I wondered if she swallowed cum. How did her small breasts look naked. What kind of noise would she make the first moment she felt a cock enter her ass and stretch her and fill her. Would she take it in silence?

Thinking all of this on the hour long ride to St. Helena’s made my dick painfully hard.

She looked stunning sitting there in the back seat looking out of the window at the passing vineyards. Her white skin was sharply contrasted by her black almond like eyes and red lipstick. Her bangs were hanging curtain like over her forehead, cut right above her eyebrows. She sat there silent most of the time, smiling every now and then, but not speaking much. Ivonne could be very loud around her friends, and this difference in socializing intrigued me. You could tell Danitza was always full of thoughts. She remained aloof of conversations, and mysterious in her soft seldom spoken words.

I dropped them off and watched as they walked away. It was hard not to look right at Ivonne’s massive behind wiggling with each step, she wore tight cotton pants that didn’t hide a thing. Bianca too, looked lovely in a short pleaded skirt and knee high stockings. The other girl Susie was fat and easy to avoid with the eyes. I forced myself to watch Danitza, and her small firm behind caught the dress only slightly. But by the way it hung, I thought I could detect a thong. I grabbed my cock as I watched them walking away into the beautiful winery.

I’d managed to fuck two of the girls walking there; Ivonne and Bianca, and now I wanted Danitza—geez, I was crazy. I shook my head at my horny, irrational self. I was lucky enough to have gotten Bianca, but now my dick was pushing things too far. How could I expect to fuck Danitza, who wouldn’t look twice at me, and had spoken maybe fifty words to me in over three years.

I was just a guy fantasizing, nothing more.

I drove home, and when I arrived I masturbated about Danitza. My cock had been hard for too long and I needed relief. Once I’d come, my lust vanished and I felt guilty. I spent the day watching the Giant’s game and smoking weed. Finally, some five hours later, I received a phone call from a very, slurring and drunk Ivonne: they were ready to be picked up.

The drive out was fantastic. The winery was past St. Helena and in majestic northern California wine country. Rolling yellow hills dotted with oak trees were on either side of the road. All of the vineyards and fancy houses were inspiring, and romantic to say the least. There were many bicyclists and motorcyclist out enjoying the day.

As I rolled up to the parking lot of the vineyard they’d shuttled to, I spotted the group of girls sitting along a stone fountain. There was only three of them, Susie the big one, was missing. They saw me, well, Ivonne saw me and immediately jumped up and frantically waved at me. I saw her tugging at Bianca, who was asleep.

“Help us.” Ivonne shouted, too loud.

I parked and put the hazard lights on. Danitza was standing there looking very embarrassed, but she was drunk too, as she kept laughing louder than normal at Ivonne’s attempts to lift her sexy little cousin.

I walked over to them and Ivonne kissed me passionately. I could taste the wine on her.

“I’m drunk.” She said.

“I can see.” I looked to Danitza. “And so are you.”

She smiled and laughed. “A little.”

“Where’s Susie?” I asked.

“She found a man. He’s gonna drive her home.” Danitza said.

I picked up Bianca and walked her to the car, sitting her in the back seat and buckling her up. Her skirt had ridden up and I saw the tops of her nylon leggings. I quickly pulled the skirt down over her thick brown legs.

There were many wine tasters out that afternoon and I had to stop and slow for them to pass the parking lot. As I stopped for another group of women drinkers walking nonchalantly through the lot, a gust of wind shot through them and lifted up a woman’s dress exposing her black panties. She was an older woman, but did have ass.

“Oh, watch your skirt lady. Woot, woot!” Ivonne yelled out the window.

The woman shot our car a dirty look and Ivonne laughed.

“You liked that, don’t lie.” Ivonne asked me.

I didn’t answer.

“I know you did. You’re such an ass man.” She turned to Danitza in the backseat and said, “He loves a girl’s ass.” She giggled. I saw Danitza smirk and she looked at me through the rearview mirror, this time I didn’t look away and we both exchanged a smile. Her eyes seemed full of emotion as if she were trying to convey something to me through their steady gaze.

It was a moment, our first moment, I thought. Always she dismissed me and ignored me. Was she smiling because of drunken Ivonne? Or because Ivonne said I loved ass on a girl. Or was she just drunk?

Either way, the moment pleased me, and her eyes seemed to stay on me in the mirror afterwards. Every time I looked back her eyes were on me, and she glanced away, but not after a secret holding of the eyes. Our eye contact was lasting too long and it gave me butterflies in my belly. This was wrong, I thought, but I couldn’t help but look back at her and see if I was imagining this or if she’d give me a long stare again.

There were a lot of people out on the road, and after a few minutes of blasting music, Ivonne was snoring beside me. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Bianca asleep as well, only Danitza was awake, staring out the window. I saw I needed gas, so I pulled over at a small gas station in St. Helena.

When I got out the car to go to the pump, I saw Danitza get out too. She began walking to the store, but halfway there, stopped and turned and looked at me. She saw me staring at her, and I looked away. Danitza came slowly to me, I had the feeling she was hesitant in approaching me.

“Want something from the store?” She asked. Her voice was a bit deeper than most girls I knew, full of tone and body, yet still feminine.

“No, I’m fine.”

“I’m going to get some smokes.” She said, turning around and walking off.

I followed her with my eyes, watching her tiny butt pop out slyly from under the black dress. I noticed a man leaving the store couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, and he turned his head to follow her with his eyes. Suddenly she flashed her face back at me and saw me gawking at her. She held my eyes and gave me the sexiest smile I’d ever received from a woman at that point in my life. Her smile hit my soul, and when her gaze turned away, the world didn’t seem as bright as before; like when a cloud passes in front of the sun, the world had dulled after her smile.

I finished pumping and she returned.

“I didn’t know you smoked.” I said.

“I don’t really, only when I’m buzzing.”

“Do you want me to drive to a park so you can smoke? You can’t smoke here, obviously. No smoking in my car, except for weed.” I said.

“Yeah, a park would be good. Thanks.”

She climbed back into the car and shut the door. I finished pumping and drove off. I knew there was a park coming up just down the road. But there was so much traffic in that small little town because of the stop lights, that it took forever. While driving I looked in the rearview mirror and sure enough, I caught Danitza looking at me again.

Finally we reached the park and I pulled over along the road. I shook Ivonne and she opened her eyes, man they were bloodshot. “Are we there?” She asked.

“No. Do you wanna smoke? We’re stopping to smoke?” I asked.

“What? No. Wake me when you get there, God I’m sleepy, I drank too much.” She said. Bianca didn’t respond at all when we asked her. So, it looked like it was going to be just me and Danitza sharing a cigarette.

I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

I don’t smoke, but I was thinking with my cock, so I exited and walked with Danitza under the tall oak trees that shaded the green grass of the park. Most of the leaves were turning yellow and orange and there was a sea of dead leaves on the park floor. There was a wooden bench up a ways on the path, slightly hidden by a grove of oaks.

“Wanna sit there?” I asked.


We walked in silence, side by side. I could feel her presence next to me like a source of heat. Her sexuality latently oozed from her and smashed against my senses, I felt out of my league beside her. She was in a different class of sexiness. Ivonne, my girlfriend, was all physical. It was her model like looks, and thick butt and breasts and the skimpy clothes she wore, the way she spoke and touched and looked at you; that was Ivonne, and it was sexy as hell, but Danitza’s sexiness was different.

It’s hard to put to words how Danitza works. It’s magic like, and it lies deep within her silent personality, and European way. Maybe it was because she wasn’t mine, and I could never have her, but walking beside her, I had the feeling she was the center of the world, and everything and one, moved around her.

Even walking with her alone felt wrong. I felt as if I’d committed some sort of crime and that I’d somehow betrayed my friend and Ivonne, but at the same it was exciting.

The wind picked up a little and her silky brown hair turned like a curtain caught in the breeze. She swept her delicate fingers through her hair and I could smell her perfume lift from her by the wind. The silence between us was awkward, but I felt that if I spoke I would ruin everything and she would become distant and dismissive of me as she usually was.

We sat down together and she opened up the pack and pulled out a cigarette for me. I saw that her hands were tiny, and her nails a simple maroon red to match her lipstick. She put her cigarette to her mouth and tried to light the tip, but it was too windy, and I could see she was having trouble.

“May I?” I asked, leaning in and covering her smoke with my hands. A wisp of her hair touched my outstretched palm. She lit it and inhaled deeply. I lit my smoke.

“So did you have fun wine tasting?”

“Yes, I love wine.” She finished as if she had nothing else to say or hear from me, so I shut up.

The silence resumed and it killed me. And then out of nowhere she spoke.

“What did Ivonne mean when she said you were an ass man?” She asked, not smiling, but genuinely serious. Wow, Danitza is all business, I thought.

I chuckled, meanwhile my stomach turned. It means I’d take great pleasure in putting my penis in your butt, I answered in my head.

“Ah, she was drunk.” I said. “It’s just because…well, I don’t know how to say this, it’s kind of personal—”

“What?” She smiled.

“I feel weird telling you.”


“Because…I don’t know. You really want to know? Promise you won’t tell anyone then.”


“Don’t laugh at me, but when we’re having sex, me and Ivonne, sometimes I ask if she’ll let know, put it in her ass. I feel weird talking to you about sex, you know, you’re my friend’s girl and all.” I looked away embarrassed.

Truly, I don’t think Ivonne meant to imply anal sex when she said I was an ass man, I think she meant that I like girl’s with big butts. But this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. It was a perfect chance to breach the exotic subject.

She fondled her cigarette for a while and hit it. What was she thinking I wondered? She looked very sexy sitting there with her glowing white legs crossed and the wind blowing in her hair, a cigarette dangling perilously from the tips of her fingers.

“She doesn’t allow you to do it?” I smelled wine on her breathe as she spoke.

“No. Sadly no.”

“That’s funny you say that.”


“Oh, no. I could never say.” She smiled secretly to herself.

“You can’t tell me? I just admitted something personal to you.” I said in a joking tone.

“I can’t tell you because I’m a girl for one, and for two, I’m your best friend’s girlfriend. You’ll look at me different if I tell you.”

“I won’t. Do you see me differently after I told you about my wanting anal sex with Ivonne?”

She looked me up and down in a glance, “Yes.”

“You do? You’re supposed to say no. What’s different then?”

“I know you want to have anal sex now. It’s a very taboo subject. I’ll tell you–we both have the same problem. I’d like to try it, but Javier won’t.” She looked very shy now, and I saw her face turn rosy.

“That’s too bad for him. I love it. It’s the best thing in the world.”

“Have you done it before?”

“Yes. Once.” I said, thinking of Bianca asleep in the car and of Lorry, my first.

“You have? Really?”

“Yeah, really.”

“With who?”

“An old girlfriend.” A lie.

“How was it? Did it hurt her? Did she enjoy it?” She suddenly looked away. She’d become too excited and must have noticed it herself.

“It was erotic. I don’t believe there is anything like it. The girl I did it with enjoyed it, she said it was the definition of being fucked. She said there are sensations to be felt there that are totally different than a girl’s vagina. I’m surprised you’re interested in it, most girls, I didn’t think were.”

“I’d like to try it. I saw it on a porno once and the girl seemed to really like it. I have friends who’ve done it and like it. I don’t know, it just kind of stuck in my head. It really turns me on when I watch porn, the anal scenes. And now…,” She stopped speaking and looked suddenly as if she were about to stand up and bolt away from me, or recede back into her silent, reserved self.


“I’ve been reading these erotica books, and they have anal in them. Things happen in those books that I can never do with Javier. God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this…I want to just know how it feels, to be fucked there, you know. I mean, I know it must hurt a little, but I’d like to feel that, I think. I’d like to experiment while I’m young. But…I can’t, not with Javy. I’m not going to break up with him, I want to be with him forever, so I guess I will never know it.”

My heart was racing inside of my chest. My dick was throbbing in my pants. I wanted to pick her up, turn her over and push my tongue inside of her inexperienced anus. Please let me be the one to fuck you there, I wanted to say.

“Don’t tell Javier I told you this.” She said at last.


“You’re in love with Ivonne, right? I can tell. She loves you a lot.”

“Yes, I love her.”

“You’ve been friends with Javier for how long?”

“Shit, like…ten years almost, since we were nine. I’m happy for him, to have a girl like you. You really make him happy.”

“I knew you guys were close. He talks as if you were his lover. Look, you’d never cheat on Ivonne, right?”

“No. Why?”

“I’d never cheat on Javier. I…” She hit her cigarette hard and flicked the ash from it. A couple walked by holding hands. I looked around the park and it was all couples, or couples with kids. People might assume that we were a couple sitting there together. This thought coursed through my head and excited me.

“You’d never do anything to hurt him, right? Or Ivonne.”

“What are you saying?”

“You don’t know? You want me to say it then? Well, I might as well; I’m the one who brought it up. Maybe, together, you could help me with my problem, I could help you. Secretly, though. Nobody could ever find out.”

“You mean, us have sex?” I couldn’t believe this.

“No. Not sex. You could help me see if I like it…in the ass. I don’t want to cheat on Javier just to have this experimentation, but I’m really curious. I know of all of the guys I know, you’d never tell because you’re such a good friend of his, and because of Ivonne, plus you’re not too bad looking. Do you think I’m a bad person? I feel bad saying this, almost whorish. I’m sorry, I should have never—”

“No. I’ll do it. It would be my pleasure.”

“I know I don’t have an ass like Ivonne…maybe you don’t have to put your penis inside me, maybe just a finger.”

“I can help you. I’m glad you don’t look like Ivonne. Something different would be nice for me.”

“I just don’t wanna sound like a hoe—I’m not. I’ve only been with Javier.”

“No, there’s nothing wrong with us doing this. I completely understand you.”

She nodded and hit her smoke. We sat in silence again, listening to the leaves rustle on the ground around us and the cars passing on the road before us.

“You wouldn’t tell Javier?” Her voice was almost a whisper and she wasn’t looking at me.

“Tell him what? I won’t tell him you told me you want to try anal sex.”

“It wouldn’t be cheating, right? Sex is cheating I think. Having feelings is cheating. It would be just for experimentation, so we can both get what we’re not getting with our partners. You can’t let anyone know. You have to promise.” She said.

“I promise.” My dick was as hard as it could be.

I reached over and took her hand in mine. It was cold and slender. Her first instinct was to pull away, but then she relaxed and looked over to where my car was parked. I rubbed her fingers with my thumb.

“You look nervous. If you’re uncomfortable holding my hand, how could we…”

“I know. Give me a minute.”

I placed my hand over her thigh and squeezed her gently. With the hand I was holding, I took her hand and placed it over my jeans, right to where my erection bulged. It was as if she had touched a hot stove, and she recoiled at the feel of my cock.

“Feel it?” I asked.

She nodded her head. Her fingers pressed down on me and felt for the outline of it. There is nothing in the world than the brand new touch of feminine hands as she inspects your cock for the first time, gauging it, testing it, amazed by it.

“I think it’s time to go.” She said, standing up.

I stood up with her and grabbed her by her slender waist with both hands on her hips. Her body tensed up instantly under my touch. She was frozen before me, facing away, and I leaned forward and inhaled her sweet perfume and the unmistakable scent of red wine. God, she even smelled fragile. It was a very different smell from my girlfriend; a foreign, exotic scent that flowed from my nose to my throbbing cock.

Her waist was so thin and alien; I gripped it easily with my hands. Thinking about it, my cock was just about as long as her side profile, if not longer; she was that skinny.

“Push back against me.” I said.

“Here? We should go somewhere private, don’t you think?”

“You have to get used to me first, right? We need to be comfortable with each other.” I was incredibly excited, just her soft touch under my hands was enough to make me shoot my load in my pants.

She turned her face to look at me, “Okay.”

I pulled at her thin hips and her butt came backwards. I pushed my erection against her round bottom. It felt so good to have her like this in front of me, my dick smashed against her taught, lean butt cheeks. I pushed into her quite hard, and she returned the pressure happily.

She was taller than me by an inch or two, and this made it easier to press up against her ass. If it were Ivonne, I’d have to bend my knees a little to get this angle.

A couple was walking by and she pushed away from me smiling.

“Let’s go against a tree, out of the path.” I suggested.

“What? You’re crazy.”

“Here. Come on.” I took her hand and we went into the grass beside a massive oak. I leaned against the tree with my back and I pulled her to me, her butt against my dick again. We looked like any other couple in the park. With her ass against me, she slowly began to grind on my erection, her movements subtle, yet forceful. She leaned her head back on my shoulder.

“Wow, I feel you. This is exciting.” She whispered.

I put my hand to her ass and squeezed her toned cheeks. I was right, it did almost disappear in one grip. I kneaded her cheek and slowly my hand found her crack. I pushed in with my fingers against her crack, forcing her dress up between her cheeks with my fingers. Through the thin material, her heat could be felt. I pressed my fingers against her searching for her ass.

It wasn’t enough, so carefully, I placed a hand up her skirt from the back. Her skin was like silk under my touch, her thighs cold. She felt me and stopped grinding against my cock.

“I want to feel your ass.” I said.

“Now? Why now?”

“Relax.” I whispered to her.

“What if somebody sees us?”

“Nobody will. We look like any other couple in the park. From the back I’m going to touch you.”

“Okay.” She said, her voice shaky with fear.

Up her thighs my hand went, slowly taking in her skin under my fingertips. She wasn’t mine; these legs weren’t supposed to be touched, her ass forbidden, her scent secret; but here I was, lust and temptation had won out and her sweet body was the prize.

I found her waiting ass crack and I wiggled in with my fingers. Instantly I felt her anus. It was hot and tight and puckered up thick between her cheeks. She was wearing a thong and I scooted it away.

Ah, yes, my finger touched her secret opening. I felt where her skin met in a blend muscle, heat, and tender, tender skin. The instant I touched her puckered rosebud she clamped her butt cheeks closed on my finger and held me tight. Her muscled cheeks had snapped shut like a mouse trap on my intruding finger.

“Oh.” She said to me in the softest voice I’d ever heard. “I’ve never been touched there.”

I kept my finger in its place at the gates to heaven, and leaned in to her clean white neck and placed my lips to her skin. She smelled wonderful and her skin was softer than I’d imagined. With my tongue I caressed her and she gave a sigh of pleasure, she placed a hand over the hand I held on her bony hip.

“I’m going to push it in you.” I said.

“No, wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Kiss me first.”

I turned her around and she faced me, her eyes burned into my soul as she studied my face. Her cheeks were rosy. Her small thin arms wrapped around my neck and we stared at each other for a moment. She was so beautiful with her cute bangs and snow white skin and gigantic black eyes. She was so beautiful, but she wasn’t mine, she could never be mine, and this made me lust for her all the more.

We kissed then. Her soft lips found mine and I pushed my tongue past her lips and into her soft waiting mouth. It was a fast kiss, quick enough for her to feel wanted, and for me to feel passion. I don’t think any girl would want a man to finger her ass without a kiss first; not a sensible, self-respecting girl, like Danitza at least.

My hands dropped to her ass and I cuddled those firm cheeks of hers.

“This is so wrong. But it feels good, doesn’t it?” She asked me.

“Yes. Turn.”

She did so promptly, and backed her ass against my hard erection once more, and leaning her head back against my chest. My hands couldn’t restrain themselves, and I licked my finger, spitting on it to lube it and went back up her skirt. I pushed past her cheeks and to her ass. With a wet slippery finger I circled her hole and rubbed it. I couldn’t believe how tiny it felt. I could barely feel the entrance, but her muscled ring was quite hard and rubbery, and that’s how I knew just beyond was her tightest hole, yet to be filled with a man’s cock and loaded with thick sperm.

“It feels good to be touched there.” She whispered. “Mmmm.”

“I’m going to push in a little.”


Slowly, I pushed forward, and one of her hands went to my neck, her nails digging into my skin, the other hand to the arm pushing into her, her nails cut into me there too. I slipped upwards against her virgin resistance. Her body was fighting the invasion of the smallest tip of my finger. The very tip of my finger made her gasp and her nails dug deeper. There was so much pressure on my finger that I closed my eyes and enjoyed the squeeze and heat she was letting have.

“Oh my.” She said sharply.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”

“Just give me a second. It hurts a little, but it also feels good. Hold on.” She said, exhaling and inhaling deeply. I could feel her heart throbbing around my finger tip. I kissed her neck and she moaned in pleasure from my dancing tongue. I wiggled my finger in response to her moan and she gasped loudly and whispered; “Oh, yes. Push it deeper, but slow, please. Very slow.”

With her consent, I moved my finger in her ass. It wasn’t easy pushing up her deliciously tight backdoor, but it was satisfying beyond description to feel her stretch over my finger and accept me inside of her. It moved in with small bumps as her ass caught my finger and let it go. When her ass was wrapped nicely over my first knuckle, a burning hot crush could be felt. I twisted my finger back and side to side, testing her tremendous strength.

“Ohh. Ouch. Mmmmm. It’s so different.” She said to me as I tried loosening her death grip.


“I’m trying.”

“Want me to rub your pussy?”

“No. That would be cheating, don’t you think?”

“It would help. I would wet my finger and you’d get a better sensation, I think.”

She sighed in thought. Her heart sped up and I felt every beat on my finger.


I removed my finger from her tight ass and pushed forward between her legs. I found a slippery wet pussy lips waiting for me. Her small lips were shaved smooth–God, I’ve gotten her dripping wet, and only by touching her ass! Why couldn’t she be mine? Oh, Javier, you’re such a lucky idiot! You don’t know what you have. Her pussy is so compact, I thought. I pushed around and her lips welcomed me. Her clit was extremely hard, and protruding from her, I rubbed it over and her body racked and twitched. She was breathing fast, as if she were out of breath.

I plunged my finger into her waiting vagina, inside my best friend’s girlfriend. I did what I wish I could do with her ass, pushing deep and with force, up and inside her velvet lined pussy. Oh, I wouldn’t mind fucking her too! Her pussy was so soft and mesmerizing.

I gave her a couple of good turns, then fucked her with my finger. It was hot, and she moaned secretly with each shove into her. I could have kept my finger there all day, but I wanted to finger her butt. So I removed it and retreated back up her hot crack and to her defiant hole.

Her juices were so slippery, like lube, and I circled her asshole rim, massaging her tight muscled entrance. I pushed forward and her heat enveloped me. Upwards I travelled, probing her rectum and all the untouched secret beauty of her ass. Up to my second knuckle now and her nails were really digging into me. I decide now I’d fuck her with my finger. So I moved back, then forward and she moaned and tensed her body.

“Feel me now?” I asked her.

“Ohh, yes I feel you.”

“Where’s my finger?”

“In my ass.”

“What’s it doing to you?”

“It’s moving in and out…ohhhh.”

I looked around the park and nobody was paying us any attention. I was just a guy with a girl leaned up against him, be it his best friend’s girl, and my finger was lodged halfway up her virgin rectum; but nobody could know that.

With each push into her I gained ground, moving in and in and in, until I had my entire middle finger inside of her ass. Each pull out of her painfully tight hole made her muscles involuntarily flex on my finger, biting down on me.

“Damn, is that you squeezing me when I pull out?”

“No. It does it by itself. I don’t know why?” She giggled. “Slower, please.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

She was so tight–I loved the feel of her squeeze. Her ass was being enjoyed by someone who appreciated it. What sexual fun it was to hear her moan, as I opened her up and played with her tightness as if it were a toy. It was wrong on every level what I was doing to her. An ass wasn’t supposed to be violated in this way. A friend’s girlfriend wasn’t supposed to let anyone touch her so inappropriately. A man with a girlfriend wasn’t supposed to be so close to another girl, wasn’t supposed to be inside of another girl…but here I was defying all the odds, defying this woman’s tight crushing ass. My finger was breaking new ground; going where it shouldn’t be, and not only was I enjoying it, but Danitza was too.

She was losing what little innocence she possessed. This wasn’t her womanhood I was pushing into, but her soul, her pride, her secrets…her everything. This hole was the most sacred, private part of her body, and I was in it, violating her, taking away her secrets with each push into this unimaginably tight hole–and this wasn’t even my dick.

My phone rang and it scared both of us. I pulled my finger out of the fire and into the cool autumn air. I saw that it was Ivonne. Instantly my stomach turned.

“Who is it?” She asked, looking around her and adjusting her dress and hair.

“Ivonne. Hold on.”

I answered and she asked where I was. I told her we’d gone for a smoke and that we were on our way back to the car right now.

“We have to go. How did you like it?”

She smiled. “I loved it. Why did Ivonne have to call?”

“When do you want to get together again?”

“I don’t know. Tonight? I want you to fuck me in my ass.”

“Will you call me? Or how?”

“I’ll stop by at midnight. Make sure you’re alone. A phone call is too risky, so I’ll just be parked outside. Javier checks my phone. He’s a really jealous person, I know he doesn’t show it, but in private he’s extremely jealous. I’ll make up a lie and say I’m going to my cousins.” She told me.


My room, in my parent’s house faced the street, and it was there that I waited. I showered and cleaned my room as best I could; changing the sheets, grabbing a jar of Vaseline, and tucking it inconspicuously near the bed. Then I waited anxiously.

When I looked at the clock it was eleven thirty, and I decided to jack off. My dick had been constantly erect since I’d fingered Danitza’s backside in the park hours earlier. I’d even had Ivonne suck my dick in the car after dropping her off, and had poured a gallon of sperm into her mouth; but even that blowjob hadn’t quenched my sexual lust. When I finished masturbating, I sat by the window and continued my wait, my dick rising and throbbing in my pants as I thought of Danitza’s delicious ass and the pleasure that would be taking place in this very room in a few minutes.

I went through an array of emotions as I sat there waiting and the clock struck midnight. She hadn’t arrived and my spirits fell hard. Had she changed her mind? Had she fallen asleep? Maybe it was a good thing she wasn’t coming, I thought to myself. Yes, it was for the better. Why did I have to cheat on my beautiful girlfriend with this skinny girl with no ass or tits, and who happened to be my friend’s girlfriend?

But then I remembered Danitza’s tight, tight butt. I remembered her cute face and prominent nose and mysterious almond eyes. I thought of her powerful silence, and her intelligence. I remembered her sweet scent and silky brown Spanish hair. I could live with myself afterwards, after this betrayal, I thought. It was only sex, right? No feelings. I didn’t want to take her away from my friend. They could get married for all I cared, and I would be happy for them.

I didn’t want Danitza…only her tight, small butt–I wanted that. And it wasn’t even her butt I wanted, I just wanted to use it, stick my hard cock in it and unload my thick sperm into her–that’s it; that’s all. After that, she could go. I had a drop dead gorgeous girl, I didn’t need a new one.

I wanted ass, my girl wouldn’t give me hers. I wanted something Javier didn’t, so what was the problem? Isn’t life about getting what you want?

Just then I saw the lights of a car flicker down my darkened street. My heart rose. A white BMW came into view, and I knew it was Danitza—she’d come! Fifteen minutes late, but she’d made it after all. Perhaps she’d been consumed with mixed feelings like me. What was the drive over for her like? The entire thirty minutes it took to get here, she must have been thinking about me. She knew she was on her way to being sodomized for the first time by a man not her boyfriend. This thought excited me.

She pulled up and her head lights turned off. She remained in the car. I hadn’t thought about what would happen now. I decided to go to her. I rushed out of the room and crept quietly through the hall, to the front door. The night was freezing and I wished I had on more than a t-shirt. When she saw me, she opened her car door and I saw her in the light for the first time.

“Hey. You came.” I said.

“What? You thought I was lying?”

“No, well, maybe I thought you’d change your mind.”

“No.” She closed the door to the car. I wondered if I should embrace her, hug her maybe, but I didn’t. She didn’t seem to want it. She wore a sweater and her hair was pulled back. For pants she had on black spandex, sandals wrapped her white feet. She carried a large purse with her, and stood with her arms crossed. “It’s cold.”

I led her back to the house. When I opened the door for her she passed and she smelled freshly cleaned, as if she’d just showered. She’d sprayed on a sweet, fruity smelling perfume. We crept to my room and I closed the door and locked it.

“Nice room.” She said, looking around. I had a lamp on beside the bed, it gave off a yellow dull light. She looked amazing standing there; a Spanish princess just for me. She’d come to deliver me her cute tight butt and nothing more. What more could a man want from a girl as sexy and suave as her? Yes, a good fucking of her tight pussy would be nice and a good blowjob from her full, soft pink lips would have been magical, but no, I was going to make stupendous, secret love to her tiny asshole without the knowledge of my girlfriend or her boyfriend. Nobody in the world will know what we plan to do together…nobody. And that made it all the better for me.

Her presence in my room felt so wrong. She wasn’t supposed to be here, not in my house at night with her boyfriend nowhere in sight. She looked so pretty standing in the middle of my room. She was admiring my pictures on the wall, a few of them I’d drawn. As she looked around I couldn’t help but glance down to her buttocks. Under her tight spandex were two small lumps. Nothing much to grab, but they were chiseled, and looked marvelously strong. In fact, she did have a nice ass. It wasn’t flat, like some poor skinny girls, but were deliciously round, small, but round.

Her hips were slim, and between her thighs I could see light peeking through near her crotch…yes, she was a skinny little thing. My cock was going to fill her up, straight up to her belly. How could she manage it? She looked as if she would break if I pounded her too hard. I’d have to be gentle with her, not that I was planning to be rough, but she was a delicate creature.

She moved to shift her weight on her left foot and I saw the bounce of ass cheek flex as she did so. I wanted to grab that tiny mound and squeeze it. My cock was near bursting point now. There was no real way to hide it, so I didn’t. Her pants hugged every inch of her small ass, even rising up between her ass crack, giving a spectacular representation of her bar ass. God, how I wanted to let my fingers explore that crack between her hard muscled cheeks.

As she admired my room, I crept close behind her, too close. My hard dick was sticking out from my thin shorts and I gently let the tip of my erection push against her butt. My face was near her shoulder, her silky hair by my face. As my dick made contact her body reflexed and straightened up taut and rigid. She hadn’t expected my dick to be there and she remained still, like a deer catching the scent of an intruder and it was as if she were planning to bolt at the next sudden movement.

I pulled my shorts down and my dick was out, exposed. I felt her sigh, a deep sigh that moved her entire body and let out the softest moan. I used my fingers to push my dick up into that exposed crack and it snuggly lodged itself between her butt.

“Feel it?” I whispered to her.

“Yes.” She spoke quietly, as if we were sharing a secret.

“This is where I’m going to fuck you.” I pushed forward and it jabbed into her.

Her phone rang. It was on silent, but the buzz of vibration cut as loud as an air horn in the quiet lust of the room. The sudden interruption of our secret meeting touched my chest and I felt my heart rate rise as she reached for her phone in her purse. I saw it was her lover and my best friend.

“I have to answer.” She whispered. She tried to move away but I locked my hands on her hips, keeping her planted where she was, keeping my dick against her ass.

“Hello?” She answered.

I heard my friend’s voice respond.

“I’m almost at my cousins house, yeah, just stopped for coffee it’s a long drive.”

As she spoke I reached around her and grabbed at her small tits. My poor friend, he didn’t know what was happening with his girlfriend at that very moment. He didn’t know his good friend was betraying him, and had his dick between his girl’s hard, round cheeks, had his hand over her breasts.

When she hung up she moved away from me, and I put my dick away before she could see it. She looked as if he’d been startled, but she stuffed her phone in her purse and in a determined manner sat on the bed. Danitza felt bad, I could feel it. I saw it in her mysterious eyes and pouty pink lips. She looked so beautiful in her melancholic world. Always, since I’d known her, she acted as if she’d just received news the world was going to end and she was living the tragic last seconds of her life in the company of people not worthy of her.

She sat down on the bed. “So, how are we going to do this?” She asked, as she asked her eyes went to my raging hard on. I saw them widen a bit, then she looked away.

“However you want.”

“Do you have a condom?”

“Do I need one? I’m not going to put it in your pussy, if you don’t want me to.”

“I guess you’re right. I brought some things…don’t laugh.” She opened up her purse and withdrew a tube of KY jelly. She held it up and put it beside her on the bed. I looked to the crude jar of Vaseline I’d readied for the event, and became embarrassed. Then she reached in her purse and pulled out a long, slender metallic tube—a vibrator. It was skinny and silver, as thin as my pinky finger, and maybe six inches long.

“A vibrator?”

“Yes, well, I’ve heard they can be good during…anal sex. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear. I have a g-string on.” She took off her grey sweater and I saw she had on a black lacy bra. Her small breasts were quite hidden behind them, but her hands went to cover them anyway; it was as if she were ashamed of them.

“I’ve never really been with anyone but Javier…”

I sat down and pulled her hands away and she sat there exposed, her chest heaving her tiny tits up and down. I ran my hand over the material of bra, over her small breasts. They were easy to grip, I could take all of them with my fingers, and I did. Her nipples became erect, and showed themselves to me. I reached behind her and unfastened the bra and yanked it away from her white, thin body. Her bare breasts were pink tipped mounds. I touched her soft nipples and she bit down on her lips as she was being fondled by a man not her boyfriend.

As I leaned in to suck them, she grabbed my head. “No.” She said, sounding serious.

“Why not?”

“That’s more than I want, I don’t want this to be a true affair. This should be about sex and sex only. I feel bad already about what I’m doing.”

Do you? I thought. I’m about to fuck you in the ass, this is an affair, I wanted to tell her. But all I could say was: “Your breasts are beautiful.”

“Are you kidding me? They’re not as big as Ivonne’s.”

“They’re so perfect in shape, what are you talking about. Let me suck them.”

I leaned in and she didn’t stop me this time. My mouth found her hard nipples and I sucked them in and bit them. Yes, it was quite different having such small breasts to fondle, but in a way, I liked the compact package. They were anything but droopy, like big breasts tend to be. Her nipples pointed skyward. With small tits like that, nipples tend to take on a greater role, and Danitza had some rock hard nipples, perfect for sucking.

Each flick of my tongue against the soft round skin of her nipples sent her reeling. She moaned more than any other girl who’d let me suck their breasts. It was as if I were eating her out. I thought maybe because they were smaller they were more sensitive. Either way, I enjoyed her tits immensely, and she made it more erotica than it should have been.

“My God it feels good. Oh, yes.” She moaned as if I were fucking her.

I thought to myself how lucky I was being able to enjoy this latent sex pot of a woman. I couldn’t wait to stick my cock in her and fuck her like she’d never been fucked before. I wanted to ravish her. I wanted her to feel our sex for days. I wanted her to come back for more.

After a minute she had my head in a tight embrace while I devoured her pointy tits. I glanced up at her and she had her face scrunched up in a look of sheer pleasure. She opened her eyes and pulled me to her. We kissed in a wild, sloppy mess of tongues and lips. She was very aggressive with her kissing; practically swallowing my face, yet her tongue was artful in her licks and swirls over my lips; even her kissing was stuck up! But this made me want her more. God, I was going to enjoy stuffing my cock up her tight, prissy ass.

I pulled away from her hot mouth and we stared at each other in a moment of surprised lust. We were both startled by this sudden burst of passion. Her glittering eyes searched my face, darting over my features as if she couldn’t recognize me. How could this be the same girl who’d ignored me for years, who never looked twice in my direction like a good girlfriend?

“I can’t believe what I’m doing.” She said. She reached won and grabbed at my shorts, searching for my cock and finding it with quick fingers and a smile.

“Pull it out.” I suggested.

She did. Flipping my shorts down and suddenly she was faced with my throbbing member. Her eyes were glued to it. “Oh, my.” She said. “You’re much larger than Javier.” Her hand wrapped around it. Her fingers cold. Her eyes expanded as she gripped and re-gripped my shaft in wonder. Her hands sent shivers up my back. It felt so good to see my friend’s girl grabbing my cock.

“Am I bigger?”


“Suck it.”



“I’m not your girlfriend. I only do that for Javier. Fuck me in the ass. That’s what I’m here for.”

“Turn around, here, lay on your stomach.”

She did so. I pulled her pants down and she wiggled her hips as I pulled them off. Her white skin gleamed at me as I ran my hands over legs and butt. Her skin was so soft under my hungry touch. I yanked at the black g-string she wore and that came off as well.

She was entirely naked now. Her head lay on my pillow in a scattering of brown hair, she wasn’t looking at me, but laid there passive, waiting to be violated.

I opened up her cheeks and there it was; small, pink, and thick. Her rim quivered as if she felt my eyes staring it down.

“Here. Let me put a pillow under you.” I said grabbing a pillow and stuffing it below her hips so that her ass was pushed up now. She looked ready to be fucked thoroughly, laying there like that, naked and exposed on my bed.

I reached for the tube of KY, smearing a line over my finger. Then with one hand holding her cheek open, I rubbed around the wrinkled skin of opening. Her asshole felt stiff under my touch, so different than a welcoming vagina. You just know that nothing is supposed to go up it by the feel of it. But that’s what makes it so appetizing. Just as the knowledge that she’s my friends girl makes me lust for her so much more. The knowledge that I was about to do something wrong to her, against nature, against friendship and trust; all of it drew me in like a whirlpool to her tight pink hole.

Her body flexed as I pushed the tip of my finger in and she exhaled sharply into the pillow. Her body didn’t want me in there, but the lube helped and her asshole opened. The tip of my finger entered her ass, despite the involuntary protests of her tight little ring.

“Oh, my…” She said.

Slowly my finger sank into her body, up into her fiery bowels.

“Mmmm. Easy.” She told me.

Wait till my cock is pressing into you, I thought. I sat there, beside her in the darkened room watching my finger slide in and out of her butt. How stiff this hole was. Her rimmed muscles flexed and expanded as I pushed up her backside.

My cock ached for her touch. It ached to be where my finger was. It ached to penetrate her where she’d never been penetrated. To think this tight hole would be taking my dick in a few moments was unbelievable. The thought incredible.

I grabbed the silver toy Danitza had brought with her and inspected it. There was a small rubber button on the bottom of the probe and I pushed it. It came alive in my hand. Buzzing and growling. It caught Danitza’s attention and she lifted her head and focused her beautiful eyes on me once more.

“Oh. You’re going to use it?”

“I think so.”

I put it between her legs, right to where her bare pink pussy was. The buzzing became muted as it pressed up against her flesh. Her body racked side to side, her hips up and down in the most provocative manner I’d ever seen. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to get away from it or push against it.

I easily pushed it between her skinny lips and it entered her vagina. She moaned and grunted in pleasure.

Her head lifted off the pillow and her eyes opened as wide as I’d ever seen them. She was looking right at me. Her sexy Spanish face in pure bliss. I pushed the probe deeper into her body. Her hand reached for me and she dug her nails into me. When I had the toy all the way into her, I looked down and saw it barely sticking out of her.

Now, it was time to sodomize her. I climbed over her, my dick falling between her small hard ass cheeks, and I adjusted myself on my elbows. My nose was in her hair, and I could hear her moaning into the pillow.

“Take the vibrator out.” She told me.

“Are you sure?”


I reached down and pulled the wet, vibrating thing out of her pussy and turned it off. She was breathing hard.

“I’m going to put it in now.”


I grabbed my cock and aimed it between her cheeks. The head of my dick brushed up against her hot thick hole. I pushed forward at it caught, just the tip of my head against her hard puckered entrance. I held it there for a moment, knowing it could slip away at any time. Then I pushed.

Slowly I felt her warmth taking over my dick head. Her anus opened, struggling to remain small and tight against my invading cock. I stopped, letting her feel the change.

She inhaled deeply, but kept her head pressed tight to the pillow. I could only imagine her facial expression, but definitely, she was going to take it quietly. My lips caressed her soft neck as I tried my best to not shove my erection deep into her bowels at once. It took heavy discipline, but I held steady.

I pushed deeper into her tight ass. Her rim expanded, stretching, stretching, stretching to accommodate my throbbing hard cock. She grunted and her stiff body adjusted. She was in pain. My cock was too big for her, and her body was having a hard time adjusting.

“It hurts more than I thought.” She whispered.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, just give me a second.”

She took several deep breathes, and readjusted her skinny body. Her bangs were hanging over her forehead in a perfect curtain. I imagined what we looked like, with her lying face down on my bed, me on top of her small frame. A lamp was on in the corner of my room, giving everything long shadows and a dull yellow hue.

Her cute ass was pinching the tip of my dick in a nip of pain and overwhelming pleasure. I was about to enter her bowels and fill her with throbbing, hard, meaty cock.

“I’m ready.”

I pushed slowly and she groaned. I felt her ass spread open as I entered her body with the thickness of my raging cock. Literally, I felt her open up painfully. As I pushed in she held her breath and with my eyes closed, my entire world focused on the slips of my cock up her anus, opening her innocent tight, hole with my cock. Her ass really didn’t want my dick inside, and her rim struggled valiantly trying to keep the oversized intruder from her rectum, but lube was on my side and I forced her ass to allow me in. Her ass was boiling hot, the hole stiff and muscled, very unlike a vagina.

“Owwww! No.” She said, but my dick was spreading her ass wide and she inhaled sharply and moaned into the pillow. She didn’t turn her body, or try to push me away, but she lay there, frozen, while I pushed into her. I didn’t thrust in, but gently eased myself up her butt. I stopped halfway inside her burning rectum. Waiting, hoping she’d loosen. The ecstasy was indescribable.

She exhaled and inhaled deeply.

“Slowly, please.” She asked, her voice as fragile as ice. It was as if I’d broken something inside of her soul, she wasn’t the same. Of course she wasn’t, she had a man’s penis half way up her butt, and she was so small, that it was an act of miracle she could take it. It was an act of miracle that this was my best friend’s girl lying there under me.

I imagined her as I’d always seen her, so quiet, so full of herself and her European ways. Danitza, oh, Danitza; always in a skirt and pantyhose. Always so china doll like, now you’re getting fucked up the ass by me, and it’s so wonderful that your butt is mine now. What a precious secret treasure you’ve had hidden between those small, round cheeks, always hidden by a skirt and panty’s, always forbidden because you belong to my good friend, but now your secret hole is mine. I own you more than anyone else in the world.

Her skinny, Spanish body was being filled with my hard, cock. She gave a small whimper, and my cock slipped up her bowels in one good, ravishing push, all the way till my pelvic bone was smashed against her soft ass cheeks.

“Ohhh. Shit. Mmm. Owww. Oh, my. Oh, my.” She groaned and her asshole flexed tight around the base of my shaft. She had a little hose clamp down there and it threatened to choke to the life from my penis.

The entire length of my cock was buried in her ass and it felt magnificent. Every inch of my penis was being pressed down upon, from every angle. Every inch of my penis encompassed her warmth. My cock was in her ass. I was in my best friend’s girlfriend’s ass and loving every precious second of her writhing and moaning, and her tight virginity.

“Oh my.” She said to me cutting through the quiet of the room. I could smell her pussy

Then commenced my unrelenting ass fucking of this poor girl.

I grabbed her hips and softly, pulled myself from her rectum. The release was welcomed by her body and she shivered under me as I slid from her ass. Then in I went, up her ass, diving through her tight freshly spread butt. There was a quiet sound it made as our skin made contact, as my cock slid up her butt. A sexy sound only made by sodomy. She gave a few high pitched, but silent gasps, but otherwise kept her head down in the pillow. I could look down her back and see my dick between her butt cheeks, watch it exit, then disappear up her skinny, bony body. Each push in was magic, her ass was just too small for me. This fight against nature was magnificent. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, but we were doing it, I was doing it.

She remained quiet as I greedily sodomized her. I may have been making more noise than her. She was soldiering through it, allowing me to have my fill of the pleasures of anal sex. She may have enjoyed it at that point, but I’ll never know.

Her ass was being abused by me. I slowly fucked her, but the thrusts in were pretty hard and I made sure to push as deep as I could, trying my hardest to get this quiet girl to moan, or make some sort of noise. But she buried her head in my pillow and took it like a champion.

This became my goal, to make her moan My hands wrapped around her bony hips, and I flipped her around, so that we rolled and she was on top. I looked over her shoulder and saw her pink tipped nipples pointing to my ceiling. Her legs were open wide, the bottoms of her feet on either side of me.

I began to drill her like this, not hard, but enough that each push into her rectum made her whimper. She had her nails dug into my thighs, but I couldn’t feel the pain. I firmly held her hips as I pushed up into her, pulling her down onto me as she pulled away. It was erotic, holding her like this, making her moan.

I stopped pumping into her, because I was nearing a climax, and with a lone hand, I reached to her soaking wet pussy and gave her clit a few rubs. She was breathing hard, and so was I. Just the feel of her tight, tight butt wrapped around my cock was enough for me. I could have laid like that forever. And I did for a few minutes, touching her pussy while my cock was buried in her bowels.

Her clit was hard, and she enjoyed me rubbing it and pushing my fingers in her.

“Yes.” She told me, for the first time since I’d entered her ass.

With another hand I found her tits. My fingers ran over her nipples and her head tilted back in pleasure, she began to kiss my neck. I gave her a thrust upwards and her mouth shut tight, her eyes squeezed closed and she moaned. “Ohh.”

I kept at her pussy, rubbing and massaging and she came. Her body shaking and twitching, she made no noise as she climaxed. I turned her over, holding her by her hips, she was so light it was easy. I pulled her up with me, so that she was on her knees. Then I began to fuck her. Her ass held me tight as I pummeled thrust after thrust into her. Still, she gave a few short grunts, but otherwise remained quiet. She was so skinny, each push into her shook her entire body. She was being ravished by me now, with no mercy for her innocent ass. Each fuck was a slap of my balls against her hot shaved pussy, my hips slapping against her ass cheeks. I gave her hard, short pumps, thinking entirely of my pleasure only.

This was her most secret hole I was taking. Any innocence she had was now gone, as she was being fucked up her ass by her boyfriend’s friend. After so many thrusts, her ass seemed to lose its tight death grip, and it became a demanding hole, that didn’t hurt me as much as before.

She dropped from her elbows to the bed, and would have fell completely if I hadn’t of held her up by the hips. I was keeping her propped up, fucking her with a passion in her asshole.

“Oh.” She would say as I rammed up her. I wanted her to scream, but she wouldn’t. She had something to prove to me, that my cock wouldn’t make her audible. So fucked her harder, sweat dripping down my face, down my chest. The only sound in the room was the slapping of our bodies, and our breathing. The room smelled of her pussy and ass, it smelled of sex.

Then I pulled my dick entirely from her body and her ass hole gapped open at me. A wide, red, swollen hole, white cum at the edges of it; I stared at it for a moment. Mesmerized, watching it slowly close. Then I rammed forward. My cock opening it back up in a sudden shock. She screamed, moaning all the way as I filled her belly with penis. This is how I needed to fuck her.

I did so. Long hard thrusts; each one producing a lovely moan of pleasure or pain. Finally, I felt myself about to come. I pulled my cock from her ass in a moment of inspiration and jumped to where her face was on the bed. With a mean, grab of her silky brown hair I pulled her face to my red and battered cock. She was going to have me fill her mouth with my sperm. I was surprised when she opened her mouth and took me deep. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and bobbed, just like a porno I thought as I blasted a load into her hot wet swirling mouth. I squirted five or six times, each less powerful into her suckling mouth. Then I removed my cock.

She looked up at me, her mouth full of white, bubbling sperm and the taste of her ass. She looked around frantically, finding a waste basket near my bed and spitting my sperm out in a long, viscous drop.

“Wow.” She said, dropping on my bed.

“You’re wonderful, Danitza.” I said, feeling dizzy with a sexual high. “Did you like it?”

“It was very different, but yes I did like it, it hurt a lot. But it was just like I’d read. Very filling. There’s nothing like it.”

“Can we keep doing this? I can’t imagine life without you after this.”

She smiled at me and put a hand to my face. “I don’t think so. I don’t know. I…”

I leaned over and kissed her. She was all over me, her hands grabbing and hugging me as if I were the love of her life. There was something so erotic about this taboo sex, this secret we had, that it drove us up, higher than we’d both ever been.


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