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Rower’s Delight

Category: Incest
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Cindy and her younger sister Betsy were looking out the kitchen window. Cindy’s son, Kevin, was swimming in the backyard pool. Kevin was climbing out from the water, totally nude. Cindy and Betsy had their eyes glued to his thin, tall body. Drops of water were dripping off of the tip of Kevin’s cock.

Cindy said to Betsy, “How was Kevin in bed?”

Betsy’s mouth dropped open.

“How did you know that?” Betsy replied.

“You two have been awfully chummy lately, it’s hard to not notice those things,” Cindy told her sister.

Betsy decided not to lie to her older sister.

He is terrific in bed, better than my ex-husband, to be sure,” Betsy said.

Cindy was envious of her sister. Looking at Kevin out the window, had stirred some hot feelings in her. She had recently had sex with one of Kevin’s friends from the rowing team. The sex had been good , but now she wanted more.

Now her sister and her were watching her son towel off and put his swimming trunks back on.

Cindy said to Betsy, “Come with me, let’s surprise Kevin.”

Kevin hadn’t been aware that his mother and aunt had been observing him all this time. Both women were supposed to be out shopping right now. Kevin thought it was a good time to get comfortable in the pool.

Kevin entered the house and was heading down the hallway. He then heard his mother call to him.

“Kevin, can you come into the bedroom for a minute?”

He opened the bathroom door and entered the room. Out from behind the door came his mother and aunt, naked and waiting for him. Kevin was shocked for a moment. Betsy stood behind him with her arms around his waist. His mother stood in front of him, her tits poking into his chest.

Both women started to press against him, rubbing their huge boobs all over him.

“What do you think, Kevin?” His aunt was asking him.

Kevin could only let out a sigh. Cindy now was massaging his cock with her hand. It wasn’t taking long for his cock to getting hard. All that flesh pressing into him, had his cock standing up straight, directly against his mother’s belly.

Both women started to edge Kevin towards the bed. Kevin then collapsed directly onto his mother, Cindy. He pushed his mouth onto one of her big nipples and started biting it. Cindy arched her chest to let Kevin have all the tit he could want.

Betsy stood watching for the moment. She was going to let her big sister have a little fun first, before she joined in. Kevin was in between his mothers thighs, sucking and biting her large tits. His cock was pushing up against his mother’s pussy lips. Cindy reached down and guided his cockhead in place.

Once Kevin felt her fleshy lips, he pushed forward. His cock sunk all the way in with one hard thrust. Mother and son then began to fuck. Cindy brought her legs up around Kevin. Kevin wasn’t being subtle. He was slamming his hard meat deep into his mom’s wet tunnel.

Cindy’s pussy was making slurping noises as her son fed her his rock hard shaft. Betsy then decided to join in. She reached down between Kevin’s legs and began to massage his heavy balls. She could feel that Kevin had a lot of cum stored up.

After she squeezed his sacs, Betsy then began to probe Kevin’s ass as he was ramming his mom’s oozing pussy. Betsy eased a finger into Kevin’s hole. Kevin felt her digit and thought he was going to blow his load right then and there. Betsy kept rubbing his prostate. That made Kevin pound his mother’s channel even hard than before. Kevin was almost pulling his cock out, before he piledrived his thick sausage into his mother.

Kevin was now so worked up, he couldn’t hold back. He blew a hot steamy wad of cream into his mom’s hot pussy. Cindy started to scream when she felt her son flooding her with his love potion. Betsy pushed her finger into Kevin one more time. Kevin then sent one giant geyser of his sauce into his mother’s belly.

After a few minutes of thrusting, Kevin finally pulled his cock out of Cindy’s pussy. Kevin fell back onto the bed. Both women then lowered themselves to Kevin’s spent pole. They began to lick the love juices off of Kevin. Flicking their tongues on the underside of his cock and then all over his mushroom head.

Kevin didn’t think it possible, but his cock started to grow again. When the women saw this, they both really got into licking and then squeezing his balls. Kevin not only felt his cock get hard, but he thought he was going to cum again.

“Christ, I think I am cumming!” Kevin cried out.

When his aunt Betsy heard him, she wrapped her lips totally around his cock and deep throated Kevin’s thick member. Kevin unleashed another thick load of his baby cream. This time, his aunt drained his cock and drank the last bit of his white hot cum.

Kevin then looked over at his two naked lovers all coated with his love cum. He knew this was going to be one hell of a summer!

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