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It was a cold, damp, gray Monday in the middle of November and Dan was doing what he usually does, driving from one city to the next in his Midwest sales territory. He had left his home in the Chicago suburbs that morning, made a stop in Rantoul, Illinois, and now was on the back roads traveling to Lafayette, Indiana. He liked traveling the back roads whenever he could, as he felt interstate driving was boring.

When he was getting in his car after the stop in Rantoul, he wondered if it would snow; it was that kind of day. He hoped if it did, it wouldn’t be heavy, or would start after he got to Lafayette, where he was planning to spend the night. He was getting sick of all the traveling he did, especially when it came to the wintertime. He had been on the road almost since he graduated from college.

Dan had turned 53 a few weeks ago. He was contemplating retiring the first chance he got, which in his company would be when he reached age 55, since he had so many years with them. He figured he should be able to swing it since his last kid should graduate from college the same year. If he needed extra money, he could always get a job doing something close to home. He was happily married, but he wondered if he and the wife would get along as well if he were around the house all the time. ‘I’ll worry about that when the time comes,’ he thought. About the only thing he would miss from his travels is his ability to get in a little playtime while on the road. When he was younger, he was able to score with women he met in the hotel lounges or nightclubs he would frequent. Now his extracurricular activities were limited to visiting strip clubs and massage parlors in the various towns he passed through.

He was crossing the Indiana State line when he noticed a few snowflakes falling. He only had about 40 miles to go, so he felt he should be OK. But the snow started to get heavier, and that’s when he noticed them: a young couple hitchhiking. He was kind of surprised, as he didn’t see that many hitchhikers anymore, especially this time of year. He decided to pick them up, feeling sorry for them being out in the snow. By the time he reacted, he had gone about a quarter of a mile, so he had to wait a little while for them to get to the car. While he was waiting, he wondered if he was doing the right thing. He had stopped picking up hitchhikers about ten years ago after he had heard about people getting robbed, but these two sure didn’t look like they posed any threat, and besides, he couldn’t leave them out in the snow.

When they reached the car, the boy jumped in the front seat and the girl got in the back. “Thanks a lot, mister, for picking us up. I thought we were going to get stuck in the snow,” said the boy as he took off his backpack and put it between his legs.

“Well, to tell you the truth, that’s the main reason I picked you up,” Dan replied. “By the way, my name is Dan.”

“Mine is Rick and my sister’s name is Allison.”

“Pleased to meet both of you. Where are you headed?”

“Cincinnati,” replied Rick.

“I have some business in Lafayette in the morning and then I’m going to Cincinnati tomorrow, so if you want to wait for me, I can take you all the way.”

“That would sure be nice of you,” replied Rick.

“How old are you two, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Were both nineteen; we’re twins,” Rick answered.

Dan thought Rick looked boyish for nineteen, but maybe that was because he was towheaded with bright blue eyes. He had a cute face, with a smattering of freckles. He looked like an All-American boy. He only had a glance at Allison as she got in the car and he wondered if they looked alike. The snow was coming down heavier now and he had to slow down, as the road was getting slick.

“Can I ask where you’re coming from and where you’re going?” asked Dan.

“Sure,” Rick said. “We’re going to visit our father who lives in Cincinnati. We live most of the time with our mother on our grandfather’s farm, which is not far from where you picked us up.”

Dan started wondering about what he was hearing. Why would their mother let them leave the house on such a threatening day to hitchhike to Cincinnati? He hoped they weren’t runaways. He had to ask. “Your mother let you leave on kind of an ugly day, didn’t she?”

“She didn’t really let us leave,” answered Rick. “She went to Chicago with my grandparents to do some shopping for a few days. We left a note saying where we were going.”

“Aren’t they going to be worried?”

“No,” replied Rick. “We do this all the time.”

‘Well, he certainly has all the answers and gave them without any hesitation,’ thought Dan. What was he going to do anyway? He couldn’t put them out in this weather. Allison had not said a word during the whole conversation.

“Allison, is Rick pulling my leg?” Dan asked in a joking fashion, although he did want her to address the question.

“No,” was her curt reply.

Dan decided to let the subject go. He really needed to concentrate on his driving, as the weather and roads were deteriorating quickly. They finally arrived in Lafayette. He usually stayed on the east side of town near I-65, where motels and restaurants were plentiful. It was also close to his meeting in the morning. As usual, he didn’t have a reservation, as he never had a problem getting a room.

As he pulled up to the motel where he usually stayed, a question crossed his mind. “Do you have money for a room?” he asked.

“Yes,” Rick said.

“I’ll rent two rooms and you can pay me for one, OK?”

“We don’t mind staying in a room with you to save some money. But if you don’t want to, that’s OK,” replied Rick.

When Dan left the car, Rick turned to Allison and asked, “Well do you like him?”

“He seems nice enough, but you know I always follow your lead,” she replied.

“Well he seems kinda uptight, but that may be because of the weather. If he rents two rooms we’ll just have to play it by ear. Why don’t you try to be a little friendlier, that may help,” Rick suggested.

“OK, here he comes now.”

Dan got back in the car and said, “A lot of people pulled off the road earlier than usual because of the storm, so they only had one room left. It looks like we’ll be roommates tonight. The room has two double beds. Should I have them send a cot up to the room?”

“We don’t need a cot. Allison can sleep with me,” declared Rick.

“Get your backpacks and let’s go to the room,” Dan said as he got his suitcase from the trunk.

When they got into the lobby, he had his first good look at Allison. She looked just like her brother. Her white-blond hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. Rick was a little taller than she was; he was probably around 5’10”. They both appeared to be slender, although he couldn’t really tell since they had heavy coats on.

When they got to their room, everyone used the bathroom and Dan called his wife to let her know he had reached Lafayette all right. Rick and Allison had been wearing sweaters, which they now took off. While talking on the phone, he realized he was right, both of them were very slender. They were wearing T-shirts that clung to their trim bodies. If he didn’t know better, he would have sworn he was looking at two young boys.

When Dan got off the phone, he asked, “Are you two ready to get something to eat? This place has a pretty good restaurant.”

“I’m starved,” Rick answered.

“Me too,” Allison exclaimed with a smile.

“Let’s go, then,” Dan said.

When they were seated at the restaurant, he tried to strike up a conversation. “Allison, what year of school are you in?” he asked.

“We graduated last June, so we’re not in school right now.”

“Are you thinking about going to college?”

“Our mother wants us to.”

‘She must be feeling more comfortable,’ Dan thought, pleased he had gotten her talking. The food was served and the conversation lulled as they all dug into their meals. When they were done, they went back to the room, and Dan checked the weather on TV. He found that they already had gotten about 12 inches of snow and that it was predicted to last off and on through tomorrow afternoon. I-65 had been closed from Rensselaer to Indianapolis because the plows couldn’t keep up with the snow, and they weren’t sure when it would reopen. The wind was supposed to pick up later that night, causing blizzard conditions. Lastly, the storm was slowly making its way southeast toward Cincinnati.

“Well, it looks like we won’t be going to Cincinnati tomorrow,” Dan declared. “I better call down and make sure we can have this room tomorrow night.”

“That’s OK, we like being with you,” replied Rick with a big smile.

“Does that go for you too, Allison?” asked Dan.

“Sure does,” she replied with a big smile that matched her brother’s.

‘God she is cute, especially when she smiles like that,’ Dan thought as he picked up the phone to call the desk. After making sure he could have the room for one more night, he asked, “Do you want to see if there is a movie you want to watch? I’m just going to change my appointment to tomorrow afternoon to give them a chance to clear the streets.”

“Sure,” replied Allison.

“I’m going to put my pajamas on while you figure out which movie to watch,” Dan said as he entered the bathroom. He decided to take a shower and as he was drying himself off, he looked at himself in the mirror. ‘I guess the regular visits to the health club have paid off,’ he thought, looking at his muscular 6’2″ frame with his hairy chest. He combed his medium length brown hair, which was slightly graying on the side. He put on pajama bottoms and left the bathroom.

He saw that Rick and Allison had already changed into their bedclothes. Rick wore only boxer shorts. Dan saw now that while he was slender, he had a muscular body. He also noticed from the bulge in his boxer shorts that he must be well endowed. Allison had on a sheer, thigh-length nightie. She was sitting in one of the chairs and the nightie had ridden up enough to see that she had on matching ruffled panties. She had long, lean, shapely legs. She had let her hair down and it was draped in a seductive fashion over her shoulders. He could see the outline of her small perky breasts through the nightie. Suddenly he got a funny feeling; here he was in a motel room, with two youngsters he had just met, in the state of near undress. Part of him worried and part of him lusted at these thoughts.

“Well, have you picked out a movie?” Dan asked.

“Yes,” Allison replied in a seductive purr.

“What’s it about?” Dan asked, wondering about the change in her tone.

“It’s a surprise, but something we thought you would enjoy,” Rick declared. “It comes on in two minutes.”

“OK, I’ll let you two surprise me,” Dan said, getting into bed and covering himself with the sheet. He could feel himself becoming aroused, like there was sexual tension in the room, but he discounted it as his imagination.

Rick lay on the other bed and Allison turned on the TV and then sat down on the bed with Dan. “Can I sit over here?” she asked. He’ll bother me during the film if I sit with him,”

“Sure, I guess so,” Dan said as he moved over. He felt like electricity was going through his body, as he looked at the cute, blond teenager sitting next him with next-to-nothing on. His cock was now semi-hard and he tried to get his mind off her and concentrate on what would be showing on the TV.

“Good,” she said, propping up a pillow and stretching out next to Dan. She didn’t get under the sheet, so her long, shapely legs were exposed and tantalizing close to him. The lighting caused the sheer material of her nightie to become transparent. He could see her nipples protruding from her perky tits like pencil erasers.

‘How can I ever concentrate on the film?’ Dan thought. But when the movie started, he immediately saw that it was an adult film.

“Who picked this out?” he asked.

“We did!” they simultaneously exclaimed.

“We thought what a better way to warm up a cold winter night than watching a hot film,” Allison added. “Don’t you like hot films?”

“Well, uh, yea I do,” Dan stammered. “But I guess this just kind of surprised me.”

“Since you were nice to us, we’re going to be nice to you,” Rick replied.

Allison was admiring Dan’s manly good looks and his big, hairy chest. She had enjoyed being with older guys ever since one of her mother’s boyfriends had introduced she and Rick to sex a few years ago. Although Rick was her regular lover, they sometimes found other participants when they hitchhiked. She leaned over and kissed Dan. He felt her tongue seeking entrance to his mouth while her hand roamed over his chest. She pulled back and said, “We sure appreciate the ride today.”

Dan’s head was swimming. Was he having a dream? His average-sized cock was hard, as he loved having her touch and kiss him. His attention was attracted to the TV, where two guys and a girl were making love. While the girl sucked one guy’s cock, the other guy was eating her. Dan didn’t know what to do. Lust was burning inside him, but it didn’t seem right. ‘But when am I ever going to get another chance like this?’ he thought. He leaned over to kiss Allison and then noticed Rick lying on the other bed with his cock out. He was stroking it while watching the movie. Dan was amazed the kid had such a large cock. He bet it was at least nine inches.

Rick then looked right at Dan and their eyes met. “Mind if I join you?” he asked.

“No,” Dan replied, realizing that this was going to be a night to remember. Rick stood up, removed his boxers and walked toward the bed. Dan could see the head of his cock was already glistening with precum.

Dan pushed the sheets away and embraced Alison while their tongues did a love dance. His hand worked its way inside her nightie and he cupped one of her tits. Her nipples were hard and he rolled them between his fingers. He then felt Rick lifting her nightie over her head and pulled back to look at her. She had baby blue eyes, a tiny turned-up nose lightly dusted with freckles, and long, white-blond hair that surrounded her face. He now saw both of their bare chests and realized that while her tits were not much larger than Rick’s pecs, her nipples were much larger and cherry red. He put his mouth on one and suckled like a baby. Her nipples were very sensitive and she laid her head back, her faced contorted with pleasure.

Rick moved down and removed her bottoms, then went to the other side of the bed and pulled Dan’s pajamas down his legs. Dan had moved down and was kissing around Allison’s lower belly and inner thighs. He saw her pussy was lightly covered with wispy blond hair. Her outer lips neatly framed her well-proportioned pink inner lips. He put his tongue just inside her labia and tasted her nectar. She tasted sweet, just like he imagined she would.

Dan felt a hand lightly grab his cock and it wasn’t Allison’s. Rick’s stroking caused his hard cock to get even harder. Dan was so involved with what he was doing that he didn’t stop to think about Rick’s activity. He moved his attention to Allison’s hooded clit, trying to coax it to come out and play. He inserted a finger into her moist hole and fingered her while his tongue probed her clit. Soon he had success, and her nub peeked out at him. Her hips were moving in a slow rhythm with his finger and she was moaning with pleasure.

Then Dan got another surprise as he felt a warm, wet mouth envelop his cock. He lifted his head and looked down into Rick’s baby blue eyes. He had his cock swallowed to the hilt. At first he almost panicked, since he had never been sexually involved with a guy before. He then made a split-second decision to drop any inhibitions and enjoy the moment. Besides, Rick really knew what he was doing. When he lifted his head off his cock his tongue would swirl around the head and then he would swallow him again. Rick’s hand massaged Dan’s tight scrotum while his mouth took care of his throbbing cock.

The twins’ introduction to sex had included sexual acts between Rick and their mother’s boyfriend. Because of the boyfriend’s methods, the twins had lost their inhibitions a long time ago and learned simply to love sex.

Rick knew Dan was ready based on the amount of precum he tasted. He took his cock out of his mouth and said, “Why don’t you fuck her? She loves having older guys’ cocks inside her.”

Not needing to be asked twice, Dan put his hands under Allison’s thighs and lifted. After getting her pussy in a perfect position, he guided his swollen cock to her love canal. As he entered her wet hole, she whimpered, “Fuck me, Dan, fuck me, fuck me.”

Her tight, wet hole felt incredible. He sunk his cock into her to the hilt while she continued to whimper, ‘fuck me.’ As he began to stroke her, Rick moved around to her face and placed his cock by her lips. When she felt his cock, she opened her mouth to give him access. Rick then slowly buried his long cock down her throat and started to fuck her mouth. Dan’s passions were burning as he slammed his cock in and out of her, while watching this cute little vixen suck her twin brother off. Soon his cock pulsated and his semen pumped in her belly, his faced grimacing with pleasure. When Rick saw that he was cumming, he let loose too, shooting his load down her throat.

When his cock stopped pumping and started to wilt, Dan removed it from her and rolled over and lay on his back. He had a big smile on his face. Allison still had Rick’s cock in her mouth and was sucking the last drops of cum from him. Rick looked down at Dan with a smile on his face and said, “Glad you picked us up?”

“Best move I made in a long time. I don’t think I have ever been that hot,” Dan replied.

“Well, the night’s still young. You’re not through yet, are you?” Rick asked.

“I’m following your lead. I’ll go until I pass out.”

“Good. Why don’t we shower together.” Rick suggested.

“It’ll be a tight fit, but let’s give it a try,” Dan replied. “Up to it, Allison?”

She nodded her agreement and they all went into the bathroom. When the water warmed up, they got in the shower. It was indeed a tight fit and their bodies rubbed against each other. They took turns washing each other. First the twins lathered Dan up. He felt hands exploring every part of his body. He stood in the middle, facing Allison with Rick behind him. She washed down his chest while he felt Rick washing his cock with one hand and his ass with the other.

Then it was their turn to wash her. Allison faced Dan and he knelt down and washed her legs and then she felt his finger rubbing up and down the slit of her pussy. Rick was behind her and he reached around and massaged her chest and stomach. All the touching had caused both of the guy’s cocks to get semi-hard.

Then it was Rick’s turn in the middle. Allison got behind him and washed his back and then his chest while Dan knelt down to wash his legs. Dan had Rick’s semi-hard cock almost in his face. He couldn’t believe how he felt looking at it as he washed. He had urges to put his mouth around it, as it looked so sexy. He ignored those urges, but soon his hand grabbed Rick’s cock. He couldn’t believe how hot it felt lathering this young stud’s cock and balls. While he was working on him, he looked up and saw Rick smiling down at him.

When they finished, they all went back and lay down on one bed with Allison in the middle. “Dan, is this your first experience with another guy?” Rick asked.

“Well, uh, yea, why?”

“Well, most of the guys we run into this way, it’s their first,” replied Rick. “I also saw it in your eyes when I started to suck you off. You’re not sorry, are you?”

“No, I decided to let go of my inhibitions during our time together.”

“That’s good. We’ll all have a better time that way. Now, I think my sister got cheated on our first go around, as I don’t think she came. Did you?”

“Well, almost,” Allison replied.

“Almost doesn’t count,” Rick stated, climbing between her legs. As he began to kiss and blow around her pussy, Dan leaned over and kissed her mouth. Their tongues flicked as their open mouths met. Dan kissed around her neck and ears, then moved down to her perky tits.

“I love sucking on your big nipples,” he told her as he took one into his mouth. Rick’s tongue was now flicking her clit and she began to moan. While Dan sucked her nipples, Rick sucked on her exposed clit and fingered her. It didn’t take long for the attention from the two guys to take her over the edge. Her hips gyrated and bucked wildly and her pussy contracted on Rick’s fingers. Both of the guys kept working on her as she had a succession of orgasms.

“Dan, lay on your back, and Allison, get his cock hard,” Rick directed. They did as ordered and soon his cock was buried in her throat. She used the same technique as Rick had earlier, and soon Dan’s cock was rock hard.

“Mount him, Allison,” Rick said when he saw Dan was hard. She put her feet on either side of him and squatted down. She took his cock in her petite hand and guided him home. Dan watched as his cock disappeared through her wispy hair and pink labia. Once they had fucked for a while, Rick got behind her. He had a tube of KY he had taken from his backpack. He lubed up his fingers and probed her anus, and she leaned over further to give him ready access. Once he felt her anus start to relax, he removed his fingers and put more KY on his cock, then moved into position and stuck his glistening rod in her ass, just the head at first, and then he worked his way in until he was buried to the hilt. They developed a rhythm, fucking her in both holes simultaneously.

Her body felt like it was on fire as the two of them ravished her. Dan could see her pleasure reflected in her blue eyes. Her cute face was contorted and now looked so evil, so lustful.

“I’m cumming, yes, I’m cumming!” she cried out, as her ass and pussy contracted on the cocks that penetrated her.

“Ahhhhh,” Rick yelled as his semen pumped up her ass.

When Dan felt his Rick’s big cock pulsating, he started to unload in her pussy. When she felt both of the guys’ cumming, Allison came again. When their guns were empty, they all kind of collapsed in a heap on the bed. Once the passions cooled a bit, Dan suggested, “Think we should get some sleep?”

“Yes,” Rick and Allison said in unison.

“But first I need to clean up a little. I’ll bring you guys a towel,” Allison said as she got off the bed and walked to the bathroom, cum dripping from both holes.

When she came out, Rick had already moved to the other bed, so she gave Dan a quick kiss and a towel, then got into bed with her brother and gave him the other towel. After they finished cleaning up, Dan said, “I’m going to turn off the light, if everyone is ready.”

“Goodnight,” the twins replied.

The next morning, Dan had already showered and made one phone call by the time Rick woke up. “Good morning,” Dan said. “I need to make one more phone call to change my appointments and then we can go to breakfast.”

“I’ll jump in the shower and then Allison can take a quick one,” Rick replied.

After they had showered and dressed, and Dan had made his phone call, they went to the restaurant. While waiting for the meal, Dan said, “I have an appointment for three this afternoon. I changed the appointment in Cincinnati to Thursday morning, since I don’t know how long it will take us to get there.”

“Then we have plenty of time to play,” Allison said with a smile. She was sitting next to Dan and when she said that, she squeezed his inner thigh. He felt a tingle in his nuts and couldn’t wait till breakfast was over.

“I want to spend as much time in the room with you two as I can,” Dan replied.

“We like being with you,” Rick said.

When they finished breakfast, the twins went ahead to the room while Dan stopped by the front desk to make sure the room for the night was squared away. The TV in the lobby had on a long weather and road report, so he spent some extra time watching it. When he got back to the room, he saw that the twins had put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.

Entering the room, he found them naked on the bed, Allison sucking Rick’s cock. He stood there for a minute watching the erotic scene. Seeing Rick’s hard, pinkish, nine-inch dick slide in and out of Allison’s delicate mouth was getting him hot. Rick noticed him and said, “Why don’t you join us. We’re lonely.”

Dan quickly undressed and got on the bed where Rick motioned him to go. He lay opposite the direction Rick was lying, so that his cock was near Rick’s face. Dan had a close-up view of Allison giving head. He felt a hand on his balls and then Rick’s soft mouth over his cock.

Lust showed in Dan’s eyes and Allison saw this. She took Rick’s cock from her mouth and placed it by Dan’s. He felt a twinge of panic. She recognized this, as she had seen it with other guys in the past. “Don’t worry, it won’t poison you,” she said softly. She reached over and put her hand at the back of his head and pulled his face towards Rick’s throbbing cock. Her coaxing and the feeling of Rick’s expert touch were enough to convince him that he wanted, even needed, to do this.

Dan opened his mouth and she guided the cock inside. He tasted the salty precum and soon his head was spinning. He was in a 69 with a good-looking teenaged stud and enjoying the hell out of it. He tried to get as much of the cock into his mouth as he could. When it hit the back of his throat he slightly gagged, but pressed on and finally got it all the way in. Rick’s blond pubic hair tickled his lower lip and he felt his balls against his nose. He grabbed the balls and massaged them as his head bobbed up and down. His own cock felt like it was in seventh heaven as Rick expertly worked it in and out of his mouth. Allison had moved to the other bed and was finger-fucking herself.

Dan was the first to succumb to the pleasure. His balls felt like they were in a vise and his cock started to throb. He cried out, “Arghhhhh,” as his cum spilled into Rick’s mouth.

Rick kept sucking him until he was dry. As soon as Dan started to come off his high, he went back to sucking Rick’s cock. He soon felt the cock start to pulsate and he closed his lips tightly around it as Rick’s spunk filled his mouth with its salty taste. He finished draining him and then got up and went to the bathroom.

When Dan came out of the bathroom, the twins were sitting together on the bed. “Still enjoying yourself?” Allison asked him.

“Yes, I am. You guys are teaching an old dog a lot of new tricks,” Dan replied. “I think I’m going to take a short nap.” He lay down on the other bed and closed his eyes.

When he woke about 45 minutes later, he heard groans coming from the other bed. He turned over to see Rick with his head buried between Allison’s thighs. ‘God, these kids sure love sex,’ he thought. Watching them for a while made him to want to join the action. He couldn’t believe how sexy Allison looked lying on the bed, writhing from the pleasure her brother was giving her. Suddenly she cried out, “I’m cumming!” and her hips bucked while Rick kept his face buried in her snatch.

When she finally calmed down, Rick straddled her chest and she started to suck his cock. Rick glanced over and noticed Dan watching them. “You should be well rested. Are you ready to join us?” Rick asked.

Dan didn’t bother to reply. He got up and walked over to the other bed. His cock was already semi-hard from watching the twins. Rick grabbed his balls and pulled him closer. He leaned down and took Dan’s cock in his mouth. Both cocks were soon ready for action. “We’ll do this a little different this time. I’ll mount Allison and you mount me,” Rick directed. “Get the tube of KY from the nightstand.”

Rick guided his cock into Allison’s moist pussy. She moaned, “Ohhh,” as it slid deep inside her.

“Lube up your cock with the KY and get behind me. Get the head in first and then you can penetrate all the way,” Rick directed, knowing that Dan had never done this before. He liked being fucked in the ass and he was looking forward to the action. He felt fingers spread his cheeks and the head of a cock penetrate his anus. While this was going on, he kept his cock buried in Allison.

Slowly Dan worked his entire length in. He loved the tightness of Rick’s ass. When Rick felt he was all the way in, he started to slowly stroke Allison. All three of them developed a slow rhythm and they were moving in unison, enjoying the pleasures of each other’s bodies. Rick buried his cock in Allison and pumped his seed as deep inside her as he could. When he started cumming, the muscles in his ass contracted and caused Dan to blow his load. When they stopped cumming, they all lay on the bed hugging one another.

Noticing the time, Dan said, “I need to get ready for my meeting, eat lunch and go. I want to leave early since I don’t know what condition the roads are in.”

They all took a shower individually, got dressed and went to lunch. Again as they talked at lunch, Allison put her hand on his thigh, making Dan wish he didn’t have a meeting. After they finished, Dan left and the twins used the indoor swimming pool.

When he got back from his meeting, Dan decided to have a drink in the motel’s lounge before going to the room. He wasn’t worried about the twins, as they seemed more than able to entertain themselves. The lounge was crowded, as the motel was still filled with people waiting out the storm. There were no empty tables, so he sat at the bar. While looking around the room, he caught the eye of an attractive woman who gave him a big smile. He had seen her somewhere before, but couldn’t quite place her. He was halfway through his dry martini when he noticed the woman standing next to him and they exchanged smiles.

“Care to join me and my husband?” the woman asked.

“Sure,” Dan replied. “Are you sitting out the storm too?”

“Yea, we were on our way to Nashville yesterday. My name is Jennifer.”

“Mine’s Dan.”

When she got the drinks, they proceeded to the table. “Dan, this my husband, Jon.”

“Pleased to meet you, Jon,” Dan said as they shook hands.

When he got a good look at them together, he realized he had seen them at both breakfast and lunch today. He had especially noticed Jennifer, as she was an attractive woman. She had short, black hair, big green eyes, and full, luscious lips. She wore a sweater that tightly covered her ample tits and a skirt that showed off her shapely legs. She was probably about 5’5″. Jon had an average build and thinning light brown hair. He wore a neatly trimmed full beard. Both of them appeared to be in their early 40’s.

“Some storm,” Jon declared.

“One of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. They sure missed calling that one early enough,” Dan replied. “I never would have started out if I had known it was coming.”

“Where are you headed?” asked Jennifer.


“Are you traveling with your kids?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, no, they’re not my kids.” He realized he needed to explain this a little further. “No, I found them hitchhiking just when it started to snow. Then when we got to the motel there was only one room left, so we’re all cramped in one room. But they’re very nice kids.”

“Looks like you get along with them very well,” Jennifer said, smiling.

“Yea, we get along just fine.”

“I know, it turned me on watching that young chick rubbing your thigh. Looked like you really enjoyed it,” Jennifer replied with a sly smile on her face.

“Yea, made me wish we could change places,” Jon added and then both he and Jennifer laughed.

Dan wondered where this was going and how he should reply. He decided to let them take the lead. “I didn’t realize anyone saw her doing that,” he replied. “I guess it’s just her way of expressing herself.”

“And your way of expressing yourself is getting a hard-on,” Jennifer said and again they both laughed.

Dan remembered that when he had left the lunch table, his cock was hard from Allison’s hand rubbing his thigh. ‘I wonder why they were watching us so closely,’ he wondered. “You remember more about what was going on at our table than I do,” he said with a smile.

“I don’t blame you. She would have the same effect on me,” Jon said.

“We need to stop teasing you,” Jennifer said. “I’m going to get to the point. We like to party with other couples. If you and your two friends would like to join us, we would love to entertain you. We were lucky enough to get a suite with a hot tub, so it’s made for partying. If I’m way off base, just say so.”

“Well, I guess I could ask them,” Dan replied.

“Why don’t you do that. We have stuff to drink and we’ll order some finger food from the restaurant so we won’t need to go to dinner.”

“What’s your room number?” Dan asked. “I’ll talk to them and then call you.”

“69,” Jon replied. “Isn’t that appropriate?”

“I’ll give you a call in about 15 minutes,” Dan said as he finished his drink and got up to leave the lounge.

“We’ll be there,” Jon replied.

Dan discussed the invitation with Rick and Allison and they agreed that it sounded like a great offer. Dan called and said they would be up to the room in half an hour, as he wanted to shower and change clothes first. The twins put on tank tops and shorts while Dan wore a pair of slacks and sport shirt. They knocked on the door and Jennifer answered. She was a knockout in her sexy cocktail dress. It had spaghetti straps and was cut very low. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples tented out the silky material. All of them stared at the sexy lady answering the door.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable.”

“Jennifer, this is Rick and Allison,” Dan said.

“Pleased to meet you, Rick and Allison,” Jennifer replied and then kissed both of them.

Jon walked in from the other room and Jennifer said, “Jon, meet Rick and Allison.” He was dressed in a silk robe and slippers and looked like he was ready to host a party at the Playboy Mansion.

“Hi, glad you decided to come to our little party,” Jon said.

The room they were in was like a large living room. It had two couches and a couple of easy chairs. There was a fancy table against the wall, on which they had set up the food and a bar. In one corner of the room was a hot tub big enough for 8 people. Jon had it running, warming up the water. “In there is the bedroom and bathroom,” Jon said pointing to the adjoining room. Dan stuck his head in the door and saw that the bedroom had two king-sized beds.

“Help yourself to the food and drinks,” Jennifer said, pointing to the table in the corner. “I didn’t know if you two drink, so I had some soft drinks sent up.”

“We like wine,” Allison replied.

“So do we. Jon, can you help them find one they like? Dan, fix whatever you want.”

They all went over to the table, fixed themselves drinks and ate the hors d’oeuvres. While they chatted, all of them were thinking about the fun yet to be had. Jennifer and Jon had lust in their eyes looking at Rick and Allison. Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off Jennifer. When she bent over on one occasion he got a glimpse of her tits that made his groin tingle.

After everyone had enough to eat, Jennifer asked, “Jon, do you think the water is warm by now?”

“I’m sure it is, honey,” he replied.

“I’m getting another glass of wine and getting in. Anyone care to join me?” Jennifer offered. She refilled her glass and set it down by the hot tub. She moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Dan took a deep breath when he saw her. Her big tits had large nipples with hardly any areola around them. They were dark brown, contrasting with her creamy complexion. Her pussy was covered with a thick patch of neatly trimmed black hair. She had very shapely legs and a firm, round ass. Dan noticed that both Rick and Allison were staring at her with a gleam in their eyes. As Jennifer stepped into the hot tub, she said, “Don’t be shy. Come and join me.”

Everyone poured themselves another drink and walk over to the tub. When the twins removed their clothes, Dan saw that Jennifer was paying close attention. Jennifer licked her lips when she saw Rick’s nine inches. As they were getting in the tub, Jon removed his robe and Dan saw that he was also paying attention to the twins, as his cock was semi-hard already. Dan was the last to get in. He sat on one side of Jennifer and Rick was on the other. Jon and Allison sat on the other side and he put his arm around her. They all engaged in small talk while they enjoyed the drinks and warm, rushing water. The sexual excitement grew as their naked bodies, stimulated by the hearty drinks, rubbed against each other.

Jon got the action started when he had Allison sit on his lap. He kissed her while he fondled her little tits and rolled her nipples with his fingers. Dan put his arm around Jennifer and reached down and cupped her tit. She looked at Dan and smiled, then he kissed her. Her hand had found its way to Rick’s cock and after just a few tugs, it hardened. She lowered her other hand and grabbed Dan’s cock and soon she had him hard, too.

Allison was now sitting on the side of the tub, out of the water completely. Jon was running his tongue up and down her legs. Whenever he got near her thighs, he would lightly run his beard over the inside part of them and blow on her golden pussy, causing her to writhe her hips. Dan and Rick sat on the side of the tub and Jennifer moved her head from one lap to the other, hungrily sucking their cocks. While she sucked one, she stroked the other guy’s cock with one hand and the massaged the balls of the guy she was giving head to with the other. The guys watched her head bob up and down as she swallowed their cocks.

Jon was running his tongue up and down Allison’s pink labia. He could taste, as well as smell, her excitement. He then moved his tongue up to her hooded clit while he inserted two fingers into her tight wet hole. The action on her pussy, combined with the feel of his beard rubbing her inner thighs, soon took her to the next level of excitement. Her head was tipped back, her eyes closed, and she was moaning softly from the pleasure he was giving her. Her pink clit exposed itself and he put his lips around it and sucked. Her hips started to buck and her sight got bleary as her sexual excitement hit its zenith. Once she calmed down, he got out of the tub and led her to the bedroom.

Jennifer and the guys were already there. She lay on her back while Rick straddled her face and she sucked his cock. Dan had his head between her legs with his tongue penetrating her thick, black pubic hair. He loved the feel of her hair tickling his face. He moved his tongue in and out of her inner lips. Her pussy responded to his probing by excreting her love juice. Dan buried his face in her bush as he put his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy, loving the taste of her.

Jon and Allison were on the other bed, locked in a 69. He felt as if his cock was going to explode as she expertly swallowed him to the hilt and her long, silky hair rubbed his thighs. He was tongue-fucking her pussy while he used a finger to probe her anus. He then rolled her over onto her back and turned himself around. His cock was glistening with her saliva and his precum. Her pink labia was enlarged from the excitement and stood out through her wispy pubic hair. He looked down into her passion-glazed blue eyes; she looked like she was dying to be fucked. His cock was throbbing as it entered her teenaged love nest. He grabbed her ankles and lifted her for deeper penetration, then buried himself in her tight moist pussy. “Ohhh!” she moaned as she felt him enter her. She loved to get fucked, especially by older guys.

On the other bed, they had changed places. Dan lay on his back and Jennifer was on all fours, sucking Dan’s cock while Rick was tonguing her anus. When she felt his tongue penetrate her, she let out a muffled moan. She knew Dan was getting very close, as his cock was really leaking precum and his scrotum was so tight that his nuts had almost disappeared. Her pussy was dripping with excitement as she moved forward to mount Dan. She guided his cock into her sopping hole and sat down. She leaned forward and commanded, “OK baby, put your cock where your tongue was.” Rick didn’t need much coaxing, as she had such a fine ass, perfect for fucking. She felt his cock-head enter her and then he slowly slid all nine inches in. She had a little pain at first, but soon that disappeared as lust overcame her. The trio developed a rhythm and they all became consumed by the lovemaking. Dan had her big tits swinging in his face and he put his lips around her chocolate-colored nipples and gently gave her love bites.

Jon was fucking the cute teenaged vixen hard now. His nut sack was tight as his cock prepared to deliver a load into Allison. Her face was contorted with pleasure and her hips were meeting his thrusts. She was whimpering, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” with every stroke. He was doing all he could not to cum, as he wanted to feel her tight little pussy get even tighter. Then it happened: as her hips bucked underneath him and her pussy contracted, she cried out, “Yes, yes, yes!” When he felt her go over the edge, he let loose. His cock shot stream after stream of cum into her pussy. When he stopped cumming, he leaned down and they kissed.

Rick buried his cock in Jennifer’s ass when he started to cum. When she felt his hot load being injected into her, she climaxed. Electricity coursed through her body and she cried out, “I’m cumming!” She was just sitting on Dan’s cock and bucking her hips while her pussy contracted on his cock. He looked up at her pretty face twisted from the extreme emotion she was feeling. Seeing her lose it like that was all it took, and his cock pulsated as he filled her with his seed. Then all three of them collapsed on the bed in a heap and just lay there, relishing the moment.

Slowly they all got up, used the bathroom, got a drink and eventually found their way back to the hot tub. Rick walked up to the hot tub with his limp long cock swinging provocatively in front of him. He noticed that Jon was staring at his cock, so when he got in the tub he said to Jon, “Mind if I sit next to you?”

“Absolutely not,” Jon replied.

When he got in the tub he moved in front of Jon and his cock was almost in his face. Rick looked down and saw the gleam in his eye. They smiled at one another and Rick sat down. Jennifer was sitting next to Allison and soon she put her arm around her. As Dan approached the tub, he saw the pairings and decided to stay by himself. He got in the tub and sat between the couples.

Jon reached over and started to fondle Rick’s cock. Rick reciprocated by putting his hand around Jon’s dick. Once they were both hard, they stroked each other. On Dan’s other side, Jennifer and Allison were in an embrace and Jennifer was fondling her small tits. Dan decided he needed to join one of the groups, so he moved and sat next to Allison. He wanted another first in his life: making love to two women. When Jennifer looked up and their eyes met, he said, “Won’t mind if I join you two?”

Jennifer just smiled and shook her head.

“I think we should head for the bedroom,” Jon whispered in Rick’s ear, his voice dripping with lust. “We have a lot of unfinished business.”

Instead of answering, Rick got out of the tub with Jon following him. Both of their cocks were rock hard and throbbing with anticipation. As they got on the bed, Jon put his arms around Rick and their lips met. Soon their mouths were open as their tongues did a love dance.

Jon started kissing his way down Rick’s chest and nibbling on his now hardened nipples. He then ran his tongue around his lower belly and inner thighs. The head of Rick’s cock had changed from its normal pinkish color to a blood red. Soon Rick felt Jon’s tongue probing the tip of his cock. Jon swirled his tongue around the cockhead while his hand found Rick’s nut sack. He then went back to licking the tip, enjoying the taste of the teenager’s precum.

Rick felt like his cock was going to burst by the time Jon finally worked it all the way down his throat. Rick knew this wasn’t Jon’s first time making love to another guy. His head was swirling as Jon’s mouth rode up and down his cock. Jon sensed that his partner was reaching his zenith and buried the cock down his throat and gently squeezed the tight nut sack. Rick’s cock began to pulsate and his warm spunk filled Jon’s mouth. Jon especially enjoyed the feeling and taste of a guy unloading in his mouth. He kept working the nut sack and sucking the cock until it became limp. He then looked up at Rick and smiled as he swallowed his partner’s love juice.

Dan was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, looking down at pretty Jennifer and cute Allison taking turns sucking his rock-hard cock. While one had his cock in her mouth, the other would suck his nuts. They ran their tongues simultaneously up and down his cock, then put their lips around the head and kissed each other at the same time. Jennifer lifted her head and said, “Is everyone ready to head for the bed?”

Dan and Allison nodded and followed Jennifer to the bedroom, where they found Jon lying on his back with Rick on his knees between Jon’s legs, sucking his cock. As they walked by the bed, Allison teased her brother by sticking a finger up his ass. He jumped slightly but continued to work Jon’s cock.

Jennifer lay on her back and Dan got between her legs and put his face close to her pussy. He licked around her inner thighs and blew gently on her moist cunt. Jennifer motioned for Allison to straddle her face. She was dying to get a taste of her sweet young pussy. Once she was in position, Jennifer lifted her head and kissed her labia through the wispy pubic hair. She could taste the youngster’s excitement. Jennifer was also enjoying having Dan’s tongue running up and down her labia.

Jennifer probed Allison’s golden pussy with her tongue and sucked on one of her inner lips and then the other. She knew Allison was getting excited, as her inner lips were enlarged and red. She was also excreting a significant amount of love juice, which Jennifer was lapping up.

Dan was having a similar effect on Jennifer, sucking and nibbling her exposed clit. Every once in a while, Dan worked his tongue into her inner lips to taste her honey. Jennifer was the first to cum, as eating a pussy while having hers eaten caused her excitement level to increase rapidly. When her hips began to writhe uncontrollably, Dan buried his tongue in her pussy and soon he felt her contract on his tongue. She let out a groan, which was muffled by Allison’s pussy. Her whole body shuddered as Dan kept tonguing her and she climaxed again. While she was cumming, she kept sucking on Allison’s exposed clit. Soon Allison’s body shuddered as she came in Jennifer’s face.

On the other bed, Rick had taken Jon’s cock from his mouth. He knew by looking at the swollen purple head that it was ready to be ridden. He made sure the head had plenty of spit on it and got up and straddled Jon. He reached behind him, grabbed the cock and squatted down. He placed the head by his anus and worked it inside. Once he was penetrated, he sat down slowly until the entire length was up his ass. Jon, feeling the tightness of Rick’s ass, opened his lust-filled eyes and looked at his young lover. “Don’t go to fast. I want this to last,” he called out in a hoarse voice.

“So do I,” Rick replied in a hushed sexy tone. “So do I.” He began to rise up and then lower himself slowly on Jon’s throbbing cock. Rick’s face showed the enjoyment he got out of fucking an older guy. Jon’s eyes were fixed on Rick’s groin. He watched his teenaged lover’s semi-hard cock flop around while his own cock moved slowly in and out of Rick’s ass.

On the other bed, Jennifer had moved toward the foot of the bed and Allison was still straddling her face. Dan cock had gotten rock hard while eating Jennifer’s pussy and he was ready to fuck. He gazed at the wispy blond hair on Allison’s pussy, glistening with her cum, and decided that is where his cock belonged. He mounted her from behind while Jennifer kept tonguing her clit. His cock slid in easily since her pussy was in a very excited state.

“Ohhh,” Allison moaned as she felt Dan enter her.

Rick was riding Jon hard. He looked down at Jon’s face, which was contorted with pleasure. He wanted to feel his ass being filled with his partner’s spunk, so he moved faster. Jon felt like his nuts were in a vise as his cock slid in and out of Rick’s ass. He couldn’t hold back any longer and his cock pounded as it shot stream after stream of cum. When he felt this, Rick sat down, burying the cock deep inside him and intensifying the moment for both of them.

Dan began to slowly stroke the teenaged vixen. He felt Jennifer’s mouth close around his tight nut sack and her finger probing his anus. Soon Jennifer was finger-fucking his ass. He was in heaven as he fucked Allison’s tight, wet pussy while his balls were caressed by the full, luscious lips of Jennifer. His head started to swim from all the stimulation. His cock felt like it was going to burst and then he felt the euphoria of unloading his cum into Allison’s pussy. As he started to cum he moaned, “Ahhh.” He buried his cock deep inside Allison and came for what felt like an eternity. Jennifer kept sucking his nuts until she felt him stop pulsating, then she reached up and removed his cock from Allison’s pussy and put her mouth around the head and sucked him dry. Dan could only keep moaning as Jennifer’s action prolonged the ecstasy of the moment.

When Dan came off his sex high, he looked at the clock on the nightstand and it read 2:30 am. “I need to get some rest for the drive tomorrow. Allison, you and Rick can stay and party some more and I’ll get you in the morning, if you wish. I assume that’s all right with you?” he said to Jennifer.

“You know it is,” Jennifer said with a smile.

“Well then we’ll stay. We can sleep in the car on the way to Cincy. I’m sure Rick’s not ready to leave,” replied Allison, nodding her head in the direction of the other bed. Rick and Jon were in a 69 position, devouring each other’s cocks.

“I’ll get you two in the late morning so you can clean up, we’ll eat lunch and then start on our way,” Dan said as he was getting dressed. Then he turned to Jennifer. “I’ll say my good-byes to you and Jon when I come and get them.”

“That’s fine,” said Jennifer. “Thanks for coming tonight and thanks for sharing your friends.” As she was saying this, she moved between Allison’s thighs and lowered her head towards her pussy. She had gotten a taste of the combination of their love juice off his cock and she wanted more. Before Dan was out of the room, she was licking and sucking up the remnants of their lovemaking. Jon and Rick didn’t even notice he was leaving.

The next morning, Dan called the room at about 10:30. After everyone had a chance to clean up and dress, they all met downstairs for lunch. After lunch they said their good-byes and Dan, Rick and Allison left for Cincinnati. The twins asked to spend Wednesday night with him at his motel and he readily agreed. They made love almost the entire night, and the next morning, Dan dropped them off at their father’s house before he went to his meeting.

Whenever he has a chance, Dan takes the highway he first picked them up on, but he has never encountered them again. He finds himself thinking often about how the two youngsters had broadened his sexual experiences during that wintry interlude.

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