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Rose Travels for Sir

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I have been home from work barely five minutes when there’s a knock at my door.

I open it and smile at the tall, skinny man standing outside my door.

“Natalie.” He leans forward and kisses both of my cheeks, his hand caressing the back of my neck.

“Come in,” I step back and give him room. “Where are we heading tonight Sammy?” I ask, returning his kisses.

“You know the rules Nat,” He says stepping into my comfy one bedroom apartment. “Three nights. Warm climate. That’s all you get.”

“Warm as in jeans and a tee shirt or more like sundresses and a bikini?”

“Natalie,” Sammy gives me a stern look which makes me laugh, “The second one but I will deny admitting that if he ever asks. Hurry up, we’re running late.”

“Why are we running late?” I ask with a sassy grin, because over the months I’ve worn Sammy down.

“He changed plans less than three hours ago,” Sammy says shaking his head, “I had to move quickly.”

“Why do you put up with all this? With me? With him?”

“Because I love him and I’ve grown quite fond of you. How about you Natalie Rose, why do you put up with all this? Me? Him?”

I laugh, “Fair enough, because he satisfies an itch and you’re the pretty icing on the cake.”

“You don’t like cake or icing.”

I shrug.

“Go.” He smiles and pushes me towards my bedroom.

“Yes Sir.” I say with a giggle before leaving him alone in my open living/dining/kitchen area.

“You know I hate when you call me that.” Sammy calls after me.

“I know you do,” I call from my bedroom where my suitcase is still packed from last month’s adventure. I pull the red suitcase out from under my bed and toss it on top. “But you know the rules as well Sir, I am to treat you as I would treat Him, well almost.” I say, walking out of my room less than five minutes later.

“You’re getting fast at that.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Sammy punches me lightly in the arm and pulls me into his muscular but thin arms. “I’m glad this is working out for you, I was worried.”

“What’s not to like about our fucked up arrangement,” I smile and open the door so Sammy can step out. I quickly set the alarm before closing the door behind me. “No blindfold?” I ask Sammy when I turn around and see him carrying my suitcase towards the black sedan with tinted windows.

“You know where we’re heading. You guessed it with in ten minutes of being in the car your first night.”

Being that it’s only five thirty on Thursday evening, traffic on the way to O’Hare is heavy. Even though the plane won’t leave without us, I’m anxious and fidget in my seat while I stare out the window at the strangers making their way home from work.

Ten minutes from the airport Sammy reaches into his familiar black leather bag, which is sitting on the seat next to him.

“Sorry Nat it’s time,” He says before handing me the blindfold. It is red satin, which makes my head hot but keeps all the light out. Once I have it in place he hands me the incredibly expensive headphones which blocks out every sound possible. I hear nothing until Sammy switches on the iPod, which is also in the black leather bag.

“A little Dylan for this trip.” He says as I slip the headphones into place.

“Great.” I say even though I can’t hear my own voice.

Sammy carefully carries me onto the private jet and places me on one of the lush leather seats. He buckles me in before covering me with a blanket and handing me a pillow. I wiggle in the seat until I’m comfortable and lose myself to Dylan’s harmonica.

The next thing I know we’re descending. Although I know the drill, nothing can be removed until Sir or Sammy remove them, I’m eager to find out where I am now.

In the past five months I’ve been to New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and LA. Each trip started out just like this one and led to an incredible night.

With little effort Sammy lifts me out of the seat and carries me off the plane and into a waiting vehicle. To some Sammy may look weak, he’s a lanky guy but he’s pure muscle and I know I’m safe with him. The air smells of jet fuel and Sammy’s familiar cologne, which makes me pout. We’re in a hanger instead of outside where local scents might give away our location, as it did in Seattle. Sammy wasn’t happy with me after I guessed that one.

My first trip scared me. I was nervous to the point of sick. I didn’t eat or sleep until well after our scene had ended. Sammy spent more time trying to calm me down than anything else. Now, six months in, I almost look forward to the anticipation. There is something about not knowing where I am or what’s about to happen that excites me in ways I have never felt before.

I lose track of time, between the music and my nap, I feel out of it. When the car comes to a stop I sit patiently and wait. Again, Sammy lifts me from the car and carries me straight from the car into another building. The only scent I pick up on is fuel, we’re most likely in a garage. Sammy removes my headphones before putting me straight to bed and despite my curiosity and the nap on the plane, I fall asleep within minutes.

“Rise and shine princess,” Sammy says the next day. My guess is that it’s mid-afternoon, since Sir would need me for the evening. At least that’s how it’s worked so far. Sammy removes my blindfold. “There’s much to be done.”

I stretch and sit up in the bed. Sammy pulls the cart of food towards us and crawls into bed next to me. Sammy has black curls that are cut close to his head but long enough to form little spirals that I enjoy playing with, when he allows me too. His blue eyes almost glow against his naturally tanned skin. He sports short, but soft facial hair the same black color as his head. If his heart didn’t belong to Sir or if circumstances were different I know I could fall hard for Sammy.

I take a bite of fruit and smile, “Fresh. Are we some place tropical?” I ask, knowing Sammy will play along with me.

“Of course, you can only get fresh fruit in tropical locations, nice guess.” He says with a laugh.

I stick my tongue out at him and take another bite of the delicious fruit. “We’re not in the mid-West.”

“No we are not.” He smiles and shoves a piece of bacon in my mouth.

“Just tell me what time zone are we in?”

“You know I can’t answer that.”

“Please,” I say pushing my bottom lip out, “I’ve been a good girl.”

Sammy laughs and tosses a handful of berries at me which I try to catch in my mouth, “Eat.” I miss most of them.

While we eat, Sammy and I get catch up. We only see each other once a month and rarely speak to each other outside of these weekends. Meals provide us the opportunity to gossip like school girls and we take full advantage of that time.

Sammy is Sir’s lover and I am Sir’s pet. There is no jealousy between us, which I was worried about in the beginning, but Sammy always takes exceptional care of me and for that I respect and trust him completely.

“Time to get ready,” He says after we finish eating. He pushes the cart out of the bedroom and two ladies enter. I look them over carefully but nothing they wear nor their demeanor gives anything away. “No talking.” He reminds them, as much as me.

The ladies quickly get to work in the bathroom, preparing a bath and the rest of their list, which they are being paid handsomely for. Four hours later I am clean inside and out just as Sir requires. These ladies know more about my body than most of my doctors do. Sammy slips the blindfold over my eyes and the headphones over my ears, this time he chooses the classic rock mix, which always gets my blood pumping, as if it needs any help.

I used to get nervous seeing Sammy outside my door but now, this is when the nerves begin, the ride from the safety of my room to the unknown. The butterflies begin to flutter and every inch of my body starts to awaken. I’m on high alert and will be well into the evening.

“We’re here.” Sammy whispers beneath my headphones. I shiver and nod once to let him know I understand.

Sammy lifts me from the car. The air outside is warm, which coming from Chicago’s cold winter feels great against my skin. It smells like rain, salt and flowers and it’s humid. Take you’re breath away humid. Before I can explore further Sammy carries me inside a building. The air is much cooler inside and it smells of a mixture of bleach and air freshener. Minutes later Sammy is placing me in a cold leather chair. He pauses the music before speaking.

“You have about fifteen minutes, then I’ll be back to get you. Here are your instructions.” He pushes a note into my hand, changes the music to classical and then he’s gone.

I take a couple of deep breaths before pushing the blindfold off of my eyes. The side of the room I’m on is in shadow, most of the lights are on the other side of the room. There is a large red leather couch and matching red leather chairs, including the one I’m sitting on. The far wall is all mirrors surrounded by lights. It reminds me of make-up counters in a dressing room. Nothing in the room provides a clue as to where I am though.

I look down at the familiar note in my hand and take a deep breath before letting it out slowly and unfolding the paper.

Good evening pet,

I assume that my Sammy has taken good care of you, as usual. I have a special treat for you this evening. you will have fifteen minutes to prepare yourself. I assume you are soft and clean for Me. You are to keep your headphones on until I remove them. you will strip and crawl into the metal cage. Once you are in, you are to return your blindfold to its proper place and wait. Sammy will return for you when it’s time.

Be ready for Me pet.


I read over my instructions twice to make sure I don’t miss anything. The last line is how each of the previous five notes ended, “Be ready for Me pet”. The first time I read those words I assumed he meant that I shouldn’t keep him waiting. By the third trip I realized he means my body and mind should be ready for him.

I refold the note, slide it inside my dress pocket and I sit before the mirrors. I don’t recognize the women staring back at me. I mean physically she looks like me. Her eyes are darker than mine, her lips fuller. Her dark, curly hair cascades down her back and over her shoulders looks healthier than mine ever could. She is stronger than I am, she has no fears. I run my fingers over the black leather collar around my throat and like every time prior, wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Most people would be terrified to be in my shoes right now, but as I take in my reflection I’m filled with emotions I am unable to explain and only a few would understand.

I stand up and push the hot pink strapless sundress Sammy had the girls dress me in earlier down my body. I smile as the dress pools around my feet. I used to get uncomfortable, standing naked in an empty room. I would think about Sammy walking in to find me naked and get embarrassed. But when Sir and I first started playing together he kept me naked for days. During that time I grew more comfortable in my bare skin.

I step out of the ring of pink and search for some place to hang it up. There closet is behind the cage. I cross the room, my eyes sizing up the rectangular metal box, there’s no blanket or cloth to keep my knees from the cold metal floor. Either Sir’s not planning on keeping me in there long or He’s in the mood to push me tonight.

I take my time hanging up my dress and check my reflection in the mirrors. The black leather collar jumps off my body now that I’m nude. I run a finger over the cool leather and pull on the D-ring. Sir gave me this collar before our first trip and it’s traveled with me since. It is part of me in these moments. Part of who I am.

Finally I drop to my knees and crawl into the cold, metal box. I think Sir purposely purchased the one with the metal floor just to make the person inside of it even more uncomfortable. I curl into myself enough to move around until I find a somewhat comfortable position and then push the blindfold back over my eyes.

The first couple times I did this, I would wait until Sammy showed up to cover my eyes, but now it helps me prepare. The world is black and after a few deep breaths my mind gets lost in the classical music Sammy always plays before my scenes.

Half a song plays before Sammy scares me out of my head. I yelp when he pulls the headphones from my ears.

“I’m going to turn this off now. Are you ready?”

“As if it matters.” I say with a nervous laugh.

“There are a couple of guys with me,” He says, “They are here to help me get you up.”

“Are you calling me fat?” I say with a giggle.

“Never,” Sammy says taking my hand through the cage. “You must keep everything on, he will remove them when he’s ready.”

“Okay,” I say softly, “See you after.”

I move my head to the side of the cage and wait for Sammy’s warm lips to reach mine. Then the world goes silent, and my mind begins to play all the possibilities over and the nervous shaking begins. I feel them pushing me out the door and down the cool hallway. The cold air causes me to shiver. Then we stop. The two bodybuilders must be carrying me again because the cage is moving but I’m no longer on the cart. I know I’ve reached the room when they set me down again. The smell of cigarettes, no cigars, is in the air and heat from overhead lights hits my bare skin.

This is it. I think to myself and try to remain calm but the anticipation has taken over and my body is trembling.

Only a few minutes pass before the cage jerks and I know He’s opening it. My initial reaction it to move away, it takes only a few seconds for me to remember my place. I move forward and feel the chain being attached to my collar. With a gentle tug he leads me out of the cage. I crawl forward until he tugs it to make me stop. I stop and assume the position on my knees, legs spread, back straight, palms up, head up, eyes cast down, not that they can be seen.

And wait.

Although I don’t know exactly what Sir is saying, thanks to Sammy, who told me after my second session, I know the gist of it. He’s introducing me to the audience and explaining to them who I am and what He will be doing for their entertainment today. I wait silently, my body already reacting to the unknown. My nipples are growing harder by the second. When I feel his hands moving down my neck, over my collar bone, down to my breasts where He squeezes each one, then down my stomach to between my thighs, I shiver. I try to remain still but my body reacts on its own, arching into his palm. The humming begins and I’m not the least bit surprised when I feel his fingers, slick with my own excitement pushing between my closed lips. I quickly open my mouth and suck his fingers between my lips, licking at my juices and moaning softly.

“Welcome my little pet,” His voice is deep and my now uncovered ears are working hard to pick up any clues in the room. I can hear people breathing, although I have no idea how many. I don’t need my eyes to know they are staring at me. Naked, blindfolded, kneeling on the cool, hard wood floor. The room is cold but the lights are giving off a lot of heat from above. “pet.” It’s all it takes for me to know He will be leading me to somewhere next. I feel the pull of my leash and follow him across the hard floor. It’s not smooth and it hurts my knees.

“Up,” He says. I move my hands up and feel the wood and leather and know what’s next. I rise up and take a couple tentative steps forward until my feet hit the wood and my knees hit leather. “Kneel.”

I kneel and bend forward at the pull of my leash. He pulls my arms in front of me and before I know it, my arms are tied straight before me. Then he wraps the leg restraints around my bent legs, upper and lower legs together, so that I can’t move either. Once he knows I’m secure, which I test thoroughly as I always do, he pushes the leg rests as wide apart as possible. Spreading me open to the crowd. The thought of them all seeing me in this way causes my cunt to clench and my heart to speed up.

“Open wide pet,” His voice carries, there is no mistaking his excitement. He slips a ball gag between my open lips and locks it into place. “Now that she’s so prettily exposed for us, shall we show her how beautiful she looks?”

A few yes’s can be heard but the room is, for the most part quiet. They are eagerly waiting what comes next.

He gently pulls the blindfold from my eyes. It takes a few seconds and a lot of blinking to get them to adjust to the bright lights but when they do I gasp through the gag. This is new. I think as I start at a wall of mirrors.

Not only do I see my eyes looking back at me, but I see the crowd of 30 to 40 people watching from behind me.

“As you can already see my little wet cunt is more than ready for this and yet it seems that being able to see all of you watching her has just amped up her excitement. Isn’t that right my naughty pet?”

All I can do is groan and nod. He knows me well enough to know that watching them watch me is a fantasy I’ve been dying to fulfill, but now that it’s happening it’s almost too much. My body is betraying my trepidation. I feel my juices building, I know my nipples are even harder and if the gag wasn’t in my mouth I would be begging. But this is for Him. He loves this part. The build-up. The anticipation.

I watch Him circle me slowly talking to the crowd about me and what He plans to do with me, while I look at the wall to floor length mirror before me. Not only does it provide me a view of the crowd, it provides them with a view of my face. Despite the darkness on their side of the room, I can see their eyes in the mirror. Some of them are watching my face, others are staring at my wide spread legs or at Him. When He stops near my waist I watch Him in the mirror. With a wicked grin He shows off His toy by running his fingers over my skin and slapping my ass quickly before moving on.

The bench was specially made by Sammy who is incredibly talented when it comes to such things. It has many hidden tricks. Such as the ability to change positions without having to untie anyone attached to it. The portion holding my tied legs is currently locked with me spread wide open, but he can close them. Now He is showing them how He can move my upper body. He uses the levers on the side and lowers me slightly which arches my back, lifting my ass further into the air and brings my hands and head down towards the floor. I can still look in the mirror but if I do it for too long it will kink my neck.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” He asks no one in particular before walking across the room to where I can no longer see Him. He returns seconds later with a cart similar to what I imagine my cage was on earlier. I know what’s on the cart and yet my body seizes. Every muscle tensing.

Part of me is afraid to see what He picks up first. Another part wants to know, as if I can prepare myself for what ever it is. But I know better than that now. My eyes follow His every move, as his strong, manly hands pick over the cart until he finds what he’s looking for. A large black dildo which is thick and almost 10 inches in length, I watch as he approaches me. I buck against the restraints when I feel the cool toy sliding between my puffy lips. He slides the large dildo back and forth, careful to avoid my clit, which is already searching for release. Once he’s sure the toy is wet he forces it deep inside me. I grunt into the gag, my eyes closing briefly. The dildo is thick enough that I feel stuffed.

He turns back to the cart and picks up his favorite black and red flogger. He raises His arm and brings it down on my ass. I cry into the gag and watch his strong arm move in a figure eight before coming down on the other side of my ass.

He starts off softly, the flogger licking my skin, almost kissing it rather than biting at it. His voice is clear and deep as his arm continues to move. He tells me what a dirty little slut I am for getting wet at the thought of what He would be doing to me. At the thought of these people watching what He would be doing to me. His arm doesn’t tire easily. He continues one hit after another, the bite of the flogger building and building until I feel the heat on my ass and see the tears running from my eyes. Saliva is running from the corner of my mouth, I’m panting and my breasts are heaving quickly.

At this point my lust is dripping down my thighs, gathering in a small pool beneath my body.

“My dirty slut pet seems to be enjoying herself. You have permission to cum my pet, if you can.” He says, stepping up his motions. The flogger is hitting me harder now, biting at my ass cheeks and the back of my thighs. Every time a hit kisses my inner thighs, I buck and groan. Within minutes my first orgasm is crashing over me, the humiliation that He has made me cum with just the flogger and in front of all these people is overwhelming. I close my eyes and try to block out the look on their faces. But he keeps going and minutes later I’m shaking and groaning into the gag again, as a second and then a third orgasm crashes over me.

“Good pet.” His voice is calm and reassuring which sends warning signals to my brain. He’s just getting started. The flogging continues but the dildo buried deep in my dripping cunt begins to vibrate. The girth of it hits me perfectly and I cry into the gag. He moves down my body, the flogger licking at my bare feet, which I hate, and then back up over my ass to my back. I can feel the heat radiating off of me from where the flogger lands. My skin must be a glowing shade of deep pink. The red and black leather is constantly licking between my thighs as another orgasm builds up inside of me, just before I cum He stops.

“Perhaps it’s time to move on to something else. I need a couple of volunteers.” He says looking out into the crowd before glancing quickly back at me. He smirks and returns his attention to the crowd.

We had talked about Him using people, strangers, before but now that He is asking for them I begin to panic. I’m unable to see who he chooses until one male and one female, submissives by the way they are dressed, or undressed, are standing on either side of me. He pushes my head down further until it locks into place. From this position I am unable to see the mirror without seriously straining my neck, but it positions my upper body with in kneeling distance from ground.

“You will suck, bite, nibble, what ever you feel like doing with her nipples and do not stop until I tell you too. No hands, mouths only,” He instructs the two people sitting below me. In, almost, unison they take my throbbing nipples in their mouths. “While they do that I’ll move on.” I hear the smile in His voice and shiver.

From my new position I’m able to see His designer dress shoes pacing behind me but I don’t know which implement He’s planning on using next. He allows the two below me to play with my nipples until he hears my breath begin to catch in my throat. That’s when the first blow lands across my ass, ripping a scream from inside of me, only to be sucked in by the gag.

A cane.

He’s never caned me before. My mind is being torn in too many directions, the sensations of the mouths on my nipples, the dildo vibrating in my cunt and the cane on my ass. When He hits the inside of my thighs I begin to lose all sense of reality. The pain mixed with the pleasure is too much. Black spots float around the sides of my eyes and all I hear his Him. I’m almost completely lost to the world when I feel the dildo begin to thrust in and out of me. I open my eyes and look down but the only person behind me is Him and He’s standing off to the side. The pumping begins and despite being in a room full of people watching my every move, my hips try to roll up to meet each thrust.

The bite of the cane is slowly moving from searing to numbing pain. My nipples are on fire, my clit begging for attention and my pussy is clenching around the large black dildo as if its life depends on it. Another orgasm is moving full steam ahead and just as I’m about to burst he stops again.

I lift my head, ignoring the strain it causes and see that my face is blotchy, red and tear stained but my eyes are open wide and darker than ever before.

Then it all starts again. The people below me are not only torturing my nipples they have obviously been given permission to play because they are playing with themselves and each other. A little further back I see a man, taller than Sir with a full face of hair and dark eyes pushing a metal pole and realize that it is him who is fucking me with a dildo extension. As if feeling my realization he begins pumping faster. I look up just enough to catch Sir watching me. He grins, it’s evil and I want to punch him for enjoying this so much and yet He knows it’s what I need. The cane bites my thighs a few more times before He steps around the cart and walks towards my head.

“You, my dirty whore pet, will show us just what a naughty slut you are and beg,” He says removing the gag from my mouth. Instantly I’m licking my lips and wishing I could wipe my mouth off. “Do you understand whore?”

“Yes Sir.” I say, however it doesn’t sound like me. It never does in these situations.

“Good girl.” He pats my head and returns to my ass.

“Thank you Sir.” I try to call after Him but my voice isn’t strong enough. I barely have enough time to take deep breath when He swings the cane down between my thighs. The man fucking me with the dildo is speeding up and the two people below me are sucking harder and harder. He’s pushing me and I know it. The problem is I need more.

“It would seem my little slut isn’t satisfied with her current situation. Are you needing something else whore?”

That’s when I realize what he meant by me having to beg. He wasn’t talking about cumming.

“For those of you who cannot see what my wanton lil cunt is doing right now. Not only is she thrusting to meet every inch of that large black dildo in her dirty cunt but she is wiggling her ass. Tell us why pet?”

I bite my lip and swallow the desire to moan and beg for what we both know I want.

He slaps the cane across my ass twice before saying, “Tell us what it is you want my desperate lil fuckslut.”

“My ass.” I answer, whimpering.

“Louder and speak clearly so that every single person in this room knows what a dirty ass whore you are.”

My body shudders, I take a deep breath and respond loudly, “Please Sir, my ass Sir.”

“What about your ass my begging slut?”

“PLEASE Sir,” I beg, “Please, oh please Sir fill my ass Sir, please, please.”

He chuckles and tears escape my humiliated eyes. The cane licks across the back of my thighs again and I howl against the pain, “Because you asked so nicely pet, I’ll see what we can do for you.” The amusement in his voice fills me with shame and yet I moan when I feel cold liquid being rubbed over my anus.

My eyes open and I watch as the man behind me with the dildo extension works a second extension between my tight, puckered asshole. I moan and sigh, once I feel and hear the familiar pop of the plug pushing past my resistance. I’m full and my body is vibrating.

It all starts again. The sucking and biting of my nipples. The fucking of my ass and cunt and the licks of the cane raining down over my already tender skin. The build-up is quicker this time and he almost misses the fall.

“Stop,” He yells, our eyes meet in the mirror but the sight of my body shaking and trembling steals my attention. I’m lost in the view of my face and the crowd when suddenly my world is turned. “Surprise.” He says with a chuckle as he spins the portion of the wood piece I’m tied too around so that I’m facing the crowd, my ass is now to the mirrors, my spread, dripping pussy, and beet red face before the audience.

“I do love a good trick.” He teases and everything starts again, but now I can clearly see the eyes in the audience. Then the vibrating begins. In my ass and in my cunt. I moan and push myself into each thrust, silently begging for more.

I scream when He brings the cane down on my widely spread cunt. The pain is unlike anything I have ever experienced from Him. His assault continues but I’m losing my hold on reality. My eyes close as I lose myself in the pain and pleasure.

“Open your eyes cunt and watch them. Show them what a desperate fuckslut you are. Use your hips and show them how much you enjoy having two of your holes filled, in fact, let’s fill that last one.”

My mouth instinctively closes when someone appears to the side of me with a large dildo gag and shoves it between my lips. I cry and bite at the stranger but he’s bigger and stronger and gets the gag in place before I inflict much harm.

He smacks my pussy with the cane twice, “Bad slut,” He smacks it again. “Look at them. I want you to watch their eyes as you cum for them.” He says and with his words everything increases. The thrusting, the sucking, but it’s his bare hand coming down on my cunt now.

I whimper and try to move away from his large palm, but there’s nowhere for me to go. I lock eyes with him and let go. Speed is building, my orgasm climbing to new levels. The world is shaking around me, my reality wavering. My body is clenching around the dildo and the plug, my nipples burning and aching. Nearly every inch of my body is radiating heat and with every smack on my cunt I’m closer to falling.

“Cum for me slut,” He says, “Show them all what a wretched selfish whore you are.” I try to keep my eyes on His but something behind him catches my attention. I glance quickly and it happens. I’m soaring, my body convulsing, I’m practically choking on the dildo gag as orgasm after orgasm roars through me. I try to keep a hold on reality, I continue to search for those eyes in the crowd but I’m losing everything. Every inch of me is being sucked into His world. Into the pleasure and pain he is giving me.

I can’t be sure of how it happens. In my mind it all happens at once. The eyes, Sir’s words as the cane returns moving from my tits to my sloppy cunt, back and forth until I scream. I scream around the dildo gag until I am hoarse. My body shakes, my legs spasm until the room goes dark, but I can hear the crowd. The cheering, the clapping, the comments. Or maybe it’s a dream.

When I come too, I’m back in the dressing/waiting room with Sammy and the same ladies who had helped me earlier. Sammy is gently rubbing Sir’s healing lotion into my skin and the ladies are washing cum from my body. Apparently after I passed out a few of the audience members asked to cum on me and Sir agreed. Which, of course, sends another wave of shame through me.

“You were beautiful and amazing Nat,” Sammy says while he finishes up. “He’s so proud of you. Drink this.”

I take the bottle of water and drink as if I’ve been in the desert for weeks. “Where is He?” I ask. My throat is scratchy and my voice is weak.

“The usual,” Sammy’s eyes say what his mouth can not, “Do you need anything?”

“More water.”

Sammy leans forward and kisses my nose. “She’s good, grab a couple more bottles,” The ladies leave but return a few seconds later with two more bottles. Sammy slips my pretty, pink sundress back over my body. “The evening is yours and I believe it will be a very good one.” He kisses my cheek and leads the two ladies out of the room.

I stare at my reflection for a few moments. My cheeks are flushed, my eyes red and still hazy and lost. The dress covers most of the marks on my skin except for a hint just above the neckline and a few across the back of my thighs. I pull my long, dark hair into a braid and give myself one last look in the mirror. This is the part of the night that I will never get used too.

It only takes me a few minutes to make my way from the dressing room to the upstairs party area. The music, laughter and voices are easy to follow. Like the last place, this one has its show and shower rooms on the bottom level, then the party floor and I am willing to bet an adult store on the main level.

The party area is dark, filled with people and many doors leading off to various private or semi-private rooms. I easily spot the bar at the far end of the room. I’m not surprised that they’re not serving booze but am very happy to have my choice of bottled water.

“Where am I?” I ask the bartender as I hand him three empty water bottles and take the bottle of Aquafina I ask for.

“I’m sorry?” He says with a laugh.

Shame washes through me and look away, “I don’t know where we are…”

“Ooohhhh. Yes, Rose isn’t it?” Lust flashes in his eyes and my cheeks flush.


“You’re in Maui honey,” The words slowly sink in and I feel myself sliding. “Careful there.” He says with a laugh as I steady myself on the barstool. That’s when I realize what I saw before I passed out.

I spin around and slowly look out at the room, searching for his face.

“Looking for someone darlin.” I hear from behind me.

I take a deep breath and spin around. I want to be calm and collected. I don’t want him to see my excitement but I know him better than that. He will see right through me.

“Hi.” My voice comes out as a squeak.

Kyle. One of the first Dom’s I ever spoke with. We met through Tumblr and if circumstances had been different I would have submitted to him ages ago. But life isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be. In the months I spent talking to him I learned so much about myself, about my limits and kinks, about the lifestyle and what it truly means to submit. But over time we drifted away from one another and I haven’t spoken to him in a long time.

Now as I stand before him every emotion I’ve ever felt for him comes rushing back and I don’t know how to cope. I’m torn between hugging, punching and dropping to my knees. I know he can see all this in my eyes and I look away. Kyle is adept at reading people but I’m not in the mood or a place where I can allow him to see that deep inside of me, again.

His lips curve into a smile and I instantly want to attack him. Instead I reach out and grab his arm. Once I’m sure he’s solid I pull myself off of the stool and hug him.

“I can’t believe it.” I whisper into his ear.

He chuckles and pulls me tighter to his body. “What are you doing here darlin?”

“Isn’t it obvious.”

“You found someone I see.” He says sitting on the barstool next to me.

“Yes.” I say and look down.



“Look at me Natalie,” I can’t do it. I’ve pictured this moment over and over again and now that it’s here, I can’t do it. “Natalie,” He grabs my chin and turns it towards him. “What are you hiding from me and why?”

“I,” I hug him again and kiss his cheek, “You smell better than I imagined.”

“What did you imagine I smell like?”

“I don’t know, but not this.”

“How did you,”

“About six months, a different city every month.” I say ignoring his question. “He’s great. I mean we, it’s, complicated but,”

“I was going to ask about your ex.”

“Eight months I guess it would be now. I met Sir shortly after that.”

“Rose.” Sir’s voice cuts through the crowd and I know He’s approaching.

“I have to go.” I practically leap off of the stool and turn towards Sir’s voice.

“Rose, my beautiful pet, how are you feeling?” He asks hugging me.

“I’m fine Sir thank you for asking.” I smile and try to cuddle into his arms but he quickly moves and holds me at arms length.

“Who is your friend Rose?”

“Sir this is Kyle. Kyle,”

“You may call me Mr. Green.” Sir says to Kyle, who chuckles and gives me a look.

Shame burns my cheeks and I look down.

“Come Rose I have some people I would like you to meet.” Sir says pulling me away from Kyle.

“Yes Sir,” I say obediently. “Um, it was nice to finally meet you, in person I mean.” I say to Kyle, avoiding his eyes.

“Natalie,” He stops himself, realizing that my Sir hasn’t used my real name. “You too Rose, maybe we can catch up a little later.”

“Maybe.” I mumble and walk away, following Sir across the room.

Time moves slowly over the next two hours but eventually Sir’s attention to me fades and I’m free to explore. I walk through the room towards the bar hoping Kyle will still be there, but I know he won’t.

“Come with me.” Sammy says taking my arm and leading me through a crowd of people towards the back of the room.

“Sammy where are you taking me?” I ask, trying to keep up with his long legs.

“Hurry up before he sees us.” He opens a door near the back and says, “If you hear three knocks he’s approaching, I can’t keep him away for good. Now go.” Sammy pushes me into the room and closes the door behind me.

I stare at the closed door for a minute shaking my head. Sammy has always been a friend but I have no idea what he’s talking about.

“Your Sir’s lover cares about you.” Kyle’s voice cuts through the air. I spin around and see him and a woman with a beautiful smile, gorgeous skin and curves to die for sitting on the couch. “You shared a lot with Sammy. He knew who I was the moment he saw us hug.”


“Sammy came up to me after you left and asked if I was the “infamous” Kyle. His words, not mine. When I told him I was, he explained that you shared much with him over the past six months.”

“Did he now?” I ask and tilt my head. But before he can say anything further I rush across the room and hug the girl sitting next to him as tightly as I possibly can. “Lani.” I squeal and kiss her softly.

Lani. The first friend I made whose kinky side rivals mine. We met on Tumblr as well and bonded quickly over a mutual love of erotica, reading and writing, spanking and being strong females. She’s also the first girl I’ve ever had a legitimate crush on.

Things with Lani and I started off slow. We got to know each other, flirted, teased, even wrote some stories together. She is an incredible friend who knows a side of me that I keep hidden from most of the people in my life. She is also one of the few people who knew how deep the issues were in my old relationship. She gave me the courage to stand up for myself and be me, even if it that meant hurting someone else in the process.

“Finally.” Lani says, kissing me back. “Now tell us what’s going on. Your Sir has a male lover?”

I laugh and sit on the floor below them, crossing my legs at my ankles and leaning back on my hands.

“He loves playing with women but wants only Sammy, who am I to judge?”

“So you swapped one fucked up relationship for another?” Kyle says, shaking his head. “One extreme to another.”

I know he’s not judging but his words hurt. “He satisfies my submissive needs.”

“And what about your sexual needs darlin? Who’s satisfying those?”

I look down and say, “I can only focus on one thing at a time.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. Why does he call you Rose?”

“That is the name I gave him. He’s never asked for my real name and I’ve never offered it.”

“You’ve never told him your real name?” Kyle says leaning forward on the couch.

I shake my head, “Sammy knows because he handles all the travel plans but I asked Sammy to keep it between us and he has.”

“How does all this work?” Lani asks moving down on the floor across from me and leaning against the couch.

“Well he sends Sammy to pick me up. I never know when or where we’re going. I have to keep Sir apprised of all my plans. Work schedule, parties, personal travel. I travel blindfolded with headphones on so I don’t know where I am until after the scene is through.”

“Start at the beginning Natalie.” Kyle says, his eyes watching my every move.

“I met Sir shortly after I ended things with, He attended a munch in Chicago and we hit it off. We started talking and he explained what he was looking for and asked if it would be something I would be interested in. The first two months we played a couple times a week. I fell in love with it. He learned my fantasies and limits and I learned how he works.” I pause and look up at Kyle. “Then he took me to my first party. He explained that I would travel with Sammy, who I had met a couple times and that I wouldn’t learn of my location until after our scene. The first time was scary but I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to do it again. But he only wanted me once a month and the rest of our playtime was cut.”

“Why keep doing it if he can’t satisfy your other needs?” Lani says, her hand gently stroking my legs.

“Because I like it. Because he gives me what I want during the scenes and I get to travel once a month at no cost to me. I’m in fucking Hawaii right now. It’s crazy but here I am.”

“But don’t you want more? Don’t you want sex too?” Lani asks.

My eyes move to Kyle’s and I wish more than ever before that I could read his thoughts, but he knows how to hide his emotions behind a mask and he’s doing a great job.


“Fuck. Lani take your top off,” I say in a hurry and grab her arm, pulling her away from the couch. “When he asks, you’re just watching us.” I say to Kyle just as the door clicks open.

I kiss Lani quickly and push the top of my dress down until my tits pop out.

“Rose what are you, is my naughty slut putting on another show without me?”

“Kiss my neck,” I whisper into Lani’s ear before pulling away and looking up at Him. “Yes Sir. Sammy told me you would be busy and I figured since I finally got to meet my friend, Lisa, that she and I could have some fun.”

“And him?” He points to Kyle.

“Lisa belongs to me and I don’t allow her to play without my presence. She’s newly owned.” Kyle says without missing a beat.

“Very well pet, continue. I will watch as well.”

“Yes Sir,” I kiss Lani and move my lips down her cheek to her neck and whisper in her ear, “Sorry about the name.”

She giggles and pinches my nipple.

“He doesn’t mind if I’m with girls but when I’m with Him he’s very protective.”

“Kyle can handle him.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”

“Less whispering sluts and more fucking.” Sir says.

“Are you okay with this?” I ask Lani.

She giggles and pushes me down onto my back, straddles my body and pulls my dress off my body. “I’m very much okay with this.” Then she stands up and looks down at me.

I’m naked again and knowing that Kyle is only feet away has my body on high alert. I’ve fantasized about him more times than I’d care to admit and here I am naked. With Lani.

“You have too many clothes on,” I say to Lani but a quick glance up her skirt proves that would be incorrect. “Only bad girls don’t wear panties with such short skirts.”

“Is that your excuse?”

She smiles down at me, but before she says another word I am on my knees kissing my way up her thighs.

“Spread your legs.” I say. She quickly moves her feet further apart.

Our position has her back to the men and me on my knees, naked, partially hidden by her body. I spread my thighs so that we’re both open wide for the men behind her. I circle my arms around her spread thighs and lean in for a kiss. She’s already dripping and the thought that she’s wet for me makes me crazy. I want every drop of her. With just the tip of my tongue I lick along her swollen lips and feel her body react to my touch.

“Rose.” She says, taking my head in her hands.

I smile to myself and push her legs a little further apart. Not enough to cause her to fall, but enough for me to fully enjoy myself. I want to make this last. I start at her knees and slowly kiss all around them. On the kneecap, under her knee, on the outside, on the inside of her knee. Then I move up and tease her inner thigh. Inch by inch I move up her body until her hot little cunt is directly in front of me. I give it a little peck, a little blow of cool air and move to her other leg. But this time I start at her ankle and work my way up to her knee, to her thighs and by the time I reach her dripping core her legs are shaking and she’s begging.

“That’s enough pet it is time to go.” Sir’s words shock me back to reality.

“But Sir,”

“No but’s Rose,” He glares at me and I know I’ll be punished for questioning him. “Let’s go. You’ve had enough fun for one night.”

“Sir it would be rude to leave her like this.”

“Perhaps you should have thought of that earlier.” He says, his voice showing his impatience. “Now pet.”

I get up and hug Lani, “I’m sorry.” I whisper in her ear before looking over at Kyle. His face gives me nothing but his eyes are questioning. He knows I don’t want to leave but he won’t say anything. And he doesn’t. Part of me is angry with him for that.

“I forgot my purse,” I say loudly as we pass the bar. “I’ll be right back.” I grab a napkin from the bar and beg every guest I pass for a pen. A man standing outside of the room has one. I thank him and quickly write on the napkin. “Can you do me a favor?” I ask him once I’m done.

“Anything for you little one.” He smiles.

I return his kind and confident smile, return his pen and say, “Will you please give this to the man in that room? Please?”

“Rose let’s go.” Sir calls across the room.

“Is the man in that room worth pissing that one off?” The kind man asks me.

“I think so.” I say with a giggle and start back towards Sir.

“You think so?” The man calls after me.

“There’s only one way to find out, right?” I say over my shoulder and hurry to meet up with Sir.

I can’t tell if it’s my body or my head that’s pushing me. I don’t know what I expect from my actions. Giving Kyle my private number may lead to nothing, but I have to try. Knowing Sir we’re on the island for a couple days, maybe I can figure out some way to meet up with them again.

I follow Sir through the party and down the stairs where Sammy is waiting for us. We’re almost to the car when he finally speaks up.

“Gabriel darling, did Rose displease you this evening?” Sammy asks Sir sweetly.

“Rose always pleases me Sammy, you know that.”

“Those are her friends in there. Friends she’s been dying to meet in person for a while now,” He says then leans forward and whispers in Sir’s ear.

“Fine. Fine. Rose go with your friends,” Sir says without looking at me. “Sammy,”

“I’ll take care of her my love, get in the car. I’ll be right there,” Sammy says, kissing Him gently on His lips. “Here’s a key to your hotel room, I trust that your friends can get you there safely. The flight leaves Sunday afternoon. I’ll text you with the information after he goes to sleep.”

“Thank you Sammy,” I hug him tightly and kiss his cheek. “Thank you.”

“And pet,” Sir calls from inside the car, “If you fuck him, we’re through.”

I start to say something but the look on Sammy’s face stops me, “Yes Sir.”

“Don’t worry about him, enjoy yourself tonight. Don’t hold back for Him Natalie. Do what you need to do. Fuck it, do what you want to do.” Sammy says before kissing me lightly on the lips.

I stand there, watching the car pull out of the lot before racing back into the building. I know it’s possible that Lani and Kyle have already left, but I need to try to find them.

“You’re still here.” My breathing is heavy when I stumble into the room and find them on the couch cuddling and whispering.

“You’re back.” Lani’s eyes light up. She bounces off the couch and tackles me to the floor, giggling the entire time.

“We got your note,” Kyle says. I sit up and look at him. Lani sits down next to me and hugs me tightly to her. “If I call this number who would I get? Rose or Natalie?”

“Natalie,” I say, “He doesn’t have that number.”


I push myself off the floor, pull Lani up and arm and arm we walk over to the couch. “May I?” I ask. My question is directed at Kyle but I’m asking both of them.

“Yes.” He says.

I sit down and Lani sits on my other side, putting me in the middle. I can’t help but smile. I’ve had more than a few fantasies about the two of them that started off just like this.

“I trust him.”

“You trust him,” Kyle says giving me a look. “He doesn’t know your real name, you have a secret phone and his lover has to step in, in order for you to see us. Are you sure you trust him?”

“I trust him when it comes to this.”

“You trust him in a scene but not with the real you.”

“I don’t trust anyone with the real me,” I snap at him and immediately regret it. “I’m sorry.”

“You trust us with the real you, and Sammy.” Lani says and then kisses my bare shoulder,

“You’re still not happy,” Kyle looks at me, “You know it’s possible to find someone you trust and have incredible sex with?”

“Is it? I haven’t had much luck.”

“Have you even tried looking,” He watches me for a few seconds before continuing, “I get it, you needed this desire filled but now that you’ve tested the waters, isn’t time to try for someone who can give it all to you?”

I shrug and look at Lani, who has wrapped her arms around my arm and is resting her chin on my shoulder. She’s fully nude and my body reacts to her.

“I’m not scared of him,” I start, “I know that’s what you’re thinking, but he’d never hurt me, not like that anyway.”

“But? You are afraid of something Natalie.”

“He’s not afraid to fight. For me, over me, because of me…”

“I wouldn’t have fought him. You belong to him, I’m not going to get into the middle of that.”

“I know that but if he knew,”

“Knew what?” Kyle asks.

“If he knew, how I feel, what I feel, about you and I, he would have pushed you and I didn’t want that to happen.”

“You know me better than that darlin.” Kyle smiles down at me.

I return his smile, “I do, which is why I know he would have pushed hard enough. He would have used me. I would have taken it but it would have pissed you off and we both know how protective you can be.”

“You just said he wouldn’t hurt you.”

“Not physically but he knows how to push, he’s very smart.”

“Natalie,” Kyle’s voice is different, I know this tone. I look him in the eyes. “Are you happy? With him I mean?”

I stare into his blue eyes, I know he has asked me a question but I’ve dreamed about those eyes so many times that I find myself lost in them.


I shake my head.

“Use your words Natalie.”

“No,” I say. “No I’m not happy with him. Playing is good. He is good with me during that, but I don’t like that he only plays with me once a month and won’t allow me to be with anyone else, except for women.”

“Then end it.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“Natalie, you walked away from what, eight years, right into another situation where you’re needs aren’t being fulfilled, it’s as easy as you make it. What is he offering you that you can’t get elsewhere?”

Although I know his words are not meant to hurt me, I start to cry.

“Look what you did.” Lani punches Kyle in the arm and hugs me too her. But he’s bigger and stronger and easily picks me up off the couch and places me on his lap. I curl into a ball and hide my face in his shoulder, sobbing and shaking.

I can’t hear what he’s whispering to me but I feel his chest rumbling with every word, while his large hand rubs circles on my back. It takes some time but I start to calm down.

“I’m sorry,” I say looking for something to clean myself up with, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I repeat over and over again. I push myself away from him and start to move off of his lap.

Kyle grabs my wrists in one hand and face with his other, “Stop,” I freeze. “Stop apologizing. It’s over. You will end it and find someone who will put a smile on your pretty little face. Do you understand Natalie?”

“Yes Kyle.”

He doesn’t make a sound but for the first time I’m able to see into him. I smile and bite my lip. That is all it takes. He flips me over his lap and pulls my dress up over my hips.

“Don’t think I can’t work around these marks,” His voice comes out in a growl and I can’t help myself, I giggle. “You find me funny little girl?”

“Yes.” I say, giggling harder. His hand moves to the small of my back, holding me still against his legs. I know it’s going to sting but I want it. I need it. I’ve been waiting so long for it. For him.


I cry out and try to reach back to cover my ass but Lani grabs my arms and holds them for me.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t want this.” She says softly, kissing each hand.

His open hand slaps each cheek a few times before he lifts me off of his lap and places me on the floor below him. I move onto my knees and look up at him.

“Finish what you started MY dirty little slut.” His words make my heart jump.

The sound that leaves my mouth is months and months of anticipation and lust.

“Yes Kyle.” I grab Lani’s waist and pull her to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs. I start where I left off.

“Get in there slut and make her scream.” Kyle says pushing my face between Lani’s slick folds, Lani moans, her hips thrust into my mouth.

My tongue snakes out and begins licking up and down, savoring her sweetness.

“If she’s not cumming in the next minute,” He pauses and I look over at him, “You will be punished.”

“Yes Kyle.” I catch the emotion that flashes over his face, it’s quick, I see it and I know why it’s there but I need to focus on Lani right now.

I spread her pussy lips and stare. I want to take my time. I want to tease her slowly, to make her beg and plead but Kyle has his own plans. I slip two fingers into her wet hole and smile when her hips push out to meet me. I lick her slowly, up to her hard clit. I circle it. She responds and I know she’s close. My earlier teasing had been enough foreplay for her. I flick my tongue over her pulsing bud and when Kyle’s hands push me deeper I press my lips around her clit and suck. Gently at first but harder as her hips begin to buck.

“Hurry up slut.”

I move the fingers buried in her cunt between her spread thighs and grab her ass. It’s silky and plush, I want to explore it but not now. For now I circle her tight hole before dipping the tip of my finger in causing Lani to buck harder. I increase my suction around her growing button and push fingers from my other hand into her cunt. Filling both of her holes. I stroke her insides causing Lani to wraps her hips around my head and pull me closer. Her hips are bucking and thrashing. She rubs her slick cunt against my mouth. The sound of her moaning my name ignites a fire in me, pushing me further. I give up my control over her and allow Lani to ride me over the edge.

Her thighs are shaking. Her hips bucking up off the couch and she’s nearly choking me but it’s the feeling of her throbbing clit against my tongue that sends my body into another world, taking her right along with me. I rub her hard bud with my tongue sending her hips up into the air, pulling my head with her.

I keep my mouth attached, my fingers moving until her hips begin to slow down and return to the couch. She pushes my head away from her cunt and kisses me deeply. A few moments later we’re staring at each other again.

This is one of those moments when she and I think a like. Lani drops to the floor beside me and in unison we turn to Kyle. He reads the hunger in our eyes and stands. Working together, Lani and I, unzip his pants, pull them down and pull out his semi-erect cock.

We smile at each other over the side of him and begin to lick from his balls, up his shaft until we meet at the tip. We swirl our tongues, kiss and lick down. We repeat this motion until Kyle’s cock is hard and thick. Lani wraps her small hand around the base of him and holds it for me, as if offering me a gift

“Thank you.” I say before teasing his sensitive underside, then taking his length in my mouth. I engulf him slowly. Allowing him to enjoy the soft heat of my mouth. When it hits the back of my throat my gag reflex kicks in and I start to back off but Kyle grabs me by my hair and holds me still.

“Relax your throat slut.”

I try to stay calm. I try to breath through my nose but my reflexes are taking over and I panic rising.

He pulls my hair tighter and I gag around his thickness. “Relax your fucking throat and show me what a good little cumslut you are,” He uses his free hand to push my dress past my tits, they bounce out and he catches a nipple mid-bounce and twists it hard. But it’s enough. The pain takes my attention away from his cock in my throat and I can breath again. “There you go.” And he starts fucking my mouth.

I allow myself to get lost in the feeling of him in my mouth, his cock pulsing and hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. The joy and desire is building inside of me, my heart is racing and somewhere deep inside a little girl is jumping around, screaming and clapping. When he pulls out suddenly I groan in frustration and pout.

“Don’t give me that look,” He says and slaps me across the face. The slap itself shocks me more than the pain and I don’t know how to react. “Get over here.” He points to Lani, who is kneeling a few feet away with her legs spread and waiting with a glorious grin on her face.

I watch as Kyle slides in behind her, pushing his hard cock deep inside her wet cunt. It happens before I can stop it, this whiny sound escapes my throat. My eyes grow and I watch his head snap towards me.

“Kneel.” He points next to Lani and I quickly crawl into position beside her. We’re similar in height so with our asses lined up, our faces are too. She turns her head and smiles at me as her body rocks back and forth. And then he starts. One cheek at a time, he starts again and as the pain builds, as his thrusts grow stronger, his hand moves to my pussy. Direct hits against my clit send me into a state of arousal and hunger unlike anything I’d ever felt before. The orgasm building in my stomach frightens me and yet I want it more than anything.

Lani is next to me, grunting, moaning, begging to cum even though she’s cumming over and over again and thanking Kyle each time. The entire time he’s spanking my cunt and fucking Lani’s he’s talking. Lewd, crude, dirty words shower over us and we soak them in as if it were the sun after a dark and cold winter. Everything around me builds to a crescendo; one thought hits me and sends me flying over the edge.

My orgasm breaks through my body, shaking me harder than ever, which sends Lani over again and she pulls Kyle right along with her. She reaches over, grabs my head and kisses me hard, moaning loudly into my mouth. It takes the three of us a few minutes to come back down. We’re panting and sweating and Lani is kissing and biting me. The two of us break out into a fit of giggles. We hug each other, kissing and licking until we finally start to breath normally again.

I turn around and crawl closer to Kyle. I kneel before him, in the position I was taught and look him in the eyes, “Thank you for allowing your little dirty slut to cum for you Daddy.” I say.

The smile that takes over his face is enough but when his arms pull me into him, hugging me to his chest I break down. I don’t know why the tears are coming again but they won’t stop. He lifts me up and carries me back to the couch where the three of us cuddle and kiss until I calm down again.

Daddy’s fingers are on my chin, lifting my face up to meet his eyes. “Who do you belong too slut?”

I smile, “You Daddy. It’s always been you and it will always be you.” And I kiss him for the first time.

Lani gives us a minute before saying, “Can we do it again?”

Kyle and I laugh.

“Yes my slut, we can do it again.” Kyle says kissing her.

“Good, but this time I want her cunt.” Lani says with a look in her eyes that makes me melt.

“Me too Lani,” He says hugging us both to him. “Me too.”

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