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It was a slow night at Iron Works Gym. Outside the rain pounded the parking lot and washed away the remnants of what had been another routine day. Another routine day in a long, line of routine days.

There were only a few guys working out that night and we were all scattered into our own workout zones. The clanking of plates drowned out the music the gym played but no one seemed to care. Most of the guys in the gym that night were listening to their own tunes on their Ipods and in ‘the zone.’

I was lucky enough to have my choice of machines and able to go at my own pace without waiting in line. My workout was going quickly and I was ahead of the usual mental schedule I kept for myself. Yet another reason I worked out after the 5PM crowd had come and gone.

I preferred to work out without having to deal with the crowds and all the bullshit that came with everyone standing around just wanting to show off and possibly hook up. I wasn’t into the whole meat market scene and Iron Works might as well have been some bar along the wharf between the hours of 5pm and 7pm. All that was missing was a dance floor and Happy Hour appetizer specials.

I realized that a lot of people used the gym as a place to hook up, but I just wanted to work out. At least that’s what I told people, and myself, but truth be told, I hadn’t really met anyone who interested me enough to interrupt my workout or who couldn’t stop looking in the mirror long enough to carry a conversation.

Most of the women I did happen to see during my workout times were either too old, too fat or looked like Russian weightlifters. I wasn’t into guys so that didn’t leave many other options. Hooking up wasn’t on my agenda. Concentrating on my workout was and so I came in during the later hours, worked out, showered and then headed for home.

I was single, in my late 30’s and worked a job I really didn’t like. I had never been athletic but after having joined the gym and losing some weight and toning up I found that I enjoyed the experience. I liked the surge of endorphins and the way sweating hard cleared the cobwebs from my head.

I had been focusing on my upper body the night I met Titus Dawson.

Titus was an attractive black man who spent a lot of time at Iron Works. Aside from a rigorous workout schedule, he filled in occasionally and taught aerobic classes. His most popular class, from what I had seen, was his ABS AND GLUTES CRUSH, an hour long class devoted to toning, well, obviously your stomach and your ass.

Titus was a big man but not in a cartoonish way. He was in excellent shape. His body looked to be carved from black marble. There wasn’t an inch of fat on his body. He was also a handsome guy and reminded me of an actor I had seen on a soap opera.

Before you get any ideas, I broke my leg last year and spent two weeks in the hospital. My roommate was addicted to soaps. The luxuries of being in a semi-private room I guess.

During my time at Iron Works, I noticed that Titus was not only very popular with the ladies but with the guys as well. I figured it was a case of the ladies all wanted to fuck him and all the guys wanted to be him.

Another thing I noticed was that Titus usually blew the ladies off. He did it in a way that made him look even cooler than before he had been hit on. He would flash that million dollar smile and laugh that Denzel Washington laugh and they would giggle and blush and then walk away.

No harm. No foul.

I told myself that it was nice to see that there was someone else in the gym who wasn’t into the meat market scene and just wanted to work out.

On the night when Fate brought Titus and I together, I had been working on my chest and shoulders. By the time I got to bench presses, my triceps were on fire. I played around with the idea of just giving up and hitting the showers, but decided that was a move only a loser would make.

I would push myself and do the four sets of 12 and be grateful in the morning. I drank some water, cleared my mind and laid down on the padded bench. I knocked out the first 12 reps, ever mindful of my form, when I heard a baritone voice from across the room, above the clinking and clanking of weight plates.

“You know. You can put at least 25 more pounds on each side. You got it in you.”

It was Titus. He had been doing deep squats on the rack in the corner of the room. As I tilted my head forehead, I saw him walking towards me.

Titus was about 6’4″ and solid. He was dripping with sweat and his t-shirt clung to his ripped body like a second skin. His nylon workout shorts rode a little too high and his thick muscular legs were on full display. As was the anaconda which lay sleeping between his legs. It was no use trying not to see his cock. Titus was loaded for bear and then some. His little shorts, soaked with sweat, clung to the outline of his shaft and I couldn’t help but stare.

Titus caught me staring at his package and said, “Concentration is key if we’re gonna put that extra weight on, Young Skywalker.”

There was that smile.

I quickly averted my eyes as he walked around behind my head and leaned on the bar.

“You okay if I put that extra 50 pounds on? I’m here to spot you.”

He smiled and his eyes told me to trust him.

“Sure, man. Thanks. If you’re spotting, let’s go for it. I mean…if you think I can handle it.”

“Good man,” he said in that deep, sexy voice, “and as far as what you can handle, that is up to you my man. Mind over matter. If you tell yourself you can, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

“Yes Obi-Wan. I believe.”

Titus slipped the weights onto the bar and planted his feet firmly, stepping so that he was directly above me. I couldn’t help but notice that I could see up the legs of his little workout shorts. I found myself staring at his cock, his huge black cock, sitting heavy in his nylon bikini briefs. The briefs were made of a mesh material, and I could see ever vein on his thick cock, which from my angle, looked like a rolled up fire hose. Even soft, Titus’ cock was bigger than mine. I was fascinated by it’s girth and wondered, daydreaming and losing that all important concentration.

That’s when I heard his voice again.

“Concentration, Young SkyWalker,” he was doing a pretty good Yoda impression, “is the key. Do or do not. There is no try.”

I laughed and awoke from my dream and focused and was able to press the weight, the heaviest weight I had ever pressed before, for ten solid reps.

I caught my breath and Titus helped me stand. He gave me a high-five and slapped me on the back. I felt a rush of pride and thanked him for his help. He told me he didn’t touch the bar once, not even to steady it. It had been all me.

I was done. That last push had taken it out of me and it was time for a shower. Titus told me to wait up. He was finished as well. He just had to grab his gear and he would meet me in the locker room. He suggested we go for a cold beer afterwards, to celebrate my monster lift. I told him that sounded like a good idea.

What the heck! Sometimes it was good to break a routine.

Had I been thinking clearer, I would have probably told myself that I had just been hit on but the thought never entered my mind. After all, Titus was a guy. A big, handsome black guy. How could someone like him want to pick me up?


As it turned out we were the last two left in the gym. The only other person was the manager who was all the way on the other side of the building, in his office, a floor below us.

We walked into the locker room and discovered our lockers were in the same row, on opposite sides, but in the same row. I turned away from him as I undressed, throwing my sweaty clothes into the laundry bag I carried with me. When I turned back around, Titus was completely naked. He was standing with one foot on the bench that ran the length of the row of lockers. He was turned slightly so that his muscular ass, toned and glistening with sweat, was facing me. I could see the mushroom head of cock through his legs.

What’s the old joke about a baby’s arm holding an apple?

Once again Titus’ voice woke me from my trance.

“You taking a steam before you hit the shower?”

“Hadn’t planned on it,” I answered, clearing my throat a little.

“You should. The best thing after a hard work out.” Then he did the oddest thing. He took his cock in his hand and gave it a tug. Smiling at me, he added, “Well. Second best thing.”

Was Titus suggesting I suck his cock? Or let him fuck me? Was Titus gay? Did he think he I was?

Then the pieces started falling coming together. Was that the reason he was always turning down the ladies here who hit on him?

My mind raced, but regardless of whether I was gay or not or whether or not I had or had not ever thought about sucking another’s man’s cock, I wrapped my towel around my waist and followed him like a puppy into the sauna.

Titus sat across from me on the cedar benches. He legs were spread and his monster cock drooped down, slightly turning upwards in a now semi-erect state. I marveled at it. It was as if someone had commissioned a sculptor to carve a cock out of obsidian. It was perfect. Long and hard, with thick veins wrapping along the shaft like grapevines. His balls were the size of lemons and shaved smooth. As a matter of fact, I had never noticed before, but Titus’ body was completely devoid of hair. Even his armpits were shaved smooth. I figured he must have competed in body building competitions.

As I stared at his cock, Titus grabbed it with one hand and pumped it towards me. I saw it’s slit open slowly, almost as if it were winking at me. A drop of pre-cum leaked out and fell to the bench below, sizzling as it hit the smoldering surface.

He played with that monster cock with no shame at all as if he were offering it to me, and to be completely honest with you, part of me wanted it. I wanted to wrap my lips around that large purple head and suckle on it. I wanted to lick that shaft and feel it throbbing in my hands. I wanted it buried in my ass, up to his balls, fucking me.


“If you want some, Baby, it’s all yours. All you need do is ask.”

“I’m not gay,” was all I could manage to say with a dry mouth.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not, Baby Boy. You’ve been staring at my cock all night long, and this isn’t the first time.”

He was right of course. I had been staring at him as he worked out. I told myself I wanted to watch his form and see if there was anything I could learn from him. The truth was though that I had been fascinated by his hard, muscular, black body. I watched him doing his deep squats, mesmerized by his muscles flexing like pistons in a machine. I watched his ass flex and relax and his thick black thighs tensing as he pushed the weight on his shoulders upward.

Titus continued, “You want it and that’s okay. I want you to have it. I want to give it to you. You just have to ask me first. And when you do, and you will, I want you to ask politely. You understand me, Baby Boy?”

I suddenly felt so submissive to him. It wasn’t just because he was so much stronger than me or that his cock was more than twice the size of mine. It wasn’t that he was calling me Baby Boy. It was that I wanted to be submissive to him and I wanted that cock in my mouth and in my ass.

“You might try convincing yourself otherwise,” he leaned towards me, “but the heart knows what it wants,” he reached out and pulled off my towel and my cock sprang forward, “and so does the cock.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes. Yes,” I whispered, afraid to hear my own voice say the words, “Yes. I want to suck your cock. Please. Please let me suck your cock.”

Titus smiled and stood up, his cock springing to life, fully erect and to heavy to be standing straight out. It just reached towards the ground and when he walked, it swung like a small baseball bat.

He took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I was a little wobbly and he placed a strong hand on my shoulder to steady me. Taking my hand he led me out of the sauna and towards the shower. His hand slid down my sweaty back and rested on my ass. A thick finger slid in between my cheeks and brushed against my tight little pucker. I nearly tripped.

He leaned into me, his lips brushing against my ear and whispered, “You’re gonna let me fuck this beautiful white ass of yours, aren’t you Baby Boy?”

“Yessir,” was all I was able to get out.

Titus walked me into the showers and turned on the hot water. As it beat down on our sweaty bodies, he encouraged me to kneel before him. I did and found myself an inch away from his beautiful black cock. I reached out and took it in both hands. I leaned forward and kissed the spongy head. It was like sandpaper on my tongue but I liked it. It smelled musky and sweaty and I kissed the top and dragged my lips around it. Then I slowly capped it with my mouth and sucked gently as my right hand found his scrotum. I could feel the cum churning inside his balls and I fondled him gently.

Pre-cum leaked from his cock and I licked the salty liquid into my mouth. It was bitter and I choked a little but it thrilled me knowing that he obviously found something about me sexy.

I lowered my head further down onto his cock, choking several times at first until I became used to the girth and length. Titus’ hands found my head and stroked my hair as he fed more of his cock. He was gentle and didn’t force himself on me. He let me explore the marvelous thing that was filling my throat and whispered to me that I was doing a great job. He told me I was a natural cock-sucker and I looked up at him, into his eyes, and I saw approval.

When his cock was completely covered in my spit, I pulled off of it and began to work on his balls, taking them in turn into my mouth and bathing them. I pumped his shaft with one hand while the other went between his thick legs. I slid a hand across his taught buttocks. I could feel them tensing as I worked on his cock and balls. I took a chance and slid a finger into his crack and found his asshole. My finger slipped in easily and I knew that Titus was accustomed to having things in his ass.

I stopped sucking his balls and dragged my tongue along his inner thigh, across his lower abdomen and then down his shaft, following the trail marked by a thick vein. I swallowed his mushroom head whole, sucking on it harder now and even bobbing my head up and down, breathing heavy and making happy little slurping noises. I gripped his magnificent ass with both hands now, pulling him towards my mouth.

Titus pulled me off his cock and helped me stand. Looking into his stunning brown eyes, I found myself leaning forward to meet his kiss. His tongue slipped past my lips and I sucked it like it was a small cock. He pressed his thick lips onto mine as his hands found my ass. His fingers pried open my cheeks and he pulled me to him. His cock mashed into my stomach and I could feel it pulsing with life.

Titus’ fingers squeezed and fondled my ass, occasionally grazing against my little pucker. A soapy finger slid inside me and was soon joined by another. Titus was stretching my ass and releasing something inside me I had longed denied. I wanted him inside me, but not just his fingers. I wanted his cock inside me and I told him.

“I know you do, Baby Boy,” he replied. “I know you do and I’m gonna give it to you, but Daddy has to get you ready.”

With that, Titus once again took my hand and led me to a large padded table used for massages and physical therapy. He placed a towel on it and encouraged me to lay back, face up and slide my butt to the edge. I did as he asked and when I slid down to the end of the table, Titus grabbed my feet and placed them on his wide shoulders.

I gasped. I just couldn’t say a word. He was in total control of the situation…and me.

Titus leaned forward and took my cock into his talented mouth. He swallowed me whole and worked his lips and tongue on me until I was purring like a kitten. I lay there, eyes closed and biting my lip as he sucked my cock and played with my hard nipples. He took my balls into his mouth and nibbled on them lightly before kissing them and then running his tongue along my perineum down between my cheeks. I lifted my ass for him and he pressed forward.

I lifted my balls, still warm from his tongue bath, and offered my virgin hole to him, arching my back and raising my bottom off the padded table. Titus licked the underside of my sack and traced the tip of his tongue down between my cheeks. He pushed them apart and licked at my tender pucker. I slowly pumped my cock as he licked circles around the lips of my ass. I could feel his hot breath against my trembling skin. He leaned forward and the tip of his tongue slipped inside me. I felt his nose under my balls, sniffing them. His mouth continued to tease me and wet me. I heard myself making soft moaning sounds, like some cock-hungry little whore who just couldn’t wait to have a big cock shoved inside her.

Titus spent the next ten minutes eating my ass like it was cherry pie. He licked at it with long strokes of his most talented tongue. He soaked it with spit and made it slick. He pried it open with two fingers and dove in deeper, touching a part of me that had been dormant all my life.

I begged him to stick his cock in me and he stood back up, smiling.

“Ask me nicely, Baby Boy. Tell your Daddy what you want.”

“I want your cock,” I panted, my heart about to explode in my chest, “I want your cock inside me. Please. Please fuck me with your gorgeous black cock.”


“Daddy,” I answered, “Please Daddy. Fuck me with your big hard cock.”

Titus eased himself forward and his cock, glazed over with my spit and his pre-cum, pressed against my aching hole.

I screamed out, “No! Please! It’s too big!! Don’t!”

Titus paused, his plum-sized head poised for entry.

He placed a hand on my chest, resting it on my heart.

“Dustin. Look at me.”

I opened my eyes and looked into his face.

“It’s okay. You can do this. Just push through the pain. Breathe. Concentrate. It’s going to hurt, I’m not gonna lie, Baby Boy. But when it’s in, I promise you it’s gonna feel like nothing like you’ve never felt before. Now. Push out. Push out and let me in. It’s just like that bench press. Tell yourself you can and you will. Breathe, Baby Boy.”

I steadied my breathing and focused. I pushed out, like I was going to shit and his cock head slipped inside me. I gasped and my whole body spasmed with a million little electric shocks. Titus waited until my body stopped shaking, allowing me to get used to the cock inside me. I slowly relaxed and my body, no longer tensed, allowed more of his cock inside me.

Again he was gentle, not wanting to hurt me. Two more inches slipped inside me and I grabbed at them with my ass muscles. Pumping with my hips and milking the thing that was alive inside me.

Titus asked me if I liked it, if I liked his cock inside me and I answered, “Yes Daddy. I love your cock inside me.”

Then I asked for all of it.

Titus replied by shoving the rest of his cock all the way until his balls slapped against my tender cheeks. I thought it would split me in two, but it didn’t. It filled me completely and I felt as if my insides were on fire. Every stroke of his long cock brought shivers and tingles and my mind raced to find a reason for what I was feeling.

But I knew the answer. I was gay and I loved the feeling of this gorgeous black man’s cock inside me. I could have really given a shit, though, and as Titus fucked my ass I orgasmed, shooting thick ropes of cum onto my chest. I screamed and shouted for him to fuck me and fuck me hard.

He did. He fucked me like a stallion fucks a mare. Long strokes of his cock were driving me insane with pleasure. Sometimes he would almost pull all the way out and then he would look into my eyes, as just the head of his cock remained inside me. He would ask what I wanted and I would tell him to put his cock back inside me. I would beg him to keep fucking me.

Titus would then push forward, raising my ass off of the table, assuring the perfect angle and slide all the way back in, his pendulous balls slamming into me.

I don’t know how long we fucked and I didn’t care. I was in ecstasy in the skilled hands of my black lover.

After what could have been a hour, time was no longer important to me, Titus increased his speed and his breathing changed. I could tell he was close to cumming. He was grunting in some primal language I couldn’t comprehend. He slammed into my body and his cock erupted. It spasmed inside me, showering my insides with cum. Blast after blast unloaded into my ass. I squeezed and pulled at his shaft with my ass muscles but they were spent.

Besides, Titus didn’t need any help from me.

He collapsed forward onto me, his cock slipping free. I suddenly felt empty and wished him back inside me. He kissed me hard, our bodies melting together. The contrast of out bodies, our colors, soaked in sweat, was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I kissed his neck and then back to his lush lips. He stood, pulling me to him and we headed towards the showers once again.

Titus turned on several shower heads and steam soon filled the large tiled room.

He turned me so that I faced the tile wall. I could feel the water pounding onto my electric skin. Titus’ thick cum oozed from my well-stretched ass and down my legs, swirling away down the drain at our feet. He soaped my body gently.

Pressing back into me, his cock stirring once again.

I spread my legs, telling him I wanted him inside me again and with a push forward, Titus’ cock slid in all the way.

As the water beat down on us, Titus fucked me slow and hard. His cock stroking my insides and then pulling almost completely out and then driving forward again. His hand found my cock and he pumped it with one strong hand while the other played with my little hard nipples. His cock found my prostate and triggered an incredible orgasm. I exploded onto the shower wall and grunted like an animal.

Titus bent me forward slightly and spanked my ass hard. Each cheek received numerous hard slaps and I squealed like a prom queen losing her cherry.

I shouted at him to spank me and fuck me and whatever he wanted to do to me.

Titus responded by slamming into my ass hard and exploding inside me. His body pressed into mine and I knew he was buried inside me as far as he could go.

He bit my neck, marking me as his, and kissed me between my shoulder blades. I could feel his heart beating. I could hear his breathing slowing and I knew he would be pulling out of me and I grew sad.

I told him to stay inside me just a little longer. I was amazed at how much a cock whore I had become. Titus softened and his cock slipped out of me. Once again my ass felt empty but I was done, and so it seems was Titus. He stepped away from me and under a shower head.

His eyes were closed but he was smiling. I limped to the soap dispenser and put a generous amount on my palm and walked over to my lover.

I bathed him gently from head to toe. Once again I found myself turned on by the contrast of our skin color. My hands traveled across his muscular body, covering every inch, feeling every muscle twitch under my touch.

I washed his cock, pulling the skin off the head and bathing his balls, amazed to feel how heavy they still were. I got behind him and soaped his broad shoulders, down his powerful back to his narrow waist. I spent several minutes washing his magnificent ass, feeling how strong and powerful it was. When I was done, Titus kissed me once again and rinsed under the shower head. Then he returned the favor, bathing me from head to toe, making sure to be extra careful with my well-fucked ass. He kissed my cheeks and slid in behind me. Just when I thought he would slide in back for one last ride, he spanked my ass.

I squealed and he laughed, taking my hand and leading me to our lockers.

We kissed one last time before we dried ourselves and dressed.

We made our way through the dark gym and walked out into the night. The rain had stopped and the world looked fresh and new.

Titus walked me to my car and before I got inside and sat down behind the wheel he took me in his arms, pulled me to him and kissed me, both hands gripping my ass.

“His ass,” I told myself. “It’s his ass now. And that is fine with me. Better than fine, actually.”

I watched Titus climb into his truck in my rear view mirror and drive away. We had planned to meet at a bar just a few miles away. Before he walked away he invited me back to his place afterwards to spend the night. He told me that he wanted to wake up next to me and slide his cock into me and fuck me over and over.

I could only nod ‘yes.’

He told me there was no pressure. It was just an idea. I told him I would love to but I needed to stop by my place and pick up some clothes. He grinned and said with a gleam in his eyes that for what he had planned, clothes weren’t exactly necessary.

As I pulled out of my parking space I noticed the sign above the entrance to the gym.

IRON WORKS. Pushing Your Body To A New Level.

You can say that again.

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