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Pieces of light filter through the room from the crack in the bathroom door. A sliver is illuminated onto the closet mirrored door as sweat beads across my Dom’s back. Slick skin glides next to mine as the anticipation of the next move courses through us both. A nervous glance passes between my lover and I as she takes my hand. This move in itself scares me because it is done without permission. We are guided towards him as he uses our hair to pull us into his chest.

Smells of cologne and soap mixed with pure control radiate inside me when he whispers “Are you ready?” The only reply and coherent thought I can configure is “Yes Sir”. At that moment the shift in atmosphere takes place and all thought or feelings are lost as we are guided into an intertwined butterfly position on the bed. My arms are spread open with my head over the edge of the bed and all I can think is to breathe. Take in slow breaths deeply and calmly. The music surrounds me and all I can feel is my breath and her breath. At the exact moment rope is applied to my ankle everything else ceases to exist. The rope lacing itself around my legs and torso laces itself inside my soul and I can feel nothing. Tingles begin to race across my shoulders; radiating from my collar bone through to my fingertips. My neck, chin and lips are suddenly assaulted by these tingles. It is foreign to me and all I can think is to breathe. It is overwhelming and intoxicating. As my leg is bound to hers I can feel his breathing.

My breath catches as I feel the kiss of the crop. To describe it as anything other than a kiss would be wrong. It bites and pulls on the ropes, causing a caress from them that sends tremors throughout me. Lost and falling is all I feel as he caresses my skin with the crop. The tingles begin to cross my ribs and dip lower into my stomach. They are not falling asleep tingles, but more as though my body does not exist anymore. The sensation to lift my arms and head occurs to me in an instance; while he places a new toy inside of her. I can feel her moans and cries of pleasure at his attention. To actually think of anything aside from the feelings cascading across my whole existence is impossible. Each thrust she makes with the toy that is connecting us most intimately, causes a twist in the ropes and intensifies the tingles incapacitating my arms. Kisses of the crop randomly caress us both at different times. The pleasure of our toy is not necessarily its placement deep inside our walls, but the connection is creates between lovers. The ropes bind us together in complete surrender to our Dom and ourselves, as the toy creates an explainable connection of two souls by a most intimate part. Feeling each kiss of the crop that she experiences is mind blowing. I can feel the cool leather connect with my flesh as it connects physically with hers. Pain radiates through my arms and hands as the overwhelming urge to move intensifies.


I tell myself to breathe and concentrate on the breathing to the point that I cannot even feel the vibrations of his movements. To move my arms would be to break the control and remain inside my reality. I try and try.

I cannot…

Feelings of fear and relief flood through me as I realize I can float. My arms are attached to the bed with invisible forces and my body is no longer there or mine. I can feel nothing and yet I can feel everything. I know subconsciously that the bite of the crop is more than I have ever felt before and in a most sensitive area, however it is just a kiss. Pain is gone and all thoughts cease as I soar… I cannot open my eyes to see, yet I can see it all through feeling. I can feel her moans and I can feel each piece of pleasure she experiences. I can feel the crop connect with her flesh as though it is connecting with mine.

His breathing is steady and surreal. As he moves in front of my face and kneels to whisper if I am ok, I can feel his heart beating and mine coincides to his movements. A breathy “Yes Sir” is all I can manage at the time. I feel as though I have no voice inside me. Its as if everything about myself melts into him and her. I am a part of them. We are one unit and my feelings are what they feel.

I put my arms around her as best I can after we are untied. The glossy look inside her eyes captures me and I can barely register Sir trying to hand me water. To swallow anything at this moment in time is absolutely impossible. The tingles racing through my hands become painful as my brain begins to un-fog slightly. I do not want to lose this floating. Reality is scary and to return is the most frightening of all.

The wall I have been watching and anticipating all night suddenly enters my view as I am ordered to stand still against it. Cold spackling pricks my back as I sink into the wall. The pain in my hands and the tingles return as he laces rope through my fingers…

Ahh rope. I suddenly am thrust back into that place where it is me and breathing and rope. I breathe deeply as each cord is laced through my fingers and wrist on both hands. The pain pushes into me and is inside me as though I can feel each piece of cramp and tingle deep within my soul, yet I am floating.. Holding me is just the ropes… They are the piece connecting me to myself..

She is laying across pillowed stools experiencing the freeing art of being tied. I can see her face as she looks over her shoulder towards me with glassy dreamy eyes and a smile that reaches deep into the recesses of my soul and touches me completely. The will to have my eyes open diminishes at the exact moment that Sir tells me to watch him. Her punishment is being dealt out first. I strain against the ropes as the pain in my hands returns with the focus on her. The crop caresses her skin slowly at first until all of a sudden you hear her cry out in pleasure pain at the extreme bite of the first blow. “Thank You Sir” is all she can manage between the hissing bite of each blow. Each one is intermingled with slight caresses of hand or crop.

Wiggling my fingers within the ropes as I twist my wrist intensifies the pain. As painful as it feels I am lost. With the ability to hold myself up diminished and my senses heightened, the ropes carry me along. Numbness and tingles take over as I try to remain alert enough to witness the scene before my eyes. Tears pool into my eyes, as I realize the intensity at which I am immersed in this alter reality.

With a final pull on the rope he approaches me and looks directly into my eyes, seeing into the depths of my psyche and the need for me to be released. Relief floods through my limbs with each little pull caused by the releasing of knots. Although I acknowledge relief at the change in position, a piece of me drops completely with the freeing of each hand and knot. Blood rushes towards my fingertips as my right arm drops completely to my side. The ability to hold it at any angle other than down does not exist. With the rushing of blood comes the downpour of pain into each molecule of my skin. I cry out with this new sensation. A limit is being pushed with this pain and the drop I began experiencing peaks back into a high, as my other arm is released and undergoes the same treatment.

Exhaustion pure and simple overtakes everything while I sit on the bed and witness my partner being placed in the same position I recently occupied. Brain functions are non-existent except to note that Dom does not use rope for her. This simple piece of knowledge fills me with joy. She is not getting my rope. The bond I feel with this simple piece of rope is slightly overwhelming. It is as though the rope and I are a part of each other and it is mine. I am not sure I want her to experience my rope at this moment.

Placing myself on the pillowed stool the high and floating is diminishing as each second passes without ropes. The freedom I have without the ropes is slightly allowing functions to return and my brain is registering the fear of an upcoming punishment. Abrasive material catches my ankle as my legs are lightly restrained with my arms to the stool. This restraint is lighter and I cannot seem to grasp the floating sensation of the bounds the ropes create. This in itself terrifies me as I am not sure I can handle the pain of a punishment without the bond created by rope or her. I cannot see or touch her. Her breathing does reach into me as I slowly focus on my own breathing.

The first blow stings. It was as unexpected as I thought it would be and stings slightly more than I have ever felt. Dealt on the lower half of my ass cheek, I mumble “Thank you Sir” with the next blow. Alternating between blows and caresses of the crop I become confused on what will happen next. Should I expect a blow of punishment or the simple contact and comfort created with the simple smooth motion of leather on my skin. As I feel it is almost over contact from the crop overwhelms my body and mind in the most painful blow dealt.

“Enough please stop” I say. As though my brain is working again I know I cannot handle any more of this. More than anything I wish for the sensation created through my surrender to the rope and my Dom. Proud is how I somewhat feel with the completion of my first punishment.

Placing me on my back with the stools holding my weight, I am told to please her. I have been waiting all night for this to happen. Unrestrained I can think of what to do and feel her reactions. The trembling of her legs and thrust of her hips as my tongue slightly touches her hood piercing sends electrifying sensations through me. A few more strokes and I am thrown into fear and uncertainty as the restraints become the only thing holding her up and her legs buckle onto me. Jumping out of the way I watch as he undoes her hand and holds her. Whispering and her breathing is all I can feel at this moment. Approaching our Dom I am told to undo her ankle restraints. As I complete this task worry sets in. Any floating free sensation I once felt is thrust completely from me. I am lost as to what is happening and can feel the worry radiating from my Dom.

As she is cared for and set to lay down and relax from something that was obviously unexpected and powerful, I am ordered back to my stools with my hands placed above my head in the air. His breathing steadies me when he approaches and grasps my wrist firmly. At once I feel the mood shift back into a complete loss of control with the first touch of the rope to my wrists. Around they are wrapped and as the rope glides across my skin peace and relaxation overtakes me. Rope is laced around my thighs and calves connecting them together.

Breathe… Breathe… My breathing is all I can feel again. Lost in sensation once again, I am able to reach the place where I can feel her moans and cries as he enters her slowly. Connected once again to the rope and her I begin to soar. This feeling overwhelms me once again and the tingles return. Losing the battle with reality I recognize him enter me and feel her breathing slow once he has left her. Intense pleasure mixed with the loss of most thought I push myself to let go and take the orgasm I have been awaiting and pushing for all night. Frustration enters into my body with the realization that he has not given me the permission my body seems to need to reach this.

“May I please cum Sir” I incoherently ask with a particularly rapid thrust from him. As soon as the word “Yes” leaves his lips I am gone. The most intense amazing feeling of ecstasy flies throughout me and all I can do is breathe and cry out with each thrust he continues to deliver. Upon feeling him leave me to return this same pleasure to her in a softer manner, I cannot seem to stop it from continuing. It’s like a dam is broken and my body releases everything at once. Returning to me, the intensity with which I felt before multiplies immensely. The act of stopping is lost as he begins to release the ropes.

Breathe..Breathe.. I keep telling myself to breathe, but I can’t. Short shallow shaking breaths overtake me as he works quicker to under my wrist. As my skin breathes again and I feel each pore of my body lose its connections to the rope, I begin to slightly sob and hyperventilate. Thought, feelings, emotions, and hysteria set in. The want to breathe overwhelms me with each second he carries me to the bed and sits down. His breath, steady and slow slides through me as my head is cradled to his chest. Nothing seems to exist except his breathing and the glides of his hand over my back and neck. As my breathing slows to match his and my body completely relaxes into him, exhaustion once again hits. Sleep is all I can feel coming at this moment, until he hands me water and orders me to drink. I try with just a sip only to find myself being forced into taking more. Reality sinks in and my surroundings slowly fade back into focus. Laying us back onto the bed he cradles us both in his arm, and the desire to feel and hold her encompasses me completely. Frustration and anger radiate from her as conversation over what happens begins to slightly flow between us. Although I feel the need to be with her and hold her and feel the comfort and connection of her body touching mine I refrain. Enough thought has settled inside me to know that I am not what she needs right now. Giggles begin to wrack my body and I cannot seem to fathom what in the world is making me laugh so hard. All these feelings and emotions trying to overturn themselves insides my brain confuse me. Laughing seems to be the only reasonable solution to this. With the loss of the giggles and all the floating sensations gone I suddenly realize I am too tired to do anything but sleep. Who knew that complete exhaustion would be what accompany this frightening, amazing, hypnotic experience.

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