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When I left the big city I had lots of good reasons. I hated having neighbors twenty feet from my bedroom. I hated that there was always machine noise; from cars, TV’s, sirens, brakes, and leaf blowers. I liked that if I wanted something it was close. I hated that whatever it was I wanted I had to stand in line to get it. I was in my mid fifties and figured I’d spent at least a year in line!

I got lucky. I came into some unexpected money. I decided that all the reading and work I’d done on me deserved a reward.

All the years of working at jobs I didn’t particularly like deserved a reward. I bought a pick up, sold almost all my stuff including my house near the beach, transferred my mail delivery to my sister’s address up in Oregon and went looking for a new place to live.

I pulled out of Los Angeles on a Monday morning. I closed the door of my new truck at 5:30 in the morning with me inside and headed north. I wasn’t interested in finding a big city, or a busy city to live in. I like the ocean. Hell, I like water. So I had mapped out a few small towns near water to look at.

Four days later I was in Oregon. Two more days of wandering around southern Oregon and I stopped for lunch in a cute little town. The diner was a store front in the two block town. There were six tables, each with a different colored tablecloth. The waitress was wearing jeans, a western shirt and boots. She was about fifty. On the totally subjective scale of between one and ten I gave her a six, until she smiled. That smile pushed her score to nine.

She came over to my table and said, “Hi. I’m Matty. You want lunch or breakfast?”

I told her I wanted lunch and she told me my choices. No menu. After she told me the five choices I asked price. I was told that whatever I ordered the price was six bucks. I ordered. She disappeared into the back for three minutes and brought back my lunch.

She put the plate in front of me, got me something to drink and then did something I’d never seen before in a cafe. She sat down with me and we talked while I ate.

By the time the meal was over I had an idea about staying in this town for a while. I asked Matty about a place to stay and she left me for a couple minutes, made two phone calls and came back asking if I wanted near the river or closer to town. I picked near the river.

“Well, let’s go then.”

Matty hung the closed sign in the window and we walked out to my truck. She pointed things out as we drove and ten minutes later we were at a house on a small hill overlooking the river. It was a two story farm house with a porch going around three sides and two rocking chairs on the side facing the river.

“Who lives here?” I asked.

“You do. That is if it’s OK with you.”

We walked up on the porch, walked the full length of the porch and Matty told me about the place. The nearest neighbors were half a mile farther down the road. The road that got us from the highway only had three farms on it so there wasn’t much traffic. Then she took me inside.

The downstairs was out of my memories from childhood. The front door was like the front door I remembered from when I was little. It had an oval beveled glass window in it and when you closed the door the window rattled just a little. The living room had one chair and a small couch facing a fireplace. The dining room had a round oak table and three ladder backed chairs. It looked and felt like the farm house I lived in as a kid.

There was one bedroom and a bathroom downstairs and three more bedrooms and another bath upstairs. We talked rent for thirteen seconds and I took it. When I asked who I paid the rent to I was not too surprised that it was Matty. I gave her two months in cash.

She took the money and stuffed it in her back pocket. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. There was a little tongue in the kiss. I gave a little back. She asked if I needed a written receipt or if a lip receipt would do. I asked if I would always get a lip receipt when I paid the rent.

“Any time, Honey. Anytime.”

She looked at her watch and said she needed to get back to town. She was expecting her regulars for dinner in an hour. I took her back into town and stayed for dinner. I was introduced to the regulars. One of the families lived north of town and they were retired. The other family had the farm at the end of the road where my place was.

They were in their early forties and had their nineteen year old daughter with them. They were dressed in work clothes and those clothes were well worn. Mr. Nilsson said they farmed and I believed him. His wife introduced herself as Sarah and Matty told me that she made the best berry preserves in the county, and had the blue ribbons as proof. Sarah also introduced their daughter, Pam.

At first look Pam wasn’t attracting my attention very much. She was wearing a long sleeved cotton shirt tucked into bib overalls. Both the shirt and the overalls looked like they were her Dad’s. Her hair was blond and hadn’t been brushed since morning by the look of it. She wore no make up. When she looked up at me as we were introduced I thought she would faint. Then I noticed that her mother looked at me again and all the color drained from her face. Matty introduced the daughter to me again and she shook my hand and smiled. She learned that smile from Matty. Now she had my attention. I wondered about the look both she and her mother had on their faces, but I didn’t say anything.

I went back to my table and finished dinner. When the Nilsson’s were finished they stopped at my table and Mr. Nilsson asked if he could send Pam over in the morning to help me find things and get settled in. She knew my place well as she had been keeping it clean for Matty. I accepted and they said great.

I was the last diner out that night and Matty gave me another lip receipt before I left. She also seemed right on the edge of laughing about some private joke.

When I got to the house I realized that it wasn’t locked and I didn’t have a key. I found a light switch, went to the bathroom, stripped and went to bed in the downstairs bedroom. The quilt on the bed was handmade, not machine sewed, and was a log cabin pattern that I had on my bed when I was a kid. This one was in about five shades and patterns of green material.

When my eyes opened it was starting to get light outside. Pam was standing in the doorway. Clean shirt, clean bibs, brushed hair. She was blushing. I saw the tent I was making of the covers and turned a bit to take it out of her view.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Nick. No one knocks around here and I never saw anyone sleep in before. I thought you would be up.”

“I’m from the city. In the city this is still night. Don’t feel badly. I’m not offended. Now, give me a couple minutes and I’ll get dressed.”

“I brought some stuff to make breakfast for you. Momma said you probably hadn’t gone to the market yet.” She turned and was gone.

I got up, showered and dressed. By the time I walked into the kitchen she had breakfast on the table. She must have thought I was going to pull a plow through forty acres of dirt. On my plate were five eggs, three pieces of toast and a slice of ham that must have been almost half a pound! She washed the frying pan and then came over and sat with me as I ate.

She told me about life here in southern Oregon and she asked lots of questions about Los Angeles. She had lived on the farm and in this town all her life. She stayed because her parents needed her and she didn’t have enough education to do anything but farm, she said. After I ate as much as I could she cleaned up the kitchen and we unloaded the truck. I brought in all my computer stuff and we made one upstairs bedroom my office. Pam thought the one with a nice view of the river would be the best. We put all the computer stuff in there and then put my clothes in the closet of the downstairs bedroom; my books on the floor of the living room and my two boxes of personal stuff went into the bathroom and the kitchen.

Pam worked hard and asked lots of good questions. By ten in the morning I was tired. Pam wasn’t. She recommended that we make out a list of things I wanted from town and then she’d show me where to get everything.

As we made out the list she pointed out things that she thought I needed for the house. She thought a new strainer for the kitchen sink would be a good idea and a plunger for the bathroom. She said both of the ones in the house didn’t work very well, they were old.

We went to town. After we went to “the store” we went to “the grocery.” Then we stopped in to say Hi to Matty. When I looked through the front window of Matty’s I saw her look up and see us coming. She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt. I smiled.

Pam and I each had a cup of Matty’s coffee. When I paid the bill Matty gave me a lip receipt in duplicate. It was very nice and felt a lot like an invitation to come back for desert.

In the truck headed back for the house Pam asked, “You like Matty?”

“Yeah. Nice lady.”

“She told me that you don’t know anything about us. Why did you come here?”

“I came here cause I was tired of living in the big city. Millions of people and no one close. I want to live somewhere quiet. I want to know people. I want to feel like I belong somewhere.”

I drove on and then said, “And what is there to know about you folks?”

“Dad says that our attitudes are different here than out there. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been out there. Maybe over the next few weeks you can tell me about people out there and I’ll know what Dad’s talking about?”

We arrived at the house and spent the next hour or so getting things put away. When I was done putting things in the basement I went looking for Pam. I found her standing in the doorway to the bedroom where I had slept. The bed was made. I hadn’t made it. As I walked up to her she turned and gave me that wonderful knee-weakening smile I had seen in Matty’s the night before.

“Are you hungry?” She asked.

“After that huge breakfast? No. I may not eat lunch today at all.”

“I think that might be a mistake. Momma wants us to come for lunch. You’ll like Momma. You’ll really like momma’s cooking.” She kept looking at me like she saw something or knew something that was a secret being kept from me.

In the truck she sat near but not touching me. When we got to her family farm we were greeted by a big black Labrador dog. He met us at the gate and ran alongside up to the house.

“His name is Amor.” Pam told me. “It means Love.”

“I like the name and the dog.” I scratched him and he seemed to like me too.

We found Mr. Nilsson in the barn. He was finishing a desktop. The desk was in three pieces and everything else was done. From what I could see it was a well made desk. All I could see was the piece of desk top he was applying finish to. The top appeared to be made of a burl with light oak around the edges. Pam thanked him and kissed him. I guessed the desk was for her.

As Mr. Nilsson and I talked Pam went into the house. When she came out she was carrying a box. She put it in the back of the truck and came back into the barn. Mr. Nilsson and I were done so I shook his hand and we left the barn.

I didn’t ask about the box.

Lunch was wonderful. A salad filled with fresh from the garden everything, a ham and cheese sandwich on homemade bread with mustard that Pam told me her momma had made. I wasn’t very hungry but I ate it. It tasted better than any salad or sandwich I’d eaten in a very long time.

Back at the house Pam went back to work. I went upstairs and measured the room that was to be my office. I sketched a desk, added measurements and wondered if there was someone in town who could make it for me. I carried the pad downstairs and figured I’d ask Mr. Nilsson if he knew anyone who could make it. I hesitated to ask him to do it as I knew his farm took up a lot of his time.

Pam swept the place, cleaned the windows, and was working on watering the plants around the outside of the house when I finished making my standard plank and brick hippy bookcase and loaded it. As I stepped out on the porch she aimed the hose at the porch and soaked me.

I yelled and chased after her. We were laughing and she was saying it was an accident. When I caught her I took the hose and soaked her with it. She ran out of range and stood laughing and facing me with water dripping off her.

I walked over and shut the water off. When I turned back around I almost passed out. Pam was standing next to the clothes line hanging the bib overalls over the line. I saw her butt covered with blue panties and I watched as she unbuttoned the shirt and took it off. As she hung the shirt on the line I could see the line of matching blue across her back. I was frozen to the spot.

Her legs were slender and strong looking. Her butt tight and looked delicious. She reached back and undid the bra and hung it over the line. I noticed that there were no tan lines on her back. She bent and pushed the panties down and off. They went on the line. She stood still for a moment and then I heard her say, “Well, are you just going to stand there wet all afternoon?”

She bent and slipped her feet back into her boots and then walked to me. I didn’t move. I watched as her breasts bounced ever so slightly as she walked. I saw her tight hard nipples. I saw her hard body and I saw that she had no pubic hair. And, I saw that wonderful smile.

When she got to me she stopped and started undressing me. “If you stay in those wet clothes you’ll get a cold.”

Together we got me undressed. She took my clothes to the line and hung them. When she came back she put her hand on my erection and said, “I guess I could have just hung the clothes here.” She giggled.

I reached for her. She stood very still and gave me access to all of her. When I touched her hard nipples she moaned and pressed herself into my hands. I hugged her to me and then I kissed her. Matty not only taught her to smile but also taught her to kiss! My mouth had been completely explored and mapped when that kiss ended. My hands were holding her against me and her hands were both on my cock. I was almost sure that if she moved them at all I would cum.

“I think we’d better get out of the direct sun.” Pam said as she guided me towards the porch.

She guided me to a rocking chair and when I sat down she climbed in with me. She straddled me and hooked her legs over the arms of the chair putting her bald pussy against my hard cock.

She used one hand to hold my cock against her slit and she wiggled. I know my eyes were wide and I was still a bit confused that all this was happening so quickly. Pam looked at my face and whispered, “It’s OK to fuck me. I’m on the pill.”

I lifted her by grabbing her ass and lifting, just enough for her to position my head at her opening. I lowered her as slowly as I could until her vulva was pressed tightly against my pubic bone. She leaned back a little and I bent, taking as much of her breast in my mouth as I could. Pam moaned and ground her pussy against me tightening her vaginal walls and driving me crazy.

“Suck harder,” She whispered.

I did. I also put my hands back on her ass and helped her lift and fall on me. Pam felt so good on my cock. Her nipple felt and tasted so good in my mouth. Time passed. She stopped and climbed off of me and out of the chair. She walked to the porch railing and bent at the waist. She grabbed the railing and looked out at the river.

“I’ve always thought this would be a great place to fuck.” She said.

I stepped up behind her and slid into her pussy. I pumped and she squealed. I pumped more and she urged me on. I held on to her hips and slammed against her ass as I fucked her for all I was worth.

“Don’t stop! I can feel you balls slapping my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I felt her pussy spasm and grip me like a vise. A wonderful, hot, wet vise. She screamed and shook for a long time. I kept pounding into her.

Somewhere in my past there was a time when I felt the build up leading to my orgasm. I felt my balls tighten. Not this time. I was suddenly there. I kept thrusting! Moaned, yelled, said swear words, I have no idea. My knees went rubbery. If Pam wasn’t in such good shape I would have fallen. I held on to her hips and kept my cock inside her until I regained some control over my own body.

I relaxed my hold on her hips and my now limp cock slid out of her. “Oh,” was all she said.

Not trusting my ability to walk, I sat right there on the porch. As soon as my ass hit wood I noticed that Pam’s pussy was right in front of my mouth. I could see my cum starting to drip from her.

I put a hand on each cheek of her beautiful ass and stuck my tongue into her. She jerked and was washed by another orgasm. I sucked all the juice from her and sucked her clit as well. Another orgasm weakened her knees and she panted, “Stop! Please stop or I’ll die.”

I helped her to turn and she sat straddling me on the porch. Her arms wrapped around me and she put her head on my shoulder. I leaned back and found I could easily lean against the house. Pam and I sat in the shade of the house and fell asleep.

It was getting dark when Pam woke up. She sat up slowly and put a nipple against my lips. I woke up and when I realized what was at my lips I sucked it in. It was not long before we both felt the effect she was having on my anatomy. Pam rocked back and forth against my cock ever so gently. I got harder and she rocked some more.

I released her nipple and kissed her mouth. I was sure she knew if I still had tonsils her tongue exploration was that through. I started to move, to change positions.

“Please stay just like this. This feels so good.” She kissed me again.

My hands held her ass and assisted her rocking motion. She pinched my nipples and bit my neck. I could feel the tension building in me towards another explosion of cum.

“I’m getting close.” I whispered.

Pam lifted herself a little and inserted my cock in her wetness. As she hit bottom she resumed rocking. Slowly.

Minutes passed. I don’t know how I kept from cumming for so long. She was rubbing every part of my cock, gently and insistently. Her breathing changed. The skin of her chest mottled and Pam tilted her head back and a long low throaty moan began. I couldn’t hold back another second. I lifted my hips and thrust hard into her. Her moan became a wail and her hands grabbed at my shoulders.

As we came down, panting and grasping at each other Pam snuggled in again and fell asleep.

Pam stood up suddenly. I woke up and instantly was aware that I had been sitting on the porch too long. Pam giggled and said maybe we should get dressed and go inside.

I loved watching her run over to the clothes line and retrieve our clothes. She carried them against her chest and I watched her walk back to me catching glimpses of her pussy as she walked.

“You need help getting up?” She asked.

“No. Just time.”

I put my hands on the porch and started to get up. I was stuck to the porch with all the juices we both had issued.

“Damn, woman. You glued me to the porch.”

“Don’t move! I’ll be right back.”

She ran into the house and returned a couple minutes later with warm water and a wash cloth. I’m sure the warm water did the job but the scrubbing caresses she gave with the wash cloth were worth being stuck to the porch. She giggled all the time she was unsticking me from the porch.

We went inside and showered. I was amazed at the amount of crust that was on both of us. I was amazed at how much fun we had cleaning it off.

Out of the shower Pam used a towel and then headed for the kitchen. I wrapped the towel around me and followed. By the time I got there Pam had dinner going. She moved around the kitchen like she’d spent her life in that very kitchen.

Pam served dinner and sat down with me to eat. Half way through the meal she looked up and asked, “So how do you like me so far?”

I pointed out that the only time all day that I wasn’t smiling was when I had some part of her in my mouth.

We finished dinner, did the dishes together and kissed some more. Pam was still nude. So was I.

“Pam, maybe we should get dressed and I’ll take you home.”

“If you don’t want me to stay.” She was standing five feet away looking at me like I was about to decide the fate of the world.

“Won’t your parents be wondering where you are?”

“They both know where I am. They both know it was my intention to fuck you today. I’m sure they both assume that since I’m not home already that I have fucked you and that I’m spending the night.”

“And they’re OK with that?”

“Member the cool reception you got from my daddy when you met at Matty’s?”


“You were or are my daddy’s nightmare in the flesh.”

She took my arm and led me to the small couch. She sat me down and sat next to me with her legs over mine.

“When the family that owned this house sold it to Matty a few years ago and I got the job of taking care of the place I told Momma that a wonderful, smart man was gonna buy the place and I was gonna love him. Momma said that whoever bought this place would be a family not a single man.”


“And I’ve been saying I was gonna love that man for the past four years. Matty said I cursed the place. She’s had twenty families come looking at it. None even made an offer. She called daddy right after you took the place and said to come to dinner that night. She didn’t say why. When she introduced you and said you had rented this place I think daddy just about had a heart attack.”

“I’ve been here all of two days.”

“And I can’t decide to love you in two days?”

“My head is lining up reasons why you can’t love me. You want a list? I’ve never felt the feelings I’m having quite like I’m feeling them, but I don’t think its love.”

“OK. I can be with that. I just need to be honest with you and tell you I’ve loved you for four years already. I know the rent’s paid for two months and I’m not going anywhere. Take your time.”

That said she went out to the truck and brought in the box.

“Where can I put my stuff?”

“Are you moving in?”

“No, silly. I still need to be at home most days to help with the farm. This is my stuff for staying over. A change of clothes, extra underwear, toothbrush, stuff like that.”

“Oh. Put your stuff right beside mine. That’s where you want it.”

Pam and the box went into the downstairs bedroom and bath and five minutes passed. I heard her come out of the bathroom and watched as she came into view. I felt good even being able to watch her. Her energy and joy were contagious.

When we went to bed we fit together the way people who have slept together for a long time and still love it fit together.

When I woke up the next morning I was in bed alone. It was dawn. I noticed the odor of sex was in the bedroom and I recalled why and smiled. There was a note on the pillow next to me.

“Got lots to do today at the farm. If you want me back tonight come for me as the sun goes down. Stay for dinner. Momma is a good cook. Love, Pam.”

I had cereal for breakfast and drove into town. I went to “the store” and got more boards and bricks for my hippy bookshelves. I found out how to get phone service and was surprised that the guy told me he’d have it up and running by dark. He even gave me a phone number. I waited seven weeks once in Los Angeles. As I was leaving the store Bob, the owner, came out to my truck and said Matty wanted to see me. I thanked him and went to Matty’s.

“Well, well, don’t you look better’n a new pair a jeans!” Matty smiled as I came through the door. Her place was empty. I sat at the table with her and she poured me a cup of coffee. After I had half inside she spoke again.

“Are you in overwhelm yet?” She spoke softly and took a sip of her coffee.

“Is that what this feeling is called?”

“Yup. Seems to me that you’ve just been run over by love. It didn’t look like love. It didn’t sneak up on ya like love used to. But the more you think about her the more you think being loved by Pam just might be the best thing to happen to you in the past fifteen years.”

“Matty, I don’t even know her. I’ve been here less than a week. I don’t even have my office set up or a phone. Love? I didn’t come here looking for love, or even a relationship. I came here to get out of the big city.”

“There are those who believe you came here in answer to Pam calling you here. Some kind of metaphysical energy stuff. It doesn’t matter how you got here, or why you came. You are here. The other thing I know for sure is that Pam does love you.”

“Jesus, Matty. She’s nineteen!”

“When you go for dinner ask to see her room.”

“I can’t go there for dinner.”

“Why? Because you fucked their daughter last night? They knew you were going to do it when they met you the other night. We all did. Hell, she’d have done you right here on this table that night if you’d given her half a hint you wanted to.”

“What’s in her bedroom?”

“You are. I won’t say more but I will say I knew you when you walked in the other day.”

“I think you’re all nuts. I’ll go for dinner. I’ll ask to see her room. Should I take a bottle of wine or something?”

“I’ll save you a long drive. The nearest store for wine is an hour away. I’ll sell you one of my stash. It’s one I know Mr. Nilsson likes. I also know he probably will welcome a glass or two. He’s in overwhelm too.”

She got the wine for me and I headed home. I puttered around and when the phone guy arrived I was sitting in a rocker on the porch. Ten minutes later he was on his way and I had phone service. I called my sister and asked her to send any mail I had and I gave her my phone number. She wanted to know all about the house, the town, the neighbors and I told her I would send her a letter or better an email with pictures soon. She pressed and I told her the house reminded me of the house we grew up in.

I showered, put on clean Levis and headed with wine to the Nilsson farm. Amor met me at the gate. I stopped the truck and he jumped into the back. When I stopped in front of the house Mrs. Nilsson and Pam were sitting on the steps. Amor jumped out of the truck and went to them.

Pam got up and ran to me. She hugged me and kissed me hello. Her momma stood on the bottom step of the porch and when I got close she took me in her arms and hugged me. I hugged back, a little surprised at her welcome. When the hug ended she kissed me. I sort of expected a peck on the cheek. I got everything except tongue. Then she put her arm around my waist and guided me into the house.

In the living room Mrs. Nilsson told Pam to go get her daddy. She was out the door in a second. As she went I heard, “Yes, Momma.”

Mrs. Nilsson said, “I know this is a bit uncomfortable for you. It is for us too and we’ve had four years to prepare. Just know that as far as we’re concerned you’re in the family. If you stay a week and then go, we’ll survive. If you stay a year and then go, we’ll be glad we had the year. If you stay, I’m going to hold you in my heart as a miracle.”

That said Mr. Nilsson and Pam came in through the back door and Mr. Nilsson washed up out there and took off his boots as did Pam. We all sat at the table and ate a wonderful family dinner. Pam was right to say her momma was a great cook.

During dinner the conversation was about work there on the farm. Five of the chickens had gotten out and two were still missing, presumed eaten. There was a delivery of hay coming tomorrow. And, Mr. Nilsson said my desk was ready to be delivered tomorrow morning if that would be OK.

“What desk?” I knew the sketch was still in the truck.

“Your desk. Didn’t Pam tell you?”

“No. I made a sketch today of a desk I want for the room upstairs but I haven’t shown it to anyone yet. Not even Pam.”

“Do you have your sketch with you?” Momma asked.

“Sure. Out in the truck. I’ll get it.” I got up and went to the truck.

As I left the house Mr. Nilsson said to Pam, “The drawing is in the barn. Get it, please.”

Pam came in the back door as I came in the front. Each of us carried a quadrille ruled pad. I handed mine to Mr. Nilsson. He looked it over and smiled at Pam. Then he took the pad from Pam and handed it to me. The drawings were the same. The style of desk, the measurements, even the placement in the room were all the same. Down at the bottom right hand corner of the page was a dated note. “His desk, April 2001” Three years ago.

“Nick, would you like to see your desk?”

I followed them out to the barn. It was set up and shining and was exactly the desk I wanted. The burl top I had seen Mr. Nilsson working on was a part of this desk. I was stunned. I stood and looked for a long time.

“Wait. If the drawing was made three years ago why is the desk just finished now?”

“When I met you at Matty’s I knew you needed it now. I have tried to tell myself that Pam was having a fantasy for four years. You are not a fantasy.”

“I’m just a guy who rented a house.”

“I don’t think either of us can hold on to that theory any longer.”

“Is there more? Is there something I still don’t know? Wait. Matty said ask you to show me your room. Pam, show me your room please.”

“I’ll show you my room when we go to bed,” Pam said smiling.

Was I being invited to spend the night? This couldn’t be! My thoughts raced.

“Nick, I brought the levis you wore yesterday home with me this morning. They got washed and dried today. You have clean clothes for tomorrow right here. They’re ready for tomorrow.”

“This is crazy. I want to spend the night with Pam. I’m freaked that after knowing you all for less than a week I’m being invited to stay the night in Pam’s room. No one’s parents ever made me feel this welcome even after I’d married their daughter. I’ve only been here a couple of days and life has never moved faster. Please forgive me stumbling.”

“You’re married?” Momma’s eyes were wide.

“Was. Five years. The Readers Digest version is that we were hit by a semi on our way back from Sturgis eight years ago. I spent two months in traction and she was buried in Colorado.”

“You still ride?” Dad asked.

“The bike was totaled and so was my heart for riding. I’ve been driving pick ups ever since.”

“Your right leg?” momma asked.

“Does it still show?”

“You favor it just a little. I know a little about injuries. Want me to look at it?”

“Let her look Nick. She has magic in her hands.” Dad said.

She led me back to the living room and had me pull off the Levis. I stood and momma knelt by my legs and ran her hands up feeling the muscles and the nine inch scar on my thigh.

She left the room after telling me to sit down. She came back with two towels and some ointment. Momma knelt on the rug and worked the ointment into the muscles of my leg. We talked as a family about the muscles and how tight they had become. She told me that I would be sore for a day because of what she was doing and that I needed to come back day after tomorrow for another treatment. About forty five minutes later she asked me to stand up. My leg felt really wonderful. I walked around the living room in my underwear and shirt like these folks were family.

Mr. Nilsson looked at his watch and said, “Bed time.” He got up off the couch.

Momma got up too and as she passed Pam she softly said, “Give his leg a rest honey. You be on top.”

Pam came to me carrying my pants and we followed Momma up the stairs.

“Am I staying in your room?”

“Yes. Don’t worry it’s not all pink ruffles.”

“Darn. I was hoping it was.” She punched me on the shoulder. Then she opened the door.

I wasn’t ready. On the wall over her bed was a charcoal drawing about poster sized. It was of me. I was me four years ago when I still wore a beard. In the drawing I had on a Harley t-shirt. On the dresser was another drawing. In this one the beard was gone and I was standing by a truck. There was a cane in the picture.

“Momma had me put most of them away.”

I sat on the bed. My head spun. This was beyond possible.

“I knew you were coming four years ago. I don’t know how or why and I don’t care. I’m yours.”

“You don’t even know me.”

“Amor knows you. He has never jumped into anyone’s truck except daddy’s before today. He always gives the sniff and wait test to strangers. Until you. I’ve never seen momma touch anyone except daddy, Matty and me before you. We don’t worry so much about how long we’ve known someone. We look at their heart and their energy. Your heart and my heart belong together. They fit. We fit.”

Pam took off my shirt and her clothes. She helped me into bed and rode me just like Momma said to. First she rode my face and then she rode my cock. I tried to stay quiet but just as I was starting to climax I heard Mr. Nilsson groan loudly from down the hall. I followed his example and our ladies laughed out loud.

Minutes later we were all asleep.

Dark and early the next morning I was awakened with kisses. Pam turned on a small bed-side lamp and we dressed. I could feel where momma had worked the muscles in my leg.

In the kitchen I discovered the most modern thing I had seen since I arrived in town. A coffee maker with an alarm clock built in. I looked closely and noticed that it was set to come on at five in the morning. The coffee was hot and just the way I like it. Strong.

The desk was in the barn in three pieces. We covered those pieces with three packing blankets. By eight in the morning the four of us had the desk in the office, the computer on it and all the desk stuff put in the desk. When we finished Mr. Nilsson asked what I did with the computer. I told him about my writing, the various jobs I had done using computers and he asked if I would assist them with holding their family business together with my computer skills. I said I would.

As we went back downstairs Mr. Nilsson stopped on the stairs and said, “From now on I would be honored if you would call me Hans or Dad.”

He didn’t say anything more. He just walked out to his truck and went home. Momma stayed with us. She and Pam worked in the house together and I took care of some things in the small barn I was using as a garage and storage shed.

At some point the doors to the barn opened wide and Pam and Momma came to visit. They brought iced tea and some fresh cookies. We arranged some hay bales as seats and sat and talked as we ate and shared the iced tea.

We talked about how Pam had been raised. Momma shared about how she and Hans had come to this area and why. Momma talked about love and how she believed that love wasn’t something you fell into but was something you created out of an intention. I was starting to understand how Pam could be who she was. I still didn’t get how she had loved me for four years, but I did accept it now.

They asked me about the way love had been in my life. They asked me what I wanted from the rest of my life. Then Momma asked me what I thought about affection.

I told them that I believed that affection between people was probably one quick way to solve some of the worlds problems. I thought that if folks greeted each other with hugs and kisses that people would get along much better in the world.

All the while I was talking Momma was smiling. When I stopped she got off the bale and came to me. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was the kiss lovers give each other. My body was shocked but answered in kind. When Momma broke the kiss she spoke.

“Hans and I talked last night and this morning. He went back to the farm knowing that we were going to talk about all this. If the conversation went the way Pam and I thought it would Hans knows I will offer you my full affection. The conversation went just as we thought it would. Pam loves you. Pam wants to live with you and love you completely. Hans and I have decided to love you too. For us there are no restrictions to loving someone except the personal boundaries of the people involved. Hans and I love Matty and we love her completely. We offer that to you as well.”

“Are you telling me that you and I can hug and kiss when we meet or are you telling me something else?”

“I’m telling you that I want to fuck you, hug you, kiss you, suck you, and anything else we can agree on that we call an expression of affection!”

I turned to Pam and saw that I didn’t need to ask what she thought of all this. She was nude and walking to her mother and me with that smile on her face.

My hands went to the top buttons of momma’s shirt. She leaned to my face and just before we kissed she said, “And, please, call me Sarah.”

As we undressed Sarah I noticed that she was a very fit woman. Many women I have known, city women, have been soft all over by the age when they could have a nineteen year old daughter. Sarah’s body showed the results of many years working alongside her husband on their farm. Her arms were smooth but solid and the common sag of flesh hanging from the bottom of many women’s arms didn’t exist on Sarah. Her breasts had been assaulted by time and gravity but something had them still be beautiful, inviting and delicious. Her nipples were about the size of grapes and when Pam pulled the shirt away from them they seemed to be requesting my attention. They got it. First the entire breast and then the areola and nipple. As Sarah and I got better acquainted Pam moved things around and spread a packing blanket on the bed of hay bales she made. She led us to the bed and we made ourselves comfortable on it.

Sarah and I explored each other with hands and lips and Pam handled my lower interests first with her hands and then her mouth. It became difficult to focus on Sarah while Pam used both hands and her mouth to bring me pleasure.

Pam stopped sucking me and returned to manual manipulations. I loved both and realized I could delay my orgasm better while she used her hands than her mouth. When she changed tactics I realized that Pam knew more about pleasure than most people I had ever known. She had wrapped one hand around my shaft, low. The other hand formed a hat on the crown. While one hand stroked me up and down she twisted the other hand barely touching the head of my cock! The sensations were powerful and I realized that this was not going to last.

Seconds later Sarah moaned hard into my mouth while we kissed. I realized that when Pam had moved her mouth off me she had moved onto her mother’s pussy. Sarah’s breathing told me she was getting close. I moved into position between her legs, moving Pam as I moved. Sarah used her hands to grab her own legs and spread them wide while also lifting and tilting her hips. Her wet pink pussy opened up for me and Sarah spoke, “Fuck me Lover. Show me you love me.”

I put the tip of my cock at her entrance and pushed. When I was all the way in I had Sarah folded in half. I was kissing her face with her legs pinned against her breasts and my chest. I was on my toes and began rocking in and out of her wetness.

Pam got behind me and massaged my sack with one hand and reached between us to stroke her fingers across Sarah’s clit. In seconds we were cumming! Sarah shook and screamed. I bucked into her and came hard, flooding her pussy.

I held my position deep within her as long as I could and when I was almost completely soft I moved. As I came to rest between mother and daughter Sarah whispered, “That’s the kind of cummin that starts babies. Damn, that was good.”

“Should I have worn a condom?” I asked.

“Those days are gone forever for me. You can poke me forever and I’ll always take it in fun!” She rolled to me and we kissed. When I rolled back Pam lay on my chest and she kissed me.

“Isn’t momma the best?”

“Momma is wonderful, and so are you. I love fucking you both. Are you really sure Hans is OK with this?”

“He sure is!” It was Matty’s voice from the open barn door. When I heard her I looked and there she stood, holding all her clothes in her hands but still wearing her boots.

“He called me when he got home and invited me to the affection party. I’d say that has him being pretty Ok with what’s happening, wouldn’t you?”

Pam laughed and said, “Am I ever gonna get to fuck Nick again or are you both moving in?”

Matty walked over and said, “Depends on how good this man says hello, and how often he can say it.” Then she took hold of the situation. It wasn’t long before I was inside Matty and when I came I was proud to yell, “Hello!”

Pam and Sarah had left us while we fucked and after I yelled “Hello” Pam yelled from the house, “Dinner is almost ready!”

We carried clothes into the house. As we put towels on the chairs Hans drove up in his truck. I looked at Pam, then Sarah and Matty, they were all nude and making no move to cover. I sat still, wondering what was about to happen.

The three women swarmed him. They kissed and hugged and undressed him in seconds. While Sarah kissed his face and Matty sucked his cock, Pam sucked one of his nipples. As they stopped he was hard and all of them were laughing.

“I love how you three say “Hello!” Hans said. All three women laughed harder. Hans looked at me and asked, “What?”

“They love saying and hearing “Hello.”

After dinner we all said “Hello” until we fell asleep. Hans and Sarah were up in the dark and I woke when I heard their truck start. A little while later Matty came in and joined Pam and I in our bed. I no longer thought of it as my bed. We snuggled until sun up and then we got up. Sarah had left us breakfast and hot coffee. Pam and Matty spent a part of the morning talking me through all the thoughts and emotions I was having about my new family, living here, the social rules for how they believed and my biggest question: “What’s next?”

“There is the party on Saturday. I guess that’s what’s next.” Pam said.

“What party?”

“There is a small party at the farm on Saturday. Not a big deal, really. You are invited.”

“And what is the occasion being celebrated?”

“Saturday is your birthday, isn’t it?” Pam said, smiling that smile.

“It is, but how would you know that?”

“I’ve been celebrating your birthday for four years, if you count this Saturday.”

“Sometimes you scare the hell out of me. You know that?”

Matty spoke. “You don’t know the half of it. Everyone invited to the party on Saturday has celebrated your birthday for the past four years too. We may not have believed like Pam has but we have been willing to support what she believes. What makes this party different is that you can blow out the candles yourself this year.”

A little later Matty was headed back to town and we were headed to the farm to help Hans and Sarah for the day. As Matty pulled away from the house in her truck she waved and said, “See you both on Saturday.”

I couldn’t wait.

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