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Nutmeg For Mom

Category: Incest
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Robert sat locked up in his room looking at a various Literotica story with one hand on the swell of his shorts and the second on the mouse. Since he found out about Literotica (two years ago) from his old girlfriend, Robert had been glued to it’s contents for weeks on end. The story in question now was dealing with his favorite taboo: incest, and centered itself on a story of Mother and son. His fingertips gently grazed back and forth over the heady swell of his cock as it pushed itself against its confines with a dire need for release.

His thumb was sure to spend extra attention along the crown of his head, causing gentle spasms to finger his balls and reverberate up the length of his veined shaft. Pre-cum was leaking from that engorged head, and was steadily seeping into the mesh of his shorts, thus creating a large wet spot.

His self-induced pleasure was soon ended, however, when the rumble of a car was heard coming up the driveway. Though Robert had his door locked, and hadn’t even removed the “beast” from it’s cage, he panicked. He jumped from his computer chair and shut it down before grabbing at his shorts and pulling the waistband down enough so it trapped the head of his prick against the bottom of his stomach and thus got rid of signs of a hard on. He jogged out of the room and headed downstairs before coming to a halt in the kitchen just as his Mother swung back the door and stepped inside.

“Hey, Mom! How was the workout?” Piped Robert, putting on his best smile though unable to hide the red flush of his cheeks from his own workout. He had just turned eighteen last week, and was an average sized boy. He stood at a modest six foot, and weighed 180lbs. Dark brown locks were left whatever which way, giving it a wild look. Robert was average with everything but his cock, which was a good nine inches long.

His Mother returned the smile with a dazzling one of her own, before swinging shut the door and entering further into their humble abode. Her husband had died ten years ago, and she hadn’t got the nerve to date since. She was a mere thirty-six years of age, and spent five days a week at the gym to keep up her young appearance. She was currently clad in a spandex halter top that hugged itself around the swell of her breasts, and a matching pair of shorts that dug themselves up the wedge of her ass and outlined the tops of her thighs to the fullest extent. “Oh, it was good, Robbie, same old thing though.”

Throughout all this, Rob was eyeing his Mother up as furtively as he could. The arousal of his cock didn’t die, it only grew stronger and pulsated roughly against the entrapment of his shorts, still held tightly to his stomach by the waistband. “Yeah, I should start going, just don’t have the willpower.” He chuckled, before crossing into the kitchen and lowering down into one of the various chairs.

“You don’t need to, sweetie, you look great, and the girls love you.” She teased, before moving over to the refrigerator and popping it open, pulling out some various food and bringing it to the kitchen counter behind her. “I have to get dinner going though, I ran later than planned at the gym.”

“I haven’t had a girlfriend for over a year, Mom.. you know that.” He mumbled, never taking his eyes from his Mother’s ass. He was an ass man, truth-be-told, and those spandex shorts of hers did wonders. He nibbled down lightly into his lower lip, trying to resist the urge to lower a hand a tease himself right there.

“That’s because you spend so much time on that damned computer. You should get out more, Hun.” She said this without looking at him, for she was organizing things on the counter. She reached up to the cabinet above and swung it open, peering up at the various bottles inside. She then rose upwards on her tip-toes, the swell of her ass clenched and tormented the tightness of her shorts as she fought with the bottles. Robert sat there, taking this all in, and his cock lurched within his shorts. “Sweetie, could you come over here and bring down the nutmeg for me? I can’t seem to reach it.”

Be still his heart! Rob quickly rose from his seated position and adjusted his shorts to ensure nothing was poking forward, before moving to stand behind his Mother. “You can’t reach that? Ok, well which bottle is it?” He said as he stepped forward slightly and reached up to one of the various spices. The bundled length of cock made slight contact along the curve of her ass, and he froze. Before he made it apparent that he realized he did this, he retrieved one of the bottles and lowered it down in front of her face. “This it, Mah?”

She stood through all this, subconsciously wondering why he didn’t just stand next to her, until she felt something rather hard poke slightly into her ass. She froze as well, and her mind whirled. ‘Was that his cock? Oh my god! It’s huge!’ she said to herself as she unconsciously shifted her ass back slightly. The swift press of her baby’s prick had caused a convulsion in her shorts, and the lines of her cunt began to dampen from growing arousal. “Um, no, that’s not it. Keep looking.”

And he did just that. With her ass shifting back at him, a steady press of cock to ass was taken, though he didn’t say anything about it. Shivers ran up and down his spine, and he rose up slightly once more to take down another random bottle, causing his covered prick to slide up, then down her ass. “..T.This one?”

“No, keep looking.” Her voice was becoming husky with the steady throb that centered itself at her puss. She subtly shifted her ass once more, causing further friction between the two. She leaned forward slightly, pressing her forearms to the countertop. This was wrong, forbidden, illegal, and downright nasty. She knew all this, but couldn’t deny the pleasure of it all. Her eyes squinted down to mere slits and she waited.

Was she pushing back against him? His heart skipped a beat and his cock twitched roughly, and it was then that he realized that with every movement upwards, his waistband was being drawn further down from his head and exposing his cock more. He was too afraid to reach down and solve the problem, so he instead rose upwards once more and took down another bottle. Maybe he should of fixed himself, because with the shift, his cock flopped out from it’s confines and made a sharp smack to the top of his Mother’s ass. She shook her head just as he said: “Oh, shit.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll find it soon.” Thinking his exclamation was in regards to her shaking her head to the fact that it wasn’t the right bottle. It was right bottle though, and she took it and turned it’s label around so he would keep looking. She had also noticed that something had slapped her ass, and a shiver ran through her as her ass began a steady grind into the naked flesh of his cock.

Robert lost control and thrust his prick along the globes of her ass so pre-cum smeared along and slickened everything up. “Uh.. Mom. Are.. you sure you have.. nutmeg?” He managed to croak out as his hips began to steadily buck into her ass.

But she didn’t say anything, instead she bent herself at the waist and pressed her chest to the countertop to fully expose her ass to her son’s taking. She slowly walked her feet apart and curled her arms up around her head as she swayed her ass back and forth. Robert took this cue to continue his efforts, and to stop messing with the bottles of spices. His hands were instead used to grip each covered cheek of her ass and separate them enough so when he released, the shorts were sucked between and a valley was made. Lining his phallus up, he eased it forward until it was gripped by each globe of her ass. He let lose a low groan, and hands gripped at her waist as he fucked forward.

“Oh.. oh fuck, sweetie! Yeah, fuck my ass.. mm yeah!” She rasped at him as her ass rolled up and down, clenching her ass to milk his cock as it plunged in and out. One of her hands came down to the apex of her thighs while two fingers pressed together and were used to rub circles along her covered clit. She groaned in her throat, the walls of her cunt clenching at air as she manipulated the hardened nub of her clit through her shorts.

Robert continued his plummet towards orgasm, and one hand was moved to grasp the base of his shaft before he steadily shaked it to cause the slicked length of his cock to slap against her ass. He couldn’t take it anymore, and he soon yanked down her shorts to expose her lower half in it’s entirety. He positioned his prick once more and fucked between her cheeks, feeling the full warmth radiating from her body for the first time. He felt like he was going to cum then and there, and quickly squeezed his shaft to stop such a thing.

“Please, christ. Fuck me, c’mon baby, come back to where you spent nine months. At least a big part of you.” She moaned, gyrating her hips in encouragement to her son. The fingers that were at her clit were used to pull apart the swell of her labia, exposing the leaking hole of her snatch and the full pinkness of her vagina.

This was all he needed. He used his hand to aim his cock, dragging the helmeted tip up and down her folds before fitting it to the opening of her puss. He drove forward. Warmth and wetness surrounded his cock, and his Mother’s pussy began to gently squeeze around the shaft. “Oh shit!” Was all he was able to say before his hips began to shift back and forth, drawing the reddened length of his cock in and out of the tight grasp of her cunt. He was actually doing it! He was fucking his Mother! She must of been enjoying it from the long moans she was letting forth and the way her hips ground back into him with every thrust forward.

One of her hands was seen moving to a heavy tit, pulling up the halter to expose it before dragging a hardened nipple along the countertop. She reached up with both hands then, grasping at the door of the cabinet as she fucked herself roughly back against her sons large dick. All thought of talk was lost on her, as her orgasm started itself at the base of her stomach, and like an explosion, washed over her cunt and sent it in violent spasms around the dick imbedded in her. She rolled her hips up and down while she moaned, juices leaking out to coat his cock and dribble down her thighs and his balls.

He was trying to hold back his orgasm as long as possible, but once he felt the walls shuddering along his cock, he was unable to stand it any longer. “Oh god Mom! I’m cumming, oh god.. I’m cumm..i…” He was unable to finish, his balls tightened up and his cock began to twitch. Thick ropes of cum erupted from the purple head of his cock, splashing the insides of his Mother’s womb and mingling with her own juices. His hips thrust forward once, burying to the hilt, and he let her roll along it herself. He never thought the orgasm was going to end, and once it had, he lowered down to rest atop his Mother. He kissed her back once, his breath washing out to simply evaporate in the air.

“I think I should take a shower.” She purred at him, taking in a deep breath as her son’s cock began to soften the grip of her cunt.

“Yeah, me too. Care to join me?” He whispered, before something caught his eye and he was staring at a label of a bottle that was turned over on the counter which read: ‘nutmeg’.

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