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My First Time

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I couldn’t move my eyes, and yet, I couldn’t bear to not see. I knew that I was staring; yet it was impossible for me to look away. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. As she swept down the staircase, I was amazed at the length of her legs, as she was really no taller than I was.

Her breasts, too, were no bigger than mine, yet on her they appeared so sensual, and oh! How the silk clung to her ass as if inviting a lover’s caress. I glanced at my companion, but she too mesmerized him. Humph, it’s been a long time, longer than I want to think about since he’s looked at me like that, but I’d think about that later. I turned back towards the stage, and tried to remind myself to blink. I could feel my heartbeat and it was pounding in more places than just my chest.

What was wrong with me? I’m a woman, and she’s a woman, and I’ve never, and Will Never, but yet, I continued to stare and continued to lust. Lust? I can’t be lusting after her; she’s a she! I turned to the one I’m very proud to admit that I still lust after, hoping that he wouldn’t have noticed my reaction to her. And there he sat, staring at me. I closed my eyes, this couldn’t be happening to me. As I was about to reach for my drink, I noticed that my nails were clutching at the flesh of my companion’s hand, perhaps he wouldn’t say anything if, indeed, he had noticed. Do you want her, he asked, I immediately closed my eyes again, believing that when I opened them again, I would not be sitting here, in a gentleman’s club, with the man I love, feeling more than just a little turned on by a woman. I tried to swallow but realized that my mouth was dry. As I opened my eyes, I turned to him and stated the obvious; ‘she was pretty’.

You want her, he stated. I didn’t answer, how could I, to admit that I felt that way about a woman? and yet, I couldn’t deny it either. Already the interior of my bra was roughing up my nipples, and I couldn’t plead a throbbing headache, as the throbbing was no where near my head. Thankfully, I wasn’t flowing, but I knew that I was more than just a little damp. After all, he was the man, she would respond to him long before she would respond to me. Respond?

What was I thinking about? I didn’t want her to respond to me, I didn’t want to respond to her! And yet, I could feel myself searching the room for her. ‘She’s coming up on our right’, he told me. I stared straight ahead, afraid to look, not wanting to look, refusing to look. There was a light touch on my shoulder; I nearly jumped out of my skin. With the huskiest of giggles she placed her other hand on my left shoulder, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you’. I smiled and assured her that it was fine, no harm done, all the while trying desperately not to blurt out, ‘I want you’. ‘I’ve never seen you here before’, she said, ‘and believe me I would have noticed’. Nervously I laughed, of the women in the club who didn’t work there, I was one of four and we were each very different from the others. I cleared my throat several times before being able to tell her that it was all his idea.

As she turned to thank him, all I could think of was how much I wanted to run my tongue over her body. Her eyes glided over me, I thought I was melting, ‘are you bisexual’ she purred. ‘Not yet’, I answered, (NOT YET, what could have made me say that) ‘umm I mean, no, no, no, I’m not, bisexual, no, no, I’m not’. ‘I think I liked the first answer better’, she said as she was staring into my eyes. ‘This place is really hot’, I exclaimed, ‘I’m melting’, (oh no, did I just say that) ‘temperature!’ I screamed. I looked over at my lover, who was trying to not laugh. He ran his tongue around his lips the way he does when he wants to remind me just how good he is when he goes down on me.

How could he have possibly known that was exactly what I wanted to do to this lovely woman in front of us? Again, I just closed my eyes, praying for aliens to come and take me. I felt a hand on my thigh, sliding closer to my pussy, which damned it, was starting to quiver. I squeezed my eyes tighter. ‘I don’t think it’s the air in the room which has you so hot’, she whispered, ‘and if I’m right, and I’m the reason you are melting, I’m honored’. My eyes flew open, her crimson lips were mear centimeters from mine, I could feel my head, of it’s own accord, reaching forward to her face, her lips, I wanted to feel their softness with mine. A sound like that of a weak animal emerged from my throat. I threw myself backward against the chair I glanced over at my man.

His eyes were glazed; I realized then how much he wanted her. I had to stop this. I was barely able to eek out a mumbled ‘I’m sorry’. She was smiling a bright smile and said that was ok, nothing to be sorry about. As she leaned down to kiss my cheek, she whispered, ‘I dropped my phone number in your purse, use it any time you want’, and then she was gone. ‘Please!’ I begged, ‘can we please go home’?

The next day I set out to do some shopping while trying to come to terms with my thoughts of what had happened the night before. Although my fascination with a woman seemed to do quite a bit for my lover, and hence, luckily for me, he made sure his eagerness reflected in my reactions, I still wasn’t sure that my breath had caught up to me from last night, I was having trouble, coming to terms with the thoughts that had ridden rampant through my mind the evening before.

The store was crowded, but when I thought I had heard a whispered ‘hello,’ I turned to look, and there to my shock, was the woman I had lusted, yes, lusted after, the very woman that I’m sure both of us had fantasized about during at least part of last night. Even as my vaginal muscles clenched, my nipples seemed to be reaching out in a greeting all their own. Part of me wanted to die of embarrassment, the rest of me wanted to make sure that if I died, it would be in her arms. She was wearing what any other woman would be wearing on a cold day such as today was, jeans and a sweater, yet, I found myself even more entranced by her today than I had been only the night before.

There was nothing showy about her today, yet I remembered that body, and a familiar yearning started deep within me. As I stood there, rudely starring, something inside me reminded me to say Hello. We spoke for a few minutes and discovered that her shopping would be taking her to the same places as mine would be taking me. Coincidence? Perhaps. After spending several hours in her company I found that not only was she sexy but fun, not like me at all, and yet, very much like me. As we were deciding to go and grab a bite to eat, she looked at me, or was it through me, and quietly asked, you’ve never been with a woman have you? How could it show? Better yet, how did it show that I had wanted to be?

How many years had passed before I found the courage to say a simple, no? Neither of us spoke for a minute as she turned back towards the overhead menu. As she turned back to me, I could feel my nipples reacting even before she spoke. Would you rather go back to my place and grab a pot of tea and some cookies. Here was my moment, I could easily say yes, and yet just as easily say that I was more than ‘cookies hungry, I wanted a real meal.’ I knew, already I knew her enough to know; she would not have found fault in either of my answers. I stared into the deep pools of her eyes and said that I would gladly go to her place if it meant a decent pot of tea. We both laughed as I turned her and shoved her towards the door, lead me to my tea! I yelled.

I was lucky that she lived no more than minutes away from where we had been, if it had taken only a few more seconds, I can’t be certain that I would have gone through with it, and yet, I knew that whatever was to happen, I would be the one to call the shots.

After deciding that perhaps a hot toddy would be better for us than tea, we each curled up in her living room, me on the chair, where I perhaps felt safest for the moment, she on the couch. We sipped our drinks and stared into the fire glowing within her fireplace. Perhaps it was the warmth, the fire, the drink, or a combination of all three, but this time when she looked over at me, I no longer wanted to run and hide. The couch really is at a better angle to catch the warmth of the fire, she laughed, and I really don’t bite, I promise you. I smiled back and surprised even myself as I arose to walk towards the couch. As I snuggled myself deep within the opposite corner, she laughed out loud, and looking at her, I too, started laughing. The laughter seemed to have helped.

As this beautiful creature turned to me and asked ‘Why not,” I didn’t bother to insult either of us by pretending I didn’t know what she was talking about. Never wanted to before, I replied. Thinking back to the night I had had with my significant other, to the times my hips had tried to reach the ceiling, my barely muted screams of ecstasy, the multitude of climaxes, I smiled and added, never needed to either. It’s different she said, as she reached over to touch my hand, sometimes it can be softer. She leaned forward and brushed her lips over mine, at first I tensed but as her fingers found their way under my sweater and bra, my moans, brought forth by her gentle kneading of my breasts, told her more than enough. She attempted to deepen the kiss, and this time, I responded.

Our tongues twined together as I felt myself getting more than just damp. I clumsily reached for her nipples, the size, shape and weight of them I had never held before, never kneaded before. She gently tugged me towards her, settling me against her shoulder. As she continued to kiss my head and face, she whispered see how nice soft and gentle can be? Mmmm, I conceded, and murmured, thinking again of last night, yet, sometimes soft isn’t what I need. Oh? She asked very quietly? As her fingers now manipulated my nipples with a firmness which sent rivers flowing through my body. I knew I was within seconds of climax and started to cling to her even more.

More daring than I knew myself even to be, I pulled the sweater from her body and began sucking on the firm nipples of hers, I nipped at them with my teeth. Her fingers brought me to the fastest climax I had ever reached, and one of the hardest. She whispered in a voice so low I had to strain to hear it, is there anything, anything at all, that you’ve never told him about, anything your body desires, tell me, tell me what it is that he does for you that sends you into a higher level and tell me what your body craves for. As her fingers were still playing with my overly wet pussy, she moved her mouth to cover my breast.

Tell her, my head screamed, tell her what you’ve been keeping back from him. Her fingers sent me to another wild hard climax, I nearly told her. Yet, I had kept it from him since the first time he sent me to that plane of pure feeling, how could I possibly tell her? Again she sent me, and again, and yet again. I parted my legs, in a silent plea for more, she replied by sending me yet again, as she was sending me on yet another ascent, tell me she coaxed. I was flying higher and higher yet, even as my legs spread to an as yet unknown wideness, I screamed, spank me! In a flash I was over on my belly and being spanked with such ferocity that I didn’t know whether to cry out in release or pain, again and again her hand came down over my ass, again and again I wanted to cry out, stop, yet I didn’t, I couldn’t, the pain and the pleasure was so intense that I refused to give it up, she continued to spank and spank with as much force as she was capable, oh my ass how it hurt, yet, how good it all felt, tears fell from my eyes and yet I couldn’t stop her, didn’t want to stop her, finally I was crying, and just as quickly as it had begun, I was turned onto my back and with her many fingers filling all there was of me, sent me into the highest and wildest realm I had ever known.

Much later, as I was leaving, still trembling from the severe spanking and the heaviness of the climaxes, I noticed a whip by the other side of the bed. I turned pointedly at her, looked back to the whip, and again looked back at her. Next time little one she smiled, next time…

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