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Carrie’s Adventures

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Carrie ran around the house making last minute preparations for their guests. Tim had invited friends from work for drinks and she was a nervous wreck. She had put together a few snacks quickly and gotten out her best glasses. Tim had asked her to wear her short black dress with the small silver flowers through it. She was a little uncomfortable in it, it was shorter than her usual clothes, and really could pass for a nightie without the blazer.

She smoothed down the dress and put the blazer back on while he dressed. This was the first time they had entertained guests.

The doorbell rang and she jumped a little. Tim came out from the bedroom and smiled at her, he knew she couldn’t keep the blazer off. He went to the door, opening it he shook hands with a man a little taller then himself, dark hair, wider shoulders. He was nice looking and Carrie blushed a little at him. Carrie looked over at the woman with him, she was a little thinner than Carrie, but about the same height. Tammy’s hair was very much like Carrie’s, long and curly, Carrie’s was a deep auburn and Tammy’s blonde. She wore a velvet short skirt that showed off thin legs, and a low-cut blouse that left little to the imagination. Carrie sighed realizing that both women were over dressed compared to the men in casual button up shirts and khakis.

She shook hands with the two as Tim introduced his “lovely wife” to the “wonderful couple from work.” He was Adam, from the “water bottle incident,” Carrie giggled. That was a fun story he had come home with. Adam had asked a secretary to get him some lunch and sent her to the store for bottled water. She had been new and brought him back a hot water bottle instead. He had laughed so hard the poor girl cried from embarrassment. Tim introduced Adam’s wife with his usual flattery, as the “hottest thing to ever come to the company.” Carrie smiled, she hadn’t heard any stories of Tammy before. They shook hands and moved into the living room.

Immediately the talk was office politics, so Carrie excused herself and went to the kitchen to gather the snacks. Tammy followed her, and offered to lend a hand. Carrie handed her four glasses and asked her which of the beverages she thought they might like the best. Tammy said to bring the wine, the ice bucket, and the hard liqueurs. She said that way, everyone could drink anything they wanted and Carrie would not have to be back and forth into the kitchen the whole night. They brought all the stuff into the living room and covered the coffee table and the end tables with stuff.

Adam laughed whole-heartedly while he watched the women put all the alcohol out. Smiling at Carrie, he said that he could tell whenever Tammy helped set up parties, because she always brought out everything rather than figure out what anyone wanted first. He began to tell Tim a story of a meeting where Tammy had taken in everything but the kitchen sink to prove her point. Tim laughed, and pointed out that she had not only proved her point but gotten a promotion out of that venture.

Tim sat in his chair by the love seat and Adam sat across from him on the sofa. The coffee table between the two. Carrie reached down to offer him them a drink and Tammy touched her hand lightly and whispered, “They are big boys, let them serve themselves and sit down and relax.” Carrie smiled at her a little confused, and nodded. She looked over at Tim who was still talking and joking with Adam. Carrie sat in the love seat near him. Tammy handed Carrie a drink and sat across from her on the love seat. In a little time Carrie was telling Tammy all about her work on her masters in English. She told her about her writing and the few articles she had published. Her goal was hopefully to complete her PHD and maybe teach at a local college. They talked, and laughed comparing notes on professors from their colleges. Tammy kept Carrie’s glass full for her and all Carrie’s worries of the night being a wreck faded away. The two talked for quite awhile before realizing that the men were listening with total interest too.

Carrie blushed profusely as she saw Adam’s eyes trained on her. She had been telling Tammy of the love story she had written for a smaller magazine. The story was a little graphic, and Carrie had to edit it many times. Tammy had asked what parts had been edited, and Carrie, being a tad bit tipsy, was telling her every little detail. They sat on the love seat facing each other, Carrie’s one leg under her in the seat with her dress pushed down between her legs barely cover the tops of her nylons where they hooked to the garter belt. Adam’s eyes on her made her self conscious and she tugged her dress down a little more, but it pulled it from her top and revealed the edge of her black strapless bra. Trying to quickly cover herself she spilled some of her drink onto the front of her dress.

Carrie giggled uncomfortably, but Tammy just smiled at her. Reaching over Tammy took a napkin from the coffee table and carefully dabbed at the spill on Carrie’s dress. Carrie’s face turned two more shades of red and nearly matched her hair. Tammy’s eyes stared straight into Carrie’s. Carrie saw her piercing blue eyes, and was entranced, a little from confusion and a little from their beauty, but she could not look away. Tammy leaned in a little more as she dabbed at the spot between Carrie’s breasts. Carrie’s hand reached up to take hers, forgetting the glass she still held and it spilled again down her front. Carrie gasped and shivered as the ice and cool liquids puddled between her legs. Tammy smiled and patted Carrie’s arm, saying something about it being enough of that glass for Carrie.

Carrie tried to stand up but Tammy stayed her with a touch on her shoulder. She carefully took the glass from Carrie’s hand and placed it on the coffee table. She reached her hand into the curve of Carrie’s skirt and scooped up the ice dumping it back into the glass. Carrie stared at her, not sure what to do, and even more unsure of what was happening within herself. As Tammy pressed napkins into the puddle between Carrie’s legs she gasped and her hand went to her mouth in surprise. Carrie’s eyes were still locked with Tammy’s and she smiled gently at her. Tammy pressed the napkins against her and brought her lips to Carrie’s. Warmth spread out from the base of Tammy’s touch, and her lips parted slowly against Tammy’s.

Carrie couldn’t close her eyes or look away, entranced by the response her body had to another woman. Her hand reached up and touched Tammy’s chest on the bare skin above the cut of her blouse, and froze there as Tammy’s tongue pressed into her mouth. Carrie felt her tongue on hers, and her eyes closed slightly. The cold cloth of her soaked dress pressed against her silk panties and soaked through, bringing another shiver from Carrie and her nipples hardened. Tammy’s soft lips stayed on Carrie’s as she slid her other hand up Carrie’s knee and under her dress to her naked thigh beneath.

Tammy reached behind Carrie to the ice bucket on the end table, as she did her leg pushed between Carrie’s knees and the back of the sofa and she straddled Carrie’s knee. Carrie gasped again as the warmth between Tammy’s legs pressed down on her knee. She could feel her wetness, it soaked through her panties and Carrie’s nylons. Tammy pressed herself against Carrie’s knee, gently riding it as she brought an ice cube to Carrie’s lips. Carrie let her lips part slightly as Tammy ran the ice along them. Slowly Tammy pushed the ice cube into Carrie’s mouth and kissed her again. Her soft lips on Carrie’s making her body respond even more as she pressed her breasts against her. Reaching behind Carrie she grabbed another ice cube, as she kissed Carrie she slid the ice cube down her cheek, slowly under ear, she played with the ice cube in Carrie’s mouth as she kissed her. Her wetness pressed firmly against Carrie’s knee, slowly moving back and forth over it, rubbing her clit against it. Slowly she lowered the ice cube down Carrie’s neck, bringing it down past her collar bone and between her breasts.

Carrie’s lips trembled beneath Tammy’s. Her eyes closed as the ice brought trembling from every spot that Tammy touched with it. Slowly her hand left Tammy’s chest to slid down to her hips that slowly rode her knee. She trembled, her body filling with warmth that paled the warmth of the liqueur. A slow fire was beginning to burn in her middle, and while her mind told her she should probably not do this, her body refused to cooperate nor agree. Tammy’s wetness on her knee increased with every little shiver the ice brought. Carrie’s tongue danced with Tammy’s as they kissed long and passionately, the ice in her mouth fully melted with their heat. The movement of Tammy’s hips under her hand coupled with the ice that moved right to the spot where her breasts met caused a tremor to overtake her body and she pulled her lips from Tammy’s and let out a small scream of pleasure.

As Carrie screamed Tammy’s eyes rolled back and she pressed hard against Carrie’s knee. Her free hand reaching behind Carrie’s neck she pressed her lips into the base of Carrie’s neck and sucking gently trembled on Carrie’s knee. Wetness soaked through over Carrie, she slowed her movements, enjoying the orgasm immensely. Carrie’s hands grasped tightly on her hips, and her breathing rapid in her ear. Slowly Tammy slid the ice cube back up Carrie’s chest and into her mouth and kissed Carrie’s neck gently with it. Carrie gasped again under her touch, her head fell back over the love seats armrest giving her more access to the tender skin. Tammy nibbled gently under Carrie’s ear, and slowly pressed herself against Carrie. Carrie trembled uncontrollably beneath her as she pressed her knee into the wetness between Carrie’s legs.

Adam watched intently as Tammy made love to Carrie. Sucking absently at a lit cigar he held between his fingers. Carrie’s eyes could barely stay open, though Tammy brought her face to hers often as she slowly brought ice over the girls tender fair skin. He watched as Tammy slid her legs between Carrie’s, pushing the skirt up revealing the black garter belt and black silk and lace panties beneath. Carrie gasped again, her back arching against Tammy. Adam slowly reached down and adjusted the growing hardness between his legs. He looked over at Tim. Tim was enraptured as well, he did not have a good view of what Tammy was doing but his eyes were glued to the two women on the love seat next to him. Tim had lost the bet, he had told him he would. Adam had yet to met a woman that could resist Tammy’s touch, or a man for that matter.

He admired Tammy as she stuck her tongue out far, tracing the path she took the ice over again and again down Carrie’s chest. He watched as the piece grew smaller until she gently popped it into her mouth and kissed Carrie long and gently with it. Tammy slowly slid both hands over Carrie’s breasts and squeezed, bringing another scream from the beautifully soft lips. Adam realized that things were going to get even heavier very soon. He stared at the frozen Tim, his mouth agape in surprise and pleasure. He reached over and grabbed a cracker from the platter on the table and tossed it at Tim. Tim jumped with shock, and looked at Adam befuddled. Smiling he put a finger to his lips to show Tim not to speak and break the charm that had overcome the ladies. He motioned to Tim to come sit on the sofa and get a better view.

Tim looked slowly between Adam and the red hair of his wife as she trembled beneath Tammy. He knew what Adam was saying, but he was not sure he was doing the right thing. He didn’t think that Carrie had drank enough to be drunk, but he also thought this was not something she would ever do. Now, she was responding to Tammy without any restraint. Suddenly he saw Tammy’s eyes lock on him as she leaned over to whisper in Carrie’s ear. She held his eyes with hers as she whispered gently to Carrie who shuddered beneath her, “Do you want more, do want to feel the ice all over?” she whispered, just loud enough for Tim to hear too. “Yes,” Carrie whispered back. Tammy ate it up and with a grin whispered, “What Carrie? I didn’t hear you.” her tongue licked Carrie’s ear lobe, she cried out a resounding “Yes” that even Adam heard. Tammy’s eyes smiled at Tim. He smiled back, he was totally entranced with the two of them making love. Tammy returned her full attention to Carrie, slowly and quietly Tim got up, adjusted his pants and went to the other side of the sofa from Adam to watch too.

Adam lounged back, giving himself more room for his growing hardness. He loved to watch his wife work, and was glad that Tim would get this pleasure as well. Tammy had been looking for a more permanent playmate. One that she could experience for a small audience. This was what Tammy ate up. He pulled another cigar from the box and handed it to the practically drooling Tim. He watched as Tim just held it in his fingers. He reached back over and took it from him, cut it and lit it and handed it back. Tim’s eyes didn’t leave Tammy and Carrie for a minute. Adam watched too, as slowly Tammy pulled the blazer off of Carrie. Carrie leaned forward helping, and kissing Tammy again.

Carrie’s arms pulled free of the blazer, her skin met the air and goose-bumps formed quickly down her arms. She leaned forward to capture Tammy’s lips again with hers, she wanted to feel them pressed against her. Her mind locked in every touch and pleasure that Tammy bestowed on her. The softness of her skin and lips was a feeling she had never experienced before. Her fingernails as they brought the ice slowly over her skin a sensation that overpowered any thought of stopping. Carrie brought her hands back to Tammy’s thin hips and pushed them slowly up under her blouse to the soft skin over her ribs. She gasped and Tammy slid the straps down off her shoulders and pulled her hands back to take them off her arms. Her dress slipped from her breasts and fell down to lightly circle just above her garter belt. Tammy’s eyes captured Carrie’s again, she took Carrie’s hands in hers and lead them back to her waist. With Tammy’s help she slowly pulled Tammy’s blouse over her head. Tammy’s breasts bounced in Carrie’s face, barely held in by a small lace bra.

Tammy pulled Carrie’s arms back to her ribs, placing them just under her the line of her bra. She leaned in kissing Carrie’s neck, sucking and licking on it slowly. Her hands slid around to Carrie’s back and she released the bra hooks. Carrie cried out with pleasure as her breasts came lose from the flimsy material. Tammy pulled Carrie hard against her, pressing their breasts together as she sucked hard on Carrie’s neck. Carrie was so responsive that Tammy was having a hard time going slow, the hunger built up in her strong and she wanted desperately to slid her fingers into the silky wetness between Carrie’s legs. She restrained herself, and reached back to the ice bucket pulling another ice cube from it. She leaned Carrie’s trembling body back and slowly began to run the ice cube over her breast, watching as the nipple became hard and taunt beneath her touch. The ice melting leaving streams of cool water running down her stomach and sides. She leaned down and pressed her mouth to Carrie’s nipple and gently sucked on it as Carrie squirmed with pleasure.

Impressed, Adam watched. It was unlike Tammy to be so patient, but then Tammy had never had the pleasure of being another woman’s first before. He didn’t think him or Tim were going to be able to survive another hour or two of this without getting involved. Tim had to move more than once his hardness plainly becoming unbearable. Adam adjusted himself again and watched as Tammy pulled Carrie’s mouth to her now bare breasts to suck. She was using the little piece of ice to keep Carrie’s mouth cold for her skin. Not giving Carrie any thing to distract her from the pleasure of Tammy’s touching. Tammy wrapped her fingers into Carrie’s hair and guided her between both breasts. Carrie sucked hungrily at both nipples, licking between her breasts as Tammy slowly lead her. Carrie’s hands wrapped around Tammy’s ribs, and her legs wrapped around Tammy’s legs. Tammy slowly leaned back down to Carrie, reaching back for another piece of ice and pressing it into her mouth. Tammy kissed her full on the lips their tongues dancing and playing again.

Slowly Tammy slid her hand down Carrie’s stomach, her fingers gently following the line of her garter belt before slowly pulling the dress up back over Carrie’s waist and up over her head. Carrie’s legs spread more letting the scent of her passion loose in the room. Tammy moaned with pleasure at the obvious hunger displayed. She ran her finger over the wetness of Carries panties. She gasped with pleasure, her eyes lit up as Carrie hung her heard back over the love seats armrest and arched her back. Tammy brought her lips to Carrie’s nipples and slowly sucked on them as she undid the straps of the garter belt from Carrie’s nylons. Her hand rubbed gently on Carrie’s mound as she writhed with pleasure beneath her. Her lips placed kisses under her breasts as Carrie’s fingers pressed into her shoulders. Her fingers grasped Carrie’s panties slowly pulling them down over her legs as she pulled back. Carrie trembled and her fingers grabbed the sides of the sofa as Tammy pulled away from her and slid her panties down over ankles.

The air touched her warmth and her body exploded with waves of ecstasy that over took her. Tammy brought her fingers between Carrie’s legs and spread her lips open, the juices overflowed as Carrie came again. Tammy’s fingers pressed gently into her, wiggling against her convulsing muscles. She held four in her, pressing against the muscles with ever wave that overcame Carrie, she moaned in pleasure as she watched Carrie’s clit bounce and jump with the pleasure. Slowly as Carrie came back down, she pulled her fingers out and leaned in to kiss her gently as she gasped and shuddered.

Tammy grabbed another piece of ice as she kissed Carrie. Carrie’s fingers still locked on the edges of the sofa as she kissed Tammy back passionately. Tammy slowly started the ice again at Carrie’s cheek, gently sliding it back down over her breasts, her nipples, down over her stomach, gently touching the inside of her thigh. Slowly she slid the ice cube into Carrie. Carrie’s back arched as she screamed with delight. The coldness filling her and taking her back up again. Tammy pulled more ice and continued slowly with each piece, planting kisses on Carrie’s lips and breasts as she went. Carrie’s back arched and she inhaled sharply with each new piece Tammy inserted into her.

Adam leaned over to whisper to Tim who startled at his approach. Smiling he told him that it was nearly time for them to get to play too. Tim looked at him confused. Adam held up 5 fingers as Tammy pressed another ice cube into Carrie, bringing about another shiver from her. Adam quickly told Tim what would be next. Tammy was rubbing her wetness along Carrie’s leg as she worked, her pace increasing with every ice cube.

Tim stood up and looked back at Adam who nodded again. He removed his pants and underwear revealing his erect manhood. As he watched suddenly Carrie screamed, overcome with the pleasure. Tammy reached over and grabbed Tim, causing him to stumble over the coffee table, both oblivious to everything that crashed to the floor off it. He nearly fell into Tammy as she pulled him close, “Fuck her, Fuck her hard!” she demanded as she slid off the writhing Carrie. Tim didn’t think twice, he pressed himself between Carrie’s legs.

Carrie pulled him to her, pressing her lips against his kissing him hard. Her eyes were glossy with the orgasms that rocked over her whole body. Her nipples hard and cold against his chest. Trembling she wrapped her legs tightly around him, pressing her hips up to met him. Instantly he was inside her, the cold ice causing a painful reaction to his hardness. He pressed in slowly, carefully, the cold causing an opposite reaction in him then it did Carrie. She refused to let him slow down. Her legs pulled him against her, her muscles contracting tightly over him, sucking him into her. Carrie’s fingernails drove into his shoulders. She screamed, and he immediately hardened in response, driving deep into her. He pulled her face back to him, jamming his tongue into her throat, sucking her screams into him.

Too soon, he felt the reaction she needed. His body trembled over her, filling her with warmth as she slammed her hips up to met the incoming waves. He moaned loudly, releasing her lips as another scream escaped her. She pulled him close, burying her face in his neck as his hardness convulsed in her. Her screams little gasps of pleasure now. He held her close, kissing her softly.

Tammy sat in Adam’s lap. Her legs straddling his, pressing him into her warm wetness. His hands grasped her hips tightly, pulling her close and down hard on him. She rode him fast, her hunger overtaking her as he filled her deeply. Her breasts bounced in his face and he captured a nipple in his teeth biting gently down on it. She slammed down on him, gasping loudly as he jumped in her. His mouth grasped her other nipple gently in his teeth. She squirmed, her body beginning to tremble over him.

His fingers dug into her hips as she slammed down again onto him. Her back arched and she tightened over him. She pulled his face to hers kissing him hard, thrusting her hips over him, rocking onto the pulsing hardness driving deep into her. Her clit pressing hard into him. His arms circled around her waist and pulled her against him as they came. Tammy rocked with ecstacy, her body trembling against him as he filled her. He held her tight on him, not letting her move, enjoying the feeling of her warmth wrapped around him. Slowly she turned from him, looking over at Carrie.

Carrie was sound asleep in Tim’s arms. Completely spent, and very peaceful looking. Tammy kissed Adam gently and slid off his lap. “Come on, Love,” she whispered. They dressed, and waving to Tim, quietly left.

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