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Roll Over, Cindy

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I swear, stories like the one I’m about to tell you only happen in two places: porno movies and college.

I, like a lot of young American women, did things back in college that I would NEVER consider doing now. But, having said that, I sure am glad I got to do them then!

These days I’m happily married and have two children and would never dream of doing anything to jeopardize losing my family.

But, having said that, there are nights when my husband’s away on a business trip and the kids are tucked into their beds, and I lie here in my bedroom, not thinking about my husband, but about the wild sexual experiences I had in college. A time when everybody called me Cindy, not Cynthia.

My mind starts to wander through memories of the past. A time when I seemed like a person completely different from the one I am now. Not a wife, not a mother, but a young woman who welcomed whatever life experiences came her way.

Yes, I was the girl at frat parties who would have a little too much to drink and agree to the challenge of making-out with another girl who also had too much to drink.

I was the girl who had one-night stands with a different guy every night of the week when I went away on Spring Break.

And yes, I was the girl who would be studying with a guy in a private corner of the library and just get the insatiable urge to crawl under the table, unzip his pants, and give him the best fucking blowjob of his life. And of course, after sucking him off for a few minutes, we’d sneak our way into the men’s room so he could fuck me from behind in one of the stalls.

Yes, I was that girl.

But honestly my favorite memory — one that simply will not fade with time — has to be that night during my Freshman year, when two Seniors — Ron and Ken — came over to my dorm room and got me high.

Ron was dating my roommate, Sasha. But the Friday night he and Ken showed up at my door giggling, I found it somewhat strange.

“Didn’t Sasha tell you she was going home for the weekend?” I remember asking Ron.

He and Ken had these shit-eating grins on their faces. And their eyes were completely blood-shot. They were obviously stoned.

“Damn, Cindy,” Ron muttered, “I guess I forgot.”

I looked at these two cute guys standing in my doorway and wondered if I should invite them in. It was already pretty late and I didn’t know how Sasha would feel about her boyfriend being in our room without her present.

“So, when is she coming back?” Ron asked.

“Not ’til Sunday, hon,” I said with just a tad bit of flirtation in my voice.

“Sunday? Damn…” Ron sighed and then began searching for something in his pockets.

I glanced at Ken who was completely checking me out, as I stood there dressed in only a tee-shirt and panties. I watched his eyes travel over every inch of my body until they locked onto my rock-hard nipples that were poking through my shirt.

“Sorry to bother you, Cindy,” I heard Ron say. “I know it’s late, but we thought we’d come over, ya know, and we’d all enjoy this.”

From his pocket, Ron pulled a humungous joint and held it up to my eyes.

“Wow!” I gasped, desperately wanting to invite them in and smoke from that joint.

“Hey,” Ron said, making my decision easier, “I know Sasha’s not here and all, but the three of us can still smoke this thing.”

“Yeah,” Ken finally spoke, “it’ll be more weed for the three of us.”

I looked at these two hunks and bit my bottom lip. God, I wanted to get stoned with them, but if Sasha found out…

“C’mon, Cindy,” Ron persuaded, “let’s all get high.”

I felt my pussy getting wet for some reason.

“Alright,” I acquiesced and turned sideways so they could come inside. As they each nudged passed me, I felt their chests brush up against my breasts and drag across my nipples. Something wonderful tingled inside my tummy.

Ron wasted no time sparking the joint. He sat down on Sasha’s bed and set it ablaze.

“Jesus, you’re quick, Ron,” I laughed, shutting the door.

The only light on was my desk lamp, so the room had a soft, dim glow to it. The perfect lighting for getting high.

Ron took a huge toke and then passed it to Ken who, without invitation, sat himself down onto my bed. Ken then took a long, slow hit from the joint and tossed his head back, looking up at the ceiling.

The room was filling up with that wonderful marijuana scent. So I lit some incense and threw a towel down at the foot of the door.

“Cindy, sweetie,” said Ken, exhaling his smoke, “come get a hit. This shit is good.”

“Hang on,” I giggled. “Let me at least get a pair of boxers on or something, I’m practically naked in front of you guys here.”

“Don’t worry about it, Cin,” offered Ron. “We’re all friends here.”

“I don’t think Sasha would be too happy if she knew I was getting high with you guys without her. And I ESPECIALLY don’t think she’d be happy if she knew I was hanging out with you guys while I’m practically in the buff.”

“Don’t worry,” Ron said, accepting the joint back from Ken. “I’m not even going to mention this to Sasha. So if you don’t, she’ll never even know we were here.”

Ron inhaled on the joint and I watched it start to dwindle in size. If I didn’t get over there soon and get into the circle, I was going to miss my opportunity to get stoned.

I walked over to my bed and sat down next to Ken.

“That a’ girl,” Ken said, smiling at me.

I smiled back, longing to be in the mental state he was in. God, he was so fucking cute. And the way he was looking at me, it made butterflies flutter in my tummy.

Ron passed me the joint and got up to turn on some music.

I took a long, slow drag just as some soft, psychedelic music began floating into the air.

I held the smoke inside, feeling my mind start to melt into serenity.

“It’s good, isn’t it,” Ken whispered, taking the joint from my fingers. “This is the best weed we’ve ever scored.”

I exhaled the smoke up toward the ceiling and felt so incredibly good.

Ken offered the joint to Ron, who was standing across the room by the stereo. But Ron told him to pass it back to me so I could catch up to them.

I happily accepted the joint and toked on it long and hard.

“Go girl!” Ron cheered, as I filled my lungs with smoke.

“Damn, this girl sure likes her reefer,” said Ken in amazement.

As I exhaled my second hit, I knew the boys weren’t kidding around. This WAS the best weed they’d ever scored. My entire body felt completely relaxed. And yet every inch of my flesh longed to be caressed.

I held the joint up to Ron and Ken, but they both shook their head “no”.

“It’s all yours, Cindy,” whispered Ken, encouraging me to take another hit. So I did.

Gradually, reality was slowing down, but my mind seemed to be running a mile a minute.

Was I really sitting here alone with two gorgeous guys in my room? I looked down at my chest and watched the way my breasts eased up and down as I breathed in and out. My nipples were harder than ever. I looked further down to my lap and saw how my tee-shirt cut off right at my navel. And below that were my little pink panties, fully exposed to these boys. And from of the edges of the panties, you could see just a teeny bit of my pubic hair peeking out. God, what was I doing?

Suddenly a sexy, slow bass-thumping song started pulsating out of the stereo speakers.

“Oh my God,” I gasped with my eyes closed, uncontrollably running my hands all over my breasts. “I love this song.”

I took one more super-long toke from the joint as I got up from the bed and began swaying in time to the music. I danced with a seductive bump-and-grind rhythm, making my way over to Ron, who stood by the stereo looking at me mesmerized.

“Are you gonna dance with me?” I asked, looking into his eyes.

He put his hands on my gyrating hips, and I put my arms around his neck, leading him into the center of the room.

I could feel my pussy getting nice and creamy as we danced together. Feeling a few of his fingers on the fabric of my panties and a few other fingers actually touching the bare skin of my hips, it was sending me into ecstasy.

“Sit over here and watch me,” I whispered in his ear and lightly pushed him back onto my bed.

I moved to the center of the room so both boys could see me dancing for them.

Completely stoned, I realized I was still holding the smoking joint. I put it between my lips and left it there so my hands could be completely free.

With my arms curling around my body, I slowly began to raise the bottom of my tee-shirt up, exposing my tummy to the boys. I turned around, shuffling to the music, and showed them the glistening sweat that was forming in the small of my back. The shirt was so tight and I was perspiring so much, that when I moved my hands away, it stayed like that, showing off my mid-section in all its glory.

Then I stuck my thumbs into the hip straps of my panties and slid them down an inch and then another inch, as my body writhed to the music. With my back to them, I was sure the boys could see the very top of my ass-crack. Then I slowly twirled around until I was facing them. I looked down and saw I was exposing at least an inch of my soft, black pubic hair to them.

“What are you doing?” a voice somewhere deep inside my brain asked.

“Who gives a shit? Just enjoy yourself,” the rest of my mind and body answered.

I turned around and began slowly shaking my ass for them.

The sensual rhythm of the music was utterly hypnotic. I ran my hands all over my sweaty torso, realizing my tee-shirt was now completely drenched with perspiration. I was so high that every inch of my body was begging to feel pleasure.

I pressed myself up against a wall and began seductively humping it, enjoying how wonderful my breasts felt mashed up against the cool, smooth surface.

I humped the wall a little harder and felt my clit, wet and sticky, make contact. I looked down at my pink panties and could see a wet spot had formed and was showing through the fabric.

My cooch was so wet now, it was starting to release that musky, goddamn-I’m-fucking-horny pussy scent. And even though I was as high as a kite, I could still smell how potent it was. There was no doubt the boys across the room could smell it too. But I was so stoned that I didn’t even care anymore. I just went right on dancing.

I spun around and looked directly at the boys. It didn’t surprise me that their blood-shot eyes were glued to my undulating body. Twirling around, I actually laughed out loud, relishing how much attention I was getting.

“Hey, Cin,” Ken beckoned, “I wanna show ya somethin’.”

I strolled over to him, the joint still dangling from my corner of my mouth.

“Bend down for a sec,” he suggested as I stood there in front of him.

Gazing into his eyes, I lowered my face to meet his. He smiled and gently plucked the joint from my lips.

“Ever do a shot-gun?” he asked.

“A what?” I asked, utterly confused.

He took a long drag from the joint and held the smoke inside his lungs.

“Come here for a sec,” he whispered, moving his face closer to mine.

And the next thing I knew, his lips were on mine.

But it wasn’t like he was kissing me.

No, he was blowing his pot smoke into my mouth!

Oh God, I thought, this is so incredibly sexy. I drank it all in.

After he’d exhaled all the smoke into me, he pulled back and looked into my eyes.

“Did you like that?” he asked in a sexy, raspy voice.

God, I was in ecstasy. I wanted to climb on top of him and make-out with him so fucking bad. But then I remembered that Ron was there too. I looked over at him, sitting next to Ken. He was staring at me, completely undressing me with his stoned eyes.

“I wanna do that shot-gun thingy again,” I giggled. “But I wanna do it with Ron this time.”

“Sure, why not?” Ron shrugged and took the joint from Ken. He took a long, deep pull on it and then did this sexy come-hither motion with his index finger, meaning I should get close so he could place his lips on mine.

And when he did, I felt the crotch of my panties become completely saturated with pussy juice.

The smoke drifted from his mouth into mine. And I could barely concentrate anymore. It felt like my wetness was beginning to dribble down my thighs… but was it really happening? Or was I just higher than I’d ever been in my entire life?!

“I don’t believe you guys did this to me,” I moaned, collapsing on my mattress.

“Did what?” Ron protested.

“Got me this high!” I sang euphorically.

“Feels fucking nice,” agreed Ken.

I felt a hand caressing my arm. Was it Ken’s? Or was it Ron’s? My stoned brained said it didn’t even matter at this point.

“Sorry I’m being a bad hostess,” I mumbled. “I think I just need to lie here for a minute or two.”

It seemed quiet for a few seconds, and even though my mind was adrift in that thick marijuana haze, I could tell the sexual tension in the room was beginning to boil.

“Yeah, this stuff does make you want to lay down if you smoke too much of it,” I heard Ron say finally.

“You guys can lie down too if you want,” I offered, bringing the sexual tension to a head.

At first, neither one of them moved. I thought maybe Ron was debating whether to get up and climb into Sasha’s bed, but suddenly I felt both Ken AND Ron lie down on either side of me.

It was so snug in my bed, the three of us lying side by side, that I could feel Ken’s breath on my face and Ron’s breath on the nape of my neck.

“You boys wouldn’t be trying to take advantage of a poor innocent Freshman girl who’s completely stoned out of her mind now, would you?” I heard myself saying.

“Don’t you want us to take advantage of you?” whispered Ken, his breath hot on my face.

“Well,” I said coyly, “I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.”

And that’s all I had to say. Instantly Ken’s lips were on mine. His tongue entered my mouth and touched my tongue. I groaned in delight.

“You taste so good, Cindy,” Ken whispered. Then I felt his mouth on my neck, sucking on my flesh. The crotch of my panties were now completely drenched!

“Jesus, Ken,” I breathed as he sucked on my neck, “I’m so fucking wet… you’ve ruined my favorite pair of underwear.”

This must have turned him on even more as he began kissing and licking my neck like a mad man.

I felt hands caressing my breasts. Were they Ken’s? Or — Jesus Christ! — were they Ron’s?! Was Sasha’s boyfriend feeling my tits?!

Fuck it, I thought. It felt way too good to tell either of them to stop.

Suddenly I felt a second set of hands running up and down my thighs. Oh God, yes!

My fried mind was spinning. Was I actually in the midst of a ménage-a-trois with two super-hot guys?!

“Cindy,” Ken said, “why don’t you roll over and give Ron a little action?”

“Umm, okay,” I agreed reluctantly, still not sure if I should be doing this with my roommate’s boyfriend.

I sluggishly rolled over to face Ron. Sasha had always said he was a great kisser… and Goddamn, she was right!

I felt Ron’s big, strong hands cup my face and pull me toward his lips. His tongue slid inside my mouth and tenderly licked at my tongue.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as he frenched me ever so passionately.

I was thoroughly enjoying the hands that had reached under my shirt and were playing with my bare breasts. I felt one of my nipples being pitched and rolled between two fingers.

With Ron’s tongue french-kissing me and Ken’s lips placing sweet kisses down the side of my neck, I was heaven.

Oh yes! I thought. Let them devour me!

Suddenly I felt a hand reach inside my saturated panties.

“Oh my God!” I gushed.

I could feel fingers crawling all over my soaking wet labia. Then they began tickling my throbbing clit, making my entire body shake.

“Your little pussy’s just loving all this attention, isn’t it?” I heard Ken whisper over my shoulder.

I started having mini-orgasms as his fingers tapped on my clit. Ron began kissing me again as I came hard all over his friend’s hand.

I groaned with pleasure into Ron’s mouth as his tongue played with mine. My body twitched in the final throes of my orgasm, wanting for it to never end.

I felt Ken’s hand slide out of my panties, hoping this wasn’t over. Even though I’d just squirted all over his fingers, I wanted to cum again. The weed had made me feel completely insatiable.

And that’s when I felt it. My panties were slowly being pulled down my legs and off of my body.

Yes, more! I thought. Let them touch me and play with me all night!

I felt Ken’s body shifting behind me.

Please, I thought, please don’t tell me he’s getting up from the bed. I want more. I wanna cum again…

“Cindy,” Ron whispered in my ear, “it’s time to roll over and have some more fun with Ken, okay?”

With my eyes closed, I did as I was told. I rolled over, oh so happy that I was going to make-out with Ken again… but when I rolled over, I wasn’t looking into Ken’s beautiful brown eyes this time.

No, this time when I rolled over, I was staring at a big, bulging penis!

God, it was huge and throbbing… begging me to touch it… to kiss it… to suck it…

“Don’t be shy, Cindy,” I heard Ken say with his head down by my thighs, “it won’t bite.”

I just stared at that big, beautiful prick. God, I wanted to put it in my mouth and taste it.

“Go on, Cindy,” Ken persuaded, “show me what a good little cock-sucker you are.”

I licked my lips, getting them nice and wet. Then, I slowly took the head of his penis into my mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it, Cindy,” Ken congratulated me, enjoying my soft, moist lips as they began sucking his cock deeper and deeper into my warm, wet mouth.

“God, she’s incredible,” I heard Ken say to Ron, “she’s got those big, beautiful, cock-sucking lips and she knows how to use ’em.”

Knowing how much pleasure I was giving Ken made my pussy start to tingle again. I could feel myself just dripping with wetness. I sucked on Ken’s giant, pulsating pecker. My cock-sucking lips milking his member for all it was worth.

And then I felt something brushing gently between my thighs. It was Ken’s soft, blonde hair. And I knew what was coming next.

Ken’s sloppy-wet tongue hit my clit and began lapping at it in long, slow strokes. My body began to shutter.

I started sucking him deeper, feeling his cock slide into my throat. Ken groaned happily as he ate me out. God, I loved making him feel good. I couldn’t wait to taste his cum. It made me so happy to know my lips were going to give this penis so much pleasure that it was going to flood my mouth with a hot creamy mess.

But suddenly Ken stopped licking me.

I growled in disappointment with his cock still in my mouth.

“We don’t want Ron feeling left out, Cindy,” Ken whispered.

Reluctantly I let Ken’s prick slip from my lips, and I rolled over to face Ron. Once again, instead of being greeted by a pair of lips, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice, big, raging hard-on, ready to be pleasured by my dick-sucking lips.

I took him into my warm, wet mouth and made love to that beautiful prick with my lips. I hoped that my mouth was pleasuring Ron more than Sasha’s mouth or pussy or asshole ever had.

“God, you’re the best cock-sucker I’ve ever had,” Ron groaned before burying his face into my creamy snatch.

His long, wet tongue parted my labia and dug in, licking up toward my clit. He found it in no time and soon the tip of that wonderful tongue was tickling the most sensitive spot of my sex!

And just when I thought the best sexual experience of my life couldn’t get any better. Just when I thought there would be no more surprises tonight… I felt something from behind.

It was Ken… and… oh…my…God! His hands… were spreading…my ass cheeks… apart!

I moaned with Ron’s cock slobbering in my mouth, anticipating what was coming next.

Holding my ass open, Ken slowly eased his face into my crack.

Slowly, he inhaled the scent of my ass, and then exhaled deep into my crevice. The warm breath that washed onto my tight, little asshole made me uncontrollably gyrate and grind my pussy meat even harder onto Ron’s lips and tongue.

“Mmmm,” I murmured with Ron’s big prick muffling my moaning and groaning. I couldn’t believe how sexy I sounded as I made those muffled moans.

This is so amazing, I thought! I can’t believe this is actually happening!

And then I felt the tip of Ken’s tongue make contact with my asshole. My entire body quivered. Between Ron’s tongue flickering on my clit and Ken’s tongue lapping maniacally inside my ass, I was cumming in seconds. Harder than I’d ever cum before!

“Mmmm-MMMMM!” I growled with Ron’s cock reaching deep down my throat. He was really fucking my face now, thrusting his prick in and out as if it were his girlfriend’s pussy. But I didn’t care. All I cared about was his tongue on my clit, bringing me to the edge of heaven…and Ken’s tongue, dipping into my asshole, helping me along the way as well.

The ecstasy was overwhelming, and as Ron’s penis slipped from my drooling lips, I cried out, “I’m cumming! Don’t stop eating me! Please don’t stop!”

Hearing me scream out like such a naughty slut, the boys began working overtime. Ken’s tongue was digging into my tender little asshole as deep as it could go, and Ron’s lips were wrapped snuggly around my plump clit, sucking on it.

I came again and again and again, covering Ron’s face with my pussy juice and letting my asshole stretch open to accommodate all of Ken’s thick tongue.

My body was bucking on the bed as they brought me to orgasm #4… or was it 5? At this point I’d cum so many times, I couldn’t even keep track.

Slowly, the orgasm ceased and I lay there sweating and panting.

“No one has ever made me feel that good in my life,” I sighed, letting them know how much I had enjoyed them.

“Goddamn, I never met a girl that multi-orgasmic before!” Ron said as he sat up. His face was completely glazed with my pussy juice.

I sat up and gave him a long, deep, wet kiss, tasting my cum on his tongue. Then I began licking up some of the juices that were covering his face. Goddamn, my pussy tasted good!

“That was fucking hot,” Ken sighed, wiping his brow.

I leaned over and tongue-kissed him too, letting the sinfully delicious tang of my ass dance all over my taste buds.

I felt the boys rubbing my tits, and pulling on my nipples. I opened my eyes to see both of them slowly stroking their cocks with their fists. They both desperately needed relief. And now it was my turn to make them feel good.

I fell back on the bed, my head nestled on the pillow.

“Feed me your cum, guys,” I said, looking up into their eyes. “I promise I’ll swallow every last drop.”

That must have driven them crazy because they both quickly got up on their knees and knelt close to my head. I held my mouth open wide for them, ready to drink everything they had to offer.

I watched them pump their hard, sticky-wet pricks in their fists. God, what beautiful, huge cocks they had! I couldn’t wait until my belly was wonderfully full of their hot, creamy sperm!

I didn’t have to wait long. Looking down at my smiling face, Ken started to twitch.

“Oh fuck, Cindy,” he wheezed, “here it comes!”

I watched a stream of milky-white jism burst from his pee-hole. It squirted right into my mouth, landing right on my tongue. My God, he tasted delicious!

Four or five more jets of cum exploded from his pulsating prick, filling my mouth with his pleasure. I swirled it around with my tongue, showing him how much I enjoyed taking his load in my mouth.

With his entire body shaking, Ken looked down at me as I closed my mouth, licked my lips, and began letting his cum ooze down my throat. He watched my throat muscles work as I swallowed the smooth, creamy goodness, letting it travel down to my tummy.

I looked up into Ken’s eyes and winked at him with a big smile on my face.

“Oh Goddamn, Cindy!” Ron suddenly groaned.

I turned to face his jerking cock just as spurts of thick, steamy cum erupted from his piss-hole and splashed all over my face.

I opened my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue to catch every drop his cock had to give me.

Ropes and ropes of warm, gooey sperm landed inside my mouth. It was so wonderful tasting Ron’s pleasure.

I looked up into Ron’s beautiful blue eyes as I began drinking the mouthful of his cum. I ran my tongue all over my lips as his cream slithered down my throat, making its way to my belly.

Both Ron and Ken collapsed on either side of me and passed out. I lay there between them, my body exhausted not just from all the weed I’d smoked, but also from having enjoyed the best sexual experience of my entire life. And they hadn’t even fucked me!

For a little while, I lay there wondering if I’d wake up in the middle of the night with one of them on top of me, fucking my pussy. Oh, that would be so nice.

I drifted off to sleep with the biggest smile on my face.

But when I woke up the next morning, the boys were gone.

Typical, right? But I didn’t mind. I still had a belly full of warm cum, and a dirty little memory that I would never ever forget.

So that’s my story. I hoped you liked it. Just do me a favor – don’t tell my husband. From the stories I’ve told him about my past, he thinks I was a complete angel in college.

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