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What’s Needed is Found

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I am a 68 year old retired woodworker. Maybe you know someone who is 68 years old and he is bent, gray and uses a cane. Well, that is not me. I’m no Charles Atlas, but working with wood all my life has kept me in pretty good shape. Wielding a framing hammer for 6 to 8 hours a day can certainly build your arm, chest and back muscles!

I retired at 62 years old to spend more time with my wife, but unfortunately she passed away after only a year of retirement.

I cried for many days and weeks and found myself dug into a deep depression. This story is how I found my way out of that depression.

I know it might not be fun to think of, but even old people enjoy sex. (Otherwise, why would I be writing this story?) My wife and I certainly did, but it was more than sex that made it good for us. It was love and caring. When she died, I believed that I would never find anyone who would thrill me the way she did.

My wife’s name was Thelma and we always enjoyed an active sex life. By today’s standards, I guess our sex life was tame. She rarely kissed or licked my penis and I never licked or sucked her vagina. It just didn’t really occur to either of us. Through our twenties and thirties we had sex almost every night as we tried and tried to get pregnant. It didn’t work. We traveled from doctor to doctor to try and figure out what was wrong but with no luck. In the end, we found out that Thelma just wasn’t producing any eggs and though it was devastating to her, we moved on in life without kids. I’m glad I never told her is how much I love children, it would certainly have broken her heart right then and there!

A year after her death, I was still in a depression. Missing Thelma took a toll on every aspect of my life. Friends and even people at Church treated me differently. Simple things like buying groceries or doing laundry can remind you of the big hole in your heart where your wife used to be. It takes time and sometimes it helps if there is an extraordinary person helping.

I found some solace in sex. I started out with Penthouse and Hustler magazines and then I bought a computer and visited chat room and joined a few porno sites to get sexual relief. Even so, observing the real thing is much better! I often found myself at the frozen food section of the grocery store watching the young women walk by and enjoying the sight of their hardening nipples on top of their pert breasts straining against their tight cotton tops. At home, I would remember those nipples and masturbate into the bathroom sink. I looked at my Penthouse and enjoyed the pictures and the stories, but as I said, it wasn’t as good as a watching young mothers guiding their flock through the frozen food section!

I met Suzy this past July 3rd, on a Saturday. I had gone to the store for a few hamburgers and hotdogs with the hope that one of my neighbors would stop in for a small cookout. Suzy turned the corner of the frozen food section and she immediately caught my eye. She was thin, but somehow she had a very ample bosom. Her long stringy hair was uncombed and from the way she looked at food, it was obvious that she hadn’t eaten in a few days. Her face had a brown bruise on it and so did her upper arm. I thought she was just a year or two short of 30.

Cuddled in her arm, she carried a little baby. The blankets that the baby lay in were worn and dirty. She wore a tight T-shirt that left her bellybutton exposed. Her old blue jeans were faded well past the fashionable stage. On her feet were leather sandals. Her auburn hair hung down just passed her shoulders and framed a pretty but tense face.

As she passed the cool air from the frozen vegetables refrigerator, her nipples hardened revealing large brown protruding nipples. I thought I would explode.

She passed me and I smiled at her and her eyes captured mine in hers for an instant. Their deep, dark green radiated a hope for the future that didn’t seem shared with the rest of her body. Her faint smile showed that she knew that I had checked her out. She shuffled by and I wondered if there was something I should or could do.

Without thinking I turned and called out “Excuse me”

She stopped her mostly empty carriage and turned to me. She flipped her hair over her shoulder in a tired way. “Yes?” Her voice carried a quiet confident manner.

I wasn’t sure what to say. “Would you like to have a cookout with me this afternoon?” I just blurted it out. I looked down at my feet waiting for the rejection.

Her head tilted slightly as she considered me and then my offer. “Sure”

I was so excited that I dragged her all around the store buying all sorts of groceries. She protested at each stop, but I paid her objections no attention.

She had no car and sat in the back of my old SUV with her baby quietly cradled in her arms while I drove to my house. (I obviously didn’t have a baby seat!) I live in a wooded area set back from the road and with no neighbors behind me and only one on one side of me. Since I am a woodworker, I made decks in the summer and fall and built wood interiors in the winter and during the wet spring. My house is somewhat of a woodworker’s showplace. My deck is new with the best cedar wood, finest railings and a very nice hot tub. Inside, all the cabinets are hand made from left over wood, from completed projects.

As Suzy entered, she marveled at the cherry and oak woods as she politely explored the rooms. I invited her to sit on the glider rocker on the deck while I made some cheeseburgers on the grill. I knew there had to be a story behind this attractive woman who was apparently living on the road. I asked her several times and she was reluctant to tell me how she ended up on the road. Finally, as I cooked, she slowly recounted how she had run from her husband only 3 weeks earlier. Suzy had come home to find her husband fucking another woman on their couch. To make matters worse, their baby Kristen was in a back bedroom screaming for food and he didn’t even hear her. They argued and he hit her several times leaving bruises on her arms, legs and face.

I was angry but realized that anger wasn’t going to help Suzy as much as a good meal, a nice warm bed and some empathetic listening. I didn’t know then that Suzy would help me just as much as I was going to help her.

As we ate the cheeseburgers, Kristen awoke and Suzy discretely breastfed her. I had never seen a woman breastfeed before. I was fascinated, but tried not to ogle. Kristen fed on each breast draining her mother’s breasts down at least a bra cup size. When content, Kristen lay serenely on Suzy’s lap cooing up at her mother.

Suzy smiled down at her and regarded me warmly. “This is the first nice thing that has happened to me since she was born”. These words made me feel wonderful.

Light rain preceded a heavy downpour and it helped me convince my houseguests that they should spend the night in the spare bedroom and join me for breakfast. By morning, the rain had cleared away and I had hotcakes awaiting Suzy. Her hair was a tousled mess and in the morning light, I recognized the grime and dirt that was a result of her time on the road. I had been there myself as a young man and it is something that is hard to forget. She half-heartily made an attempt to leave, but I convinced her that she could use a nice bath or shower. She looked in the mirror and agreed. We bathed Kristen and then I took her and rocked with her in my easy chair while the rain again pounded outside.

This little baby was a darling. She smiled and cooed enjoying the attention that I paid her. Time passed and I had no idea that Suzy was standing behind me watching me as I entertained her child. Kristen began to fuss and Suzy said it was time to feed her again.

Suzy sat in the leather sofa across from me. As I regarded her old T-shirt and jeans, I felt bad that I hadn’t thought to run out and get her some new clothes. Instead, I raced to my bedroom and grabbed a T-shirt and some running shorts that hadn’t fit me in years. Suzy smiled as I offered them to her.

With Kristen on her lap sucking Suzy’s right tit, she removed her shirt. I tried to look away but settled on a perfect view via a mirror. She had no bra and her tits hung freely. They weren’t large … they were mammoth with large brown nipples that protruded out over an inch. I felt my cock stir and grow. The more I tried to think of non-sexual things, the thicker and larger it got. Finally, I just had to leave the room and I ended up in the basement working on an old previously abandoned wood project.

Kristen and Suzy stayed days and days and I enjoyed each day to its fullest. I stocked the house with food and drink. They really were no big expense except for diapers. I took Suzy shopping and got her outfitted in some pretty sharp clothes. To my surprise, Suzy bought clothes that found a way to accentuate her big chest. This just meant that now I was getting hard ons from watching her walk through the room. I spent a lot of time in the workshop to try and rid myself of my “dirty old man” feelings. Even so, it certainly was better than leering at the woman in the frozen food section of the grocery store! I was having no trouble jacking off each night.

The days turned into a few weeks and we both were enjoying each other’s company immensely. One evening after we had shared a bottle of wine, she hadn’t finished nursing Kristen, but Kristen had fallen sound asleep. Suzy put Kristen in bed and coming out of the bedroom and exclaimed “Will you look at this! I can’t believe it! I just put this T-shirt on!”

I was more than willing to look at her! She stood in front of me with her hands on her slender waist. Her left tit had leaked badly soaking her shirt creating a “wet T-shirt” effect. The other effect was the huge bulge in my shorts!

Suzy marched over to the kitchen sink and I got up to see if I could help. She shocked me when, with me standing there, lifted her T-shirt up exposing the most gorgeous tit and nipple I’ve ever seen. With both hands, she squeezed her tit toward the sink. Soon milk was streaming and squirting into the sink.

I saw the smile on her face as her eyes dimmed lightly. “Ahhhhhhhh relief!” she murmured quietly.

All this was done so naturally and calmly that I was shocked when she turned to me and said “Ever taste mother’s milk?”

I didn’t know what to say so I just said “umm no, of course not”. I turned and looked away staring at woodwork that I had memorized long ago when I installed it. Though I looked at it, it was blurred in my eyes.

“Curious?” she said with a smirk. I turned to face her. Suzy’s tit stroking became less methodical and even more sensual. Her long slender fingers pressed the large tit squeezing the milk down from top to the brown nipple.

“Yes” I replied with a subconscious gulp.

A seductive smile ran across her lips as she lifted her tit up to her lips and sucked the hard, brown nipple. “Mmmmmmm, tastes very good. I think you’d like it.”

I gulped again and she smiled “Come on … I’ve seen you peeking at me in the mirror”.

I blushed. I had been caught

She smiled. “Maybe you’d like a glass?”

She sucked her tit into her mouth again and her eyes closed as she drew more milk. I watched her body shiver lightly. She let her tit drop from her mouth, the brown hard nipple soaked in saliva and milk.

She put her hand behind my head and guided me to kneel on the floor in front of her. She pulled me closer and my lips encircled her nipple. She moaned. I sucked it in and felt her nipple expand to the pressure of my sucking. She groaned. I took more of her brown nipple in and felt the flow of milk squirt into my mouth. “Yes, honey” she cooed, “drink my milk”.

The milk was warm and quickly coated my tongue. At first it tasted acidic and then it turned sweet and light. I reached up and held her large tit in my hands and stroked it lovingly. I noticed that the other tit was responding to my touch and it was leaking.

Suzy’s hips began to sway and she moaned … “Keep sucking … harder … YES … more!”

I felt her legs quiver against me as I sucked her tit and then began work on the other. My sucking was harder now as she had instructed me and I loved the taste as squirt after squirt filled my mouth. Her hands stroked the back of my head encouraging me to keep sucking. My cock had gotten thick, hard and long. It was sticking out the bottom of my shorts, but I paid it no attention. I focused on the incredible scene of these mammoth tits swinging in my face daring to be sucked.

Suzy’s legs parted and her thighs quivered more as a first wave of orgasm swept through her slender body. She hugged my head to her tits and belly whispering “Thank you … oh God … thank you … that was so wonderful …”

I stood and she hugged me tightly kissing my cheeks, chin and nose. She quickly left to the guest bedroom to change while I stood there with my cock sticking out the bottom of my shorts. I immediately went to the workshop in the basement to hide my engorged cock and … maybe to do something about it!

I stood by the wash basin and freed my cock from my shorts and into my ready hand. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes while my hand began slow tantalizing strokes the length of my cock. Ooooooo that felt sooooo nice to get some relief. My cock felt thick and firm in my hand as images of Suzy’s big tits, filling my mouth, danced in my brain.

“Ahem” she said from behind me about 5 feet away. “Did you think you’d get away that easy?”

I slowly turned to face her and her gaze was drawn down to my hand. My right hand was wrapped firmly around the shaft of my cock. Though my hand hid much of my cock I noticed a gasp escape from Suzy’s mouth. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong. I didn’t want to ruin any possibility of us together though that seemed remote given our age differences. Then I realized that she was gasping at the size of my cock. I think she was expected an old, shriveled and worn out cock. You might wonder about its size and that is understandable.

Some women say that size doesn’t matter and that is what Thelma used to say. I do know that she never went unsatisfied, but then again, neither did I!! Looking down at my cock and how my hand wrapped around it, I would guess that my cock length is the width of my hand which about 4 inches and there was at least another 6 inches sticking out.

All worries about me having done something wrong disappeared when Suzy stepped forward and kissed me firmly on the lips. She took my face in her hands. My lips parted and our tongues entwined. I thought I had entered the pearly gates of heaven. She draped her arms over my shoulders and I felt her chest press against mine. Her hands slid down my shoulders to my arms squeezing my biceps. Slowly, she knelt down in front of me to inspect my cock. I felt embarrassed.

She removed my hand. “Looks like you need some help with this guy” A sexy smile rippled across her face as her petite hands wrapped around the shaft and slowly moved the skin up and down. Sparks were flying throughout my head and my breathing quickened.

As I looked down again, her mouth engulfed the head of my cock and pressed against the inside of her cheek. My hands instinctually found the back of her head and urged her on while my hips subconsciously began their fucking motion. I was losing control and it was wonderful.

Suzy’s hands dropped down and lifted up her shirt. She stopped sucking for just a second to lift the shirt over her head and I saw her completely topless for the first time. The sight of her big bare tits took my breath away as her mouth resumed its assault on my thick cock. While she sucked she squeezed her tits and played with her nipples.

She stopped sucking only to inform me “I want you to cum on my tits” and then she started sucking again only harder. My mind was swimming. Her tongue was flicking the sensitive underside of my cock when I felt a shiver start in my toes.

The shiver crept up my legs to the base of my spine as my balls constricted and prepared to shoot my cum.

With her left arm, she lifted her tits so that they stuck straight out just under my cock. With her right hand she began pumping my cock right by the head.

Staring at it, she began to talk to it “Yeah baby, bring me your cum, show it to me, show me your cum, squirt it honey, let me see it squirt! Do it!”

Precum was all over the head and was lubricating her hand as it stroked my cock. My balls exploded in a first long stream that struck her neck and dribbled down between her tits.

“YES!” she cried out at the first squirt. “Do IT” she said as she pointed my cock at her tits and the second squirt found her tits. The rest of the squirts landed all over her tits and covered the top with my sticky cum. She took my cock and rubbed the head all around her cum soaked tits.

With my balls run dry, she let go of my cock and stroked her tits lovingly smearing and spreading my come all over every inch of her big tits. I hadn’t ever seen such an erotic image in my life! Suzy slid her jeans off her hips. She wore no panties and soon she lay before me naked.

I watched as she spread her legs and her pussy lips with her fingertips exposing a cute little bud of a clit. I had never really seen a clit and I was fascinated especially when she moved it from side to side causing her to moan.

Her head tilted back and she said “Lick me, please!” The way she said “please” wasn’t like she was asking. Instead it was a command. I got nervous because I had never done anything like this before. She seemed to sense my hesitation and the reason behind it.

“I’ll help you, don’t worry.” She smiled and I felt genuine joy for the first time in a long time.

“Kiss my thighs”. She murmured. I obliged and kissed, licked and gently sucked her milky white thighs. She moaned as I moved up her legs.

She spread her pussy lips again … “Right here, sweetie” and my tongue darted around her clit. Her moans guided me to when I was doing things right and when I could improve. My tongue worked hard flicking and licking her clit. I wanted her to cum. I wanted her to enjoy my tongue. I wanted her to stay with me forever. My cock got hard again. I couldn’t believe it but then given the beauty before me, I could!

Suzy groaned more as my tongue soaked her pussy lips. Her eyes widened and the lust filled her throat “I need to feel you inside me”. She pushed me onto my back stood above my cock and slowly lowered herself down over my cockhead.

She smiled sweetly. “Honey, you did a good job licking but now it is time for me to take advantage of your big tool.”

I felt her warm pussy lips parted and enveloped the head of my cock. She was so tight and I watched with awe as her tits shivered as each thick cock inch entered her tight pussy. Her breathing got me worried and then she shuddered several times. Suzy absorbed almost all of my cock with a final grunt and then she began a rhythm like none I had ever felt before. I couldn’t help myself as I reached up and grasped her perfect globes and began sucking.

She purred as she worked my cock in and out with each stroke increasing her tempo. I alternated sucking her nipples and they began to produce milk again. This fueled her passion even more and tears streaked her face as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

I carried her up to her guest bedroom as she was exhausted. She whispered quietly as I lay her down beside her little girl “You’ve made me so happy, can I stay a little longer?”.

I smiled and looked at her and the baby beside her. “You’re all I’ve got and all I need. You can stay as long as you like and as long as you need and the longer you stay the happier I’ll be.”

I lay down beside her and we slept for several hours before Kristen awoke for feeding time.

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