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Drive Thru Desire

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Steve Cooper had been separated from his wife for nine months now. The thirty-eight year old had been married for 12-years and was shocked to learn that his wife had been cheating on him with a co-worker. Now he lived alone and hadn’t dated anyone since his wife had left him.

When Steve first saw Arcey he was instantly attracted to her. He knew that the Latino girl had no interest in him.

But there was something about her that turned him on. Steve first saw her three months earlier when he had taken an exit off the highway to get some much needed gas. Just across the street, in the parking lot of an old K-Mart, stood a fast foot restaurant. Steve had skipped breakfast so he pulled into the drive-thru to grab something. When he saw Arcey’s smiling face as he handed her his money he felt an immediate attraction. She was very pretty with long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had wide brown eyes and a captivating smile. She was no more than 5’5” tall and had a slender body with firm boobs that Steve guessed were a B-cup. When she turned to walk away Steve felt his prick growing hard at the sight of her perfect ass that had been squeezed into her tight polyester uniform pants. She wore a large Mickey Mouse watch that gave her the look of an innocent child, although he had overheard her saying something to a co-worker about recently celebrating her 19th birthday.

Steve had no reason to take that exit again. But found himself doing so every couple of weeks just to go through the drive thru and see Arcey again.

One morning Steve had stopped off to get something to eat and was disappointed when he didn’t see Arcey in the window. But as he pulled away he saw her standing at a bus stop not too far away. Out of curiosity he went by the next day at the same time to see if she was there again. When he saw her he guessed that this was what time she got off of work every day. He was tempted to pull up to her and try to hit on her but knew that he would be rejected. After all, what would a sweet young girl like her see in an older man like him; So he sat in his car watching her from a distance until the bus stopped to pick her up. After the bus drove away he began scanning the area. He noticed a path that cut between some high bushes between the restaurant and the parking lot leading to the bus stop. Steve knew that Arcey had to use this path to get to her bus. It was then that an evil desire began to formulate into a plan in his head.

The following week Steve’s cousin, Linda, was out of town with her family. Her husband had a white service van that he used for his job in construction. Their house was pretty secluded so Steve knew that no one miss the van if he borrowed it before daybreak. On Monday night he saw that the following day was going to be drizzly. Thinking that this would better his chances of not being seen he decided that it was time to make his move. He awoke early, called in to say that he was working from home, then drove to his cousin’s house, found her hidden key, and ‘borrowed’ the van before sunrise.

About an hour before Arcey’s time to get off Steve was parked in a space next to the path that Arcey would have to exit. He parked in such a way so as to block view of the path from the roadway. It began to rain lightly, which Steve thought helped his plan. When it came closer to the time for Arcey to get off work he opened the door slightly. On the floor he laid out some rope and other items he believed necessary to secure Arcey. Then he waited patiently.

He saw her appearing through the bushes. His heart pounded in both fear and anticipation. He had to make a decision now if he was going to go through with this. Arcey carried an umbrella and was looking down, trying to avoid the mud. Steve almost let her pass by but then decided that he had to try.

Arcey heard the door slide open and froze in fear. She was grabbed from behind and pulled into the van before she had the chance to resist. Once inside she began struggling and screaming. But Steve quickly climbed atop her. He slid the door closed and wrestled with the Latino girl until he had her secure beneath him. He quickly tied her hands behind her back then forced a rag into her mouth and tied a cloth around her face to gag her before securing her feet. He wanted to take her then and there but thought better of it. Instead he climbed into the driver’s seat and pulled away. He got onto the highway and drove back to his cousin’s home, parking in the back yard. Then climbed into the back to rejoin the terrified girl.

Arcey recognized Steve’s face as one of her customers. But could not remember any other details about him. She cried against the gag for him to set her free but knew that he had other plans.

Steve slowly began caressing Arcey’s body. He raised her shirt up over her bra-covered tits, then reached around her back to unsnap the white lacey bra. Arcey shivered as her bare tits came into view. Her nipples were rock hard both from the slight chill in the van and the nervousness she felt. Steve played with her boobs, squeezing them softly and gingerly. Then he took her nipples between his thumb and fingers and rolled them back and forth, causing Arcey to squirm.

Steve untied her legs and began unfastening her tight black pants. Arcey struggled more but was unable to stop him from pulling her pants and panties down her shapely legs. She shook as his finger ran along her slit. He ran his hand through her black pubic hair then rubbed his index finger over her clit. Arcey was stunned as she felt her clit beginning to enlarge from his touch.

Steve said nothing to her. He just enjoyed playing with her beautiful body. He leaned over and began sucking on her nipples one at a time while rubbing between her legs. Arcey felt her juices begin to flow and cried out against the gag in her mouth in protest. Unable to believe that her body was enjoying any of this.

Then Steve moved between her legs and began to softly lick her pussy. It was with a start that she realized that he was not like the other boys she had been with. This was a man who knew how to lick pussy. Arcey had been with other boys during high school. But none of them had ever satisfied her sexually. Most were too eager to stuff their cock into her cunt and get off within a couple minutes. Those who did try going down on her lacked any skill and were usually more bothersome than enjoyable. Now she was being licked by someone who knew all the right places to touch. She tried to fight the sensation growing between her legs but Steve’s masterful tongue was becoming too much for her. He inserted one finger into her pussy as he continued to lick. Arcey had to fight the urge to raise her hips to meet his mouth. She was nearing the verge of release when she felt his middle finger rubbing against her asshole.

“No.” She cried into her gag as Steve’s finger began to force its way into her virgin rear. Her eyes went wide as it slipped in past the first knuckle to the second. Then he had one finger buried in her ass while the other was buried in her twat. Steve used his fingers to fuck both of her holes as he licked her clit. Arcey struggled against the pain, then found that the sensation was becoming more pleasurable by the second. After a few more minutes of this she was bucking her hips back and forth to meet his thrusts. Her eyes rolled as she began to climax, spilling her juices over Steve’s face as he continued to lick her cunt.

Arcey squirmed as Steve forced the young lady closer to the brink of her first oral-induced orgasm. She fought the desire to enjoy what was happening to her to know avail. She caught her hips thrusting up to meet him several times and stiffened herself only to find her body responding again seconds later. Her legs quivered as her pussy gained control over her mind. Arcey’s eyes rolled back, her breathing became heavier. She wanted this to stop before she climaxed in humiliation. But she wanted even more to feel this tongue bring her to climax. No man had ever taken the time to give her an orgasm and her body was welcoming this no matter how hard her brain resisted.

Steve could feel Arcey responding to his manipulations. He pumped his fingers into her pussy and asshole while lapping away at her swollen clit. Arcey shook her head back and forth then gave in as her body erupted. She shook from head to toe as Steve’s tongue made her orgasm. When her climax subsided Steve continued to lick. Arcey came again, then a third time. She screamed against the gag as her body approached a fourth orgasm. She didn’t think she would be able to take it. When she climaxed again she was on the verge of tears, but her body was covered in sweat and she was fully satisfied.

Steve stopped licking her cunt and slowly pulled his fingers free. Arcey lay on the floor of the van panting as he rose up on his knees. When he unfastened his pants she began to panic again. Steve’s hard cock came into view. During her repeated orgasms she had forgotten that he probably intended to fuck her. She tried to roll away but was too exhausted to resist much as he lowered himself atop her.

Steve’s hard pecker found Arcey’s wet hole with ease. He looked into her pretty brown eyes as his cock slid into her. It had been several months since he had last had sex with a woman. And over a dozen years since he had screwed anyone other than his estranged wife. Now he was fucking the pretty young drive-thru girl that he had been fantasizing about. Steve buried his shaft into her and began fucking her twat with lust-filled passion.

Arcey lay on the floor of the van motionless as Steve fucked her. She waited for it to be over but was surprised when he was still pounding her hole a couple minutes later. It was rare for any of the boys she had been with to last this long. But Steve was able to pace himself better than any teenage boy. Arcey found herself enjoying his cock inside her. She wanted this to stop, but once again she was being handled better than she had ever experienced before. Her body, still caught up in the aftershock of her four orgasms, was already responding to this strange cock inside her. Steve licked her neck gingerly, causing shivers to run up and down Arcey’s spine. She closed her eyes but only found that this heightened the growing sensation inside her. Arcey cried out against the gag as her body was caught up in the throws of yet another orgasm. Steve felt her climax and began fucking her harder and faster, feeling his own balls nearing release. Arcey could tell that he was ready to unload inside her. She prayed that he would pull out first but her pussy did not want to let go of the shaft inside her. Steve clenched every muscle in his body as his cock began spewing its much-needed release inside the young lady’s cunt. He pumped harder and harder, sending his cum deep inside her until his dick softened, only then did he pull free.

Arcey lay still, wondering if he would let her go. Steve rose off of her and began caressing her tits. Admiring the beauty of the girl he had just taken. It wasn’t long before his cock was stirring again.

Arcey could see his erection growing and realized that her ordeal was not over yet. Then Steve grabbed her and rolled her over onto her belly. He rubbed her perfectly shaped ass. He used both hands to squeeze her ass cheeks.

“I just have to fuck your ass.” He whispered.

To Arcey it sounded like a battle cry. His finger had been rough enough going inside her. Now this man was planning on shoving his cock up her tightest of holes!

Steve had always wanted to try anal, but his wife had never permitted anything more than his finger up there. But know he had someone who didn’t have the option of refusing. And she had such a beautiful ass that he felt it would be a shame not to fuck it.

Arcey struggled as Steve pulled her up enough to press his cock against her ass. But try as she might, she was unable to escape his desire. Steve’s finger had loosened her bum up just enough to help him gain entrance. Arcey screamed as his cockhead pressed inside her. Her body shook as he pushed into her virgin butt. While Steve was no bigger than any other man she had been with; his cock felt ten times the size going into her ass.

Steve enjoyed the tightness of her ass. He began fucking her with long, slow strokes until she was loose enough for him to begin fucking harder and faster. Arcey trembled as his pecker plunged into her over and over again. Steve reached around and played with her tits as he rammed her asshole. He fucked her for several minutes before blasting his load inside her ass.

When Steve pulled out Arcey fell forward. Her ass hurt, but her insides were stirring. His hairy balls and been slapping at her upturned cunt while his fingers tweaked her nipples. Arcey was surprised to realize that she wanted him to fuck her again. No, she needed him to fuck her.

She dragged her face on the floor until the gag came free.

“Fuck me.” She whispered.

“What?” Steve asked in surprise.

“I need you to fuck my pussy.” Arcey begged, her face blushing at the request.

Steve looked down to his flaccid prick. “I’d love to, but I’m soft.” He said.

Arcey looked back at his limp tool with disappointment.

“Of course, if you suck it for a while I’m sure it will be ready in no time.”

Arcey rolled her eyes. His cock had just come out of her asshole. But she needed it and needed it now. “Very well.” She said in defeat.

Steve came around in front of her. Arcey opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth. She was no stranger to cock sucking and did her best to get Steve ready for her twat. She ignored the memory of this cock being buried in her ass only minutes before. Steve’s cock grew in her mouth. He relaxed and let her suck his rod for a several minutes before deciding to grant her wish for one more fuck.

Steve lifted Arcey and sat on the floor with her straddling him. She willingly sat on his shaft, taking him all the way inside her on the first squat. Steve grasped her tits in his hands. With her arms still tied behind her back she leaned against his hands and began riding his stiff pecker. In no time Arcey was climaxing again. Steve kept her in place, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm for many more minutes until his cock blasted another load of cum into her. Arcey sat on him for a couple minutes, wondering how she could have enjoyed her rape as much as she had. Then rolled over onto the floor.

Steve retied her feet then dressed. He drove Arcey close to where he had taken her. Another bus stop, but this one more remote than the first. He pulled up to the rear, facing the woods. Then carried Arcey and her clothes into the trees. He loosened her bonds enough so that she could work herself free in a few minutes then ran out of the woods. Arcey heard the van pull away as she freed herself. She dressed and ran out of the woods but it was no where in sight. She found her purse with her belongings and walked to the bus stop and waited. When the bus came Arcey got on and began her ride home. She wished that she could tell Steve that he had no reason to fear her calling the cops. She would never want to admit to anyone just how much she had enjoyed being raped by him. Arcey didn’t want a repeat performance, but she knew that her days with younger boys were behind her. For now on she was going to look for older men with experience. And she would keep a keen eye out in case Steve ever returned to her drive thru window to see if there was anything else he wanted with his order.

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