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Amy, Ingrid, and Hedda

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I attended a clinic for football coaches for three days in Orlando and returned home well after midnight; Hedda, my lover, was asleep and I did not want to wake her up. On the first morning of spring break, I smelled coffee as I got out of bed late; it meant Hedda was up. After a quick shower and drinking a cup of coffee, I went to the living room to find Hedda reclined on a sofa and talking on the cell phone. She had on a black, translucent, mesh, crotch-less, body stocking.

Her face glowed reflecting early pregnancy, and her pendulous boobs rested sexily on her chest angling to her sides.

She smiled at me and whispered, “It’s Carla. She’s telling me about her young lover.”

Carla is Hedda’s 60 year-old yoga instructor who is a bundle of energy wrapped in a 5 ft, 110 lb body; her husband, Lou, died about a year ago after a long illness.

Seeing Hedda’s mesh covered body and uncovered pussy, I slid to my knees, and began to rub her slightly swollen ankles and legs, smooth thighs, and bushy crotch.

Hedda listened to Carla most of the time. I heard her say, between long pauses, ‘You mean no man ate you before.’ ‘Lou thought it was dirty! That’s sad.’ ‘Interesting, you and Brian made acrobatic love. For how long?’ ‘Wow. He had two climaxes with you hanging on to him.’ ‘I’m glad he thinks only you can make love like that. I’m happy for you. Talk to you later. Bye.’

After Hedda hung up the phone, as she fondled my stiff cock and hanging balls, she said, “Carla met Brian on line. He is 30 years old and also practices yoga. From her picture, he thought she was about 45 years old. He insisted on meeting her even after she told him she was older. After a month of chatting on line and talking on the phone, she had lunch with him and liked him very much. She let him fondle her in a movie theater and went to his apartment. She really loved it when he ate her pussy and brought her to her first orgasm in two years. He told her she has the flexibility and a perfect body for fucking her while carrying her in his arms. She did not believe him until he nudged her to sit on the kitchen counter, gently snaked his big cock in to her tiny pussy, and then with her arms around his neck, his arms underneath her thighs, he lifted her up with ease. She loved having Brian’s cum-leaking cock near her womb when he stood still and getting fucked to another orgasm. She found out he would French kiss her passionately as his cock erupted deep inside her pussy. Good thing she is too old and can’t get pregnant.”

I knew Hedda, who was pregnant with my child, was excited describing to me Carla getting well fucked and her pussy would be full of her love nectars. I ate her pussy and slurped her nectars until she had a body-racking orgasm: “Ohhhh, Roger. My daaarling. Daaarling. Cummmming. Cummmming. Ahhhhhhhhh.”

After her orgasm ebbed, she nudged me to sit on the padded stool, straddled my waist, slowly inserted my stiff cock in to her slick pussy, hugged me tightly, and cooed, “My belly is still small, but my boobs have grown bigger.”

I whispered, “You look gorgeous.” I savored Hedda’s big boobs pressing in to my chest and her sexy arms around my neck. My precum dribbled out of my cock in to her lovely belly. Soon, my pent up passion was released in a quick climax.

Hedda cooed, “I know your cock is hard, but I have to put clothes in the drier,” and got off of me. As she walked away, her mesh covered buttocks undulated sexily. In the laundry room, as she bent in front of the drier, her cum-covered pubic hair looked inviting. As she squealed in surprise but continued to load the drier, I plunged my cum-covered cock in to her pussy and, as I held on to her mesh covered boobs, I plunged it repeatedly in to it.

Hedda whispered, “I’m glad you like my swollen boobs. I was worried you would not like them large and drooping.”

I said, “They look awesome, so does your entire body.”

For the next several hours, Hedda went bra less and giggled happily as I chased her while she tried to do chores. She also exposed her sexy buttocks to my view: we fucked in the laundry room, kitchen, and flower garden, and bedroom.


When I was 18 years old in New England, my parents decided to buy a house in a senior community in Florida. After high school, I kept my promise to them of attending a good university not too far from their winter home. Luckily, I also made the roster of the university’s football team.

During my sophomore year, Amy Karras, my girl friend in New England, and I got engaged. She was 5’4”, 120 lb, with brown hair, green eyes, and 32B perky boobs. My parents also liked Amy and thought we should get married after she finished law school. Having grown up near Boston, she wanted to settle in New England.

Amy was a passionate woman who loved to have her pussy sucked, often to two consecutive orgasms. On her 21st birthday, I took her out for an evening of drinking and dining. In the restaurant, there were four middle-aged women at another table. After consuming two glasses of wine, I saw Amy eyeing a voluptuous red head in a blue strap-less dress at that table.

Just to tease her, I said, “That red head is stacked.”

Instead of becoming jealous, Amy said, “I would love to suck her puppies,” and giggled. I wondered whether she preferred cunnilingus with another woman.


My parents came to watch me play at home football games. Often, they were accompanied by Ingrid and Don Dunning with whom they socialized. Don, a Canadian, was a champion golfer at a large university in the south. He was an avid golfer and had a putting green behind his home. Ingrid Dunning was also a Canadian, from Toronto. She had been widowed when she met Don at a golf club during a visit to Florida.

Ingrid and Don were about 50 and 65 years old, respectively; they came regularly to Florida during the winter season. Ingrid was about 5 ft 3 in, 130 pounds, and had a beautiful smile in addition to well-toned legs, wide hips, and a big bust. She loved to play golf and had a low handicap.

My mom and dad were about 55 years old. My dad liked Don and my mom developed a warm friendship with Ingrid. I got the feeling she admired Ingrid’s youthful attitude. Mom also was fascinated with her lingering Swedish accent even after she had lived in Toronto for about 40 years.

Unfortunately, Don suffered a stroke that kept him from playing golf. However, he accompanied Ingrid to the club often and, while she played golf with my mom, he either played cards or visited with other senior men on the large patio. Don was well behaved most of the time, but he would fuss out of pent up frustrations once in a while.


During the summer after my junior year, while I was away at a physical conditioning camp, mom invited Amy to visit with the understanding that I was to join them a day later. My plane was delayed due to bad weather and I reached their home after midnight; I slept on the large bed in the den. I woke up when I felt my cock being cleaned with a warm wash cloth. I saw it was Amy, naked below the waist, who was cleaning my cock.

Amy whispered, “It’s after eight. My friend Liz came with me. She’s sleeping upstairs. Your parents left for the club. Fuck me.”

I replied, “I’ve not seen you for more than a month; I’m horny. I hope your pussy is slick,” and helped her to lie next to me.

Amy whispered, “I’m wet. Go for it.”

After French kissing her passionately, slowly I mounted her. Whimpering incoherently, Amy bucked under me to reach her orgasm and then brought me to my climax. When my cock did not soften after my climax, again I took her in the missionary position and pumped another load of cum in to her pussy. It was the first time we had raw, unprotected, sex.

After a while Amy nudged me off of her and said, “Got to run; Ingrid is teaching me and Liz how to drive a golf ball.”

After sleeping for a while, I got up, got dressed, fixed myself breakfast, and worked around the yard. My mom called and said, “Your dad and I finished playing golf, and we are going shopping. Tonight, we are going to have dinner at the Dunnings. Amy and Liz went to help Ingrid. You should go to the Dunning home if you want to see Amy.”

I said, “Ok, I will go after I check oil levels in the lawn mower and my car.”

While I was still working in the garage, I heard a car in the front of the house. After cleaning up, I went in to the den. Seeing no one there, I began to climb the stairs when I heard giggles and whispers.

I heard Amy say, “I’m going to love you now. I was too tired last night. You look so alluring.” I tiptoed to the top landing and I crept to the partially closed door of the guest bedroom. I saw Amy French kissing passionately another woman, I assumed it was Liz.

As Amy lowered her shorts, Liz mumbled, “What about Roger?”

Amy said, “He is probably at the club playing golf. He fucked me twice this morning. He won’t miss me.”

Amy helped Liz remove her blouse and bra, exposing her large boobs. As Liz whimpered with pleasure, Amy kissed and fondled them hungrily for several minutes. I was turned on seeing Liz’s large boobs and Amy suckling them; they were much larger than Amy’s.

Amy nudged Liz to open her long legs. She whispered, “I love your blonde pubes. Your pussy is so pretty. I have to kiss it,” and began to bob her head up and down in her crotch. After a while, she clamped her mouth on Liz’s aroused pussy and brought her to an orgasm, “Ohhhh. Ahhhh. Cummming.”

After her orgasm subsided, Liz said, “What about you? Can I do something for you?”

Amy smiled, lowered her shorts and panties, and said, “I had Roger pump two loads of cum in to me this morning, just for you. Come, taste it. I hope he did not get me pregnant,” and sat at the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide.

Liz slid to her knees on the carpet and, after sniffing the aroma from Amy’s cum-filled pussy, gingerly licked the fluids couple of times. She smiled and said, “Interesting taste,” and licked in earnest for several minutes.

After a pause, Liz said, “You’re a beautiful woman. Roger loves you. I’m sure you can entice him to fuck you any time and fill your pussy with his cum.”

Amy said, “I know he loves me, but I’ve realized I’m a lesbian. I don’t want to deceive him any more. I know he likes big boobs, like yours. May be I can set you two up on a date.”

Liz said, “I’m definitely a lesbian; I don’t want to deceive him either.

I really wanted to rush in to the bedroom and plunge my aching, stiff, cock in to Amy’s pussy. Instead, I went out, got in to my car, and drove to the Dunning home to wait for her.


At the Dunning home, I watched TV with Don in the game room. When Ingrid came downstairs, she looked alluring dressed in beige shorts that accentuated her smooth, tanned, legs, and a short-sleeve blouse that revealed her long arms. For the first time, I saw her as a very fuckable woman with a full head of hair, long nose, blue eyes, and full lips.

Ingrid asked, “How come you are not with Amy?”

I lied, “She’s showing her friend Liz around.”

Before she could ask me more questions about Amy, the phone rang; she spoke happily for several minutes. After she hung up the phone, she said, “That was my daughter, Karin. She’s excited. She thinks she’s pregnant. I wondered when she would have a baby; she is busy with her job at a TV station.”

After a pause, she said, “Make sure Amy really loves you. There are plenty of women in this world.” She added wryly, “I should know about love; I’m on my third marriage.”

During dinner, Amy sat next to me and pretended to be having a good time, but I saw her exchanging fond glances with Liz. After dinner, I helped Ingrid with clearing the dishes and cleaning up, and went to a bar and drank to drown my sorrow.


Next morning, I drove Amy and Liz to the airport. Amy was quiet for a long while. After they checked in, Liz left us to look in the shops. Amy and I were having drinks in a bar when she said, “Roger, I think I’m a lesbian. I want to sort out my feelings. I cannot marry you. For a while, I thought I was bisexual.”

Even though I knew Amy was going to leave me, I was stunned when I heard her words. I managed to say, “I care for you. I want you to be happy.”

Amy touched my face with her small hand and said, “Please understand it’s not you. Let’s remain friends. I do care for you.” Sadly, I nodded my head.

Although my parents were disappointed that Amy and I ended our engagement, they were glad that our problems surfaced before we got married. I was depressed for several days after Amy left me. I channeled my energy in to playing football and also had several one-night stands with young women at the university.


During the spring of my senior year in college, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Because of a large network of care givers, my mom decided to take my dad to New England for his treatments.

I celebrated my college graduation with my football-playing buddies on the evening before graduation and my family on graduation day. My parents flew in couple of days before my graduation day. They were pleased that my dad’s step sister, Hedda Hallinen, came to attend my graduation. She came with a friend, Malcolm, who seemed to be about 60 years old. Mom and dad insisted that Hedda and Malcolm stay with them in the guest bedroom.


Hedda baby sat me when I was about five years old at my grandfather’s home in Albany; I recalled that she took me to an ice cream stand and bought me butterscotch ice cream in a sugar cone. Whenever Hedda visited, we would go for ice cream.

She came to my high school graduation when I was 18 years old; I guessed she was about 40 years old. When she hugged me, I became aware of her voluptuousness and hugged her a little longer than other times. She came with her second husband, Bill, an older man and a partner in her law firm. Mom and dad invited them to stay at our home. I moved to a small bedroom in the basement because it offered privacy.

The day after graduation, my parents had a catered dinner for all guests. I saw Hedda wore her red hair in a pony tail, and was dressed in a short-sleeve, light-yellow, sun dress, and white, low-heel, shoes. She looked lovely. After dinner, with just family members around, Hedda opened a carton of butter scotch ice cream and offered me two scoops on a sugar cone.

She said, “Roger, congratulations on reaching an important milestone and good luck in college.”

I said, “Thank you,” and hugged her.

Amy went home at about 10:00 pm as she had to work the next day. Just after 11:00 pm, I went to basement and was shooting pool in the game room when Hedda walked in. She was still dressed in the sun dress and the white shoes, and had a glass of wine in her hand.

She said, “Bill drank too much and fell asleep. Your parents are also in bed after a long day. It’s too early to go to bed. How about we play some pool?”

I said, “Fine.”

After a while, I noticed that Hedda had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress and I could see her lovely cleavage. When she was bent over the pool table and lined up a shot, her cleavage was deeper.

She looked up at me, smiled, and cooed, “Am I still pretty?”

Blushing, I said, “Of course, you’re a beautiful woman.”

She said, “I’m glad you think so, Roger. Please fill up my wine glass with Zinfandel.”

Afterwards, she said sadly, “I’m not very happy. I’m headed for another divorce; I found out Bill is humping a young woman at work.”

I hugged her and, as she sobbed on my shoulder, I just held her for a while and then kissed the hair on top of her head. Hedda lifted her head, looked in to my face, and kissed me softly on my lips.

I said, “You’re a beautiful and kind woman. I’m sorry you got stuck with a loser.”

She mumbled, “Would you believe for the second time?”

I heard that after a year or so, Hedda left the law firm, got another job, and divorced Bill. Meanwhile, I was busy with my college life.


On college graduation day, we all went to a restaurant for dinner. I sat next to Hedda and we talked like old friends. I guessed she was in her mid forties. She dressed conservatively, but had a beautiful face with blue eyes; she was short: about 5ft 2in and plump: about 125 pounds. She still had dense, shoulder-length, red hair. Even though her light blue dress did not expose her cleavage, it could not hide her big bosom. She also had a plump round ass; I had to remind myself that this voluptuous woman was my step aunt. After dinner, she insisted on dancing with me to celebrate my graduation.

During a slow dance, my cock became stiff after I smelled Hedda’s perfumed neck and felt her pressed bosom on my chest.

I said, “Thank you for coming to my graduation.”

She said, “I’m glad to be here. I hope you remember I baby sat you.”

I said, “I do. You bought me butterscotch ice cream; it’s still my favorite flavor.”

After a moment, she asked, “What else you remember?”

I said, “You wore your hair in a pony tail.”

As Hedda blushed, gently, I pulled her towards me; willingly, she pushed her bosom in to me.

Hedda was interested in renting a house for the winter. I offered to show her and Malcolm a few new developments, the day after my graduation after mom and dad left for Boston. However, Malcolm declined because he made plans to go snorkeling.

Hedda looked very alluring in a beige tank top, loose shorts, a wide-brim straw hat, and dark glasses. Every time I helped her get up from her seat, I saw that she had smooth, well-toned legs and thighs. Again, I saw her as a desirable woman. For lunch, she suggested we go to a restaurant near the beach. After lunch, Hedda and I sat on a bench on the board walk and watched people on the beach. When a gust of wind blew in, she snuggled up to me and I put my right arm around her bare arm. Imperceptibly, she pushed her large left boob in to my side.

She said, “This is so nice, Roger. I wish I could stay here for ever; but I have to go to Atlanta with Malcolm. I’m not a free woman. I’ve to pack our bags. Please take me home.”

At my parents’ home, after she went to her room upstairs, I found brochures of a new housing development and wanted to give them to Hedda. As I walked up the stairs to the main floor, I heard soft sighs and a buzzing sound. I tiptoed to the top of the stairs and craned my neck. I saw Hedda in the spacious bedroom, naked below her waist and in a beige demi bra that barely contained her large boobs. She was leaning against the large chest of drawers with her left foot on a stool, and staring at my photo in swimming trunks. She had long, tapered, thighs and a heavy growth of red pubic hair. She was using a pink dildo as she watched my photo. Her eyes were partially closed as she plunged the dildo in and out of her gaping, pink, pussy. After a while, she began to pinch her right nipple with her left hand. I was aroused watching her, a mature lady, masturbate. When she tilted her head back, I realized she would be having her orgasm soon.

I did not want to get caught and quickly retreated downstairs. I wondered if she was really turned on by my photo.

On the way to the airport, she said, “I like your parents’ home, but I’ve a few years to go before I’m 55 years old.”

I said, “You are a relative; I’m sure you could stay there for up to six months. I’ll be glad to help you look for another place.”

At the airport, after checking in, Hedda hugged me tightly for a little while longer than I expected and kissed me on my lips. Again, I loved the feel of her boobs pressing against my chest.


At 6ft 2in, 200 lb, and being not quick, I knew that I was not good enough to play pro football after college. I got a job as an assistant football coach and a physical education teacher at a high school about 30 miles from my parents’ home in Florida. My parents were glad I could take care of their winter home.

I resumed playing golf with Ingrid and visiting with Don. While I could drive a golf ball farther than Ingrid, she was much better than me in other aspects of the game. She appointed herself my golf coach and began to give me pointers, especially on putting.

Occasionally, my golf lesson with Ingrid would be interrupted by a phone call from Karin. One time, after talking with her for about an hour, she said, “My daughter and I are very close. She’s my best friend and confidant.”

A short time later, Ingrid changed in to a low-cut white short-sleeve blouse and tight white shorts, and said, “Let’s work on your putting in the backyard.”

She looked gorgeous with sun-bleached hair, big boobs and hips, and smooth tanned arms and legs. I was delighted that she pressed her big boobs against my back when she demonstrated a proper putting stroke; I also developed a raging hard on. I was too timid to let Ingrid know that I was attracted to her.

As if she knew I was thinking about her, she said, “I’m an old married woman; I’ve been through menopause. You should hang out with girls your own age.”

I said, “You’re not old. I was engaged to a young woman, but it did not work out. In you, I see a very active and attractive woman who is nice to me. I hope hanging out with you will not ruin our friendship. I would be glad to help you around here.”

Ingrid smiled and said, “Roger, you know I like you. You’re welcome here any time.”

After the putting lesson, Ingrid said, “It’s tea time. But, first I need to freshen up and check on Don,” and we both went in to the house.

In the bathroom at the top of the stairs, I saw a pair of Ingrid’s white silk panties in a hamper. I picked them up and the damp crotch lining smelled strongly of her pussy nectar and faintly of her perfume. As I rubbed my rigid cock with the silk panties, it felt great. I imagined that Ingrid was riding my cock as I sucked on her boobs. It did not take long for me to climax and I did my best to catch my cum in a wad of toilet paper.

I worried that my cum might have stained the panties. However, the following Saturday, I found another pair of silk panties and I used them to masturbate to a climax. If Ingrid knew I was jacking off using her panties, she was quiet about it.


One weekend in October, much to my surprise, Amy called. After the usual pleasantries, she said, “I’m three months pregnant. I have not slept with another man since we split up; I’m sure you are the father. Liz went to Europe. I do not know if she will come back. I cannot raise the baby alone.”

I managed to blurt out, “Don’t give the baby away. I can take care of it,” and added, “Please keep in touch.”

Amy said, “I’m sorry for the surprise, Roger. I’m glad you want to raise the baby. By the way, I found out it’s a boy. I am still hoping that Liz would come back.”

Even though I was preoccupied with thoughts about raising a child as a single guy, I was glad I had promised Ingrid that I would help her take Don to the club and play golf with her. Ingrid and I teamed up to play nine holes of golf against another couple in a club tournament. Thanks to her talents, in spite my poor game, we won that round.

While we were having lunch in the Lanai of her home, Ingrid said, “Karin suggested we wear medieval costumes to the Halloween costume party.”

I replied, “That would be great.”

Softly, Ingrid said, “I do not want to miss the costume party. I need your help taking Don to it.”

After several moments of my silence, she said, “Hello, remember the costume party? You have been very subdued and distracted all morning. Are you ok?”

After a pause, I said, “Amy called early this morning. She’s pregnant with my child. I’m afraid if I don’t agree to raise my child, she may put him up for adoption.”

With a huge smile on her face, Ingrid got up, and said, “A new baby is always welcome. Congratulations. Come give me a hug.”

Ingrid hugged me tightly pushing her large, mature, boobs in to my chest; spontaneously, my cock stood up and poked her in her belly. She looked in to my eyes with surprise and admiration, and whispered, “I’m flattered I did that to you,” and spontaneously French kissed me. Looking back, I think Ingrid began to see me as a man and a father-to-be, and not a young guy without many responsibilities.

As we French kissed, she moved her right hand to my crotch and, while rubbing my erection, cooed: “So you knocked up Amy!”

Seizing the moment, I whispered, “Now, I want a girlfriend who cannot get pregnant.”

Blushing, Ingrid said, “You do! Do you have any one in mind?”

Without saying a word, I French kissed her for several minutes, and fondled her sexy buttocks.

Seeing that I was staring at her sexy cleavage, Ingrid said, “You can touch them, if you like.”

In an instant, I stood behind her and grasped her covered boobs. Feeling my rigid cock poking in to her buttocks, she cooed, “I’m flattered you like me so much.”

I mumbled, “I like you very much. Actually, I’ve been fantasizing about loving you,” and slowly removed her pink sleeve-less blouse to find her large mostly milky boobs, encased in translucent pink bra cups and topped with sun tan lines.

When I tried to remove her bra, Ingrid said, “Trust me, my body is willing but my mind is not.”

We both heard Don calling for Ingrid. Quickly, she put back her sleeve-less blouse and as she walked towards Don’s bedroom, said, “It’s a reminder that I’m a married woman.”

I said, “I should go. Thanks for the lunch and your support.”

She said, “Wait for a minute,” and left.

Later, Ingrid returned wearing a pink robe, handed me a small gift bag, and said, “Something to think about me.”

Inside the bag was the pink bra she had worn earlier, a size 36D, and it had her skin aroma mixed with her perfume.


Ingrid worked hard to dress Don like a king; she also helped me purchase a knight’s costume, including tight pants with a pouch to hold my genitals. She had on an elaborate costume of a medieval queen: a black, low-cut, short-sleeve, blouse that exposed her neck and shoulders, and a loose, ankle-length skirt. She put on a mask and a hair extension that made her look regal. She wore spike-heeled shoes that accentuated her voluptuous buttocks.

The costume party was at a large hotel. I pushed Don’s wheel chair to the ball room. After we all sat for a while at our table, Don said in a whisper, “Ingrid loves to dance. Please take care of her.”

Ingrid called me: ‘My young knight,’ as we danced. Early on during the first dance I noticed my ‘Queen’ looked elegant with shiny alabaster skin around her shoulders and her deep cleavage promised beautiful twin peaks.

Noticing that I was staring at her cleavage, Ingrid whispered, “I’m glad my young knight likes my cleavage. I bought a push up bra to get the effect,” and added, “You know, the women during medieval times already knew how to look sexy.”

I whispered to her, “Your majesty, I’ve never seen you look so lovely.”

Ingrid smiled and whispered, “I know you think so my young knight; I can feel your admiration. I can also see it in your tight pants.”

As I blushed at her reference to my hard on poking out and in to her, she added, “If you like, you can have a peek at my puppies.”

Still blushing, I asked, “Here? Now?”

Ingrid whispered, “Steer me to a dark corner; no one will notice us.”

In the dimly lighted corner, Ingrid nudged me to slow dance with her. Subtly, with her face turned sideways, she pulled her top slightly away from her body to reveal her bra-encased boobs.

I saw her large boobs and whispered, “They are beautiful, your majesty. I smell your intoxicating perfume too.”

Ingrid replied, “Thank you, my young knight. They have not been admired for a while.”

I said, “I would love to kiss them.”

She quickly kissed me on my lips and cooed, “May be later. We need to get back to our table. I’m sure Don is tired.”

As we walked to our table, she said, “Don and I are staying overnight here. After you help him to our room, please bring our luggage from my car.”

I pushed Don’s wheel chair in to a large L-shaped suite and brought their luggage up. After Don was comfortable in bed, I heard him say to Ingrid, “I’ll be fine here. You go dancing for a while.”

After Ingrid kissed him good night, we returned to the ballroom. Initially, she was down but later she cheered up and danced with abandon. Towards midnight, while Ingrid and I were slow dancing, someone dimmed the lights in the ball room. With her eyes covered by the painted mask, she offered her beautiful lips for me to kiss them.

Afterwards, Ingrid cooed, “Escort me to my room.” Inside her suite, she whispered, “Stay overnight; you can sleep on the sofa. I’ve to check on Don.”

I sat on the large sofa, which formed one end of the small living area, and watched a west-coast football game on TV. After several minutes, Ingrid returned still dressed in her costume, but she had on black, low-heel, silk slippers.

I stood up and was about to remove my tights, when Ingrid whispered, “I’ve to go back to sleep with Don; I don’t want to be sleeping next to him full of your jism,” and, smiling, cooed, “It’s not because your sperm is too potent.”

In a pleading tone, I whispered, “If I can’t love you, can I kiss you there?”

With a surprised look on her face and blushing, she said quietly, “Now?”

After I nodded my head, she said, “I’ve been oozing all evening.”

I said, “I don’t care. Please, please.” Actually, I thought, ‘It would be wonderful to eat your juicy pussy.’

She said, “I’m not taking my clothes off with Don so near to us.”

I led her in to the powder room, locked the door, and nudged her to stand against the vanity. As she stared at me with a mixture of apprehension and desire, I slid to my knees on the marble floor, burrowed my head underneath her loose skirt, and quickly pulled her soaking panties down to her ankles.

Spontaneously, she lifted her skirt to her knees and that was enough for me to discern her alabaster thighs, puffy pussy mound, and matted pubes. She also opened her thighs wide as soon as she felt my breath on her pussy. She moaned softly as I licked her juice-filled pussy and swallowed her slick fluids. I alternated between sucking on her engorged clit and licking it. Soon, her crotch quivered, and her thighs closed around my head, “Ohhhhhh. Gotttt. Ahhhhhh. Gooooott. Cummming.”

Ingrid looked at me seated on the floor, grinned, and said, “Thank you, Roger,” and helped me stand up.

She lowered my tights and shorts, and grasped my rock-hard cock. After fondling it for a short while she cooed, “It’s hard, big, and throbbing and leaking.”

She grabbed a hand towel from the rack and began to pump my cock. Soon, I mumbled, “I’m cumming. Ohhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ingriiiiid.”

Ingrid caught the jets of my cum in the towel and used it to wipe me off. She rinsed the towel, washed her hands, and left for her bedroom.

After sleeping soundly on the sofa, I was awakened by knocking on the door; it was room service. I saw Ingrid help Don eat his breakfast and thought he did not look well.


Later in the week, Ingrid called me to say that she admitted Don in to the nursing home run by the regional hospital. Next evening, I drove Ingrid to the nursing home and stayed with him while she spoke with the nursing staff.

I asked Ingrid, “What do you think of having Don treated in Toronto? He’s a Canadian citizen and may get better care there.”

She said, “That’s a good idea. I’ve been making inquiries as to what needs be done.”

The following Friday, I was on the sideline during a high school foot ball game, when a running back and a lineman crashed in to me; my right leg was broken in a compound fracture. After surgery, my leg was put in a cast from my ankle to just below the knee. I was released after being in the hospital about a day and given crutches to move about.

Ingrid gave me a ride home. In the car, she said, “Don’s condition in the nursing home has not improved. I may have to take him to Toronto.”

I said, “Let me know if I can help you.”

Later that day, she brought hamburgers, French fries, and a bottle of Zinfandel wine. While I sat in a chair, she made my bed. She looked very attractive dressed in a short, wrap-around denim skirt, and a white sleeve-less blouse. She smelled nice as she sat next to me and signed her name on the cast.

I said to her, “Thank you for taking care of me. You’re a kind lady.”

She said, “You have been good to me too. I’ve to take care of you until you meet a nice woman.”

Just to tease her, I said, “You could be my girlfriend.”

Ingrid blushed intensely and said, “That’s the second time you suggested that. I don’t know how long I’ll be in Florida.”

I held her hand and said, “Stay as long as you can. Right now, I need your help; I need a shower badly and the cast should not get wet.”

She said, “We have a bath tub and a hand-held shower. Do you have a stool?”

I said, “Yes, in the corner with magazines on it.”

Ingrid helped me take off my clothes and directed me to sit on the stool she placed in the bath tub with the cast over the edge. I noted that she was staring at my swinging semi rigid cock.

After I shampooed my hair, she said, “I’ll help you like a girlfriend should,” and washed my cock, balls, and my ass.”

When my cock became erect, she giggled, and cooed, “I see someone is eager to romp.”

After drying me, Ingrid giggled seeing my erect cock swing from side to side as I hobbled on crutches to my bed.

I stretched out on the bed and pleaded with her, “I want to eat you. I can’t move much. You have to ride my face.”

Blushing, she removed her skirt, white silk panties, and sleeve-less blouse, and said, “Before that, I want to love you. You’re my captive.”

I said, “Take your bra off.”

Shyly, Ingrid removed her bra. For the first time, I saw her large milky boobs had pink nipples and dark-pink areole, and drooped sexily. Lying next to me, she kissed my hairy chest and ran her fingers through my pubic hair. As she French kissed me, she fondled my balls and my throbbing cock.

Holding my cock firmly in her small hand, she cooed, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been naked in bed with a man.”

Ingrid scooted up and slowly brought her juicy pussy very close to my face. For a brief moment, I saw her wiry blonde-gray pubes before I focused on licking her glistening gash with my tongue. At the same time, with my free hands, I fondled either her meaty buttocks or her heaving boobs. When I began licking her clit, she gasped and began to moan softly. Soon, she began breathing heavily and moaning loudly, “Gott, Goooott. Gooooott. Ahhhhhhhh. Roggggg.”

A short time later, she slid back towards my waist and, as I held my raging hard cock still, she slowly impaled herself on it. Ingrid’s pussy felt better than I had imagined even in my wild dreams. I did my best to hold off cumming. But, I reached my climax with in a short time. I held on to her lovely boobs, as my cock twitched uncontrollably and released several jets of cum.

Ingrid said, “You sure pumped a big load in to my pussy. You needed the release.”

After Ingrid rested for a while, she gave me a surprised look, and said, “It did not go soft.”

I pleaded with her, “Please, can we do it again?”

Ingrid blushed and cooed, “Sure, lover.”

She grasped my still hard cock, licked its head to stiffen it, straddled my waist, and quickly snaked my cock in to her well-lubricated pussy.

Ingrid smiled and cooed, “I’ve been expanded; it went in easily.”

As I fondled her lovely boobs, she said, “I love riding you. I had not done it for a long, long, time.”

Leaning over my chest, Ingrid fucked me for several minutes as I held her tightly crushing her boobs against my chest. She paused to rest for a minute or so; mischievously, she cooed, “I want it deep.”

Without letting my cock slip out of her pussy, she shifted carefully to a squatting position. Suddenly, I felt my cock had gone deeper in to her vagina. Lifting my shoulders and head up on my elbows, I whispered to Ingrid, “Open your thighs, honey.”

Blushing, Ingrid opened her thighs for me to see her wide-open, cock-plugged, pussy. That sight and the overwhelming sensation of her snug pussy, pushed me to another climax.


I was delighted when my leg healed faster than expected and the cast was removed. I was to undergo physical therapy, but we were able to make love in other positions; at least twice each time Ingrid visited me. She really loved it when I fucked her when she least expected it, like in the kitchen doggy style with her leaning on the counter, in the back yard, and in the shower.

I was very happy loving a voluptuous and beautiful woman. Also, after practicing birth control for many years, it was wonderful not to worry about it with a lady who had gone through menopause.

However, Don’s health deteriorated and Ingrid decided to take him to Toronto. I drove Don and Ingrid up to Toronto, and returned to Florida by air during the Thanksgiving holidays. Fortunately, the weather was good; even with the heavy traffic near Toronto, we reached Don’s condo at about Noon on the third day. During most of the drive, Don slept in the back of the car; Ingrid made sure he was comfortable.

After a light meal, I slept on a sofa in the living room. Some time after midnight, I felt the soft curves of Ingrid on top of me. She whispered, “It’s me,” as she scooted astride of my chest. Soon, I felt her pussy labia on my face and then her engorged clit on my mouth. I sucked on Ingrid’s clit until I felt her oozing nectar on my mouth and her soft moans: “Cummming. Ahhhhh. Ohhhhh. Cummmming.”

After she slid next to me, she whispered, “You’re a darling. Now, it’s your turn; what ever you want.” I nudged her to lie on her back and quickly pushed my raging hard on in to her well-lubricated pussy. I fucked her in a leisurely manner for a long time, pausing periodically to French kiss her. After I had a long climax, as I fell asleep, I heard her say, “I’ll miss you.”

On the way to the Pearson International Airport, she said, “Thank you for all your help. Call me after a week or so; perhaps we can see each other after Christmas.”


Several days later, I called Ingrid and we talked for several minutes. She told me she was satisfied with the nursing home staff and their services to take care of Don. She also said, “I’ve been helping Karin get ready for her baby and I’ve been feeling guilty about not taking sufficient care of Don.”

I said, “Do the best you can taking care of your family. Give me a call when you’re back in Florida.”

I was grateful to Ingrid for being there for me after Amy left me and for showing me that mature women can be hot lovers.

When I told mom that I was not going to Toronto, she said, “Good. Christmas is time for families to be together.” I flew to Boston and used a shuttle bus service to reach my parents’ home. I spent time helping my mom decorate the tree and talking to my dad. It seemed that dad was making progress in his battle with cancer, but mom was a bit run down taking care of him. I was delighted to learn that Amy visited once a month and her visit cheered up mom and dad. Mom’s face lighted up every time we talked about her grandson to be born in April.

Mom said, “We will have a guest for Christmas.”

I asked, “Who is it?”

Mom replied, “It’s Hedda.”

As soon as I heard her name, my mind went back to how voluptuous Hedda looked while she masturbated in Florida.

I said, “I remember Hedda well; she came to my high school and college graduations.” Of course, I did not tell her that I found her to be an attractive woman.

Mom said, “She’s more a friend than a relative; I like her very much. You know your dad was estranged from your grand father, an abusive man. Hedda was the mediator between the two strong-willed men; she also made sure your dad was properly recognized in your grandfather’s will. She’s coming to see how your dad is doing. We are the only family members she is close to.”

I asked, “How come she did not change her last name?”

Mom said, “After her first marriage ended, she changed to her maiden name. Her mother was also an independent woman from Finland and did not change her name when she married your grand father. She was a translator at the American Embassy and taught Hedda English from an early age. I’m sure it helped Hedda in writing her legal briefs.”

After a pause, mom continued, “Hedda told me that Bill, her ex husband, was trying to get her back. I did not want her to be alone at holiday time. She’s a beautiful and smart woman; I’m sure some lucky man will win her heart.” I hoped it would be me. I also thought my mom was hinting that I should escort her.

At that moment, she arrived in her late-model, black, Cadillac. After I hugged her, I carried her luggage to the guest bedroom. I learned she was still living near Albany where my grand dad worked for a large company.

On Christmas day, Hedda gave me a nice sweater and a big hug. I apologized for not giving her a present and promised to make it up to her.

Later, mom said to me, “I told Hedda you were coming for Christmas, but I did not tell her to buy a present.”

After the heavy meal, Hedda wanted to go for a walk and invited me to join her. We walked to a park about a mile away, sat on a bench, and watched a few geese on the shore of a small pond. After talking to her for a while, I realized she was indeed a special woman, but she was very shy. When I pulled her to me, she snuggled willingly, and whispered, “Merry Christmas,” and kissed me on my cheek.

When I kissed her back, she said, “We Finnish are very shy. But, we are capable of caring and loving.”

We spent another hour or so walking and talking in the park. Hedda asked, “How are you dealing with your dad’s illness?”

I said, “Ok, as well as can be expected. I feel helpless. There is not much I can do for him.”

Hedda said softly, “Many people are helping your mom and dad. Try to live your own life,” and after a pause said, shyly, “Come with me to Albany.”

I smiled and said, “I would love to. I’ll talk to my mom about driving you to Albany. I’m sure she will agree.”

Mischievously, Hedda said, “I think she’s relieved you’re not going to Toronto.”

In the evening, I said to mom, “With a snow storm coming, I hate to see Hedda drive alone tomorrow. Would you mind if I drive her to Albany?”

Cheerfully, Mom said, “No. It’s a good idea. I’ve to remain here to take care of your dad; he has to undergo another round of treatments.”

For the evening, Hedda changed in to a red high-neck dress that came to her knees. After dad went to bed, mom, Hedda, and I had light snacks and Zinfandel wine. Recalling mom was a big fan of Piper Laurie, I started playing a video, ‘Tim.’

I sat in a cushioned chair in front of mom and Hedda. Hedda continued sipping wine and occasionally smiled at me. She also discreetly opened her thighs and flashed for several minutes her red panties-covered crotch. A short while later, dad called for mom and she left us after wishing us a ‘Good night.’

The movie was about a handsome young man, some what slow, who falls in love with a beautiful older woman. After Hedda watched the movie intently, she asked, “Do you like it.”

I said, “Yes. I think Tim was a lucky guy to love a beautiful older lady.”

I got up dimmed the lights and sat next to Hedda, snuggled with her, and held her hands. When I tried to kiss her neck, she slid away, saying, “Let’s wait for a while.”

After the movie ended, with the TV still on, I led Hedda to a corner underneath the stairs and French kissed her passionately. She let me grasp her covered boobs and kiss her long neck. When she felt my stiff cock on her buttocks, she grasped my cock lump, and cooed, “I’m pleased I did that to you.”

I whispered, “Love your red panties.”

When I tried to lift her dress up, she said firmly, “No, Roger. Not here.”

Realizing that I was very disappointed, she quickly removed her panties, handed them to me and said, “I like you. Keep these for tonight. Do not leave them behind in your bedroom.”

After I was in my room, I rubbed her red silk panties on my cheeks. I loved their smell, a combination perfume and perhaps of her crotch. They were damp with her sex secretion. I used them to rub my cock, but I was careful not to soil them.

Next day, Hedda and I left early to avoid the approaching snow storm. Again, she dressed conservatively for the trip but I could see she had long, smooth, legs.

We could not avoid a two-mile traffic jam as we approached the city. She spoke about her mother meeting my grandfather, John, “She met him in Finland at a holiday party, and fell in love with the handsome and sophisticated older man. You know John helped me adjust to life in the USA.”

At her three-bedroom home, she led me to the guest bedroom with attached bath. Before she left the room, she suggested, “It’s holiday time, let’s go out to eat. I’ll make a reservation.”

I saw a large photo of me in football uniform on the mantle and wondered if Hedda had other photos of me in her bedroom.


For dinner, she dressed elegantly in a mid-length black coat and knee-length black leather boots. At the restaurant, after I helped her remove her coat and scarf, I saw she had on a short-sleeve, bright-red, low-cut, silk dress; stud diamond ear rings, and a two-strand gold necklace; her shoulder-length hair looked shiny and red.

I told her, “You look lovely in red.”

Shyly, she said, “Thank you.”

We had wine with our dinner and it helped both of us relax. After dinner, Hedda accepted my invitation to dance and said, “This is the first time I’ve been out since my divorce.”

After a few minutes, she said, “You look so much like John, though you’re a bit taller and muscular.”

I said, “You look lovely. I’m having a good time with you. I’m glad you dressed up this evening.”

Shyly, Hedda said, “I’ve other nice dresses I could wear. I hope that you can go with me to celebrate the New Year’s eve.”

I said, “I’m honored to be invited. Can you get tickets so late?”

She said, “It’s a group of friends, mostly older women. One woman cancelled due to a family emergency,” and, after a pause, added, “I want to celebrate a new beginning.”

We drank more wine and, as we talked and laughed, I realized Hedda was rubbing my chest and thighs; later, she was also touching my crotch surreptitiously.

After Hedda and I shared two scoops of butterscotch ice cream, and had coffee, we returned to her home. After I helped her remove her over coat, she leaned against me, and slurred, “Hug me.”

After I hugged her lovingly and kissed her long pale neck, she said, “I don’t want to wrinkle my nice dress,” and went to change.

After I lighted the gas-fed fire, she returned wearing a black silk robe and we sat on a sofa in front of it; we watched a made-for-TV movie with young, big-breasted, women, who made simulated love to young, muscular, men.

As Hedda watched the TV movie, I kissed her long neck, including the wrinkles at the base. When a young man began to fondle his lover’s bare boobs, I reached underneath her robe and began to fondle her bra-covered boobs.

Hedda asked, “Do you like her boobs? They are huge.”

I said, “I’m sure they have implants. I like natural ones like these,” and squeezed her bra-covered boobs.

Blushing, she whispered, “Thank you.”

After several minutes, I realized Hedda, whose head was leaning against my shoulder, was too tired. I maneuvered her to lie on her back on the sofa, covered her with a blanket, and went to sleep in my bedroom.

Next morning, Hedda thanked me for taking care of her the previous night. She reminded me that I am invited to a party that night; I assumed that I am her escort. After we had breakfast, she left for appointments she had with her hair dresser and lunch with friends. She told me to use her other car, a Volvo, and gave me directions to go to a tuxedo rental store and a gym.


Hedda wore a black, ankle-length, short-sleeve, low-cut, dress that showed her very sexy cleavage; it also had mid-thigh-length slits that showed her toned legs. She pinned the corsage I bought for her on her dress. She had on bright red lipstick, and the stud diamond ear rings and the two-strand gold necklace. Her hair looked very red after her visit to the hair dresser. She removed her boots and put on black low-heel shoes. Hedda looked very attractive and about ten years younger. The transformation in her from a good looking to a sexy woman with minimal make up and evening dress was remarkable.

We sat at a table with her friends; most of them were older women, and none half as attractive as her. After drinking couple of glasses of wine and a few dances, we sat down to watch a number of couples dancing. It seemed that Hedda leaned forward intentionally to show me more of her cleavage. After catching me staring at her beautiful face and shiny cleavage, she blushed and turned her head away.

When Terry, a slender friend of Hedda, asked me to dance with her, I told her I was tired, but Hedda said I should dance with her. After a few minutes, Terry, who had too many drinks, draped herself around me and kept fondling me. Hedda must have seen me struggling to keep Terry’s hands off of my ass and thighs because she approached us and firmly pulled Terry’s hands off of me. As she danced with me, she pushed her large boobs in to my chest and my cock became stiff.

At midnight, after we stopped dancing, I French kissed her. After briefly resisting kissing me back, Hedda pushed her tongue in to my mouth and let me suck on it. Shyly, she looked around to see if anyone was watching us. I assured her, “No one cares about what we are doing. We are two adults celebrating the New Year. There’s nothing wrong with a man kissing a lovely woman.”

Our second kiss was long and passionate. After it ended, she cooed, “My lost feelings are coming back. I may seem calm and cool on the outside, but I am a warm and loving person on the inside; I’m a typical woman from Finland.”

Later, Hedda led me to a relatively quiet corner of the ball room and asked, “I want to know how many girlfriends you have?”

I said, “None, honestly.”

She asked, “What about the pregnant Amy and the Toronto woman?”

I said, “I’m not seeing them anymore. Mom is in touch with Amy. I plan to raise the baby.”

Thoughtfully, Hedda said, “You can’t do it alone.”

I said, “I know. Where is Malcolm?”

She said, “In New York, I think. I’m not seeing him. He is too old and set in his ways.”

I asked, “What about ex husband, Bill?”

She said, “I don’t want him. But he has not given up trying to get me back.”

After a while, she said, “Your parents said I should get away from Bill and stay at their winter home.”

Eagerly, I said, “It would be great to have you in Florida.”

Mischievously, she cooed, “What would you do with me in Florida?”

I said, “I would teach you to play golf, holding you like this,” and hugged her from behind nuzzling her covered boobs. In turn, she rubbed her meaty buttocks against my hardened cock.

Pushing my cock lump between her buttocks, I added, “I’ll swim with you naked in the pool.”

Hedda cooed, “You’re talk is turning me on.” After a pause, smiling, she asked, “Would you like to go home with me?”

Eagerly, I said, “Yes, Hedda. Take me home.”

In her living room, she turned to face me, put her arms around my neck, and French kissed me passionately. She cooed, “You make me feel young again.”

She said, “I have to take off my boots,” and did so holding me for support. After she removed her boots, I slid to my knees on the carpet. Looking down at me, she put her nylon-covered right leg on my shoulder and bending her knee opened her right thigh. I put my hands underneath her dress, grasped her panties-clad buttocks, and pressed my face in to her crotch. I felt a aroma-laden damp blotch on her panties.

She said, “That feels lovely. Get up, love. Let’s sit on the sofa. Fix me a glass of wine. You will find it in the refrigerator.”

I found a bottle of Zinfandel and poured it in to two wine glasses. I lighted the gas-fed fire place and sat on the sofa.

Hedda sat on the sofa and, as she sipped wine, put her nylon-covered feet in my lap, and said, “Please rub my feet.”

Hedda purred softly, as I massaged her feet, and then her calves. When I rubbed her knees, she stiffened her body for a moment, but soon she relaxed them. When I inched my hands up, she opened her thighs and I spent several minutes rubbing her strong thighs around the top of her nylons. Slowly, I moved my palm to her crotch and felt her panties and dense pubic hair were damp. I left my palm on her mound and watched her breathing become heavy.

Hedda cooed, “Unzip my dress.”

After I unzipped her dress, she stood up and slowly stepped out of her dress. I removed my shoes and pants.

As if she was inviting me to look at her voluptuous beauty, Hedda stood in front of me in her black bra, silk panties, garters, and stockings.

I whispered, “You look lovely, Hedda.”

Smiling, she sat in my lap; while French kissing me, she put my left hand on her right bra-covered breast. I unhooked the snap, removed her bra, and began fondling her pale, large, boobs. Sexily, Hedda pushed her boobs with both arms and created a magnificent cleavage for me to kiss. I also kissed her nipples and began to suckle them.

She cooed, “I’m glad you like them. I can get them lifted or enlarged, if you like.”

I said, “No. They are gorgeous, as they are.”

Hedda cooed, “They missed loving by a handsome man,” and lifted them up for me to kiss them again and again.

After nudging her to slide next to me, I slid to my knees on the carpet. I rubbed her stocking-covered inner thighs from her knees to her crotch. She moaned when I kissed her panties-covered pussy. I smelled the heady aroma of Hedda’s aroused pussy nectar and a delicate perfume. Gently, I pulled her panties down to her ankles and, searching with my nose and lips, found her sopping gash.

As Hedda whimpered, “Daarling, darling. Lovely. Gooood, gooood, goooood,” I kept sucking and licking her aroused pussy. She rewarded my efforts with a copious amount of pussy nectar and a long, clit-pulsing, orgasm.

She nudged me up and French kissed me. Holding my pulsing cock firmly in her small hand, she cooed, “It’s so romantic in front of the fire place. Take off your shirt and underwear. Lie down.”

As I stretched out on my back in front of the fire place, Hedda stood over me with her feet on each side of my knees. I thought she was letting me admire her feminine charms, but she was side tracked looking at her rounded lower belly in the large mirror on the wall.

She said, “I gained couple of pounds. Do you still like?”

I said, “I don’t care. You look good enough to eat,” and sat up and licked her glistening pussy.

Hedda squealed happily and murmured, “Ohhh. Thank you, love,” and after pushing me on to my back straddled my crotch and very slowly snaked my cock in to her wet pussy.

Being eager to make love to her, I nudged her on to her back, pushed my cock deep in to her, and soon released several jets of my cum.

Seeing my cock had not softened, Hedda giggled, and cooed, “I’ve to freshen up. Meanwhile, sniff these,” and threw her soiled panties on my face.

Sniffing her panties, stiffened my cock. A short time later she returned in black: a sheer long-sleeve long robe over silk demi bra, panties, thigh highs, and high-heel sandals. She also put on red lipstick and perfume; she looked gorgeous and smelled like a flower in bloom.

She lay next to me with her back towards me and, placing my throbbing cock at her pussy mouth, cooed, “Love me all night.”

I made love to Hedda while holding her big boobs or meaty thighs for a long time. Periodically, she lifted her head, looked in the mirror, and cooed, “I’m not dreaming; your big cock is going in and out of my pussy.”

Later, she cooed, “I’m glad you’re still making love to me; I dozed off.”

I fell asleep with my cock deep inside Hedda’s pussy. When I woke up late in the morning, Hedda was not next to me. After I showered and dressed in a borrowed robe, I joined Hedda for a cup of coffee.

After small talk, she said, “I hope you like a sauna bath. I started warming it earlier; it should be ready by now.”

I said, “I’m sure I will like it,” and followed her to the sauna in the basement.

With only towels covering our bodies, we went in to the sauna and sat on a towel-covered bench. Soon, Hedda and I removed our towels. I saw she had large, shiny, drooping boobs. In spite of perspiring heavily, I developed a hard on. By the time we used birch fronds, I still had a raging hard on.

Blushing, Hedda said, “I’m glad you like me with nothing on, and my sagging boobs and wrinkled skin turn you on.”

I said, “You also have a lovely face and great legs, and more.”

She said, “Now, let’s take a nice shower.”

While standing behind her, I had lot of fun lathering and washing Hedda’s lovely body, especially her buttocks, crotch, and boobs. She washed my balls and stiff cock for a while, and asked, “Does he go down?”

I said, “Not when you are near me.”

She blushed and said, “Oh. Lucky me!”

After drying herself, she said, “It’s chilly. I’ll wear lingerie and meet you in your bedroom.”

When she entered the bedroom, I saw she was dressed in bright red silk thigh highs, panties, bullet bra, gloves, and a see-through robe. She came to the large bed, removed her robe, and grasped my throbbing cock. Cooing endearments incomprehensible to me, she fondled my cock and balls, and licked them.

After she stretched out on her back, I kissed her neck, under arms, boobs that spilled to her sides, and protruding belly. I removed her panties, lifted her ass with both of my hands on her buttocks, and licked her red-hair-covered pussy. I felt it was wet and slick.

I knelt between her legs admiring the voluptuous woman in front of me. Lovingly she opened her thighs wide and her glistening pussy opened like a piece of cut fruit.

I said, “I’ve never been in bed with as beautiful and voluptuous woman as you,” and gently grasped her swaying boobs and pinched her nipples.

In response, she hissed, “Get to work, lover. Fuck me.”

While savoring the feel of her parting velvety wall ahead of my invading cock, slowly I pushed it in to her snug channel until it was deep in her belly.

Hedda held me tightly in an embrace and said, “It’s deep in me. It feels great, but hold still for a while. Let my walls expand.”

After a couple of minutes, she started a continuous cycle of grasping my cock with her vaginal walls and then releasing the pressure.

I mumbled, “If you keep doing that I’ll cum soon.”

She cooed, “Let me try to make you cum,” and continued to grasp and release my cock. Hedda squealed in triumph when she felt my cum dribble out initially and then in jets.

When my cock did not soften after my climax, she said, “Go ahead do it again. Two husbands could not make me pregnant. I don’t think you can either.”

About that time the phone rang. As Hedda listened, I could see irritation on her face. After several minutes, she hung up the phone and said, “Bill wants me to come back to the law firm. He has invited me to talk to the firm’s partners on Wednesday. There would be a large bonus for rejoining the firm.”


I had to return to Florida to teach in a few days. On Sunday, at the airport, she whispered to me, “Have a good time in Florida, lover.”

With tears in my eyes, I said, “I’ll miss you very much Hedda. Please let me know how things are going.”

Not knowing if Hedda would be coming to see me in Florida was very difficult. On the plane, I thought about the state of my life. I thought of joining the National Guard, but did not know if my lingering limp would be an obstacle. My dad was a medic in the Vietnam War; I thought I could be one in the Iraq War. Most of all, I wanted Hedda.


Wednesday night Hedda called and said, “I’m getting out of here. Meet me at the airport on Friday afternoon.”

I said, “What about your home?”

She said, “Terry will take care of it. You may remember her from New Year eve party. Got to go.”

I picked up Hedda at the airport on Friday afternoon. She had on wire rimmed glasses, a beige tank top and shorts, and her red hair was pulled back and tied in a pony tail; she looked a lot like the voluptuous woman who played pool with me at my high school graduation.

After I hugger her, I said, “Let’s go to baggage claim.”

She said softly, “I don’t have any checked bags. I got out with a few essentials. It’s a new beginning for me.”

The following weekend we stayed inside the house and made love many times. I wanted to take her out to dinner on Saturday, but Hedda wanted me to be with her; specifically, she wanted my thick cock in her sopping pussy. She did accept a small bowl of butterscotch ice cream during each break.

Most of that weekend, she remained naked wearing only ear rings, a necklace, and a sheer robe and high-heel sandals. She was very comfortable with her nakedness. I was able to look at every square inch of her flaw-less mature body, but I spent most of the time fondling her boobs and licking her red-haired pussy.

After a few days, Hedda said, “I want to buy a house with a small gym, fire place, enclosed pool, and more privacy. I want to live in a community with no age restriction.”

I scoured the newspaper and made a list of housing developments for her to visit. After several days of looking at homes, Hedda selected one that met her criteria. It also had a hedge that offered considerable privacy and was close to my school district.

On the day she moved in to her new winter home, Hedda was very happy, and swam in the pool totally naked. This was her moment and I watched her glide sexily in the water for several minutes.

Later, as she was drying herself in the master bathroom, I said, “I have a present for you,” and handed her a gift-wrapped box.

She mumbled, “You already sent flowers,” as she opened the box. First, she read my note, “To Hedda, my beautiful friend and lover.” She then pulled out a two-strand gold bead-pearl necklace and two matching dangling ear rings.

She exclaimed, “Thank you, my young lover. Please put the necklace on me.”

After looking at her image in the mirror, she cooed, “They are lovely.”

I said, “You look gorgeous with the pearl jewelry,” and grasped her swaying boobs.

When she felt my stiff cock in her ass crack, Hedda mumbled, “You want me here?”

I nodded my head and lifted her to sit on the vanity; I spread her thighs, and licked her pussy. After a while, Hedda cooed, “Lie down on the floor,” and spread a beach towel on the carpeted floor.

After impaling herself on my stiff cock, she cooed, “You like the view?” and sexily swung her boobs.

I said, “I love how they look and swing,” and happily fondled them.

Still fondling her boobs, I whispered, “Raise your arms above your head.”

As a blushing Hedda raised her arms and locked her fingers behind her head, I fucked her energetically for a few minutes and then slowed to a steady pace.

As I fucked her at a steady pace, I whispered, “You’re so beautiful: your boobs, arm pits, pussy gobbling my cock.”.

Much to my delight, she cooed, “Keep going. Pinch my nipples.”

Hedda mumbled incoherently, “Ohhhhhh. Babyyyy. Cummmmming. Cummmming. Cummmming. Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” and, as her pussy and crotch convulsed around my cock, she collapsed on my chest.


I had maintained regular contact with Amy. I found out late in January that Liz had returned from Europe to be with Amy. Together, they decided that they would raise the baby. Hedda helped my mom hire a lawyer familiar with child custody laws. It was agreed that I would have visiting rights to my son. Amy named our son Chris, after her dad. During Spring break late in February, I flew to Boston to sign legal documents regarding child support and visitation rights, and to see my parents.

When I returned to Tallahassee after three days in Boston, Hedda received me warmly at the airport. She was dressed in a white tank top underneath a light jacket and white shorts; her red hair was in the now familiar pony tail.

During the ride home, she listened to details of my trip, and said, “We can use one of the bedrooms as a nursery for Chris Watson.”

I said, “That would be great. Thank you.”

Casually, Hedda said, “I had an appointment with a gynecologist.” I did not pay much attention to what she said.

After we reached her home, she handed me a glass of Cabernet, sat in a sofa in front of me, and cooed, “I missed you lover.” When I looked between her parted thighs, I saw she did not wear panties and, from her sagging boobs, that she was not wearing a bra.

I licked my lips and said, “You look lovely, Hedda,” and, as I walked towards her, she opened her thighs wide open to expose her glistening pussy.

I slid to my knees, ran my face along her thighs, and lapped her inner labia and clit for about a minute. Hedda moaned with pleasure and cooed, “I want to ride you. Take off your clothes.”

After I sat in a chair naked, she mounted my lap and slowly snaked my cock in to her sopping pussy. We were just enjoying our love making when her cell phone rang. Instead of ignoring the ringing phone, she said, “The phone is in the kitchen. I’ve to see who is calling.”

I said, “Don’t get off. I’ll carry you there.”

Blushing, she said, “You’re a strong, young, guy. I will hold on to your neck with my arms and your waist with my legs.”

After standing up, I stood still for several minutes savoring Hedda’s beauty and her voluptuous body: her arms were tightly around my neck, her boobs were crushed against my chest, her crotch pushed against mine, and her pussy was deliciously stuffed by my cock. I kissed her neck and mouth passionately.

“Looks like you like it,” cooed Hedda.

I said, “I love it. I am holding you up with my hands on your buttocks and your boobs are pressed against my chest.”

The phone stopped ringing. I whispered hoarsely, “This is great; my cock is deep in your snug pussy; it’s leaking precum. I’m going to cum just holding you tightly,”

Looking intently in to my eyes, Hedda cooed, “I feel it twitching. Go ahead, release it,” and made her cervix flutter around my flared cock head.

I threw my head back and, as my cock spewed jets of cum at Hedda’s cervix, I growled, “Fuckkkk. Fuckkkkkkk. Greatttttt.”

After resting for a minute, with my cock still stiff in her pussy, I carried her slowly to the kitchen and set her down on the counter next to her hand bag. As she checked her phone message, I fondled her boobs, kissed her armpits and neck, and fucked her. With Hedda leaning back on her hands, I fucked in long, slow, strokes, and watched her boobs jiggle.

Hedda threw her head back and moaned with pleasure. She whispered urgently: “I’m close. Clooose. Squeeze my cliiiiiiit.”

With my stiff cock still in Hedda’s pussy, I squeezed her clit as she enjoyed a deep orgasm, “Squeeeeze. Squeeeeeeeze. There. Theeeeeeere.”

I felt Hedda’s pussy pulsating around my cock; I shoved my cock deep in to her pussy and released spurt after spurt of cum, “Fuckkkkk. Cummmming. Fuckkkkkkkk. Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

After we freshened up, smiling Hedda said, “That was a message from my gynecologist. Chris will have a step sibling.”

I said softly, “Wonderful. I’m delighted that you’re pregnant.”

Giggling, she said, “You knocked me up, probably on New Year’s day in Albany.”

Seriously, she added, “If it’s a boy, we should name him Richard after your dad.”

I’ve been enjoying Hedda’s sexy, pregnant, body. She knows that I like her to be in low-cut tank tops and shorts. One of my favorite positions is for her to fuck me while I am seated on a stool just high enough for us to support ourselves on our feet; I love the feel of her arms around my neck, her enlarged boobs rubbing against my chest, and her vaginal muscles massaging the entire length of my cock. I also like to kiss her smooth underarms and arm pits. With all the loving she is getting and being pregnant, Hedda’s face is glowing and her sexy boobs have grown bigger.

She is delighted that she turns me on frequently and said, “After marrying older men, it’s wonderful to have a young lover.”

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