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Role Reversal

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I never dreamed I’d experience sex with my own father. Never. But it happened when I was twenty-two and he was forty-seven. My parents were on vacation in Montana when they were involved in an automobile accident on the Interstate. A car in the lane opposite theirs sideswiped another car causing the two cars to spin and turn over.

An eighteen wheeler transfer truck behind them slammed on his brakes causing his trailer to jackknife and that was what killed my mother, their friends who were in the front seat, and left my father in the hospital in casts.

I lived outside Sheridan, Wyoming near where I-25 and I-90 intersect. I’m a civil engineer and had more work than I could handle. I received a call from my sister in Chicago telling me of the accident and within minutes I was headed to the hospital in Billings, Montana. Dad’s shoulders, arms, and hands were in rigid casts, as was his left leg, and he was unconscious. When I came into the room a male nurse named Roger was bathing him. I’d never seen my father totally naked before. Oh, I’d seen him in his underwear as he was dressing but our family had not been one to strut around naked or barely clothed.

My parents had very firm ideas about proper attire, particularly with my sister in the house. My mother had been raised in a wealthy household with servants and one simply did not leave the bedroom unless fully dressed and that meant shoes also. I doubt I’d ever been able to wander around in a diaper as a toddler. Leah was two years older than me and from my earliest memories she’d always been fully dressed, a little clone of my mother. Somehow I knew my father was not as stringent as Mom but he went along with the program out of respect for her. If he ever came out of the bathroom barefoot or less than fully dressed, the icy frown on her face would have frozen the Sahara.

“Really, Arthur! I know you were reared in the hills but the past is the past,” she’d say frostily.

“Doris, cool down,” he’d reply, causing us all to laugh at his pun. When Mom was in one of her moods, it was like being in the Arctic. Cooling down was the last thing we needed.

Dad was not raised in the hills. He grew up on military bases all over the world and served in the Army in Korea before earning his law degree from Yale. It was there he met Mom while attending a social mixer at Smith College. Her father was a respected surgeon descended from a signer of the Declaration of Independence and her mother was a socialite descended from a passenger on the Mayflower. How Mom and Dad managed to find each other was a mystery to me. Never mind the fact they married and had children. My paternal grandparents were loving, fun people; my maternal grandparents were formal and cold. I always felt they thought I’d steal something valuable when I visited their home.

By the time of my parent’s auto accident, both sets of grandparents were dead and Mom had inherited a fortune. Like many wealthy people the money had been put in trusts so the principal would not mature until the great-grandchildren – my own children – were at least thirty years old. My sister and I had been brought up to work hard and everyone was thrilled when Leah became a neurosurgeon. I was not considered a slacker but civil engineering does not have the cache of physician, not that I gave a damn. My career was my dream and I made a great living. I only used my trust fund for major purchases – a house, my Porsche, to pay off my education…

“Have you made plans for your father’s care while he recuperates?” Roger asked, shaking me from my reverie.

“Not really. No one has told me anything about his condition. All I know is what I see and I know my mother is dead along with Alice and Nathan Lee.”

“Sorry, sir,” Roger apologized. “I thought the nursing supervisor or the doctor had already explained the situation to you.”

He stopped his planned bath for my father, concern on his face.

“Dr. Haymons will be here at four this afternoon and he’ll guide you through it all. That’s less than an hour from now.”

“Okay, but surely you can give me some idea of my father’s condition. Will he need to be put in a nursing home or what?”

“Oh, no, sir! Your father broke both his shoulders, both arms and his right wrist in the accident along with his right leg but he’ll recover nicely. I’ve seen his kind of breaks before. He’s a young man still, only forty-seven. I’d imagine he’ll be fully recovered within about six months. His shoulders will heal in about six weeks, the left maybe a little quicker because the break in it was tiny. His left arm will recover within about six weeks but his right will take about twelve weeks because the upper and lower arm got broken along with the wrist. As for his left leg, he broke both the upper and lower. The upper should recover in about twelve weeks but a break in the lower leg can take six months to fully heal. He might be able to lose the upper body cast in a few days. They don’t use body casts much anymore but he was having seizures and moving so he got the full cast. When he settles down and we know more, we should be able to remove that part. Then his arms will at least have some mobility. He’s asleep because he had a concussion that caused seizures and the doctor put him under but that’ll wear off by tomorrow afternoon. The MRI shows no irreversible damage; in fact the concussion was minor and is already improving.”

“Thank you,” I sighed. “I don’t think I could handle losing both parents at once. As bad as it sounds I don’t think I could handle Dad being an invalid either. He’d never be able to stand for it. I’d have to hire constant nursing care to keep him from shooting himself.”

“Well, that won’t be necessary,” Roger said softly. “In fact, your father probably will be able to go home within a couple of weeks if there’s someone to help him care for himself. You’ll definitely need a visiting nurse, though.”

I looked at Dad. Some of the care he’d need was glaringly apparent. With no hands or arms and a broken leg, he wouldn’t be able to eat or drink, dress himself, perform bodily functions, and I had no idea what else.

“The visiting nurse will probably have to come in every day at first but then as things improve, the visits will stretch out maybe every other day. Did you ever break a bone growing up and have a cast? Or live with someone who did?”

I shook my head.

“He’ll need to be bathed. Someone will need to help him use a bedpan until he can be assisted to the bathroom. He’ll have to be fed. There’ll be a detailed care sheet filled out for him.”

I looked at Dad. Even with his casts and scrapes he was still a handsome man. All my life I’d seen both women and men give an appreciative look at him. Six three with an athletic build, he looked like the jock he’d been all through school and university. Like I said, I’d never seen him fully naked before. I’d never known he was uncircumcised. His penis was thick and long like a beer can and the foreskin covered the mushroom shaped head completely. He had black curls on his chest with a narrow treasure trail leading to a thick mass of pubic hair above his penis, pubic hairs that also grew on his ball sack and around his crotch area. His legs were covered in the same dark hairs. They were long and slender, muscled from his regular biking. He had an old scar on his left abdomen from an earlier surgery I was unaware of.

Roger wiped his neck and chest carefully with a wet washcloth and then under his arms. He washed his legs and feet before turning him slightly so he could wash his back. As I watched he parted my father’s buttocks to wash his anus and I saw the thick hair that grew in the trench between the butt cheeks. After cleaning his ass and refreshing his washcloth he washed Dad’s genitals, carefully pulling his foreskin back to clean under it and I saw he had a shiny purple head that was expanding in size under Roger’s ministrations. He finished quickly and saw my embarrassment.

“It happens to all guys when someone else is handling their penis. A bit more is involved keeping an uncircumcised penis clean,” he shrugged. “You’re a guy; you know what can happen when a stranger handles your privates, even when it’s in innocence. I try to do it as quick as I can but sometimes I’ve even had patients to ejaculate on me. You’ll find it’s particularly difficult if your father had an active sex life. Suddenly, he can’t even masturbate himself and he’s going to get horny.”

Something about the look I must have given Roger made him apologetic.

“I’m sorry, sir. I was just giving you an idea what it might be like to care for your father. Some adult children find it impossible to deal with a parent’s nudity and bodily functions. Sometimes they just have to rely on nursing care because they can’t handle it.”

I shook my head in bewilderment.

“I don’t know if I could, Roger. I just don’t know…”

The physician came in with a deputy sheriff and I received the specifics about the accident. My father was the only survivor of the multi-vehicle pileup. He’d been thrown from his vehicle onto a grassy median while everyone else had been crushed by the transfer truck. The doctor had already spoken by phone with my sister and he seemed to think since she was also a physician that everything was in order.

Three weeks passed. I flew my mother’s body back to Chicago and she was buried in the family vault. My sister and I agreed it was best for my father to recuperate with me in Wyoming before returning to Chicago. She was constantly busy as a surgeon and spent more time in the hospital than in her small apartment. I visited Dad daily in the hospital and he concurred. He didn’t want to return to Illinois until he could do so under his own steam. I knew he was depressed about Mom but he never discussed it with me. A hospital psychiatrist treated him at his surgeon’s insistence. Finally, after four weeks in the hospital, the day arrived for his hospital release and an ambulance took him to my home.

I have a nice four bedroom house with a bath in each bedroom. I’d made a few construction changes to the house to make it easier to deal with Dad, added safety grab bars and rails in his bathroom and bedroom so he could get around without falling as he regained mobility, also in the hall and den, plus I’d installed a buzzer system so he could reach me anywhere in the house with a button.

Finally, the ambulance and nurse had gone and Dad was established in his room. A nurse would visit every day and I’d taken extended leave from the firm. I could do that. I now owned it. I’d put a 60 inch LCD High Definition television on the wall of Dad’s room with a VCR/DVD player attached. He’d already shown he could handle a remote control in the hospital but it had to be attached to his cast with a string so he could reach it. He was out of the upper body cast but still his arms were basically immobile. I set him up a television program and went to the kitchen to prepare supper. In the midst of getting it ready, the buzzer rang. I raced to his room.

“You okay, Dad?”

“I need to pee, Chris. I’m sorry.”

He looked embarrassed and this was obviously difficult for him. I got the bedpan.

“Look, Dad, let’s just get beyond this, okay? You and I are both grown men and we’ve both got the same equipment between our legs. Everyone has bodily functions and most of us are just a little too hyped up about them when we probably shouldn’t be. You ready?”

He nodded his head miserably. His leg in the cast hung from a pulley system and his good leg lay free on the bed. I shifted the good leg, for some reason surprised at how warm it felt, and slightly pleased to touch the soft hairs on it. I lifted his hospital gown, exposing his thick penis. His balls hung low, the hairy sack touching the bed. I tried to perform as his nurses had, professionally and calmly.

“You’re gonna have to touch it, Chris, and fast. I’ve gotta go bad.”

I grabbed it and slid the foreskin back as I pointed it toward the bedpan. A stream of yellow urine flowed out, filling the pan. I felt his penis grow slightly in my hand as I shook it to remove the last of his pee.

“You okay now? You need to take a shit now?”

“No, thank God. I’m not ready for you to do that yet! One thing at a time.”

I laughed.

“When you’re ready, just let me know, Dad. The piss wasn’t so bad, was it?”

He shook his head, still a little embarrassed.

“I just never thought I’d have my own son wiping my ass and holding my dick so I can pee.”

I emptied the bedpan in the toilet and continued to talk with him.

“Look at it this way…you did those things for me while I was growing up and I wasn’t embarrassed for you to see me.”

He gave a rueful smile.

“Yeah, son, but that was when you were a little boy. I never did that after you were potty trained. In fact, I’m not sure I ever saw you naked once you could manage your own bath. And I’m pretty sure you never saw me naked ever. Right?”

I nodded.

“Now here I am with my privates hanging out for you to see.”

“Don’t worry about it, Dad. Would you feel better if I stripped naked so you can see my privates?”

He shook his head.

“Nah, there’s no need for both of us to go through this.”

I resolved to myself to put him more at ease. I got supper ready and fed him at his bed – chicken fingers, fries, and a Coke. We watched Jeopardy and he fell asleep watching so I went on to my bed. Around eleven that night, the buzzer sounded. When I entered his room, Dad looked super distressed.

“I’ve held it as long as I can, Chris, but I need to shit or I’m gonna mess the bed.”

He looked so apologetic and embarrassed I was afraid he was going to cry.

“No problem, Dad.”

I knew Dad watched porn. I’d found his collection when I was a teenager and had jacked off to his stuff plenty of times. I knew he seemed to have a particular liking for watching guys getting their dicks sucked or guys eating pussy. I popped in a DVD, a fucking hot porn flick and soon the sound of fucking filled the air.

“What???” Dad asked.

He looked embarrassed but interested.

“Thought this would get your mind off your predicament,” I grinned. “You watch them fuck and I’ll take care of your problem.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this so I can take a dump.”

I lifted his gown and shifted his leg. He slid down a bit to open his buttocks. I pulled them apart and pushed the bedpan under them, then lifted his balls. Dad’s balls hang so far down he’d have shit on them if I hadn’t. I looked up to see him watching me, his face red with shame.

“Watch the goddamn DVD, not me,” I ordered.

He looked away to the television screen and I saw his anus begin to flex. In a moment, a huge turd slipped out of the hole and then two smaller ones. I’d never seen an anus in the motion of shitting and I never dreamed it could open so wide. I grabbed the toilet paper and wiped his ass clean before getting the wet wipes for final cleansing. Using the wet wipe, I cleaned his hole carefully, even inserting the tip of my finger slightly to make sure no shit was left. Dad sucked in his breath hard as my finger pressed his hole and I looked up to see his eyes closed and his penis completely erect. A pearl of precum was on the head of his dick.

I grabbed the bedpan and went on to the bathroom where I flushed the contents and cleaned it. I realized my father was in need of ejaculation but I hoped he’d be able to bring himself off from the visual stimulation of the porn. Cleaning his ass was one thing, jacking his dick was something else entirely. I decided to leave him alone with the porn video.

“Okay if I leave you here now with the porn video running?”

He nodded.

“Do me a favor, Chris. Take this gown off me. I like to watch porn naked.”

He had the sheepish grin again as I slipped his gown from his body. I didn’t try to hide my bold staring at his erect penis and his beautiful naked body. I left him alone and returned to my room. I awoke around three in the morning and padded barefoot to his room. I sleep naked and I figured Dad would be asleep so I could so I could stay naked as I checked on him while he was sleeping. His television was mute, showing some middle of the night program about some cooking device. I looked at him. I could tell his sleep was erratic from his movement. His penis was partially erect and the hole at the tip of the head peered through the foreskin opening. A sticky puddle of precum was on his stomach from the slow dribble of his cock but it was obvious he had not ejaculated.

“I see you take after your old man.”

His voice startled me and I jumped. I looked from his penis to see him watching me.

“You’re a handsome man, Chris, even if I say so myself. We’ve got the same hairy bodies. Your dick looks a little larger and you’re circumcised. You keep yourself in excellent shape.”

“Sorry, Dad, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“I need to pee, if you don’t mind.”

“Let me grab my robe, Dad.”

“Don’t Chris. I like seeing you like this. I never liked how we had to always be so fucking proper in our house. Truth is, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and voyeur but your mother went to her grave not really knowing that. Somehow, I don’t care if you know the truth.”

I grabbed the bedpan and positioned it before grabbing his penis and slipping the foreskin back. It grew in my hand instantly, not just a little bit but hard – a full erection.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to piss through that hard on,” he said.

I looked at him quizzically. He laughed.

“Would it kill you to jack your old man’s dick off for him? Chris, I haven’t cum since before the car accident. I’m fucking dying here.”

I swallowed so hard my eyes watered. He took that as a sign my answer was no.

“It’s okay,” he sighed. “I keep waiting for maybe a nocturnal emission. I thought the porn flick would do it but all it did was swell my nuts so big they hurt. I know I’m dripping pre-cum because I can feel the wet but no full cum.”

I was nervous.

“How often did you cum in a week before the accident?”

He grinned.

“At least once a day.”

I must have looked shocked because he laughed.

“Come on, Chris! I’m only forty-seven years old! Do you think your dick stops working at forty?”

I snickered.

“Not really, I guess I just didn’t think about my parents having orgasms, having sex, and for goddamn sure no masturbation.”

Dad cackled.

“Chris, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. I fucked your Mom three, four times a week from the day we were married, some times more if she was horny, too. I’ve got a monster sex drive and I’d jack off a couple of times a day, even on the days we fucked. ‘Course your mother never knew that,” he giggled.

I laughed. I was having a conversation with my father that I’d never dreamed of having before but in being honest with myself, I knew I’d often masturbated in my room listening to Dad fuck Mom, thinking about his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. I just could only envision sex organs, not Mom’s face. I’d often been curious about his dick, wanting to see it in action and now here I was being asked to jack him off.

I’d left Chicago and moved to Wyoming because I’m bisexual and I’d fallen in love with an older man who’d done some work for the engineering company I’d worked for in Chicago. I fell head over heels for him. He was fifty-two and looked like a god, in perfect shape with salt and pepper hair and a laugh that was infectious. I’d visited him several times in Sheridan before I finally took a job out here to be with him. We’d lived together for three years before he died of liver cancer. It broke my heart. He left me the house I was living in and his engineering firm. I’d never shared that story with my family.

“You’re awfully quiet, Chris. Did I shock you too much? Face it, son, I’m a sexual creature, always have been and god willing, I always will be. And when my casts are off and my hands and arms work okay, trust me, I’ll be back to slapping my salami myself. Probably three or four times a day to make up for this misery I’m in.”

I hesitated and finally worked up the courage to be honest with him.

“I’ll do it, Dad, but first I’ve gotta tell you something.”

I continued to hesitate, unsure how to tell my father his son had lived the last several years as a queer. I didn’t know how such a macho man would take it.

“It’s okay, Chris. Do you think I don’t know you lived out here with Sam Connery for three years as his lover? Is that what you’re afraid of telling me?”

I must have looked faint.

“Sit on the edge of my bed, Chris. You look like you’re turning white.”

I sat on his bed and he put his bare good foot in my lap.

“I love you, Chris, always have and always will. I’m sorry I didn’t raise you to trust me enough to tell me you’re gay. That’s my fault, not yours. And the truth of the matter is, I’m not so sure how your Mom would’ve reacted. She had that New England grand dame streak and envisioned you as Sir Lancelot.”

“How did you find out, Dad? I was so careful.”

“From your sister, Leah. She saw you and Sam coming out of a gay nightclub in Chicago holding hands before you ever left. Of course, she didn’t tell me until a year after you moved out here and she only told me because I said something about your secretary making a comment about your being in Jackson Hole on a ski trip with Sam one week when I called for you. Leah told me to leave it alone, that you’d tell us when you were ready. Plus, she figured your mother might go ape shit.”

I was in a state of shock.

“Is that what you were going to tell me just now?”

I nodded. “I just didn’t want you to find out later about my being gay after I’d jacked you off. I didn’t want you to freak out on me, upset that a queer touched your dick.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” he said.


He laughed.

“I figured that’d get a rise out of you. Since we’re being so honest and all here, yeah I’ve a few encounters with guys in my lifetime. I’m not gay but that doesn’t mean I haven’t experimented.”

I unconsciously grabbed his foot and held it.

“Now you’ve got to tell me, Dad. You’ve gotta. You can’t just lay that kind of stuff on me without some details.”

He grinned.

“Oh, just the usual guy stuff. A friend and I played around together when I was thirteen. We were the typical hyper sexed teenagers and first we started out masturbating together. It went from that on to jacking each other off, then sucking each other off, and finally fucking each other in the ass.”

My eyes got wide. My father had a teenage sex life that had mirrored my own.

He smirked. “Sound familiar to you? I caught you fucking Richie Stark in the garage when you were fourteen and I just backed away. I went to my room and jacked off thinking about my fucking Don Merrill at the same age in his Dad’s garage. I figure you must’ve had lots of experiences like that. And I know you fucked a lot of girls, too. You were a typical teenager. In fact, I never imagined you might be gay until Leah told me about Sam.”

“Shit, Dad, I never dreamed you might’ve had sex with a guy. Oh, I guess I figured you did the same dick discovery crap all teenage guys go through but I never figured you had actually fucked a guy.”

“He wasn’t the last. When I was in college a guy in our dorm had a crush on me and he was a math whiz. He tutored me for free as long as I’d let him suck me off and if I’d fuck his ass occasionally. Then a few years ago I spent a week in Manhattan for the firm and I roomed with a guy from work. I ended up fucking him the whole week. And that, Chris, is the extent of my sex life with guys. Other than that, I’ve been strictly heterosexual and didn’t want anything else. You mother was hot in bed and she kept me satisfied as far as sexual encounters go. I just needed to whack one off pretty regular even though I had a steady pussy supply.”

I was beyond being shocked at my Dad’s language and candor. We’d gone from being just a father and son to just a couple of guys discussing our sex lives just the same as I’d heard him do at his club plenty of times. I’d gotten accustomed to hearing him tell his buddies that his dick was ‘in traction from so much action in Doris’s pussy’. He’d wink at me, knowing I’d never repeat his comment to Mom or Leah – or any other female for that matter.

He pushed his foot against my penis, his toes in my pubic hair, and I popped an immediate erection.

“Your hand on my foot feels fucking good. It’d feel better on my dick,” he said softly.

“You sure you want me to do this?” I asked.

He nodded. “Goddamn right I’m sure. I’m so horny I can’t stand it. But there’s just one thing more I want. I want you to jack yourself off first and cum on my dick. Then use your cum for lubricant to jack me off.”

“Fucking A, Dad! When you decide to change our sexual relationship you don’t go halfway, do you?” I laughed.

Instead of laughing he moaned softly.

“I need to cum so bad I’m in pain. Please, can we do it now? Jack my dick for me.”

I stood up and started to masturbate looking straight into his eyes. My hand slid against the skin. I’m not circumcised so I needed to spit to have moisture. Dad’s eyes kept glancing back and forth between my hand jacking my dick and looking directly in my eyes.

“You look fucking sexy, Chris,” he whispered. “You’re so fucking handsome. Let me see your hot cum shoot out of that big cock of yours. Slap those hairy nuts around. Beat that motherfucking dick. Cum on my dick, babe. Cum on me, shoot that white stuff on my hard dick.”

Dad kept up a soft litany of vulgar sex talk as I began to jerk my cock harder. I deliberately used a forceful motion to make my balls slap around. Suddenly it hit me, the churning in my loins, and I grunted. Dad’s breathing got heavy as I looked at him and then I stepped forward and pointed my dick at his cock. Ropes of my hot semen shot out onto his penis, into his thick pubic bush, and I jerked with emotion and tension. Finally, I’d shot my entire load on his crotch and it was speckled with my thick white juices.

I looked at Dad searchingly again.

“You ready for this?”

In answer he moaned and pushed his hips up, lifting his cock toward me as best he could.

“Do it,” he grunted.

I took his hard penis in my hand and smeared it with the cum I’d shot on it. I slid the foreskin back and forth a couple of times. And then I leaned over and took it into my mouth, licking it, sucking it gently. I greased two fingers with my cum and slipped them into his asshole, first one and then the other. Dad was moaning and grunting so loud I was thankful we lived in my own home separate from others. I finger fucked him hard. I’d recognized his anal sensitivity when I’d cleaned his ass after he’d shit.

“Goddamn! Shit! Oh, fuck! Shit! Goddamn, Chris! Fuck! Suck my cock! Suck my cock!”

Dad pushed toward me and I just knew if his hands were not in a cast, he’d have been pressing my head into his crotch. And then he yelled a guttural groan. I felt his cock spasm and his cum shot into my mouth. It was like a river, maybe because he hadn’t had sex in so long. His cum tasted salty and musty. It was thick, thicker than any cum I’d ever swallowed and I ate his entire load before licking him clean. I cleaned his crotch of all the cum I’d shot onto him. My own cum had a lighter taste, more like a slightly bitter yogurt. When I finished I sat up and looked at him.

“Come here,” he said in a deep voice like gravel. “Come here and kiss my lips. You sucked my dick. Now kiss me.”

I did as he asked. I put my lips on his softly and his tongue darted in my mouth. I returned his kiss and we kissed passionately for what seemed like forever but was probably only a couple of minutes.

When I lifted my face from his, he spoke.

“That was fucking amazing, Chris. What made you decide to suck my dick? I didn’t expect it.”

I grinned.

“I know you didn’t but you needed sexual release so bad, Dad. And you’re a gorgeous man. You have a beautiful cock. Gay instinct took over. I couldn’t pass up the cock.”

He laughed.

“You think we might do that again in a couple of hours?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah. I think we might,” I grinned.

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Alistair wrote

This got me hotttttt

Kevin wrote

Yes Alistair – you and me both. It really turned me on, I had to read it again and had an even hotter reaction!!

ken wrote

i wish i could do this with my dad but sadly his straight and religous. i love this site

Kevin – Melbourne, Australia wrote

Mate, that was so fucking hot. An unusual story but had me grabbing my rageing cock as the relationship between father & son became deeper. I would like to think that I could do that for my father.