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It’s Gonna Be Fine

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Chapter One

It had started so innocently. I had been in my favourite chat room, just fooling around in my own virtual way when my private message box flashed up. “You are funny” it said. I looked at the senders’ nickname and it was one I didn’t recognise. Wary at first I replied “Thanks. You have caught me on a good day.” About thirty seconds later came the reply “Lucky me. Wanna chat?”

On that fateful first night we must have chatted and joked and laughed for about two hours and not a hint of sexuality was in the air. To be honest it made for a please change.

“Thanks for today.” she messaged. “It is nice to find someone on here who actually wants to chat.”

“LOL.” I replied. “Ah yes, but we have only just met”

“Cheeky bugger!!” flashed the message back. “By the way, we have chatted so long and I still haven’t asked how old you are.”

“37” I responded.

“Wow, are you gonna be shocked? I’m 21” came the instant reply

I wasn’t shocked and my ego definitely wasn’t shocked that’s for sure. “Nope, not shocked. Happy that an old codger like me can make you laugh.” I pressed the send button.

“LOL. You do and anyway age isn’t a barrier on here. Anyway, I have got to go. Will you be on here tomorrow?” came the message.

“Yep. More than likely. I seem not to have a life.” Once again I hit the send button.

My message box flashed once again. “Me neither. I’ll see you then but can you send me a pic of yourself. I’d like to see what you look like if that’s OK.” And so we exchanged e-mails, said our goodbyes and she left the chat room.

I sent her an email virtually straight away with a picture of myself and then went to bed. In the morning, she was still on my mind so I logged into my e-mail account with all the expectancy of a lovestruck teenager and there it was, a reply. Nervously, I opened not really knowing what I’d find. Did she like my pic? Has she sent me one? My eyes scanned the page. “Not bad for an old man!! LOL. Kinda cute in your own way and ooo, nice eyes.” I laughed and read on. “Once again thanks for the chat. I do hope you are what I hope you to be. And as you sent me a pic, I have sent you one too. Hope you like. Chat soon……luv Becky….xx” I swore my hand was shaking as I opened the attachment. And up she popped. A green eyed, brown haired, smiling 21 year old and if I wasn’t hooked before, I was now.

And as the days and weeks went on, Becky and I grew closer and closer. We had by now exchanged phone numbers and our conversations were getting steamier and steamier. I was totally amazed by it all. From what was a virtual world, it suddenly crossed into real life. Becky was real and I knew more about her in such a short space of time than I probably ever would have if we had met in a club or in a bar. I knew about her life, her work, her likes, her dislikes, what she did. Damn, I knew everything and she knew everything about me. And now it had hit me like a freight train. I was in love with her. Not a phony-internet-chat room love but real-life love. But how could I tell her without her running away? Hell, I couldn’t even tell anybody about her for fear of being branded some cradle-snatching-internet-prowling weirdo. Nobody would understand. Nobody that is except Becky. And that was my problem. The one person who could help me in this situation was the situation. I would just have to tell her and cross all the obstacles as they came up. I took a deep breath and dialled her number.

Her answer machine kicked in and I patiently waited for the tone, which duly arrived. “Hi Becky, it’s me Neil. Hope you are OK. Sorry I have missed you but I’ll ring back later. There is…something I need to tell…I will ring back later babes and er…er….”

“Hey gorgeous.” Becky interrupted. “Sorry, was in the bathroom. Oops, that’s toilet to you. Is everything OK? You seem kinda puzzled.”

“Hi babes. Yes everything is fine. Just need to say something to you that’s all and I don’t have an earthly where to begin.” I replied, trying to get straight to the point. If it was going to end, I sure wasn’t going to make it last.

“That’s not like you hun. You know you can tell me anything. But you are starting to worry me now.” She took a deep breath. “You are not…not…..going to end it are you?”

“No way. No, nothing like that.” I heard a sigh of relief down the phone. “Just not sure how you are going to react to what I am going to say to you, that’s all.”

Becky laughed nervously. “It can’t be that bad. Unless you have been lying to me.” Her voice quickened. “You’re married aren’t you? You have kids? You are dying? You are….”

“Becky, I love you.” I blurted out, halting her delirious questioning in her tracks. Silence. I knew she was still there as I could hear her breathing. “Becky? Talk to me….Please?”

“Say it again Neil.” she said quietly, breaking the silence.

“Becky, I love you.” I repeated. I was shaking uncontrollably.

“Aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” came the excited scream down the phone, so loud I had to hold it away from my ear. I was smiling like a cheshire cat and shaking even more than before. More screaming until, eventually, she had calmed a little. “I love you too you fucking idiot.” she blurted out, the smile in her voice.

“Nice.” I laughed in reply.

“Well, you had me worried you foolish man. I thought it was gonna be bad news the way you were going on.” she scolded playfully. “Now say it again and don’t ever stop saying it Neil.”

And I did say it again and soon we were chatting away. She laughed when I told her how nervous I was and how I thought she was going to put the phone down on me. I laughed when she told me she had been thinking about telling me and was scared that I would run a mile. The truth is, we both knew and now there was no turning back. This was no May-December affair. This was no sexual-ego boost session. This was the real thing and the next step, and the only step, was that we had to meet.

Chapter Two

I stepped out of the airport and the humid Florida air hit me. Finally I was here.Ten months and eight days after that first fateful meeting in the chat room it was all about to be as real as it would ever get. Over the past few weeks Becky and I had planned my trip like excited schoolkids. In one of our earlier conversations she had casually mentioned that even though she lived in Florida, she had never been to Disneyworld. So it seemed the perfect place and Becky had screamed her head off, again, when I mentioned it. I made my way over the nearby taxi area and hailed the first one and gave him the name of the hotel.

Every ten seconds or so I was looking at my watch. Luckily there were no delays to either my flight or getting through the airport as we had arranged to meet at 4pm local time in the hotel lobby. Even so, my nervousness was making me check what time it was at every available opportunity and my mind was racing. All sorts of questions were whirling around my brain. What if this, what if that. I mean, as real as it was over the past ten months, this was really real. Physically real. And I was scared. Really scared. As the cab pulled up, I took a deep breath.I retrieved my luggage, paid the driver and walked into the Hotel with my heart thumping ten to the dozen.

I looked around and saw two people checking in and that was it. All sorts of things were going through my mind. Perhaps she had got cold feet? No she would have called. Had anything happened to her on the way? No, she would have called. I checked my watch for the umpteenth time. OK, so I was ten minutes early. I drew breath again and wandered over to the double glass doors in front of me. Outstretched in front of me was a beautiful lake with all the guest rooms sprawling around it. I smiled to myself, imagining walking around this idyllic setting. I checked my watch once more and then heard the main doors open behind me.

Without looking I knew. Once again drawing breath, I slowly turned round and there she was in all her beautiful glory. Becky. My Becky. A smile lit up her face as she rushed towards me, screaming, and headlong into my arms. I knew everyone was watching as we held each other and heaven knows what they thought. But what they thought didn’t concern or bother me one iota. All my thoughts we filled with Becky. How she felt, how she smelt, how she looked. I was spinning her around as she clung on to me, the smile bursting and stretching my face, my eyes closed, hugging her into me. Finally, we stopped for a second and looked at each other. I wiped away a tear from her face and she blushed.

“Wow. I just hope you are Becky after that.” I said with a deadpan expression followed by a knowing wink.

“You know I bloody well am.” she replied laughing and planted a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Well now we have given our small audience a show, shall we erm..check in then.” And with that, hand in hand, our luggage being pulled behind us we made our way over to the desk.

As our room was near the lobby, we decided we would walk to our room which I had upgraded to a lake view room.

“You must be exhausted Neil. Good flight?” she asked

“Too long but worth every second. I got some sleep too.” I replied, winking suggestively.

Becky laughed. “Good. I don’t want you too tired. Not just yet.” She squeezed my arm.

“You know I am nervous don’t you babes?. You know how long its been and….” My voice trailed off as she put a finger to my lips and we stopped walking.

“I’m nervous as well Neil. You know about me and my life too remember. Only two lovers, and those for not long. And since I met you, I haven’t even so much as looked at another man. I feel like a virgin again but I know this is right. We are right. And together we will be fine. This is not some sleazy rendezvous in some backstreet motel. This is perfect, so romantic. Made for me and you.” She leaned over and kissed me softly on my lips.

I looked at her. “For one of tender years, you are such a wise woman.” And suddenly I was at ease.

“That’s why you love me. Beauty and brains.” She smiled, poking her tongue out at me.

I laughed and let her walk one step ahead of me. “And a nice ass.” Becky gave it a little wiggle and we carried on to our room.

My hand was shaking like a leaf as I slid the key card into the door. After all these months, finally we were to be together, alone at last. I yearned to touch her, to hold her, to make love to her but scared at the same time. The last time I was alone with another woman was now but a distant memory. The long weeks passing by one by one. I had told Becky everything, my heart pouring out over the past year and she took it all in her stride. “It’s OK Neil.” She always said. “I’m here and it’s gonna be fine.” But still it was there. The vision I have carried around for four years. The vision of walking into my house and finding my childhood sweetheart, the girl I had loved for seventeen years, dead on the floor. Heart attack the coroner reported. A rare disease it had said. I cried for weeks, months. I drank myself sober on countless occasions. All the plans we had just shattered, all the dreams and hopes gone. But inch by inch, I pulled myself together and I suppose the chat rooms were my healing process. I could talk to people without seeing them, without them knowing my heartache. And then along came Becky. That fateful day, those fateful words “Wanna Chat?” Two words that had led us to this moment.

Chapter Three

The door clicked open and in we went. The room wasn’t enormous, bigger than some rooms I had stayed in but it was perfect. I heard the door click shut and I looked around. There was Becky leaning against the now closed door, not five foot away from me. I flashed her a smile. “Alone at last.” was the best I could come up with.

“Yes, at last. And right now, there is one thing that we haven’t done yet.” she said, a softness in her voice. I raised an inquisitive eyebrow. “Kiss me Neil. Our first kiss. Kiss me.” she implored

I moved over to her and wrapped my two arms around her waist, her arms instinctively wrapping over my shoulders and around my neck. I leaned my head towards her and our lips touched for the very first time. They soon parted and our tongues softly explored each others mouths. It was gentleness allied with passion, a passion that I thought had died long, long ago. All of a sudden it was like I was released from my prison, my sentence over, the shackles gone. Our kiss grew deeper and deeper, our hands and fingers explored each others bodies over and over. For what seemed like an eternity we kissed, totally lost in the moment, totally lost in each other until we finally broke the kiss and stood looking at each other, smiling. No words were needed as I took Becky by the hand and led her over to the bed, leaving the luggage where it was.

In unison we both laid down on the bed and naturally our arms and legs entwined as we kissed again, this time more urgent, more needy. Becky reached for my t-shirt. “Slowly.” I whispered. I wanted to savour the moment, to take in every ounce of her beauty, every curve and contour of her body. We disrobed each other, kissing at every opportunity until we were left only in our underwear. It felt so natural, so right. I was still nervous inside, the butterflies were doing somersaults in my stomach, but the fear was subsiding. The fear that I had of being with someone else, the sense of betrayal that I thought I would fear, all vanishing with every passing second.

I heard those words in my head again but this time I saw who was speaking them. “It’s OK Neil. I’m here and it’s gonna be fine.” I took a deep breath and leaned over Becky, unclasping her bra. Her hands running up and down my spine. Pulling the straps off from her shoulders, the bra naturally fell away and she smiled. I ran the back off my hand over her perfectly formed breasts, brushing lightly against them. My fingers lightly grazing against her now stiff nipples. It was now or never. I moved my hand lower and my fingers inched into the waistband of her panties and slowly began to lower them. Becky raised her hips, her eyes never leaving mine as her panties travelled down her legs and over her ankles, pooling at the bottom of the bed. She was now naked and my eyes drank the most glorious of sights in.

“You look beautiful Becky.” I said softly.

“So do you Neil, so do you.” She replied, her eyes training down my body, only covered in a pair of boxer shorts.”Here, let me do that for you.” She winked at me and then slid her way down my body, leaving little butterfly kisses as she made her way so that her face was level with my waist.Hooking her fingers either side of the material she slowly pulled them over my now hard cock, half-exposing it. She lightly placed a kiss on the head, looking up at me. As she revealed the rest, she let her tongue slide down until it reached my balls. Swiftly she discarded my boxers and then slowly proceeded to lick my cock up and down. She smiled as she took the hardness in her hand and lowered her mouth onto it, her tongue swirling at the tip, I let out a moan and closed my eyes, feeling the sensations of her hands massaging my balls as she began to bob her head. Slowly inch by inch she took it into her talented mouth and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. She sensed this too and with a soft plop, released my cock from her mouth.

Crawling up my body, she came to me and kissed me fervently, hungrily. My hands moved up inside her legs, feeling the warmth and heat under my fingers as they inched there way higher up her thighs. My finger probed at her entrance, so wet and inviting, and I pushed it deep into her. A moan escaped from her mouth as we kissed and my finger probed. Breaking the kiss I pushed her hips up my body until her pussy was in line with my face. Gently, I guided her down onto me and I tasted her juices for the first time. She was so wet as I licked and probed her with my tongue. I could hear her breath quicken as my tongue swirled over her lips, every now and again flicking her clitoris with it’s tip. Faster I licked and she began to grind her hips on my face. Deeper I probed until she pushed down on to me and moaned over and over and again, her juice flowing freely over my lips, onto my tongue.

With one last kiss on her wet pussy, I pulled her off my face and over onto her back. I had to make love to her now and my cock was rock hard. My body was now over hers and her legs spread ever wider, wanting me as I wanted her. I positioned myself at her entrance, my tip feeling the wetness as I eased myself into her, the passion of many years exploding from their confines. When I was fully in her I stopped and looked at her. Her legs were wrapped around me and her arms were holding onto mine. It was pure heaven, nirvana. “Take me.” she mouthed. “I am yours now and forever. Please take me.”

And with that, I began to move in and out of her. Our slow rhythm joining each others as we became one. Kissing and caressing as we made love to each, our bodies against each other as I moved deeper into her. Each movement, she pulled me into her. This was not just sex. This was pure love, on a higher plain to anything I had ever known before. And the moment was getting nearer and nearer as our pace increased and our breathing quickened. She was first to reach orgasm, clamping her legs around me, digging her nails into my back, screaming my name over and over. I rode her through the first and on into her second and third orgasms, knowing that now it was my turn to reach such heights. One last deep hard push and my body stiffened, my cum rising out of my cock and deep into Becky. I let out a loud cry as my orgasm exploded from me in a torrent. Spurt after spurt emanated from me deep into her, my passion captive no more. And then, finally, I was spent and I felt Becky planting little kisses on my cheeks and neck. Her legs still wrapped around me, her hips just moving slightly so I would not be released from her.

We stayed like that for about ten minutes. Just kissing and moving. No words once again needed. Eventually we disentangled and then lay in each others arms, smiling, satisfied and amazingly happy.

I was first to break the silence. “You were right.” I stated

“About what?” she asked

“You said it was gonna be alright.” I mimicked her voice as I said it. “And it was.”

Becky smiled and nuzzled back into my neck. “I love you Neil.”

“I love you too Becky.”

I closed my eyes. No more words were needed.

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