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Jackie’s Problem

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Sitting out on the back deck I do not always hear the doorbell when it rings. I should probably fix that problem some day since I spend so much time out here enjoying the view and sun. Then again I do not get many unexpected guests.

I live on the outskirts of town on a large bluff. The back of my home faces the south towards the city and the view is spectacular.

The view was the main reason I choose this spot to build, that and it is quiet and peaceful without a neighbor within a mile. The large expansive deck and patio is where I spend most of my nights and some days as I work from home.

It is Friday, midafternoon, the sun high in the sky with a temperature of nearly 80 degrees. It is very pleasant out here sitting under the covered area of the deck. With iced tea in hand I was just getting ready to light the first cigar of the day. I save my cigar time until after my work day is complete so that I can enjoy the time it takes to really appreciate the craftsmanship.

I moistened the wrap, clipped the end and placed the cigar to my lips to light. Clyde, my German Shepard, lifted his head, ears alert. Being that I just walked outside minutes ago, I did not see the car drive up the private road. Clyde rose, walked to the door, and looked back at me. Looking at Clyde I asked, “What is it boy?” With that he pranced into the house towards the front door. With a sigh I followed.

Sure enough the doorbell rang again. “Good boy Clyde,” I said as I rubbed between his ears.

I wasn’t expecting company; I was dressed in only a pair of linen shorts. The bell rang again, as if somebody was impatient. I walked a little faster and opened it.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Walsh,” breathed an excited Jaclyn or Jackie as she preferred.

Jackie is my housekeeper. She normally arrives on Thursdays, which she had done just the day before, to clean my home. She works for a service in town and she was assigned my place to clean once a week. She attends the local university and I believe she is in her second year. I am not sure on this point since I never asked; she rarely opens up about her personal life. She usually shows up, lets herself in, does her work and is off.

“Jackie, what’s the matter?” I said. Her makeup was smudged around her eyes as if she had been crying.

“Mr. Walsh, can I come in and talk with you?” Jackie asked while looking down at her feet.

“Sure Jackie, I was just out on the back deck when you arrived. Would you like something to drink, lemonade, iced tea, water?”

“Do you have anything stronger Mr. Walsh? I sure could use something to calm my nerves.”

“Sure thing Jackie, help yourself, you know where everything is. I will be out back. Come and join me there.”

Jackie is a cute, petite girl, standing probably no more than 5’2″ and 100 pounds. She has long raven hair, big brown eyes, a button nose and full reddish lips. Her hips flair out just right for her frame, her legs are muscular but not big and her breasts are probably a large B cup.

Jackie poured herself a straight shot of bourbon, quickly drank it down and poured another. With the second glass poured she walked out to the deck where I was sitting. She already looked much calmer. Sitting across from me she gazed across the valley over the city. She obviously had something on her mind and it must be heavy on her shoulders considering she drove out here to talk with me. I hardly know the girl.

Giving her some time I took a sip of my tea and decided to light that cigar that I was getting ready to enjoy. With the cigar lit I sank into my chair as if Jackie wasn’t even there. I gazed out across the city, too.

“It’s very beautiful up here,” Jackie said breaking the silence.

“Yes it is,” I answered. “This is the reason I picked this spot for my home.”

“Do you get lonely up here all by yourself?” said Jackie, “I mean you hardly ever leave especially since you work here to.”

“Oh, I get to town a few times a week. I meet with clients, shop for groceries, go out to dinner,” I responded.

“Yes, I suppose you do,” Jackie contemplated.

More silence ensued. Clyde was lying next to Jackie and I was puffing on my cigar. I was in no hurry before Jackie arrived; I guess I shouldn’t be in a hurry now. I was more curious than anything. I was sure she had a good reason for coming, but looking at her slightly disheveled state I was not going to press, at least not yet.

After about fifteen minutes I rose from my chair, grabbed both glasses and walked into the house. From the kitchen I could see Jackie sitting, gazing out over the city. I would assume with whatever was on her mind see really didn’t see anything. Jackie’s feet were stretched out in front of her, her feet were bare. I could see the week old polish on her toes, some shade of red and starting to peel. Her legs were tan and I could make out all the muscles up her calves and over her thighs. They were twitching slightly; apparently she was unable to relax. From this angle I could not see her short denim shorts. She looked naked from the waist down. My mind wandered with that observation. I wondered why I never noticed those legs before. Probably because she worked and then left, always wearing appropriate clothing. The service must have a loose dress code, no provocative clothing.

Shaking my head clear I reached for a new glass for me, walked to the fridge and tumbled a couple of cubes of ice in each glass. I walked over to the liquor cabinet, grabbed the bourbon and poured three fingers each.

I paused again on my way out the door and gazed once more at Jackie sitting there. The angle this time was different. Jackie’s long hair cascaded across the back of the chair, the strap of her tank top invisible making her shoulders appear bare. Her breasts from this angle looked larger than I am sure they are and her nipple was erect. “Curious,” I thought, “she must not be wearing a bra.”

I stepped out and placed a refilled glass at her side and then settled into my own chair. Again silence.

I could only be so patient so I decided to give her only a few more minutes before I spoke.

Jackie took a small taste of the bourbon, set down the glass and turned to me. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, but I did not turn.

“Mr. Walsh,” said Jackie.

I turned to look at her. Her big brown doe eyes were looking directly into mine. “Jackie, since you are here for reasons other than work, call me Mike.”

“OK … Mike, I have a serious problem and I needed to run. I didn’t know where to go, but I thought of you and this house out of town. I thought it might be safe until I figure things out.”

“Safe here, how long are you planning on staying?” I asked.

“Well,” Jackie paused for a long moment, “I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.”

“Jackie, on a scale of one to ten, how serious is this problem of yours?”

Without hesitation Jackie said, “Eleven.”

“That serious huh?” I was young once and I remember the serious problems I encountered. In looking back at my “elevens” they were really no more than maybe a three or four. “I can see in your face that the wheels in your head are spinning. Why don’t you stay here for the night and if you are up to it in the morning we can talk more.”

Jackie’s shoulders dropped, it looked as if a weight had been lifted and she could somewhat relax. “Thank you Mike, I really could use a night to think.”

Clyde, sitting next to Jackie, lifted his ears and he sat his chin on her thigh. Dogs must know more of what is going on than we give them credit for. Jackie smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck to give him a big squeeze. I think Clyde was smiling at me.

I would be smiling too.

Jackie stood, excused herself into the house, as I sank back into my chair. I grabbed my cigar in my right hand and my bourbon in my left and contemplated the previous events.

“What could be so serious to a girl only twenty … how old was she?”

“Was she wearing a bra under that tank top?”

“Where is her family, did she live alone here in town?”

“I wonder if she shaves, trims or is au naturel.”

“Is she having boyfriend troubles?”

“Of the $100 a week I pay the cleaning service how much does Jackie get?”

Breaking me out of my thought Jackie stood in the doorway to the house. “Mike, I am making dinner tonight. What should we have? I didn’t look in the kitchen; I didn’t want you thinking I was snooping.”

“Jackie, I haven’t thought that far ahead, I usually go into town on Fridays a get a bite at McGruder’s.”

Jackie’s eyes dropped to the floor, “Ok, you mind if I find a little something for me here?”

“Jackie, why don’t you join me?”

“Oh no, I can’t go back into town, not tonight.”

“Well then, I guess we can browse the kitchen and see what we have. There won’t be much. I usually drive to town on Saturday to grocery shop.”

“Mike, you stay there. I will see what to make.” With that Jackie turned and disappeared once again.

Fifteen minutes later Jackie reappeared. She had the bottle of bourbon in her hand and refreshed my glass. “I found a couple of steaks in the freezer, one potato I will bake and we can split, and enough for a small salad. Does that sound all right with you?”

“Delicious. Everything is better when prepared for you.”

“The steaks will take a little while to thaw, would you mind if I took a shower while we wait? ”

“Not at all,” I said, “make yourself at home tonight. You probably know more than me about where everything is.”

With that she pranced into the house again. She does look like she feels better; again “elevens” are many times a three or four.

Forty-five minutes later I heard Jackie in the kitchen. I just finished the last of my bourbon and my cigar. Moments later she appeared and walked to the edge of the deck. She was wearing one of my t-shirts. She placed her arms on the railing, lifted her heals and bent at the waist as she leaned forward. Her calves became taut and the bottom of the t-shirt rose up her thighs. The way she was angled and the position of the sun Jackie was silhouetted in such a way I could see the outline of her legs where they joined in paradise. I could not see her sex, but I could definitely imagine. She inhaled a deep breath and turned.

My eyes were still at the level of her pussy, she caught me looking. With the light on her back my previous question still went unanswered. I glanced up slowly to her breasts, her nipples visible under the light cotton. Father up her lips were slightly parted, a small smile formed. Her eyes were expressive, definitely not the girl that walked into my house earlier this afternoon. The make-up smudges were gone; her face was clean and without makeup. Jackie was absolutely gorgeous.

I smiled back. “You look like you feel better.”

“I do, thank you. I will start dinner in a few minutes; I hope you don’t mind if I borrowed a shirt. I didn’t bring any other clothes. I put mine in the wash so they would be clean for tomorrow.”

“Not at all Jackie, in fact it looks better on you than it could ever look on me.”

Dinner was wonderful and simple; the red wine Jackie picked went well with the steak. The conversation was light. Jackie seemed to have forgotten what brought her here. She cleaned up for us and again we found ourselves on the deck. The sun was down and the lights below illuminated the city. The sky was clear and the temperature dropped into the low seventies. I could see that Jackie’s nipples were hard under the t-shirt. Her legs were stretched out in front of her and slightly parted. The result was that the t-shirt was high on her thighs. If I was in front of her looking on I am sure the view would be much better than the city below us.

A quiet hour later Jackie stood, stretched and retired for the night.

Soon after I went to the master bedroom, stripped naked and settled on top of the covers. My hand rested on my cock seemingly on its own. My mind flashed across the afternoon, Jackie’s watery eyes when she first arrived, her long muscular legs, her nipples poking against the thin cotton, the sun shining through the t-shirt, the silhouette of her sex. Before I knew it my cock exploded, cum spurting up to my chest, pooling on my stomach and dripping down my hand.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned up, returned to bed and was fast asleep.

Morning came with the smell of fresh coffee. Looking through the kitchen window I saw Jackie leaning against the railing looking down the valley. The sun wasn’t in the right position to get the same view as the day before, but I am positive my ass doesn’t look that good while wearing my own t-shirt. I poured a cup of coffee. I was wearing pajama pants, my cock semi-erect and swaying as I walked. Jackie turned and looked then turned back to the view.

I was sitting now, still admiring my own new view and said, “Jackie, are you ready to talk?”

She turned again, walked to the chair and sat.

With a deep breath, then an exhale, it all came out.

“Yesterday morning I drove 200 miles to this town across the state line to pick up some drugs and deliver them to another town. While driving down the highway I felt like I was being followed and pulled into a busy rest area. Freaked out I took the drugs into the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet.

I came back here and while I was pacing around my apartment my phone rang about a half an hour after I was supposed to show. I didn’t answer; they hung up and called again, over and over. Since I didn’t answer any of the calls I got a text which said, **Where are my fucking drugs BITCH**. I dropped the phone and started crying then the phone beeped again. Another text, **You have one hour or you are dead**. That was yesterday, I haven’t heard back.

I ran out of my apartment crying, got into my car and drove around for about an hour. Then I realized that the place I picked up the drugs would know my car. I freaked again, not knowing where to go I drove my car straight here. It is way out of the way, they couldn’t possibly know where I am. I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have come here. I will go get my clothes and leave.”

I don’t think she took a breath, it all came out so fast. I had questions.

“Jackie, first take a deep breath, then tell me where your keys are, I will park the car in the garage.”

With that I walked into the spare room, got the keys and promptly moved the car. I walked back into the house and back out to the deck. Jackie was curled up on the chair; her knees were to her chest, her feet flat on the chair, her head resting on top of her knees. From the way I approached I now knew the answer to my question, trimmed.

The way she was sitting made her fully exposed. I am not sure if she realized that her pussy was on full display or if she even cared. Her pussy lips were plump, but not from arousal, that was their natural state.

I turned around, walked back into the house and up to my room. I retrieved a pair of boxer shorts and returned to the deck.

“Jackie, put these on.”

She looked up, embarrassed. Her cheeks did not turn red since they were already red from her story. She stood, turned away from me and slipped on the boxers. “Thank you,” she said and sat back down. “Mr. Walsh you have been very kind and I am sorry that I have bothered you. I don’t want you involved so I need to leave and figure this all out.”

I kneeled down in front of her and said, “Jaclyn,” I reached up and brushed the hair from her face. I could tell that her big brown eyes were getting ready to tear up. “Let me ask you some questions first, then let me see what I can do to help.”

I sat back down across from her and thought for a moment.

“Was this the first time you have done this?”

“Yes, I was desperate, my rent is due and I am really short on the money I need.”

I looked at her. “Have you asked your parents for help?”

She looked down at her feet; she is curled up in the same position as before but now the boxers are covering her. “I don’t have any parents. I was in and out of foster care since I was eight and I moved west when I got out of high school. After about three years I moved here and decided to try to go to college. I was tired of moving around, being homeless and afraid.”

“I see,” I said. “Have you told anyone else about this? How did you come across these people to run drugs for?”

“Well, I called a friend from the last place I lived and asked her if she knew of some quick work that I could do to make a few hundred dollars. She said she was still prostituting, but not on the street anymore; she was using the internet. I don’t want to do that again I said.”

“Again,” I said, apparently out loud though I meant to say that to myself.

Jackie looked away, her voice quieted a notch, “Yes, again. I am not proud that I did that, I needed to. I was on my own and needed to survive. I watched the girls around me get hooked on various drugs. I didn’t want that, that is why I was turned to foster care. My parents were addicts.”

“I am sorry to hear that, Jackie,” I said and I genuinely meant it.

She turned back to me, she was looking in my eyes, I think trying to read me. Her brown eyes were beautiful. I stared back. She smiled at me and said, “thank you Mr. Walsh.”

“No more Mr. Walsh, remember its Mike.”

“OK, Mike it is. Anyway my friend told me she was running drugs up the interstate and they pay her $300 a trip. I needed about $500 to pay my rent and buy some food, so I thought two trips would get me back on track. Since it is summer my student aid stopped until the fall term. The housekeeping agency doesn’t pay enough for me to live. Being a college town work is hard to find in the summer.”

That I can understand, about 20,000 students vacate the town for the summer. Tourism brings in a few people during the summer with all of the outdoor activities but those jobs are hard to come by.

“Do these people know where to find you? Do they know where you live here?”

“I don’t think they know unless my friend told them. She doesn’t know exactly where I live but she does know where I go to school.”

“Jackie, can I have your phone?”

Jackie got up and went into the house. She retrieved her phone and brought it back. I looked at the texts, nothing new.

I started typing on her phone, she looked a little scared.

**I don’t have the drugs anymore, I was being followed and flushed them**

We waited, but not for long. A text came back.

I looked at Jackie, “Is this your everyday phone?”


I opened the new text and read it. **BITCH I am at your school I only had to hit Caitlyn five times to get her to talk I will find you**

I looked back at Jackie, she was standing behind me. She wasn’t really crying but tears were running down her cheeks. Her hands were shaking a little. She reached around me; her head rested on my shoulder and she said, “I am scared.”

I turned and started typing again, **what can I do to make this right**

Moments later the phone beeped, then beeped again.

**I want my drugs + $2k or $8k plus $2k for my trouble**

**or I want your ass you are going to work it off**

“Do you have any idea who this guy is?” I asked.

Jackie shook her head.

I put the phone down. Jackie walked over to the railing. She looked sick.

“Well we only have one choice to get you out of this,” I said.

Jackie turned, “I don’t have enough money to pay my rent, the drugs are gone, so the only choice is to run.”

“Well I wasn’t thinking that, so I guess you have two choices.”

Jackie didn’t smile, instead she ran into the house and into the guest room.

I slowly followed. The door was ajar so I walked in. “Oh, sorry,” I said. I just as quickly backed up and closed the door.

Jackie was naked, from the angle I was at in the door way I could only see her from behind. Her long hair cascaded forward as she was bent over putting on her panties. Her right leg was bent and raised off the ground as she put her foot through to one side, her pussy on full display once again. Leaning forward her breasts swung slightly as she moved. She was in a hurry.

I waited a few moments and knocked.

Jackie opened the door and walked past toward the garage. As she walked she was looking in her purse, I would assume for her keys.

I reached in my pocket, grabbed the keys and held the up for when she figured why she didn’t have them any longer.

She turned to face me.

“I moved your car, remember?”

She approached me to grab them but I placed them back in my pocket. “Jackie, let’s talk. Running will not fix your problems, only postpone them.”

“Mr. Walsh…”

“Mr. Walsh again,” I thought.

“I appreciate you letting me stay here last night so I could think, but I need to leave, I have no other option.”

I looked into those brown eyes. “Give me fifteen minutes to talk, just fifteen minutes.”

With a deep sigh Jackie turned and walked into the living room. She plopped herself down in a chair, arms crossed and waited.

I followed and sat across from her. “Look Jackie, I know this is overwhelming, but let’s see if we can come up with a solution. Maybe we can go to the cops and tell them what happened.”

“NO! No cops. They will just come after me anyway, if not this guy then one of his buddies.”

“Ok,” I said, “how about we get the money…”

“We? We get the money? I don’t have any money.”

“I get the money, find a drop site, text this asshole and tell him where it is. We watch him get it, take his license plate just in case, take a couple pictures and drive back up here.”

Much calmer, Jackie looked me again in the eyes. She has such beautiful eyes. “Mr. Walsh, thank you again, but I don’t want you involved. I have taken care of myself this long I will figure it out on my own.”

“Jackie, I didn’t get this far in life alone,” I said. “There were many times I needed a little help.”

“This is not a little help, Mr. Walsh, this is a lot of money, money I cannot repay.”

“We can work something out, a long term loan. You get through college, find a job, then we can talk about repayment.”

Clyde was again sitting next to Jackie, his chin on her knee. Jackie was petting him between the ears, thinking.

“Ok Mr. Walsh, I will go with your plan.”

“Good, now you’re thinking clear.” I stood up, “I am keeping your keys till we leave just in case you have ideas,” I said as I walked to my room.

I took a shower, put on fresh clothes and went to my office. Jackie was still in the living room with Clyde. I opened my safe, counted out $10,000, walked into the kitchen and placed the money in a paper bag.

When I turned Jackie was standing behind me. “You have $10,000 just lying around?”

“Well, I might need it in a hurry,” I said.

“For what?” asked Jackie.

“Well… for times like this,” I said.

Twenty minutes later we were in town. I drove on the highway to the far side by the river and pulled into a park. Being Saturday morning the park was well occupied. It was little league season and the baseball fields were full of kids playing and people in the stands yelling and cheering. I got out, placed the bag in a garbage can near the parking lot and went back to the car.

I pulled out Jackie’s phone. I turned to look at her. “Monday we are putting you on my plan and changing your number.” I looked down and starting typing.

**Your money is at Finley Park on the south side of town in a garbage can on the east side of the parking lot. It is in a brown paper bag**

I drove a few rows back and parked facing the garbage can. Jackie’s phone beeped.

**Better be BITCH better be all there**

We waited about twenty minutes. An old gold Cadillac pulled in with three guys sitting inside. The driver pulled up and the passenger in the back jumped out, ran to the garbage can and grabbed the bag. They sat there for a couple of minutes apparently counting the money. I snapped pictures of the car and its passengers. As they drove off I snapped a couple more.

The phone beeped once more.

**I better not ever see you again or your ass is mine**

I looked at Jackie and she looked at me. We both gave a big sigh and leaned back in our seats.

“You think this is over?” she asked.

“I can only assume so. I doubt they will want to cause more trouble since they got their money.”

“I hope so.”

“You learn anything today?” I asked.

“Yes, a few things. Don’t dump someone else’s drugs in the toilet. Look for possible solutions before you run and that you have been very kind and a perfect gentleman.”

“Perfect is questionable, gentleman… well, I try.”

“Mr. Walsh … um I mean Mike, you have been so nice. You offered me a place to stay, you talked me through options, you covered me up when I was vulnerable, you walked out of my room when I was changing and you loaned me $10,000.”

“We should talk about that,” I said I as I started the car and drove home.

On the way to the house we stopped by Jackie’s apartment to gather a few things. She agreed to stay at my place for a week until we were sure the guys wouldn’t come back. We also stopped by the grocery store to pick up some food. Jackie offered to pay, but I reminded her she needed rent money more than I needed grocery money.

When we arrived home it was after two in the afternoon. I was starving. Jackie ran into the kitchen, unpacked the groceries and proceeded to make us lunch. Clyde was at her side the whole time. I thought he liked her and I thought I liked her as well.

Late that afternoon I was outside on the deck enjoying a bourbon and Jackie was sitting next to me with a glass of wine. Jackie turned her head towards me and said, “I could get used to this. Mike, would you mind if I take a bath in the master bath? It is so pretty up there with the view.”

“Not at all Jackie, make yourself at home for the week.”

With that she rose and scampered off.

I got up, refilled the bourbon, retrieved a cigar and sat back down. An hour later Jackie reappeared.

“I feel much better now.”

I turned my head and watched Jackie walk to the railing. The sun was almost in the exact place it was yesterday when she was standing there wearing only my t-shirt. This time however she was not wearing that t-shirt. Jackie was wearing a pink camisole.

The camisole was cut very low in the back, almost to the top of her ass. It had thin straps that crossed over the opening apparently to keep it from falling off her shoulders. Like the night before, the sun shone right through the skirt portion that went to mid-thigh. But unlike yesterday I could clearly see her sex as she leaned forward on the rail.

Jackie flipped her hair as she turned her head back to me. She smiled and turned around. The front was equally as sexy. She placed her elbows on the railing which caused her breasts to push forward. The front of the camisole was equally sheer and the neckline plunged deep into her cleavage. The tops of her breasts were uncovered and the lace trim crossed along her nipples. The air was not cool, but her nipples were hard.

I looked father down across her stomach. She has a small piercing in her navel. Farther south I could see the small triangular patch of hair above her pussy. Oh and her pussy, even through the material I could see her lips. They were full and inviting.

I stood, my cock throbbing in my shorts, I walked toward her. Since I am a full foot taller she looked up with her eyes, her chin still down. I gently reached for her chin and lifted it up. Jackie’s eyes were half closed. I leaned in, her mouth puckered and we kissed.

It was a soft kiss, her lips were moist. My hands tilted her face towards mine. I pulled back and looked back into those eyes that had me mesmerized for the last 36 hours. Her eye lids were heavy, her body relaxed for the first time since she walked in the door.

It felt like I was holding her up by her cheeks. I leaned in again and kissed her this time with more urgency. I nibbled her lips and sucked them into my mouth, first the upper lip then the lower. I opened my mouth slightly and pressed her lips with my tongue and she responded. Our tongues touched and she let out a soft whine. I pulled her in closer as she wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled back. My hard cock pressed into her torso, her breasts pressed hard against my rib cage.

I pulled back again. Jackie was breathing hard. She leaned in, rose to her toes and kissed my neck. Her hands moved around grabbed my shirt and lifted it over my head. She lowered her head and kissed my chest, her hands rubbing all over. She took my right nipple in her mouth and flicked her tongue across it, then gently nibbled. After a few moments she moved to the left nipple and gave it equal attention. Her hands roamed father down to the waistband of my shorts, my hands still holding her head.

Jackie kissed down my stomach; she found my belly button and pressed her tongue into it. Her fingers released the button on my shorts and with her right hand she pulled down the zipper. She put her thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and briefs and pulled them down around my ass, my hard cock preventing the front form moving.

I released her head as she knelt on the ground, her head even with my cock. Her hands came back around and she grabbed the waist band with her left hand and pulled it out and down. My cock sprang free and she grabbed it with her right hand. She squeezed the base, leaned forward and kissed the head with little kisses over and over.

I was looking down, my cock pointing straight at her. My cock is not overly large, but not small. Her small hand made it look bigger. Her left hand was lifting my balls and gently squeezing.

She pulled back slightly and looked at me in the eyes. She rubbed the head of my cock on her cheeks and across her lips. One more time around she stopped, my cock resting on her bottom lip as she was gazing into my eyes. Then without breaking eye contact she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock whole. When she reached the base her eyes fluttered then closed.

I let out a gasp. Never has a woman taken me in such a manner. I lifted my chin, closed my eyes and pressed forward at the hips giving her all of me.

She paused, my cock completely in her mouth, she swallowed. The feeling of the tightness in her throat was simply amazing. After a moment she pulled away, her tongue swirled around the head, then back down till her nose pressed against my skin. Over and over she did this with a slow agonizing pace. I could feel every ridge in her mouth. Every time she moved forward I pressed my hips into her.

She kept this up for a long time. My breathing quickened. I was getting closer. I reached down again, my hands wrapped in her hair. I was now moving her head for her, as her hands gripped my ass moving my hips for me. Suddenly I pressed forward holding her head, her nose pressed against my skin. My cock pulsed in her mouth. Jackie’s eyes fluttered as my cum jetted down her throat. With each pulse over I pulled out slightly and pressed forward again as the next jet of cum exploded from my cock.

This happened eight times total. Jackie swallowed every drop. When I was done I grabbed her arms and lifted her. I grabbed her face and kissed her. I whispered in her ear breathlessly, “That was simply amazing. I have never cum like that before.” With that she smiled.

I took Jackie’s hand and led her to the chaise lounge. I kissed her again and lowered her down. My hands reached for her breasts, her nipples were hard. I pinched and squeezed, she moaned. Her breasts were slightly bigger than my hands, they felt wonderful.

I laid Jackie down and knelt between her legs. The sun behind me was almost gone, but gave enough orange light for me to admire her sex. Her lips were more swollen then they were the day before, now she was excited. They naturally spread as the blood throbbed through causing them to turn a darker pink. I lowered my face down and gave her a barely there gentle kiss. I saw her shiver. She tasted heavenly. I inhaled deeply filling my nostrils with her musky scent. I looked up at her, she was propping herself up on her elbows. Her stomach was taut and flexed. I lowered down farther, eyes still locked on to hers, and licked her from her rose bud to her clit. Her stomach rippled.

I could not hold back any longer. I closed my eyes and starting making love to her with my lips, teeth and tongue. I nibbled here, and licked there. She placed her feet flat on the chaise; her knees fell to the side. I rubbed her clit with my right thumb as I licked around and between her lips. With my left thumb I circled her rose bud which was moist with her flow of pussy juice.

“Oh, oh, oh, “Jackie was panting. She would hold her breath then again, “Oh, oh, oh.” And silence. Over and over her chant continued as I assaulted her pussy.

As she was getting close she pressed down on her heels and lifted her ass off the chaise. I was still rubbing her clit with more pressure. My left thumb pressed steady on her rose bud. I continued to lap at her sweetness and as she cried one final, “OHhhhhhh GOD, I am cumming,” I pressed my thumb into her ass.

Jackie squealed, held her breath and shook, paused and shook. Her eyes were rolled back, her mouth open, screaming silently. She lowered her hips back down to the chaise and clamped her legs around my head. “Stop,” she said in a breathy voice. I pushed her knees slightly apart and knelt straight up.

I lifted her ankles and laid her legs straight. I kissed her feet, shins and thighs. I skipped past her cunt and kissed her belly lifting the camisole as I went. I reached her rib cage and lifted the sheer material over her breasts. I palmed them and rubbed gently.

Jackie’s breathing was returning to normal as she lay still. I moved my right hand and kissed her left breast, and then I moved my left hand and kissed her right breast. Her head was flat, eyes looking up at the stars, both artificial and real. I looked up and watched her nostrils flare. I lifted my head and kissed her neck, her chin, just below her ear. Jackie wrapped her arms around me. I placed hands on her head and kissed her mouth as gently as I could.

She took one last deep breath and exhaled. “I have never felt that wonderful in my entire life!”

I kissed her again, stood and took her hand to help her up. I placed my right arm behind her shoulders, lowered and placed my left hand under her knees and lifted her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my chest. I carried her up to my bedroom.

Once in the room I set her down on the bed. I lifted all the shades on the windows and the city lights came into view. I then opened the windows and the night’s fresh air came wafting into the room. I returned to Jackie and stood in front of her; I reached for the hem of her camisole and lifted it over her head.

Jackie leaned back and scooted up to the head of the bed resting her head on the pillows. I crawled up following her placing my legs on the outside of hers. I lowered myself onto my elbows and kissed her lips. She kissed back grabbing my face in her hands.

I lowered my cock down and rubbed it along her swollen lips. They were still wet with her moisture and saliva. My cock slipped effortlessly along her cleft and against her clit.

After a long time of kissing and rubbing I lifted my right leg and she moved her left to the side following with the other leg. I lowered myself again and placed my cock between her legs. I pressed forward and the tip of my cock slipped into her cunt. I paused and she gasped. Jackie pushed down toward me, silently urging more of me inside. Looking deep in her eyes I pressed forward again, another inch swallowed, and I paused again.

I leaned in as she lifted up and we kissed again. With that I pressed fully into her. Jackie’s breath escaped her lips. Slowly I withdrew to the head and just as slowly pressed back inside. Our pace was slow and loving.

Jackie still grasping my face, we continued to kiss. Our tongues danced a tango as my cock rhythmically sawed in and out. We continued this for a very long time. The passion was intense.

As our bodies were heating up our pace quickened until I suddenly stopped. Jackie’s eyes opened in a flash and I grinned. I removed my cock from inside her and she whimpered. I lifted my legs one at a time to the outside of each of hers. I reached down around her waist and flipped her over. Jackie giggled, then said, “I love a strong man who is in control.”

Grabbing a pillow from the bed I again lifted her hips and slid the pillow under them, raising her ass up. What a beautiful sight. I scooted down the bed, my knees on each side of her feet. I grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and spread wide. I licked her pussy again and again. Jackie groaned. I searched and searched her insides again until she was wriggling under me.

At that moment I moved slightly forward and plunged my tongue into her sweet rose bud. I wiggled my tongue around and moved it in and out. She pressed her ass into my face as I continued my attack. Finally I rose, scooted forward again until my knees pressed into the side of her hips, my ankles at her knees.

I leaned down, pulled Jackie’s hair aside and kissed her neck then nibbled her ear. I told her to cross her ankles and lifted off of her. I grabbed my cock, pointed it down and entered her cunt in one long thrust.

Jackie’s head raised, she inhaled and held her breath. I pressed both palms into the small of her back making the angle greater. I started thrusting slowly and picked up my pace. After a short time my hips were thrusting quickly. I pulled out to the head of my cock and buried myself completely. At this angle I was able to bottom out completely hitting her cervix with each thrust.

Each time I entered she groaned, “Oh God, Oh yes, Oh God, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.”

I continued my assault from behind, Jackie screamed, “OHHH GOD, I’M CUMMMMING!!!”

With that I pressed my right thumb deep into her rose bud, Jackie shook violently.

Sweat was dripping from my forehead and my chest. Jackie’s back glistened with her own sweat.

Jackie was entering a second orgasm as I tried to push deeper inside her, faster and faster. Her cunt was on fire, I could feel the heat. With one final thrust I buried all my length into her sopping cunt. My cock pulsing, Jackie’s head arched up, her ass pressed back and she froze.

As the stream of my cum came to an end I held myself into Jackie as she shook with convulsions. Finally she relaxed and collapsed on the bed, I collapsed on top of her. I grabbed her hands under mine and fanned them out to our sides, my weight on hers, our breathing hard.

After a moment I rolled off of her. She rose to her elbows, leaned over and kissed me, then kissed me again. She laid her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her then we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with the sun shining in from the open windows. Jackie’s head was bobbing up and down on my hard cock. I looked down; she paused, lifted, smiled and said, “good morning.” Then she went back to it. I didn’t last long. I lifted my hips and came, she paused, pressing her nose to my skin and swallowed. She waited until my hips dropped down to the mattress, crawled up to my face and kissed me. Then she was off, giggling.

I got up and went into the bathroom, washed and put on some sweat pants. I walked to the kitchen; the smell of fresh coffee filled my senses. Jackie filled me a cup. Shewa’s still naked.

The week she was supposed to only stay went quickly. Needless to say she didn’t leave.

Jackie finished college and took part time work at a shelter helping troubled youth. I still worked part time with my consulting business.

I lavished Jackie with gifts and spoiled her with love. I was in love. I treated her as the princess I saw in her and she in return kept me full of youth. Our house became clothing optional, I loved watching her parade around in nothing but a smile.

I can say that the debt she owned was paid back with a million percent interest.

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