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International Relations

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I was in Manila for business for 10 days, and had a lot to accomplish, but didn’t know the local culture, or have many local contacts. Through an old school friend, I contacted the Chair of the Industrial Engineering Department of De La Salle University to get a recommendation for a highly professional student who could act as my local liaison for the week.

I knew I only had one chance to make my first impression here, and if I entered the country incorrectly, I could never succeed in my efforts. So, I needed someone who could teach me the nuances of developing proper trustful relationships in the local culture, who might have a few contacts of their own, and whom I could deeply and intimately trust.

I briefly interviewed the few students he recommended on the phone and via email. I quickly settled on one student, a bright young woman named Kate to help me out. Kate had a calm, but professionally determined way about her. She seemed to know how to conduct herself in difficult situations, and had a fairly shrewd air about her, while being 100% feminine, a plus in this culture.

Kate is one of those exceptionally bright women, one who has pure beauty as well as being well educated and with lots of common sense. I was nervous; because I wanted to keep this relationship strictly professional and I was afraid it could otherwise injure my business opportunities. So, Kate and I first met in a coffee shop just outside my hotel.

It was my first day, so I was still jet lagged, and Kate was early. As I entered, I was able to pick her out of the crowded shop and carefully introduced myself while shaking hands. Kate had a firm, but gentle handshake, and smile that shown like the sun shines. As it turns out, Kate is a Junior at the De La Salle University and needed the extra income to pay for some of her school expenses.

I was hoping she would be much less attractive, because I didn’t want distractions from my work. Unfortunately, Kate turned out to be exactly the physical type that I loved and dreamt about. She was tall, about 5’5″ and thin, jet black hair, firm body, small firm breasts that jiggle just a little as she bounced in her high heels, a tight firm rear end with long slender firm legs.

I decided immediately to redouble my efforts to keep this relationship strictly professional. We quickly reviewed what I was doing in Manila , what I had to accomplish and who I was meeting, and what I expected. After asking her what she wanted to gain (she desperately needed the extra money and an excellent recommendation for next years’ competitive job search), I emphasized that I expected total loyalty in this relationship. I wouldn’t tolerate the slightest disloyalty. The last thing I needed, or could afford was my liaison undermining my efforts and setting me up to be taken by the locals. So, I promised to pay her very well, give her a phenomenal recommendation, and a substantial cash bonus if she did as I requested. Without saying as much, I let her know that if she showed any disloyalty, she would get a terrible recommendation that would ruin her career.

Kate comes from a well to do family, so she immediately understood why I needed help and thought of a few contacts that she could bring me to assure success. She was also experienced enough to guide me on the local cultural aspects required for properly conducting myself.

Kate made a few phone calls and within four hours we had met two of 5 people she thought could help educate me on local business issues before I attended my scheduled business meetings. Grateful, I took her out for a very nice dinner and chatted comfortably together. Kate was a bit shy, and possibly a little intimidated with our professional relationship, but she more than held her own.

Later, Kate took me to Tito Rey for highly rated Filipino food. I really wanted to try out the restaurant before entertaining my guests later that week. Dinner was great, and Kate carefully introduced me to the local seafood cuisines including Bagoong which is a fish delicacy, Tahong (steamed Mussels), all served with Gulay (cooked vegetables).

Kate ordered Chicken Adobo, which is chicken cooked in a sweet soy sauce and vinegar and served with rice. She shared her adobo with me, and I should have figured out who she was from this episode.

Kate ordered all these different foods for me to try, and to share them with me, she would place the food on her fork, then lean towards me, placing her free hand on my lap, and then feeding me the food of choice.

For my part, I kept giving Kate more and more wine with dinner, finding all kinds of things to toast to so I could keep her drinking.

For dessert Kate ordered Leche Flan which is a sweet custard type of dessert, and again, her hand found its way to my lap when she was feeding me the dessert!

Kate is interesting that way. She is obviously very independent, but also loves to serve the man she is with. I enjoyed the evening greatly, mostly because of the time I spent with Kate, but I wasn’t convinced of the restaurant. So, I mentioned to Kate that we would have to try another restaurant tomorrow night. She seemed happy to oblige me with that task.

At the end of the night, we agreed to meet the next morning in the hotel lobby and after hailing down a cab like a New Yorker, and I prepaid the driver and he whisked her away. I also tried to give her money for tomorrows cab ride, but Kate turned it down.

That night, had my usual extra glasses of wine to help me sleep, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a huge erection, after having a dream about Kate, and her hand in my lap. I knew this was not good so, I tried to completely avoid the situation and thought about other things going back to sleep without any personal satisfaction.

The next morning, Kate was in the lobby smiling like the sun shines again and she helped me find the cup of coffee I desperately needed. I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker, but the jet lag was still hitting me hard. I noticed her tall thin physique a little more, in the vexing, but conservative pant suit she wore. As she led me to the coffee shop, though the crowd, I couldn’t help but notice her cute ass, and long legs. My weakness for sure!

Every few moments she would turn her head back to me to make sure she didn’t lose me in the crowd. I’m not sure, but I think she caught me thoroughly checking out her ass. The jet lag destroyed my normally quick reactions. Call me crazy, but after that, Kate added an extra bounce to her step that made her rear jiggle just a little more.

We got to our next appointment a 10 am, but we had the rest of the day free. She needed to attend the business dinner I hosted that night, but it was going to be to time consuming for her to go home then return, so we both hesitantly agreed to do some work in my room.

We kept the atmosphere very professional, but now there was some electricity going on between us. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but, I couldn’t help but thinking more about her sexually, as well as professionally. And, I could be crazy, but I am sure she felt the same way. The more she caught me, the more she responded with her own flirtations, and exhibitions.

As the afternoon dragged on and we each had finished our emails, and scrawled out our notes, our talk became much more playful and without thinking, I very naturally touched her arm a couple of times, and she responded with her gorgeous smile and touching me back. I quickly covered up my growing excitement, but, I think she caught me, because she blushed and looked away. But only after taking another quick peak after I covered myself with a few papers I pretended to read.

We both freshened up for dinner, and I thought more about Kate in the bathroom, and my imagination started to wander. I just felt the need to go into the next room and take her. I just imagined her wanting it so bad like she had shown earlier. To my imagination, she would explode in fiery orgasms the moment my hardened cock touched her. But, business was business. I splashed some cold water on my face and got back to work with my temptress.

Before leaving, Kate spent a few moments teaching me a few more local customs required for gaining trust and intimacy. It was then that it happened. There was a spark, for a moment, where we both knew what was happening. For a moment we just looked deeply into each others eyes, and then we quickly regained our composure and hurriedly left for dinner. I was almost certain Kate had the same ideas in her mind as I did.

Dinner was great and it was only successful because Kate was there helping me work with the businessmen I was meeting with. So afterward while we had yet to discuss the work accomplished and the work still to be done, I suggested we do so in the exclusive hotel bar. To my surprise, Kate not only agreed, but agreed enthusiastically.

On our way there in the cab, I was looking at a document that had some Philippine tax stamps attached and asked Kate to tell me about it. To my utter surprise, she leaned very close to me, gently touching my leg and slowly explained how you can tell the validity of the stamps. When she was done, Kate didn’t bother to remover her hand, but simply looked up into my eyes with her incredible smile and killer eyes.

We slowly moved closer, just like you see in the movies, but before our lips touched, we arrived at the hotel, startling both of us. As I stepped out of the car, I very awkwardly covered my excitement with the papers, when Kate, feeling mischievous, suggested that she carry them for me, since she was my employee. As I stuttered a response, she reached down a grabbed the papers, taking a long look at my embarrassment and then looked me right in the eye. “Don’t you know that Filipino women love to serve the men they are with?” she said with a wink.

I just about died. She was pushing her own limits, but I was well over mine but I still had misgivings about mixing business with pleasure. “Here, let me help you. I know where the bar is, just follow me,” she smiled with glee knowing what she was accomplishing.

I had 2 drinks quickly while Kate savored hers. At that point, of course, I was much more open to having fun and I let my guard down and became my playful animated self, and for the first time I flirted with Kate for a bit. Soon, I was telling her stories, feigning the need for privacy and whispering the stories in her ear while placing one hand across her lap, while cupping her ear. For her part, Kate like my pursuit and became the willing prey, encouraging me, while keeping a bit aloof. She was an expert in keeping men off balance, and completely controlling their pursuit of her.

This woman had been driving me crazy, erotically speaking, for a two nights now, and I knew I wanted to make this happen or I was going to find myself sleep walking in the hotel hallways looking for her with my throbbing, dripping erection. So, I decided that we needed to celebrate and toast our successes. My strategy was working, and we quickly needed more drinks, to which I began to toast Kate for her successfully managing our efforts up to now. Whether Kate fell for the ploy, or she pursued it I’m not sure. However, unceremoniously, I told Kate that we should put our paperwork upstairs before we lose it.

At that point, Kate was hesitant. I think her fantasy of a foreign business romance was becoming too real for her, and she realized it would not be the best situation for her professional goals. So, I gave her a little bit of pressure, “Kate, if you want, here is my key, you can bring my papers upstairs if you want without me, if you don’t trust me.”

She knew she would be stepping over the line by offending me, so she quickly retreated, and apologized for any inference she made, bowing her head down low.

I looked at her, placing my hand under her chin, pulling it up and emphasized that Americans are not easily offended and quickly accepted her apology. Kate burst into her natural sunshine beaming smile again.

As we went up the elevator, I started thinking of what a mistake this was going to be, but Kate then started flirting with me again, and I thought, “Maybe she’s the kind of girl who likes to be taken. The hell with it, just go for it!”

But, as we entered my room, I chickened out. I’m not the kind of guy who just rapes a girl because she flirted with him a little too much. So we put the papers on the table, and I turned to Kate and just grabbed both of her hands, “Look, I guess I’m more tired than I thought. Let’s just pick up tomorrow morning where we left off. Ok?”

Kate’s beautiful brown eyes narrowed as she looked at me quizzically, “Ok, do you want to meet me at Starbuck’s again, or do you want me to come up here first thing?”

“Oh, let’s meet at Starbuck’s. I’m still on US time.” then, I leaned into her to kiss her on the cheek, and Kate pushed her hand in front of me, wanting to shake my hand good night.

“Good night!” I smiled slightly.

“Good night. Catch up on your sleep, sleepy head!” she smiled as she turned to leave.

Man, was I glad I didn’t jump her. She didn’t even want to kiss me good night! I can just see myself in jail tomorrow if I went through with my plan.

I took off my clothes, brushed my teeth and decided to just sleep naked to enjoy the cool hotel room air, and maybe Ill wake up thinking of Kate and enjoy myself.

It was our third day together, and Kate and I have been getting along brilliantly, maybe too much so. I have been feeling my attraction to her, and she responds directly every situation, showing her attraction as well.

Like today, for instance, since we had mostly free time to explore the city, she wore a dark pant suit that had a short vest, with a log cut white silk shirt underneath, with a low cupped bra. What got me excited though was she also was wearing a bright red thong that rode above her pants.

And, she obviously wore her thong for my benefit, and used it extensively against me.

Now, without knowing her, I swear Kate must have had a wet dream about me this morning when she woke up and was on a sexual warpath with me. When she arrived at the Starbuck’s (our regular meeting place, now) she wore her usual brilliant smile, and gave me a quick hug, instead of a hand shake. It seemed like she held the hug a moment longer than was customary, and she obviously pressed her breasts into me, so I clearly felt their firmness and size against my chest.

We have been talking a lot about our personal lives, getting to know each other more intimately than you would get to know business associates. We haven’t spoken about anything sexual, by any means, but there is always an underlying sexual subtlety in our conversations.

I think I have been more open to her in the beginning. I don’t know why. I just like her and trust her and enjoy sharing myself with her. After getting over being my employee, learning to look at me as a business associate, she opened up considerably. Talking about school, and the things that we all experienced there, horrible and mean professors, really nice and brilliant professors, students of the opposite sex, college social situations, etc. I told her of a ribald story or two from my college days. Nothing too explicit, but enough to give her a flavor that I wasn’t some boring stuffed up old man (anything older than 35 must be an old man to her!)

Anyhow, that morning at Starbuck’s she kept dropping things, like her straw, her pen, her notebook, etc. And, every time she bent over to pick up those things, she made sure to bend over with her back to me, showing me her beautiful red woven silk thong! Then, as I got more excited, she did the same thing, bending over with her front to me, just the right way to show my her deep cleavage and her very low cut bra, which, by the way, allowed her breasts to hang loose inside the bra when she bent over, flashing her gorgeous darkish pink nipples in front of me hungry eyes.

I swear she must have practiced that move for hours to get it down so perfect. I just don’t know if she did that just for me, or if that is how she acts with other men. I like to think she was doing that specifically for me.

Then, as we were leaving, I grabbed my map to get a feel for the city streets, and Kate, then pressed her breasts against my arm. No matter where I tried to move my arm to get it away from her breast, she was able to press them against is again.

But, the kicker was this, though. And, it is a real killer! This shows so perfectly what a mischievous little elf Kate really is! On our way back to the hotel from Starbuck’s we were waiting for the elevator. A lot of people were checking out of the hotel, so it was running slow and a large group had congregated waiting for the next elevator to arrive.

When it finally arrived, since we were first, we went straight to the back of the elevator, and I turned my back to the left wall of the elevator, while Kate stood perpendicular to me with her back to the back wall. With her effusive smile (or, should I say, mischievous smile – because she was up to no good!), Kate kept encouraging everyone to come into the elevator.

Soon, the elevator was packed and we were all squished very tightly together like sardines in a can. At that point, she moved her notebook from her left hand to her right hand, and let her right hand fall down to her side.

Then, as the crowd filled the elevator, the back of her hand was pressed firmly against my hardening cock which was dangling loose in my boxers. Once it found its target, Kate did not move her hand an inch. This was very natural, or so it would seem except for the fact that she had this huge shit eating grin on her face, and she kept babbling about the walk in the park we were going on today, and the shaved ice this one vendor had.

She became very animated and kept bouncing her body as she spoke, and even though she kept her hand pressed against my cock, (she knew exactly where it was, and what it was touching), Kate also kept moving her hand around my cock, touching it harder and softer, and moving it up and down.

Oh, my God! This woman is so bad! By the 12th floor, I was about to orgasm! I became so hard that I was about to die in the elevator (and, wet my pants)! When we finally reached the 20th floor, Kate finally turned to me, coincidently removing her hand from my crotch. When she got out of the elevator she very apologetically asked if I could carry her day timer for me, because she had get a stone out of her shoe.

Thank god this girl had some mercy! It really would have been too embarrassing for me to leave the elevator like that, even if she was the only one to see me.

When we got out, she leaned down, again showing me her dark pink nipples, removed her right high heel, shook it – nothing came out – and put it back on. Then, she feigned subservience, and tried to take her day timer back. We had a brief struggle, which I won, then, as we walked down the hall way, she quickly grabbed the day timer from me, without warning leaving me completely exposed in the hall way.

Finally, the coup de grace is Kate walked a couple steps in front of me, dropped her day timer on the floor right in front of me, and bent over to pick it up with her perfect ass just inches in front of me – just at the perfect height, causing me to bump into her! Right there in the hallway, that way! I mean, what kind of girl does this? What does she really want?

Well, after I bumped into her – which I totally enjoyed, and dreamt about anyhow! – Kate knelt down a looked up to me, holding her book under her breasts, pushing them up. Then, with the most innocent angelic voice, perfectly pitched so it sounded perfectly sincere, “Oh, I am so sorry! Did I step in front of you? I feel so clumsy this morning! Like I woke up a bad way… you know what mean?” beaming her brilliant smile to me.

Finally, without warning, she grabbed my hand, which was covering myself, pulled it away and pulled herself up, taking a moment to look straight at my crotch, which was reaching new heights now.

At that moment, some people were leaving their room just ahead of us. Of course, I stood there, completely dumbfounded, by Kate’s erotic blitz on me this morning, completely conquered. She then hurriedly pulled me to my room, so as not to show my compromised situation.

When we finally arrived, she closed the door and leaned against it facing me with her brilliant, but evil smile.

I sat down to hide my shame by sitting down in the desk chair, then Kate ran over to me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up to show me the view of the tall ship arriving in the harbor. She never let go of my hand, until she started pointing our new sights, and she then put that hand on my shoulder and leaned on me, keeping me captive in my manly humility.

I think that is what I love so much about her, is she is so iconoclastic, and ribald in her humor and teasing! She just doesn’t have the normal boundaries.

Well, I then told her we needed to get our presentation together for the meeting in two days. Kate offered to help me make it more local looking. So, I excused myself to the bathroom for a moment of respite. It took a few moments to calm my excitement down, and quite a few splashes of cold water. When I finally got back to her, she was on the internet looking up local Filipino pictures online to put into my presentation. I also saw that she took a moment and was looking for jpgs on my computer, as well but I thought nothing of it.

Kate found some great shots for my slides, and we then got a little hungry and decided to walk in the park. Kate was still introducing me to the local cuisines and sights.

It was pretty warm outside so Kate brought me to a shaved ice vendor and we each got a shaved ice cone. These are made by cart vendors who have a block of clear blue ice and a special shaver that shaves the ice into a very fine, soft powder. Then, they pour any one of a variety of delicious natural fruit flavors onto the cone. It really is a great dessert, because it isn’t heavy like ice cream, is naturally sweet and cold so it cools you off from the hot (90 degrees F) and humid (90%) Manila weather.

Kate is great in how she explains everything to me, and really serves me all my food, like my own private geisha girl. Hehe… She really knows how to make a person feel important and wanted (not including her mischievous disposition!)

But, again, she can really push the envelope. We were sitting on a park bench, talking about home life, boyfriends (hers, not mine! LOL), and things. We had eaten about half of our ice cones, and they were beginning to drip. Kate suddenly became insistent on my tasting her cone and kept pushing it forward. I finally relented and tried a taste, and then at that exact moment, her cone dripped a few large drops right on my crotch.

Kate immediately apologized, profusely, and knelt down on the ground in front of me, between my legs, and immediately, took out a Kleenex from her purse.

“I’m very sorry. Let me clean that up for you,” she licked the Kleenex with her tongue to wet it and moved her hand to my crotch, like she was reaching for a banana rather than cleaning up a spill.

The amazing thing about Kate was she was such an incredible tease, and, she could do it so absolutely naturally, and you really can’t scold her for being so naughty. I mean, she was kneeling in front of me in public and practically giving me a hand job.

Yet, you knew this was entirely contrived. She knew her cone was going to drip, and somehow she made it drip exactly where she wanted it to drip. I knew all this was contrived because of her smile. Kate has one of those smiles that lights up the room, and is very natural. Now, her smile was one of those where you just can’t stop smiling. You know, when you’re smiling and you’re trying not to smile, but that just makes you smile even more! Kate just smiled at me, while rubbing my pants. And, it wasn’t really the type of rubbing that would clean up a spot. No, Kate was essentially giving me a hand job, in Manila’s central park, with hundreds of people all around us.

I quickly had a hard on. I mean, she already has me on edge anyhow. I find that just thinking about her for any reason gets me excited. I’m walking about like a 14 years old boy all day long when she’s with me. Kate must have taken psychology classes at school, because she has me trained better than Pavlov’s Dog! It is like the Normandy onslaught by the Allies, it just doesn’t end. And, while it seems random and confused it is really well choreographed and extremely well thought out.

To make it worse, her long hair had fallen onto my lap as well. As she moved, her hair softly licked my thighs in the most erotic way. I almost spread my legs wider and let out a moan. Then, she drove me crazy by bobbing her head back and forth, side to side and her hair gently swayed across my lap, like a thousand fingers softly massaging my thighs for the sole purpose of arousing me.

Then, for a moment, Kate, closed her eyes, and slowed her hand movements, like she was concentrating on something. Just for a moment or two… then she opened her eyes again. Without changing her hand motion, she looked up into my eyes with a very serious look on her face…her smile was gone and she had the look of a longing woman just before you slide your cock into her for the first time.

I was really feeling a bit awkward with the situation. To my relief, she finally said with a very somber face, all dry now and patted my crotch lightly twice (directly on my erection) before standing up. Then she just sat back down next to me, as if it was the most normal thing to do. I couldn’t help but be amazed at how naturally she pulled the whole thing off and then sit down, nonchalantly with that brilliant, but wicked smile on her face. Just amazing! I sat there stunned, and amazed.

The real question becomes, what do I do with this girl? Do I respond to her in kind? Do I start to tease her back? Do I fire her? Do I just create a situation up in my room and simply take her? I think I might try to test her a little later. I don’t want to do anything too overt, in case she likes to tease, and not deliver; or simply wants to be in control of her own naughtiness. My business work is too valuable and important to mess up for simply a fling.

We had just a little time left to work on my presentation, and Kate said she needed about 30 minutes to finish putting local scenes into the presentation. So, I let her into my room and went downstairs to get another cup of coffee and fresh air.

“Kate, did you want anything to eat?”

“No, you’ve got a bowl of chips here I can munch on if I need something.”

“Ok, I’ll be back in 25-35 minutes.”



After getting to the Starbuck’s I decided I couldn’t drink another drop of coffee, and I didn’t want anything to eat, so I went back to the hotel and decided I would rather hang out in my room, and maybe even lie down for a few minutes.

As I approached my room, I heard moans inside. I was wondering if Kate had hurt herself. Then, I heard another moan, and a woman having an orgasm. “Was Kate fucking some chick in my room?” I thought. “No, she couldn’t be.” I quietly slid my key into the door, and when the lock light turned green, I quietly opened the door enough to see inside.

Kate was watching something on my laptop, and rubbing her nipples. I couldn’t see that well, but it also looked like she was gyrating her hips in the chair. She let out another soft moan while switching her hand from one breast to the other. I just watched her for a few more seconds, and then just walked in.

Kate jumped in her seat, and her eyes got huge. She knew she was busted.

“So, how is the presentation coming?” I smiled.

“Uh, fine. I was just getting some more…you know sometimes you have to.”

“What are you watching?” I walked over to the laptop to look at the screen.

Kate quickly tried to change the screen. But, I could see the file names she had pulled up on the internet, Bang Brothers Teenage blow jobs and another Japanese Girls. Who knows what else she was watching.

“Did you finish the presentation?” I examined her.

“Yes, it’s all done!” her eyes looked away.

“Oh, I was saving that banana for later with my cereal.”

“I’m sorry Alex; I didn’t think you wanted it. I was hungry.”

“No, that’s fine. You were working hard. I see you also ate all the chips. Did you need to wash your fingers to get the oil off them? I wouldn’t want you to dirty your pretty silk shirt!” I moved my eyes to her nipples which were soiled with potato chip oils.

Kate then covered her breasts with her hands.

“No, I ..uh,, you see… I was looking for… then the maid came…”

Kate couldn’t lie for her life. So, since she abused me so much this morning, I decided to abuse her back. I went to the bathroom and wet two face cloths and went back to her and grabbed her hands from her breasts. Kate just looked up to me in complete subjection. This was the first time I had seen her like this since our first morning together.

After washing her left hand I grabbed her right hand and washed it. I put that cloth down and grabbed the other, “oh, look at that. You must have had an itch. Here let me help you with this, since your hands are so dirty.” Then, I slowly reached for her breast, and Kate’s eyes grew even larger, if it were possible. Finally, after seemingly minutes, my hand reached her breast and I softly rubbed the fabric similar to how Kate had cleaned my pants in the park.

My eyes never left Kate’s. I was in complete control.

I moved my other hand to support her left breast from underneath, while continuing to rub the stained fabric covering her nipple. Kate’s eyes relaxed and showed more passion, then closed and she let slip a soft moan.

“So, Kate, how is it your blouse got so dirty? Did you have difficulty with the presentation? Anything challenges I can help with? Let’s see, how many times did you help me today with all my difficulties?”

Just then, she opened her eyes and looked up to me with a look of longing I hadn’t seen in years.

I knew this was my cue so I moved my hand from under her breast to unbuttoning it. Look, I can’t clean this while you are wearing it. Were going to have to have the hotel clean this because it is impossible to get oil off silk…

Kate started to protest, but I already had her shirt half unbuttoned. When I removed it, she quickly held her hands over her breasts to cover up.

“Don’t worry; I have a spare shirt for you to wear!” I laughed mocking her.

“But, your bra is still soiled. Well have to clean that too or it will re-stain your blouse.”

With that, Kate’s eyes got huge, “No!” she said softly. “No! I can’t.”

I had already grabbed a spare shirt, stood Kate up. I knew I owned her at this moment and was really enjoying having my turn back at her from all the torture and embarrassment she gave me today. After helping her put her shirt on, I buttoned it, while she looked submissively into my eyes. Then, I went behind her, and unbuttoned her bra and removed it. She protested a bit, but not much.

There, it is a bit loose, but well have your shirt back in 2 hours… in time for dinner.

While Kate was standing next to me, I sat in front of the computer, and started to open the window with the porn she was watching. “So, can I see this impressive presentation you put together for me?”

“Well, uh, hey I have a couple of things I really need to finish. So, why don’t you call the restaurant to make sure they are ready for us? And when you get done, I’ll show you the presentation.” Kate said while pulling up the presentation itself.

Smart girl! I couldn’t think of a reason to say no, so I made the call, all while looking over my shoulder at what she was removing. When I was done, she was done cleaning up. I know what she was doing, but I didn’t have anything on her yet.

Her shirt came back and she changed into it and a cute black skirt, then we left for dinner at the Aristocrat. Tonight we had a few Chinese guests, but it wasn’t the big dinner we needed later in the week. The restaurant had a really private alcove for us, giving us privacy. And, dinner was successful, and towards the end I asked Kate to go check on the bill, which was taking forever.

After she left several of the men commented on how lucky I was to have a girl as smart as she was working with me. It was interesting, but their comments were such that showed they were in awe and fully of respect for her.

Then, they all starting joking about how great she must be in bed, and how her legs must wrap around her lover like a vise, and how gorgeous her dark pink nipples must be! One of the guys actually stood up and motioned like he would be fucking her doggy style on the table while telling us the bonus he would give her for her excellent work. They all loved that joke! Back home I’d go to jail for making jokes like that!

Just then, Kate returned with the bill, and the group broke up.

As Kate and I sat in the cab for our 15 minutes ride back to the hotel I leaned back and Kate draped her legs over mine to stretch out. I pointed out an interesting building as we passed it, and then nonchalantly dropped my hand onto her lap. I wasn’t being as aggressive as she was, but I was a starting to be a bit forward.

As I praised Kate for her professional work tonight, my mind fell back to the men talk earlier. It seems like aggressive sexual behavior is tolerated and even respected in this post Spanish culture.

So, being a little drunk, and uninhibited, and certainly incredibly horny from Kate’s constant sexual teasing, I let my restless hand play with the hem of her skirt, and somehow I managed to pull it halfway up her thigh. Then Kate got a little defensive… And grabbed my hand and held it, and told me how much she enjoyed working with me. Her response was much smoother and more sophisticated than my own effort.

So, then I changed our discussion back to her personal life, and that made Kate’s eyes light up. She always responds brilliantly to these discussions with me. Finally, Kate admitted that she has had some boyfriends in the past, and although she wasn’t promiscuous, she had already had sex with a few guys. Then Kate’s eyes turned a bit sad when she told me that she had really been hurt before and don’t really want to trust again too soon. I felt a bit sad for Kate, “maybe that’s why she’s been mischievous,” I thought. My hand had made its way to her mid thigh, and rested there, and Kate responded by rubbing it and patting it, moving my hand slightly closer to its goal. As our cab traversed along the Manila streets, Kate’s bright white panties flashed periodically from the street lights. I think Kate knew, because her wicked smile grew with each flash from the passing lights.

Again, our eyes met and our faces were drifting closer and were about to kiss when we arrived back at the hotel. I exited the taxi and Kate stayed in it to go home…… Since we really didn’t have anything to do until the afternoon, Kate suggested that we go someplace to relax before the big presentation. I readily agreed. I paid the taxi for her trip and we agreed to meet the next morning in the hotel lobby at the coffee shop there.

In my room, I had four drinks to help me relax and get into the time zone, and slept nude, knowing that I was going to be thinking about Kate that night.

The next thing I know, I’m dazed and just waking up and something isn’t right… Kate is trying to wake me up…. “Alex, Alex! Wake up! We’re going to be very late!”

Not being awake and not thinking, I threw the sheets off displaying my throbbing morning boner, still not aware of what is going on.

“Alex.. You have to wake up. We have 15 minutes to be at the meeting!” Her hands now holding my face.

“Where am I? Who…? What..?” I stood up and walked to the bathroom, not noticing Kate in her white skirt, and yellow silk blouse, and white high heels.

I turned, “Kate what are you doing here? What’s going on?”

“You overslept! We were supposed to meet downstairs an hour ago, silly!” she said while glancing at my still throbbing boner.

I noticed her entrancement with my cock, I step closer to her. Kate backs off. “No, Alex, we have to go to the meeting. Their going to sign you papers. It’s $32 million dollars. You have to get there.”

“I didn’t say a word and I just took Kate towards me, kissed her harshly, and ripped her blouse open. “No! No! What are you doing? Please stop Alex!”

Without saying a word, I ripped off her skirt revealing shear white bikini panties that perfectly outline her jet black pubic bush.

“No, Mr. Alex, no I can’t! I work for you! Stop, please!”

I pulled up her bra, scratching her nipples in the process and bury my mouth on her nipples. I savagely bit them like a lion bites his living meal.

Now, Kate is fighting me back fiercely, thrashing her hands against me, kicking her legs in every direction to get loose.

In one motion, I ripped her panties off and spread her legs wide as Kate tried hard to close them tightly… I sank my nails into her inner thighs and brutally rip her legs apart, leaving heavy scratches in the soft, tender white skin of her inner thighs. A little blood shows.

Kate is now crying, begging, “No, please Mr. Alex, No!” Her hands no covering her face as I bury my face in her femininity. I start eating her pussy like I have never seen one before. Like a starving man who hasn’t eaten in 10 days.

I sucked the skin right next to her pussy hair line, and then ran my tongue through her wispy cunt hair, smelling her feminine scent, tasting her feminine flavors. My tongue brutalizes her cunt hole, probing it like it is a tiny brutal cock. Kate’s legs squeeze my head tightly, out of enjoyment mixed with defensive aggression.

“No, Mr. Alex! Please stop! Please!”

I lifted my head for a moment, “Stop it! You know you want it! Now, either you do exactly as I want, or I’ll destroy your life at your school! You will never work again!”

“Mr. Alex, its $32 million! Your meeting! You have to be there!” Kate tried reasoning with me.

“I don’t care. This is worth $32 million!”

My tongue finds Kate’s clit and I bite it hard, sending a shockwave through her body. Then I sucked it for about 3 minutes, making it fill and swell with blood, making it extremely sensitive. Her juices swirl into my mouth as they pour out of her cunt. I drank them up like a sailor drinks on leave. I savor her pussy and cunt like I have never experienced one before.

Then, I throw her to her knees and shove my cock into her with a single great thrust!

Kate screams in pain as I rammed her tight pussy and she tries to flee me, but I’m just too strong and held her by her hips ramming my cock into her again, and again and again…. each time causing her to scream in pain. Finally, I shot my load into her. It gushes out like water from a broken faucet and pours out of her cunt onto the bed. Gobs of cum flowed out of Kate’s pussy.

Then, I grab Kate by her hair and pulled my cock out and brutally shoved it into her mouth hitting the back of her throat immediately. I force her to lie on her back on the bed and I literally fucked her mouth like it is a cunt, ramming my cock down her throat, making her gag all while she is still crying about just being raped.

Finally, I cum in her mouth, flowing again like a faucet with gobs and gobs of steaming hot cum pouring into Kate’s mouth, mixing with her tears. Kate starts to choke as I ram my final thrust into her mouth, then withdraw my cock.

I lean back in my bed, satiated. Finally, I had Kate. I fucked her…. I fucked her good!

Ring! Ring! The phone rings. “Alex, Are you ok?” It’s Kate. “We were supposed to meet downstairs 20 minutes ago. It’s morning. Are you ok? Do you need anything?”

Kate’s beautiful voice sang like music in my ears. My cock was still hard and there was cum all over my hands and gobs sticking to my brown curly pubes. I reflected a moment… It was just a dream. “Oh God, what has this girl done to me? Now I’m having wet dreams about her!”

I brought my hand to rub my face, smearing cum all over my right cheek. “Ahh!”

“What is that Alex? Is everything ok? Do you need me to come up there right now?” Kate’s voice rang with sincere concern.

“No.. No! Im just.. I just.. I overslept… sorry! I’ll be down in 15 minutes.”

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