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Rocky Horror Redux

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Dr. Randy Wolfe, PhD, stared with purpose into the bathroom mirror as he applied the last bit of near fluorescent, ruby red lipstick to his mouth. Setting it aside, he used a piece of toilet paper as a blotter to dab away any excess, then stepped back to admire his handiwork. Suddenly his deep voice began to reverberate off the walls and ceiling of the small bathroom.

“I wanna go… Oh, Oh, Oh… To the late night, double feature, picture show… By RKO… Wo, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh… To the late night, double feature, picture show… In the back row… Ah, Ah, Oh, Oh!”

He watched his reflection intently as the exposed fingers sticking out from the elbow-length formal black gloves he wore danced across his chest; his pecs hidden behind a matching black vest that was laced up the front. He moved them slowly down the sides of his torso to the lace and silk, black panties that was showing a very prominent bulge in them. Brushing quickly over the half erection he was sporting, his fingers slid lower but stopped mid thigh to double check the snaps of the garters that were holding up the skin-tight, black fishnet hose encasing his long legs. The smile that looked back at him from the mirror almost completely took over his face enough to hide the choker of gaudy, over-sized fake pearls that surrounded his neck.

“You’re really going to do this, aren’t you, Randy?” The words came from the nearly naked man leaning against the frame of the bathroom doorway.

Dr. Wolfe did a rapid and exaggerated heel and toe spin to face the body attached to the voice and answered, “We, my love. We are going to do this. Or am I mistaken by you being fully dressed in nothing but that pair of gold lamé boy undies you have hugging your hips and crotch?” He stepped forward and left a trace of red as he grazed his painted lips across the left cheek of Paul Robinson, his partner of forty years. Cupping and gently squeezing the quite obvious lump Paul was displaying in the skimpy underwear, Randy purred in his ear, “Frank N. Furter can’t go to the Athena without his Rocky can he?”

Chuckling at the rhetorical question as Randy’s tongue teasingly traced the ridges in his ear, Paul answered, “Guess not. I just wish I still had the same body I did the first time you talked me into this when we were sophomores at the university back in ’76. This Rocky’s sculptured chest and washboard abs disappeared at least twenty-five years ago.”

A quick grind of his silk-covered crotch against Paul’s hip came with, “I still think my Rocky is the sexiest thing on campus.” Randy punctuated the comment by adding a triple hump to Randy’s bare leg.

“Damn, what am I to do with you, professor? Sixty years old and still getting horny at the drop of a hat. And without the added benefit of Viagra even.”

A large grin and three more leg humps preceded, “What can I say? The rest of my body might be sixty, but my cock still thinks it’s eighteen, so the need for those little blue pills has…never ‘popped up’…shall we say?” A slow sensuous grind of his now fully hardened crotch to Paul’s bubble butt negated the need for an answer.

“And thankfully it still performs like it’s eighteen also.” Paul’s compliment was followed by turning around into his lover, wrapping his arms around him, and driving his tongue between the bright red lips as they graduated to full-on, crotch-to-crotch, frottage. After a minute or so of silk and lamé creating heat-filled friction against each others’ erections, Paul broke the erotic embrace with, “We need to stop before you end up with a pre-cum stain the size of Lake Erie on those shorts. That’s not a typical accent for the costume.”

“It certainly was forty years ago…and probably will be again tonight,” Randy predicted with a suggestive wink. “And speaking of costumes, we need to get moving. The look-a-like contest should start in about an hour and I have every intention of us bringing home the top two trophies.”

* * * * *

The downtown was alive with activity, especially around the century-old Athena Theater. After all, not only was it Friday and Halloween Eve, but tonight was the official fortieth anniversary of the debut of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Athens, Ohio. There were showings scheduled all night and tickets were more coveted on campus than a full keg of beer or a bag of primo Maui Wowie. Every seat for every showing had been sold out within a week of the fall semester starting. Ones for the most desired midnight show had even been sold on eBay for as much as ten times the original price by a few enterprising marketing majors who used some of their student loan or grant money to snag up ten or twenty when they first went on sale. In the small town where the population of Ohio University students nearly outnumbered the city residents, the annual event had become an almost religious holiday. Midnight was when the year’s highest mass was held and the faithful had already made their pilgrimage to their temple: The Athena.

Parking was obviously at a premium, but fortunately, Paul’s popular bookstore and cafe was only a half block from the cinema building. They had it’s almost secret, two stall parking area off the little-used alley behind it for a guaranteed place to park Randy’s classic 1974 Triumph Spitfire convertible. It was the same car they had driven to the Athena forty years earlier. The British-green roadster had been the hot car for college boys when he started at OU, and he never let loose of it after getting it as a high school graduation present from his wealthy grandfather.

Most of the student revelers had walked over from the campus to avoid the parking nightmare and be able to avoid any chance of being busted for driving under the influence after partying. The ones that did drive had already done battle with the townies crowd for the precious few street parking spaces. The only real traffic on the streets now were the thousands of costumed people turning most all of downtown Athens into the world’s biggest Halloween block party. Probably at least a quarter of the costumes were for the same theme: a favorite character from Rocky Horror. Not at all unusual since the cult classic had been the number one end-of-October tradition in the small city for four full decades now. It was celebrated even more enthusiastically by the adults than trick-or-treat was by the kids.

As Randy and Paul walked hand-in-hand towards the entrance of the theater, they collected more than their share of surprised looks along with the friendly waves and comments from the mass of students. With his trim, six foot tall frame, topped by a head full of thick silver hair, Randy made quite the visual impact as a well-aged Dr. Frank N. Furter. Paul got plenty of smiles and thumbs-up also in spite of the noticeable minor paunch he carried on his slightly shorter body. The fact he looked twenty years younger than his fifty-nine years, certainly helped him pull off walking down the street in nothing but a pair of skin tight, square cut trunks, though. The shoulder length, golden yellow hair he sported forty years earlier, was much shorter and had thinned, but thanks to the ‘Clairol for Men’ aisle at Walgreen’s, it still gave off a blond glow under the street lights. Randy’s high profile position as Chair of the Business College and Paul’s large customer base with the bookshop and cafe combination, made them arguably the most popular couple at the university and well respected in the local community also.

As they joined the queue for the midnight show, Paul turned to Randy and whispered, “Are you sure this was an intelligent decision? I mean the whole world knows we’re gay and been together since Noah got off the Ark, but damn Randy. Me dressed like an ancient Ric Flair getting ready to wrestle one more time, and you out here in full-blown tranny drag…shit. Nobody cared when we were students, but what if the Dean calls you on the carpet Monday?”

“Fuck the Dean if his butt hole cinches up over this. I’m the business college chair and been tenured for over two decades. The students and alumni association both think I can walk on water. Short of getting caught screwing the university president’s high school twink son on his desk, I’m bulletproof.”

“I love it when you go all butch, babe,” Paul added a laugh to the words before he snuggled up to his lover for warmth. “Dammit! Open those doors and get us all inside. The temperature can’t be over fifty degrees and I’m cold as hell.”

Randy grinned and reached out to seductively pinch one of Paul’s erect nipples. “Yeah, I kinda noticed.”

“Don’t be starting something you can’t finish, stud,” Paul purred as his nerves sent the finger pinch from his chest straight to his groin. He made an attempt to hide the growing erection in his tight shorts with a quick shift-and-tuck motion.

“You do know that’s the same thing you said to me when I pinched that same nipple standing right here in 1976, don’t you? Remember?”

“How could I ever forget anything from that night? The things we did in the balcony…oh gawd! We were such horn dogs on that first date.”

“You were the horny one, sweetie. I was still the innocent gay virgin scared of myself then.”

“And that lasted until I draped my hand over your thigh in the darkness at the beginning of the movie if I remember correctly. It took all of three minutes for you to turn into the more-than-willing gay boy you knew you were and have your tongue in my mouth.”

“Do you really want to go there, Paul? It wasn’t my hand turning my black panties into a complete mess massaging my cock through them.”

“At least you still had them on. My gold swimsuit was down my thighs and around my ankles before Frank N. Furter finished hugging Rocky the first time on the screen. And I wasn’t the one that pulled them down there.” Paul added a wink that tacked ‘checkmate’ onto his statement.

Before they could continue their jesting verbal sparring over the memories, the crowd suddenly moved en masse as the doors were finally opened for the midnight show. They had no choice but to get swept along by the current from the flood of bodies.

* * * * *

“You scored balcony seats for us, Randy?” Paul inquired as they headed for the stairs. “Really?”

“That’s where we were forty years ago wasn’t it?” Randy replied with a wink.

“Yeah, but the balcony wasn’t packed out back then like it will be tonight.” Paul’s response was telling Randy whatever he had in mind as far as reliving the moment frozen in time, was going to have to wait until they got home after the show. Then he thought to himself, ‘Maybe that’s his master plan. A whole bunch of making out and cock teasing in the dark, and then finish up with the hot and heavy back at the house. Randy always did get into lengthy serious edging before great sex.’ Paul grinned happily at the thought.

“You never know my hot little stud. You just never know.” The cryptic wink he added to the words was telling and yet no real explanation at all. Randy took Paul’s hand again and practically dragged him up the first half dozen stairs that led to the old theater’s small upper level.

“You know it makes me crazy when you do stuff like that…being all mysterious and dropping useless hints when you have something planned,” Paul opined as they stepped onto the small landing at the top of the stairs.

Randy simply replied with, “Have the words ‘Trust me’ ever failed you when I’ve uttered them?” The confident smirk on his face said the answer was a given.

“Well, no. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling like the world’s dumbest blond when I don’t even get a clue from your clues.”

Randy stepped to the side to let other patrons pass and turned to Paul. He ruffled his hair as he spoke. “You forget yet again, it was ‘the world’s dumbest blond’ that kept me from flunking every damn undergrad math course when they had me almost suicidal. Even to this day, I still throw up in my mouth a little every time I see Professor Burns in the faculty offices. He is a walking, talking, tunnel visioned reminder of that asshole statistics and quantitative analysis professor I had that thought the only reason we were in college was to become math teachers. But you saved my butt…and degree…with all the late night tutoring.” He paused to peck a kiss to Paul’s forehead, then added, “You might be blond, baby, but dumb you never were.”

Paul grinned. “Well, you took care of me too. Between help with my business law courses and the ‘thank you blow jobs’ after every study session, I was paid back. Paid back very well.”

Randy matched the grin on Paul’s face and proffered, “If I remember correctly, that was a two-way street most nights. I still think the way you would twist and shift so rapidly once my lips were working your tool, the position we usually ended up in was just your way to make sure I understood how to interpolate two into sixty-nine without using a three-blackboard equation.”

“It was just my version of an oral quiz. And a pop quiz at that from the way your cock would pop right up when I kissed the tip.” Paul scrunched up his nose and nodded his head as if to say ‘Gotcha.’

The walk down memory lane stopped as they stepped through the last hall doorway to the balcony seating. Paul didn’t think too much of the back half of the six-wide, eight-deep seating section being completely empty until Randy ordered, “Pick out a pair for us, honey.”

Paul’s head double snapped as he looked first at the twenty-four empty cushioned seats wedged between the narrow aisle and the theater wall, and then almost instantly to Randy’s face. “But it’s nothing but assigned seating on sell-out nights, isn’t it?” he queried.

“Right. But when you have the tickets for half the section, it becomes our choice which ones we take.” Another one of those only half telling winks came along with, “I would suggest you consider a short phrase from the movie opening music in your choice…’In the back row’ comes to mind.” Another quick double wink was added as Randy’s piercing eyes suddenly sparkled like blue flames and his painted-up lips transformed into an almost evil grin.

Paul knew he must have the world’s largest confused look on his face as he spoke. “Huh? Don’t tell me you bought every seat over here in the corner.”

“Okay, I won’t tell you that. But I will tell you when Dan, the theater manager, comes into the cafe for his extra large to-go cup of mocha every morning for the next month, they are free. It was part of the deal.” Randy added a scolded puppy dog look and a shrug of his shoulders to the statement. His evil grin came back immediately though when he added, “You can take that $5.00 out in trade with me every night, though if you want.”

“Dare I ask what else you had to give up for this deal? I know you didn’t snatch up twenty-four of the most sought after tickets of the year for a hundred bucks worth of free coffee.”

“Well, no. That was just the bribe to get him to go along with my request to be allowed to buy half the section out. Let’s just say you probably shouldn’t look at next month’s American Express bill until I’ve transferred a little money from my pension fund to the checking account.”


“Yes, Paul?”

“Why would you spend that kind of money for reliving one night of craziness from our youth?”

“Because this is going to be a special night and I wanted to make it as special as I could.”

“And that little ambiguous as hell explanation is another ‘Trust me’ isn’t it?” The combined sheepish look and ‘What-can-I-say?’ teasing grin on Randy’s face gave Paul his answer. He shook his head in mock disgust and surrendered with, “Okay, Frank N. Furter. I guess Rocky should know better than question his creator. To the back row it is. And let’s take the two in the darkest corner against the wall for maximum privacy, if you can call it that anyway.”

* * * * *

The mood in the cavernous old theater was something betwixt raucous frat house partying and borderline insanity. People in full costumes of nearly every character in the movie were running up and down the aisles. A collection of two dozen Frank N. Furters were on the stage in front of the giant screen, with their arms linked and doing matching high kicks to the opening soundtrack theme that would have embarrassed the Radio City Music Hall professionals. Off to one side, a Betty Hapschatt look-alike dressed in full bride regalia was waving a huge handful of flowers and teasing the mob of Janet clones below her on the theater floor waiting for the bouquet toss. At the other end of the large stage, there was a ‘flex off’ styling and modeling contest going on between eight or ten blond gym rats that had come to the show as Rocky. Suddenly, the house lights went dark and the crowd noise died instantly as the giant red lips and glistening white teeth filled the screen.

Randy, leaned into Paul and whispered, “The damn opening gives me a boner every time.”

Paul responded with an audible snicker and quick crotch grab of his lover to confirm the claim. As hundreds of voices now joined in singing along with the soundtrack music, he asked, “And that would be any different just how, from the way this thing of yours has reacted to nearly any outside stimuli since you were twelve?” Massaging Randy’s cock to its full seven plus inches, he quipped, “This thing at full staff and packed into a pair of hip-hugger jeans is probably what got your cherry picked by your English teacher back in high school…and kept Mr. Stud getting laid regularly until you graduated. You had more chicks pulling you into the sack than the entire football team combined from the stories you’ve told me.”

Randy grinned and shrugged at the same time. “Probably so, but that reputation I so deservedly earned never got me what I really wanted back then. You know that since you were the one to drag me out of the closet and straight to your dorm room bed forty years ago tonight.”

“It wasn’t like I had to make any huge effort at getting you under the sheets, babe. You wanted to let out that ‘I really like boys’ side as much as I wanted to find out just how much truth there was to that ‘stud rep’ of yours.” Squeezing Randy’s hard-on and making it burp up some pre-cum inside the silk panties, he matter-of-factly stated, “I still walk with a little limp thanks to letting you show me how true it was that night too.” A look was on his face that combined ecstasy with a little fear at the memory. An overdone fake shiver was included with his next words. “I still can’t believe you fucked me five times that night in positions I didn’t know existed. And when you slammed my hot button the first time…oh my fucking gawd! That had never been done by anyone else and I knew right then, I was no longer just infatuated with you. It was love from that point on.”

“So you’re telling me the last forty years was just so you could hang onto what’s in your palm right now?”

Quickly slipping his fingers inside the waistband of Randy’s costume panties and getting an actual grip on the subject at hand, Paul replied, “This slab of meat was just the bonus that came with the rest of the package. Certainly, it got my attention, but the rest of the body and most importantly, the heart and soul that came with it, is what I ended up truly lusting for. But you always knew that. From day one.”

Raising his eyes to the ceiling as if searching out that specific memory, and then dropping them again to stare directly into Paul’s suddenly luminous green ones, Randy nodded as he spoke. “Sure did. It scared me when you made love to me that first time. Not because of the initial pain when you breached my man twat the first time, but because I realized you were making love to me. It wasn’t just a fuck or another notch on your well-experienced gay bedpost. It was magical…it was intentional…it was way too real. I did know right then too. No one had ever made me feel what you made me feel, and most likely no one would ever be able to take me to that nirvana again. I fell for you that first night every bit as much as you did for me.”

“And when we decided it had been God that had put us together, was the layer of icing on the wedding cake we thought we’d never have.”

Randy allowed a frown to come to his lips. “Yeah. The one thing we still haven’t truly had in forty years…a real wedding cake.”

“Well that option changed last year, you know. Thank you very much, Supreme Court.”

“Yes it did. And we can talk about it later,” was the rather blunt way Randy shifted from more talking to joining the hundreds of others in the theater singing the final lines of the movie’s opening music. Paul took note of the rapid topic shutdown, but simply added his voice along with Randy’s as the giant lips on the screen began to shrink.

“…To the late night, double feature, picture show…in the back row…Oh, oh, oh. oh…”

* * * * *

The theater had become almost respectfully quiet during the first few minutes of the movie. As the scene shifted from the wedding send off to Brad and Janet’s conversation in the car, Paul turned and whispered to Randy. “What’s the deal with the look-alike contest? I would have thought they would have done that before starting the show.”

“Dan said they were doing it different for the midnight showing. Instead of the typical insanity of a half hour or better of hundreds of people running back and forth to the stage and waiting for the audience reactions to narrow it all down for each character, there was a small group milling through the crowd and picking the winners. They watched where they sat down and will just spotlight them and call them to the stage to get their trophies and free movie passes somewhere near the end. He said it was the only way they could keep to the tight schedule of after midnight showings.”

“Well that takes some of the fun out of it, but makes sense too. After all, Dan is running a for-profit business here.” Paul paused, then added, “Kind of the same way I encourage students to bring their laptops and hang out at the bookstore while studying or working on a paper, but also expect them to at least be buying a mocha and something to nibble on while they take up space.”

“Exactly, Paul. This is the biggest night of the year for the Athena and when you’ve already presold a couple thousand tickets, you have to make sure start times are at least reasonably close to what’s been advertised.” Randy chuckled softly. “And I’m sure you remember the complete craziness that first year when Rocky Horror became the thing over on campus after the first night it played here.”

Paul rolled his eyes as he tossed his head back simultaneously and snorted. “If you mean what is still referred to as ‘The Great OU Riots of ’76’ …oh yeah, I remember. A couple thousand stoned and drunk students on the streets at 1am with at least half of them waiting to see the movie the first time, and show times running over by an hour or better. It got so out of control, they even set fire to the garbage cans and flipped a car or two.”

“And broke a few store windows,” Randy injected. “That got all the campus Keystone Kops here along with the police chief and sheriff calling in their entire departments to attempt crowd control…which was about as successful as ‘rent-a-cop’ security was at a Rolling Stones concert. By the time they got the mayor out of bed and on scene, his ‘solution’ was to call the governor and ask for the National Guard.”

Paul finished the memory with, “Uh huh. Like that was going to happen. After Jim Rhode’s little Kent State fiasco still a bitter memory in the world’s mind, he wasn’t calling the National Guard out for anything short of a major natural disaster or a Russian tank battalion rolling across I-70 headed for Columbus.”

“You got it, baby. He already had the blood of four dead college kids on his hands; he wasn’t about to chance that again and everyone knew it. Thankfully the police chief got the mayor to understand that fact and not make the call. How they ended up settling everyone down was pure brilliance though.”

Paul jumped into the reminiscing again with, “You mean the theater manager making a deal with the beer distributor to get a truck there as quick as possible and turning the riot into a free kegger. Drinking free beer has always been the number two favorite thing for wound up college boys.”

“Number one being getting laid,” Randy proffered as he reached over and began massaging Paul’s barely covered crotch in the dark. “It always seemed to unwind you anyway, right?” The question was scarcely off his tongue when Paul’s newest erection gave the answer to Randy’s groping hand.

After quickly using his eyes to do a quick reconnaissance run around the balcony area, and seeing no one paying attention to them in the half empty section they were in, Paul made his own move. Leaning into his partner, he murmured, “Sure did. And still does. So don’t stop lover,” That was followed with his own hand getting busy inside Randy’s girlie undies, and just before pasting his lips to Randy’s and using his tongue to spread them.

“Kith me you thucking thud,” spilled out from Paul as Randy started sucking on the tip of the invading body part. Their joint snickers at the unintentional lisping quickly gave way to overly passionate making out and hands in competition to see who could make who ooze the most man juice from their throbbing hard-ons.

* * * * *

Randy and Paul only finally broke the lip lock and stopped the fondling of each others’ boners, to be able to join in the singing and acting out of ‘Time Warp’ as it played on the big screen. The entire theater was on their feet for that one. It was one of the unwritten rules. You must sing and dance during ‘Time Warp.’ Kind of like if you live in Florida, you must have a pair of plastic pink flamingos in your yard; or to be considered a true redneck country boy, you have to drive a beater pickup truck…with a gun rack. They aren’t written down anywhere, but there are just rules in life you must follow. Especially “must” if you want to have wonderful memories to grin at as you slobber on yourself in the nursing home in your twilight years. One of the wall plaques in their home was the Oscar Wilde quotation, ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously.’ Adhering to that attitude, and communicating constantly, had gotten them through every rough patch in their forty years together.

During the song, Randy looked over at the two young guys sitting in the first seats in the next section over from theirs. He recognized the one on the end as one of the students in his senior-level-required Business Policy course when he finally focused on his face instead of his nearly naked, and finely toned body. He was a really good looking kid that had set off his gaydar the first day of class. The twink he was beside was dressed in full Frank N. Furter paraphernalia also, which explained why his student was wearing only gold-colored swim trunks. Randy nudged Paul with his elbow and did a head toss their way as he said, “That was us forty years ago. Ain’t it cute?”

After stealing a glance that direction, Paul smiled and nodded his head as he finished the final few words of the song. Then he further answered with, “You do notice all the hot boys, Randy. Always have.”

“Well you are the one that taught me the rule about ‘Just because you’re on a diet, doesn’t mean you can’t read the dessert menu’ aren’t you?”

Paul only nodded back as the ‘Touche’ smirk took over his face before he mouthed the word to Randy. A second glance over at the young college guys caused him to add, “His Frank N. Furter is pretty hot too.”

“Stop licking your lips, Paul. You only get to do that with your Frank N. Furter. Right before you lick something else.” Randy accented the verbal suggestion with a rapid, Groucho Marx style, triple eyebrow flutter.

“The mood you have me in already has me wanting to lick you all over. But I’d settle for a sample taste of what I was playing with a few minutes ago.” Paul added an overdone, Sarah Palin ‘You betcha’ wink, to his verbal tease back.

“I may just hold you to that, baby.”

“You’re going to make one challenge too many, babe, and I’m going to call your bluff.”

“You’re assuming I am bluffing, and without bothering to spell it first.”

“Au contraire, mon ami. Forty years with you has me more than able to tell when you are bluffing and when you’re not.”

Randy stifled a laugh and asked, “Oh really? So which is it this time? Has blondie really caught a clue for a change?”

Paul simply grinned as wide as he could at first. One of those ‘Cat that swallowed the canary’ looks. Finally he stated, “You’ll find out. Start up again and see what happens.”

* * * * *

The audience members that were dressed as Brad and Janet came alive and stripped down to their underwear along with the actors on the screen. That was a perfect example of why the movie had become such a cult classic. No matter how prim and proper you were normally; no matter your background or societal position; with no concern for your image and status in whatever community you belonged to…Rocky Horror was where you could toss it all in the dumpster and do almost anything you wanted so long as it was parodying the film.

It also helped people to understand those who dressed as Frank N. Furter were most likely in drag the only time in their lives they would be. That choice of costume had nothing to do with being gay, a closet drag queen, or any desire to be transsexual; but rather just guys letting their hair down completely for shitz~n~giggles. It was acceptance at its highest level. It also certainly explained why the entire starting front line of the OU Bobcats football team strutted into the theater together in full Frank N. Furter outfits. It was a very public statement of how secure each one of them was with their sexual identity. Plus, this was Halloween and it was Rocky Horror. If you are going for the maximum laughs and most hilarious memories, the butchest boys on campus knew showing up looking like you were doing the midnight show at a gay bar was a sure bet to succeed at both. Rumors and whispers, if they happened later, didn’t concern them. They knew who they were and what they preferred and that’s all that mattered.

It was also a reminder to both Randy and Paul that they had been a part of the beginnings of that change in attitude four decades earlier. In 1976, Rocky Horror pretty much broke every rule on campus about sexual identity and tags. The movie was one in-your-face parody after another, but many never caught on to the moral of the celluloid version of an Aesop fable: ‘Stop worrying about who’s sleeping with who and who is loving who…just love is all that truly matters.’ Forty years later, the movie was still preaching that underlying message and entertaining millions as it did.

Randy and Paul had more than done their part to bring being gay to the public table during those years. Once they committed to each other as sophomores at the university, they moved in together and became one of the first completely out and open couples on campus. They quickly became role models for other closeted students. The campus suicide hot line recruited them to help with distraught callers that weren’t coping well with their very natural inclinations. The housing office brought them in to train new dorm resident assistants on how to handle gay issues arising in their little kingdoms. They helped form the first rag-tag gay support group that eventually morphed into a regular weekly meeting that was open to both students and the general public…and held at a supportive church even. If there was a gay social event happening on campus, most likely one or the other or both were involved in its planning. By the time Randy had earned his doctorate and applied for an associate professor position, the subject of his sexuality was nearly a complete non-issue for the people that made the decisions at OU. Paul had his dream of a little bookstore and cafe becoming a reality and the locals just overlooked the fact he was all but married to another man. Times were changing and so were the attitudes. Partially thanks to the silly movie they were watching.

* * * * *

Randy’s hand had been inside Paul’s lamé gym shorts playing with his hard cock ever since Frank N. Furter first brought his Rocky to life on the screen. It was the same way he had reacted forty years earlier, mainly because Paul had looked so much like Rocky back then and Randy was in complete lust with him. Paul had been doing his own version of foreplay also, switching back-and-forth from rummaging around inside Randy’s silk undies teasing his cock and balls mercilessly, to kissing on his neck and nibbling on his ear lobes. An occasional pre-cum soaked finger would find its way through one or the others’ rosebuds to add to the thrill of the edging they were able to do in the dark and secluded corner they occupied. Edging each other to the brink of orgasm that continued on through the entire movie.

“You have me harder than I have been in years, baby,” Randy finally exhaled almost breathlessly after an extended make out and groping session.

“Can’t possibly be any hornier than you have me right now, lover. Gawd, I feel like I am nineteen and doing this for the first time with you again. I haven’t jizzed this much pre since I discovered jerking off was the solution to wet dreams as a teenager.”

“And they say us old farts don’t get all hot and bothered and can’t have incredible sex. I could suck you for an hour right now and knowing you, probably make you cum two or three times.” Randy paused to run his tongue back-and-forth across his upper lip a half dozen times before saying, “Make you cum in my mouth over and over like you did that first night when you fed me so much of your sweet college boy nectar.”

Paul’s snicker was quickly replaced with, “You did let out that long-repressed oral fixation that night. I can still remember how I damn near shit myself when you just dropped your head in my lap up here in the dark, pulled my waistband down, and started eating my bone like it was a popsicle on a hot day in August. I think I lasted all of a minute that first time you blew me.”

“Maybe a minute and a half, baby,” came with a wink. “And once I had you the first time, I wanted more. More and more and more. I wanted all of you and as many times as I could have you.”

Paul tilted his face to Randy’s and kissed his cheek. “And you did and still do anytime you want it. You were my dark-haired jock stud back then and are my silver-haired foxy stud now.”

The look on Randy’s face was unmistakable. His deep blue eyes were like sparkling sapphires and the grin was that of a teenager about to lose his virginity. His dick had been poking out a leg opening in his lady panties for close to an hour and responding to every touch and tug from Paul’s hands. His desire was more obvious than the proverbial starving man looking over an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Paul’s face was anything but a mystery also. His telltale eyes had shifted from a pale green to a color emeralds only attempted to be. The color that said he was well past the horny stage and into full-blown ‘take me now’ mode. His more than average cock had long ago grown up fully from all the foreplay attention. The now bright purple mushroom head was peeking out of the waistband of his clingy shorts and dribbling fresh pre in his happy trail every time his partner teased it. The gasping breaths he kept taking were far more the consequence of his intense arousal than lung damage from the long smoking habit he had finally broken a few years earlier. Paul was at the point of being the poster child for the phrase ‘Ready, willing, and able.’

Just moments before the music for ‘I’m Going Home’ began filling the theater, Randy duplicated the move he had done forty years ago at almost the same moment in the movie…dropping his head into Paul’s lap. Only this time he used his teeth to pull Paul’s waistband free and down over his massive erection. Once he had expertly snugged it under Paul’s rumbling nuts, Randy softly kissed each one and then started licking his way up the fleshy shaft trembling in anticipation in front of him. By the time his tongue tip took the first run under the sensitive ridge and moved on up to swipe away the newest rivulet of early sperm from the head slit, Paul had his fingers twisted in Randy’s thick silver mane.

“Randy,” he hissed quietly. “Are you sure about this? Fuck do I ever want this, and it feels so good, but damn, we aren’t nineteen-year-old college kids now. And we are in a very public place.” Whatever words he tried to say next turned into a barely muffled moan.

Randy spit out Paul’s manhood only long enough to look up at him and calm his fears. “Look around, baby. Do you see anyone paying any attention to us? They are all into the final scenes, singing along and acting them out.” He took an almost obscene full swallow of Paul’s dong and then after bouncing his nose off the thick pubes, pulled off again and questioned, “Or do you really want me to stop?”

Paul’s response of “Well no, but… Ohhh fuck… Randy…” trailed off into nothingness as Randy had no intention of stopping no matter what Paul said. He had slid to his knees on the floor between Paul’s legs and impaled his tonsils with the head of Paul’s pulsing dick. Randy had become a world-class expert at deep throat decades ago. After a couple of swallowing motions, he starting using his throat muscles to squeeze and massage the spongy rod and fleshy helmet filling it. Once he knew his lover was reduced to a blob of blubbering hot flesh giving itself over to the mouth controlling it and the last few functioning brain cells, he dialed back his intensity to settle into what he hoped would be the most sensuous blow job he had ever given.

Paul was seeing more colors and explosions than any Fourth of July fireworks show ever produced from behind his tightly pinched eyelids. Even after forty years, his lover had succeeded yet again at finding a new way to stimulate him orally. When Randy captured his cock with his palm and fingers and began a combined bobbing-twist-tonguing-swallow-stroke-it-some-more sucking routine, Paul moaned almost too loudly as every square millimeter of his cock was being stimulated at the same time. His subconscious took over as he instinctively cupped both of Randy’s ears and started bucking up into the down thrusts the ravenous mouth was doing on him.

Randy knew the signs of an impending eruption from Paul. All the foreplay had him far closer than either of them wanted, so when Paul’s legs began the uncontrollable quivering and before the knees could clench his ears, Randy stopped his oral attentions. Looking up into Paul’s eyes, he mouthed ‘I love you so much,’ at the same time the crowd roared out the final words to “I’m Going Home.’

Paul smiled as big as his face would allow and pulled Randy up off his knees. “Stand still and enjoy babe,” was the order he gave as he yanked the black silk undies down to the garters holding up Randy’s costume leggings. Scooting forward in his seat, Paul then ran his hands up the fishnet encased legs and thighs before zeroing in on the thick fleshy pole that was waving hello in his face. Grabbing two handfuls of ass cheeks, he then began his own efforts at giving the hummer from hell.

Randy braced his quaking knees by leaning into the seat back behind him and anchoring his hands to Paul’s shoulders as he gave himself over to Paul’s sudden lust for cock in his mouth. He knew he wouldn’t last long thanks to all the foreplay and his partner’s talented skills, so he simply relaxed into the electrical-like charges that were surging through every nerve. He knew letting Paul bring him off first would be a plus for what he had planned. Paul would be ready to blow his load after taking his, and Randy was always that much hornier right after he had come, so he could dedicate his mouth totally to making Paul empty his balls quickly…and then pop the surprise on him.

Paul knew he wouldn’t have to wait long for the familiar taste of Randy’s life fluid to spill over his tongue, but he helped it along anyway. Thanks to all the pre that was still seeping from his cock, he was able to lube up his middle finger easily. As he continued taking Randy’s full-on hip thrusts to his face, he slipped his hand under Randy’s balls and found his target. The sperm-drenched finger pierced Randy’s anal ring with almost no resistance and by the time he was poking around for the hot button, Randy’s thrusts had become even more intense. When Paul’s fingertip bumped the magic spot, Randy shook all over and yanked Paul’s head tight to his crotch as his nuts gave up the fight and released his orgasm down Paul’s throat.

Randy had bit his tongue hard to keep from crying out in ecstasy when his dam gave way and the massive load flowed into his cum chute. It was one of the largest and most satisfying releases he had ever had. Once he had reasonable control of his body again, he dropped back between Paul’s legs and took his cock between his lips…but only after giving him a quick kiss on the way down to his knees. He was now a man on a mission: Get his lover to squirt in his mouth as quickly as possible. The end music was playing and the credits were already scrolling on the movie screen. His timing had been off but he was still determined to make his plan work.

Paul couldn’t believe the fervent furor Randy was using on his engorged cock. He was already so close to coming it wasn’t funny, but Randy was working his tool so intently it was as if he had to catch a bus or something. He wanted to come and needed to come, so he didn’t make any attempt at getting his lover to ease up on his suctioning, but instead nuzzled into the cushioned theater chair to enjoy the inevitable explosion.

Randy was taking mouth swallows on Paul that were so full his lips lost contact on the head for a millisecond on each upward move and nearly broke his nose on Paul’s pubic bone on the downward ones as he buried his face in Paul’s thick man shrubbery. He had become like an out-of-control jackhammer as he bobbed up and down. Part of it was pure lust driven, but another part was him hearing the theater manager start announcing the look-a-like contest winners. ‘Shit!’ he thought to himself. ‘Time’s up dude. Empty those balls now, lover,’ he silently said as he swallowed Paul one last time and made his throat force the load free.

Paul’s eyes snapped open and he screamed as he felt Randy’s tonsils squeezing his cock like never before. His body began a series of spasms that would make a 6.5 California earthquake seem like a kiddie roller coaster ride and his cock followed by shooting one big wad after another into the hungry mouth that was devouring him. He had both hands laced behind Randy’s neck and his hips involuntarily humped up into his cheeks as the last rope of cum escaped from his cock and dribbled down Randy’s chin. He tried to pull him up for a kiss and make a snowball, but Randy shook his head and raised his right index finger to signal ‘Just a minute’ as he remained on his knees. Paul only looked at him in utter confusion. They both might as well be naked and with the house lights now half up and the spotlight rushing over the crowd as the contest winners were announced, said it was just a matter of time before their little balcony sexcapade would be exposed.

Randy already knew they had been busted. When Paul came and screamed, Randy glanced sideways and saw his Business Policy student and what was evidently his boyfriend, staring straight at him and Paul and giving them a double thumbs up to go along with the huge smiles on their faces. Randy smiled back best he could with Paul’s cock still erupting in his mouth and returned the thumbs up sign. ‘At least they didn’t have a cell phone out videoing us. Guess who just earned an ‘A’ on his midterm?’ went through Randy’s mind just as he heard “And the top two trophies for best Frank N. Furter and Rocky goes to…” echo through the theater at the same time the intrusive spotlight started scanning the balcony seats.

“Paul! Yank up your shorts and marry me!”

“What the fuck? What the hell did you just say?”

“I’ll explain later. Quick! Get your cock back in those running shorts and say you’ll marry me.” Randy had managed to get his cum-soaked girl panties at least half over his crotch as he was speaking. Still on his knees, he thrust his hand forward and put the ring he held between his thumb and index finger to eye level for Paul. “Well, yes or no? Will you marry me? For real? Down the aisle at church. Legal license and all.” Thankfully Paul nodded his head as he answered because the applause and cheers that went up when their names were announced drowned out his acceptance. That was followed by a standing ovation and an even more deafening round of cheering when Dan, the theater manager, had them stand up and share what had just happened besides winning the contest.

Even though their clothes were a mess and it was sort of obvious they had been doing more than just enjoying the movie, Randy proudly wrapped his arm around Paul and announced to the packed house they would be getting married finally after forty years together. Dan caused another huge outburst from the crowd when he told everyone Randy and Paul’s first date had been right here at The Athena for the first showing of Rocky Horror in 1976.

“He knew you were going to do that?” Paul questioned after Randy had announced to the packed theater they would be getting married finally after forty years together.

A sheepish look was on Randy’s face as he shook his head yes. As the noise finally quelled he explained further. “When you told Dan a few weeks ago at the bookstore that we were coming dressed as we were on our first date, he decided right then who was winning the look-alike contest. He already knew from me I was intending to propose and almost talked me into doing it with the spotlight on us as I asked. I did manage to convince him I wanted it to be a slightly more intimate moment, but conceded to letting him make a production out of your answer.” Randy paused a few seconds as if in deep thought before adding, “Thank God you said yes.”

* * * * *

Later at home, Randy and Paul made love again but much slower and fully. Then, like they had almost every time before, they pillow-talked awhile before going to sleep. This night’s post-coital words were mostly reviewing the various congratulations and well-wishes from the wide range of students, university personnel, and townies at the theater. They agreed on which one meant the most to them and always would. It had been the first one they received as it was from Randy’s student, Steve and his boyfriend who were sitting in the next section over from them. The words they said after their congratulations were what made them so memorable.

“Dr. Wolfe, after watching you and Mr. Robinson make love like you did after all those years together…right here in the open and not hiding your feelings at all. Well, it just made me and Chris realize we had something really special too, and have had all four years we’ve been together. We decided to follow you down the aisle because I asked Chris to marry me tonight and he said yes too. Thank you both for doing your own ‘Time Warp’ tonight and showing us the way.”

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